The term prime directive is taken from the Star Trek series where
the federation had a rule to not interfere in the evolution of evolving
planets no matter what.  When they did, all sorts of bad things
happened, and weird solutions were put in place to fix it, often worse
than if they had left things alone.

     Electra started this stuff on the Prime Directive by saying
essentially, do not demonstrate OT powers to those who do not have them,
especially only to prove to others that they exist or that you have
them.  The consequences she warned were dire.  It seemed to bring the
jackals out in force.  Contempt and ridicule are their cat call.

     The basic theory is that OT power is used to limit OT power, so of
course if we are OT's we are using OT power in present time to not be
OT's, the magic of no magic.

     OT is a Scientology term for Operating Thetan, someone who has
regained their spiritual abilities many of which are 'paranormal'.

     "Get the idea of taking a power (ability) away from yourself."

     One imagines that abuse of OT power could lead to limitation of OT
power, and thus one wants to find those moments of abuse, that resulted
in a being redesigning themselves to their present state.

     For example we want to find out what 'prime directive' was
disobeyed, or even blindly followed, what prime directives produced
insufferable conflicts, and at what point did one give up on having a
prime directive other than to have no prime directive or to eventually
create the prime directive to have no power at all!

     Every change in power status, indicates a change in prime
     Thus auditing what one would do if one had powers of various kinds,
is very constructive.  One eventually comes to certainty of power even
if one still can't quite exercise any of it.  At least one chills out
about being in jail.  Then one has the equanimity to look and see and
possibly clean up the mess of power in its own good time.

     Because it deals with power, the prime directive rundown is a
powerful rundown, not to be cast as pearls before swine.
     Know them by their cat calls of contempt and ridicule.

08/18/08 Monday 5:55pm EST

     I wrote the below long ago, it's way too busy and complex.

     The simpler and more obvious a process is, the more OT it is, as it
addresses personal responsibility for the matter directly.

     Can't move the mountain?  Put it there.  Then put it somewhere
     If you dare.

     Also put there your restraints on putting things there.

     Running a prime directive rundown should be sweetly simple and to
the point.  So forget the below.

     The end phenomenon is not having total power, but aware of power
and a comfortable balance between the results of your present prime
directive rundown and the powers and abilities that you have.

     In other words some powers you should have and use, other powers
you should have and not use except when, and even other powers you just
should not have at all, not necessarily because you can't be trusted but
because of harm it would bring to loved one's should someone set out to
tempt you to use them and you refuse.

     Better to not know than to be able to have the information tortured
out of you, I always say.  Particularly if they go to torture your loved
ones to get YOU to talk to act.

     Well when it comes to power, they don't want you to TALK, they want
you to DO, FOR THEM.

     Capiche toi?

     Here is a simplified PRIME DIRECTIVE RUNDOWN in present time.


     "What power or ability could you have?

     "How could you help with it?

     "How could you harm with it?"

     E/P Prime Directive understood and in force, and power in balance
with constraint, and in control because of it.


                      THE PRIME DIRECTIVE RUNDOWN
                                SCI - 35
                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     The Prime Directive is actually very interesting to any one seeking
serious spiritual or thetan powers.
     One hypothesis is that the fact that you do not now have such
powers is itself evidence of your own personal Prime Directive in force.
     An ironic result of this would be that those who 'do not have or
believe' in a prime directive or who can not conceive of one, will never
get spiritual powers because they are denying responsibility for the
prime directive they presently have in force and are holding themselves
back with.
     So this leads to an interesting experiment in spiritual hacking
that could be called the Prime Directive Rundown.
     The first thing you would do is to write down your own personal
Prime Directive in as complete detail as possible, leaving room to add
to it during the auditing process.  Don't expect to do this rundown in
one sitting, it may take months to finish, especially if you run it in
the background.
     You then, preferably with an E-meter if you are within the Church,
or an A-meter if you are out, audit the following items on your own
understanding of your own Prime Directive.
     This can be done solo or with another.
     1.) Out communication cycles, or incomplete communication cycles on
the subject of power, having power, using power, keeping power, giving
power away, taking power away, losing power etc.  You can run the items
from Expanded Gita in Creation of Human Ability, waste, accept under
duress, desire and be able to take or leave alone power or anything to
do with power or ability.
     GITA is an acronym for GIve and TAke.

     Power is conceived of as any existing or imaginable ability on the
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual planes.
     By the way Power as an item is not in Expanded Gita, but of course
should be.
     2.) Problems with power, including goals and opposition goals,
         terminals and opposition terminals.
     3.) Overts and withholds, missed withholds, mutual withholds,
         withheld motivators, and co-excused withholds on power.
     4.) Affinity, Reality, Communication, Understanding breaks on
         Beingness, Doingness, Havingness, Experience breaks on power.
         Knowledge, Responsibility, Control, Livingness breaks on power.
         Mood, Rhythm and Harmony breaks on power.
         Know about, Curious about, Desire, Enforce, Inhibit, No, Refused,
         Sub Refused power.
         Source of power, and Cause of Power.
     5.) Make wrongs, make rights, make guilty, make innocent,
         dominate, escape domination, survive, succumb on power.
     Attention should be paid to agreements to abide by a Prime
Directive and breaks in those agreements, and the events leading up to
deciding to have a Prime Directive, the powers involved, the
consequences of those powers etc.
     And special attention should be given to DECISIONS you made on
power especially incomplete decision cycles, and decisions about

     Also ANDS such as wanting to have power AND not have power at the
same time.
     No one is ever going to get power back until they run this stuff
flatter than a one sided pancake, so why wait?
     The End Phenomenon of this rundown would NOT be return of total
power, but might be something more like,
     1.) attainment of a satisfactory, self determined balance of power
and no power growing into the future,
     2.) Fully operational and understood personal Prime Directive in
     3.) Confidence that once can use one's fair chosen power with in
the operating parameters of one's fair chosen Prime Directive.  to the
benefit of the greatest number of beings on the greatest number of
dynamics, self, family, groups, mankind, biological life, spirits and
the infinite.

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