My Political Philosophy.

     Tyranny means rule by one.

     Anarchy means rule by none.

     Anarchy and Tyranny form the two extreme ends of a DICOM, DIchotomy
of Comparable and Opposite Magnitude.

     When people become enslaved by a planetary tyranny, they tend to
revolt and wish for a planetary anarchy.

     As an anarchy however, individual people tend to coalesce into
small groups for their own good, which however then become ruled by the
toughest and meanest.

     Thus an anarchy usually results in an endless sea of micro

     In order to solve this problem, people try to put into place a
government that is just strong enough to step in and wipe out any single
micro tyranny trying to become Ruler of All, and at the same time not
strong enough to become a tyranny itself.

     In other words the government must remain elected by the people and
for the people, not just another micro tyranny grown big, ruled by the
strongest and most ruthless, with no care for the people they rule over.

     So if the people don't CHOOSE a government, they will get one anyhow
and not the one they want.

     The most overriding principle of law, the one that comes before all
other principles of law, and the one that governs all others after it,

     "When lawmakers outlaw criminals, criminals become lawmakers."

     A criminal is someone who wishes to create a tyranny in order to
profit himself at the expense of everyone else.

     Criminals and lawmakers also form the extreme ends of a dicom that
interweaves with the dicom of Anarchy and Tyranny.

     An Anarchy is rule by Criminals, and a Tyranny is rule by

     Neither is rule of the people, by the people, for the people.

     It has been said that "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.", and
although perhaps true it falls short of a complete understanding.

     Even if one were to put in place a Divine Oligarchy (a small group
of governing rulers) of Uncorruptable Beings, at the head of a planet
wide government, you would still have a basic and fundamental problem.

     Governments are huge entities, they need thousands if not millions
of people to work for them.  The problem with Divine Uncorruptable
Beings is not that they themselves are corruptible, but that they can't
necessarily tell the good guys from the bad guys, when it comes to

     They may be perfect within themselves, but they still don't have
infinite wisdom.

     Thus when they put out an ad in the papers offering government jobs
for hire, saying 'only the good and pure in heart need apply', you can
be sure that every criminal on the planet will show up at the door
looking for a job.

     If the criminal sees that the only positions of power and
opportunity to do wrong left in society are positions of trust in the
government, you can be sure that they will quickly work their way into
every position of power in the government they can.

     Now the Divine Oligarchy knows this, they realize full well that
even though they themselves are incorruptible, the rest of the world is
not, and thus the government will be built from people who are a wild
mixture of both good and bad.

     The Divine Oligarchy also knows full well that although
uncorruptable themselves, they do not have infinite wisdom, and thus
will not be able to perfectly tell the good from the bad, and will thus
be unable to keep the bad from being accepted into positions of trust
and power within the government.

     Would *YOU* want to be the Personnel Manager of the Government, if
every time someone you hired did wrong it came back to you?

     Thus no matter the quality of beings at the head of the Government,
it is impossible to have a perfectly uncorrupt government itself.

     Thus no matter how tempting it is to put all power into the
government in order to protect the good people from the bad, this will
inevitably result in an overwhelmingly high concentration of bad people
bubbling up into positions of power within the government ruling over
the good, and the good purpose will be defeated.

     It is for this reason that the *PEOPLE* who are not in government
must *ALWAYS* have the power, either through political means or force,
vote or arms, to take out any government that they create.

     It is the *CITIZEN* who is Sovereign, not the government, nor the
rulers, nor even the King.

     The government and those that work for the government, are doing a
fair chosen tour of duty, and are sworn on their honor to uphold the law
of the land.

     The citizen is NOT above the law of the sky which is right and
wrong determined by the highest arbiter, personal conscience.

     But the Citizen is always above the law of the land because the law
of the land is designed by the sovereign citizen to constrain the
GOVERNMENT and what it can and can not do to the citizen!

     The government is created by the citizen, and the law is created by
the citizen to constrain the government the citizen created.  Get it?

     Only the sworn civil servant has sworn an oath to follow the law of
the land right or wrong, the sovereign citizen has not and must not make
such an oath, otherwise he becomes owned by criminal laws written by
criminal law makers that inure to the benefit of criminals!

     Confusing criminality (bankrupt conscience) with illegality, is the
glue which holds the police state together.

     Once you get to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter will not be asking you
if you did what was legal, he will be asking you if you did what was

     Thus the sovereign citizen is free to dishonorably discharge any
sworn civil servant who has failed in his duty TO FOLLOW THE LAW OF THE

MADE*, for the Lawmaker is the most dangerous of the bunch, being the
favorite position of power for the criminal to aspire to.

     The balance of power between the people and the government they
have created, might be set so that it would take no more than a majority
of the people to take the government out, through vote or arms.

     Thus the people must be armed one way or another so that they can
remove a planet wide government that they themselves originally created
repleat with force and arms, to protect themselves from micro tyrannies.


     That balance of power is accomplished through the BIG TRIAD, strong
rights (vote and arms,) strong encryption and strong anonymity, and of
course education in the principles laid out above, among other things.

     The people should never be transparent to the government, the
government should always be transparent to the people.

     Secrets belong to the people, not the government.

     Those are big words, NO ONE has the balls for it yet.

     But governments are too busy creating wars for their own benefit,
so they tell the people the government needs their secrets in order to
protect the people from all those endless mother's sons bad guys out

     Everyone wants to be protected, so they create a police state to
protect themselves, hopefully a small police state, but any fire, no
matter how small, well given an inch it will take a mile.

     So the minute secrets belong to the government and not the people,
the very instant the people are transparent to the government, and the
government is not transparent to the people, you have a police state
aburning, er aborning.

     The house of society is on fire and it needs to be put out FAST or
all will be lost.

     Encryption allows people the right to safely communicate in

     Anonymity allows people the right to safely communicate in public.

     The purpose of politics is to design a society of markets.

     The same communication lines are used to first design the markets
(communism or capitalism say), and then are used to operate those very
same markets a designed.

     The e-mails you use to discuss privately with your friends who you
will vote for (body politic issue) are also used to swap mp3's ripped
from CDROM's you bought (market issue).

     The body politic's needs for a strong triad of rights, encryption
and anonymity, superceeds the market's need for a weak triad, no rights,
no encryption and no anonymity.

     Rights, encryption and anonymity are an anathema to those trying to
protect their damn copyrights from thieves, don't you see?

     So what the body politic needs to design the markets, the markets
detest, for the market needs transparency of buyer and seller to make
sure they don't break any laws.

     The reason we give force to the police is NOT to monitor or affect
the design of society by the body politic composed of sovereign citizens
who must remain inviolable during the design process, but to monitor the
behavior of people in the markets once the the body politic has signed
off on them.

     The market doesn't want you swapping copyrighted mp3's privately or

     Strong vote and arms, encryption and anonymity are ANATHEMA to the
markets, especially to the big corporate markets.

     The foundation of a police state is THE MARKET's needs for total
control, not the body politic's needs, as no body politic would ever
knowingly design and create into existence a police state for itself.

     But the markets do because policing of the markets and its players
is built into the design of the markets!

     Thus markets are the most dangerous thing there is to a sane and
safe body politic.

     The police are CREATED to control misbehavior in the markets not
the body politic!

     The police has no purpose at all to the body politic that designed
the society in the first place.

     Once the police are turned against the body politic because of
disagreements about MARKET DESIGN, one has a 100 percent corrupt and
untenable social situation going that DEFINES the classic police state.

     Thus it becomes illegal not only to swap stolen mp3's but also swap
political ideas about markets!

     Criticize the government and off to jail you go!

     That's nuts, don't you see?

     Imagine the commies controlling the police and sending them after
the capitalists during the design phase of society?

     But mostly police states arise from market demands, not body
politic demands, market demands that try to subjugate the body politic's
design of the markets to some market player's benefit.

     The body politic is above the law BECAUSE THERE IS NO LAW YET, so
any use of the police by any part of the body politic against any other
part is criminal lawlessness, a tyranny of the very kind we were trying
to avoid by designing a society of markets with a proper police force
monitoring the markets in the first place.

     One must NEVER allow the police force so created to monitor the
markets, to monitor the body politic.

     Police states usually arise AFTER the fact of a society of markets
created by a body politic.

     These societies of markets where police states flourish and grow,
were not crafted properly to ensure basic public rights that naturally
and originally protected the body politic.
     Namely the rights to vote and arms, encryption (secrecy of data),
anonymity (secrecy of source), and to ensure government transparency in
all matters.

     Government secrecy for MARKET MATTERS is one thing, as are national
security reasons, but national security is a market issue not a
political issue, national security is the effort to protect against one
group from ripping off the markets of another group through invasion.

     It then becomes their police force against our police force which
is a valid purpose of the police force.

     The problem is the secrecy that is necessary in the MARKET WAR,
then becomes used in a POLITICAL WAR against the designers of the

     Once politics (design of markets) is suborned to serve the markets
above politics, then a police state is obtained and YOU become a slave
to the markets which have taken to designing themselves under the
control of market players, usually the criminally rich, as money buys
the police state!

     Thus where the body politic strives to design FAIR markets, markets
strive to design criminal markets.

     If the government has more vote/arms, encryption and anonymity than
the majority of the people, then the civilization is on its way out, and
it will become ruled by criminals to the benefit of the criminal rich,
in the name of protecting the productive good, who will become cows on
the government's cow farm.