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     So women are finally allowed to bare their boobs in public in New
York State.  Not just at beaches, or private clubs, but anywhere that
men can.  That includes the streets of Manhattan or your college
     Now ain't this a breath of fresh air.
     There are however a few people violently opposed to this new law.
     One girl interviewed on the news report, said she thought it was ok
if girls did it in their bed room, or their car, or boat, but not on the
beach or in public.  'You got small kids around for Christ's sake', she
     As if small kids and boobs don't have anything to do with each
     I guess some people are just afraid they might have to explain to
their kids what boobs are for, and why the kid didn't get any when they
were a baby.
     Anyhow turns out this woman was a STRIPPER at a strip joint, and
probably her real worry was loosing her job when men no longer came into
patronize the bar because they were getting all the looks they needed on
the way to work.
     Not to mention at the school ball park, where the 14 year olds were
playing co-ed stick ball, 'shirts against skins'.
     Expect serious opposition to this law from the porno industry, and
anyone who makes a buck from public nudity at any age being illegal.
     One way to end the trade in child pornography is to defuse people's
interest in naked kids.
     Anyhow if you want men to stop looking at your boobs, show 'em to
     Next, marijuana...
     A LOT of people make money off of boo being illegal.  Petroleum,
paper, drug, medical, alcohol, tobacco and PRISON industries included,
not to mention government drug sales to finance foreign wars.
     Tremendous amounts of money are made by prison officials pushing
soft and hard drugs to the very inmates they hold for dealing drugs in
the first place.
     The more people they can get thrown in jail for dealing drugs, the
more money they can make dealing drugs to them and using them for slave
     The prison system especially needs its slave labor, so anyone the
government can get away with sending to jail they will.  You know, the
products prisoners make are sold for a profit, which does not go back
the prisoner's pocket, and this profit is way more than enough to cover
the cost of the prison system, which is CHARGED TO THE TAX PAYER ANYHOW.
Someone fat is pocketing all that earned money.
     So the tax payer is subsidizing a slave labor system, DESIGNED TO
the profits from this slave production are going into the pockets of
someone.  Certainly not research into mental and spiritual health.
     But don't tell anyone, you might end up dead.
     And of course the government gets to confiscate the property of
anyone busted for marijuana.  You can murder someone and go to jail
forever and still get to keep your property even if just to pass it on
to your kids, but get caught with one joint or a field full of flowers
and you own nothing.
     Tell me the righteous are in control.
     The law does not DEFINE, DECREE or CREATE criminality, it merely
records people's recognition of what is criminal, along with people's
opinion about what should be done about it.
     If things were criminal only because the law said so, then you
could never have a wrong, bad or criminal law no matter how bizarre or
evil the law was.  Any law at all would be righteous or good just
because it was the law.  Such an attitude would create a field day for
criminal tyrants who could create laws with impunity designed to rip you
off, and if those laws were passed by their criminal cohorts in the
House and Senate, then those laws would go into history as 'right' and
'good' just because some snake in the grass said so.
     Smoking pot is not an inherently criminal activity, any more than
drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette, so smoking pot does not make one
a criminal.  Stealing money from someone else does.
     Are Indian tribes all criminals for smoking pot or eating peyote
buttons in their religious ceremonies?  Western Societies worship the
Grave, the Bomb and the Cross, so of course they make any spiritual weed
illegal and proclaim a criminal anyone who would dare seek a higher
state of consciousness not based on lies and self deceit.
     It is incredible that any plant could CAUSE a higher state of
consciousness, but is anyone studying this amazing phenomenon?
     Of course not, there's no money in spiritual freedom, all of
Scientology to the contrary.
     Besides people would rather go to their grave believing that they
never had or COULD come back to Earth again, so of course they are going
to suppress the hell out of any experience that suggested to them they
might have something to do with being here in the first place and might
CHOOSE to do it again.
     This 'I was made by someone or something else and put here with out
my say so' is the ultimate in denial of personal living responsibility.
     There is a difference between CRIMINALITY and ILLEGALITY.  There
are things which are criminal which are not illegal (probably because
people have not come up to recognizing them yet) and there are things
which are illegal which are not criminal.
     Smoking pot is an example of something that is illegal but not
     In truth, things do not become criminal just because the law says
they are.  The purpose of the law is to record what is criminal, to
RECORD it based on people's experience and heart felt feelings about
fair play.  The purpose of the law is not to CREATE or DECREE
criminality.  The criminality or non criminality of something does not
change just because the law says so any more than scientific Truth is
changed by a scientist's report of it.
     Basically, the law says things are criminal because they ARE
criminal.  The law is supposed to be a research record detailing what we
have learned about life and how to live with each other.
     The law does not create the truth, it merely records the truth.  As
such, the law can be wrong, and it is wrong to follow a wrong law for
     What one is supposed to do about wrong laws is a touchy question,
one that the law itself does not take up very thoroughly.  The law as it
stands today is a citadel of self proclaimed rightness.  The law is on
sort of a RIGHTNESS BINGE, you know, "if I say don't do it, don't do it,
even if you should be doing it".  In very tiny print, possibly if you
look hard enough it says, "if you want to do it, get the law changed
     Well that's fine for laws that merely prevent us from doing things
that are stupid; if they aren't so stupid you get people to see that
they aren't so stupid and you get the law changed.
     But when the law prevents us from doing something morally mandatory
or forces us to do something criminal, then it becomes criminal to
follow such a law, and the law itself becomes criminal.
     At that point you are above the law, because you are not a
     People who *FREELY* and knowingly follow or enforce criminal laws
made by criminals for the benefit of criminals, are themselves criminal.
     There are those who will tell you that if the law does not say it's
wrong, then it's ok to do it.  And likewise they will tell you that if
the laws says it is wrong, then it's not ok to do it.
     This is called HIDING BEHIND THE LAW.
     It is a justification for committing criminal acts not yet
recognized by the law to be wrong, and a justification for passing and
making people obey criminal laws that benefit the criminal.
     One should never look to the law to find out what is criminal, one
looks to the law only to find out what criminality people have
recognized and recorded.
     To find out what is criminal one looks to one's own heart in the
matter and sense of justice and fair play.
     That's what your heart is for, not to pump blood.
     Some would call that subversion.  I would hope so, there is
something here to subvert, a corporate criminal police state.
     Criminality has to do with production and consumption, and fair
exchange according to the sense of decency of the players of the game
and the agreements that they have all made and sworn to uphold.
     The primary criminality is to take other people's productive output
against their will, which means not in accordance with the agreements
and sense of fair play they set up in the beginning.
     You can take a person's clients away from him by producing a better
product and thus put him out of business, and he may even starve to
death.  This is not criminal, this is playing hard ball in the game of
life, something we have all agreed in general is ok.
     You may NOT take a person's clients away by spreading rumors and
lies about him, or by passing laws that prevent him from producing so
that you may have less competition.
     Witness the Church of Scientology.
     Criminals CHEAT at the game of life, just like those jerks you used
to hate as a child, who would always claim they won the game when they
hadn't or who made a lot of noise claiming you were cheating when you
weren't.  THEY were, and still are.
     They are the people who grew up and are still making life hard for
us all on a global scale.
     Their basic philosophy is that you are a fool for playing by the
rules.  Decency is for losers.
     Somehow they think they are winners and they admire themselves for
it, along with their deep insight about how decency, sportsmanship and
compatriotism are all a fool's dream.
     They think anyone so stupid as to make rules of fair play and then
live by them certainly deserves to be cheated.
     To a criminal, WINNING is more important than how they play the
game.  They agree to the rules, so that you will then let them play with
you, even though they PLAN to cheat on you all along.
     This defines TREASON, making a promise all the while knowing you
don't intend to keep it.

     Life and ownership are basically competition and cooperation, and
like all sports, there is an inner sense of duty, rights, HONOR, fair
play and SPORTSMANSHIP, all in the game of production, consumption and
fair trade.
     Criminality is any violation of these factors, it is violating
agreements that you yourself made, and cheating at winning at the game
of life, especially in a way that destroys the game for others who are
still playing by the rules and also for yourself in the long run.
     If one person starts to break the rules, others will try to break
the rules too, in order to maintain their 'fair advantage' and after a
while everyone is breaking the rules and you no longer have a game and
nobody wins.
     This is the way of all societies that deny their heritage of Truth
and Decency.
     Criminals are very lonely people in the end.
     Basically criminality is violating fair trade, it is trying to
force someone to give you what they are unwilling to give you, to rip
people off, to deny them their rights and duties, so that you can live
better by not having to produce yourself.
     It's getting other people to play the game of life FOR YOU, to get
others to take all the risks and give you all the rewards.
     It's a form of undeclared, covert slavery.
     Criminality has to do with consumption and production, with fair
trade and fair exchange.
     The foundation of life is fair exchange.  The criminal, in trying
to consume more than he is producing and to rip off other's production
so that he can continue to consume, is assigning himself the fate of any
parasite that kills its host and does not form a mutually beneficial
symbiotic relationship with those around him.
     It's a cold and dark future for anyone bent on that route.  To the
rest of us trying to make an honest living, they seem to live in the
warm glow of their theft and stolen affluence, but they cannot produce
anything of worth on their own, and when they run out of people to rip
off what will become of them then?
     You gotta see this over the span of many lifetimes, as the criminal
starts off very smug and self assured about what fools others are for
playing by the rules, and how bright he is for knowing better.  But the
dark tar they end up in at the end of their run is hardly worth the good
times they had in the beginning at other being's expense.
     And they will have very few friends left to help them, or give them
comfort except perhaps a few in the tar with them.
     They usually end up gnawing on each other's bones.
     So do not hide behind the law, and do not look to the law for the
last word in what is right and wrong.
     The law is merely a human record of Truth Found, it is not the
Creator of Truth.
     The law is humanity's recording of their limited and imperfect
perceptions of the beating of The Heart, adulterated by those who would
alter the Truth of the Heart, to fabricate a false reality by writing in
the Book of Observations what they would want to behold and wish others
to believe.  A false reality that benefits them at the expense of
     A criminal is not someone who breaks the law, it is someone who
does something criminal.  Since criminality existed before the law, and
continues to exist above and independent of the law, a person who tries
to make a law that MAKES something criminal, is himself a criminal
making a criminal law.
     Following or adhering to a criminal law, is itself criminal, or at
least just stupid in that it perpetuates the criminals who made the law.
     Criminals make criminal laws all the time.
     Therefore any law that tries to MAKE marijuana CRIMINAL, or
otherwise tries to DEFINE, DECREE or CREATE what is criminal, is itself
criminal, administered by criminals for the benefit of criminals.
     You can make marijuana illegal, but you can not make it criminal.
     Criminality existed long before the law ever came around to
recognize and codify that fact.
     Many people make money from marijuana being illegal, especially
those people who make and keep it illegal.
     What drug companies would find their profits hurt if marijuana were
legalized?  Who owns stock in those drug companies?
     Whenever you come across someone who wants to keep marijuana
illegal, just look to see where he benefits or THINKS he benefits
FINANCIALLY from it being so.
     This includes everyone from the politicians to the sleazy drug
dealers down the street.  It even includes your mother.
     You think the drug dealers all want drugs to be legal, right?  Then
they could sell their drugs without fear.
     Wrong.  There would be no money in it.  Marijuana grows freely
everywhere.  Drug dealers routinely make their greatest political
contributions to the most fervently anti drug candidates.
     The hypocrisy on Earth is so strong it is like a wall.  You can
hammer nails into it and hang pictures of smiling faces from them.
     It is criminal to make or keep something illegal because you make
more money from selling it illegally, or from legally selling some other
inferior, dangerous or deadly product that otherwise would not stand a
chance in the free market.
     Legalization of hemp would put a serious dent in the petroleum
industry's sales of gas.  Ever hear of gasohol and other plant related
fuels for cars?
     Apparently the clothing industry is worried that hemp cloth would
compete successfully with their petroleum based synthetic fabrics.
     The paper industry would throw a fit if they couldn't cut down all
their trees every year to make paper.  Did you know the constitution was
written on hemp paper?  Did you know that Kentucky has just outlawed its
own constitution by outlawing all hemp products?  Did you know the first
American Flags were made of hemp?
     Did you know that most of civilization grew up around the affluence
created by hemp products?
     However, the real criminals are those who want marijuana to remain
illegal so that they can continue to make money SELLING IT.
     That includes the drug dealers, and the people who fight the drug
dealers (the drug cops).  They would all be out of a job if the criminal
laws against drugs were repealed and the drug war were ended.
     Wars are CREATED by people with a financial interest in the war,
even if it's just the raiding hordes coming into plunder what they could
not themselves produce.
     The DRUG WAR is no exception and the plundering, rape and taking of
slaves just as great.
     But there is almost always a THIRD party, egging the other two
warring parties on, a third party who intends to clean up during and
after the war.
     Who would they sell their border patrol planes to, if the borders
were open to Mexican weed?
     Drugs are not a criminal problem, they are at worst a health
problem, like AIDS, or VD.  Turning drugs into a criminal problem is
itself the act of a criminal who wishes to take attention away from real
crime and have slave laborers, with NO rights, to serve him to boot.
     Such a person has no concern for the health interests of the
citizenry at large, they are only concerned about how fat their own
pocketbook is.  They loudly PROCLAIM that they are interested in the
well being of the population at large, but anyone with brains can see
that drug addiction and crime goes way UP the moment that any drug
becomes illegal.
     The British thought they had a good idea when they tried to flood
China with Opium.  I'm not sure what they thought they could attain by
doing this except a tidy profit, but they were sure that if everyone
became addicted to Opium they would hit the jackpot.  Now some people
did become addicted, and the Emperor became alarmed and made Opium
     Good move.  Following that piece of brilliance, the Chinese were
thrown into years of war with the British, and neither have recovered

     More people died and lives were ruined BY THE WAR, than ever could
have been by the drug!

     Drugs are bad for children, drug wars are worse.
     Opium is still illegal there, and addicts abound everywhere.
     One has to ask, if the Chinese LET their people become addicts, if
they let the forces of free market reign in their country, would there
be more or less addicts today?  How about dead bodies?
     These historical events pertain to today's drug war and the little
ole lady types who scream and yell for more police protection on the
streets and how sugar, bubble gum and drugs must be eradicated for the
sake of the kids.
     Maybe if the damn kid had enough titty when he was young he
wouldn't be sucking so hysterically on other things when he was an
     So people rant and rave about how everyone who does drugs will
become instantly addicted and unmotivated and indigent and unwilling to
die in their foreign wars or even in school for that matter.
     We couldn't have anyone stepping off the corporate rat race from a
glimpse of higher consciousness, now could we?
     Anyhow, only a tiny proportion of people actually develop serious
drug problems, but their effect is magnified because of all the crimes
they commit because the drugs they need are illegal and much too
     Fine, so you make drugs illegal so the few who are destined to have
problems with it can be protected from themselves, and then you resign
yourself to living in a war zone, as the real criminals move in with
lawyers, guns and money to sell drugs to the people you were trying to
protect anyhow.
     You think anyone who was a potential drug addict was ever saved
from becoming addicted to drugs because they were illegal?
     Perhaps some.
     By making drugs illegal all you do is open the door to every sleaze
bag to come in and make as much money has he ever wanted to, by
*PUSHING* drugs onto people who otherwise wouldn't go near them.
     Other criminals love to make money off of drug addicts, criminals
who themselves wouldn't touch their own product and wouldn't buy it for
their own use if it were free.
     That's because drugs and criminality actually have very little to
do with each other.
     The only reason that CRIMINALS SELL DRUGS is because they are
illegal, they are usually the only ones willing enough to break the law
for a buck.  If drugs were legal, then there would be no money in it for
the criminals and they would withdraw from the arena.
     The way to starve the mafia to death is to legalize drugs,
prostitution, gambling and pornography.
     Of course Christ would roll over in His grave along with the rest
of the 'I am my brother's keeper' crowd.
     And a lot of cops would be out of a job and we couldn't have that
now could we?
     But by definition the only thing lower than a cop is a criminal, so
maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea.
     Anyhow, the production output of each person is part of the GNP,
the gross national product of the country.  You have a personal GNP, the
country has a GNP and the world has a world GNP too.
     If you take the gross national product and subtract from it the
gross national consumption you get the gross national PROFIT.
     The GNP measures the amount of production a person, a country or a
world is outputting into the market place for trade.
     The gross national PROFIT measures whether you are producing more
than you are consuming.
     I mean if you were a farmer and for every 10 ears of corn you ate,
you only planted 9, that would be a down hill trip now wouldn't it?
     Profit comes from the ground, not from other people.  You eat 1 ear
of corn and from the energy that gives you to work you plant a whole
mess of seeds, and you get 100's of ears of corn.  That's profit.
Whether you ever take your product to market and trade it for peas is
irrelevant, your profit has already been made.
     Profit is the result of the natural endothermicity (stores energy) of 
the ground and plants storing sunlight.  Plants are like a rechargeable 
battery storing energy as they grow.  When you harvest them and eat them 
you get that energy back.  The amount of energy it takes to plant, harvest 
and eat those plants so that you can continue to work on the production 
cycle is far less than the energy stored in them once they are all grown.  
THAT is profit.  Thus you always end up having more plants in your 
warehouses after a production cycle than you could possibly eat.
     That's profit.
     It comes from the ground and sunlight and the plants that live off
the ground and sunlight.  The Sun God Ra is the ultimate source of all
profit and her energy is free.
     If you must worship some god, worship Ra.
     If you wish to get rich, worship Ra.
     The point is, if your life is not turning a profit then you are
planting your seeds in a toxic waste dump.
     Every time you take someone out of the arena of production, out of
the game of producing goods and taking them to market, and place them in
jail, you cut into the gross national product of everyone concerned.
Putting someone in jail is like cutting off some part of your body.  If
you cut off one of your hands, how would that effect your production?
     If you were to jail every person who had ever smoked pot, or was
smoking pot, or who will smoke pot, something some people would dearly
love to do, the gross national profit of the world would turn negative.
That means the world would be consuming more than it was producing
because it was preventing so many people from producing, and spending so
much of its resources to keep them from producing.  This is the way out
the tubes, for no parasite can last long, especially one that destroys
or jails its own assets.
     On the other hand if you jailed every one on the planet actually
committing some crime, and LET EVERYONE ELSE GO, the GNP of the planet
would go through the roof, as uncaught criminals specialize in
supporting their own personal GNP at the terminal expense of everyone
     Ever wonder why you are having such a hard time making an HONEST
living?  Well it's because there are a few 'good' people out there
expertly making a DISHONEST living.
     You can always tell them by the smell of self righteous indignation
in the air.
     They are just SOOOOOO put upon because you wish to expose their
     That there are so many druggies in jail, is a sure sign that some
criminal could care less about the overall GNP of the planet and is only
looking to the benefit of his own GNP, a personal GNP he is incapable of
supporting without ripping off others.
     If every druggie were put away, and I mean EVERY DRUGGIE, the
criminals would get very rich, but they would have to row to work in
streets of blood because the world can not last long with a declining
GNP, no matter how many fat cats are looking on enjoying the view.
     Enslaving others, taking their property, preventing them from
producing, making sure they can't compete with a better product, is all
part of ripping people off.
     Sort of like what happens between parent and child in your normal
American family.
     Most of the people who smoke pot are not making a living by ripping
people off, they are in general the most productive religious,
scientific, artistic and business oriented people on the planet.
     As for the hard core druggies, they are just trying to handle the
PAIN, all of it psychotraumatic (psychosomatic) but understood by no
one.  Because it is not understood, use of drugs to handle it leads to
mind blowing addiction, also psychotraumatic, which if the drug is
illegal and therefore overly expensive, will lead to crime.
     Druggies know instinctively that drugs are illegal because
criminals have made them illegal, including the people who voted them
into office, and so they have no bones about doing criminal things to
people to support their drug habits.  It's not the most ethical logic in
the world, but the solution to it is not to create more criminal anti
drug laws.
     People HATE society, if you cause them pain and then prevent them
from having the drugs that handle the pain, they will EAT you.
     Making such drugs illegal and keeping people ignorant of how and
why they hurt so much, is a sure way to create more crime, so you can
then bust, arrest and enslave those druggies too, and then keep them
comfortably up to their ears in drugs while in prison so they won't
complain and do their slave work.
     That the world seems bent on having Presidents and Supreme Court
Judges who have never smoked pot, and therefore don't know the first
thing about it so they can continue to pass cretinous laws about it, is
a sure sign that the 'moral majority' is composed of people with little
sense of religion, science, art or business, not to mention ethics or
     One wonders what they do with their time.  Probably drink and beat
up on their children.
     Or fuck them.

     Anyhow, the moral majority holds shares in Reynolds, Bayer and Eli
     World wide ignorance of the cause of psychosomatic pain and drug
addiction is sure to drive the prices of those shares way up.
     The drug companies sure don't want you to understand anything about
why you get sick, or have headaches or want to kill yourself, let alone
why you can't remember being molested as a child and have no clue you've
been living with monsters most of your life.
     What would happen to their Saint Joseph's Aspirin for Children, or
their headache medicines, or their sinusitis medicines, or their anal
retentive expulsive medicines etc.?
     Knowledge is dangerous to these people.  Who would buy their snake
oil if anyone knew the truth and could lead a well and happy life, or
give their parents the spanking of their lives once in a while?
     The drug companies DEPEND upon you being messed up and DUMB so they
can continue to make a living pushing lies, sugar coated chemicals, and
dear sympathy.
     You might also consider that any religion that used pot as part of
its consciousness raising ceremonies would be violently opposed by any
other religion that used alcohol or wine as part of its sacraments.
     Alcohol is so wide spread mainly because it allows you to feel good
about yourself no matter how dumb you are.
     The only thing lower than a hard drug addict is an alcoholic.
     Especially the strong silent religious types who get really mad if
you suggest they have a problem with alcohol.  These kinds usually raise
children who turn to heroin as soon as possible.
     If these children are lucky enough they will turn to pot instead to
raise their consciousness above the stone cold hearts and stone dead
souls of their parents who lost their raison d'etre long ago.
     Alcoholics are unaware of this, but there is a great big NO
DRINKING sign in Heaven.
     Gee and I thought Marijuana was illegal because it was bad for you.
     Having a brain is bad for you, you might end up dead if you speak.
     Witness America.
     New York State on the other hand, well there are lots of boobs that
need a lot of catching up in the sun.
     Tits and reefer, what better combination can there be for the
health of society.