Some people have love of country confused with love of government
or the people in the government.

     They further confuse this love with obedience to one's government,
right or wrong.

     Remember "America, love it or leave it!"?

     This was the slogan of the Nixonites who thought that anyone who
was opposed to the Vietnam war was opposed to America and thus a

     Nixon actually wanted to treat them as such!

     How much hubris, arrogance, vanity and conceit can one heart hold?

     Love of country is very much like love of one's high school, or
football team.  "Our country is the best, go America" is like our high
school is the best.

     Not only is it stupid, it is false and insulting to lots of other
people who love their country too.

     Time to grow up, eh?

     Whatever happened to love for Earth?

     When will a president say "God Bless Earth!"


     That said, love of country can be broken down into at least 3
separate things, not one of which is love for its government, elected
officials, or their assigns.

     First is love for the land and its resources.

     Second is love for its people, culture and traditions, not to
mention abilities, achievements and accomplishments.

     Third is love for the principles for which the country stands.

     For America those principles are:

     0.) Freedom of thought.

     1.) Freedom of speech.

     2.) Rights to privacy.

     3.) Freedom of the press.

     4.) Freedom of public and private congregation (so one can speak
and publish.)

     5.) Freedom of Religion.

     6.) Separation of Church and State.

     7.) Rule by law, not local caprice, whim, fancy or greed.

     8.) Freedom of Vote, one voice one vote.

     9.) Right to bear arms.

     10.) Freedom to remove the government forthwith should it try to
abridge the first 10.


     With every freedom comes responsibilities.

     "For every right there is a duty, and for every duty there is a

     Justice is a fair chosen operating balance of duties and rights.

     You have a duty to have rights, and you have a right to have

     No one ever told it to you that way before.

     If you wish equal rights, seek equal duties."
     From Adore, http://www.adore.com


     It may be hard to imagine abridging freedom of thought in our own
private minds.
     But perhaps that is because it has already been done.

     And if it hasn't, I assure you they are working on it.

     It's called epistomological landscaping, and politicians
and main stream meadia are the local gardeners.

     Remember the Devil comes to us dressed in the gowns of the Lord.

     The slow creep towards political correctness in all social
concourse, is the slow creep towards a grave for freedom of thought.


     My own personal basic purpose in this life has been:

     "To open the channels of communication and speak the truth as I see
it", and allow others to do the same.

     Freedom of speech means freedom to speak the truth as you see it,
it does not mean freedom to knowingly speak lies or bear false witness.

     Freedom to speak also means freedom to not listen, which means
there is a time and a place for speech, in public or private forums, and
that such speech should not be enforced or inhibited on anyone at
inappropriate times.

     Freedom to speak is also sometimes criticized during times of war.

     The idea behind this is we need to put on a unified face to the
enemy even if we are not unified or we have concluded the war is wrong.

     Showing unity where there is none produces a hypocrisy which is
particularly evil when done at the point of a government gun pointed in
your face.
     Would the world really be a better place if the only people who
owned guns were the government and its assigns?

     On the other hand ongoing discussion about the wisdom of any war
most needs to continue DURING the war, because continuing a war that is
wrong is folly, regardless of desiring to save face.

     The time to question a war is when you have questions about it.
not before when no one knows, or afterwards when everyone is dead.


     The enemy knows that it is important for us to support our
soldiers, NOT OUR GOVERNMENT.  If the war is wrong, the wrong way to
support our soldiers is to force them to continue to fight to a possible
win.  The right way to support our soldiers in a wrong war is to bring
them home.
     The government wants the people to keep the soldier's morale up, by
getting the people to voice support for the WAR that the GOVERNMENT
wants the soldiers to fight.

     Do you see what a vile rip off of the soldier's life this is?

     Anyhow, the *SOLDIERS* usually know better, and in a losing or
wrong war, what gets THEIR morale up is someone saying so back home.

     The idea that the people should not criticize or have a change of
heart about a war that is already started, is often fostered by the
government who has duped the populace into a wrong war for its own ends,
and now doesn't want anyone to have the right to back it out of that

     It is an amazing conflict of interest that we hire the government
to choose our wars for us, but then give them absolute power to force us
to fight them (draft).

     This wild conflict of interest leads to governments benefiting
THEMSELVES and not the people with those wars.
     Sorry the draft may look good on paper, but once the government can
force its populace to fight any war whether popular or not, then that
government WILL go out of control, sell arms to both sides of a
conflict, and start wars between them, and rape and plunder the planet
for its own PERSONAL financial ends, until everyone is dead or enslaved
to fighting 24x7 wars created by the very people elected to protect

     When the spot price of arms replaces the spot price of gold as the
economic standard, you will know "It's all over now Baby Blue."


     So beware of the protector, the one who says this is good for you,
when its good for them at your expense (usually fatal ) and they know

     That's a very good operational definition evil.

     And beware of anyone implying that lack of support for our
government or its policies is a lack of support for our soldiers or the
principles for which they are fighting and dying for.

     And finally be very especially aware of anyone who tries to squelch
freedom of speech, thought, public debate and/or criticism about a war,
simply and only because it is already going on.
     It is fine to go to war if you think you are right, it is fine to
come home if you realize you are wrong.

     And it is fine to state your opinion at any time no matter what is
going on.

     Saving face is for fools running a country on the way out because
of the fools.
     In such a case "We have met the enemy, and it is US."


     Nationalism must never become a new religion where doubt of the
integrity of our elected officials throws doubt on our faith in God.

     It's quite one thing to proselytize exceptionalism, every country
wants to be exceptional, but it is not OK to proselytize SPECIALISM, God
is on our side, He cares for us but not for you.

     God's love and appreciation is UNCONDITIONAL, from Hitler to the
baby he is skewering.  Think it through, it might open your eyes to a
few things besides brain dead atheism.

     And I assure you, God doesn't give a damn if your cause is
righteous or not.  God loves everyone of his children and if you hate
the unrighteous, that counts against YOU at the Pearly Gates, not the

     Thus beware of those that deem criticism of the government or its
elected officials to be blaspheme.

     This is the worst kind of American Theocracy aborning.

     These are dangerous people because they believe if they don't do
everything possible to crush criticism of the government, their GOD will
send THEM to hell forever for not trying hard enough to defend Him and
HIS policies.

     And any politician who believes that his policies are God's
policies should be...  well, er, never mind.


     Freedom of privacy assures us that not only do we have freedom to
speak publicly to anyone at large, but also privately amongst our own
friends, in case we don't want others at large to know.

     Freedom to speak openly and privately are the keys to a politically
sane society.
     Unfortunately market forces tend to try to stop people from
speaking openly or privately.


     There are only one set of communication lines in the world, they
are all the ways that people can speak to each other.

     These comm lines have two completely different distinct usages,
often at odds with each other.

     The first use is political, that means people use these comm lines
to discuss the design of society and its markets.  
     For political discussions to remain honest AND SAFE, freedoms to
speak openly, privately and anonymously are a must.

     Encryption guarantees the right to speak privately with only those
you wish.

     Anonymity guarantees the right to speak SAFELY to the broad general
public filled with murderously hostile opposing forces.

     The capitalists and the communists do not like each other and stoop
to each other's lows to do the other in.

     But the second use of comm lines is to operate the markets after
they have been designed.  Then speaking openly (trading mp3's of music
for example) violates desired restrictions on freedom of speech put
there by the music owners.

     Even trading mp3's privately with encryption comes under attack,
and thus encryption comes under attack with politicians in the pockets
of the RIAA who want encryption banned.

     Thus one has to be eternally vigilant that the market forces do not
subvert the communications lines of the world to their own selfish
intents at the expense of the body politic trying to design a society
worthy of living in.

     Freedoms of political speech trumps retraints on freedoms of market


     Yes encryption and anonymity allow the bad guys to speak safely
about the good guys and design their destruction, but encryption and
anonymity also allow the good guys to speak safely about the bad guys
and design their destruction.

     Revolution through exposure requires encryption and anonymity, or
those using force to control will win.


     A cop in every computer to stop child porn, copyright violations,
drug dealing, the right criticizing the left and others seeking
protected species status, and terrorists talking to each other would not
produce the utopia one might expect.

     This is in part because criminals find safety by bubbling up into
higher and higher levels of power, particularly in the government and
police force.

     When lawmakers outlaw criminals, criminals become lawmakers.

     Power does not corrupt necessarily but it certainly does attract
pathological personalities.

     Eventually all those cops in every computer and every bed room
which you put there to protect you against criminals, ARE criminals, and
are owned and operated by criminals in power, and YOU are kept at bay
and fed double think at the point of a gun which you are paying for with
your taxes, and which you must pay because of the gun pointing at you.

     Remember criminality does not mean illegality, it means morally
corrupt.  The redefinition of criminality to mean illegality is an
effort of morally corrupt criminal lawmakers to to make people
think that breaking the law is defacto morally corrupt.

     When you get to the Pearly Gates, St Peter won't be asking
you if you did what was legal, he will be asking you if you
did what was RIGHT.

     Right trumps legal every time.


     Women in particular need to watch where their future sons are
heading, as working where the money is, is alluring.  
     The son does it, joins the police state, because he is then better
able to take care of his mother in her old age.

     For some women, responsibility is a word too long.

     A lot of women haven't come up to taking full responsibility for
their sons and how they turn out.  
     Women have a hard time picturing what an ideal man really ought to
be, and thus fail in producing worthy leaders of women and their

     When you take a look at how women are treated around the world, it
can be appalling.  Most of this suppression of women is from men who
themselves are sub civilized but who came from a woman.

     Your typical Islamic mother says to her son early on, "Little
Najib, when you grow up, you will be, Allah willing, a real *ASSHOLE*!"

     But in the end the men turn out as they do because of the women who
raised them.

     And women, while you are cleaning up your monster factory, what
would happen if all women all over the planet simply went on strike and
refused to have any more children until things changed for them?

     Think on this long and hard, the glib quick answers are unworthy.


     Freedom of the press runs pretty much the same way as freedoms of
speech, the press tends to be controlled by its advertisers, but that's
way different than being controlled by the government.  
     For example after 9/11 Bill Maher took exception to a lot of very
stupid people calling the terrorists cowards.
     He thought it took exceptional nerve and faith to fly a plane into
a building at 500 miles an hour and not flinch.

     (Maher had a misunderstood on the word cowardice, which is used to
mean disgracefully yellow, fearful, but is also used to simply mean
     On the other hand in the yellow department, imagine the Nazis
calling the French Resistance cowards because they struck in the night
with anonymity and refused to fly their flag over their company HQ.)

     A lot of really evil people will tell you that you should have the
courage of your convictions, and if you believe something you should
state it openly and in public.  They just want to kill you once you
locate yourself for them in their sights.)
     Maher commented that if you wanted to see cowardice in action, one
should contemplate Clinton's tossing a few cruise missiles at terrorists
camps from a very long safe distance away, after earlier terrorist
attacks on the Cole.

     Even though his comment was directed at CLINTON, it was close
enough to impugning the courage of the military to take real action, and
thus his show was pulled by the network.  The networks pulled the show
because the advertisers complained, because their BUYERS complained, not
because the government complained.

     Just like lawyers can't stand lawyer jokes, and ethnics can't stand
ethnic jokes, well the military can't stand military jokes.  Each tries
to elect itself a protected species in direct violation of most of the
freedom principles above.

     Pretty soon they will be passing laws against ethnic lawyer jokes!

     And Oy!, watch out when you run into a military ethnic lawyer.
     Freedom of humor, sarcasm and caricature is an important and
necessary part of freedom of speech.  
     Witness the Church of Scientology which punishes with no sympathy
and sometimes violence born of rules of Fair Game suitable for diseased
vermin, anything other than "Yes Ma'am!"

     Under no circumstances do you want them running the world, even if
you are a scientologist, most of whom honestly haven't recognized where
it is all heading at the moment.

     White scientology is still in use on this planet at this time, but
the IRS and government are developing Black Scientology into MK Ultra

     Crass Jokes from 9/11:

     "What do you call the Pentagon after 9/11?"

     "The Dentagon."

     The most recent version of the King's James Bible says.

     "If a man would take your World Trade Center, give him your
Pentagon also."

     "News flash, today the UN agreed to divide the Middle East into 3
autonomous regions to finally guarantee peace.  They would be called,
Gentilistan, Heathenistan, and Infidelistan."

     Draw it out.  :)

     "Since there is apparently not enough land to hold both the Jews
and the Palestinians together, it has been suggested that they build a
huge multi floor country across all the land, and give the Jews all the
odd floors to live on and the Palestinians could have all the even
     Then each floor could have bombing rights over the floor below it."

     Humor expresses people's frustrations with things, and banning it
as hate speech just suppresses it underground until it explodes as
violence for real.


     Freedom of congregation, either on the streets, or in private
residences or across the world on the internet is important because it
is congregation that allows one to speak to one another, and practice
our religions, politics and markets.

     Freedom to speak does not mean freedom to speak into a void.

     Freedom to congregate includes public congregation and private

     Anonymity provides freedom speak in public, and encryption provides
freedom to speak in private.


     Freedom of religion is somewhat problematic in that a lot of
religions should be wiped off the face of the Earth as soon as possible,
or its adherents jailed for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
child abuse.

     "Johnny, if you play with your penis one more time, you are going
to hell forever!"

     But it can't be the government that does it!

     That's because the government has the right to use overwhelming
force, and since there can only be one government, the end result would
be there would only be one religion.

     When religion becomes a monopoly at the point of a gun, then that
society is in trouble.

     Thus there must be absolute separation of church and state.

     That means the church stays out of the state, and the state stays
out of the church.

     So beware those trying to create an American Theocracy.
     That includes the atheists by the way, atheism is just another
faith based religion.

     God is consciosness, consciousness is God.

     We are ALL God in carnation, so get with the program all ready.

     Between hell forever and death forever, no wonder the child wants
to murder everyone by the time he is 3.

     That said, there is nothing more insane than a religious bigot, and
nothing more dangerous than a religious bigot with the force and power
of the military and police behind him.

     Particularly atomic weapons.

     Bigotry is defined here in its true sense, the belief that some
people are *IRREDEEMABLY* morally inferior.
     "You ain't MY brother dude!"

     Thus while the people must be allowed to worship whatever devils,
hells and graves they admire most, absolute separation of church and
state must be ensured at all times, to keep the military out of the
priest's hands.

     Once a being gets the idea that others are going to hell forever,
they will inevitably take what ever actions are necessary to make it so,
'to help God out'.

     "Hey if this sinner is going to hell forever anyhow, why not hurry
him along, maybe God will give me a brownie point!"

     Most of these nutcases hate their lives on Earth, but they consider
suicide a mortal sin, so the only way to get to Heaven early is to hurry
along the armageddon process, and hope God doesn't notice how they gave
it a little push just to get them selves killed penalty free.

     In truth many fundamentalists believe that armageddon is NECESSARY
to their final salvation.  This puts them into a kind of apathy about
avoiding it, because it's God's will, and they don't want to be opposed
to God, and they don't believe they could oppose God even if they wanted

     After talking to one of these guys you get the idea that they won't
be the ones to win the Nobel Peace Prize, because they aren't trying and
they are looking forward to the end.
     Too bad some of these guys are PhD's at Cornell, you know?

     True story.

     Then there are those who are so afraid of temptation and committing
a mortal sin for which they will never be forgiven, that the sooner they
can find a way to die and end the endless on slaught of temptation, the
more likely they will get to Heaven and their virgin harem.

     Further if they can die fighting in a just cause against the
sinners, then God will forgive them for any accrued venial sins they
might have committed in the first few years of their life like touching
their penis.

     Thus you have suicide bombers, and little children who can't wait
to pick up a gun for the cause, or those who just want to kill as many
of the enemy as possible in one blow, just in case God is keeping count.

     They don't care if they grow up or blow up.

     They don't care if they leave the Earth growing green or glowing

     So, green grass, or green glass, which is it gonna be?

     But you know, when they get to heaven, its not quite what they
thought it would be.  Ever taken a look at their women?

     Of those 72 virgins, 30 have mustaches the size of Wild Bill
Hickok, and the other 42 are diesel dykes from hell.

     There's a reason why they're still virgins.

     And how long will 72 virgins of any stripe or color last someone?
     Eternity is a LONG time.
     One you run out of places to squirt then what?
     Perhaps, come back to Earth and suffer the place as you left it or,
worse, made it to be?
     At least if you come back there's an endless supply of squirting
places, assuming you can stand getting a hair cut and a real job like
normal productive people.

     Anyhow, once the insanity of religious bigotry gets into power as
the government, the country and perhaps the planet are on their way out.


     Rule by law is important, because it means that people are judged
by an objective eye that applies the same to everyone.  The personal
caprice, fancy, whim and greed of the local population or even the judge
or sheriff generally can not rule the day.

     Even little children in public schools now are spanked by
professional elected spankers, to make sure the punishment is fair and
evenly applied.


     There are however two different laws, the law of the land and the
law of the sky.

     The PURPOSE of the law of the land is to constrain the government,
not the people.

     We don't like people stealing things from us, so we hire a
professional system of justice and enforcement.
     Mob justice is notoriously bad and errant for a society, and having
objective professionals handle the bad guys from beginning to end is
much more sensible.

     For one the guy robbed YOU, not the cop that comes to grab him, so
the cop can treat him with respect while you want to rip his eyes out.

     Objective determination of guilt, and administration of punishment
is an important part of a sane society.  The bad guys get it in fair and
reasonable measure, and few good guys get it by mistake.

     Oh yes, it doesn't always work out that way, but try Russia
sometime, or Cambodia if you are looking for something better.

     The law of the land however is not written to constrain anyone from
robbing you, it is written to constrain the professional government
which you have hired to protect you from punishing the miscreant.

     The law of the land is the bylaws of the government and its
contract with the people, not the people's contract with the government.

     Notice the law doesn't say 'Thou shalt not steal', the law says "IF
you steal, then the law can come after you and impose imprisonment of
not less than X time and not more than Y time."


     The law of the land is entirely what the government can and can not
do in response to someone doing something bad to you.

     The citizen is not in any sense at all morally bound to follow the
law of the land at any time, the government is however morally bound to
follow the law right or wrong, BECAUSE THEY HAVE SWORN TO and they got
their job as a civil servant from the sovereign people under the
assumption that they would uphold their solemn promise.

     The people in government have SWORN to uphold the constitution and
laws of the land, and thus they must do so, right or wrong.

     The citizen has made no such oath of allegiance, except perhaps for
immigrants who don't have a choice,

     The citizen however does have a duty to obey the law of the sky.

     The law of the land tells you what is legal or illegal.

     The law of the sky tells you what is right or wrong, and is solely
based on your conscience.

     Conscience is the sole arbiter of right and wrong for any decision.

     "When you die and get to the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter will NOT be
asking you if you did what was legal.
     Saint Peter will be asking you if you did what was RIGHT."

     Would the world be a better place if everyone obeyed all laws of
the land all the time?

     One's moral mandate is to do what is right first, and what is legal

     When the law of the land is in conflict with the law of the sky,
you have a choice to make.

     If you do what is legal instead of what is right, when you get to
heaven you won't get a gold star, but a brown star, for sh*thead.

     Notice that breaking a law from a moral mandate to do so won't stop
the government from coming after you, the law of the land doesn't
recognize the law of the sky, although in an ideal world, it is supposed
to mimic it.


     In fact the law of the land is an imperfect human coding of the law
of the sky.

     But often the law of the land is incomplete, or has had laws added
into it by criminals and thus are themselves criminal laws.

     Criminal laws are written by criminals and inure to the benefit of
criminals, where criminal means morally bankrupt.

     Also when laws are incomplete, people can do wrong, but consider it
ok, because it isn't illegal.

     And when laws have criminal laws added into them, people will
consider something criminal just because it is illegal, when in fact it
isn't criminal at all.

     Like pot.

     Both of the above are called 'hiding behind the law':

     Hiding behind the law means:

     What the law says makes it right.

     What the law says makes it wrong.

     If the law says something is right, then it is right.

     If the law says something is wrong, then it is wrong.

     If the law doesn't say something is wrong, then its right.

     If the law doesn't say something is right, then its wrong.


     The dictionary defines criminality as 1) morally bankrupt or 2)
     Confusing morally bankrupt with illegality is a CRIMINAL effort to
make the sovereign citizen think that they are morally bankrupt if they
break the law.
     The law does not define right and wrong, the law ENCODES right and
wrong via the substitute of legal and illegal, and thus right and wrong
exist before law, AND ABOVE THE LAW, and the law can be WRONG.
     Notice the sworn civil servant has sworn to uphold the law, right
or wrong, and thus for him breaking the law IS morally bankrupt.  He is
only free to to do what is right if he turns in his badge, gives up his
civil servancy and becomes a sovereign citizen again.

     Any law that tries to define right and wrong by fiat is BY
DEFINITION a criminal law, written by criminals to inure to the benefit
of criminals.
     Criminality (morally bankrupt) does not equal illegality, and
trying to make it so is born of criminal intent, to subsume someone's
conscience under the purported 'conscience' of another, namely the law

     Just because something is criminal doesn't mean it is illegal, and
just because something is illegal, doesn't mean it is criminal.

     Illegality is defined by the law of the land.

     Criminality is defined by the law of the sky.

     God doesn't care about legality, God cares about criminality.

     Hiding behind the law means judging what is right or wrong by
whether it is legal or illegal.

     Some people will go absolutely nuts on you if you try to persuade
them that criminality has an existence independent of the law, even
though the dictionary has it right there, 1.) morally bankrupt.

     The final and only valid arbiter of right and wrong is YOUR
conscience, so water it daily.

     God did not give you a conscience so you could use someone else's
conscience to make your decisions with.

     It's fine if you think someone else knows more than you and you
decide from YOUR conscience to trust THEIR opinion, but many people are
trying to sell you garbage as wisdom, or worse something they claim is
good for you, when it is in truth good for them usually at your expense,
often fatally.

     And in the end it is YOUR conscience that is held accountable for
what you do no matter who you got it from or why.

     And in the end, at judgement day, only you are there to judge
yourself, ain't that a hoot?!

     And no Goober, there is no hell forever, you get to come back
if you want and make amends for the crap you did.

     Also remember that patriotic people do not obey the law just
because it is the law.
     Patriotic people do what is right before what is legal.
     The only exception is the sworn civil servant who must do what is
legal before what is right while on duty as a civil servant.

     "There comes a time in every man's life when he must take up civil
disobedience, when the criminality of the law places one above the law,
because one is not a criminal." -Electra Magdalena


     Civil disobedience is application of the law of the sky to the law
of the land where they come into irresolvable conflict.

     The law of the sky has precedence and oversight over the law of the
land, and where the law of the land is wrong, one can and must appeal to
the law of the sky and make your adjudications appropriately.

     If as a sovereign citizen you are going to apply the above data by
getting into civil disobedience, remember to always walk the moral high

     Never in rage, but always with a calm even keel, and unwavering pit
bull determination that no law of the land shall ever lead you into
doing wrong or not doing right.

     Use civil disobedience to expose the criminal psychopathology in
power, never to threaten or gain revenge through wanton disruption or

     If you break the law, the government will come after you in either
     The public will love you only if you helped them survive better,
through your sacrifice.
     Taking out the internet for example helps no one and harms your own
purposes immeasurably.

     Taking out the internet is simply silencing others because perhaps
some of them silenced you.

     A real man can let the scoundrels speak and expose themselves more.

     You have only won when the liars silence themselves.

     That said, there is a time for measured responses.

     But revolution by exposure is far superior to revolution by force.

     Let the wielders of the sword die by their own swords.

     Let the wielders of truth live by the truth.


     The purpose of guns is not to take the government out, but to
defend yourself when there IS NO GOVERNMENT, either locally or globally.

     It isn't part of the cop's job to PREVENT crime, only to bring the
criminal to justice after the crime is committed.

     The cop's performance is not measured by how many crimes are
committed each year, but by how many unsolved crimes remain.

     But if the cops aren't responsible for preventing crime, who is?
     So you might want to keep your right to bear arms in force.
     Guns are not for fighting cops or the government, they got
bazookas, and you got what?

     The purpose of guns is to protect you and yours from criminals, and
even foreign invaders, but also to protect against times when there is
no police or government to protect you, during social disasters such as
financial collapse, epidemics, asteroids, tidal waves, and chemical,
biological, nuclear and genomic warfare etc.

     When society is gone, those with guns will remain.

     Freedom to vote is the last big one.  Our fathers realized that a
true democracy, where majority vote ruled, would not work, mostly
because the masses are too stupid to know what is good for them, and
also because of the time lags that existed at the time to inform the
masses of the issues that needed handling.

     Thus instead of a true democracy, we have a Republic, where people
are allowed to vote for representatives in the House and Senate, but are
not allowed to vote directly on matters of law.

     It is assumed in this model that the senators and representatives
are not involved in massive financial conflicts of interest with large
corporations, and are in fact in touch with the masses they represent,
and either follow their will, or at least have their true best interests
in mind if they don't follow the exact letter of the will of the masses.

     Again this is the idea of professionalism at work, if we try to
make decisions about laws our selves, things will go to hell quickly,
but if we allow objective full time professionals make these decisions
for us, we will do better.  
     We just have to pick our professionals wisely.

     And there in comes the rub.

     America is truly a great country, not only because of its land and
people, but because of its written law and constitution keeping everyone
else in line who would seek power to their own ends.

     In truth the people in America are not that much saner or less evil
or selfish than in other countries, although sometimes one has to wonder
if China isn't a dumping ground for assholes, and Russia a dumping
ground for paranoid nut cakes.

     But if people are people, then the only thing that makes America
better than some other countries, is its rule by law and constitution,
which keep the assholes and miscreant politicians and bureaucrats in

     Your average miscreant politician works from the goal to
enslave you, imprison you, kill you, or chase you away.

     You know it might seem harsh to call some of our duly elected
representatives sh*theads, but when 9/11 happened there was a very
definite contingent of elected officials on the far right that wanted to
nuke Iraq and Iran off the face of the Earth.

     They would sacrifice the lives of 100's of millions of innocent
people just to quiet a few boners.

     Populace is just so much potential collateral damage to this kind
of political psychotic.

     All those innocent people 'over there' are going to hell forever
anyhow for bowing and praying to false Messiahs and falser Gods, so who

     "Kill them all and let God sort out the few good ones." - American
Sh*thead said on TV during 9/11.

     Unfortunately when a country like America is infiltrated by
assholes and sh*theads, the country itself becomes an outhouse of
miscreant behavior, and the constitution becomes but paint on the face
of a whore.

     Thus America may be the best outhouse on the planet, but its still
just an outhouse, you see?

     And the whore is giving you a blow job in the stall.

     You can ask how these assholes get into office, and in truth they
are elected there by people very much like them.
     I have many friends who also thought we should nuke Iran and Iraq
forthwith after 9/11 and told me that's what Jesus would do.

     So apparently lots of little assholes elect big assholes into


     The last freedom is the freedom to remove the government by vote or
by force if necessary, should the government try to abridge the basic
principles of the country.

     America was born in revolution, it runs in our blood that
revolution is our heritage and legacy, should it become necessary.

     That means that the government is not GOD.

     This means the right to keep and bear arms.

     We all hate guns, but the sad truth is that when the police force
and army are so strong relative to the populace that the government
couldn't be removed if we wanted to, then a police state has started to
flower and WILL continue to flower until it overruns all of civilization
like a choking weed.

     A police state means you pay taxes to keep the gun pointing at you
to make you pay those taxes, while you are also doing the bidding of
your slave master, or digging your own grave.

     That said, guns in the hands of citizens really serve not taking
the government out, perhaps to slow them or foreign invaders down, but
serve mostly for when there IS no police force or government, or social
order, like during a massive disaster, economic or otherwise.

     Then you will wish you had your guns.
     Don't worry, you can borrow mine :)


     Which brings us to the last part of this posting which answers the
question of what does it mean to be unpatriotic.

     Patriotism means love of land, people and principles.

     It's hard not to love the land, and some of the people, but its
really the principles that matter.

     Unpatriotism means to not love or to try to undermine the basic
principles for which the country stands.

     Patriotism does not mean love for government or the people in it,
and it certainly does not mean obedience or loyalty to government right
or wrong.
     Considering the State to be Divine, is deistic psychosis.

     By government we mean the particular instantiation and
implementation of government at any given time, not the theoretical form
or structure of government laid out in the constitution.

     Also beware the harbinger of protected species, of enforced
silences, or double plus good doublethink.


     "Triple plus good, triple think!"
     They all sing the same song:

     The greatest freedom is freedom from fear.

     The Declaration of Independence proffers us the PURSUIT of
happiness, not the guarantee of happiness as a natural right.

     The song of evil continues:

     Peace and security through monopoly of power.

     Peace and security through silence and compliance.
     Remember, those that criticize the government even during time of
war, are not unpatriotic.
     Those that try to silence the critics are.
     These silencers are the UNAmerican criminals that need to be
restrained by law, and due diligence to its enforcement, so that the
true principles of this country can stand forever as truth, justice and
the American *WAY*.

     And should America or its government ever become the enemy of the
principles for which America stands, then I shall be a soldier behind
enemy lines.

     America, love it or change it.


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