by Geoffrey C. Filbert
(c) Akashic Applications of Scientology 1982
Reproduced by the New Bridge Supply Company for the benefit of the Free Zone.

Dedication ....................................................................................................................... 4
Purposes .......................................................................................................................... 5
Introduction and Clarification. .......................................................................................... 6
Prologue ........................................................................................................................... 10
THE GREAT RUNWAYS ...................................................................................................... 14
The Immortality Business ...................................................................................... 14
State Of Knowledge ............................................................................................. 18
Miseducation And Cultural Manipulation ............................................................ 19
Hypocrisy, Government And Education Systems ............................................... 21
Religion In General, Inspiration To Opiates .......................................................... 23
The Greek Gods And Christianity ......................................................................... 24
A Review Of History .............................................................................................. 25
Magic In Modern Times ....................................................................................... 34
A Valid History Of Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard
Its Rise, Fall and Extinction By Default ....................................................... 35
Vested Interests And The Nature Of Man ............................................................ 40
Penetration And Control Through Non-Physical Means ...................................... 43
THE FLIGHT ........................................................................................................................ 44
The Technology Of Scientology And Dianetics .................................................. 44
The Philosophy of Scientology and Dianetics ..................................................... 282
The Church of Scientology and Dianetics ...........................................................
283 The owners of Scientology and Dianetics
........................................................... 288
SOFT LANDINGS ................................................................................................................ 296
Other Technologies ............................................................................................. 296
Wisdom+s Usual Final Hour ................................................................................... 297
The Death Business .............................................................................................. 298
Drugs: Cause, Effect, and Cure ............................................................................ 299
Iconoclasm and Illiteracy+s Final Reward ........................................................... 300
Spiritual Obligations .............................................................................................. 301
Christian Science, Above their Heads ................................................................ . 302
Tibet, the Dali Lama, and Tantric Buddhism ........................................................ 304
Shakespeare, The Man As Tragedy ................................................................... 306
Werner Erhard: What The World Is Coming To ................................................... 308
The Press, Poverty of the Ages ............................................................................ 310
Functionally Illiterate Societies and Performance ............................................... 312
The Magic Man, Kings In All Times ...................................................................... 313
Spiritual Control of The Foolish .............................................................................. 314
Self Control In Its Highest Degrees ........................................................................ 315
Reincarnation And Why Nobody Cares ............................................................. 316
The Soul: Whether You Want One Or Not ............................................................ 318
The Universes ....................................................................................................... 319
The Upper Dynamics ........................................................................................... 320
The Akashic Record ............................................................................................ 321
The Akashic Responsibility .................................................................................. 322
Entropy ................................................................................................................. 323
Applications Of The Aforesaid ............................................................................ 324
An Accurate Record of Man+s True Origin past, Present, and Future ................. 325
Prison Planets ....................................................................................................... 326
This Solar System ................................................................................................ . 328 This
Galaxy ........................................................................................................... 330 Other
Galaxies ..................................................................................................... 331
Recommendations And Advice ........................................................................ 333
Life, Living, and Experience Beyond the Physical Universe ................................ 338
Universe #2, The Next One Out ............................................................................ 341
Harmony .............................................................................................................. 342
The Final Deceit: Persistences ............................................................................. 349
The Death Of The Gods ........................................................................................ 353

Mobius Strip Flows/Winners & Losers ................................................................ . 357
Continued Living in Someone Else+s Was - A New Definition of Hell .................... 359
Mechanical Consciousness ................................................................................ 360
What If Everyone That Was Worthwhile Has Already Left This Universe ............ 362
Remaining Sluggards Stuck In A Memory ........................................................... 363
The Second Absence ......................................................................................... 364 The
Irrevocable Persecution of Games Makers, Destroyers, and Umpires ....... 365
Love Of Fellow Man .............................................................................................. 368
The Transportation of Earthlings: A Feasible Projection ...................................... 369
Elitism Vs. Popularism: The Battle and the War ....................................................
370 Northern Bhuddism Vs. Southern Buddhism ........................................................
372 The Dali Weeps so Mateya Hears Beyond His own Weeping ........................... 373
The Assination of the Next Four Messiahs ........................................................... 374
The Unnoticed Comforters ................................................................................... 375
The Unrecognized Christ+s, Gods, And That Which Is Beyond God ................... 376
Potpourri, Useful Tips ............................................................................................ 379
THE LAST DITCH ................................................................................................................ 382
E-Targ rundown .................................................................................................... 400
Above OT 7 repair list ........................................................................................... 401
THE NEW LAND ................................................................................................................. 402
Disputable Data ................................................................................................... 402
Anxiety Rundown ................................................................................................ . 413
Spherics ............................................................................................................... 415
Singing in the desert of A Song in the Desert ........................................................ 418
Farewell ................................................................................................................ 420
A Closing Note ...................................................................................................... 421 In
Perspective ...................................................................................................... 424 In
Passing .............................................................................................................. 425
Formulas ............................................................................................................... 426
Epilogue ............................................................................................................... 427
Excalibur Revisited ............................................................................................... 442 Legacy
................................................................................................................. 445 The
Final Footnote ................................................................................................ 446
APPENDIX .......................................................................................................................... 447
Table of Contents ................................................................................................ . 447
Complete Section of Pre-Have Scale, For OT 7 Dual Rundown .......................... 448
Scales .................................................................................................................. 449
Self analysis (SA) lists ........................................................................................... 455
OT stabilization drills, run after OT7 ....................................................................... 460
E-Meter drills, necessary to learn the skill ............................................................. 461
53 Short Form ........................................................................................................ 475
Expanded Green Form (XGF) .............................................................................. 485
LX Lists .................................................................................................................. 491
PTS Rundown ....................................................................................................... 492
PTS R/D Correction List ......................................................................................... 494
Interiorization R/D ................................................................................................ . 496
Rehabs, for rehabilitation of former releases ...................................................... 499
L3RE-XDN, Additional questions for XDN repairs .................................................. 506
L4B, for list repairs .................................................................................................. 507
Integrity Processing by dynamic (IP) ................................................................... 510
GF- Green Form, also known as -a review+ ......................................................... 515
Method 1 Word Clearing ..................................................................................... 517
Word Clearing Correction List .............................................................................. 519
CS-1: actions taken to educate the preclear on R3R ......................................... 520
PC Assessment Sheet .......................................................................................... 522
Prepared Assessment R/D (for Dianetics by subject) ........................................ 526

St. John 21: I suppose the world itself could not contain the books that
should be written.
There is possibly an infinitesimal possibility that this book was caused by
all life in harmony, that is, that it was authored by the main body of
theta (Life) of mankind on planet Earth
Whether such -Common Ground+ does exist, and whether it could, or
would so interfere with the arenas of chaos of human affairs is a
speculation which only the reader will be able to resolve after reading
this text.
As many laws in Texas, California and other states describe the
publication of the promise of improvement of Health or Bodily Function
by any means to be a felony offense, I hereby disclaim any such
suggestion or interpretation. The Author in recounting his own personal
observations, speculations, and opinions in the reading of the Akashic
Record and his own experience makes no claim that such applications of
technology, truth, processes, or technique will be useful for the
diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any diseases, or will have any use
beyond that of personal religious assembly, practice and self-
actualization, Criminal statutes that forbid healing and free speech on
healing are a fascinating phenomena.
Without such statutes, mankind would have been denied the benefit of
the Crucifixion of Christ.
Let us see what other wonderful things and occurrences such laws can
produce. Could it be that truth and real religion has gone underground for
thousands of years?
Let us examine some of the perhaps, relevant, truth on file in the Akashic
This book is dedicated to the kindness in each of you, because of which
the race may continue to live to see a better day.
My personal search for The Whole Truth led me from Christianity, to
History, to Literature, to Metaphysics, to Humanism, to Scientific
Humanism (which I saw turn decadent and against all men), then toward
my own Scientific and Metaphysical Technology, then to leading-edge
Industrial Psychology, then to the edge of Occult Sciences, and from the
Synthesis of these I at last had enough, for I had it all, and it all
fitted together.

The purposes for writing this book are as follows:
1. So that the data, technology, and truth would not be lost;
2. So that the confusions and controversy about those three would be put to
3. So that these truths could be rapidly assimilated and applied by being
clearly summarized in one volume;
4. So that the understanding and application of these truths would be
clearly differentiated from the social activities of a misguided and
materialistic church with which they heretofore had been associated;
5. So that the dignity, respect, and decency justly belonging to the endeavor
of self-revelation would be justly restored;
6. So that those who wish to better themselves and their fellows would
have the technology and truth to do so;
7. So that adequate data and data-sets would be made available to any
individual that wishes to rise out of the contrivance of social, religious,
or personal mire;
8. So that the pitfalls along the way in such an ascension would be
9. So that those who have disgraced the field of endeavor of truth out of
ignorance would not fall from their own, their fellows, or Eternal Grace;
10. So that those who have disgraced the field of endeavor of truth out of
malice will be known for what they are, as being of, by and for the
degradation from whence they came;
11. To suggest that childishness not be tolerated in adult fields of
12. To suggest that a life based on truth surpasses one based on lies;
13. To advise one against one of the many more-sensational hells available
as an alternative to the mainstream scripts for self-actualization;
14. To terminate the spiritual slaughter in the name of -research+, of the
many very kind and very dumb prisoners- unto-themselves, which has
been hidden behind a craven group of non-individuals;
15. And finally, so that those who gave their lives so that this
information might someday come to print, did not live or die in vain.

Introduction and Clarification.
Definition: Akashic Record - that record of all events and all thoughts of
every individual+s (and the Race+s collectively) past, present and future,
existing for access on the next plane of existence above the physical
(astral - 4th plane), accessible by any individual who has attained the 4th
level of Mastery or above in the 12 levels of Mastery referred to in
various Eastern, Tibetan and Lemurian legends and religions.
Definition: Truth - that which is in accordance with experience, facts or
reality, conformity with facts, firm, not false; conforming to an original
rule, pattern or standard; exact, accurate, right, correct.
Clarification: This reading and account of the Akashic Record by the
author is solely his account of what he saw therein, and thus only he and
the Record are responsible for the contents of this text.
Copyright: The copyright of Akashic Applications of Scientology (c) (all
performance rights, domestic and foreign reserved) as an exact scientific
standard application is defined within this text in its fullest extent;
and may be summarized as application herein defined in this text, whereby
electrical changes in body resistance (a recorded measurement of mental
stress disintegrating) exceeds all Scientology/Dianetic copyrights on data
and applications from a minimum of ten to a maximum of 100 times the
change, thus improvement. First publication 1982.
Copyright: Geoffrey C. Filbert, as author of this text, and holder of the
above copyright as a proprietary technology of exact scientific
application of proprietary truth, as defined by this text. First
publication 1982.
Of the over twenty-five million words of philosophical, technical,
theoretical and religious speculation covered under various Scientology
and Dianetic and Hubbard copy- rights, less than one-half of a percent
have any bearing or proximity to workable application of that subject.
Less than 125,000 words of it are true. Approximately one-half of that
quantity of information is true, with another half being dangerously
close. Whether intentional, or by random accident, the bulk of this text
relates to outlining the true quarter of this one percent and correcting
the other quarter of that one-half percent.
The 25 million words within the Scientology, Dianetic and Hubbard writings
covered all possible bases, viewpoints and philosophical
possibilities available of all recorded, and some secret cultures in the
East and West. There are earlier source documents for every idea and
viewpoint covered under those copyrights. Thus, the clarification+s,
codification and correction of this summary of planet Earth+s
philosophical data base for the quarter of one percent of that which was
correct, is a logical step in the evolution and progress of science.
There is little to no evidence to support the idea that the 1/4% was
intentionally placed, and the other 99 3/4% were accidentally published
against his will and better judgment. There is overwhelming evidence
that he and his -group+ think it is all true and are so copyright crazed
as to copyright all incoming ideas in letters which may be true. His
directions to his -Guardian+s staff+ and I quote:-

-When in doubt, copyright it.+
Hubbard has repeatedly reassured his readers that he is only human, and
has obviously done a thorough job at proving that remark to be true.
The theory copyrights of Scientology, Dianetics and Hubbard are not
being challenged at this time; although it should be noted that they
have copyrighted self-evident truth. They have also copyrighted ideas,
methods, systems, processes, concepts, principles, discoveries and
devices, none of which are eligible for statutory copyright protection.
Whether the courts will rule that one man can legally copyright does not
remain to be seen. It is against the law for anyone to copyright them.
One can copyright a description. explanation or illustration of them. On
January 1, 1978 the Copyright Act of 1976 (Title 17 of the U.S. Code)
came into effect making this quite clear. Whether the courts would rule
that another man could legally copyright rational applications of
religious philosophy remains irrelevant.
In that both men claim authorship to Universal Self-Evident Truth of a
Religious Nature, and both men claim that the work was free and to keep
it so, the appearance of controversy is unlikely, as such would reveal one
of the two men to be a liar about the work being free.
I would assume there is a place in history for both: for popular, religious
figures, and for technical applications specialists. The transition from
the horse and buggy to the automobile did not require significant
litigation. Progress occurs. It is natural.
The net productive response of society towards the writings of L. Ron
Hubbard has been minimal to none. Society has viewed the -cult+, within
which 95% of its members perform administrative tasks and less than
5% perform religious counseling. Of those trained to perform religious
counseling less than one in 10,000 are doing so. Society has not viewed
that wall of writing.
Hubbard+s insistence that everyone outside the Church is incapable of
any free volitional awareness or higher consciousness has contributed
substantially to the complete non-application of all of his theories,
except the basest.
Deluded by the false assumption that he knew and/or had the correct
technology, surrounded by individuals on the pay-roll of his enemies,
dulled by over a decade of heavy medication and drugs, overwhelmed
with vanity, he produced alot of writings, 99 3/4% of which was
completely in error. Yet the 1/4% of correct truth carried himself and
churches to high levels of notoriety, controversy and subsequent
publicity. The interest of the public in this is visibly astounding.
Hubbard chose to be -Fabian+, and because of his own technical and
performance errors, wrongly surmised and insisted that the much
promised state of O.T. (Operating Thetan - a state of free being wherein
a person can cause effects without having to use a body) was ineffective.
Further, he concluded that a savage para-military organization would have
to -put Ethics in+ in the local planetary area, and that would take a
billion years. -Ethics+ are put in when technology does not work The

did not work because it was wrong Ethics as a cover solution to displace the
groups hostility away from himself was employed. Substitution and
displacement occurred to cover technical facts and errors,
The horrible truth was his technology did not work as promised and he
displaced the hostility of that frustration away from himself towards
outside power groups like governments.
Going from being for the goal of Free Being to against the goal is part of
the core of a stimulus-response reactive mind. Technically, it is called an
actual Goals Problems Mass,
In reading this text the fundamental philosophic and technical errors he
made are clarified, The 500 specific technical errors are not. It is not my
purpose to correct the technology of Hubbard. It is my purpose to define and
detail the truthful, scientific application of traditional, religious
thought. Hubbard, by way of the Church he disassociated himself with,
(and has an eight to nine digit net worth from) has given himself the self
appointed task of not only -putting ethics in+ on everyone in society
(whether you want it or not), but something else besides -to close the door
on incorrect application+. In fact, he nor anyone in his group never came
near to finding out what correct application was,
As much as I hate to confuse the issue with the facts, these are the
unavoidable facts of the matter.
They are unavoidable to truthful men. They are avoidable to liars by
trade, adherents to groupism and the teaching class. Shaw said that those
that can do, do; those that cannot, teach. The hip and hope markets and
truth markets are mutually exclusive, and are generally not compatible.
It is in the interest of anyone that does not want -ethics put in+ on
themselves and their families (as a substitute for incorrect, thus
unworkable technology) that the correct technology and application thereof
and therefore. be found, published and held under another copyright so
that the underlying problem of technology and its
subsequent odd solutions are resolved, but more importantly that Truth
may prevail over lies, and the continued abuse of correct, religious
philosophy, technology, service and performance be terminated, and
most importantly, that the continued spiritual slaughter and sacrifice
of well- meaning, sentient, aware individuals to an unworkable vain-
glory symbolism in the name of -its the only phone company in town+ be
brought to its just conclusion.
The purpose of this book is not -to provide hope to those upon whom the
weight of the world has become too heavy+. The purpose of this book is to
record and relay truths, technology and information in usable form to
intelligent adult individuals as a guide-line in their own religious
assembly, service, performance and self-actualization.
The right of religious assembly, service and performance is guarantied as
an individual right under the Bill of Rights in the United States
The Church of Scientology creed states:-

We of the Church believe:
That all men of whatever race, color, creed were created with equal
That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practice and
That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives. That all men
have inalienable rights to their sanity.
That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense.
That all men have inalienable right to conceive, choose, assist and
support their own organizations, churches and governments.
That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to
write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the
opinions of others,
That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind.
That the souls of men have the rights of men .
And no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these
rights, overtly or covertly...
And We of the Church believe the laws of God forbid Man To destroy his
own kind, to destroy the sanity of another, to destroy or enslave another+s
In that the highest law of the land and the Creed of The Church of
Scientology not only permit, but guarantee free rights to think, publish,
assemble and provide religious service religiously, I hereby exercise, in a
very limited fashion, said rights.
In the unlikely event that deranged individuals from within either of the
above-stated bureaucracies were to consider such rights to be purely
cosmetic, due to statements made herein they considered offensive, I
might be inclined to reply in kind, a hundred fold. Unfortunately, savages,
materialists and true-believers understand only such.
The material contained in this book is the absolute minimal disclosure
necessary to transmit a viable and whole religious truth.

An authority is not a concept I care for, in that a person could actually
and really be an authority in an area and that would be of no use, if no
one accepted it to be so, Authority is a very -inside the game+ point of
view, and probably a very destructive one towards the natural development
of others creating their own knowing, because they end up learning from an
authority, instead of just knowing. By owning the authority+s knowing,
instead of their own, it ends up owning them, and they cannot DO or
APPLY from the owned knowingness of another beyond 5% of their capability.
If they were to create their knowing they can then DO and APPLY. What L.
Ron Hubbard has done to himself and other people, in addition to the
source of the material he has published, is defined in this paragraph.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of authority-oriented, thinking in people
education+s, so I will briefly address the subject. A real authority would
be one who could do in an area, that is, produce results. There are false
authorities and real ones. The determination is who can do, Each person
is probably the ultimate authority on their own personal experience I
have counseled over a dozen individuals to states of personal
experience, objective and subjective, far beyond anything mentioned in
this or any other book. No one else has done that.
As far as the subject of Scientology goes, I was trained and certified on
all available courses in said subject, semi-annually, 1964 - 1975, served as
Pastor, Chaplain, Sunday Services Minister, Counselor, Auditor and held
various executive and technical positions (such as Director of Case Review
at St. Hill, Public Executive Secretary in Washington, D.C.).
As far as sanctioned processing, I received all available counseling. In
private counseling, I received all processes on all tapes, books and
bulletins and some of the material out of Hubbard+s private safe. To my
knowledge, no one else has done that.
Private study included all copyrighted and some uncopyrighted tapes,
bulletins and material from various safes prior to the burning of the master
files. There were 4 1/2 feet of technical bulletins and 13 feet of policy
letters. About 1 1/2 feet of each remain in the -Tech Volumes+
and -OEC Volumes+, leaving a survival of less than half of each. To my
knowledge, no one else has done such a study.
In the field of executive application, less than a dozen others have
raised production 30 times in thirty days.
So, as a student, staff member, executive, and practitioner there is no
one alive who has had comparable personal experience or performance,
In fact, the number of people who have done over 10,000 hours of
auditing (counseling) are quite few (less than 2 dozen), In summary,
for the authority-minded, I perhaps have adequate credentials to speak
on the subject.
The true statistic of the Scientology churches was how many practicing
field auditors were operating in their area (one of the torched Policy
Letters). It became apparent by 1970, that because of my unique
position and responsibilities in helping individuals and mankind, that
I could 10

accomplish more in that direction than all the Churches combined, with
ease, on weekends,
That authority and performance have remained untarnished, in spite of
much foolishness, that it would be in bad taste to detail here.
My prior actions, training and experience I would advise you against even
considering. Whether I speak with authority, that is, whether I speak the
truth, is up to you the reader. You already know the truth. You just
up to having the facility to directly attain it, at will. Any dog knows
truth. It is a recognizable commodity.
Authority is not material, relevant or important except to those who
believe in such things. In most cases, -authority+ is an element of one of
the prominent cults in our country+s respectability. As art was removed as
a function for the design of the culture+s future, and replaced with
institutionalized reinforcement of accepting the maddening paradoxes of
Modernity, so was Legitimacy replaced about a 100 years ago with
If you are unaware of, or subscribe to, this scam, I would suggest you go
to a college bookstore and pick up a graduate text on the History of
American Thought 1865 - 1965. You can learn about Straus+ Blue Danube
Waltz, Buicks, fried chicken after church and the rest of the artificial
contrivances of this carefully superficial imported education and
culture, 80% of which came from Germany The American Black is a truer
manifestation of what this country is all about, for he had no German
exposure. I would rather you get this area clarified from a graduate text
than from me. I wouldn+t want the responsibility of rattling the tea
cups, staining the Reader+s Digest and dissuading you from what you
mistakenly consider pleasurable familiarities.
There are a number of reasons, the majority of which are personal, which
have led to my reading the Akashic Record and writing this book. If you
are brave, patient and tenacious enough to endure reading the book all
the way through, my personal reasons will become obvious to you, as
personal reasons for yourself. Most probably it will become obvious why
the book ended up in your possession, regardless of the circumstances
that led to that event,
Life speaks kindly when it meets and parts, only death and ignorance can
be unkind, If you do not find your own truths herein, then I suspect we
might say the reading was one more of an almost endless chain of
historical examples of misduplication. Often a person mistakenly
perceives parts instead of wholes, in observing truth, and in doing so,
further enslaves himself to the minds of others,
My overall purpose is to make available, in a clear, concise, and usable
form, all the relevant truth that people do not know and would be much
better off knowing.
Accepting misery as -normal+ and understanding as -abnormal+ is a
widespread insanity. It is, at the least, the wrong way to live.
The traditional and historical religious promise that one can go beyond
craven stupidity on up to a higher state of awareness and living by

understanding certain truths has essentially been rejected in recent
times as being an unfulfillable promise. There has been so much betrayal
after trust on this line, that religion itself has come to be considered
a manipulative, escapist, faithful and confusing endeavor.
That Science (which is a religion) or Religion -did not work was
incomplete+, -was confusing+, etc. seems to be the common, superficial
objections to either belief form. This book, hopefully, will put these
objections to bed. If these were valid objections, then this book alone
(and the application of it) would bring man and religion (not organized
religion) back to being alive, well and in harmony.
The real underlying objection toward digesting and applying wisdom may
not be its present unavailability in whole and digestible form. The real
objections could be the condition of the individual, in other words;
gutlessness, sleepiness, laziness, drug addiction, childishness.
degradation, illiteracy, ignorance, fixed attitudes. fatalism,
unawareness, selfishness, greed, irresponsibility, physical illness,
mental illness, spiritual illness, emotionalism, materialism, mentalism,
bodyism, insanity, bad-idea addiction, low acceptance level, low self-
esteem, low
peer-recognition, beliefs, identifications with roles, identifications with
bodies, association with filth, contamination of individual space or any of
the other -normal inbred, fine character attributes that individuals have
adopted as societal parity lines. Societies have a bad habit of destroying
not only the existence of individuals, but the memories that people ever
existed in the past at all.
Two other hidden objections to having truth exist (l) the secret
awareness that the individual is all right but everyone else is nuts, and
(2) the secret awareness that the individual is nuts and that everyone else
is sane. Both of these ideas are completely illogical and untrue.
Unfortunately, I have not met more than one man per ten thousand that
did not firmly believe one of these two oversimplifications. Perhaps,
everyone is all right and nuts, that it is an and not an or proposition.
The ramifications of that possibility are unpleasant in the contemplation
of futures, so you will rarely find the concept suggested in philosophical
circles and writings.
By holding oneself back from truth, thus living, thus growth, thus freedom,
thus knowing, thus predictability, thus achievement, thus happiness, one
can attain the stat of misery. In this book well be going over the ways and
means of erasing the barriers in the way on such a
path, including the widespread 30 or so sad states aforementioned, as
real objections to truth.
I am probably not a good or bad writer, nor is this a good or bad book,
If you agree with all, some, or none of the book, well, welcome to you
Your approvals, preferences, criticisms, feelings and suggestions are
part of your self discovery, and probably apart of those 30 or so things
aforementioned, The book covers the complete eradication of objections,
all 30 of them, which have to come off people if they are to be set free
and live truthfully.
If you have had the guts to read this far, you might as well read the
whole text. I would not recommend reading a part of it for the sake of
your own so-called well being.

If you read it all, you will have traveled across an ocean of
understandings and misunderstandings, and survived the storms your
enslavers have installed in you, and you will probably return to this
moment of moments, and you will still be you What you consider yourself to
be will have changed.
It was not my idea to write this account of truth. I decided to do so, but
it was not my idea. Out of reluctance, I have discharged the obligation of
this privileged service.
So, writing all this down, for perhaps the l0,000th time, is not a labor of
love, it is an -audit trail+ within the accounts of each of you on how one
of you got free.

The Immortality Business
The Immortality Business is similar to any other business. and therefore the
general rules of business would apply to it, However, if one is engaged in
the action of being a seer, mentor, counselor, consultant or adviser, it has
a few unique aspects that you should be aware of.
Once you start on this particular line of being a manifestation of truth or
being aligned with truth (which requires being honest, having some integrity
and operating off your own knowingness) one can and usually
will come under some degree of attack, ridicule, challenge and hatred
from outsiders, This has been referred to in Christianity when Jesus
said he had been -hated by the world but be of good cheer because I have
overcome the world+ Thus a winning viewpoint is advantageous to ones
actions. One should recognize that the subject of immortality, if it is
addressed, adopted and lived, will change much of ones thinking.
Finally, one should not become contaminated (probably the most
thing stated by Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, was the
statement that one should not enter an impure atmosphere except to
purify it).
Although some contamination will invariably come on board, you should
notice how you come out on a net basis. It is preferable to come out
cleaner than you entered into things. It is preferable that you only
cause good, permanent and lasting effects. By observing these two rules,
you go no place but forward and up. By standing portal at the door of
thought and creating good events, there is only one direction to go.
On individuals there is a preponderance of lies, illusions and veils of
reality. Once they get a taste of truth and start applying it toward
their lives they too will do nothing but go up across the boards, not
only spiritually but in many cases, materially also. Most people are into
agreement with the manifestation principle, also called demonstrations
kitting, also called making it real in the physical universe, of what is
going on in their spiritual universes. Thus, if they get better
spiritually, then they will go out in life and make more money. This leads
to all sorts of silliness because some people become interested in
spiritual matters only because they wish to achieve material ends. This
occurs often. It has occurred substantially throughout history. It has
practically closed off every decent religion I can particularly recall.
Earlier in this lifetime, I noticed that Christian Scientists were one, if
not the highest income per capita group in the United States. I met
thousands of these people apparently quite concerned with extremely high
realities and yet the bottom line was that the majority of them were
interested in continuing
to drive their Cadillacs. That sort of approach which is as common as
dust, you should not adopt for yourself. This obsession to manifest in
the material universe all the things going on in a spiritual universe
does not afflict true seekers of truth. A truth seeker doesn+t give a
damn whether they make more money, have better surroundings or have
eradicated the negative hygiene factors in their existence. They are just
happy with the spiritual gain and find virtue to be its own reward.

The whole area of origins of knowledge becomes a senseless exercise
because I doubt if anything new has been written under the sun for a very
long time. Most of Christian Science, Scientology and Nuclear Physics can
all be found in the Golden Scripts which are the secret books in the
monasteries. The Rig Veda itself is a rather bastardized Readers+ Digest
version of a few chapters. So, for me to say that I have said this, or
Mary Baker Eddy said this or Aristophenes said this, or L. Ron Hubbard.
founder of Scientology, said this, is somewhat foolish. I am sure that any
remarks made by any individual could be traced to being written
elsewhere by another.
You will find that there will be a certain percentage of people that are
interested in spirituality to resolve body problems, to resolve body games
(which is a condition of their lives), or because of mental conditions.
You will find people who are interested in spirituality and immortality
for its own sake. The latter, of course, is preferable and the only one
that is going to get you anywhere. Man is at least a mind, a body and a
spirit and
I would also like to include a fourth part, which is the heart. You will
have at least four types of folks coming your way. One out of four will
really hit escape velocity on aberration. He comes cleaner faster than he is
putting his own dirt up. Most of the things which are valuable in life are
exponential (not of this physical universe) and the least valuable things
are linear (which is of this physical universe). The good things and the bad
things in life compound and respond to mathematical evaluation from
a multiplying it times itself. Those things which are just straight
trends are just physical universe manifestations and phenomena. So, you
can know whether you are dealing with mechanics or you are dealing with
raw life on whether its exponential or whether its linear.
It is a regrettable truth that the immortality business has been given an
extremely bad name over the years because people, have been sold a lot of
half truths, partial truths and had their trusts betrayed. Insane causes
have been promoted. Man has generally been degraded in the name of
truth. If you are operating in the context of that bad name, I don+t
suggest you take a public relations approach towards it. Don+t say
everybody was a liar but I+m straight. I would suggest that you call on the
attention of whoever you are talking to that they already know the truth
and will know whether you are feeding them a bag of wind or you are telling
them the truth. A dog can recognize truth. They know whether the postman is
scared or not. A cat can recognize truth. Anyone can recognize truth.
And for you to insist that your neighbor or someone that you are in
communication with doesn+t know truth is to set yourself up for alot of
misery. They do if you will allow it to happen. Shakespeare mentioned
that if you don+t have a virtue, assume it. There is a lot of validity in
that and it has limited workability Its limitations are rarely recorded. One
can actually assume virtue, immortality or whatever and you will achieve it
within the realms of persistences. Whether you will achieve it above
persistences is probably what is important, but to go into that at this time
would be premature.
The main point I wanted to make here is that you are operating in an area
where people are crying wolf and have been betrayed. You are also
operating in an area where people are constantly hungry and they still
come to market as cattle come to market. You would be most prudent,
instead of slaying them, to give them what they needed instead of what
they wanted. Simply milking the money out of people is bad form.

Normally when organizations milk money out of people it is done with
the rationalizations that the organization has some divine right to do
that, that a group has a right to prey on individuals, that the group must
survive, and survival of the group is the only hope of mankind. It is one
of the oldest sets of justifications, rationalizations for criminal conduct
around. It is completely insane, of course. Groups are a biological
phenomenon, a whole group of selves are formed together and they care
very little about the individuals in them.
Recognize that you are operating in the context of a cynical,
dejected, jaded environment toward the subject of immortality. If you
agree to do just -optimum+ work than you will get -optimum+ work. If
you agree to do compromising type of work that is what you will get.
Either of which
type of work you do will manifest itself in your personal life. If you only
do perfect work then you will get perfect results and your life will run
perfectly, This has been promoted and said in alot of books and nobody
believes it anymore. The idea of going out and actually working for a living,
saving money, not taking advantage of ones neighbor, it has just been
promoted on and on and on. It is often a subject of ridicule in
modern day world. What is fashionable now is borrowing alot of money,
making your money through leverage off the insanity of the Federal
Reserve System To make millions of dollars requires not just zero
intelligence. It requires negative intelligence. You have to be a bit of
a craven animal to stand in line and make money off other peoples+
ignorance. I don+t think you will ever become immortal doing this and I
think you may have forfeited whatever right you have toward divinity by
excessive abuse of opportunity.
To engage in understandings and relationships with other people is as
much a responsibility as to break off relationships and understandings
with other people. It+s a flow. It carries the same penalties and rewards.
What I+m saying here is that if you are going to do a job, you might as
well do it to its completion and if you do a high quality job your rewards
are exponential, infinite and unstoppable, If you do the-best-that-can-be-
done job then you are going to lead a life of compromises and bests-that-
can be-done, Naturally, one has to start somewhere and there are a few
little stepladders one goes through, The more you compromise, the more
compromised you will become and you eventually become ineffective, lose
your powers and magic. Of course, this is the particular route that many,
many people have gone and is presently the fad.
L. Ron Hubbard is credited with the remark that one should never solve a
problem unless you solve it for eternity. I don+t think a person should
even try to solve a problem unless he can solve it for eternity, Within
the context of that particular remark, the immortality business becomes
extremely simple. It is simple in that anything that you would address
would be taken to its completion to where whatever was addressed is
gone forever and never was there and never will be again. I+ll be going
over how that is done later in this book. For one to absorb that idea
will require casting aside trivialities of the moment and notice what
will be remembered four or five hundred years from now. In working with
another individual or yourself, in the direction of improving their
spiritual nature, what will survive above time is whether the job gets done
right or not, I doubt if anything else will be there, People have a
tendency to forget or unmock whether you took a bath, whether they wore
and whether the room was warm enough, Even the deep relationships

within the lifetime between people are often forgotten. But whatever growth
has occurred, whatever bad conditions have been eradicated. whatever
ignorance+s have been resolved and been replaced by truth, that is
permanent. Progress appears to he an illusion, but it is a ratchet in the
sense it never does get eroded but only gets covered up. People fall away
from it. It is there for them to return to. It+s the lasting benefits that
matter to the person and the content not the context of the work, The
work that is done remains more than how the work was done, That is
what survives. And that is probably quite immortal even in the twinkling
of an eye.

State Of Knowledge
The state of knowledge at this point in time. or the condition that
knowledge is in, is somewhat unique in history. Data is coming out at a
rate of approximately twice as much data every ten years. There is so
much data coming out that making sense out of it or putting it in
logical fashion can get to be a little too challenging at times. People
are drowning in data but starved for information. There seems to be such
a wealth of data that simplification down to where it is usable
information for people has become a formidable task, Accordingly, we
have the disappearance of the Renaissance whole man and the increasing
appearance of specialized, identity-starved man.
The hidden cost of this transition is that living a full life (operating in
a competent fashion within society and growing towards self-actualization
of ones own truth and awareness) requires data in a broad number of
areas. This probably is the greatest tragedy of modern civilization that
a person either becomes talented in farming, doctoring medicine, law,
real estate or another particular field. He must then rely on others in
other fields, and is impaired to the degree that others can perform. This
social integration is one of the reasons behind low productivity rates in
society. 18

Miseducation And Cultural Manipulation
It is quite an adventurous assumption and probably difficult (if not
impossible) to support within this text, that the miseducation of people
(training them into ideas which are unworkable, telling them lies and
giving them dream-world theories which do not work) is an established
industry. It directly relates to cultural manipulation. This came about
as consequent occurrence from about 800 years ago. Specialization started
substantially in the academic community of the Middle Ages The
university was considered as being a separate entity. The idea that theory
could be divorced entirely from practicality in modern times has led to
people being taught how to subjugate sentences when they have a future
ahead of them of working in an aircraft factory or in a timber mill or in
a field of endeavor in which subjugating sentences is not -need to know+
The degree that miseducation and cultural manipulation occurs could not be
overstated. It is highly probable that the, majority of the things that
are taught to people in our formal education system, training schools,
military schools and to some degree within the home are in error. I+m sure
that it does serve a purpose. That purpose is not a pretty one.
This is in violation of Abraham Lincoln+s suggestion that people should
not become enslaved and Thomas Jefferson+s suggestion that the minds of
men should not be tyrannized. The traditional justification for
promoting lies instead of truth is that truth results in heartbreak and
despair, However, the lies increase peoples+ frustration levels which they
don+t express so they feel hostile as a result. People displace that
hostility and do not take it out on the educators or the parents or the
particular social institutions which has given them these lies (as a
substitute for truth). They displace the hostility and take it out either on
their families, or become bigots and take it out in the form of racism, or
take it out on the Internal Revenue Service and become tax protesters, or
take it out on themselves, and either eat their hearts out, or drink their
hearts out.
Many even become what is known as an average -adult+. This is someone
that no longer has any ideals and has become disillusioned, jaded,
cynical and suspicious of all natural transactions, communications that
come their way. Such -adults+ are so suspicious that they suspect an
ulterior motive or ulterior motivation underneath any normal
This cultural manipulation became rooted deeply in the Industrial
Revolution. It was carried forward from the Catholic Church and remains
a basis for classism in general. You see, people are taught that they must
live a certain role, must think certain thoughts, subscribe to certain
beliefs and behave in a certain moral fashion. This keeps people into
slots and roles. It has been a very common idea among the upper strata of
management and society that the common man on the street would be
better off not confused, and better off receiving intellectual pabulum.
The media, i.e. television, news, newspapers and so forth are probably the
principle suppliers of pulp intelligence. The majority of what they are
publishing is either incorrect or incomplete. A partial truth can be just
as devastating as an outright lie. Examples are too numerous to explore
but the petroleum situation, the pollution situation, the population
situation, those three p+s that threaten the survival of mankind are good
examples The operations of governments, the economy, medicine, law, real
estate, finance...the list is practically endless where the press or

professors go in and expound on the particular area and come no where
near what is actually there. I mean they don+t even come close. There
no comparison between what is actually going on and what they are
printing. This may sound like a wild or adventurous idea that I am
suggesting here that 1984 and Brave New World were actually books
written about the present instead of the future, but it is probably the
only way that Mr. Huxley or George Orwell could get those ideas through the
publishers hands into the public hands. I think that were a person to
investigate with their own eyes, ears and minds any of the areas I have
mentioned (or even state government, county government, ones
neighbors, whatever) they would find that particular contention here to
be true that extensive miseducation has and does occur across the boards
and it results in the culture being manipulated and the people within the
culture being manipulated. The bottom line on this is that people are
told methodically for decades, mostly during the first 20 years of their
lives, not to look because someone else has looked for them. So, by the
time they have reached legal age to where they possibly could look, they
don+t know how to look anymore. They can+t make up their minds. They have
to read someone else+s opinion. So, the extent of miseducation and
cultural manipulation could not be overstated. The more you investigate
it, the more unbelievable it is. That the American people don+t know
about the Entitlement Program where the refinement of foreign oil is
given credit and the refinement of domestic oil is taxed as a support
for foreign oil imports, and don+t care, is amazing. Or that judges in
Kentucky have a tendency to get very wealthy to look the other way at
trucks going over roads. The information one encounters upon direct
investigation is incredulous, practically beyond belief, and yet one finds
not only bad news, but alot of good news. Also, you find that there are
even opportunities to make unlimited quantities of money. There are
opportunities to do all kinds of things. So, to rise above bad information
and be able to look and assimilate good information is unfortunately a
rare ability in this society. It+s an increasing ability as social
awareness increases and many of the old bad ideas are dying a natural
death, With the ability to look and see, one sheds the shells of
miseducation, and becomes a marvel to one+s fellows.

Hypocrisy, Government And Education Systems
The hypocrisy level within society is so high it is fantastic. Society has
become so mechanical, there is very little free consciousness left. Part
of this is the result of the degradation of the language. The Greeks had
18 different words which covered the various aspects of love and we have
one word in the English language, called love. The use of the word love
in society can often mean sex. Hollywood and Madison Avenue and a number
of business concerns have done quite well by collapsing the two together
by implying that they have a relationship to each other (which upon
occasion do). Anyway, what I+m getting at is that society runs on
hypocrisy in that words that are being used by people don+t mean what
they used to mean.
One of the fastest ways to end up with more business than you wanted is
to run a magazine article (or just past the word around town) that you
are an honest business man, The phone will just ring off the hook. A
friend of mine did this in Dallas in the mid-sixties and he had more
business than he could handle. He actually had no interest in doing
business, he simply ran an article that he was an honest man. He left
town to get away from all the business. It become overwhelming.
Organizations intensify hypocrisy in individuals ten fold, if not 100
fold. So, if one wears his heart on his sleeve, he is going to end up in
heartbreak hotel, If one believes what one is told within organizations
(whether it+s a small business, medium-size business, a church or a
government) you will be disappointed. Governments have to be the
pinnacle of hypocritical organizations because they claim to be there for
citizens benefit. Of course, it is natural any person selling anything
claims that there is a benefit attached to what they are doing. Governments
are supposed to protect the national sovereignty, in other words, the
territorial integrity of the borders from outside attack and thus its
citizens from harm. They also serve some administrative function of
maintaining the roads, social service functions and so forth. Due to the
depth of the problem of the government taking the land away from the
people, there is some inherent feeling that people at least deserve food
back so government gets into a social balancing act of basically buying
off the lower and middle classes. A good half to two-thirds of the wealth
of this country is in the hands of less than one-half of one percent of
the population. All of it would run the country only one year. I+m not
saying this good or bad, what I+m saying is that there is tremendous
hypocrisy here because the government is supposed to provide a benefit to
its citizens and if one were to count up the benefits, one would be in for
a great surprise,
If you were to make up a list of all the things you would have to do if
there were no government, in other words, to own at least one weapon, be
careful of who your family goes out with, lock your doors at night, possibly
keep some currency out of the country, keep some currency out of the banking
system be wary of whoever comes on your property, be careful of whom you do
business with, you would probably find that you would have
to do about the same number of things that you are doing right now with a
few exceptions. I am quite sure that without a government, food stores
would be taken over by the lower classes. One would have to make private
arrangements for food just as people in Beverly Hills make private

arrangements for gasoline when it becomes short in that area, it is about
as difficult as picking up a telephone. So, I won+t debate the validity
or necessity of government+s existence but it becomes an irony that
you+ll find the ultimate hypocrisy in the larger organizations. The
hypocrisy level increases to the degree that an organization increases in
size. And the government, being a large organization, does have a high
level of hypocrisy.
It+s actually a very sophisticated, self-interest system, where power
protects its own interest. I+m not passing judgment on whether this is
good or bad. It+s an unalterable fact of life. Whether you study the
history of the U.S. l0, 20, l00, or 200 years ago, you are going to come up
with the same conclusions that people take care of themselves and are quite
willing to insure that they will be taken care of in the future. Aside from
government, other organizations which become large (whether they are
churches. businesses or corporations) likewise have high levels of
hypocrisy. The education system is an inbred extension of social society
within it change occurs very slowly. It is a proponent of social hypocrisy
and teaches people to accept it. Modern education is an enforced
environment where a child is compelled to go sit with the other children
and hear irrelevant, boring and inapplicable data. The data doesn+t relate
to their present, past or future. And to actually call that -education+ is
the mot extreme example of what hypocrisy is, that I know of .

 Religion In General, Inspiration To Opiates
Religion has caused the death of more men in war than the acquisition of
property or trade routes. People get quite violent over this subject, it+s
a sensitive area. The beliefs of most people are very deeply held. Whatever
a person considers vitally important and whatever their number one
priorities are, are their religions. To state just because people are not
going to church, they do not have religion is a very superficial look. The
U.S. has a religion of materialism to the extreme. But religion, in
general, has been a great inspiration, and you will find it in any advanced
culture. Unfortunately, it is the effect caused by philosophy. So, you will
find many of the Greek and Hindu ideas, as philosophies, being expressed in
the religion of Christianity. The point I would like to make is that it is
an unavoidable part of life.
People have normally three religions: personal, life-script and social.
They have religion by personal conviction or belief and each person has
their own. A person normally has a second religion which is what they are
actually living out. If they care the most about their automobile, boat,
retirement and their money in the bank then their religion is
materialism. Thirdly, there is a subscribed religion which states what
they socially believe. Normally these three vary within an individual.
in itself is quite an index of the hypocrisy within people. Where the three
religions that a person has happens to be the same, you have a rare
individual, actually a very highly religious individual. So, religion is
there personally, socially and within a person+s thinking as far as what they
are acting on. Where are many definitions for religion. Adrian Huxley defines
it as having nothing to do with the supernatural but solely man+s
definition of himself and his relationship with his fellow man.

The Greek Gods And Christianity
In Greece, their mythology, Socrates, Plato and Homer is as important to
them as the Bible is to the Christians. The majority of what is written
about the Greek gods is probably true and probably exaggerated,
according to Will Durant and various other outsiders. My personal
opinion is that it is extremely accurate. The premise that titan or
superhuman type of beings manipulated and caused supernatural events to
occur I find plausible. A spirit can deal directly and cause occurrences
within the physical universe by non-physical means, thus a human can+t
see how it is being done. That is probably the last major demonstration
of that which we have in recorded history. The Greek gods eventually had
affiliations with mortals. Populations of upward of 30,000 mortals who
had some of their abilities. Their continued intermingling with these
mortals caused them to drop into mortal states. Then, we have a
subsequent and supernatural event of Christ rising after his death. Both
of these events seemed to mark our calendar. We had the thinking-culture
going from polydeism (many gods) to monodeism (a single god) being
worshipped under the Christian faith. Contrary to much widespread
present opinion,
I sincerely doubt if the fundamental ideas of Christianity came directly
from the Egyptian, Tibetan, Buddhist or Persian line of historical
thought. There is too much evidence that Christian philosophy came out of
the secret school of the Essene, which was one of the nine monasteries at
that particular time. The Essenes, with four of those monasteries, relied
heavily upon the Greeks. So, my point here is that there is a direct
relationship between the worship of the supernatural which goes not only
to this monodeism, Christian concept, but that seems to be the final hour
and the final demonstration of supernatural events which occurred
during the Greek-god times. You can trace supernatural occurrences back
through the Egyptian and Indian histories. And, of course, they have
occurred since; but, society is not well read or educated on such
matters. There have been many supernatural events subsequent to the time
of Jesus. By comparison, Jesus activity was much less as far as a
demonstration or manifestation of direct spiritual power than that
manifested by the Greek gods. Our earliest recorded experience of extreme
spiritual power on a cooperative basis (instead of on a 8010 basis, in
other words, a single individual) goes back to the Greek gods. The planet
has not since known a time of supernatural states and demonstrations
occurring on a harmonious and cooperative basis in
recent history.

A Review Of History
It is absolutely asinine for me to try to abbreviate history because by
abbreviation the substance, nature and soul of what has occurred becomes
lost. Will Durant tried to abbreviate, as did H.G. Wells, and there is no
way that it can adequately be abbreviated. However, there are some salient
points of understanding that are quite necessary for an individual to
know. What I wish to cover is what is omitted within modern education.
Usually, the wars and the political leaders names get studied and the
substance of what was actually occurring, as far as the evolution of a
culture, generally gets omitted except upon superficial or symbolic
level. We have a pretty clear cut record of history going back to about
1344 B.C. that is covered by Mr. Durant, Mr. Wells or Spengler. The
reason we don+t have much history prior to 1344 B.C. is some unusual
events occurred at Crete. We have sketchy history on the Egyptian period.
Where is more than adequate evidence that extra-terrestrial activities
occurred on the planet during the Cretian period. In fact, one of the
hottest areas, if you were to counsel people (take their past areas of
trauma off), would be the period from 1500 B.C. to 4,000 B.C. Another hot
area is approximately 14,000 years ago. You+ll have the end of Atlantis
at that time. Due to sudden geological changes it disappeared off the
face of the earth, sunk into the ocean after about 17,000 years of its
existence. Concurrent and concomitant with that, there was 52,000 years
of Lemuria+s existence. Lemuria as a civilized society had citizens which
earned citizenship and reached levels of technological development far
beyond the comprehension of anyone in this present society.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of man and society, there were various
dark influences, religious opportunities and adventurism which led
towards a cult worship of people who had a desire to return to an Eden
type of state. Those promoting this particular idea, that the common man
could become interested in attaining higher spiritual states gained
political control. People were lured into religion with fancy churches,
fancy music, fancy wine, fancy bread, pleasant sensations, robes and all
sorts of tomfoolery. This activity was unfortunately widespread and the
lower classes became so enthralled with it that the priests which were
administering the program saw an absolute empire at their fingertips.
Then, these people no longer wanted to work or exchange or be honest
or anything, they just wanted to return to a state of non- production and
bliss. So, the political and social solution to this was to ship them all
out of Lemuria to a land now known as India. In India, the caste systems,
Hinduism, religious mysteries, the abuse and the profiteering off of
ignorance have survived to this very day. I am amazed that traditional
wisdom is so often traced to India (where unfortunately from today+s
point of view it did proceed); but prior to that it was only the
remnant, worst of religious activity which had been banished from
The mechanical people within Lemurian society were so interested in
mechanics, the artisans, that they likewise ended up leaving Lemuria and
built the Atlantis civilization. Probably an even hotter area to address
on people, as far as a history of mankind, is approximately 12,000 years
ago, People had their ecology of social order. extremely disturbed. Higher
awareness beings were severely educated under duress down to lower
levels to where they would all think that they were -only ones+.

You won+t find this being taught in high schools or universities. They
won+t be talking about how the pyramids were really built or what their
tradition has been as far as knowledgeable people or extra-terrestrial
activity. But recent history, that is the last 70,000 years, has been so
extreme on individuals that without question, they have chosen to forget
it, since they have had no way of handling how to remember it. So far
that has been the wisest choice. Of course, in this book I will be
offering an alternative to forgetting these traumas and running these
remembrances out to where a person is no longer the effect of them. But,
you can walk down the street and you will see people acting out the
Lemurian culture or the Atlantean culture or the education they received
under duress making them feel solitary and aware only of themselves.
Moving forward up into recorded history, we have, about the 5th century
before Christ, Moses, Anaxagoras, Buddha and (in the Persian culture)
Zoroaster. There were so many brilliant, golden thinkers of this century
that it was called the Golden Age. Shortly afterwards there was a
breakdown of those particular cultural achievements from which there
was no recovery to present. As ideas and philosophies get translated
into religion, degradation occurs, for religion is usually manipulated
by business. Governments are usually candy stores for business. I don+t
mean to be critical of business because probably nine-tenths of any
problem is financial (this was stated by Karl Marx, and ironically it
was implied by George Washington).
This country was based up tax revolt. George Washington was the largest
landowner. People don+t like to admit the commercial aspect of history,
however, it is very obvious.
Hopefully, people would study history and not repeat their mistakes but
we have seen no evidence of that. The rapid inflation/economic chaos we
are experiencing now, the social/economic moves people are making and
the traditional government responses occurred three times in France,
five times in Britain, five times in Rome and three times in Greece. It+s
a very predictable situation. Yet, you can read the Wall Street Journal,
Fortune magazine, the American Banking Association or professors at
Harvard and they say it+s an unpredictable situation. And yet, there is
your history stating it is a completely predictable situation.
We have very rapidly developing cultures in very recent times which
seem to have reached their pinnacles in 1966 from the standpoint of
growth physically. It is just approaching its third stage of final growth
intellectually. spiritually and emotionally. Mankind is finally coming out
of his chains as far as the ultimate frontier which happens to be
subjective. So, the history of man recently is that he has had great
leadership, good days in the sun, good civilizations and lived peacefully
for brief periods of time. But due to religious oppression, economic
factors, bad ideas, inability to educate and transmit wisdom, he habitually
and repetitively falls into dark ages. And if that is the past history of
man, it is quite possibly the future history of man.
To discuss the coming dark ages is not conjecture, they have already
started. All you have to do is examine the decrease in the scores of college
entrance exams. They are consecutive 20 years in a row, they
have gotten less in 18 years in a row. The more you study history the

more you can see what is going on. The more you see what is going on
the more you will be aware of history. It is no accident that the past
and present have direct relationships on each other and they are more
than just extrapolated relationships. If one could modify history, then
one could modify the present. If one could modify the present, one
could modify history. This may be a wild idea but they are directly
related because a time stream or time continuum is a consecutive series
of cause and effect events and if you could change one leaf 5,000 years
ago from falling, you could change the course of events for all of
So, when a person comes along and has supernatural abilities and can
change one leaf from falling today or move an ashtray around the room
(if this is all prerecorded or predestined adventure within which people
have ultimate freewill) then that person would have to know it all start
to finish, past, present and future. The numerous examples of which
relatively, ordinary individuals have been able to move an ashtray, lift a
refrigerator, lift a car off another individual, these supernatural abilities
in action abound in human experience.
So, the more one studies history the more one has a grasp of the present,
the more one knows about the present, the more you know history. They
are both tied together on a time continuum. People have an ironically bad habit
of repeating histories. If they understood those histories they
probably wouldn+t repeat them. We have a number of forces in conflict
throughout history which boils down to individual self-interest
conflicting with group self- interest. Cultures come and go, civilizations
come and go, governments come and go, but the people remain. The condition
of the people and their lives is unfortunately hampered by this turnover
of civilizations and philosophies and religions. The reason civilizations,
corporations and governments die is that they are based on lies, illogical
data which becomes accepted as truth. When you get enough lies going,
people can+t even believe them anymore and so the spiritual thrust just
evaporates out of the culture and new one gets born. It+s a terribly
expensive way to live for mankind but that is what he has been doing.
If any summary conclusion about mankind+s histories were to be made,
they would be that churches, philosophies, forms, organizations,
governments, territories, geography, sociology, customs, morals, ethics,
rise and survive, denigrate and vanish, taking real live people with
and then people get to start all over. This particular cycle of action or
the -wheel-of-existence+ for the group has made the history of this
particular ball of dust one of considerable sorrow. The fact that
civilization continues to reappear, that is, man building and evolving, has
people hope and pleasantry.
Life certainly must be worth living because the average suffering versus
happiness ratio in an individual is probably 99 to 1 looking over the
3,000, 30,000, or 70,000 years. Life is essentially a pleasurable
experience now for many individuals. I don+t think the list of such
individuals is too long. It is simply people capitalizing on their just
+deserves+ because there has been alot of suffering in the past. One
should not begrudge the pleasure of another. They certainly have earned or
stolen whatever good things that they have. They may have not even
earned them in this lifetime.

So, for a thorough review of history, one should read other texts. At a
bare minimum one should understand that mankind has been on this planet
for a very considerable length of time and as fast as written history goes
back. One can go to the Golden Scripts in the monasteries in Peru or Tibet.
One can read the Rig Veda or a number of other texts which go
back about 12,000 years before Christ and there were advanced societies
at that particular time. You will find references to extra-terrestrial
activity, visitation, nuclear energy, most of Christian Science, some of
the material of Buddhism, Scientology, Christianity. So, wisdom has been
here a long time under alot of names.
I+d like to summarize recent history now. There were agrarian people at
around 5500 B.C. in Egypt, Phoenicians at 3,000 B.C.,Viking activity
around Sweden. They were all building cultures. Soon after that one
finds cultures rising up in Persia, Egypt, India, China and Japan.
Around the year 2000 B.C. there was the Greek activity, Greek gods,
Egypt developing further, Babylonians, Jewish history starts to pick up
at that particular point, you have very small nations rising. The
printed word coming out strongly around 300 B.C. There was alot of
science, astronomy, bronze, the wheel, cultivation, cosmetics, perfume,
education as a full-time activity, class structure, commerce, extensive
navigation, maps and mathematics were in full bloom about 500 B.C.
Various empires developing extensive territorial bounds such as the
Persian Empire by 323 B.C.
Socrates, who was reinterpreted by Plato, who was unfortunately
reinterpreted by Aristotle, appears around this time. Practical science,
unfortunately, was replaced by abstract science, and metaphysical cults
developing at this particular point, and fragmentation of these
particular cultures and empires. Alexander the Great, approximately at
this time, took the Persians and 20,000 soldiers-on-horses in one day,
reached almost as far as India, had trouble holding it by force so he got
to do it again with 40,000 versus 2 million which took 2 days. Being
Greek he surrendered to the pleasures of the flesh and various opiates
that were well furnished in a manipulated fashion by the king of Persia
who wanted his empire back. The net result of Alexander+s conquest was a
unified language, communication channels were opened up with the Orient,
Persia, Greece, parts of the European community, North Africa, all
speaking the same Sanskrit type of language. Commerce opened up, you
have the majority of the world in communication with itself at that
particular point (with South America and North American continents being
an exception). Greenland and England were an exception, but only
slightly so, because you have the filtration of the people of England
coming across to France and a filtration of the French communicating
down through Turkey into the brief Alexandrian empire.
Greece was going through its rises and falls and it finally fell to a
force, yet a highly-organized culture. The gods supposedly just pulled out
of Greece. Romulus/ Remus and the rest took on the Italian population.
Thus, we had the Roman empire from possibly 1500 B.C. to 500 A.D.
It would be unfair not to mention the Hebrew heritage which had a
relatively capricious divinity, Jehovah, who through Ruth and twelve
sons started a race of very bright people which have had an unusual
history since then. They introduced the idea of supreme intelligence
over l,000
years before Christ and ran quite well with it and actually have to this
day. 28

Anyway, returning to Rome, the Romans conquered the world by force
and tried to hold it by force. They considered Non-Romans in the
perspective of mystery cults. They felt mystical experiences and the
occult to be a difficult area. They had a magician in Rome named
Selenius and he could raise the dead and heal the sick, cast out demons,
move objects around so they had no compunction about publicly
persecuting the Jewish magician named Jesus of Nazereth at that time.
Selenius was
well paid and well honoured by society, sold courses, did counseling and
so forth. So, the Romans felt that they had Selenius right there in front
of them so there would be no great historical consequences of killing this
Jew named Jesus.
Ironically, they were wrong because Christ broke Rome in half. It just took
awhile. The little tricks Christ had of healing, casting out demons,
raising the dead, enlightening people, he transmitted to his disciples.
This is essentially a culture at this time that couldn+t read or write.
They didn+t even understand words.
It was a very backwards culture but there was a man that viewed history and
saw his opportunity to make his maxi- mum mark and he took it and thereby
broke Rome. Quality always conquers quantity.
Any person aware of the way history fits together, any one individual armed
with the truth can conquer all the armies in the world and always does
without exception.
The responsibility level of someone doing this is extremely high.
There is a degree of personal sacrifice in doing so because of the
backflow from the people has a tendency to stick the individual into
time into that particular identity.
People are scared to death of someone acting in such a lively fashion so
they don+t really want that fellow around in present time so they get
together every Sunday and reaffirm their great understanding that he
lived back then and was great back then, but they certainly don+t want
him wearing a business suit walking around today.
With that particular cost of influencing history that individual decided
to make that move anyway, turned history around, broke Rome in half which
he did, and his healing powers, his technology and all his writings spread
quite well far and wide.
So, there was a period of healing and growth for about 323 years. Very
interesting window there, 323 B.C., you have Alexander opening up
communication lines and 323 A.D. there was the Council of Nicene
making the decision the way Christian religion was going to print,
enforced and ruled. They had a choice between 33 books which stated
things a certain way and 33 other books which stated things another way.
The Council of Nicene took the 33 books which stated that Jesus was a
man that wanted everybody else to be sons of God also and they promptly
burned them and took the books where it was said that Jesus was God
incarnate and everyone else should just worship this fellow and published
the hell out of them. The net result of this, of course, was that there
was no more healing after that and ironically there was no more real

Christianity after that. So, the word was lost. So, from 323 A.D. on we
see Rome turn the corner and die due to a number of events.
What is followed by approximately 900 years of dark ages when there was
intense disease, very little awareness, and very hard times for the
majority of the people.
Around 1190 A.D. there are historically alot of flying saucers in the sky,
some new people being dropped or whatever, but we have a Renaissance,
the Magna Carta which is a great change. It is where the common man
wanted the right to vote, to judge his own affairs, and to determine
policy. That is the crucial point where men wanted the freedom to
determine their own affairs and took that away from the kings. They did
that in England. They never took the wealth away from the kings and
ironically the wealth to this day remains with the royal families. At
least the right to govern was taken into ones own hands.
Then, you have the Italian Renaissance and a tremendous number of
ideas, tremendous Arabian mathematics, astronomy, astrology and so
forth entering into the culture as trade routes opened up. The
supposed religious wars which were basically over trade routes.
Then, the rise of imperialism where countries such as Spain went out
and stripped the wealth of the Americas. Europe rose to great power
dominated the world with growth intellectually in Germany, Holland,
France, etc. The Catholic Church which had ruled mankind during the dark
ages continued to grow in power up to Martin Luther+s time, the Church
of England broke away from Catholicism. These events occurred between
1400 and 1700, The religious oppression became so strong in
the 16th and 17th centuries and opportunities were so bleak that people
were willing to risk their lives and go face Indians and smallpox just
for the opportunity to think and feel the way they chose. So, a new
nation was formed,called the United States of America. Somewhat based on
a tax revolt, breaking away from England, but essentially based on
freedom of religion.
There were vast migrations, half the people of Sweden, 20% of the
people of Poland, half the population of Germany. Intellectuals all
pouring into it over a 100 year period, between 1800 to 1900 and the U.S.
was settled.
Britain reached its peak in imperialism, the French revolution shouldn+t
be ignored. It was an amazing series of events where tyranny became
overthrown and the common people decided to stop the paper money
and use a little silver. There was a changed government and the Age of
Reason began there. This was followed by industrialization in the 1800+s
and a whole lot of German ideas were imported into this country. There was
a rapid expansion in productivity and consequently material well being of
people in wealthy countries (the U.S. and Europe). So, the mechanical age
began,with Russia and the Orient continuing in its feudal oppressive
religious medieval condition.
On the Amsterdam stock exchange the railroads crossing the U.S. were
financed and 98% of the people in Congress were secretly given stock,
positions,and land adjoining the railroad. Towards the close of
the;1900+s we had a number of marvellous inventions coming to the fore.
It seemed 30

to be a golden period for people because the world had been spared a war
for nearly 60 years. The U.S. barely survived its civil war. The British
empire fell over, I suppose partially because it put a third of the world
back on drugs, extracting $55 billion and that+s an ounce of gold for
every $20, to define what a dollar was then, 55 billion in gold bullion
3,000 years of China+s savings by putting China on drugs and growing it in
India. Of course, the money never ended up in the British treasury. That
type of spiritual event certainly didn+t do the British empire any good. A
number of other technical factors occurred within the British empire to
where it began to collapse.
In the later 1800+s, America+s power continued to escalate. There was
quite a golden period as far as human thought occurring from 1870 to 1910.
Einstein, Maxwell, Marconi, Tesla, Edison and the Wright brothers
appeared. The telephone, electricity, automobile, submarines, and steam
ships appeared. Then, the world broke out in a world war. Ironically, the
peace that occurred prior was no accident. The Rothschilds delivered the
wrong news on the Battle of Waterloo and made a goodly fortune on the
London Stock Exchange in the early 1800+s and are overly remembered
for that. However, they were the source of keeping the peace in the
world from 1830 to 1910. By 1910 the apex of financial fortunes changed.
There was the start of Montbatten+s career. The world ended up in the
World War I which was quite devastating and unpleasant for all those
The settlement of World War I was unjust to the Germans. Thus they
proclaimed on signing the peace treaty that -this war will have to be
fought all over again+. Vast quantities of reparation payments were
required from the Germans to make up for the harm they had done. The
Germans had to print worthless currency and there was starvation in the
streets. There was complete economic chaos to where people got paid
twice a day and used wheelbarrows for paper money that was only printed
on one side. An ounce of silver was worth a billion marks by 1923. Real
rates of exchange in the country were a package of cigarettes equaled a
fifth of whiskey equaled a piece of sterling silver equaled a loaf of
bread. So, there was some bitterness that developed there and they decided
to fight the war again. Of course, Hitler came to power, and Science went
forward underground.
There was a depression in the U.S. blamed on overspeculation in the
stock market. How people could ever come to that conclusion amazes me.
What happened was that there was no long term financing during that
period. People didn+t feel like sleeping in the rain so they bought
homes. The longest term mortgage one could get was for 5 years. The only
way one could pay off a mortgage in 5 years was to speculate in the stock
market or bootleg liquor, etc. So, an excessive degree of speculation
occurred and there was the market collapse. There was a worldwide
depression in the 30+s. Franklin Delano Roosevelt felt that the creation
of debt to ease the country through the period was a logical thing to do,
which he did. Liberalism in the free world via debt was launched into
being 50 years ago and continues to this day despite Reagan+s too-little,
too-late pabulum.
Liberalism had earlier roots from Woodrow Wilson. He was one of the
wildest academic idiots the country and the world has ever seen.
Woodrow Wilson championed and got income tax voted in. That is against

the U.S. Constitution. The bill was only passed by one vote in the
Senate on the basis that it would be repealed immediately after WW1 was
Under extreme conditions, out of expediency, you can get one to do
something bad once and then you have them forever, I suppose that is the
The U.S. went off the silver currency in 1965 because it couldn+t pay
its bills from the Viet Nam war.
WW II came along. There was a guy named Schiller flying every week
between India and Germany. He advised Hitler and his astrologers. They
played games with the supernatural, like setting the Schornhorst out
versus dozens of battleships, forty submarines, 3 light cruisers and 20
destroyers. They sent this one little ship out (a medium size cruiser)
and it took 11 hours. They were staying up all night playing supernatural
games. The Schornhorst sunk 10 times its tonnage, took over 40
torpedos and took 11 hours before it finally started slinking.
There is a point to which a man can be crazy, just as Adolph Hitler was,
yet have such spiritual power. The fact is well documented elsewhere.
The English actually bore more in the war than any nation. They were the
first nation that Hitler couldn+t conquer. One reason he couldn+t
conquer them was that they waived all civil rights Churchhill turned the
country into more of a socialism than anything history has known since
the times of Sparta (when it was fighting Athens).
I suppose stragetic bombing, radar, atomic weapons, bad astrology, other
spiritual influences and bad strategy turned the tide of that war. It
was alot of unpleasantness: 10 million deaths,* 800,000 in air. It will
be debated forever whether the air war was justifiable or not. The most
hideous thing this country did was not at Hiroshima, Nagasaki or
unleashing the atomic age but the Dresden raid which was intentional on
the Pentagon+s part where about 300,000 people were driven into
shelters. That was the largest bomb raid in recorded history. After the
people were in the shelters, incendiary bombs were dropped to where they
were all suffocated to death. The German high command finally got
the severity of the U.S. seriousness in this conflict. So, WW II had a
dirty conclusion which brings us into the Cold War which goes up to present
time. *Some estimates are 50 Million.
The Viet Nam War was America+s turning point because it is a country
based on the idea that people within sovereign borders have the right to
self-determination. We went in there with the pretext that we were going
to assist them in that and took on the man Ho Chi Men. He broke the
French in 1954. We could have helped the French but John Foster Dulles
took the most expedient way out of handling Indo-China. So, we backed
out of Viet Nam. The cost of that was $300 billion and that is owed as a
debt and has never been paid. The interest has never been paid. The
interest just keeps compounding. It ushered in the new era of worldwide
debt in government, bigger currency. Viet Nam caused derisions:
spiritually, morally and socially. War was no longer a patriotic,
or honourable activity.

That particular war probably occurred (not because it takes 7 years for
a rubber tree to come on line) because some official lines were drawn in
the Pentagon in 1933 - 1937 as to where the Chinese had to be stopped.
They had to be stopped someplace before they arrived at the metal
resources of Africa. Due to this particular arbitrary, there was a
conflict upon the pretext of assisting people in self-determination.
Socially, the Viet Nam War proved to be a turning point for this
particular country because to engage in a non-winnable endeavour makes no
sense. It is
nuts. That sentence is so simple. That war made no sense because we had
no, intention of winning it. There was no possible way that we were
involved to win the war. We could+ve won the war quickly and rapidly but
the decision was never made.
A couple of other curious things: the forces which led to that
particular war didn+t care for Mr. Kennedy, so he was irradicated. The
man was a little mythically worshipped as some type of hero by a number
of people in the country. The business establishment didn+t care for him
too much, the Pentagon+s strategy of containing the Chinese within their
borders so that they would eventually either starve themselves to death
or cannibalize themselves due to their over-procreation makes no sense.
Issuing them prophylactics would make more sense but there are alot of
trends, things, projects and activities that don+t make any sense. Much
man+s behaviour is irrational. It is a pity that as far as the large things
in life, many insane, ridiculous and illogical things are done (instead of
what a 5 year old child naturally would do or anyone that was sane would do).
Helping the Chinese with their population explosion, the Pentagon can+t
understand; anymore than the government can understand paying
farmers to grow food instead of paying them not to grow food. Of course, then
you could give the food to the poor and you wouldn+t have to print
up money which has no backing so the people could buy food. Of course,
it doesn+t +make any sense+ to do that correctly. Likewise, it doesn+t
+make any sense+ to take sea water and let it soak through the desert,
then drill a well, then have pure water. Like- wise, it makes +no sense+
to develop electricity from the heat under the earth. There are alot of
things which +don+t make any sense+ to crazy people, so you have many
practical, easy solutions to problems, but people are not up to solutions.
They are
used to old ways of thinking. This line of irrationality and habit ruling
the societies of this planet continues. You will find it in all points in
history. Where a nation starts to deliberately act in an evil fashion openly
to the detriment of other nations, you have strong nationalism occurring.
Where there is strong nationalism occurring with trade, you have peace. We
have strong nationalism with restricted trade. Surreptitious, selfish and
nationalistic motives severely limiting trade lead to war. The real reason
for war is that whoever starts it is actually committing suicide to destroy
his own culture.
So, that is a review of history in its simplest terms as far as what is
generally omitted from traditional education. It is a bare minimum
nutshell of knowledge you may find useful in clearing up a subject, on
yourself or others called -the past+.

Magic In Modern Times
We have had an abundance of magic at any point in recorded history.
There has been an ever increasing amount in the last 150 years. Whether
you examine Thoreau, Emerson, transcendental New England people,
Christian Science, or Yeat+s secret little group in London. The
appearance of Scientology and Dianetics in the early 50+s (as the
Eisenhower regency ends), the Don Juan books by Castaneda, Illusions and
Jonathan Livingston Seagull books by Bach gained broad public acceptance.
In the developing countries there has been a tremendous increase in
exorcism. So, there has been alot of magic in modern times and it is
increasing with the Uri Geller+s bending of spoons and increased interest
in ESP. The USSR is spending and doing ten times as much as the U.S. with
ESP. They have people in rooms writing down what we have in files in the
There was a book entitled The Dawn of Magic which sold millions of
copies in Europe and England and was republished as The Morning of the
Magician in the U.S. with two French authors who trace magic
throughout the ages. But we have a recent outbreak of magic interest
and it is probably a healthy sign.
Historically, it accompanies periods of economic decline and social chaos
as there is a breakdown of traditional, moral and ethical values. There
is no relation between the two phenomenon. Magic and interest in it does
not rip apart society. The Inquisition thought so, and most wrongly.

A Valid History Of Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard: Its Rise,
Fall and Extinction By Default
The majority of this work concerns necessary data which is partially
published under the copyright of Scientology. It is almost a misnomer
because truth can+t be copyrighted. Yet, it is in this particular
instance, some aspects of it. This chapter is probably a little longer
than the ones
you have been going through, so far. First of all, let us cover the history
of Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard; I+ll be explaining the
technology, philosophy and ownership of this particular religious
movement in other chapters. I simply want to cover the history briefly
here of these three things.
They are three separate things. There has been much written that is
incorrect and untrue about all three.
Scientology was defined as a science of knowing how to know answers. It
was an outgrowth of the 1954 Church of American Science in Phoenix. It
was an outgrowth of Dianetics, which was defined as a psychotherapy
meaning -through the mind+.
It was developed by a man named L. Ron Hubbard who was an explorer, a
science fiction writer and decorated WW II hero. I suppose it would be
best to give a brief, valid history of the man first.
L. Ron Hubbard+s biography is listed in the Who+s Who in the SW. He was
born in 1911, Tilden, Nebraska, ran around the hills of Montana. As a
youngster, he had alot of curiosity and saw extremities of weather and
social conditions of Montana. He saw a dog get hit by a school bus when
he was 10 years old and he stayed to see the dog come by daily. The dog
wouldn+t go by where he was hit, but each day he would get a little
closer. So, he realized that the accident-memory stuck with that dog. By
time he was 10 he started to ask questions like -what is a man?+ which
no one could answer. Due to his travels in India, in his teens, he spent
some time with some very wise men and picked up some ideas. By 1930
he directed a motion picture and became a science fiction writer,and
published 15 million words.
By 1938 he had written a book named Excalibur, of which a copy was
stolen by the Russians. I understand fully this book, which he tried to
sell in the 1950+s, for a healthy price. He still has a copy and the
still have a copy; there is a copy in LA and in a Virginia safety deposit
box. This book was about a two-edged sword and in it he used psychological
and existing language. He did not invent any new terms. He essentially
defined what he thought were the parameters extant regarding his
philosophy to repair man+s condition: where a person would be all all
right in the ultimate sense of the word. I mean all right forever.
So, a review of this particular book shows that for every paragraph in
the book, he in later years developed thousand of pages of data. It is
very difficult to find anything he developed from 1950 to 1980 that
wasn+t mentioned in that book. So, he had a blueprint in mind (or
recalled from mind as the case may be) of which direction he was headed
as far as the world of ideas. In WW II he became a decorated hero. The
play Mr. Roberts is about one of his particular experiences. He had been
blinded 35

with burned retinas at the end of the war and received a disability
pension from the U.S. government.
He worked out of Hollywood and did some research with a registered
nurse, lived up in Bainbridge Island, Seattle, had a marriage, I suppose
was his second, had it annulled and worked on the Original Thesis of
Dianetics which was published in 1948 in Astounding Science Fiction
magazine. All the copies sold out very rapidly. He put forth 200
fundamental axioms which a universe could be built on, wrote it up as -
what if the universe was built this way?+. There were thousands of
letters and alot of correspondence that the universe is built this way.
He enjoyed his own personal life and his research being a student and
heir to alot of the state of Montana, via a relative of his, an
industrialist, Albert Hubbard. The man enjoyed his sailboat cruises. He
really didn+t
like alot of human contact much less conduct. So, to evade the
frustrations of all this mail and questions from people, he decided he
would just sit down and write book to answer everyone+s questions.
He wrote Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health and took it to a
publisher. It was about 100 pages, the publisher didn+t believe people
had mental image pictures which could overpower them, so he took the
publisher+s wife and put her through a remembrance of giving birth to a
child in front of the publisher. The publisher now thought that there
was some validity to this phenomenon, but insisted that the book didn+t
have enough sex and was too short. So, he rewrote it in a week to where
it was 400 pages long instead of 100 pages. Any educated reader notices
that everything is said 4 times and there is sexual material in the
book. On May 9th, 1950 the thing was published. It went to the top of
the New York Best Seller list and up to 1 million people were briefly
practicing Dianetics.
Psychologists and psychiatrists didn+t care for this, the KGB didn+t care
for it, Communists didn+t care for it. So, the Witchita Foundation was
just overrun with criminals, communists, in fact, the FBI found the place
full of people there to mess it up. Hubbard has been paranoid ever since
then. A number of (later to be influential) very intelligent people (Renz
Hoffman, George Hunt Williamson, Don Breeding, etc.) showed up around
Elizabeth, N.J. where he did some tapes and some more studies into the
nature of man. So, after Wichita and Elizabeth, N.J. he ended up in
Phoenix. He had done enough research into past lives and the mind that
it became totally evident that man was a spiritual being. He formed up
a church, First Church of American Science, incorporated Scientology as
an outgrowth, then, Scientology was registered and he opened a church
in Washington, D.C. in 1955.
Churches were opened up over all the continents, so, for next five
years, Hubbard lived in the D.C. area from 1955 to 1959, out in McLean,
Virginia and Silver Springs, Maryland. In 1954 he married a Texas girl
who insisted on marrying him (I don+t know if she ever asked or if she
just insisted), Mary Sue Whip, a spooky, very bright girl with a very
colourful past. She studied hypnosis on a telepathic level for three
years in Texas. She graduated with a number of degrees from the
University of Texas at age 19. They had some children, went to England
about 1959. Somewhere around 1961 he bought St. Hill Manor, 30 miles
South of
London and started a course called the St. Hill Special Briefing Course,

started training people up to higher levels of proficiency. He got
involved with electronic measurement devices of human thought in the early
50+s and by the early 60+s he had (with the help of Don Breeding) a
transistorized device which would measure thought instantaneously. So,
there were 30 or 40 people there learning about this mind, but it was
still essentially a tiny movement in the early 60+s. He lost a small
fortune between 1955 and 1961, between $9 and $13 million, I believe. The
number of students on course went up to 90 or 100 in the early 60+s in
the D.C. area. Churches started getting formed around the U.S. So, he
lectured weekly or more often up to 1965 and then he finished lecturing
in 1966. He came out with the internal church judicial system, he called
-ethics+ in mid 1965. They started excommunicating people out of the
church and declaring other people to be trouble sources. He basically
started denying religious service claiming he never felt it was owed.
That particular turmoil began and he came in conflict with a number of
large beings at this juncture. He had come into conflict with some middle
size beings 1959 through 1961 and some pretty strong ones 1965 to 1966.
One of them predicted that he+d go out and buy a pile of boats, put on a
WW II uniform and form up a navy- all of which he did. That person was
thrown out of the church for a year.
The religion continued to grow and spread. Product line continued to be
expanded. Medieval management techniques became the rule of the day.
Dianetics was essentially forgotten from 1952 to 1969, Scientology was
heavily promoted from 1952 to 1969. So, he rode around in his boats
until 1973. I believe the diesel bill for boating was $474,000 in 1969
alone. Then, in the mid 70+s they purchased a base in Clearwater,
Florida and he was down there until 1976 or 1977 and then he left there
and went to Southern California. He+s been there ever since. That is a
brief history of the man+s activities.
A brief history of Dianetics is it was a rapid fad from 1950 to 1952. It
sort of withered away after that. It had a slight rebirth in 1963 which
probably penetrated into the lives of a maximum of 20,000 people but most
probably had a meaningful effect on only 4,000 people. That subsided by
1965. Dianetics was sort of re-released and modified in 1969 under such
a heavy hand that Scientology became all but forgotten for a 3 to 4
year period, by then the number of people involved was hundreds of
thousands. It became modified further in late 1978 to early 1979 as
+New Era Dianetics+ and continues to be modified to this day as a
The history of Scientology starts around 1954 and grew to its height in
1977 as far as numbers and cash flow. The actual evolution of the
technology of Scientology seemed to zenith somewhere around 1972 1974
with nothing new being introduced after that of substance or
So, that is the truthful history of Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron
It actually reached its peak as far as overall activity around 1974, if
you are measuring its activity by either the number of people, quantity of
students studying or quantity of people being counseled. It declined from
1974 to present. The reasons for its decline are: (1) the continued
friction with various governments, (2) bad public relations, (3) not

keeping its promises it had made to its practitioners, (4) heavy handed,
incorrect, internal judicial actions against people within and outside
the church, (5) excessive emphasis on the Sea Org itself as a senior
management structure, (6) medieval administration, (7) very little
interest on the development or encouragement of people studying the
religion of Scientology and (8) not knowing or having the correct
It finally reached the absurd situation in the late 70+s when there were
over 600 people on staff in the Guardian Offices which were protecting
the church, making sure that the church would be there, fighting
governments, during that period of time when there were less than 600
people who were studying, applying and even receiving Scientology
counseling. Three-fourths of the people in the church were in
administrative positions. In the little churches, like Washington, D.C.,
Seattle, Denmark or Toronto, they had 50 people handling the
paperwork and 2 people doing the counseling or auditing, and a few
people on the courses. The Clearwater facility had a number of people on
courses and counseling, and very high cash flow. It is essentially a
status religious retreat where alot of funds change hands and essential
Scientology services are merchandised in such a manner that
parishioners get traditional services and pay a substantial amount of
It is ironic that people will pay almost any amount of money for real
service. The Clearwater facility is prohibitive of people receiving
service unless one is extremely wealthy.
So, the para-military organization, its bureauracracies and the cult
worship of the man himself filled in and replaced the religion itself
which disappeared throughout the 70+s.
The religion became extinct by 1978. Hubbard+s son, Quentin was
extremely distraught over this for years. He actually lost his will to
over this particular subject and died. His continued appeals to his
parents fell on deaf ears.
The symbols, the legal structure and (most certainly) the wealth of the
church have survived but the religion itself has completely vanished from
1975 to present.
It has vanished in the sense of being there for anyone to walk in, find
out about themselves, get cleaned up and raise their awareness to higher
Thus, the religion of Scientology, the psychotherapy of Dianetics and the
man himself have recently become extinct by default. It appears that all
three got eaten up by their postulates.
They considered their neighbours to be so mechanically conscious (that
there was actually no other life out there other than themselves) that
they ended up being so.
I+m sure L. Ron Hubbard or anyone else involved with the organization of
Dianetics and Scientology would disagree with these particular remarks but
unfortunately they happen to be the truth.

Anything that is grounded in truth doesn+t vanish. Only lies erase. That
church erased.
Instead of Scientology data being discovered and used, it was
remembered and sold instead. Without exception, people within the
church (especially L. Ron Hubbard) had extreme difficulty in
applying what he copyrighted.
He has an outstanding church policy to copyright any incoming idea
addressed to his desk or addressed to the church and alot of wisdom
from others has poured in for 30 years through the mails.
There is no evidence that he or anyone in the church is capable of
understanding one-tenth of what has been published under his name.
A number of individuals quite close to the man have so often proclaimed -he
should read this, he should know this, if he only knew+. It is an irony
that he+s not taken the time to read the books that made him over $100
million. Apparently that was his choice. Madness and genius in a single
character is a curious brew of qualities.

Vested Interests And The Nature Of Man
Each person, family, group, nation or whatever has a terribly strong
tendency to act in their own self-interest. There are a number of strong
vested interests. It is the nature of man to act on behalf of his own self
interest. When the self- interest of an individual comes into conflict with
the vested interest of a group and the group is more powerful, the group
will win out. So, it is within mans nature to avoid such confrontations
which result in loss, to stay clear of conflict with existing vested
interests within society. (Whether they be another individual, a family, a
family member, company, corporation, industry, the governments nationality or
international interests.) One might be wise to not come into conflict with
ones close associates, any organized religion, any branch of the
government, any branch of the underworld or the oil lobby.
Normally, a group is just looking after itself and individuals that stand
in the way are -expendable+ as a group attempts to go from A to B.
If you are going to operate in a similar sphere of activity where a group
is already operating and you wish to avoid conflict, you can either run the
risk of operating secretly (which I would not recommend) or you can clearly
define that you are in no way a threat to the group.
The nature of man has been subdivided under many philosophies and
labels. In summary, man acts as an animal in a competitive fashion, yet, he
also has the capacity for self-fulfillment, growth, spiritual aspirations
and inspiration. These two factors, the desire to just survive/do well and
the desire to grow make man a unique creature in the animal kingdom.
The animal aspects of man all concern negatives.
It is the lack of food, money, adequate supervision, proper company
policy in administrations the lack of adequate contacts or tolerable
environment which move man to act in an animal fashion and to join up
with other animals who create such things in and as groups.
The positive motivational factors for an individual (drives, recognition
of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, recognition by the
group, awards within a society, self-esteem, self-actualization) do not
cause an individual to form into a group. They are the content in one+s
life in positive direction; they have nothing to do with context.
You have your negative factors which are hygiene factors (which are the
work context) and your positive factors (which are what one gets done
and where one is going which is the work content) which are the
motivational factors. This comes from Fred Herzberg+s work into the
nature of man. A small minority of society was identified (by a Harvard
professor, McClelland) as self-motivated achievers. All they care about
was self-esteem and self-actualization. They make bad managers, they are
not good group members, they are extremely successful as salesmen,
entrepreneurs and leading their own companies. A self-motivated
achiever really doesn+t care about esteem from others, he is only
interested in achieving his own self-stated goals.
In the field of industrial psychology there are, of course, Theory X and
Theory Y types of management. Theory X says that man is an animal and 40

only responds to being beaten on and the other, Theory Y, says he
responds to being given freedom to achieve. So, one says you should be
hard on people to get work done and the other philosophy says that if
you are very nice to people you will get much more done. These two
philosophies are in conflict and about 97% of the companies in America
are on a harsh animal management line (as is the Church of Scientology).
Yet, these few Theory Y companies (some insurance companies out of
Connecticut) have shown remarkable increases in profits (100% per
year). It is quite amazing that if you treat people well, they perform
well. Industrial psychology studies of Herzberg and others show that
are operating around 5% of their potential capability. 95% of it is wasted
because they are not moving in the direction of and along lines which are
real to them.
The nature of man is that if he is given the chance, he does well. If he
is treated as a slave or animal or bad person, he will perform
accordingly. So, upper management and the ideas and philosophies which
upper management are directly reflected in the company+s or country+s
work force. So, you see the nature of man get distorted by bad
education. It all does add up to bad education. It is ironic that
someone can go to high school and hear that somehow we just accidently
took all this land away from the Indians. If they go to college and they
learn that settlers put smallpox germs on blankets and gave them to the
Indians to eliminate 50 or 60 tribes there in the states of
Massachusetts and New
York. Where the truth finally gets told later in life, performance starts
to occur. Where it never gets told, very little gets done. So, man is a
very flexible creature and to the degree that he is properly managed, he
does well; to the degree that he is improperly managed, he does poorly.
Managers manage well to the degree they understand the rudiments of
industrial psychology: (1) if there are too many obstacles, the goals are
set too high, (2) if unrealistic goals are set, then frustration occurs, (3)
where peoples+ purposes are blunted, frustration occurs, (4) if they can+t
direct the frustration and hostility directly towards the people that are
causing it, they have no choice but to displace the hostility, (5) if they
displace their hostility, they either join some crazy religious kook
organization, take up alcohol, beat their wives or eat their little hearts
out and (6) to the degree that the frustration level of an individual is
increased and he is not allowed to express it, he will eventually end up
pinning it on himself.
So, you have management restricted by their ignorance of these
particular factors and being taught to manage wrongly. There is such a
thing as negative management, in other words, less is done because the
manager is there (with no manager there at all the firm, country or
the church would run better).
Any manager who uses scapegoats to reduce the frustration level within
the organization is a negative manager. He would be better off not
even existing.
The Scientology churches uses the government as a scapegoat. The white
Southern sharecropper used the Negro as a scapegoat. Hitler used the
Jews as a scapegoat. It is all very poor management and you can see that

in all instances that management is very short lived. It doesn+t work.
There is not lasting productivity under negative management.
That kind of situation itself can be blurred from being viewed in some
instances (like the Scientology churches) they have a 90% turnover of
personnel every 18 months. If you constantly have new blood and new
organization the U.S. Army by drafting people had a constant influx of
personnel) then you can frustrate the hell out of people and furnish them
a scapegoat only if there is enough force and duress on them that they
work off their particular legal obligation and leave.
In summation, conflicts with vested interests should be avoided and the
nature of the individual is animal and spiritual. You should be
constantly aware that if you treat a person as an animal, they will
certainly become one very quickly, and if you treat someone as a
spiritual entity, being, awareness that is involved with the business of
living for the purpose of learning, then you will certainly have that on
your doorstep.

Penetration And Control Through Non-Physical Means
An individual which has had enough education, training, philosophizing,
thinking, looking, learning, counselling can reach a state to where they
can penetrate into physical universe events, identities, even groups and
can control what occurs by decision. This particular state was defined in
Christian Science as knowing the truth and was defined in Scientology as
the state of Operating Thetan.
In other words, a -thetan+ (being, a spirit), (one) would simply operate
directly as a spirit and not have to run a body around, speaking English
words to get something done. One would just think a thought and it
would occur, mind over matter. The degree to which one can do this is
beyond description or detail. It is actually not a safe subject to
discuss with people because they have a terrible tendency to either
crucify, murder or blame all their problems one anyone that has these
abilities. Suffice it to say, this state has been attained stably on
dozens of individuals (inside and outside of Scientology). Until people
come up to
recognizing that that is what did, does and will control the world, then
it will have to be done in an obscure, private fashion.

The Technology Of Scientology And Dianetics
This will be most obviously the longest chapter in this book. I was asked
by Fred Hare 15 years ago to write down the technology of Scientology
and Dianetics and to rewrite all the books because Scientology is defined
as not as a text- book science but as a consecutive set of research
papers, tapes and bulletins.
To put it all down in a clear, concise order was an idea which L. Ron
Hubbard, its supposed founder, had in 1965. He thought he could find a
writer who wrote well, put him in a room for 6 - 7 months and that
would be the end of that. So, I and another individual were approached with
this particular task, which we were supposed to do for the love of mankind.
I refused.
There are supposedly 25 million words of chat involved in this research
line endeavour and how they come to those numbers is beyond my imagination.
I calculate it to be closer to 21 million words which I+ll have to boil
down here in this chapter. We will only be covering what is essential, need-
to-know and must-know information in the technology.
There are separate chapters after this review of the technology covering
the philosophy, the church, the owners of the church, the hidden secrets
and the tragedy. The majority of the book is about to unfold here in
these next 400 pages.
If you understand subjectively what I will state here in this chapter,
get your own confusions and aberrations cleared up on the areas mentioned
(in other words, get your own case, fixations or electrical energy run off
yourself where you are no longer confused or swayed in these areas), then
you can understand this information.
If you understand this information, you can apply it and help other people
in a very lasting fashion. Although I have seen an almost unlimited
quantity of lip service towards doing so, it seems that no one else can
quite arrive with a complete understanding of this technology, whether it
be Hubbard himself, or the tens of thousands of people which have
studied this subject intensely.
I would suspect you could trace their inability to comprehend and apply
this technology to their own unrun cases: their own aberrations and
ignorance on the subject matter addressed.
It is ironic that it is their ignorance of areas outside of Scientology
and Dianetics technology which throws them off of their studies into
I have attempted to cover all extraneous areas outside of the technology
which might effect it in this one volume so that when exception occurs in
the application of the technology, the individual will not be thrown off
course, off guard or be overwhelmed by extraneous information.

Extraneous information inevitably comes across ones path if one pursues
the application of this particular conglomeration of wisdom.
An individual+s ignorance is generally the result of living in a culture
rampant with tremendous ignorance, thus people trying to study, learn
and understand Scientology and Dianetics are alluded by two almost
impossible factors. They are already ignorant and already aberrated. They
aren+t up to knowing that, much less suspecting it, much less perceiving
it. In other words, people are ignorant and they are aberrated; that is,
if given an opportunity of going from A to B, they will go to C instead.
One logical path out of this paradox is the multiple-pass approach on a
subject matter clearing up the aberration and the ignorance as one goes.
You just read the material over and over. As far as a complete and
accurate assimilation of the technology, this path would not work until
all this aberration is gone.
The bootstrap-limited approach(teaching people about Scientology and
Dianetics prior to them having all of their aberration run off) has proven
historically unworkable. Not only because people do the wrong things, but
there is no way they will ever rise above being dumb and ignorant and
prefer truth and sanity until their aberrations are gone. They would
simply see no point in it. These particular ideas (in fact every idea in
this book) can be subjected to objective tests and be found to be true.
The model way or the ideal way happens to be the only workable way.
Someone had to have their case completed first before they could
understand and apply the technology.
This oversimplification is only one in the issue of why no one can
understand and apply the technology with any degree of consistency,
accuracy and success. The other issue is, in spite of these determinates
of why data can+t be transmitted, knowing the materials objectively has no
relationship to understanding. Once the information is known personally,
it can be applied. Knowingness is a personal matter. Operating on another
person+s knowingness has very limited workability. It is only valuable to
absorb, digest and work with other peoples+ knowingness in order to
develop ones own. There is no record of all this information being
assimilated and developed as a personal knowingness which the
existence of the church or the study of the religion. These three
determinates: (1) peoples+ affinity and unawareness for remaining
aberrated, (2) their own unawareness of their high degree of ignorance,
and (3) their complete lack of any personal knowingness -- add up to
failure on not only the average student, but every student that has
adventured on this particular road of truth.
99% of something is not a whole. Even if someone had attained 90%
understanding, which some Public Relations Officer somewhere might
promote as an idea, would be a complete asininity. There is no way
anyone could have absorbed more than 10% because there are no records
within the church of anyone ever running extremely high aberrations off
There is a way of measuring electrical discharge of mental masses off of
a person which is tone-arm divisions an hour. The best work ever done in
the church within the organized religion, is about l0 - 15 divisions on
the 45

tone-arm in an hour. Any person who knows the technology or if any
person were to know 99% of it, they could average over l00 and up to
500 divisions an hour.
What holds back accurate, decent application of the subject is the
case state of the practitioner, not the person being consulted.
These precursory remarks about the technology had to be made in order
to clear the record because out of the 21 - 25 million words which
contain dozens of technologies, there is actually a single, decent,
workable and perfect way to assist other individuals quite markedly at
about l0 - l00 times the rate, more than anything ever mentioned or
suspected within those 21 - 25 million words.
The probably reason for this particular variance is that this technology
existed before this particular time on what is known as the the past
track in its pure form and only vague remembrances have been
reconstructed through the very personal and very brilliant recollections
of L. Ron Hubbard.
Unfortunately, the sloppiness and disorder and general casualness which
surrounded this 30-year research line have completely obscured the
salient factors of its application.
So, an abundance of research was done but as far as the applicable
elements of that research being put in orderly fashion, Hubbard went the
same route as Jesus: those that have ears to hear, can hear and those
that have eyes to see can see. In doing so he fathered only one complete
Hubbard has remarked that he has released only 15% of what he knows
and sees no point in releasing the rest of the information in that no one
has caught onto the 15%. I seriously doubt that that is true. However, if
there is validity to it, I can comprehend the wisdom of his limited
disclosure. Within this text I have confined my remarks to a small
percentage of what I am aware of as a courtesy. The degree of disclosure
of vital information is too simple a variable to judge an individual by.
The work which results from events which occur as a result of ones writings
are a better judge. I am quite sure that there are some ignorant idiots out
there that challenge my remarks. It is a sign of ignorance to judge instead
of look and groups are full of people prejudiced against truth. In fact,
groups are probably formed by mutual disagreement instead of mutual
agreement and are held together by that disagreement.
Ending up in this unique position, may or may not have been my design. I
found it quite unbelievable 20, 15 and 10 years ago. About 5 years ago
dozens of people became aware of my unique position in knowing the
technology. They not only brought it to my attention but to the attention
of many others. When approached by people of station, I have generally
explained that I am essentially doing my own thing, guided by my own
conscience and immune from the positive and negative forces of
traditional human society (power, position, influence and threat on
bodily life).
I trust these preliminary remarks will provide an adequate background
from which we can start to discuss the application of the scientific

method towards the humanities, philosophies, religion, the occult, the
nature of existence and many other areas which are the determinates in a
person+s past, present and future awareness level, intelligence, sanity,
health, well-being, capability level and the individual+s power
relationship towards other life. We will address this fixed-quantum time
the individual+s stability, integrity and his ability to determine his
own space, thoughts, position, non-position, certainty and his ability to
cooperate (or not) with other freely-determining individuals through all
man+s awarenesses including those beyond perception; and lastly, the
individual+s integrity, decency, truth level, individuality, co-existence
ability and ability to not be. Not be is a magical ability in a
unrestricted, new, fresh, non-responsive, original and creative sense.
Much of what you will read will appear to be simply codified and synthesized
common sense (which it is) which you may assume you
already know. You may understand it, but I doubt that you know it. If
you are not using it, you do not know it. What a man knows he uses. When
a man understands, he simply understands and discards.
What people think, what people feel, and what people do are three
different things. To the degree that those three things align, they are
rational. To the degree that they are different, they are nuts. The order
of importance is critical. You can only judge a man+s bottom line by his
actions, which are direct reflections of his deepest thoughts. Emotions are
completely separate activities.
Thinking has nothing to do with thoughts. Thinking is 2 + 2 = 4, it is
formulated, it is done within time, it is consequential, it is cause-
effect, and it is computing. thought is just that, a pink elephant, a
thought. It is not thinking.
However, some of you may insist much of this is codified common sense
and +I know that+ and +I use it+, so congratulations to you for that. There
will be information which is new. Take your time with it, play with it,
it and find out if it is true. I happen to know it+s true, but that is my
truth which does you no good. Only your truth does you good. This is not only
my idea or L. Ron Hubbard+s idea, or Buddha+s idea, or Lao Tse+s idea. It
has been said often.
The whole subject of history or origins of information is an absurdity.
Once an idea is known and stated to another, it is then everyones and
then people act on it. Much more is accomplish by writing this book
than someone reading it. Someone reading it alone accomplishes more
than however many other people read it. I believe it is called putting
something in the physical universe, then everyone gets it and has it to
draw upon. So, let us begin:
If one were to be very wise, then you should obtain and study on ones
own, the Technical Dictionary of Scientology, Dianetics Today, the Tech
Volumes (which are the Red Books of Scientology), The Book of Scales, 0-
8, 8:8008, 8-80, The Creation of Human Ability, The Fundamentals of
Thought, The Phoenix Lectures, How To Choose Your People, Dianetics,
and Science of Survival in that particular order. However, since that
outside reading can only be suggested, I+ll have to be clearing and
explaining the words as I go.

From a technical viewpoint let us first define Scientology. It is a
science of know to know answers, and also a science of life betterment, a
science of understanding, a science of communication, an applied
philosophy wherein a person discovers for himself that he can become aware
any problem and solve that problem himself.
One dictionary defined it as a system of organized axioms resolving
problems of the spirit, life and thought developed through the application
and methodology of the exact sciences to the humanities by L. Ron Hubbard,
American engineer and philosopher.
A seventh definition might be the science which raises a person+s ability
to be aware and act.
An eighth definition is philosophy and technology which when applied
correctly results in peace of mind, real security and attainment of some
degree of final truth.
It is a history of the technology as Mr. Hubbard himself basically
developed some philosophies about life and other developed philosophies
about life which they freely gave to him. Anyway, it all came out under
his name. People found this interesting and to some degree workable and
they passed that fact along to other people. It grew and organizations
were formed to unify and direct its growth.
Let us define the fellow, Hubbard, more succinctly. Although. it may
seem a departure, I+d like to read or state what is listed in Who+s Who
In The South And Southwest, because the personal life of L. Ron Hubbard,
fortunately or not, directly influenced what the technology was and is:
born Tilden, Nebraska, March 13, 1911, H.R. & Ledora May Waterberry
H., student Waverly Prep School 1929, Woodward Prep School 1930, B.S. in
Civil Engineering, George Washington University 1934, student Princeton
School of Government 1945, P.H.D. Sequoia University 1950, married Mary
Sue Whipp, writer of aviation and travel articles 1930 -, writer of
novels 1936 -, explorer 1934 -, commander of Caribbean Motion Picture
Exhibition and West Indies Minerals Exhibition 1935, Alaska Radio
Exhibition 1940, writer for 90 national magazines, Hollywood studios of
radio, licensed commander glider pilot, master of
motor vessels, master of sailing vessels (all class), radio operator,
Mem. 163rd Infantry, Montana National Guard 1927 - 1928, 20th Marines,
Marine Corps Reserves 1930 - 1931, served as Lt. USNR 1941 - 1946
commanding escort vessels and navigator in all theaters, Fellow
Oceanographic Foundation, President Founding Church of Scientology,
Washington, D.C., Clubs: Explorers (NYC), Capital Yacht. Author:
Buckskin Brigade, Final Blackout, Rebellion, Dianetics: The Modern
Science Of Mental Health, 20 other volumes on Dianetics and Scientology,
also motion pictures, magazine fiction and two texts on psychology.
One of the premises on engaging upon the technology of Scientology is to
acknowledge that there is adequate quantity of human misery to work on
and resolve. There are a number of people who feel that everything is fine
just the way it is and nothing really needs to be done about anything
because it won+t effect them personally. This is a rather short term,
selfish viewpoint regardless of how prevalent it is.

The facts are that one-third of the world will be dead in 8 - 10 years
from starvation; in the last 80 years l00 million people have been killed,
that is, they did not die natural deaths; 60% of the South American
population is illegitimate; at present, the U.S. has over 40,000 nuclear
weapons and the exact figure is possibly twice that; France, England,
China and a number of others have atomic weapons; the U.S. has made public
to all nations the plans for constructing nuclear reactors for public
power 15 years ago. Later it was released that the waste products from
these reactors do make excellent bombs. There is no way to keep the bombs
secret anymore, practically anyone can build a bomb. Estimates on
defense expenditures total an incredible amount of money. A significant
portion of the defense budget goes toward the development of gas and
biological systems of war. The neutron, or enhanced radiation device,
bomb is spreading throughout the world, Crime and divorce rates
continue to rise; drug addiction has been rising at an unprecedented
rate and is beginning to consume society. The population increase over
the next 120 years is a sobering prospect. These are not pessimistic,
random and undocumented statements. They are facts which can be
Many more things could be said on the subject of human misery and social
chaos which have been outlined by many other authors: Bertrand Russell,
Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley, Erich Fromm, Robert Lidner, Philip Wylie,
John Stormer, etc.
I simply want to make the point that it is an essential part of the
Scientology technology to recognize that we are living in an age of
relative chaos in which misery is multiplying in an exponential sense.
Newspapers and magazines are completely saturated with it to such a
degree that the public accepts it without comment. It has become an
accepted thing. No one has, or very few people, seek to do much about
these conditions.
The next underlying tenet, or element, or background idea that one must
be aware of in addressing Scientology technology is civilizations in
themselves destroy themselves. Despite all their great benefits, they
inadequate. Civilizations coincident with other civilizations struggle
and destroy each other. They communicate at a bullet level in war. Our
present civilization, as it stands now, is declining towards more chaos,
and has an economic system that is declining faster than society, and has
an inadequate education system which promotes mechanical duplication
and robotism instead of certainty and/or judgment. Present society is
characterized by sciences that classify as their goal. Many of these
sciences are non-heuristic, non-predictable and non-workable. Present
society is also characterized by irresponsibility towards its fellows.
is a breakdown in the traditional values and value systems. There is a
breakdown in natural values and natural value systems.
The public media, that is, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and movies
continually promote the commodity of chaos and people continue to buy
it. Look at the newsstands and you get an impression of where the world
is headed. Whether this is actually true or not is another subject. People
buy chaos, believe in chaos and as a result (to a degree) live in chaos.
This broad survey is made on a relatively pessimistic note (which is also a
superficial note because progress and decline are both rather illusionery
upon intense inspection). However, the point is made that society is in
general in a down-trend and if the individual is to survive as an individual

ones chances are reduced markedly by remaining in the bandwagon of
society, playing out societies roles and the bandwagon apparently has no
steering wheel. Thus, the conclusion can be drawn that there is more
chaos coming and becoming aware of chaos is a higher state than
pretending that it isn+t there.
One has to recognize that it is there in order to help order it. So, in
other words, if there is a snake in the road and you see it, you will walk
around it instead of stepping on it. Chaos is similar to that. Civilization
is declining toward more chaos, unprediction, and uncontrol with the
majority of individuals tagging along in total agreement with this decline
and if you are in agreement with it you will decline with it and you will
become what it is becoming. I would suspect that people have been
talking about Doomsday since time immemorial and they have been in most
instances wrong. However, cursory inspection of the present ratio of
wisdom to power in society can be disturbing. So, in order to survive
above and beyond the group level of a savage civilization degrading
towards extinction, one would have to become more aware than one
presently is, at least more aware than society is, learn more than
society has learned, know more than society knows, and be able to act
faster than society can.
Furthermore, in order to avoid becoming an effect of an inadequate
civilization, a person must be able to predict that civilization, in
other words, to be able to see when, and where and how it is falling
apart, at least enough to get oneself out of it in good condition. One
should take care of oneself, then perhaps after one has taken care of
oneself, he can do something about others and for society in general.
It is also part of the technology that one should recognize that we can
do something about ourselves and others, particularly if we gain more
knowledge and ability than we presently have. One can do alot for oneself
and others by raising ones ability to know and act. So, to increase ones
ability to survive, one needs to increase ones knowledge and his overall
ability level.
Scientology technology is based on these particular set of assumptions
and therefore Scientology technology is a science of gradients or levels
through which a person can increase his knowledge and ability. By knowing
more, one can predict more; by being able to predict more, one can either
control or avoid others+ control. By doing so one can win and by winning
one attains some degree of self-satisfaction, happiness or growth.
So, Scientology technology could be summarized as a ladder out of human
misery and the inadequacies of civilization to greater states of
awareness and understanding which hopefully would result in health,
happiness and immortality.
The technology properly applied is a way of getting up and walking
without stumbling down the road to truth.
There is an element within an individual called a subconscious mind, a
reactive mind, which works on a stimulus-response basis. Another person
says -So and so is stupid+, or -I don+t like his personality+, or -Bill
can+t be reasoned with+, or -So and so has no good intentions+, or -Hell

no fury like a woman scorned+, or -You can+t reason with the Russians+.
You are talking about minds in each of those cases.
The study of the mind is a highly relevant and important matter.
Perception, understanding, taste and ability to act are all monitored
by, and usually limited by, the mechanics of the mind. If the mind is so
important, so basic to everyones existence and activity, the question
arises why don+t we know enough about the mind to control and improve
it? The answer to that question is that we don+t know because we assume
that someone else does.
People have a tendency to act like governments when there is something
that needs to be known, instead of finding out about it, they study it and
form committees.
People have agreed that there is a specialized field that has been set to
study the mind, hence the existence of classification science known as
psychology and psychiatry. Psychology is actually a set of theories
towards handling neuroses and psychiatry is a science of doing something
the severely mentally ill. This is a pretty presumptuous line of attack.
assuming we don+t need to know about the mind because someone else does,
but this assumption is prevalent and this assumption doesn+t help us
unless we investigate their field. Psychology and psychiatry are
classification sciences and thus their workability, depth, and
penetration are somewhat limited for they do not produce uniform, quick
remarkable results. Doubling a person+s ability, income,or IQ is just not
a commonplace occurrence. The reason for this is that they don+t have
enough scientific understanding, data and knowledge about the mind.
If a person can heal a man, or if one can get one who is thoroughly mixed
up and feeling like they are at the bottom of the well into aligning his
confusion, straightening his whole life up, then, you know something
about the mind. If you can+t heal and can+t straighten people out then
you don+t know what is happening in the mind. So, our not-knowing about
the human mind doesn+t help us, we suffer as individuals because we do
not know and the classification sciences in the subject of the human
mind offer little but explanations of why they can+t help.
There is a dangerous misconception that knowing about the mind is a
dangerous thing. The fact is exactly opposite. One of the most dangerous
things a person can do is not know about the mind, to simply not learn
anymore about it than he already does know. Everyone does know something
about the mind because one deals with them every day no
matter what you do. If you don+t learn about the mind, if you don+t know
about it, you will become an effect of it, your own and other peoples+.
So, if your life or yourself is controlled by your mind because you don+t
about it, at the very least you could be described as being in a pickle. Not
knowing, not handling the human mind brings about the precarious state
of a Pandora+s box of ills: drugs, alcohol, psychosomatic illness, excessive
medication, justification, rationalization and abandonment of purposes, or
all the above would result in people having a mental framework within
which they can+t get better or change anything. This mental framework is
called a -case+ or a -bank+.
After years of continued living at the effect of the subconscious
(reactive) mind and other peoples+ subconscious (reactive) minds, one
attains a

state of -being reasonable+ about everything, calling the mess that he is
in -living+. Such individuals think that aberration and problems are -
normal+, unsolvable and make excuses for insanities. A person even ends up
making excuses for himself. Such a man has totally failed at his own goals.
Not-knowing about the mind and being an effect of the mind will cause your
demise. You will even die because of it. That is such an acceptable fact
that it isn+t even shocking. People say, so what. Death is a step up for
them, they mistakenly think. The idea even filtered into Christianity.
Failed goals and frustration may be accepted as -normal+, as average by the
majority, but to accept life in this way, to -adjust to it all+ is
ignorance and apathy. This sort of attitude is what has gotten us into the
marvellous position which we are presently in to be able to wipe ourselves
(4.3 billion people) out in 30 - 40 minutes. The creation of that
particular mechanic is just a minor example of what comes from peoples -not
needing to know+ about the mind. This what comes from the
assumption that people that study things know something about them.
Society and science have reach a state of inadequacy in knowing about the
Believe it or not, there are actually people out there walking around
that have the idea that the mind is a hunk of meat in the skull of a meat-
body. These peoples+ notions of improvement is cutting pieces of it up
with knifes, destroying parts of bodies.
To simplify, the first part is you and differentiates data easily, the
analytical mind. The reactive mind is a stimulus- response mechanism
that thinks only in identities, it can only associate. It has been called -
the subconscious+. This is the mind that reduces one+s ability and makes one
act irrationally. Number three is the somatic mind that regulates the
body and motor functions.
In Scientology, one becomes less and less an effect of the confusions of
the reactive mind by first, learning and understanding the composition of
the reactive mind, second by learning how to handle his own reactive mind
and the reactive minds of other people, third by disconnecting himself
from it and temporarily moving himself away from it (releasing), and
fourthly, by erasing the reactive mind totally (clearing). Doing this
raises the awareness and ability of the individual to a state previously
unattainable, a state difficult to describe or even imagine because of
the immense quality of subjective personal freedom, perception
enlightenment and happiness. The state of Free Being that poets and
prophets glimpse is a very poor comparison. Scientology defines this
state crudely as that of the state of Clear when one has been cleared of
his previous misconceptions and no longer uses yesterday+s answers to solve
today+s problems.
Theoretically, a person that was Clear would not miscompute.
A Release is a person who is temporarily Clear. This state is quite
temporal. Most people hit this state of Release for a few seconds when they
cognite, in other words, regain an awareness that they previously had. This
happens at least once a week on people. On people that are in good shape,
it is happening hourly. On Clears it is happening each

second. Words such as inspiration, vision describe the clarity of awareness
at this level of freedom.
To get a closer look at these states by doing the first step, let+s get a
good idea of what a reactive mind is made up of, how it operates and how it
affects us.
So, let+s review the definition. It is the part of the mind which files and
retains physical pain and painful emotion. So, this thing files facsimiles
(mental-image pictures containing all perceptics and considerations) of
As incidents containing pain, physical, emotional and spiritual. All -
traumatic+ incidents are filed by the perceptions of the incident (sight,
hearing, motion, whatever), phrases in the incident, and considerations
about the incident.
Example: baby on a blue blanket is approached by a roach and bitten.
Mother yells, -Oh God, a bug! a roach! See what happens
when we live in this cheap place!+ ]
This incident is filed in the reactive mind of the child. The child+s
emotion during the incident is fear, he wanted to communicate -
Help!...help me somebody!+, the date was 1950, August 10th for the
So, the incident is filed:
By time: August l0, 1950
By emotion: Fear
By consideration: -Help!...help me somebody!+ By visio: Blue blanket,
roach, the room, mother
By phrase: -Oh God!+, -a bug!+, -a roach+, -See what happens+,
-We live+, -When we live+, and -This cheap place+.
All incidents that are filed by the reactive mind are retained. The
physical pain and painful emotion is retained in the reactive mind by the
use of facsimiles, that is, mental image pictures. Examination and
activation of the August 10, 1950 facsimile ten years later will make the
young man
feel exactly the same emotional and physical pain. The reactive mind is
made up of facsimiles containing pain and counter-emotion, counter effort,
and counter-thought. Counter-emotion could be defined as any emotion that
the individual has not yet taken responsibility for or for which he has
given up responsibility. Counter-effort is any force for which the
individual has not yet taken responsibility for or for which he has given
up responsibility. Counter-thought is any thought for which the individual
has not taken responsibility for or for which he has given up
responsibility. This means that anything that occurs to an individual for
which he does not take responsibility for, that is , he does not exercise
his ability to be cause and confront it, in the form of the emotion,
effort or thought is filed and retained by the reactive mind.
-It seeks to direct the organism on a stimulus-response basis...+ When
something in the present-time environment approximates an incident of pain
in the past, the exact solutions, emotions and considerations in the past
incident will be forced on the individual for him to execute in present-
time. Traumatic incident -A+ is solved by solution -B+. From
then on difficulties similar to incident -A+ will cause the reactive mind
to dictate to the person that -B+ is the answer to the problem.

(1) The degree of similarity of the two incidents, (2) the amount of pain
in the original incident -A+, and (3) the strength of the individual in
present-time will determine the amount of effect this phenomenon has
on the person+s behaviour in the present situation. This bringing up of old
solutions and emotions to current situations by the reactive mind is called
restimulation. It may be so mild that you do not notice it and simply smile
and continue watching the movie or so powerful that you become permanently
stuck in one incident. We call people in such a state psychotics.
-By using the above type facsimiles to survive with and to align data.+
The reactive mind works solely on a stimulus-response basis by using these
mental-image pictures of past incidents of pain and irresponsibility for
the purpose of increasing its survival and aligning data in confusions.
-It thinks only in identities.+ Everything is equal in the reactive mind. It
actually doesn+t even -think+, it only identifies and associates; it doesn+t
decide, it only reacts.
-It has ... no differentiational ability.+ It can+t see differences. It
can+t discriminate. It can+t separate. -Woman+ in the reactive mind can be
restimulated by any woman in life. -See+ in the reactive mind can be
restimulated by the ocean. An incident with a girl friend may be
restimulated by a sergeant+s phrase. It has no differentiational ability.

The Axioms: The Axioms of Scientology are definite, precise axioms which
Life follows in the material universe. There are very close to an
absolute, -practically+ absolute. The first two axioms are very close to
an absolute, the remaining 56 axioms are those which apply to Life as it
exists in this physical universe. So, the Axioms of Scientology are the
rules of life that we all live by, that all life plays by. Not only are they self
evident, they are all, each and every one, scientifically provable.
The first one states that Life is basically a static. A Life static has no mass,
no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or time. It has the ability
to postulate and to perceive. This is a definition of what something
isn+t doing, isn+t being and isn+t having. Second: The Static is capable
of considerations, postulates and opinions - second axiom. Third axiom
Space, energy, objects, form and time are the results of considerations
made and/or agreed upon or not by the static and are perceived solely
because the static considers that it can perceive them.
Axiom 4 - Space is a viewpoint of dimension.
Axiom 5 - Energy consists of postulated particles in space.
Axiom 6 - Objects consist of grouped particles and solids.
Axiom 7 - Time is basically a postulate that space and particles will
Axiom 8 - The apparency of time is the change of position of particles in
Axiom 9 - Change is the primary manifestation of time.
Axiom 10- The highest purpose in this universe is the creation of an
Axiom 11- The considerations resulting in conditions of existence
are four-fold.
(a) AS-IS-NESS is the condition of immediate creation
without persistence, and is the condition of existence which
exists at the moment of creation and the moment of destruction,
and is different from other considerations in that it does not
contain survival.
(b) ALTER-IS-NESS is the consideration which introduces change and
therefore, time and persistence into an AS-IS NESS to obtain
(c) IS-NESS is an apparency of existence brought about by the
continuous alteration of an AS-IS-NESS. This is called, when
agreed upon, Reality.
(d) NOT-IS-NESS is the effort to handle IS-NESS by reducing
its condition through the use of force. It is an apparency and
cannot entirely vanquish an IS-NESS.
Axiom 12- The primary condition of any universe is that two
spaces, energies or objects must not occupy the same space, when
this condition is violated, a perfect duplicate, the apparency
of any universe or any part thereof is nulled.
Axiom 13- The cycle of action of the physical universe IS; create, survive
(persist), destroy.
Axiom 14- Survival is accomplished by ALTER-IS-NESS and NOT-IS -
NESS, by which is gained the persistency known as time.
Axiom 15- Creation is accomplished by the postulation of an AS-IS NESS.
Axiom 16- Complete destruction is accomplished by the postulation of
the AS-IS-NESS of any existence and the parts thereof.

Axiom 17- The static, having postulated AS-IS-NESS, then practices ALTER-
IS-NESS, and so achieves the apparency of IS-NESS
and so obtains Reality.
Axiom 18- The static, in practicing NOT-IS-NESS, brings about the
persistence of unwanted existences, and so brings about
unreality, which includes forgetfulness, unconsciousness and
other undesirable states.
Axiom l9- Bringing the static to view, AS-IS, any condition devaluates
that condition.
Axiom 20- Bringing the static to create a perfect duplicate causes the
vanishment of any existence or part thereof. A perfect
duplicate is an additional creation of the object, its energy and
space, in its own space, in its own time, using its own energy. This
violates the condition that two objects must not occupy the same space,
and causes a vanishment of the object.
Axiom 21- Understanding is composed of affinity, reality and
communication. (Abbreviated ARC.)
Axiom 22- The practice of NOT-IS-NESS reduces understanding.
Axiom 23- The static has the capability of total knowingness. Total
knowingness would consist of total ARC.
Axiom 24- Total ARC would bring about the vanishment of all mechanical
conditions of existence.
Axiom 25- Affinity is a scale of attitudes which falls away from the co
existence of static, through the interpositions of distance and energy,
to create identity, down to close proximity but
mystery. By practice of IS-NESS (Beingness) and NOT-IS NESS (refusal to
Be) individuation progresses from the Knowingness of complete
identification down through the introduction of more and more distance
and less and less duplication, through Lookingness, Emotingness,
Effortingness, Thinkingness, Symbolizingness, Eatingness, Sexingness and
so through to Not-Knowingness (Mystery). Until the point of Mystery is
reached, some communication is
possible, but even at Mystery an attempt to communicate continues. Here
we have, in the case of an individual, a gradual falling away from the
belief that one can assume a complete Affinity down to the conviction
that all is a complete Mystery. Any individual is somewhere on this Know
to-Mystery scale. The original Chart of Human Evaluation was the Emotion
section of this scale.
Axiom 26- Reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence.
Axiom 27- An actuality can exist for one individually, but when it is agree
with by others, it can then be said to be a Reality. The
anatomy of Reality is contained in IS-NESS, which is composed of AS-
an apparency, it is not an Actuality. The Actuality is AS-IS NESS
altered so as to obtain a persistency. Unreality is the consequence
and apparency of the practice of NOT-IS-NESS.
Axiom 28- Communication is the consideration and action of impelling
an impulse or particle from source- point across a distance to
receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the
receipt- point a duplication of that which emanated from the source-
point. The formula of Communication is: Cause,
Distance, Effect, with Attention and Duplication. The
component parts of Communication are Consideration, 56

Intention, Attention, Cause, Source-point, Distance, Effect,
Receipt-point, Duplication, the Velocity of the impulse or
particle, Nothingness or Somethingness. A non
communication consists of Barriers. Barriers consist of
Space, Interpositions (such as walls and screens of fast-
moving particles), and Time. A communication, by definition,
does not need to be two-way. When a communication is
returned, the formula is repeated, with the receipt-point now
becoming a source-point and the former source- point now
becoming a receipt-point.
Axiom 29- In order to cause an AS-IS-NESS to persist, one must
assign other authorship to the creation than his own.
Otherwise his
view of it would cause its vanishment. Any space, energy,
form, object, individual or physical universe condition can
exist only when an alteration has occurred of the original AS
IS-NESS so as to prevent a casual view from vanishing it. In
other words, anything which is persisting must contain a -lie+
so that the original consideration is not completely
Axiom 30- The general rule of auditing is that anything which is
unwanted and yet persists must be thoroughly viewed, at
which time it will vanish. If only partially viewed, its intensity,
at least will decrease.
Axiom 31- Goodness and Badness, Beautifulness and Ugliness, are alike
considerations and have no other basis than opinion.
Axiom 32- Anything which is not directly observed tends to persist.
Axiom 33- Any AS-IS-NESS which is altered by NOT-IS-NESS (by force)
tends to persist. Axiom 34- Any IS-NESS, when altered by
force, tends to persist.
Axiom 35- The ultimate truth is a static. A static has no mass,
meaning, mobility, no wave-length, no time, no location in space, no
space. This has the technical name of -Basic Truth+.
Axiom 36- A lie is a second postulate, statement or condition designed
to mask a primary postulate which is permitted to remain.
Neither truth nor a lie is a motion or alteration of a particle
from one position to another. A lie is a statement that a particle
having moved did not move, or a statement that a particle, not
having moved, did move. The basic lie is that a consideration
which was made was not made or that it was different.
Axiom 37- When a primary consideration is altered but still
exists, persistence is achieved for the altering consideration.
persistence depends on the Basic Truth, but the persistence is
of the altering consideration, for the Basic Truth has neither
persistence nor impersistence.
Axiom 38- 1. Stupidity is the unknowness of consideration. 2.
Mechanical Definition: Stupidity is unknowness of time, place,
form and event.
1. Truth is the exact consideration.
2. Truth is the exact time, place, form and event. Thus, we
see that failure to discover Truth brings about stupidity.
Thus, we see that the discovery of Truth would bring about an
AS IS-NESS by actual experiment. Thus, we see that an ultimate
truth would have no time, place, form or event. Thus, then,
we perceive that we can achieve a persistence only when we
mask a truth. Lying is an alteration on time, place, form or

event. Lying becomes ALER-IS-NESS, becomes Stupidtity.
(The blackness of cases is an accumulation of the case+s own
or another+s lies.) Anything which persists must avoid AS-IS
NESS. Thus, anything, to persist, must contain a lie.
Axiom 39- Life poses problems for its own solution.
Axiom 40- Any problem, to be a problem, must contain a lie, if it were
truth, it would unmock. An -unsolvable problem+ would have
the greatest persistence. It would also contain the greatest
number of altered facts. To make a problem, one must
introduce ALTER-IS-NESS.
Axiom 41- That into which ALTER-IS-NESS is introduced becomes a problem.
Axiom 42- MEST (matter, energy, space, time) persists because it is a
problem. It is a problem because it contains ALTER-IS-NESS.
Axiom 43- Time is the primary source of untruth. Time states the untruth
of consecutive considerations.
Axiom 45- Theta can consider itself to be placed, at which moment it
becomes placed, and to that degree a problem.
Axiom 46- Theta can become a problem by its considerations, but then
becomes MEST. A problem is to some degree MEST. MEST is
a problem.
Axiom 47- Theta can resolve problems.
Axiom 48- Life is a game wherein theta as the static solves the problems
of theta as MEST.
Axiom 49- To solve any problem it is only necessary to become theta, the
solver, rather than theta, the problem.
Axiom 50- Theta as MEST must contain considerations which are lies.
Axiom 51- Postulates and live communication not being MEST and being
senior to MEST can accomplish change ; in MEST without
bringing about a persistence of MEST. Thus, auditing can
Axiom 52- MEST persists and solidifies to the degree that it is not
granted life.
Axiom 53- A stable datum is necessary to the alignment of data. Axiom
54- A tolerance of confusion and an agreed-upon stable datum on which
to align the data in a confusion are at once necessary
for a sane reaction on the eight dynamics. This defines sanity. Axiom
55- The cycle of action is a consideration. Create, survive, destroy,
the cycle of action accepted by the G.E. (the genetic entity) is only a
consideration which can be changed by the thetan making a new
consideration or different action cycles.
Axiom 56- Theta brings order to chaos. Corollary: Chaos brings disorder
to theta.
Axiom 57- Order manifests when communication, control and
havingness are available to theta.
Communication: the interchange of ideas across space.
Control: positive postulating, which is intention, and
the execution thereof.
Havingness: that which permits the experience of mass and
Axiom 58- Intelligence and judgement are measured by the ability to
evaluate relative importances.
Corollary: the ability to evaluate importances and
unimportances is the highest faculty of logic.

Corollary: indentification is a monotone assignment of
Corollary: identification is the inability to evaluate
differences in time, location, form, composition or
The majority of these axioms are correct. It is good to know them; they
are a crucial part of the technology. The majority of the Logics and Pre
Logics are incorrect.
Although I will be coming back to the Axioms later, correcting them, it
is good to go ahead and learn them as they are. They certainly provide
ample opportunity for alot of thought.
The next thing we should take up are the Factors. The Factors are a
descriptive statement of the creation of the physical universe and the
creation and existence of individual universes. In some instances, they
conflict with the Axioms, but the majority of them are true.
The Factors are:
1. Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the
Cause was the creation of effect.
2. In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO
3. The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint
4. The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points
to view, which are dimension points.
5. Thus, there is space created, for the definition of space is:
viewpoint of dimension. And the purpose of a dimension point is
space and a point to view.
6. The action of a dimension point is reaching and with-
drawing. 7. And from the viewpoint to the dimension points there
are connection and interchange. Thus, new dimension points are
made. Thus, there is communication.
8. And thus, there is light.
9. And thus, there is energy.
10. And thus, there is life.
11. But there are other viewpoints and these viewpoints out-thrust
points to view. And there comes about an interchange amongst
viewpoints; but the interchange is never otherwise than in terms
of exchanging dimension points.
12. The dimension point can be moved by the viewpoint, for the
viewpoint, in addition to creative ability and consideration,
possesses volition and potential independence of action; and the
viewpoint, viewing dimension points, can change in relation to its
own or other dimension points or viewpoints. Thus, comes about all
the fundamentals there are to motion.
13. The dimension points are each and every one, whether large or
small, solid. And they are solid solely because the viewpoints say
they are solid.
14. Many dimension points combine into larger gases, fluids or solids.
Thus, there is matter. But the most valued point is admiration, and
admiration is so strong its absence alone permits persistence.
15. The dimension point can be different from other dimension points
and thus can possess an individual quality. And many dimension
points can possess a similar quality, and others can possess a 59

similar quality unto themselves. Thus, comes about the quality of
classes of matter.
16. The viewpoint can combine dimension points into forms and the
forms can be simple or complex and can be at different distances
from the viewpoints and so there can be combinations of form. And
the forms are capable of motion and the viewpoints are capable of motion
and so there can be motion of form.
17. And the opinion of the viewpoint regulates the consideration of the
forms, their stillness or their motion, and these considerations consist
of assignment of beauty or ugliness to the forms and these
considerations alone are art.
18. It is the opinion of the viewpoints that some of these forms should
endure. Thus, there is survival.
19. And the viewpoint can never perish; but the form can perish.
20. And the many viewpoints, interacting, become dependent upon one
another+s forms and do not choose to distinguish completely the
ownership of dimension points and so comes about a dependency
upon the dimension points and upon the other viewpoints.
21. From this comes a consistency of viewpoint of the inter-action of
dimension points and this, regulated, is TIME.
22. And there are universes.
23. The universes, then, are three in number: the universe created by
one viewpoint, the universe created by every other viewpoint, the
universe created by the mutual action of viewpoints which is agreed
to be upheld - the physical universe.
24. And the viewpoints are never seen. And the viewpoints consider
more and more that the dimension points are valuable, And the
viewpoints try to become the anchor points and forget that they can
create more points and space and forms. Thus, comes about
scarcity. And the dimension points can perish and so the
viewpoints assume that they, too, can perish.
25. Thus, comes about death.
26. The manifestation of pleasure and pain, of thought, emotion and
effort, of thinking, of sensation, of affinity, reality,
communication, of behaviour and being are thus derived and the riddles
of our universe are apparently contained and answered herein.
27. There is beingness, but Man believes there is only becomingness.
28. The resolution of any problem posed hereby is the establishment of
viewpoints and dimension points, the betterment of condition and
concourse amongst dimension points, and, thereby, viewpoints, and
the remedy of abundance of scarcity in all things, pleasant or ugly, by
the rehabilitation of the ability of the viewpoint to assume points to
view and create and uncreate, neglect, start, change and stop dimension
points of any kind at the determinism of the viewpoint. Certainty in
all three universes must be regained, for certainty, not data, is
29. In the opinion of the viewpoint, any beingness, any thing is better
than no thing, any effect is better than no effect, any universe better
than no universe, any particle better than no particle, but the
particle of admiration is best of all.
30. And above these things there might be speculation only. And below
these things there is the playing of the game. But these things
which are written here Man can experience and know. And some
may care to teach these things and some may desire to employ
them to make individuals and organizations more able and so
give to Earth a culture of which we can be proud.

There are a number of errors throughout the particular Factors I will
take up at another time, but likewise with the Axioms, it is good that
this information be understood. It is inherently a part of applying the
technology of Scientology. If you have great difficulty with #29 and #30,
you don+t have to push yourself over the edge because they are both quite
ludicrous and highly incorrect.
Next, I+d like to take up the Classification, Gradation and Awareness
Chart of Levels of Scientology. There is a minus scale that a number of
people are on. As far as what is published, it goes down to -34 levels.
There are 13 lower ones. So, we will take it from the bottom.
Levels of Awareness
-48 Awareness of religion
-47 Awareness of evil
-46 Awareness of survival
-45 Awareness of money
-44 Awareness of groups
-43 Awareness of things
-42 Awareness of people
-41 Awareness of ideas
-40 Awareness of self
-39 Awareness of love
-38 Awareness of fortune
-37 Awareness of luck
-36 Awareness of fate or destiny
-35 Awareness of chance
Those were not published or/and perhaps not known, though I doubt it,
by Scientologists. I might add that reason- for them not publishing them:
There is a remark made on a tape that there are probably a dozen lower
levels, and probably the reason is obvious)that these were not published
was because they are certainly not going to flatter people to indicate
that these awarenesses which the majority of people are walking around in,
are junior to most things that people consider bad. People have these
things backward, which makes these lower awarenesses look like North
when actually they are very South. This is a problem caused by harmonics,
where something gets dense and then lighter, dense and then lighter, a
person+s general direction can get confused and therefore, these bottom
awareness levels, people seek them as the greatest thing going and they
actually think that that is what is going on and it isn+t. -34 is
Unexistence. A person would have to be aware of not even existing at all to
fall into those lower awarenesses.- They would have to be aware of other non
existence. This is supposedly a very low state according to Scientologists,
however, it is a very high state for most individuals. Anyway, let us
continue with the minus awareness scale:
-34 Unexistence                  -19 Detachment
-33 Disconnection                -18
-32 Uncausing                    -17
-31 Criminality                  -16 Shock
-30 Disassociation               -15
-29 Dispersal                    -14
-28 Erosion                      -13
-27 Fixidity                     -12 Disaster

-26 Glee                         -11
-25 Elation                      -10 Numbness
-24 Masochism                    - 9 Suffering
-23 Sadism                        - 8 Despair
-22 Hallucination                 - 7 Ruin
-21 Secrecy                       - 6 Effect
-20 Duality - 5 Fear of Worsening
We have now covered the minus awareness levels and that is where 96% of
humanity is. On only 4% of humanity will we find in the remaining
higher states of awareness. People can be talked with back and forth and
moved up and down this scale, you can also erase engrams off of people
and move them up these scales. An engram is a mental image picture of a
previous moment of pain and unconsciousness. I will be describing and
defining each of these lower minus awareness scales later in this book
with each of them having the unusual ingredient of being able to define
each one in terms of power, in other words, power and awareness are
synonymous in the English language. All wisdom has been very cleverly
cluttered into language itself so that the wisdom would not be lost
within the cross definition of words. Proceeding up the scale:
- 4 Need of Change
In a recent survey (1980), Forbes magazine found that 3 of the people in
American want change. 97% don+t.
- 3 Demand for Improvement
- 2 Hope
I must pause here to remark that this has to be the most
prevalently marketed and clever traps around. Hope is a substitute
for knowing
anything, or understanding anything. There are alot of people just
hoping. One should understand as far as an overall category of awareness
that that is what I+m talking about when I say 96% of the people are on
the minus scale. A person can be higher or lower than their overall
condition or position on various subjects, like a person could be in hope
on the economy and yet his overall viewpoint on life would be elation.
This would
be your happy individual. So, just because you see alot of hope going on on
certain selected areas doesn+t mean that a person is aware of hope.
- 1 Help
And that completes what I would call the Human Range. On these lower
four levels of awareness you can apply Scientology immediately. If they are
lower than - 4 Need of Change, you can bring a person up to that
occasionally with group processing in Scientology. If Need of Change, you
start by repairing a persons life using what is known as a Prep Check. It
is a list of buttons (questions) which you clean off (get all answers to)
and this cleans off a person+s upsets by restoring cyclic communication,
cyclic affinity, cyclic reality and cyclic understanding. These cycles have
broken down and the vitality of an individual has not been restored after a
loss or an upset. In doing a Life Repair you fix all these up and a person
can attain the state of Demand for Improvement. Through Recall Processes
you can restore Hope, through the use of Dianetics you can bring a person
up to being aware of Help and that would complete your Dianetic range.

On Grade 0, Communication Release, the awareness level of Recognition
is attained.
On Grade I, after the problems of an individual, not only the ones he is
aware of, but the ones he isn+t aware of, have all been eradicated, he is
aware of communication and perception.
After a person+s mishaps at being cause or effect are clarified on Grade
II, then a person attains the state of Orientation, Understanding and
On Grade III, where you are cleaning up major upsets on changes and the
subject of change itself, a person becomes aware of Energy, Adjustment,
their body, space, their connection with the physical universe.
The awareness levels of Prediction, Activity and Production are clarified
on Grade IV where Service Facsimiles (which are people+s attempts to
make other people wrong and whatever type fixed habit patterns they
have there) are eradicated.
The next levels of awareness are Result, Correction and Ability. These
are obtainable through the use of Expanded Dianetics which is specialized
processing where the evil impulses of an individual are erased.
The next levels of awareness are Purposes, Clearing and Realization which
are attained on Power Processing.
Awareness of Conditions is the next one which occurs. That can occur on
Power Plus or before, also known as VA.
Through the use of Grade VI on which auditing of timeless, installed
habit patterns and urges within the individual are addressed, a person
becomes aware of their whole track, that is, their personal recordings of
their experiences through time, all of it. That may or may not bring
about the 20th level of awareness which is Existence. If it doesn+t, the
Clearing Course will. Normally the correct Clearing Course erases the
fundamental core of the Reactive Mind, which is certainly not pictures.
It floats timeless for the being.
The published materials which are supposedly confidential of the Church
of Scientology in this area are incorrect and are unfortunately just an
average of what 42 people found on a research project from September 3rd,
1965 through February 2nd, 1966. Hubbard asserted that he was already
Clear and he didn+t go through this particular type of programming, when
he actually did. Those people all came up with different material, I
personally made four different suggestions at the
time which were verified by the people researching the Clearing Course. I
just finally gave up contributing to the research because the materials
appeared to be in such poor order. None of the 42 had decent recall or
scientific research data that they were working out of. I suppose the
final sentence in this matter is that the earlier beginning to the
materials only
exists in Hubbard+s personal private safe. So, anyway, if the correct
materials were ever issued and published properly, they would produce a
State of Existence for one as an operating being.

No one has ever tried that within the Church. Of course, I have tried it
dozens of times on dozens of people. It works quite well. If you issue
the proper materials, people attain the proper state.
Anyway, a person becomes aware of Existence after that and goes on and
does what is known as OT I which brings a person back into
communication with the environment. They become aware of themselves
as a source-point as an individual, not so much a point, but more an
origin of life and themselves.
On OT II one attains the ability to confront the whole track, likewise
these materials are incorrect as published by the Church. The proper
materials not only produce the ability to confront the whole track but
also the ability to perceive the entire whole track. So, OT II properly
done, a person produces immaculate recall and perception.
If the 21st level of awareness of Source isn+t evident at that point then
it will come in at OT III where there is a return of full self-determinism
and freedom from overwhelm. As in the Clearing Course and OT II, on OT III
the earlier beginning to this particular set of materials, the later ending
and the dates are incorrect. However, the majority of it as published by
the Church is correct.
OT IV doesn+t produce any different awareness other than certainty of
self as a being which is a higher awareness state.
OT V creates a refamiliarity of a thetan distinctly separate from the
physical universe.
OT VI extends a person+s ability to move out of their body and travel
freely with some degree of perception throughout the physical universe
and it extends their ability to influence other individuals and the
universe of other individuals and extends their ability to cause effects in
the physical universe.
On OT VII a person becomes aware of Power, that+s an awareness level,
and of freedom. It rehabilitates a person+s ability to project
intention. At OT VIII Freedom is the awareness level, here a person+s
ability to be cause knowingly over thought, life, form, matter, energy,
space and time
on a subjective and objective, also other people+s subjective, basis is
what is achieved there. The Church doesn+t sell OT VIII or market it. There
is little to no research or paperwork, even in the files of L. Ron Hubbard
on this level. The freedom from the inability to be totally free and at
total cause as a being gets handled on this level.
This particular set of materials has been worked out, tested, and proved.
It is no part of the existing Church but I suppose the whole subject of
Scientology, is no part of the Church.
The two (Scientology and the Church) are not only incompatible but are
at very cross purposes with each other, to say the least.
So, that is overall the awareness characteristics, the levels on what is
known as the Grade Chart of Scientology.

The next thing I+d like to take up is a broad subject called understanding.
I+m covering alot of philosophy while explaining the technology of
Scientology and I have to do that because there is a fundamental amount
of philosophy involved with this technology. One needs to know it or one
cannot apply the technology. There is a separate, short chapter in this
book on philosophy.
People are as happy and successful as they are able to communicate and
understand. People seek understanding, nations seek understanding.
Understanding is the process and action and goal which life is engaged
upon and striving towards. Understanding something well, means that
you can predict it, and being able to predict it, you can control it,
and being able to control it, you can either reduce or increase its
effect on you, as you so desire. Thus, the more understanding you have,
the more predictable your life will be, the more free you will be to
live and win. Problems are made up of confusions, unprediction and
Understanding reduces confusion, increases prediction and awareness. By
understanding a person has fewer problems and a better life,by
increasing ones understanding one should have a proportional reduction
of problems and a proportional increase in living, or livingness, if you
will. If you understand everything about a problem it is not a problem.
Every problem contains elements that are not understood. Any problem can be
solved by locating and understanding these elements which were not
previously understood.
The Reactive Mind lowers ones ability to live because it lowers ones
Understanding is made up of three things: Affinity, Reality and
Affinity is a consideration of distance. High affinity is closeness; low
affinity is greater distance. -Love+ could be described as high affinity; -
hate+ is the desire for less affinity. Affinity is a gradient (relative)
quantity. The greatest affinity would be beingness where there would be
no distance between the two terminals. The introduction of more and more
distance would decrease affinity more and more. So, two dots close
together (.__.) would be high affinity; two dots farther apart
(.______.) would be lower affinity. So, the closer you are, to whatever
you want to understand, whether it be a person, problem or thing, the
greater your understanding will be. This is covered with much more
precision in Axiom 25. The closer you are, the more willing you are to
be near to something, then the greater your understanding will be;
conversely, the
farther you are from it, the less you will understand it. People are quite
aware of the affinity that others extend towards them.
Reality: People have been going off the deep end about this for thousands
of years by rigidly trying to find out about everything. I+d like to just
treat it in a light way, at this time. Reality is basically agreement. If you
can agree with that which you seek to understand, then your understanding
will increase. It might worth noting here that all a case is is disagreements,
in other words, all a Reactive Mind is, is a person+s disagreements.

This third part is Communication. Communication is the consideration
and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source point across a
distance to a receipt point, with the intention of bringing into being at
the receipt point a duplication of that which emanated from the source
point. This is covered in greater detail in Axiom 28. That is the
mechanical communication formula. Communication can exist senior to
mechanics and certainly does. In life, communication has been described
as a universal solvent. The most effective communication is that
communication which is best duplicated.
These three components of understanding are abbreviated:
Affinity, Reality, Communication = ARC
Some people use the same amount of ARC for everything that they
encounter in life. This is very ineffective. One should be able to
change the amount and type of ARC that he uses to communicate with
different people and things. Communicating with ones wife, boss,
President or neighbour with the same amount of ARC is disastrously
ineffective. One should be able to vary the amount of ARC one uses in
each individual life situation in order to best understand that
When there is a sudden drop in ARC, known as an ARC Break, it can be
remedied by putting A and R back in. Increasing two of these
components brings back up the third. Example: there is an argument and a
sudden drop in ARC. This can be patched up by talking (communicating)
about an agreeable subject (the weather, movies) with
an expression of a little affinity. Of the three, communication is the
most important, in that, it is the doingness, the activity part.
A person is to some degree in Affinity, Reality and Communication with his
body, his mind, the physical universe, himself and other beings.
What is a man? A man is composed of three parts: a body, a mind and a
soul. The body is a carbon-oxygen machine which the person uses to
communicate and perceive from and with.
The mind is a physical thing located in matter, energy, space and
which contains electrical masses of energy and significances.
The soul is the person, the individual, that which decides, is aware,
perceives and feels. A person doesn+t have a soul, he is the soul, People
who say that they -have a soul+, or refer to -their soul+ should generally
be asked, -Who are you?+
The 8 Dynamics: The goal of all life is survival and the individual is to
some degree surviving in all the areas of existence. The areas in which each
individual is seeking to survive, to some degree, are known as the Dynamics,
which are defined as urges towards which one is striving.
1. Self
2. Sex, family
3. Groups
4. Mankind
5. All life forms
6. The physical universe

7. Thought
8. God, Infinity, Supreme Being
Other dynamics are listed in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical
Dictionary and then there are upper dynamics that are far senior to anything
listed here, they will be covered later in this book.
Everyone is to some degree surviving on all of these 8 dynamics. A
person+s condition can be measured by the number of dynamics he is
surviving on. A person who can be cause over and handle the 1st dynamic,
can move on to the second and be successful at it, and can then, one by
one, go up to #8.
If one does not follow this ladder of expanding spheres of causation,
one will have a much more difficult time of it and will probably fail.
By skipping the first two dynamics and attempting to be cause over the
third dynamic Communism has doomed itself to failure. Yogis, mystics and
various Eastern religions by skipping the first six dynamics and trying to
survive only on the 7th dynamic are on the whole quite unsuccessful. The
better solution to any problem is that which will offer the most survival
to the greatest number of dynamics. The best solution would offer infinite
survival for all dynamics.
Severe failures on a dynamic lead to an inversion:
1. Failures on the 1st lead to extreme attention on the 8th.
(The individual lives of religious fanatics are poor.)
2. Failures on the 2nd lead to extreme attention on the 7th.
(Examine the sexual and family lives of artists and mystics.)
3. Failures on the 3rd lead to extreme attention on the 6th.
(This is the one America is on. It wants lots of physical
things - cars and so forth because of its inability to handle
groups. Not only other countries, but also groups within the
U.S. and U.S. itself as a group. So, all their attention goes
on matter, energy, space and time, money. Note their inability
to operate in a cooperative fashion.)
4. Failures on the 4th lead to extreme attention on the 5th.
(Ask any extreme pet lover how they really feel about
mankind and make sure when you do that you have a door close by,
possibly a trash can, you may be needing both.)
Now, I would like to take up the Tone Scale. This is covered in great
detail in 300,000 words in a book entitled Science of Survival by Mr.
The emotional Tone Scale, starting from the top, in the human range is:
4.0 Enthusiasm
3.0 Conservatism
2.5 Boredom
2.0 Antagonism
You could draw a line under these and in these ranges a person is more
responsible, cause, winning, perceptive, happy and analytical. Now,
under this line a person is irresponsible, effect, losing and reactive.
The way that scale looks is:

1.8 Pain
1.5 Anger
1.1 Covert Hostility
1.0 Fear
.9 Sympathy
.5 Grief
.05 Apathy
0.0 Death
Emotions above 2.0 on the Tone Scale tend to increase and go up tone
toward greater survival; those emotions below 2.0 tend to go down tone
towards succumbing. Those above 2.0 are creative and further Life;
those below are destructive and tend toward Death. So, they are both
exponential in nature, or compounding in nature. Anything below this
line is going to end up towards Death; anything 2.0 or above the line
is going to end up enthusiastic.
Parts of the Tone Scale are characterized by a desire to change and
others by a desire to maintain the status quo:
4.0 Stable
3.5 Unstable
3.0 Stable
2.2 Unstable
1.5 Stable
1.1 Unstable
.05 Stable
The Tone Scale measures relative degrees of survival.
The Tone Scale measures relative degrees of affinity. The Tone Scale
measures relative degrees of reality.
The Tone Scale measures relative degrees of communication. The Tone
Scale measures relative degrees of responsibility.
Ones general, overall position on the Tone Scale is not always fixed; it
varies. Falling in love can put a person at 4.0; a death of someone
close can put a person into .05, Apathy.
Ones tone can vary per dynamic or subject, in other words, a person
could be at boredom on sex and anger on politics. People do go all over
the Tone Scale depending on the subject, and their tone and mood at the
time. To communicate effectively with a person and bring him up tone,
one can assume a tone that is a tone above his position on the scale.
You will be cause over that person. To communicate effectively and bring
a person down the Tone Scale, one should assume a tone that is a tone
below theirs. You will become effect of that person.
People go down the Tone Scale only because their higher toned
communication was unsuccessful. It didn+t get through, so they try lower
and lower tones until their communications are acknowledged and
produce a result. People of different tone levels that communicate at
length (husband-wife, brother-sister) generally tend to equalize their
differences in tone. An enthusiastic husband and an angry wife, after 20
years of marriage will both assume a tone of boredom.

By associating with higher tone people than oneself, one can raise ones
tone; by associating with people of a lower tone than ones, one will
bring oneself down the Tone Scale.
People usually have one basic emotion that they most commonly express.
This is one way of placing a person on the Tone Scale. Possibly a better
way is to put an individual under high stress, then you will find out
what their true Tone Scale position is.
In society, the level of social machinery is usually very high on the
Scale, 4.0 - 3.0, but the people are actually much lower, usually below
2.0. Individuals above 2.0 on the Tone Scale are very responsible and at
the very least, quite rare.
Perhaps a greater problem then position, being low on the Tone Scale,
and being low on the Tone Scale is certainly a problem, is the tendency
to become fixed at one position on the Tone Scale and becoming
inflexible in adaptation to other tone levels when it would be
advantageous to change tone. Being stuck at Enthusiasm is just as
ineffective as being stuck at Apathy. Through Scientology technology a
person can gain the freedom to use whatever the the situation calls for,
and thus ones overall tone does improve.
By locating a person+s position on the Tone Scale, one can predict very
accurately how that person will act.
The next area I+d like to go over is The Anatomy of Confusion.
Confusion is characterized by uncertainty, stupidity and insecurity. In
this universe, confusion is random motion. A confusion is only a confusion
as long as all the particles are in motion. A confusion is only a confusion
so long as no factor is clearly defined and understood. By knowing the
anatomy of confusions, one can decrease them, that is, become more
intelligent. Education fails because of confusions. Behind every failure,
there is a confusion that wasn+t stood up to and taken apart.
In order to lower the confusion in the random motion of particles, one
should select one particle from which to locate the motion of the other
particles. A confusing motion can be understood by conceiving one thing
to be motionless. If there are 10 phones ringing, pick one up and answer
it. By selecting one datum, one factor, one particle in a confusion, the
confusion continues but the thing selected becomes a stable datum for
the remainder.
All confusions, no matter how big, are composed of data, factors, or
particles. They do have pieces. Grasping one piece lowers the confusion
level. Grasp one piece and locate it thoroughly. See how the other pieces
function in relation to it until the confusion is solved in its entirety.
The piece that you grasp becomes a certainty that is predict relation to it
until the confusion is solved in its entirety. The piece that you grasp
becomes a certainty that is predictable; the remainder is unpredictable,
uncertain. The ordering of confusions is a process of picking one element of
it and making that a predictable, stable thing that you know about and using
this element of stability to stabilize the remaining random elements. The
remaining elements are stabilized by observing their relationship to the
first stable point.

Certainty could be defined as a lack of confusion.
Intelligence is the ability to handle a confusion. Security is
attained by bringing order to a confusion.
Instead of ordering confusions, some people depend on -luck+,
uncontrolled chance. Depending on luck is abandoning control.
that+s Apathy.
Because of the great quantity of uncertain, stupid control that is extant
in society, some people are inclined to think that control is a bad thing.
Control is not a bad thing. People that say that control is bad are saying
that industrial, airplace and automobile accidents are good. Control is
necessary if one is to bring order to confusions.
Good control is positive, certain, predictable; bad control is an attempt,
but it is not really control - it is uncertain, unpredictable. One either
controls things or one does not. One must be able to control things, his
body, his mind, his thoughts to some degree in order to accomplish
A confusion is an uncontrolled randomness. People who exert some
control of that randomness handle confusions, instead of confusions
handling them. People who do not exert control over confusions breed
more confusions.
When one becomes master of confusions, ones attention is freed for
constructive activity. When one is surrounded by confusions and does
not handle them, he will develop a destructive attitude in living
because of his desire to destroy the confusions around him.
Now I would like to discuss Stopping a Confusion.
Confusion is held ineffective with an ordering datum, that is, a Stable
Datum. Examples are the dictionary, gravity, -me Tarzan, you Jane+, and
the rising and setting of the sun. One handles the confusion of standing
in the rain with the stable datum of opening an umbrella, or of going
inside, or with holding a newspaper over ones head, etc. There are many
stable data. A stable datum is that which stops a confusion and solves a
Example: After an argument with his mother-in-law, a man is confused
and stops his confusion with a stable datum, the decision that -mother+s-
in- law are evil+. This, whether right or wrong, orders the confusion.
When the man gets into trouble and a woman helps him out, then the
original confusion returns to him because the stable datum has been
shown to be invalid.
Example: After studying the data in universities for 10 years about the
various problems of existence and the world and solving this
confusion with the stable datum of -Nothing can be done about these
things but study them and speculate+, an educated person meets someone
who is capable of understanding and action and he demonstrates that
something can be done, thus the first man+s stable datum that

resolved his confusion is now shaken and he will feel
confused by that person.
Seeing the falsity of a stable datum that was used in the past brings the
confusion of the past up to present time.
One can have many friends by accepting and acknowledging their stable
data; you lose friends by devaluating and not accepting their stable
You can confuse and literally kill people by invalidating their major
stable data - it will bring their big confusions up to present time upon
them. The most decent, ethical thing one can do when people offer their
stable data is to simply acknowledge them.
Stable data aren+t necessarily true - they are simply adopted. When an old
stable datum can be seen to be untrue and the old confusion comes up to the
present, a new stable datum must be adopted, or the old stable datum will
be put back in place.
Some stable data are more effective than others. Scientology technology
itself is a somewhat effective stable datum for solving confusions about
I+d like to now take up Control.
An executive controls more than a workman; a wealthy man controls
more than a poor man.
People who say that control is bad are saying that accidents are good.
People who try to control, don+t control; attempted control is not control.
One controls or one does not.
There is no such thing as bad control; one doesn+t control but simply tries
and then labels this -bad control+.
The anatomy of control is Start, Change, and Stop. One must be able to
do all three of these to control.
Life consists of Cycles of Action (Start, Change, Stop).
The apparent cycle of action for the Physical Universe is Create-Survive
People in good condition do not resent good, positive control and can
administer good, positive control to people and objects. People in poor
condition resent casual directions, and are not able to handle people and
objects. So, these people are inefficient and do have difficulty in life.
If you don+t control a car, you will end up in a ditch. The ability to Start,
Change and Stop ones body, ones activities and one environment - this is
their ability to control.
If you don+t control a machine, like getting angry, it controls you. Control
over ones Reactive Mind would stop it from controlling you.

The ability to make stable data is the ability to stop; the ability to
control is the ability to order confusion.
Incompetence and inefficiency are both the inability to start, change and
stop things.
Some people are stuck in starting things. They do little, make lots of
plans and taIk enthusiastically about big schemes.
Some people are stuck in change. They must keep everything going. They
do not like new ideas or new machinery.
Some people are stuck on stop and will try to stop everything.
Artists start things, which leads to a creative society.
Business people change things which leads to an enduring society.
Military and policemen stop things which leads to a destructive society.
The inability to control which results in confusion and insanity is
To be happy, one must be able to control his environment which includes
the inabilities of others.
Control is not the answer to everything. One needs barriers to have a
game and to be happy.
One must not let his area of control extend beyond his own life too far;
we must tend to our own house before tending others.
The willingness not to control is as important as control itself.
The next thing I+d like to discuss is Self-Determinism.
By learning and applying Scientology data and by using Scientology
processes, a person raises his self-determinism, his ability to
determine his own existence. Self-determinism is not selfish determinism
for self determinism embraces responsibility. Self-determinism is the
ability to
play one side of a game, it is the ability to act and be cause. By
becoming more self-determined, by running ones own life, one can achieve
more of ones goals. Achievement can be translated into happiness.
Now I+d like to discuss Wins.
What is a win? A win is getting a goal and doing it.
If someone else gets your goals for you then you won+t win much. You can
do 10 times as much in an area that you like as you can in one which you
People who do not set goals cannot win, they do not have any future. Goals
imply future time. No goals imply no future. People don+t win because they
do not set goals or they set unattainable goals giving themselves a loss.

To win, set a goal you can do and do it. Then, set a larger goal.
Society often -forces+ one to set higher goals than he could naturally
achieve. In order to -keep up+ he attempts to do something he can+t.
This may be the agreed-upon-fact in society, but it is certainly not
the way to win.
Winning requires: 1. Awareness and honesty about what you can do.
2. Awareness that it doesn+t matter where you are
on a gradient scale; it matter very much whether
you are going up (winning) or going down (losing).
3. Setting goals you can achieve.
4. Achieving them.
5. Setting new goals. That is all there is to it.
Most people aren+t up to this simplicity. Most people have -failed+ at
some time in the past and have decided to quit and not set goals any
more. Stuck back in that failure they -just exist+ without a future,
spending the years in front of a TV set. Conservatively speaking,
about 90% of the U.S. is in this condition.
I+d like to talk about Games next.
Games require barriers, freedoms and goals. They may require players or a
The game of Life uses the physical universe as a barrier. Matter is a
barrier (walls, mountains). Energy is a barrier (electricity,
explosions). Space is a barrier (a man in New York can+t meet a man in
California). Time is a barrier (one can+t change yesterday or live
tomorrow today). Each person is in ARC with the physical universe. When
he has an accident, that is a physical injury, his ARC with the physical
universe drops. By getting the person into communication with the
physical universe after he has been hurt, one can often turn the pain and
condition off significantly The best thing to do is to get the person into
ARC with you. This is known as an Assist . Anyone can do them without
needing to know how they work. I know a number of people who are
critical and sceptical of Scientology, but whenever they have a
headache turn on, they give themselves an Assist and they like that
very much. An assist takes a person+s attention off the loss and puts
it on a win. People have too many barriers because they don+t know
enough. If they did know, they could predict and win.
Here+s what usually happens:
Person: ______ ?/lose______ ?/lose______ ?/lose______ ?/Decision to Quit.
Time: ------------------------------------------------------- ®
After enough losses a person will decide to quit his external game.
Having quit playing an external game, what does he do? Every person has a
level of game that he likes to play at - more game than this level will
him, less game than this level will cease to hold his interest. This is
his 73

level of randomity, the ratio of confusion to order. The ideal state would
be to be able to adjust to any level of randomity, but most people,
unfortunately, because they have Reactive Minds, are stuck at one level.
To maintain this level after they have quit playing an external, objective
game out in life, people will start an internal game, they will start to
play a game with themselves.
There are many ways to play a game with oneself because one doesn+t
want to play or has decided not to play an external game. One can think,
think, think; one can explore the realms of the imagination. One can
wonder about the pact, one can think about ones friends; one can worry
about the future, and so forth.
People that are highly introspective and -reasonable+ have already
failed in life. There is not enough randomity to hold their interest in
the present or there is too much randomity for them to confront. So,
they deny themselves from having any exterior game.
People don+t allow themselves an external game because they can+t have
one. They have lost, they have hurt others. They know they will lose,
that external games are too unpredictable, so they don+t play them.
Where there are too many barriers, that is, too much challenge, too much
unpredictability, too many losses, a person is then unable to have or
even be.
How to have a game: One must be able to be before one can do before one
can have.
Be, Do, Have. In that order.
People are thoroughly mixed up on this sequence. America by having things
and doing things is trying to be something. That+s backwards. -Playing
the role+ to learn something or be something, like going through the
motions of a housewife in order to be one, is backwards. Acting
beautiful, or glamorous, or charming won+t make a person any of these
things. Making love without being in love won+t advance you towards love.
That+s backwards. The cycle for games is BE-DO-HAVE.
Those are also the components of Experience, but that+s not defined in
Scientology, but I+ll define it here. BE-DO-HAVE make up a triangle
known as Experience.
This is a bit obvious that one would have to be before one could do,
and then one would have to do in order to have. Scientology enables a
person to be and increases his ability to do by raising his awareness
and prediction. He is then able to have.
Play a game that you can be in, you can do in, so you can have in, in
other words, pick an agreeable gradient where you can comfortably be on.
If it is being 20 feet from the opposite sex, well fine, do that. Then try
19 feet. Give yourself wins, so you can have things that are predictable.
Give yourself wins by picking predictable things. Gradiently increase your
ability to have a game.
In society, unfortunately, people play unpredictable games -by ear+,
people try to find love by doing, people set high goals that they can+t 74

handle or have, and are unwilling to play a small game that they can have
and handle. It is the idea that keeping up with the lavish, uncontrolled
and overwhelmed Jones+s is something important. In processing, a girl
who had been sleeping with everyone in a frantic effort to -find love+,
discovered that her level of being, doing and having was that of a mild
kiss - anything beyond that was beyond her having it. By playing a game
she could have and increasing her game, she can now be and live. She
isn+t jumping gradients because of the Jones+s. She is now satisfied and
happy which is more than one can say for the Jones+s that she was trying
to imitate.
Next I+d like to talk about something that is grossly misunderstood
inside and outside of Scientology, crudely called karma, and defined in
Scientology as the Overt-Motivator Sequence.
Overt Act: An action or non-action that harms another dynamic and is -
justified+. Example: you hurt someone by hitting them
because they hit you. Your hitting them is the overt act and the -
because they hit you+ is the justification.
Motivator: (justification) An act received from any dynamic and
considered harmful, and is a justifier to commit overt acts.
Man is basically good. When he harms another, he cuts down his own
survival because of this. If you commit overt acts, that is, hurt other
people, then they will hurt you. Kids actually do this. After Bill has
hit Tom, he holds out his hand and asks Tom to hit him back so everything
will be all right.
Why do we hurt other people and what happens when we do?
Here+s the sequence:
1. Confusion
2. Overt Act
3. Motivator, Justification
4. More Overt Acts
5. Withholds (not communicating
                      about the overts)
6. Criticism
7. Withdrawal from that area
This sequence is always present wherever anyone has withdrawn from
any area in life because he -didn+t like it anymore+, or -couldn+t handle
it+. This why people quit school, get divorces, move away from home and
in many cases, die. Man is basically good and if he has been hurting
others around him, he will leave those people so he won+t hurt them
anymore. This sequence is always present when a person is highly critical
of someone. He either has overts on that person or someone that is like
This sequence is always present if a person has withholds, that is,
doesn+t like to talk about various things. There are always overts if a
person is justifying, in other words using -because+ and explaining why he
done what he has done. So, an indication of any part of this sequence
means that all other parts of the sequence have occurred. Motivators, 75

justifications, withholds, criticism or withdrawal always indicate the
existence of overt acts.
A person will continue pulling motivators, in other words, bad things
happening to him, -bad luck+, as long as the overt is left unconfronted,
as long as the person refuses to take responsibility for what he has done.
People spend a fantastic amount of time justifying, trying to explain away
what they have done. These justifications just pull in more overts.
Criticism of other people and other things is a motivator for further
overts that they have on that person or thing or on someone or thing
associated to that criticized.
An overt is NEVER justified. Confronting and taking responsibility for an
overt is the only way of ridding oneself of it. People justify in an
attempt to attain a feeling that what they did was OK. People generally
degrade and criticize that which they have harmed. If they have harmed it
enough, they leave.
This idea that everybody gets what is coming to them is overworked in
the areas of literature, movies and religion. Good acts do not justify bad
People are critical of those things in others that are similar to the
overts that they have and are committing. Used car salesmen object to
Scientology because -it+s a racket+, beatniks object to Scientology
because -it+s a personality cult+, unemployed people object to
Scientology because -it doesn+t work+, and university professors object
to Scientology because -it is just vague, meaningless abstractions+.
This is not an overriding, universal law; it+s a mechanical sequence
which can be processed out of people to where they are no longer subject
to it.
In other words, there is a senior level of understanding and a person
can rise above this treadmill.
I+d like to go into Study now.
One must be present to study. There must be two terminals (you and that
you learn from) and space in between them. By present I mean the person
and his attention being there, not just his body being there. Beingness
precedes doingness. One must be before one can do.
Study follows the communication formula:
1. Consideration
2. Attention
3. Intention
One should consider that he can study first, then put his attention into
study, and the. put intention into studying.
Study is the activity of understanding (ARC) data and significances. It
is the process of going from a non- comprehension and confusion to (1)
the attainment of the ability to duplicate (although most stop here, this
is simply mechanical and a mental trick), to (2) the ability to
understand 76

and comprehend, to (3) the subjective realization and awareness of
knowing, to (4) the ability and willingness to apply and use what one has
The first step is the duplication of data. This is the usual custom, but it
is not always necessary in learning. Governments -study+ things instead of
finding out about them. It is the activity to fill time and delay doingness.
The basic thing that is cutting down understanding, study and the ability
to act is the Overt-Motivator sequence, that is:
1. Confusion (misunderstood word or symbol)
2. Overt Acts (not studying, not listening and criticizing the subject).
3. Justification (-The teacher is just an an idiot.+ He may be, but it+s
still a justification.)
4. Withholds
5. Withdrawal from study
By locating the misunderstood words, one can triple ones ability in the
area of study. One needn+t do anything but find the words that one has
misunderstood and look up their meanings. You just make up a list and
look them up.
The bypassed definition (misunderstood word or symbol) occurs right
before you lost interest and/or things started going bad. Example: a man
gets confused half-way down a page and doesn+t want to read anymore. He
has bypassed a definition of a word at the top of the page. Looking up
the definition of that word will order the confusion and his interest
will return.
Bypassed definitions in an area similar to that you are now studying will
confuse you. Example: one is confused about Scientology and has just
heard a few things about it, but has already taken a course in Psychology
or Indian Philosophy. One has bypassed definitions in these associated
There is a gradient of randomity in study where there is sufficient
randomity to hold interest without overwhelming and bypassing the
person studying. The length of approach to a subject should be short
enough to avoid failure, in other words, make it simple enough so that
people understand it and yet long enough to avoid skipping a gradient.
Enough should be learned so that the subject is covered thoroughly and
in order. Don+t start too high on a gradient. Start at a gradient that
the person can be at and study at.
Teachers need students present in order to teach them. Not just the body,
but the person+s attention.
If someone can+t learn, he has missed a lower gradient. If studying
produces physical reactions, he has missed a lower gradient of study in
that subject.
Study is a concentration of certainties, a string of confidences that lead
to competences.

One should teach the student so that he can understand the subject and
use and apply it. If a person does not use and apply what he has
learned, then he has not really learned it. The responsibility of the
student+s attainment of a subjective reality is upon the instructor.
I+d like to comment here that non-application of what one has learned
indicates that there is something wrong with learning. That particular
datum is valid evidence 100% of the time. No one alive, excepting myself
and perhaps a few others, have in any way learned or grasped the
technology of Scientology because no one else can apply it purely.
Cultures are the result of education.
Dead study has no purpose; live study has a purpose. It can be applied
towards a doingness. The relative importance and applicability of the
data studied is important. Without application, there is no purpose and
one has pedantry instead of study.
School Education
1. Pedantic Seldom pedantic
2. Not necessarily concerned Oriented by application
    with applicability
3. Pompous Non-pompous, aware, sincere,
natural, dedicated activity
4. Deals with pure Doesn+t concern itself with significances
    significances that are not
related to mass.
5. Separates significances Is concerned with doingness, and
    action mass and the reason one
engages in doingness
One could have a school that did not educate, a school which would fail to
add mass and doingness to a significance. Too much significance and too
little mass or doingness leads to introversion. To teach a man about balls,
give him a ball, not its history. The extreme of all mass and doingness and
no significance also will lead one to failure in education. The sign of a
professional is his ability to do. One doesn+t have to have done everything
to be a professional. Doingness can be overstressed.
Education should deal with enough significances to handle a significant
future .
Education should be an activity of relaying an idea or an action from one
being to another in such a way as not to stultify or inhibit the use
thereof. One should allow the other fellow the right to think and develop on
the subject, in other words, to where he comes up to judgement, his own
ability to judge and know and apply the subject becomes available.
Scientology developed this and the technology of study so that the
initial experiences of teaching and de-aberrating the very ignorant could
be handled smoother and quicker in their advance through the gradient
levels of Scientology towards truth, and applied it in some instances
1964 - 1974 in some of their churches.

The next area I+d like to look at in study is sociological history.
Civilizations rise and fall. Civilizations and their cultures fall
partly because they lose their technologies. They lose their
technologies because people don+t study technologies and can+t study
technologies. People can+t study because they don+t know how to study.
There have been no technologies for education. Until now there has been
no technology of study.
One of the reasons you quit studying is that you study false things.
Another thing is that there is an absence of judgement or evaluation.
People think that duplication alone is study. If is simply a mechanical
step, mental feat. Duplication without sense is deadly. Duplication is
not the way to study. The world+s chaos is the result of these mental
feats, training minds instead of people. The world is desperately
deficient in educated people. Study has nothing to do with mental feats;
it is concerned with people, not their minds. Study has to do with
understanding, with another person+s willingness to know.
A person can+t learn if he doesn+t see that he doesn+t know, if he -
already knows about it+. A person who doesn+t recognize their own
ignorance can
only pretend to study.
Before you can study, you must consider and be aware that THERE IS
SOMETHING HERE TO LEARN. Ones lack of understanding and inability to
study leads to fixed slavishness to things and fixed opinions to
safeguard oneself. Fixed ideas and prejudices are based on ones inability
to understand.
If a person knows his subject, he won+t be the victim of every little
bump in his way. Conditions won+t monitor whether a person attains
results. (I could not stress the last two sentences enough. Those two
sentences are the keys to godhood.)
General problems that people have that prevent their learning:
1. They -already know all about it+.
2. They employ and claim to need fixed opinions to protect
their own stupidity.
3. They let their idea about their knowledge be altered because
of difficulties in attaining results.
You see, only after acquiring the freedom of knowing what you do and
don+t know about a subject do and don+t know about a subject can you
acquire judgement.
Tackle the words before you tackle the subject. Never leave a word behind
in studying.
Care has no relation to speed. Time is an individual consideration and is
highly subjective.
Familiarity with the subject is attained after gaining a familiarity with
the words.

I+d like to now briefly discuss Scientology Processing as an overview.
Scientology processing is the application of a precise technology based on
principles about communication, the human mind and life, in which one person
(an auditor) aids and listens to another person to -clear+ that person of
confusions. It enables the person being cleared (a pre-clear) to
increase his ability to be, live, perceive, experience,understand and act
by freeing his attention from confusions. It can be applied at any gradient
of awareness and through it a person can solve his difficulties in life and
The goal of processing is to bring a person closer to the state of -clear+
where he ceases to act irrationally (re-act), is total cause over his
existence if he chooses to be, and can handle anything that he is
confronted with.
Clears have fewer problems, better health, higher IQs, higher perception,
quicker reaction time, are more stable, more oriented and have better
personalities by traditional standards. They are highly individualistic.
The state of clear is in no way an absolute, it is a subjective and
objective, obtainable and attainable reality.
The next area I+d like to take up here is some data that has been
sensationalised by the press.
The press and the public occasionally confuse and sensationalise
practically any significant event that occurs and Scientology has been to
some degree a significant event.
The facts are that:
1. Dianetics was a million selling book explaining the human mind and
has been a psychotherapy that embraces the first four dynamics, in
other words, self, sex, family, groups and mankind.
2. The Hubbard Electrometer (E-meter) is an electronic device for measuring
the state and change of state of humans. It is about the
size of a cigar box and is used in processing to measure masses
surrounding the human body and thus locate areas of confusion. It
measures unconscious and pre-conscious data. It works, in fact, it
always works. The use of an E-meter is a precise skill. A trained
operator can find out anything with it. It operates by measuring
body resistance and changes in body resistance which is monitored
by the energy mass (usually having significances attached) in the
pre-clear+s reactive mind (an individual universe of matter,
energy, space and time which surrounds and passes through the
3. Past lives and pre-natal memory. Pre-natal memory is
validated in Dianetic research. The validity of past life
phenomena is observed uniformly in Scientology processing,
however, the present life is probably the most important life to
the pre-clear, although the chances of him viewing it that way are
minute. Objectively speaking, the life one is living is the most
important one, but most people are living it from another life
point of view, unbeknownst to them.
4. Scientology as a Religion. It probably was one from 1954 to 1969.
During those years, it dealt with man as an immortal soul and as a
being, and operated off some degree of religious philosophy, tenets, 80

some degree of religious, philosophic tenets. The supposed realm
of Scientology is that of religious wisdom, not of religious practice.
Its church creed states that -all men have inalienable right to their
own religious practice and their performance+.
After 1969 the majority of the actions of the church were to deny that
previous part of the church creed with the introduction of something
known as the Sea Org which is a para-military organization of excessively
dedicated individuals, preoccupied with a power struggle against
governments. Scientology as a religion during the 1954 through 1969 period
did not condone or adhere to any form of belief. It was concerned with
Knowingness, Certainty and Awareness. Thus Scientology, in its purest
form, embraced all religions; a person+s religious beliefs and practices
were his own business.
Likewise, there was no political affiliations of Scientology during the
1954 to 1969 period. During those years, Scientology asserted a desire to
maintain a society in which it could operate from and had a number of
suggested plans for world peace.
The next thing I+d like to take up is the definitions and words. Before
we can understand the technology or study the technology of Scientology
one must know the meanings of the words and we will be taking that up in
very exact detail quite soon. I+d like to clear up the majority of the
important words that you will need to understand to where you can follow
along. So, this is a definition sheet:
Affinity - is a consideration of distance.
Chaos - all points in motion, no points fixed. Effort - the physical
force manifestation of motion.
Energy - postulated particles in space; condensed space. Environment,
objective - the environment everyone agrees is there. Environment,
subjective - the environment the individual himself believes is there
and it is not necessarily agreed upon.
Facsimile - an energy recording of a finite period of time which can
contain all perceptions; a mental image picture.
Gradient scale - a scale of differences between zero and infinity.
Matter - grouped particles in space,
Randomity - the ration of unpredicted motion to predicted motion.
Reality - the agreed upon apparency of existence.
Space - a viewpoint of dimension.
Time - a postulate that space and particles will persist.

Stable datum - a datum, not necessarily factual, which an individual uses
to align a confusion.
Responsibility - willingness to be cause and willingness to confront.
Intelligence - the ability to perceive, pose and resolve problems, and to
create solutions.
Work - activity with a purpose.
Happiness - the overcoming of known or not unknown obstacles towards
a known goal and also the contemplation or indulgence in
The next 200 definitions of Scientology words and concepts are not in
alphabetical order but should probably be studied and learned in the order
that they are presented.
Missed withhold - an undisclosed contra-survival act which has been
restimulated by another and/but not disclosed.
Withhold - an undisclosed contra-survival act,
ARC break - the assignment of responsibility for a sudden drop in
affinity, reality or communication. Clearing - a qualitative return of
confidence in self, not a quantitative erasure or handling of
bank (reactive mind).
As-is-ness - the condition of immediate creation without persistence
and is the condition of existence which exists at the moment of
creation and the moment of destruction and is different from other
considerations in that it does not contain survival.
Alter-is-ness - the consideration which introduces change, and
therefore time and persistence into an As-is-ness to obtain
Is-ness - an apparency of existence brought about by the continuous
alteration of an As-is-ness. This is called, when agreed upon,
Not-is-ness - the effort to handle Is-ness by reducing its
condition through the use of force. It is an apparency and cannot
entirely vanquish an Is-ness.
Reality - the agreed upon apparency of existence.
Stupidity - the unknowness of consideration.
Truth - an exact consideration.
Barrier - a consideration or idea that limits other considerations or
ideas. This, of course, includes emotional and physical
universe barriers.

Blanketing - this is an incident consisting of throwing oneself as a
thetan (spirit) over another thetan or over a MEST (matter, energy,
space and time) body. Blanketing is done to obtain an
emotional impact or even to kill. It is strongest in
sexual incidents where the thetan throws two MEST bodies
together in the sexual act in order to experience their
emotions. This sexual lust comes from the Halver. (The
Halver was an incident of being split in half
supposedly.). The fullest effect - MEST itself.
Chain - a series of similar engrams, similar locks, similar secondaries
or anything going backwards or forward in time filed in the
CDEI scale - (Curious-Desire-Enforce-Inhibit) a scale upon which life
exists and proceeds.
Delusion - things not of ones own creation or of the MEST universe
which locate one in time and/or space,
Dimension points - the first action of beingness is to extend from the
viewpoint points to view, which are dimension points.
Dirty Needle - that erratic agitation of the needle on an E-meter which covers
less that 1 inch of an E-meter dial and tends to be
Enmest - MEST that has been enturbulated by entheta or crushed too
hard into theta and thus rendered less usable.
Entheta - theta which is enturbulated with MEST in an inharmonious
Ethics - rationality towards the highest level of survival of the
Evaluation of data - a datum is as understood as it can be related to other
Exteriorize - the act of moving the thetan outside the body
Time - a postulate that space and particles will persist, however, a
better definition is; a consistency of viewpoint of the
interaction of dimension points.
Figure-figure-figure - after a thetan (spirit) has been unable to separate
himself from a group or object for a considerable length of
time he begins to believe that whatever it is, it is something which
he must have. He will then figure-figure-figure a reason why he has
this object. A person who is firmly convinced that he is a body and
is therefore being a body always has to have a reason for a
significance. Hence, we get figure-figure-figure. Given a fact, there
must be other facts. And in this wise, we
get somethingness added to greater somethingness.

Freedom - ability to create and position energy and/or matter in time
and space.
Future - on the time track, that area later than present time;
perception of the future is postulated as a possibility. The creation
of future realities through imagination is a
recognized function.
Game - a game consists of freedoms, barriers and purposes. Life can
be viewed as a game. It may contain a player or players, a
playing field and a weenie, that is, an object to be obtained.
Happiness - could be defined as the overcoming of obstacles towards a
desirable goal.
Habit - a stimulus-response mechanism similar to the training pattern
but set up by the reactive mind out of the content of engrams. It
cannot be changed at will by the analytical mind.
Havingness - the ability to duplicate which can be and is decreased by
a person having withholds. Also, it is the concept of being able
to reach. One does engage in action in order to have (futurity,
time oriented).
Illusion - any idea, space, energy, object or time concept which one
creates himself.
Insanity - an unknowing games condition. (Games condition is defined
as a game where there are winners and losers. )
Intelligence - the ability to perceive, pose and resolve problems.
Invalidation - a word or action that casts doubt on or denies the truth of
a person+s thoughts, actions or perceptions.
Worry - contradictory engram commands which cannot be computed,
Lambda - symbol for the living organism.
Lie - a second postulate, statement or condition designed to mask
a primary postulate which is permitted to remain.
Man - thetan, genetic entity (that spirit which runs the body), the somatic
mind (that mind which runs the body), the analytical
mind and the reactive mind.
Para-Scientology - that branch of Scientology which exceeds the reality of
the individual, in most instances, and that branch which
contains the uncertainties of Scientology.
Parts of man - Body, Mind and Soul.
The Past - on the time track, everything earlier than present time.
Perception - any means of communication below the level of

Pleasure - action towards obtaining the procurement of survival,
Present Time (PT) - a response to the continuous rhythm of the
physical universe resulting in a hereness and a nowness.
Problem - two or more purposes in opposition
Scientology - the science of how to change conditions, The science
of knowing how to know answers.
Viewpoint - a point from which to view, The first consideration of a
thetan in creation is the assumption Symbol - anything having
mass, meaning and mobility.
Theta - the only known static (Life). (There may be more than one.)
Thinkingness - the potential of considering.
Truth, ultimate - a static.
Recall - the re-experiencing of the perceptions of past incidents.
Postulate - a decision regarding a state of beingness.
Psychotic - a person completely out of present time and out of agreement
with his environment and those around him.
Randomity - the ration of unpredicted motion to predicted motion.
Organism - a physical manifestation of Life; a material form organized
and controlled by theta
MEST - matter, energy, space and time
Matter - grouped particles of energy located in a relatively stable
relationship to one another.
Effort - force with direction. A physical effort in the MEST universe.
Energy - postulated particles in space.
-I+ - the thetan, the centre of awareness, that part of the total
organism that is fundamental cause.
Dichotomy - a pair of opposites such as black-white, good- evil, love-
hate. Consideration - the highest capability of life, taking rank over
the mechanics of space, energy and time.
Charge - energy being held in present time in relation to an incident or
chain of incidents.
Analytical mind - that part of a person+s thinking machinery and memories
over which he has relatively full control.

Aberration - a sub-optimum or other-determined condition or consideration
which a person is unable to change at will.
Culture - the pattern (if any) of life in the society. All factors of the etc.,
whether economic,society, social, educational, creative or
destructive. The culture might be said to be the theta body of
the society.
Anchor point - anything from which to view or perceive, and also defines
spaces, masses and particles.
Assessment - an inventory, an examination, a calculation or evaluation of
a pre-clear.
Automaticity - anything that the thetan perceives or not, and is not under
his direct control.
Cause - origin or source; can also be a source-point.
Chaos - all points in motion, no points fixed.
Circuit - a pseudo-personality out of a facsimile strong enough to dictate
to the individual and to become identified with the
Communication - the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or
particle from a source-point across a distance to a receipt-
point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt
point a duplication of that which emanated from the source
Communication Lag (Comm-Lag) - the time intervening between the
posing of a question or a command and the exact answer to
that question or the exact execution of that command.
Consideration - a continuing postulate, not necessarily ones own.
DED - an act done to any dynamic and considered harmful with no
justification for the act.
DEDEX - an act done to any dynamic and considered harmful with the
justification for the act attempted to be placed after the act.
Dimension point - anything which defines dimensions.
Dynamic - the central drive of an individual.
Effect - receipt-point.
Effort - the physical force manifestation of motion.
Implosion - particles going towards a common centre.
Energy - postulated particles in space, condensed
space. 86

Engram - an energy recording of a finite period of time, containing
pain and unconsciousness, with a real or imaginary threat to
survival, and containing command value, and containing a compulsory
Environment - the surroundings of a person from moment to moment,
in particular or general; anything he perceives or believes he
Environment, objective - the environment everybody agrees is there.
Environment, subjective - the environment the individual himself
believes is there and not necessarily agreed upon.
Explosion - particles going away from a common centre.
Five-way bracket - you for yourself; you for another; another for
himself; another for you; others for others.
Gradient scale - scale of differences from zero to infinite
Havingness - the ability to accept, reject and permit to remain masses,
spaces and particles.
Lock - an incident of greater or lesser enturbulance of theta
which approximates the perceptics of an engram or chain of
engrams, and therefore becomes trapped due to the physical pain recorded
in the engram and remains an encystment of theta.
Perfect Duplication - an additional creation of an object, its energy
and space, in its own time, using its own energy.
Postulate - a conclusion, decision or resolution made by the individual
himself, on his own self-determinism on data of the past or
present, known or unknown. It is made upon the evaluation of data and/or
perception of the individual or an impulse without data or perception.
It is a conclusion, decision or resolution deciding on problems,
solutions or observations in the present or past or sets a pattern for
the future. Psychotic, computing - one who is running on a circuit.
Psychotic, dramatizing - one who dramatizes one type of engram or
facsimile and continually plays one engram or facsimile.
Secondary - a lock of such magnitude that it must be run as an engram; a
lock of great magnitude and entheta, but not an engram.
Service Facsimile - a non-survival situation contained in a facsimile
which is called into action by the individual to explain his failures;
the non-survival action is considered by the individual to be
the optimum way to survive; it is the pattern which is the
chronic psychosomatic or mental illness of the individual;
it is complete with all perceptions.

Straightwire - the action of creating a straight line of communication
between the individual and his past, and the environment and
people around him in present time.
Thetan - awareness of awareness unit and/or energy production unit.
Cycle of action, actual - create, create-create-create, create-counter
create, no creation, nothingness.
Invalidation - All thought, emotion or effort or action which
overcomes the freedom of choice of the individual.
Evaluation - any attempt by the auditor to impose his stable datum or
another stable datum upon the preclear. It is also an attempt
to locate another in space and time.
Ridge - a mass of particles held in suspension and is caused by two
opposing forces.
Present Time - the agreed upon position of particles that form the
MEST universe at any given instant for that instant.
Communication Bridge - an application of two-way communication to
minimize the potential effect of a change of process,
command or location during an auditing session.
Communication Terminal - any terminal that is used for communication
Stable Datum - a datum, not necessarily factual, which an individual
uses to align a confusion.
Confusion - an unpredicted mass of particles; many points in motion and
only a few points fixed.
Responsibility - willingness to be cause and willingness to confront.
Blame - the assignment of responsibility with the consideration of
Reactive Mind - that portion of the mind which files and retains
physical pain and painful emotion, and counter-emotion, counter -
effort and counter-thought, and seeks to direct the organism
solely on a stimulus-response basis by using the above types of
facsimiles to survive with and to align data. It thinks only in
identities; it has no differential ability.
Analytical Mind - that portion of the mind which receives and
retains experience data to compose and resolve problems and direct
the organism along the 8 dynamics. It has differential ability
and can think in similarities. It solves problems not by
facsimiles in total, but by present time perception also.
Altitude - the trust and confidence a preclear has in his auditor, and
also to the degree that he respects the auditor and his
judgement and is willing to follow directions of the auditor.

Occlusion - the part of the person+s memories that are hidden on
the track and are at the moment unknown to him but have
previously been known.
Necessity Level - this is a person+s ability to key out his Service
Facsimiles and to cease using the reactive bank for short
periods of time when there is an immediate and ominous threat to his
survival or the survival of others around him. Tone Scale - a
gradient scale of survival.
Tone - a person+s ability to handle his Reactive Mind.
Axiom - a statement of a self-evident truth; an established principle
which is universally received.
Ally - a person from whom sympathy came when the preclear was
ill or injured.
Counter-effort - the force which counters ones own survival. Counter
effort is an effort for which you do not accept responsibility.
Emotional Curve - any drop on the Tone Scale from above 2.5 to apathy
and can occur within seconds, minutes or hours; also, a
sudden rise of that magnitude.
Result - to proceed, spring or arise as a consequence, effect, or a
conclusion. terminate, end or effect.
Production - the creation of utility, to cause to have existence or
to happen; making, yielding.
Activity - liveliness, agility, physical motion or exercise of force.
Prediction - forecast, prophecy.
Body - the physical organism
Adjustment - functional and often transitory alteration, adaptation.
Energy - the imaginative or effective force (effective in work),
vitality. Enlightenment - the state of being in harmony with the laws of
the universe, the realization of ultimate universal truth.
Grouper - words or phrases in an engram or lock which collapse the
time track bringing similar incidents together.
Valence Shifter - any phrase received during a moment of
unconsciousness that causes the individual to shift into an
identity not his own.
Clearing - the process or activity of raising the self- determinism of the
individual by removing his confusions,

Realization - -to become real+, the process of changing from imaginary to
actual, the regaining of a previous awareness.
Power - the ability to compel obedience, to be able, a position of
ascendency, capable of acting and producing an effect.
Purposes - an end or aim to be kept in view, resolution, determination.
Ability - proficiency, competence, to be able.
Review - to look over with the intention of improvement.
Understanding - Affinity, Reality, Communication; a gradient means by
which theta survives in MEST.
Orientation - the act of determining ones bearings or setting ones
sense of direction. Familiarisation, awareness of the existing
situation which reference to time, place, form and event and
identity of persons.
Perception - the act of taking possession, power of apprehension,
direct or intuitive recognition, appreciation, insight, that upon
which a being engages with other beings and MEST.
Communication (redefinition) - the movement of a particle from a source
point to a receipt point with the other beings and MEST.
Communication (redefinition) - the movement of a particle from a source
point to a receipt point with the intention of the
communication being duplicated at the receipt point.
Recognition - knowing or feeling that a certain object has been
seen before. To perceive something previously known, to
Help - assistance, aid, the furthering of survival for an entity or
entities. To give support to. Remedy, cure, relieve, save,
extricate, benefit, promote, mend, prevent. Awareness of a
responsible action that promotes survival.
Hope - to cherish or desire with expectations, to place confidence or
trust in, desire, trust, reliance. Awareness of an expectation
of a better future.
Demand for Improvement - an insistence or firm declaration for betterment,
gain or increase. Awareness of a reach for
Need of Change - the necessity and obligation of alteration, modification,
conversion, or transformation. Awareness of a desire for a
Fear of Worsening - the attempt to go, the distress, dread, anticipation
of decline, degradation, reduction. Awareness that more things
(quantity) could get worse.

Effect - receipt, other-determined, uncontrolled, the person being a
result of his environment. Awareness of a being that
something else has brought it about.
Ruin - falling down, decay, collapse. Awareness of having fallen
Despair - to lose hope utterly, to give up expectation, domination by
feelings of hopelessness. Awareness of being without hope.
Suffering - submission to affliction, pain, loss, distress, or hardship.
Awareness of bearing up or being forced to endure.
Awareness of pain in the past and the future.
Numbness - reduced sensibility to touch, perception, or emotion. A
stupor. Awareness of emotion or sensation being taken away.
Introversion - continually looking in instead of looking out Awareness of
things or happenings applying only to oneself.
Disaster - calamity, catastrophe, cataclysm. Awareness of a sudden unwanted
happening caused by an other- determinism.
Inactuality - unactual, unfactual, or unreal. Awareness of
misinterpretation of what is.
Delusion - misleading of the mind, abnormal mental state, false belief, or
persistent error in perception. Awareness of the
misinterpretation of beliefs.
Hysteria - conduct exhibiting unmanageable fear or emotional distress.
Awareness of rapid evacuation of the body.
Shock - a state of profound depression of the vital processes, mental
dullness. Awareness of too much impact,
Catatonia - negativism, muticim, catelepsy, underlying thinking disorder,
accompanied by hallucinations and delusions of omnipotence
and occasioned by a state of violence. Awareness of negatives only, no
sensation, false all-power and rare violence striking back.
Oblivion - an act of forgetting, forgetfulness, being forgotten. Awareness
of something being in the way of awareness.
Detachment - separatism, unworldliness. Awareness of portions from a
larger mass or whole and being separate from them.
Duality - doubleness, being dual, made up of two elements. Awareness
of the condition of two-ness (no gradient here).
Secrecy - mystery, the habit of keeping secrets, seclusion. Awareness of
the state of being hidden.

Hallucination - perceptions of objects with no reality. A state of
completely unfounded and mistaken impressions or motions.
Awareness of misinterpretation of the senses.
Sadism - the infliction of pain upon a love object as a means of
obtaining sexual release. Delight in physical or mental cruelty.
Obtaining pleasure through the observation of the suffering of
another. Awareness of pleasure in others+ abuse.
Masochism - awareness of the direction of aggressive,
destructive tendencies towards oneself. Gratification through
identification (self-caused pain). Awareness of pleasure in
being abused by oneself or others.
Elation - self-exaltation, vain glory. Awareness of being picked up or
lifted up by other-determinism.
Glee - high-spirited joy accompanied by exuberant outward display over
others+ misfortunes or failures. Awareness of
uncontrolled joy.
Work - activity with purpose.
Fixidity - the state of being fixed. Awareness of being fastened.
Erosion - disintegration or destruction of the surface substance.
Awareness of destruction by slow degrees.
Dispersal - the result of going different ways. Being scattered.
Awareness of being scattered in random directions all at the same time.
Disassociation - to detach or terminate association. Awareness of
detachment from close proximity.
Criminality - the act or state of being seriously offensive and guilty of
a crime. Awareness of continued violations of known laws.
Uncausing - simply not causing. Awareness of nothing brings about
Disconnection - the act of severing the connection between, detaching.
Awareness of severing the connection of or between
Unexistence - absence, non-existence, not-ising is-ness. Awareness that
there is no awareness of anything existing.
Chance - awareness that mathematical probabilities determine events.
Fate - awareness that sub-awareness agreements control the
outcome of random events.
Destiny - awareness that sub-awareness agreements control individuals and

Luck - awareness that random mathematical probabilities, regarding matter,
energy, space and time blended with sub-awareness
agreements determine events.
Fortune - awareness that favourable conditions and events occur on a
predetermined or encoded or accidental pattern or fashion.
Love - although there are probably eighteen different definitions because
the Greeks had eighteen words for this, as an
awareness level, it is an awareness level of identification
affinity, harmonics of recognition, harmonics of co-existence
and mutual beingness as a substitute for comprehension in
many instances, particularly, if it+s a chronic awareness
level. Self - awareness of only oneself.
Ideas - awareness only of ideas.
People - as an awareness level, awareness only of people. Things - as an
awareness level, awareness only of things.
Groups - as an awareness level, the only awareness is of that of a group.
Money - awareness of symbolic measurements of effort and/ or
criminality from past havingness.
Survival - awareness of conflict, death probabilities and inescapability. A
non-awareness of non-games conditions and an excessive
awareness of persistencies in a game containing a high
degree of persistencies.
Evil - as an awareness level, awareness of destruction only.
Religion - as an awareness level, awareness of belief, other determinism
and severe overwhelm, banding together out of fear and
escapism in the individual+s final attempt to maintain stability
after unduplicatible impacts or losses.
So, these words having been cleared, I+d like to take up the subject of
auditing which is the actual Scientology processing for the improvement
of the person.
The ability to do auditing is broken down to five areas. Under -gross
auditing errors+ you find listed the five major areas of auditing. On a
tape and bulletin entitled -Out- Tech+ (September, 1965) it lists the five
of auditing and in the ethics codes of Scientology it lists that there
are only five high crimes as far as applying the technology.
No one in the Church has apparently taken any significant note of this.
100% of their attention is on the crimes, which are nuances,
misdemeanours and details involving auditing. If you commit a
misdemeanour, you get frowned upon by the Church; if you commit
crimes, you have to do a little retrain cycle in an afternoon (which is
entitled a Cramming Action where you study the little point that you
erred on); but if you commit a high crime, they are supposed to throw 93

you out of the Church and cancel your certificates. The latter doesn+t
happen. Since 100% of the Church is obsessed with playing with crimes
and misdemeanours, they don+t ever notice high crimes, or do anything
about high crimes, and unfortunately commit them 100% of the time. There
is no evidence within any of the churches+ files that the five
fundamentals of auditing were ever, in any instance, by any individual,
The first of the five fundamentals is the communication formula, (these
are also known as training routines) TR-0 is being there, not doing
anything but being there, TR-1 is the ability to communicate naturally
to another person to where he receives the communication. TR-2 is
acknowledging a communication which completes it to where the
communication no longer exists for either of you, you have moved along
in time. TR-3 is the ability to repeat a question until it is completely
answered. TR-4 involves ignoring comments which is where the bank has
taken over an individual, getting all the person+s origination
understood and clarified to where their attention can come back to the
process. So, the first fundamental in auditing is using a communication
formula and an auditing communication cycle; understanding that this is
cyclic and using the formula in auditing.
The second fundamental, a simply area in auditing, is using a repetitive
communication formula, in other words, asking the same question over and
over until it is not producing change anymore, in other words, using a
repetitive communication cycle. This is also known as flattening a
process. There is no evidence of this being done to any great extent
within any of the churches or outside of my own investigation and
The third area is getting and keeping a preclear in an auditing session.
This simply means getting and keeping a preclear in an auditing session,
nothing more to it than that. In other words, one has preclears, they
arrive. I think getting one is kind of a step down. They should come to
ones doorstep on ones knees if you+re doing the first two. If you+re
actually using a communication formula on a preclear and flattening
questions there is no question that they are going to be sending in
everyone they know. Getting preclears is never a problem if you do the
first two things.
The churches+ solution to getting a preclear is promising the world to
them and as far as keeping a preclear they do it with intimidation.
Keeping a preclear is handled by the second area of flattening
If you flatten a question, a person will finally find the truth and there
is no problem in keeping a preclear then. If they are finding truth, the
only keeping that will be done is that you are going to have to keep them
away to where you have some time for yourself or time for other preclears.
There are rare occasions, I+d say 1 out of 2000, where you would
actually have to use a communication bridge to encourage a preclear to
continue their particular endeavour. I+d strongly recommend an auditor
not doing that, I+d recommend an auditor clearing up why the preclear
has any degree of doubt or reservation about his own self-discovery. So,
getting and keeping a preclear is practically an unnecessary action, but
it is
printed within the technology of Scientology that it is a necessary action.

It is a high crime not to get and keep pcs. Personally, I find it
absolutely impossible not to have preclears and I have found it unnecessary
to keep them. They keep themselves around and they arrive on their own
The fourth simple area of auditing is knowing how to use an E-meter
correctly and we will be taking each these areas up in detail later. This
is a skill which you could probably train into any monkey or dog, but
people make it far more complicated than it is. It is a trainable skill
which if a person is highly intelligent or highly confused, they could take
up to six months learning how to do it. (I was both 20 years ago and it
took that long.) An average individual, properly taught, can learn how to
use an E meter in, after they have been processed up to the Solo Course
about 3 days time. It takes about 20 hours to train the skill in.
A person walking in off the street that hasn+t had any processing, it
would take them about six months because people coming in off the street
can+t understand or comprehend or believe the simplicity that if a needle
moves at the end of a question then you should do something regarding
that question. You should run the process. If it doesn+t move, well then
you don+t run the process. So, the ability to use an E-meter is the
fourth area.
The fifth area is probably the most lengthy, complex and turns into an
albatross for alot of people: that is the ability to apply the written
materials of the technology of Scientology, as far as what process to
run, what to do in the session, and so forth.
So, the first four make up what is known as your basic auditing skills
and you could apply these to anyone and use practically any question on
them and they would probably get better on a short-term, limited basis
and if
you apply the fifth area well, they are just going to have the time of their
life. At the very least, it will exceed their expectations and imagination
both of which are determined by the reactive mind. You are doing
something that is senior to the reactive mind so it+s got to be better than
than anything they imagined it to be.
Likewise, in these fourth and fifth areas there is no evidence of any
ability to read an E-meter or apply the written materials within the church,
historically or presently.
So, what I+d like to do is take up in a less than abbreviated fashion what
these five skills are. In driving a car you have to know how to handle the
gears and the steering wheel and the brakes and the accelerator, turn
signals, instruments and rules of the road; you have about seven things to
watch for there and you learn each one them separately, then you start to
blend them in and pretty soon driving a car is pretty easy. In auditing, you
have about the same number of factors because you have these five factors of
the (1) communication formula, (2) repetitive communication formula,
(3) getting and keeping pcs, (4) the E-meter and (5) applying written
materials. You have two other factors in the session which will be that
the preclear as a spiritual being and the preclear as bank.
One final factor is you are keeping adequate administration, in other
words, paperwork. So, it gives you seven or eight factors to work with in
auditing. The analogy to driving a car is quite appropriate because as one
gets better at each of these skills, it becomes more and more natural and

more and more easy. If a person understands these five skills, well the
overall activity of auditing is too simple to believe. It actually turns out
to be a great pleasure, at times an amusement and eventually as natural as
So, first of all let+s take up training routines which are necessary part for
good auditing.
The first one is TR-0. This is a drill where the student and the coach sit
apart from each other and the student is coached to simply be there
comfortably and confront, not do anything but be there. One is coached
on that until one can simply be there. After you can do that, then the
coach starts saying things which would normally upset one from being
there and flattens those things off to where a person can be there
regardless of what one has to confront. One uses this skill in auditing
of simply being there with a preclear.
TR-1: one simply communicates in a natural tone of voice and intends the
communication to arrive over the space of the preclear and the preclear
gets it.
TR-2 is acknowledgements. This is where the coach reads a line out of a
book and the student acknowledges it to where the communication is
complete. The comm cycle is complete to where it is the end of that
cycle of action. So, an acknowledgement is taught not as an agreement
but simply that it is a method of controlling a preclear+s communication
and it+s a full stop to the communication. One is taught to acknowledge
the communication only. One learns not to over acknowledge the preclear
to where you blow the whole day away for the preclear; or under
acknowledge. If you under acknowledge the preclear it+s an encouragement
for him to go on. That is known as a half acknowledgement, sometimes it
is useful, but generally if you let them ramble and then give them a
full acknowledgement, then that ends the communication for them (it+s
not there anymore).
TR-3 is simply teaching a person to redeliver the command until they get
an answer to it. TR-3 also teaches the student to duplicate without
variation a command to where they can give it newly in a new unit of
time. It teaches the auditor not to ask a second question until you have
received an answer to the first one. In other words, you keep asking the
question until you get an answer. So, it teaches you how to deliver a
question newly in a new unit of time freshly.
TR-4 is called preclear originations. It teaches you to, if there is an
origination, to fully get it all out on the table to where you understand
it, and then return the preclear to the process or the question that you
were running. If a preclear+s bank turns on strongly, starts aiming comments
at you or the room, anything that is aimed you would ignore and not
acknowledge. Any origination, which would be a non-sequitur answer, you
would take up and clarify to where a preclear doesn+t have any stuck
attention on it and you can return him to session again.
Obviously, these are all highly useful in life, but if you use these four
TRs in sessions, auditing just runs like a dream.

There are some upper training routines which are useful in some types of
processing. To summarize these TRs: an auditor is trained on TR-0 so
that he will be there with the preclear and can comfortably assist the
preclear, TR-1 is done so that the preclear can receive and hear the
auditor, not be disturbed by the auditor+s manner of communicating, TR 2
is done and practiced so that the preclear gets acknowledged and his
communication gets recognized and as-ised, TR-3 is done so that the
auditor will continue to give the commands and run a process, and TR-4
exists so that a preclear+s originations will be accepted.
The upper TRs are as follows: TR-5 was something that had been deleted
from the technology. It was a training routine to teach the auditor that
verbal commands are not always necessary in a session. It is kind of
ridiculous to train someone in something that obvious but suffice it to
say, non-verbal communication does exist, in fact, 88% of what is
communicated between people is non-verbal according to the University
of Minnesota. One should be highly aware of it when it is going on, it
doesn+t need to be trained in. TR-6, which is an upper level TR, is
simply body control to where you learn to run Start-Change-Stop on
another body, just moving it around a room, learning to give the
commands. TR-7 is more of the same except the coach is extremely
belligerent and tries
to upset the student+s control. It is sort of an extreme drill because, and
it is done on a gradient scale, it is to train an auditor up to where he
can handle a rebellious person under any circumstance and can run fine
control under any circumstance. It increases the auditor+s willingness to
handle other people. TR-8 is learning how to deliver a command into an
object without any reservation about the command being executed and it
breaks up social machinery associated with words. You intend one thing
and say another into an ashtray, then yell at the ashtray, then you sit
there silently and deliver the intention directly into the ashtray. The
best drill is actually a side exercise of placing thoughts and changing
thoughts in respect to the ashtray. Properly done, actually one can
accomplish physical changes. Twice I was doing the drill asking the ashtray
to stand up and twice it stood up with witnesses in 1966. There are three
or four other people at times where this has occurred. It requires some
hours of work and one gets into very excellent affinity with the molecules
of the
ashtray. I+ll tell you that much about it. TR-9, the final TR, is Tone-40
on a person to where one can communicate with intention to another
person without any reservation and getting the intention executed. It is
done to bring about in the student auditor the willingness and ability to
handle other people and to cheerfully confront other people while you
give them commands and run control. It also teaches one to maintain a
high level of control in any circumstance no matter what is happening
and if you have to use any effort at all, to use it very precisely and
kindly, if possible. So, it is sort of a finishing touch.
One practices these TRs until they are comfortable. If you are training
them into a student auditor, the proper way to do that is when the TRs are
manifest and evident on the person in life after the training, then they
have then down cold. If it+s an artificial skill that they use only in
auditing, then they must not understand that they are dealing with the
mechanics of communication and interaction of every day life. The
realization of how applicable all of this is is beyond description.
If someone calls you and says -I+m going to be coming over for dinner
tonight+ and you acknowledge the hell out of his communication, he+s not

going to show. If someone calls up and says they are coming over for
dinner and you half- acknowledge it, I+m sure that they will drive over
military tanks to get there. That is just one of nine TRs. How you
acknowledge and the degree that you acknowledge is going to affect
So, simply stated those are what the TRs are and they should be used.
The communication formula which is used in auditing is that one has to
recognize that communication cycles are cycles of action which are start
change-stops. In auditing there are a number of start, changes and stops
and a number of communication cycles.
If you are more interested in the TRs and communication cycles you can
read a book called Dianetics Today published under the name of L. Ron
Hubbard. Actually it was put together by a guy named Bill. The people who
wrote the book summarized some of Hubbard+s other stuff to put the book
together. They tried to get Hubbard to read it but he just hasn+t had the
time. Alot of material in there that would really wake him up if he got
around to reading it. The communication formula is a number of comm
cycles that occur in auditing and they are listed out complete with
pictures in Dianetics Today but, of course, they omit a few.
The parts of an auditing communication cycle are that the auditor checks
is the preclear ready to receive the command, that is the first part. The
second part is the auditor gives the question or command to the preclear
and the third part is the auditor verifying that the preclear got the
command. The fourth thing that happens is that the preclear looks at his
mind or his bank and that is known as the Itsa maker line. The fifth part
that happens is the preclear gets an answer back. The sixth part that
happens is he delivers an answer to you. The seventh thing that happens
is that you, the auditor, check to see that he said everything. The
eighth thing that happens is you acknowledge him and the ninth thing that
happens is that you make sure, inspect that he received the
acknowledgement The tenth thing that happens is you check to see that
he answered the question that you gave him. So, these are the ten parts
of an auditing comm cycle. There are eight parts listed in the Dianetics
book. You should be aware that this is what is known as an auditing comm
You go through as many of these until the process is flat: it is not
producing change on the preclear and the preclear has come up to truth
on the subject you are auditing him to and on.
When a preclear is in front of you and you are auditing him, he is in
communication with you. There is an auditing cycle going on there. He is
also in communication with his bank, that is covered under his itsa
maker line and his itsa line back, which is his answer from his bank to
him and his answer to you. So, there are two comm cycles going on. There
is you to him and him with his bank. There is also a third comm cycle
and that is he is in communication with present time and the room to
some degree.
All three of these lines have to be above 2.0 on the Tone Scale for
auditing to occur. You had better keep your line with your preclear very
high-toned and make sure that there is nothing low-toned about present
time or the room with the guy. I guarantee you that the material that is

coming across on the itsa maker, itsa and answer back lines to you is
going to aberrated and overwhelming and confusing. Since there are
essentially those three lines going, if two of them are in a positive
range then you can de-enturbulate this material coming across on this
ARC line. I wanted to point out that there are three major lines on a
preclear in a session, one with the environment (room and present time),
one with the auditor and one with his bank.
The auditing comm cycle is used on a preclear and it is used
repetitively until the process no longer produces change. This is
evident by five phenomenon: the communication lag reduces, the guy
figures the subject
area out, he gets regained ability, he gets cognitions and a free or
floating needle appears on the E-meter. One would have to be dumb to miss
it. Anyway, when the process is over, it is over. You either move on to a
new process, end off the session or take a break or whatever. That is the
second area in detail.
Getting and keeping preclears I have already discussed. That occurs the
moment you understand how to audit an individual, people start
appearing at your door. There is no such thing as understanding the tech
perfectly and not being able to get any preclears. I+ve heard this
absurdity. To the degree you understand the tech and audit well, you will
have a backlog of people waiting. For decades I have found this to be true.
There is just no exception to it. There are too many people out there who
want help and auditing and they have some spiritual perspicacity or
perception and if you do it well they will certainly find you. You don+t
ever have to leave your room to find them. You don+t even have to ever tell
anybody. It will come out. People smell you out spiritually.
The E-meter, which is the fourth area, is pretty well covered in a book
called E-Meter Essentials. If one were to buy a copy of that and buy an E
meter and buy another book called E-Meter Drills and sit down with a
coach and do those particular drills then one could use an E-meter.
Since that is covered in detail in the two mentioned books I+m not going
to detail it here, but I can give you an overall summary. In the -
Appendix+, both are summarized.
One reaches and withdraws from an E-meter until you are comfortable
and not scared of the thing being there. One learns how to turn it on
and off and adjust it and set what is known as a tone arm counter to
measure the amount of charge that comes off the preclear during the
session. One learns how to check the preclear+s havingness by can
squeeze and metabolism by having them take a deep breath. One then
learns how to record tone arm motion, which is simply keeping the needle
on the dial while the preclear is talking. One learns how to adjust the
sensitivity knob. You also learn how to test the batteries. One learns
how to recognize the difference between body motions, such as coughing
and squirming in a chair or squeezing the cans, and motions of thoughts.
Each of these are separate skills. It is like driving a car, you learn
each separate skill then you blend them all together. One learns how to
identify a read and get a preclear to talk about it until the read
disappears. That is called cleaning a read off a needle. Then one learns
the types of needle reactions and what causes each of them to where a
person gains confidence by using an auditing communication cycle and
handling any bank. For instance, questioning a loss they can learn how to
take a fall off an E-meter; or a rise which could be caused by an ARC

break restimulation, they could get a pc to talk about that until the rise
would come off the meter; or a betrayal, getting a person to talk about a
betrayal which causes a stuck needle, they could see that stuck needle go
off the meter, and so forth. Then a person learns actively with a coach
all the parts of an auditing comm cycle, the ones I have listed before. A
few are omitted from the drill book but they can be added in. One learns
to dirty a needle and clean a needle. Then one puts this all together
and uses bracketed questions and learns how to get a date. The coach
writes down a date and the auditor ask questions on the E-meter and the
coach says nothing. In a short period of time, the auditor announces
what the
date is. One learns how to take a list and get a preclear to talk about
and find which item on the list would be good to audit by what produces
the most tone arm action. One learns how to get a preclear to sit there
quietly and simply assess a list and take the largest instant read to
where one would know what to audit One also learns some general rules such
as, if the TA is moving, do nothing and that is senior to
acknowledgements, if the TA is blowing down, moving down and the preclear
is finished talking you wait until it has blown down before you
acknowledge. If the tone arm isn+t moving, then you do something, you
start asking questions, find out what is going on to get it moving again.
You learn that that which blows the tone arm down will produce tone arm
motion. So, basically one learns how to use this tool, the E-meter,
through those drills and the definitions are in those two books. Much of
this material is also covered in Dianetics Today. I refer the reader to
those two books towards practical drilling with an E-meter with a number
of coaches to where it is as obvious and as easy and as useful as a
screwdriver or a mascara brush.
It+s a very simple activity, yet a very precise activity. You may possibly
be wrong at times as an auditor and your preclear may be in error at times,
but your meter is never wrong. A person should remember that the
meter, although it is a guide, is an infallible guide, because you are
auditing electronic charge off the being. He may be sitting there
holding those cans to get all these meanings straightened out, but your
job and
what you are doing is getting the concrete off this individual. By
concrete, I mean the overwhelming electronic charge that is ruining his
existence. If you audit only these things which read well and big, then
your preclear will be very well satisfied. I enclose the useful drills from
E-Meter Essentials in the Appendix.
So, as far as basic auditing goes, I+d like to keep it this simple. It is that
simple. There has been alot of controversial and conflicting information
printed by Mr. Hubbard on this subject, all of which belongs in a trashcan.
Probably 90% of his comments on auditing shouldn+t even be pursued
with much seriousness. If one knows ones communication formula and uses
a repetitive comm formula, he gets questions answered and uses an E-
meter and applies these materials in any logical fashion, there
shouldn+t be any problems.
There are QTPs, which are -questionable tech points+, through out the
guy+s writings. There are many direct contradictions there are over 500
of these QTPs in the Red Tech Volumes. It+s almost a shame to even study
He+s very adamant and cheerful and in a very good mood on a tape and he
says don+t ever under any circumstance give the next command if the
preclear has his eyes off of you and has drifted off, he has really
finished 100

his answer, you see. And then Hubbard comes along when he is in a bad
mood at another time in 1965 and says that you should toss a new
question at him. He put a bulletin out there entitled -Comm Cycle
Additives+ where he says you should just follow simple muzzled TR-0, 1,
2, 3, and 4 and that+s quite true, you should. It gets a bit unnatural
to become completely muzzled as you should maintain live communication
for that is what causes auditing to occur.
There are also alot of bulletins on premature acknowledgements. It would
be common sense not to chop someone who is talking with an
acknowledgement. Also, it is asinine to invalidate a preclear with a
meter or to depend on a meter, you are suppose to be asking a preclear
and auditing a preclear, not a meter.
Probably the one thing a person should be warned about is a subject
called Q & A. That is where you end up copying the preclear+s bank
instead of doing your job. There are three common types of Q & A. The
first type is double questioning. That is where someone gets into asking
about an answer. There is a fine line between this and getting a complete
auditing communication cycle. The difference on the fine line is the
difference between night and day. For instance, if an auditor were to
ask -How are you doing?+ and the pc says -Pretty bad+, the auditor says
-What+s wrong?+, you are kind of letting the preclear drag you all
with it. You would be a little better off if the pc says -Awful+ and you say
-You are?+ and just look at him. Restructuring your questions around the
preclear+s answers is bad news, it+s a Q & A. Inverting their answer to a
question is clean handling.
Changing because a preclear changed is the second type of Q & A.
Following the pc+s instructions is probably the most absurd Q & A. It+s the
third type. If you actually don+t understand something, it+s good to get it
clarified; but it+s not a very healthy habit to state that you don+t
understand what someone says.
Q & A is probably best defined as a failure to complete a cycle of action on
a pc. (A cycle of action could be defined as a start-continue-complete.) To
the degree that you Q & A with a preclear, you are going to reduce the
auditing gain.
There is a fundamental rule in auditing: what turns it on, turns it off. If
a process turns on something pretty wild you can continue the process and
it will eventually turn off.
On the subject of an E-meter, since auditing is supposed to be an
essentially joyous experience instead of an excruciating one, a read,
which is not properly defined anywhere within the technology, except in
an obscure bulletin in 1972, is a fall, long fall, or a long fall- blow
down (which is a needle motion instantaneously to the right of either 1+,
2+ or a downward motion of the tone arm .2 of a division as far as
respective definitions). In other words, a read is something the pc can
confront. If you would call those things reads and not call anything else a
read, they you would be better off in auditing.
The exception to this would be doing a process entitle 37R where you are
looking for the opposite of reads which are TA blowups, fast rises or
sticks. The only other exception to this particular rule is where rock

slams and rocket reads take priority over falls, long falls and long fall
blow downs, but those occur towards the upper end of the bridge. Sometimes
they occur early in auditing a pc and when they do, they take seniority.
It is caused by very prominent information, extremely overwhelming
information surfacing and should be handled with kid
gloves until those reads turn off.
So, what I+d like to do at this time is take up this fifth area of the
fundamentals of auditing. We have already covered the TRs, the comm
formula, the repetitive question where one flattens a process, getting
and keeping pcs, what you need to know on an E-meter in addition to what
is in E-Meter Essentials and the Book of E-Meter Drills.
So, I+d like to take up applying written materials and put forth all of
the written materials you will need except where references are furnished
by myself to read certain other materials and hopefully that will be few
to non-existant, as a fundamental overview on the written materials of
So, I+ll take it from the top and it may seem like I+m wandering off of
one subject to another, stating something again but I+m not, every drop of
the rest of this chapter should be crystal clear and well understood
before you sit down, if you so choose to do that, and audit another
individual. It is also extremely advantageous to know if you are going to
be audited by another.
So, here is the written material you need to know. It begins
philosophically. Scientology addresses directly the practical solution of
mens+ problems in the broadest possible sense. It is a body of knowledge
which when applied by a properly trained Scientologist brings about an
improvement in people. Its orientation is practical and its theory and
application are specific in a series of well-defined terms and axioms and
developments from these. In these senses it bears similarities to other
bodies of knowledge both scientific and philosophical. Many of the ideas
of Scientology are drawn from these areas, however, the effective
organization of these and other ideas in Scientology is somewhat unique.
It is perhaps unique also in the effectiveness with which it is able to
accomplish these goals.
Scientology is not merely some kind of psychotherapy or academic
philosophy, though superficially it has some of the appearances of both.
It can best be understood in relationship to its own specific goals or an
individual+s specific goals rather than through comparisons of
similarities or dissimilarities to other disciplines which probably have
very different goals.
As has been mentioned, Scientology has practical concern with the solution
of mens+ problems, thus it is also concerned with the development and
improvement of an individual+s abilities and the development of new
abilities in an individual. This improvement and abilities and the
consequent solution of problems results in happier, more effective people.
Scientology properly applied wishes to bring people to clearer and clearer
states of being. Just as a calculator must be cleared of previous totals
and other remnants of previous calculations, so must the mind be 102

cleared of inconsequential buttons and emotionally charged data, otherwise
its computations will lack accuracy due to inappropriate data entering
into its present computation.
A person who is clear is at willing and knowing cause over his own life,
environment and his surroundings without a reactive or subconscious
mind. This is a high stated being and one few people measure up to. Many
would not dare hope that they could reach such a state, yet it has
become a realistic goal and has been achieved. Properly applied,
Scientology can produce clears.
Through the application of Scientology technology which is an intricately
organized complex of knowledge and observations, the trained auditor
uses the TRs, a repetitive communication cycle, an E-meter and
approximates what is going on with the pc with his options of written
material and removes these emotionally charged areas from the pc. The
cornerstone of Scientology processing is, however, communication. This
is a very fundamental human activity. Through communication, we contact
our environment both the physical world and other life. It is through
communication with the past and present environment that each
of us forms our opinions about what really is, what is real and not
real, and what is possible and not possible. These opinions have an
important effect on the course of our lives, we might contrast the
person with a limited environment with a person who has communicated
with a wide variety of environments.
A country boy who has never left the country and has had little contact
with the more urban elements of our culture most likely has less freedom
of choice, for example, in the area of occupation than a well traveled
person from the same location as the boy. To the boy having limited
communication experiences, only a limited range of jobs seems real to
him. He has never really talked about or experienced in any sense many
other possibilities. Just as the interior controls of a space capsule,
or perhaps even an airplace, are outside the experience of some of us
and hence unfamiliar to some of us; to that extent they may seem vague
and unreal. This is not saying that we necessarily intellectually doubt
their existence, but that they may seem unreal in comparison to the
controls of the family car and we believe in their existence on the
basis of someone else+s testimony or logical deduction on our part. We
do not know them from direct experience.
This communication broadly defined is responsible for a very important
function, the shaping of our notions of the world around us, our own
personal reality. Communication also effects our affinities, those
things which we are familiar with through communication and thus seem
real to us are frequently viewed with more affinity.
A rejection of other ethnic groups than ones own is an example of
familiarity bringing about affinity for one set of standards while a lack
of communication brings about a lack of affinity for another set of
standards. The people with whom we communicate very well become our dearest
friends and those with whom we communicate poorly may become, due
to our own misunderstanding, unfriendly or even hostile. Areas of
where we understand or communicate well with the elements of that
area are likely to become passionate interests. The mathematician is

different from the primary teacher or the composer. It stems from
various abilities to communicate with and to various elements in the
environment. Thus, communication determines what seems real or clear
to us as well as our affinities and motivations.
The importance of the communication process should be recognized. The
communication process has been broken down into the ten fundamental
component parts in the communication cycle listed here previously.
The elements involved in communication can be handled very precisely.
This type of precision handling provides an understanding of how
communication can be misunderstood and what may result from continued
application of poor communication or the lack of communication.
Clarification of communication difficulties in a person+s life patterns
generally clear up ones activities, business, families and other groups
where communication occurs between individuals and its members.
A second concept the auditor should understand in auditing is that of
the stable datum. In light of our discussion of communication, the
stable datum will help you understand how Scientology processing
properly applied brings about beneficial changes.
Imagine a vast confusion of particles all in motion. In order to resolve
any such problem or confusion, it is only necessary to be able to predict
its component parts. If we can say where any given particle will be at any
given time, that particle is no longer a confusion or problem but rather is
ordered and predictable. To predict the motion of particles we need to pick
a reference point, a point of stability from which to view the other points
and around which to order them. This point is the stable datum.
In our solar system, we view the sun as the stationary object or stable
datum and the planets as the moving particles which are considered to
revolve and are hence oriented around the sun. We are able to predict
the orbits of the planets around the sun and are so able to predict
their relationships to each other. They become ordered and predictable,
are not in confusion and thus, are not a problem. At one time, however,
the earth was the stable datum rather than the sun. Astronomers tried to
predict the orbits of planets and the sun and the other celestial bodies
by using this hypothesis that the earth was static and everything else was
revolving around it. For a time the stable datum worked, but observations
occured to the contrary. At first, many rejected reality and tried to
cling to the stable datum of authority at that time, which happened to be
the Catholic Church. Eventually, this confusing observation became so well
explained by new theories and stable data that the sun was finally
accepted by all as the centre of this planetary system.
Communication through improved means and methods has brought new
data which has caused the abandonment of old stable data as it is no
longer an effective predictor and the acceptance of a new stable datum
which does predict effectively. The stable datum was that the planets
and the sun revolve around the earth and the prediction was that there
would be certain relationships between the positions of the planets.
When these predictions proved false a new stable fact or reality, a new
stable datum was needed to account for the confusing observations, yet
many people tried to hold onto the old, the accepted, the demonstrably
false. They 104

were for some reason not able or willing to communicate with the facts
of the situation and change accordingly so as to be better able to
predict their environment.
This inability to change stable datum is an important point as we will see.
Stable data are a phenomenon of our everyday thoughts. We have certain
ideas of reality, codes of behaviour, public and private, personal
pleasures and fears, etc. They are important whenever we wish to create an
of any sort, that is, perform any action or make any change for we must
know how to do what we want to do if we are to succeed consistently.
If we want to do well consistently in school, business, family life,
of happiness, or any other area of endeavour, we must understand these
areas and know-how to effect and control them to some extent. We must,
in short, have ideas about how to go about accomplishing our goals.
These ideas predict what action will be effective and what will not.
They are statements which attempt to order, to make predictable, to make
controllable, to explain the various areas of life experience. They are
stable data, they are necessary for real success in any endeavour. As we
have seen, it may be that a stable datum does not predict adequately to
resolve a confusion. Indeed, if all stable data did predict adequately,
everyone would be successful in their endeavours.
Few of us have completely achieved our goals and perhaps even clearly
seen our potential goals. This is often due to an individual+s attempt
to use inadequate stable data which only add more confusion rather than
reduce the original confusion. Like the reluctant astronomers of old, we
sometimes find it difficult to give up our pet theories even in the fact
of contrary evidence. Men can often be observed to rationalize to
fantastic lengths to keep intact a belief which they somehow think will
protect them from confusion. Sometimes so great is the need for protection
from highly threatening problems or confusions, a person cannot take a
rational approach to the problem but rather attempts to hold onto the
shattered driftwood, the few remains of a defective stable datum crushed
by the tidal wave of fact and experience. The drowning man fears to let
go of his sticks and swim to land.
An inadequate stable datum, being a poor predictor of reality, is a
liability, a barrier rather than an aid to survival. It will produce more
confusion rather than more predictability.
It will produce more problems than it will produce any answers.
Scientology technology implies a recognition of the emotional investment
in many of these stable data which each individual has in governing
their lives. So, carefully trained auditors must carefully use the
knowledge of the communication process to permit individuals to
comfortably confront their own stable data. The person undergoing
processing also confronts in a relatively objective manner the
environmental problem or confusion or the solving of which the
unrealistic stable datum was originally accepted and formulated. By
slowly and gradually coming to view and detail the stable datum, which
may have been completely suppressed, and then systematically examining
the effects the datum has had on his life
the individual undergoing proper Scientology processing, the preclear, is
able to access accurately the value or the liability of any stable datum.
The preclear is in a freer position to reject, or amend or create a stable
datum 105

so that he will be in better harmony with reality and hence in better
control of his now more predictable environment. He then has a greater
ability to pursue and achieve his own self-determined goals.
A shy person who has learned at age five that it is dangerous to talk too
much or to be too open with others (he got whacked for telling family
secrets) may find himself becoming more solid as he systematically looks
at the results of using this stable datum. Irrational fears may stem
from stable data adopted in times of stress as may fierce drives to
achieve or gain acceptance. Sexual and family problems may arise from
stable data about personal relationships accepted in the confusion of
the stressful teen and preteen age period. The solutions to problems
adopted in those periods, even assuming that they were adequate then,
might not work later in other confusing circumstances even though they
might be similar in some ways to the earlier ones.
Adjustment to and control of changing situations is often crippled by
unchanged stable data from the past.
Proper Scientology processing asks the drowning man to pause for a
moment, supported by the auditor, and look carefully and systematically
at his present situation, to look at what his piece of driftwood is now,
what it used to be, what the environment is now, and what it used to be,
and as with the astronomy example, the person comes to see a better,
more effective stable datum.
Under proper processing, the preclear will become better able to
confront and adequately resolve new confusions that they will meet in
future. The ability to examine one stable datum and the confusion behind
it increases to where when a person encounters new confusions, new and
more pro- survival stable data can be applied. The auditor never resolves
the confusion or interprets to the preclear. His function is to listen
and help the preclear to examine thoroughly the area of confusion.
The proper application of Scientology technology would include the idea
that if a man were to understand his own problems through a thorough
viewing of them, that individual would be able to solve them far better
than anyone else, or anyone outside could. At the same time the preclear
would learn how to handle and tolerate confusion in the future so that in
the future they could pick the best possible stable data for any
situation and still be free to change it at any later time.
Scientology processing is not primarily intended for the insane,
disturbed or neurotic individual, although it has been proved beneficial
in these applications. It is rather intended for the able person who wants
to become more able. It would be highly unwise to accept the norm as a
basis for concerning man+s potential.
The state of clear is generally beyond most peoples+ goals for self
improvement and yet, it is the goal of auditing to eventually reach this
state. Thus, the more able one is to begin with, the better once he is
Scientology is oriented towards increasing and creating new abilities in
man, not really working to bring a few up to a level close enough to the
norm so they could somehow manage to survive. Although processing

could be described as available for everyone, it is best applied on those
who already have ability and desire even more.
I+d like to discuss briefly Scientology training if it were done
correctly. There have been spotty examples where training has occurred
correctly. Training to be a Scientology auditor is comparable to the
amount of training offered by other disciplines, but the training is
relatively quickly due to the intensity of it. The students live and
breathe the subject night and day and everything that they are taught bears
directly on the problems they will encounter as auditors if it is properly
For instance, on the Dianetics course, instead of reading 600 - 800 pages
of bulletins, 95% of which are things not to do, one can actually boil the
course down to 60 pages of bulletins of things to do and train a person in
3 - 4 days.
Under proper training, there is no attempt to give any broad liberal arts
background as it is essentially practical, technical application activity.
Anyone to become a Scientology auditor must have his own case handled
to the degree that he will not harm others and can actually help
others which unfortunately means he has to have most of his case run
off. The person must also be capable of adhering to certain codes of
conduct related to auditing and able to pass course examinations and
prove that he can audit.
The attempt to make good auditors out of people which have not had
their own cases run off has been a tenet of the church and it has been
completely unworkable tenet that caused failure.
It was based on the idea that nobody would get any auditing if we had to
wait until someone get their case handled which allowed for alot of
research, but as far as any clean run auditing of any major depth such
as being addressed in this book here, it just didn+t happen. That is
because the auditors+ cases got in the way of him understanding how to
audit and therefore they didn+t allow their preclear to run deep, well,
fast and clean.
I+d like to discuss these communication lines in the comm cycle where
the auditor asks the preclear a question, call it a whatsit line, and
the preclear looks at his bank which is an itsa maker line, and then,
the preclear gets the answer back, you could call that a reply line, and
the preclear communicates his answer back to the auditor, which is
called the itsa line. So, ITSA: three major comm cycles in the auditing
cycle: from the auditor to the pc; from the pc to his bank; and from the
pc to the auditor. The most important of these is the comm line between
pc and his bank. If this is not existent, then auditing is not taking place.
It could be called the -Itsa Maker Line+.
The auditor+s job is to get the pc to confront his bank. The pc+s Itsa is
the pc+s report to the auditor of what he has confronted. Professional
auditing is sessions given by a trained auditor who is governed by ethical
and technical skill. This auditor directs the pc+s attention to areas which
when examined by the pc will cause a release of sufficient charge to cause
the tone arm to move up and down on the meter which is tone arm

action, and enough of this on the right subject areas will cause the pc to
eventually reach the state of clear.
Auditors have gone frantic trying to understand what an Itsa Line has
been. They have thought it was a comm line; they thought it was
everything other than what it was. There are two things of great
importance in an auditing comm cycle. One is this Whatsit Line and the
is the Itsa Line. If you confuse them, then you will not get tone arm
action and auditing will not occur.
If the auditor puts in the Itsa and the pc the Whatsit, the result will be
no TA, which is tone arm action, in other words, there is charge coming off.
The auditor puts in the Whatsit and the pc delivers the Itsa always. It is
easy to reverse the role in auditing but it shouldn+t occur.
The pc is very willing to talk about his difficulties, problem and
confusions. The auditor is so willing to discover what troubling the pc that
the auditor, who is green at this, will then work, work, and work trying to
Itsa something that will give the pc tone arm. The net result of this is
that the pc will start -Whatsit, Whatsit, Whatsit, wrong with me?+.
Listing is not really good Itsa-ing; it+s Whatsit-ing as the pc is in the
mood -Is it this? Is it that?+ even when solutions are being listed on an
The result would be very poor TA action in the session. TA action comes
from the pc declaring and saying -It is+ not from him saying -Is it?+.
Examples of Whatsit and Itsa: Auditor: -What+s here?+ (Whatsit) Preclear:
-An auditor, a preclear and a meter.+ (Itsa)
Itsa really isn+t even a Communication Line. It is what travels on a Comm
Line from the pc to the auditor, if that which travels is saying certainly
-It is+.
TA action has to have been prevented if it didn+t occur. Example: an
auditor, doing a Whatsit moved the TA, everytime, promptly changed the
Whatsit to a different Whatsit. This has actually happened. What I+m
trying to warn you against here is auditors should not get the Itsa Line
in themselves, they should let the pc Itsa and they shouldn+t use the
meter as a Ouija board.
If you really want to get a good idea how an Itsa Line works, simply start
a session on a preclear and just sit there and look at him without saying
anything. The pc will, of course, start talking and if you just nod now and
then and keep your admin going and don+t ever cut his Itsa, you will have a
talking preclear and alot of TA action.
Heavy TA action does occur in the session unless it is prevented. It
doesn+t just fail to occur. From this one gets the rule that a silent auditor
invites Itsa.
In much of Scientology auditing, the auditor is usually silent much longer
proportionally in the session then he is talking. Normal ratio is about 100
parts of silence to 1 part of talking.
However, when you get to the top end of the bridge where you are
working on a pc+s actual GPMs (Goals-Problems-Mass), the auditor has to

be crisp and busy and keep the session roll- ing. At this level a silent,
idle auditor can mess up the pc. It+s simply knowing that your job is to
control attention on the upper level, sophisticated processes.
On the lower levels, there is hardly any control at all. So, the higher the
level, the more control of the pc+s attention, but in the lower levels, as
you back down, these processes require less and less control, less auditor
action to get TA.
A pc Itsa-ing equals a pc saying what is there, what is, who is there,
where it is, what it looks like, his ideas about it, decisions,
solutions, whatever. The pc who is continuously talking about problems,
puzzlements or wonderings about things in his environment is not Itsa ing,
he is Whatsit-ing.
Now I want to talk about Itsa-ing, over-restimulation and low TA. The thing
that seizes a tone arm up is over- restimulation. The rule is that the less
active the TA, the more over-restimulation is present, although complete
absence of restimulation could cause no TA but that is so rare it doesn+t
even deserve comment.
Over-restimulation is the auditor+s most serious problem. Under
restimulation is just an auditor not putting the pc+s attention on
anything. The auditor+s enemy is over-restimulation of the preclear. As
soon as the pc goes into more change than they can Itsa off easily the TA
action will slow down. As soon as the pc drowns in the over-restimulation,
the TA
will stop moving; it will just go clank. Now your problem is correcting the
case and that is much harder than getting your tone arm off in a decent
auditing session in the first place.
Enough over-restimulation and you will get what is known as low TA, in
other words, the TA will be below 2.0. If you just sit there quietly, it
will come back up, you just let them talk it off.
TA motion is caused by the energy contained in confusions blowing or erasing
off the case, the later is what is preferable. The confusion is held in
place by aberrated stable data. The aberrated, non-factual stable datum is
there to hold back a confusion, but in actual fact the confusion gathered
there only because of an aberrated consideration or postulate in the first
place. When you get the pc to as-is these aberrated stable data, the
confusion blows off and you get tone arm action.
So long as the aberrated stable datum is in place the confusion and its
energy will not flow. So, if you ask for confusions, that is, worries,
problems and difficulties and you will over-restimulate your preclear
because his attention is on the mass of energy, not the aberrated stable
datum holding it in place. You should understand the difference.
Ask for the aberrated stable datum, consideration, postulates, attempts,
solutions, actions or any button and the pc will start as-ising those, then
the confusion starts flowing off as energy, not as confusion, and you will
get tone arm action.
If you just restimulate old confusions without touching the actual stable
data that is holding them in place, the pc gets the mass but no release of

it. You will then get no TA action. The pc will have to say -It is a...+,
some consideration or postulate to release the pent up energy held back by
it. Thus, an auditor+s worst fault that prevents TA action is permitting the
dwelling on confusions without getting the pc to give up, with certainty, the
considerations and postulates that hold the confusions in place.
And that is -ITSA+. It is letting the pc say what is there that was put
there to hold back a confusion or problem.
If the pc is unwilling to talk the auditor that is What to Itsa,
decisions you+ve made about auditors, for example. If the pc can+t seem
to be audited in the environment, get old environments Itsa+ed. If the pc
has lots of problems at session start, get the pc+s solutions to similar
problems in the past. Or just PrepCheck, which is a list of buttons, and
you ask the same question over and over until the buttons go clean, there
is no read left on the E-meter. Or just PrepCheck slow, with a slow
auditing comm cycle to where you are getting everything off. Or just
PrepCheck slow the zones of upset or interest of the pc. You will get TA
action, lots of it, unless you stop it.
According to Hubbard, there is no reason at all why a truly expert
auditor can+t get plenty of TA per 2.5 hour session running any old thing
that crops up on a preclear. Hubbard+s definition of plenty of TA is 35
divisions in a 2.5 hour session. My definition of plenty of TA is 300
divisions, over 10 times as much.
A truly expert auditor isn+t trying to Itsa the pc, he is trying to get
the preclear to Itsa. That+s the difference.
In learning Itsa, we come across the subject of distinct forms and styles
of auditing. There was first the old finger snapping handling of engrams.
Then, there was the formal auditing which we still have today in TR 0 - 4.
Then, there is Tone 40 auditing used on objective processes. These are
distinctively different styles of auditing and a good auditor can do one or
another of them without mixing them up.
Itsa style auditing is also known as Listen Style auditing. The first thing
learn about it is that it is a style of auditing and it is distinctively
different from Formal Style and Tone 40 auditing. Naturally, an auditor who can
this and can do the other styles is better off.
Listen Style auditing is peculiarly fitted to undercut formerly difficult
cases at the lower levels of Scientology and to get the necessary tone arm
Listen Style auditing has or is developing its own style of TRs. It has
its own technology and thus leaves the technology of other auditing styles
still valid and untouched. Some of the data of Listen Style auditing are:
1. The definition of an auditor is one who listens.
2. The preclear is always right.
3. The task of the auditor is to get the preclear to communicate
     and to Itsa.
4. The success of the session is measured solely by Tone Arm

5. The style applies to the lower levels of Scientology.
6. As the level in which it is used is increased, the amount of
      auditor direction of the pc+s attention is increased. The gap
     becomes very wide in control between running Level III where a
     person is getting off ARC types of by-passed charge, so much so
that only Formal Style auditing will be used on the upper levels
     or GPMs.
The basic crimes of Listen Style auditing are:
1. Not getting Tone Arm Action on the pc.
2. Cutting the pc+s communication.
3. Cutting, evaluating or invalidating the pc+s Itsa.
4. Failing to invite Itsa by the preclear.
5. Itsa-ing for the preclear
These are some of the major musts and crimes of Listen Style auditing.
While some of these also apply to Formal Style auditing, to show you how
different the new style is, if you tried to use only Listen Style on the
upper levels and failed to use Formal Style auditing at a higher level, the
preclear would be in a very great mess quickly. So, each style has its
uses, exactions and limitations.
What changes does Itsa bring about? Itsa brings about an increasing
recognition of reality by key-out or destimulating the preclear. The lower
levels of Scientology are a gradient of realities. A person must be
gradiently moved from unreality to the recognition of reality. Charge
causes unreality, that is stupidity. A person must achieve reality to
eventually get free. Thus, charge must be removed. The lower levels of Life
Repair are primarily concerned with destimulating, keying out, charge,
unreleased masses of energy. Heavy engrams and GPMs are the
basic charges on most any case and are usually handled at the lower
Lower level processes on Life Repair pulls the pc out of the charge and do
not ordinarily erase or actually get rid of the charge. At the lower
levels you want to address key-ins, moments when charge was restimulated.
You want to knock out the key-ins that are pinning the charge on the pc.
pulls the pc out of the charge. It is not until the upper levels that
charge is erased completely, ordinarily.
In your lower levels, we do not restimulate anything on the pc, we
destimulate, that is, key-out, and this would primarily be the Life Repair
range, that which has already been restimulated on the person.
A terminal is normally necessary to discharge the charge in a preclear+s
bank. It is not always necessary. The reason one uses a terminal is that it
is a mass with a significance.
A terminal could be defined therefore as a mass with a significance. The
primary terminals in auditing are the auditor and the preclear. The
preclear must have reality on the existence of the auditor/terminal.
Charge only discharges when there are two terminals - auditor and

If the auditor is unreal to the pc, then the auditor does not exist as a
terminal for the pc. A person can be so charged up and over-restimulated
that he has no understanding that other people do exist - with such a
person there is neither outflow nor inflow.
Thereby, the first action of an auditor on such a case is to destimulate
charge so that the person can understand that the auditor exists, then
increase his confidence in the auditor and his reality on the auditor as
a terminal so that he can talk to him freely and with benefit. By
applying further processing, you could gradiently increase such a
person+s reality on wider and wider spheres of his own life and
livingness by gradiently addressing and destimulating larger areas of
Itsa and Auditing Cycles: Itsa takes place within auditing cycles.
Confusing auditing cycles can chop Itsa and result in by-passed charge,
which is charge which gets restimulated in a session but doesn+t get
destimulated. By-passed charge is just charge which gets restimulated that
hasn+t yet been destimulated. It can occur in auditing or in life, charge
that has been by-passed.
Auditing is asking someone a question about himself or life which he can
understand and answer, acknowledging the fact that he answered and
understanding and handling any originations the person makes about the
An auditing cycle is asking the pc a question he can understand and answer,
the pc answering it, and his being acknowledged for answering
or originating and the auditor understanding and handling or
All auditing cycles must be always completed which includes the pc
having answered the exact auditing question asked.
Itsa and Slow Assessment By Dynamics known as R-2C: A dynamic assessment
is a breakdown of the 8 dynamics into areas where important Itsa may be
developed. Some areas on this form will develop a tremendous amount of
Itsa, others very little. Work at the pc+s reality
level and where the pc+s interest lies. Don+t be in a hurry to leave an
area if the pc has a good Itsa line going and you are getting good TA
action. Clean up any hot area thoroughly before leaving it. However, if an
area has nothing in it don+t spend a lot of time with it. Get on down the
line to something that does produce TA action and Itsa.
If you or the pc don+t understand any of the form+s areas of potential
Itsa, just skip them. However, don+t skip something because you think the
has nothing on it or you are afraid of being nosey.
No attempt has been made to give you the questions to ask and some of
the form+s subareas would not pertain to a shortime period. Use the
subareas that pertain to the time period that you are handling or shift
them around to fit your time period. Some subareas are much more
important than others, but this depends on your pc. Add into the space
provided anything else you find to be important.
In getting in the Itsa line on any areas and subareas on this assessment
be very sure to cover the following points:

1. Where it is or was, and its location relative to other locations.
2. Who are the people involved.
3. When it was and how long did it take place.
Itsa and Reality Levels: Don+t push people by trying to Itsa for them. You
may see possible answers and solutions, but don+t push these on the pc
even if you think you can do it without evaluation or invalidation. Let them
do the Itsa-ing. Put your Whatsit line in gradiently. Don+t hit the pc with
too much. Like breakfast food, auditing is bite-size and here is why. Truth
is what exists. A pc must gain realities on the truth of situations in order
to have case gain. Too much truth shown or given a pc at once will cause
unreality. There must be a gradient of gaining reality on truth. The levels
of the Scientology bridge are such a gradient. Knowing the truth of any
situation supports ones self-confidence and certainty. Reality is the
to assimilate truth. This assimilation depends upon Cause-Distance-
Effect (Communication) and a balanced frame of mind (Affinity). Thus, a
truth must be given someone, a pc, with ARC (Understanding), otherwise,
it will spin the person. Too much truth is unassimilatable but
truth. The person sees it, but he cannot have it. Hit with too much
truth, an individual will degrade. He has seen something that he knows he
cannot reach or win. Thus, a pc must be presented with acceptable truths
that he can reach and win on a gradient of more and more reality. This
gradient exists in the Scientology processing when properly done.
Questions to Promote Itsa: Questions like those below can be asked the pc
about subjects he brings up in order to promote Itsa, to get the Itsa
line in.
The simplest question is: -Tell me about ( subject ).+
Then, possible causes of ( subject ), ideas, thoughts, considerations about
( subject ), stable data about ( subject ), solutions, attempted solutions,
failed solutions, feelings, how they have solved it, alleviations, remedies,
improvements, changes, get rid of, help towards, and of course, who,
what, where, when and how.
Listen Style Questions: These questions can be asked to start the pc Itsa
ing and the ones above may be used to keep him Itsa-ing the subjects he
brings up.
1. What are you interested in? (When he has named it, then) Tell
     me about that.
2. Tell me something about yourself.
3. What do you consider is your best quality? Tell me about that.
4. What is your philosophy of life? Tell me about that.
5. What rules do you live by? (Or) What rule? Tell me about that.
6. What have you been successful at?
7. What is your main interest in life?
8. What have you done to be right?
9. What have you won?
10. What attitude do you find it necessary to assume to be a success?
11. To what creed do you attribute your successes?
12. What ideals do you hold?
13. What do you feel you must do in life?
14. What do you feel is the correct way to live?

14. What do you feel is the correct way to live?
15. What have you done to win?
16. What are you good at doing?
17. What have you observed about your family? 18. What have you observed
about your work?
19. What have you observed about your environment?
The paramount domain of Itsa would be in these areas. You could use it
to discuss dangerous environments, ARC or education as a basis in life.
Some rules for how to not chop Itsa:
1. Sit still
2. When you say something, mean it; say it with intention and interest.
3. Listen - hear what the pc says, accept it, understand it and
    duplicate it.
4. Don+t interrupt the preclear.
5. Keep crisp cycles of action in your auditing.
6. Don+t confuse or surprise the preclear.
7. Keep his attention on his bank, not on you.
    Don+t try to be interesting or social.
The key to basic auditing is to handle the pc+s problem, promote his
Itsa and increase his confidence. Auditing questions should be designed
to have the pc look as much as possible. Auditing is a lookingness
not a thinkingness activity as far as what your pc is doing. The auditor+s
job is to get the pc to confront his bank. Itsa is the pc+s report to the
auditor of what he has confronted. If you handle Itsa well, then you will
be an effective auditor. If you mishandle Itsa, you will get by-passed
charge which will result in ARC breaks.
ARC Breaks = by-passed charge
By-passed charge = inadequate or chopped Itsa
An auditor is one who listens. Primarily, an auditor is a person who is
listening for an answer to the auditing question. When he has got the
answer and is sure the pc has completed his answer, the auditor ends the
cycle with an acknowledgement to the effect that the pc has answered the
question and has been understood.
Now I would like to take up what I consider to be the relevant
information on sessions in general.
Anything which comes up in auditing which is thoroughly viewed, in
other words, you get all of it, and a person goes through it a number of
times and it doesn+t erase, means that there is something earlier. So,
you would send the pc earlier looking for an earlier, similar incident,
ARC break, problem or whatever you are working on.
When you are doing what is known as a listing process, which is defined
as where you give a pc one question and he lists out a whole number of
answers and only one answer is the real truth, that+s his personal item.
The list will normally blow down, there will be a TA blow down and an 114

F/N on his item and when you give him his item, it will blow down and F/N
again and a cognition will come off.
If you are doing what is known as a Dianetic assessment, where a person
is listing out, say, pains connected with a certain drug, job, or something,
the list will F/N at the end of the list. Where a pc is giving a list, you
are going to have to go back and null, the list is normally complete on an
F/N. If they continue listing past the F/N, just let them. If they say it+s
complete and there is no F/N, extend the list, just say, -I would like to
extend the list+.
I+d always check a listing question for a read; items that don+t read, don+t
Triple flows are defined as:
1. First flow - another to oneself.
2. Second flow - from oneself to another.
3. Third flow, runs best - another to others.
   (You should stay away from others to others, as much as possible.)
4. Fourth flow - from the preclear to himself.
So, those are the three or four flows involved in defining triple and quad
flow auditing.
As far as Model Session goes, you have a pc come into a room, make sure
you have air conditioning and heating or whatever is necessary there and
it is comfortable, non-enturbulated environment. Have them take their
rings off and have a seat. If they look like hell or it+s late in the day,
you can check their havingness or metabolism. You should always check it
initially on a preclear, repair it if necessary. If you do run havingness,
run the appropriate level of confront. If you don+t know what the pc+s
havingness is, you can assess it either off the pre-have scale or the
havingness scale. The havingness scale is in the Appendix, and a book, it has
a picture of a locomotive on the front of it, entitled 0-8 A Book of Scales .
You ask if the pc has had any alcohol or drugs in the last 24 hours and you
ask if it is all right for him to be audited in this room and then you ask
him -Is is all right if I audit you?+, then you say, -This is the session+.
You write down the indicators, your perception of his condition, of the
preclear. Indicators are either Very Good, Good or Bad. They are abbreviated
VGIs, GIs or BIs respectively. If your C S for the session, which is what you
plan to do, says -Fly a rud if no F/N+, well, then you would fly a rudiment
if there is no F/N. I+ll cover flying ruds at another time.
There has been very little significant change in the original release of 22
September 1965 of the Grade Chart where on Grade 0 you run the
Communication Processes.
Let us start the bridge at the bottom. It is nice to have someone read a
book. They come in the door and you have a couple of options. You can
either do a Case Cracker Rundown or a Life Repair. Whether you do the
Case Cracker Rundown before the Life Repair or not just depends on
whether your pc is over-restimulated. If they are really over-
you go ahead and do a Case Cracker. If they come in the door crazy, you

do an Introspection Rundown. If drugs read heavy on the 53 Form, you
omit the rest of the Case Cracker and proceed up the Grade Chart. About
half the time, assuming you have some high quality people coming in the
door, you would do a Life Repair where you would list out when they
have had a rough time. Take your largest reads and PrepCheck each one
of those areas to an E/P to where their life is repaired.
From there you would do the Special Drug Rundown because they are still
on them even though they are not taking them any more; they are
mentally still on them. So, you would follow the Special Drug Rundown
bulletin and give them a full Drug Rundown, making sure that you have a
list of the combinations of drugs also, run them by order of read. You
need the combos taken off because they have a tendency to group up the
individual drugs.
For instance, they took cigarettes, alcohol and aspirin. So, you do a
handling of combinations of drugs within the Drug Rundown so it will be
complete. I only know of 13 or 14 that have been done correctly; I did
Then, you do the ARC Straightwire Expanded Quad. You do the Self
Analysis lists as a set up for the Drug Rundown; you simply
rehabilitate those releases after the Drug Rundown is done when you
reach ARC Straightwire Quad. Then, you can do the PC Assessment Form
and whatever NED is necessary to where their Dianetics is complete.
Then, you would start with your grades and do your 220 quad Grade 0
processes. Your Grade O is going to get them up to where they can
recognize things and they are willing to receive or transmit any
communication and not get involved in third flow communication
compulsively and get back in good communication with themselves. So,
then you have a Communication Release.
On Grade I you will run a pile of objective processes on him. There are
about 200 Grade I processes in all. About one-third of the grade is
objective processes. Then, you will untangle their collapsed-together
bank by running Help processes Help isn+t in the bank, but they sure
enough locked onto it. You will see that untangle. Then, you run off
their problems and solutions to where they are a Problems Release. They
won+t have any problems, won+t mock any up in the future, and understand
that there is an adequate quantity of them out there at any time.
So, then you go on to Grade II which is the overt-withhold processes and
get them senior to that particular mechanical phenomena, which is a crude
animal fashion of thinking and conduct Then, you do the Integrity
Processing by dynamics to pull all the overts that they have committed
that they didn+t consider to be overts and the ones they have committed
that they didn+t know about.
Then, you do Grade III to clear up their objections to change, their
stuck point in failed no change Then, you locate and resolve the four
biggest ARC breaks they have on each of the four flows.
On Grade IV you do Rising Scale Processing and erase their Service
Facsimiles on four flows. You could use the Quad Process Packs of 1976
1977 for those.

On Grade V, you run the Power Processes to pop and grind off the circuits
of an engram (that they are incapable of running+ which keeps them
connected up with the core of the reactive mind. Thus, they can attain
the state of temporary Clear and are senior to conditions, out of not-is-
ness and no longer dramatizing being a source, They become aware of
themselves spiritually as something independent to points in time and
On Grade VI, one gets their dramatizations handled, On the Clearing
Course, run off their implanted reactive mind ; on OT I, get them back
in communication with the environment; on OT II, they run off the bank
which makes everyone operate like robots in society and controls about
99% of human behaviour; on OT III, one cleans up the other determinisms
that are effecting them and run out one of the rougher
engrams on the time track; on OT IV, they gain their certainty of self by
running those processes.
You teach them to Solo audit at Grade VI, they take it from there and you
just have to clear up the materials and they run these real well. So, the
majority of the time with people is spent on the lower levels.
I will be repeating myself here but I couldn+t stress enough the five
gross auditing errors which are: (1) can+t handle and read an E-meter, (2)
doesn+t know and can+t apply the technical data, (3) can+t get and keep a
pc in session, (4) can+t complete an auditing cycle and (5) can+t complete
a repetitive auditing cycle.
There can be five things that can be wrong with a preclears (1) they can
be suppressive, in other words, the preclear is stuck in some past
imaginary time, they are just stopping anything and everything that is
going on, this is extremely rare. Normally a person is highly PTS. I have
only met four or five supressives out of observing 5000 people.
You can meet alot of PTS people that can mess up your auditing. PTS
means that they care connected to a suppressive some- where along the
line. The solution for that is you give them three S & D+s which are
search and discoveries where you list for suppressives and you follow it
with a PTS Rundown, So, them being PTS is the second thing,
The third thing which can foul up auditing is that the pc is ARC broken.
You don+t audit their ARC break, you assess for it and indicate the by
passed charge immediately.
The fourth thing that can hold back a pc from case gain is a Present
Time Problem.
The fifth thing can be some possible overt/withhold phenomena, if he+s
got some overts and withholds.
A Release is a person who has had a reactive mind keyed-out in an areas
a Clear is someone who has had it erased. So, a person is pretty fully
released by the time Power Processing is done; he is pretty Clear at the
end of the Clearing Course. He+s probably a Theta Clear at the end of OT
VIII and an Operating Thetan, as far as full capability, between OT VIII
and what is called Level 18. This is defined in a bulletin dated 2 April

1965. What exists between OT VIII and Level 18 will be covered elsewhere
in this book,
Many of the attributes of Clears and OTs are known. The road to Clear
and the road to OT are parallel but they are not the same road. There
are various stages of release, a person can go release on locks,
secondaries, engrams or on the whole time track; that+s four different
I+d like to cover the styles of auditing. I spent alot of time covering
Listen Style auditing and that+s used on Grade O or when ever it+s
appropriate. Level I auditing on problems is Muzzled Style is auditing and
that+s where it+s very stark TR-0 through 4 and as crisp control. On Level II
one uses Guiding Style auditing where you use two-way comm and reorienting
the preclear to life, in other words, there is a great command of TR-4, in
handling originations and getting it all off. Level III is called Abridged
Style auditing. That is simply getting the exact job done in the shortest way
between two points, no wasted questions Level IV is Direct Style auditing
where there are shades of Tone 40 going on, where you put the preclear+s
attention on his bank and anything the auditor does is
calculated only to make that attention more direct. Obviously, the best
style would be all style which would be blending those as is necessary
To get rudiments in on a preclear you should run them as a repetitive
process until they go dry, until the preclear has no answer. You can
check them on the meter for a hidden answer and steer the preclear to it
(saying -That+, -That+, -That+ each time the meter flicks) and stay with
the meter until not only the preclear says that there is no answer, F/N,
VGIs and cog but there are no hidden answers on suppressed and
invalidated out-rudiments, So, that is what repetitive rudiments are.
Fast rudiments are simply asking them once. These are often used
thereafter once repetitive ruds have been done on the preclear.
On working with people unfamiliar with technical terms such as ARC
breaks and problems, you can modify the questions and ask -Are you
upset by anything?+ for ARC breaks. Instead of say problems, you can
for difficulties. Instead of asking for withholds, you can ask -Has
there been anything which hasn+t been said?+
The old model session of 1965 which included -Has anything been
suppressed, denied or rushed?+ were three excellent rudiments and can
be used at auditor discretion. I really don+t recommend constantly using
them, but there is a time and place for them occasionally
In clearing a command, you get the preclear to define it and give an
example You don+t ever evaluate for the preclear, or tell him what the
word or the command means. You get him to tell you and you make sure he
actually understands it before running the process.
In auditing, there is the technology of it, the basic auditing and the
technique. Technique could be defined as a process or some action which
is done by an auditor and that is under the auditor+s direction You must
analyse the pc+s case as a third area, in other words, you have basic
auditing, you have technique and you have case analysis. In analysing a
case, you see what they are sitting in and use the appropriate rundown
to pull them out of it.

Some of the super important things that you shouldn+t do in auditing are
you shouldn+t tell the pc what his present time problem is because the
present time problem is exactly and only what the pc says or, thinks it
is. You shouldn+t set a goal for a pc. You should never tell a pc what is
wrong with him physically or assume that you know. In pulling overts and
withholds, you shouldn+t ARC break a pc, you should two-way comm it off.
You shouldn+t use force on a pc, but if that comes in conflict with
getting the question answered, then I+d get the question answered,
Always indicate major by-passed charge (long fall-blow downs .5 division
or more) you find on the meter.
Auditing areas of studying, often you will find early areas of study where
they had upsets, You should clear those up,
You should make sure that your pcs are eating well and taking adequate
vitamins while they are being processed,
Applying the tech properly could be called standard tech and that would be
a definite level or degree or quality which is proper and adequate for a
specific purpose of clearing someone. The technology itself is the method
of application of an art or science as opposed to mere knowledge of the
science By tech being in means applying the technology of Scientology
correctly to produce a Clear and OT. The word -normal+ means regular.
The word -operating+ means functioning.
OT could be defined as a being who is knowing cause over matter, energy,
space, time, life and thought and is not necessarily in the body. Power
could be simplicity or normal operating procedure for an Operating
Thetan. A case could be defined as the way a person responds to the
world around him by reasoning of his aberrations. Aberrations could be
defined as irrational or deranged behaviour or thought on or about a
specific subject resulting from the influence of the reactive mind on the
You will get alot of free needles if you keep your TRs in on the
preclear. You should watch for good indicators (GIs) and watch for bad
indicators (BIs) in auditing preclears.
The good indicators I will be listing out; the bad indicators would be
the reverse of these, Good indicators ares pc cheerful, getting more
cheerful, cogniting, fundamental rightness being asserted by the pc, pc
giving things to the auditor briefly and accurately, pc finding things
more rapidly, the meter is reading properly, what+s being done is giving
the proper meter response, what+s being found is giving the proper meter
response, pc running rapidly and flattening processes by TA coming off
and cognitions, pc giving information easily, the needle swinging about,
pc running easily and if pc encounters somatics which are feelings in the
body then they are rapidly discharging, tone arm goes down when pc gets a
cognition, further TA blow downs as pc continues to talk about something,
expected meter behaviour and nothing unexpected in the
meter behaviour, pc gets warm and nothing unexpected in the meter
behaviour, pc gets warm and stays warm in auditing, or gets hot and
unheats while being audited, pc has occasional somatics of brief
tone arm operating in the range of 2.25 - 3.5, good tone arm action on
spotting things, meter reading well on what pc and auditor think is 119

wrong, pc not troubled with PTPs and they are easily handled when they
occur, pc stays certain of the auditing solution, pc happy and satisfied
with auditor regard- less of what auditor is doing, pc not protesting
auditor actions, pc looking better by reason of auditing, pc more
energetic, pc without pains, aches or illnesses developing during the
auditing, pc not getting sick, pc wanting more auditing, pc confident and
getting more confident, eyes brightening up, pc Itsa free by covering
only the subject addressed, auditor easily seeing how it was or is on the
pc+s case by the reason of the pc+s explanations, pc+s ability to Itsa
and confront improving, pc+s bank getting straightened out, pc
comfortable in the auditing environment, pc appearing for auditing on own
volition, pc on time for session willing and ready to be audited but
without anxiety about it, pc+s troubles in life progressively lessening,
pc+s attention becoming freer and more under pc+s control, pc more
interested in data and technology of Scientology, pc+s havingness in life
and livingness improving, and pc+s environment becoming more easily
A standard session increases the predictability (another synonym for
havingness) on a preclear.
In starting new pcs, you should explain what auditing is. If they don+t
know what it is, then they won+t know what is expected of them so they
will just sit there in mystery, You should educate the pc in what he is
supposed to do when the auditor gives the question or command If the
pc is not under the auditor+s control and anything goes wrong, then
there is not much you can do as an auditor to fix it. Auditing should
not be a covert activity, it should be well understood between the two
of you. The introductory program when the pc first comes in the door is
to clear up what auditing is, go over Axiom 11 very well, do a D of P
interview, from that you are either going to go to word clearing ruds
and flying them, to a Life Repair, or to a C/S 60 and immediately handle
what they say is out to their satisfaction.
After any of these you can go to the Case Cracker which is the 53RKLF
(which is a list of anything which could be wrong with anybody), after
that is done (if it+s not a heavy drug case) you go to an XGF40RB (which
handles resistiveness on cases). Do your handlings on that and certainly
do LX 3, 2, and 1 in that particular order (anything which reads three
times you run on the LXes). Do S & Ds as is appropriate Then, do a
Dianetic Track Repair Rundown where you simply say -On you Dianetic
track ...+ and then you do an L3RE or what ever form of that engram
repair list you have. Then, you do a PTS Rundown and that would complete
your Case Cracker.
If they are really nuts, you can go to the Introspection Rundown here.
If they are not, you would do a PC Assessment Form, do a full special drug
rundown, NED style, and as I said ARC Straightwire Quad and get an NED
completion. Do the Expanded Grades with IP (Integrity Processing) after
Grade II.
It is probably best to hold the Expanded Dianetics (erasure of evil
purposes) until after OT VII. On your heavy XDN case you will have to do
it after the Drug Rundown, but otherwise hold it to the end. Then, do
their Power, R6EW, Clearing Course and their OT Levels. After that you run

their Actual GPMs (on a five L & N basis on one item using -Who or What
would oppose+ their goals and identities). Then, you do whatever XDN is
necessary, then do L10, 11 and 12 (if they didn+t get these areas cleaned
up on the grades and most do), and then you can do the OT Stabilization
Program, OT VIII.
If Dianetic Clear comes up, you acknowledge the hell out of it. People
can go Clear on all kinds of things, just continue working with them.
Try to stay away from the Short Form 53 except to pull the TA down
before the session, If you have to do it three times, do a 37R. 37R is a
high TA remedy. If they can+t have the win off of it, two-way comm the
nature of man after that. Sometimes it just takes their head off, you
because it+s a purp, an evil purpose causing the high TA. 37R is where
you assess nine flows, you+re looking for something that they can+t
It is best to do when the TA is high (above 3,5), also called -out of range+.
37R is used to cure high TA, it is also used in L11 as part of the New Life
Rundown. On the flow which blows up, moves the TA upward, you set up
a listing question (on a -continue to do+ basis) for the flow, list it and
get their item and give it to them. This solves the problem of high TA
because they have flowed too long in one particular direction and once
you have made that indication of where the flow has been, then that stuck one-
way flow will unmock for them. It will erase and then they are free to flow
in two directions. There is great relief in it. It gives them a new life. So,
37R works real good to bring a TA into range.
The way they foul 37R up at Flag is assessing with the TA in range. You
only do it when the TA is really high, when the problem is right there in
front of ones face. If you do it when the TA is in range, you will miss the
If you are coaching another student or preclear, you should train on a
Probably one of the hottest things in the reactive mind is that help equals
betrayal. In a very aberrated person, they are pretty convinced of this. So,
you can get alot of auditing done on them just by running the Help
Regardless of the justifications a person gives off that you are auditing,
there aren+t any really. People do things and that+s the end of the matter.
Reasons are always after the fact.
Auditing by list is extremely useful on Grade III. That is where you simply
use an L1C repetitively and just run the list over and over until there are
no more reads left on the list,
Grade IV is properly run when you get what is known as the top RI
(Reliable Item), the actual goal of the individual listed under their
Service Facsimile. It+s wrong to R3R the Service Facsimile out.
Behind every ARC break there is a missed withhold. When all the missed
withholds are off, there are no ARC breaks, A withhold is an undisclosed
contra-survival act which has been restimulated by another but not
disclosed. Manifestations of missed withholds are: pc failing to make

progress, pc critical, refusing to talk, attempting to leave session, not
wanting auditing, boiling off (yawning), exhausted, feeling foggy at
session end, drop in havingness, and highly critical. These indicate that
the pc has withholds,
In auditing objective processes on a pc, there should be a quiet, positive
attitude with the pc and happy two-way comm between the two of you.
You can use the PrepCheck buttons as rudiments at the beginning,
middle or end of a session if you so elect. I have never found it
necessary. It is sometimes workable, once in a folder, at the beginning of
a session, but very rarely to never would you have to use them at the end
or the middle.
You can use a cleansing diet instead of a sweat program on an individual to
get the drugs which stay in the body flushed out of it. There are a number
of health food books which list cleansing foods and diets
A word of warning and mourning on E-meters. It is good to have a spare
one around and always check the batteries on the thing. Mark it with a
pen if the calibration is off which you can check with the resistors. If
you are working with someone who has been previously audited, you have
to open with a two-way comm to make sure that there are no chronic
somatics Two-way comm Int, out- lists, out-ruds, and then do a 53. Ask
and fix before you assess. That way you get known and then
unknown material off in that order. Then, get the resistiveness and their
life situation PTSness cleared off.
Your preclear on his own time should clear himself on Dianetics and
Scientology Technical Dictionary and on the master list of all words used
in processing. There are about 1200 of them. This master list clears all
the words that are used in ARC breaks, problems, PTPs, overts, withholds,
missed withholds, rehab procedure by count method, R3R
procedure and all the correction lists and most processes. It is one
list and have them clear all the words on themselves. It is in the
Since a misunderstood word proceeds the overt act chain, they will get
suddenly better and experience tremendous changes simply by clearing the
words on themselves. This saves them many thousands (if not tens of
thousands) of dollars, and saves you alot of time, It really irons the
stupidity out of and blows charge way beyond anything that they are
aware of. They are just different when it+s over So, get them to clear
these words on themselves and verify them on the meter quickly when they
say they understand them all.
If the TA is high you can bring it down with -What do you have your
attention on?+. It will also come down on -Protest+ and -Incomplete
Cycle+, unflat incident, wrong date, or flowed too long in one
direction, or Exterior.
You shouldn+t mix the PTS Rundown with Expanded Dianetics (XDN)
because XDN is a cause point of view on aberration. The PTS Rundown is
an effect point of view. Which ever one you are on, do that, don+t
switch to the other.

Confessional procedure, where one sits down and kind of beats the
withholds out of the pc, I don+t care for. To announce that you are not
auditing the person, then get a little rough with them is very poor form.
I don+t see any particular place for it.
You should pull overts in an auditing session, and if they don+t have
enough understanding that you are doing this for their benefit, and if
they aren+t eager and willing to do it, then there are gross
misunderstoods about what a case is, what overts are and what your
purposes are in helping the guy out. So, don+t ever use a confessional
procedure on anyone alive.
Valences are the key to clearing. If you aren+t running the valences off
a pc, then you aren+t clearing them. Goals are made by a person often to
take a person away from areas where he/she doesn+t want to be. In these
areas a pc doesn+t as-is. Thus, goals are most often an escape. People
feel that they have to have goals, but when one uses them to be where
he/she can+t stand to be, then goals act as an escape,
The basic escape is into another beingness, thus one ends up acquiring
beingnesses to escape,
When you are running anything other than releasing off valences, there is
not too much you are really doing for a case,
You don+t want to audit the valences, you want to audit the being, So, in
a sense, all processes are addressed with finding valences, All other
processes not addressed to separate valences are addressed to a valence
and thus try to make a valence better. One cannot improve a valence; one
must improve the pc, not the valence, LX lists handle this well,
The fundamental idea is to get off a person+s goals, and get the major
valence off, for that valence is the way that pc used to prevent experience
of an environment which he has never as-ised.
You see a thetan is not really here. A thetan is not really a viewpoint, A
thetan does not survive, A thetan is a nothingness that can make a
somethingness. Only things survive; only viewpoints survive. So, any
personality or identity or thetan co-relationship to the physical universe
is a valence, and all aberration is valences because they are the only
things which will survive. Only lies survive. Thetans endure; theta endures
above time (in a while), but I wouldn+t call that surviving, it is a
completely different subject, words have different meanings in that
I+d like to clarify a 16 March 1977 bulletin describing obsessive gamblers
as psychotics. They would have to be pretty psychotic, in other words,
the person really going to the race track every day, for this bulletin
to make much sense. It doesn+t mean anyone that gambles is psychotic.
Also, there is a bulletin of 24 October 1976 revised 10 February 1977
which states that there is nothing wrong with your C/Ses, pcs, students
or staff that a prepared list won+t handle. This is not true.
Asking the pc always is senior to using a prepared list. If you use a
prepared list, you are invalidating the knowingness of your preclear.

should always ask before you start assessing. There are a number of prepared
lists, in Appendix.
The 53 list solves the problem of high and low TAs, but it can also be
used to handle or to repair difficult cases. So, it can be reassessed
several times until the needle floats throughout the whole list being
called. There is an Interiorization Rundown Correction list which corrects
errors made
on that rundown. Then, there is a list called the L4B which corrects
listing errors. The L1C which cleans up sad or upset, misemotional
preclears. The L3RE list which corrects errors made in Dianetics and
Expanded Dianetics repair list. The way you do these lists is you call
them all the way through, marking your reads as they occur. Then, once
they are called all the way through, you come back and clean the reads off
(Method 5). If you have trouble on the grades, your correction list would
be an L1C. Naturally, you would use the appropriate correction list for
whatever rundown you are working on. If your pc comes in pretty bunged
up or doesn+t run well in a session, you can give them a Green Form. If a
preclear is resistive, you would give him an Expanded Green Form (XGF).
If a person is terribly afraid of folks, you can give him the Fear of
People list. If they have problems studying, you can give them a Student
Rehabilitation list. If they are an executive, you can give them the
Executive list. If they are on R6EW, you can give the List 6 Correction
They shouldn+t have to use a correction list on the Clearing Course or OT
III. These things get over used at orgs because the fundamentals of
auditing are out and the technology is out.
It+s just not occurring so they are just constantly calling these lists and
actually charge people for them when what is wrong is that the preclear
is so ARC broken and so uneducated that they can+t run anything, so
they call the list as a solve-all.
As far as applying Scientology technology, the purpose of applying any
type of ethics is to remove counter-intentions from the environment, If
you could get that done, then you could remove other-intentioness from
the environment.
If the technology is not working due to out-ethics, you would apply ethics
formulas; but if-the tech is working, you don+t need to apply them to a
preclear. If they are applied, you need to do them well and if you do them
well, as far as applying the conditions and the formulas listed in the
Introduction to Scientology Ethics book , then it is done forever. In fact,
I wouldn+t address anything unless it is done forever in auditing.
I would like to point out that non-verbal communication can occur in a
session when the pc knows that you have understood what he has said
and you know it, then the communication is gone, When such rapport
occurs, there is no point in you imposing a mechanical communication
formula and verbally acknowledging their communication.
There is some information pertaining to Grade IV that effects all
Scientology auditing, and should be covered at this time.
So, we are going to be covering some parts of the technology which are
necessary to understand. I+d like to go over some Grade IV material on
Service Facsimiles and Goals-Problems-Mass (GPMs).

The Service Facsimile (Ser Fac) is handled on Grade IV. Society is
rampant with them and your pc will be many times. I would like to define
what a Ser Fac is. They are called facsimiles because they are in mental
image form and they are called Ser Facs because they serve the being. It+s
a self-installed disability which explains why the person is not
responsible for not being able to cope. So, it+s a computation based on
the premise that he is not wrong for not coping. Part of this is to be
right by making wrong. A Ser Fac is therefore, a picture containing an
explanation of self-condition and also a fixed method of making others
wrong. So, every time a person fails, he picks up this facsimile and
becomes sick or sadly noble. It is an explanation to yourself and the
world as to how and why you have failed. It once got one sympathy. It is
that he picks up this facsimile and becomes sick or sadly noble. It is an
explanation to yourself and the world as to how and why you have failed.
It once got one
sympathy.. It is that facsimile which the pc uses to apologize for his
failures, in other words, it is used to make others wrong and to procure
their cooperation in the survival of the pc. If the pc can+t achieve
survival, he will often attempt an illness or a disability as a survival
computation. The workability and the necessity of the Ser Fac is only
subjectively useful. Only the pc believes it works and makes sense.
The Ser Fac is an action method of withdrawing from a state of beingness
to a state of not-beingness and it is intended to persuade others to
coax the individual back into a state of beingness.
It is that computation generated by the preclear, not the bank, to make
self right and others wrong, to dominate others and to escape
domination, and to enhance ones own survival and injure that of others,
A computation such as -2 + 2 = 4+ includes three commodities, so do Ser
I would also like to define what a Goals-Problems-Mass GPM) is. It is
fundamentally what is wrong with the preclear and these are handled on
the upper levels. A GPM is composed of mental masses and significances
which have an exact pattern, unvarying person to person, whose
significances dictate a certain type of behaviour, and whose masses when
pulled in on an individual cause psychosomatic effects such as illness,
pains, feelings of heaviness and tiredness.
The unvarying aspect of them is only on implanted GPMs. The majority of
those bothering a pc are the implanted ones. Actual GPMs will vary
person to person. An actual GPM is actually more powerful than an
implant is. An implanted GPM (whether one is dealing with what is
known as the Helatrobus series, the Dominion series, the Train series,
the Bear series or the Gorilla series) don+t have the force that an actual
GPM does, since the actual GPM is the earlier aberration, one has to
discharge the later aberration to get to the earlier aberration. So, the
implanted GPMs have to run off the preclear.
You are scouting this area in working on Ser Facs by addressing the
subject of goals themselves. The pc+s biggest Ser Fac is in itself a
Reliable Item (RI), A RI is that part of a GPM which the pc is sitting in
and dramatizes. Their top RI would be the single, foremost goal of their
reactive mind, which they have been acting out this particular lifetime.

If you were to go back in time 20 - 30 trillion years you would find that
goals themselves were an implanted RI. The wording would be something
like -to have goals+.
The length of the time track overall is somewhat a subject of conjecture
and it will vary pc to pc because there are more tracks than this
particular agreed-upon track. There is adequate evidence that we have at
least 13 trillion years of track on anyone.
What you are dealing with on Ser Fac processes, which are covered under
the bulletin entitled -R3SC+ is trying to get the RI on your pc+s present
truncated goal that is out of sequence on his time track. The goal was
cut short and broken up. That may sound a little complicated. What I am
talking about is in listing or asking for a Ser Fac, -What does another
use to make others wrong?+, the top Ser Fac (that all the others proceed
out of) will be locked onto the pc+s busted up and present goal. By
truncated I mean the goal has been cut short, not all of it is there. It
has been shortened it is in an abbreviated fashion, in other words, the pc
has reduced his goal.
When you are dealing with this type of material, you should be aware that
power is reduced by the degree of aberration necessary to reduce the
power. What this means is that the native capability of the person you are
auditing is, quantified, 100 beams and they are operating at the power of
1 beam, then they would have 99% aberration. Thus, the aberration on a
case is normally equivalent or quite close to whatever the auditor can
determine the native power of the individual to be after you have
subtracted out what their present power.
Some pcs are able to move planets around so there is alot of aberration
because they are not doing that anymore and some pcs are just able to push
a pencil in the same period. The difference between people is a million to
one, it+s not that a person is twice as powerful as another
A few of the other implants that occurred on the track were on the
universe itself and on single cycles called uni-cycle implants.
Implants run from the top to the bottom which is often backwards to the
actual way that they are acted out. They are attempted to be acted out
from the top to the bottom but they are also acted out running from the
bottom to the top, These things were invented because people
obsessively love impossible problems.
There is alot of energy in a GPM. On a subjective basis, they appear to be
the size of a house. Each RI does have a goal in it. A RI is one of the
goal+s energy beams, but the RI itself has its own significance in relation
to the goal.
The Ser Fac is the one which will make the least sense,
There is a GPM on becoming free where the idea of abandoning all help is part
of one of the RIs and so, you will find your pc occasionally bringing them
up. Since his endeavour is to become free, he will start abandoning help.
The central postulate within a RI is the Ser Fac itself.

One of the most prominent ones around is on unintelligence Naturally,
that which is not inspected tends to persist and this is so prominent that no
one inspects unintelligence as a goal and an activity. It is quite prominent
in society and on people
An idea is most easily substituted for a thetan because a thetan has no
significance, and whether the idea is wise or not, it is generally not
available. So, thetans being essentially nothingnesses, as far as MEST terms,
substitute ideas for themselves and substitute identities for themselves. The
most extreme mental form of an idea fixee is the GPM.
In looking for and running Ser Facs, or goals, you will find rocket reads
(RRs) where the needle just takes off slowly and then speeds up like a
rocket lifting off. You don+t always take the rocket reading item, you
take the rocket reading Ser Fac, but not the rocket reading goal. The RI
goal itself is going to come apart either way,
If your pc hits what is known as -qualms+, that is a natural part of the
phenomena on working with a Ser Fac. Likewise, if the pc turns on
continuous invalidation of what is found,
If your pc is confused towards the end of it, then he has been left
restimulated and you have made an error.
In dealing with these Rls, you will find them to be down- scale postulates
and ideas tied to MEST that are generally below Hide on the Tone Scale.
One can enter into them either as a solution, or on the right-wrong
bracket, or the domination bracket, or the survival bracket. You can
address them any of those ways in that order. It is better to just follow
the bulletin and the sequence which I will be covering later. In the
unlikely event that right-wrong was not to -fire+ as a process on a pc,
then you could run solutions, dominate or survival. You would run what
does fire by checking it on the meter using question like, -How has ( Ser
Fac ) been a solution?+ -What has it solved?+, -How have you used ( Ser
Fac ) for a solution?+, -What has it solved?+.
Then, you could check -How is it going now?+ and then, Prep-Check off
the Ser Fac.
In running rocket reading Ser Facs you have to adjudicate how you are
going to handle it, then finish them up to where they are erased. A Ser
Fac is so far down scale that you should just be careful not to jumble the
steps. The pc will tell you -It isn+t, it doesn+t exist+, or it doesn+t
enter into the right-wrong levels, then you could possibly be sitting on the
dominate or survive level. It will be entering and effecting the pc on one
of these four levels: right- wrong, dominate, survive or problems. A real
Ser Fac will behave in this fashion. A milder one will, of course, run just
as well. As a simple postulate within the RI surfaces, the charge in the
service facsimile will disintegrate.
This planet, although the probabilities are low, is possibly scheduled to be
a rehabilitation centre for the immediate local group of planets that are

I should define that psychiatry treats the severely mentally insane and
shuts them up, Never has so much been done by those who know so
little; in other words, they are working with very sick minds in order to
shut them up and close them off further.
Knowledge about the mind, improving one that already works, means
more freedom for people in life. Knowledge is a good thing to have. That is
pretty true; it is also Hubbards top RI.
In Catholicism, everyone had to be ignorant. False data is probably a more
effective way to keep people ignorant than a lack of data. Not only is a
Ser Fac fixed data, but it is totally wrong data, so perception of truth is
blocked by a person+s service facsimile.
People fit into three categories. They are either know-able, or they are
ignorant, or they are neither of those two, you might say they are
oblivious. If a person is ignorant, then they cannot judge the truth. So,
ignorance normally contains a substitution of lies for truth and also
contains a fixation on false data and falsehoods. Truth is all freeing. If
truth is not all freeing, then it is limited in its application, delivery
or reception. By studying the Slavery-Freedom index of an individual you
can adjudicate how much truth an individual is capable of owning and
operating off of.
Ser Fac is a datum that is substituted for ones own inspection
Confusions quickly lock and accumulate around them. Erasing the Ser Fac
increases the individual+s perimeter of inspection. An individual is
trapped to the degree that his ideas are fixed. Erasing the Ser Fac
brings the uncleared person out of entrapment, not just ignorance.
As far as being efficient processing, you need to find the biggest
entrapment first. The goal of OT to be cause over matter, energy, space
and time is best defined as a greater state of freedom, not particularly
of wisdom. Wisdom is going to come anyway. A person will be less prone to
fall into being implanted with false stable data again. So, in freeing a
being, you essentially free his attention, not just get rid of the walls
around him. All that can and does trap a being is his own attention.
The things which trap a being are:
1. His own unwillingness to confront things which are not interesting to
2. His backing out of situations in which he has lost interest.
3. His moving off and going his own way when he is still responsible
    for where he previously was.
This phenomena of an inanimate postulate being used to replace a thetan in
the activity of living is like the difference between life and death, As
long as the pc is using it, he is pretty dead. If you remove it to where
he has to look and inspect and see, he is quite alive.
From this particular technical frame of reference, the totality of stable
data which holds back a totality of confusion which a person is no longer
aware of - that would be a better definition of the unconscious mind. The
Ser Fac is that on which the pc has most of his present time attention.

The Ser Fac is the last oppterm, in other words, the right side items or it
could be his last terminal, or thirdly, it could be the terminal or oppterm
that he is presently forming up. By last, I mean it would be the last pair
of reliable items in combination at the top of the last GPM that he has
This line of the last GPM that has been postulated, and the last line that
has been postulated will be in opposition to the Ser Fac (which he
believes), so he will be caught in a dichotomy. They guy will be in the
middle of a tremendous push-pull and he will either want ice cream very much
or can+t stand ice cream and just be bouncing back and forth. His
urge will be on the goal+s side and his computation will be on the
opposition+s side, generally speaking,
The chances of finding the exact service facsimile itself in a combination
of these two items is not impossible. You will have difficulty finding a
pc+s Ser Fac if you are not on the lookout for the reliable items in the
last GPM postulate. You will find these as the pc freely Itsas.
You will see the rocket reads come off and this is one of the reasons you
mark anything that reads in the session If a pc starts saying, -Well, my
goal has been to become intelligent and well respected+ you get a rocket
read and a blow down and the room lightens up, then you would mark
that on the sheet, that is a top RI of the being, that is their top goal
this lifetime. The Ser Fac would be on the order of -appearing dumb and
calculating is the way to success+, something along this line.
You need to unpry the pc from those two particular ideas and guide him
into discovering that; that is all that he has been doing and then he
will explain that to you.
There is a close identification of the Ser Facs with all the locks on the
pc+s in this particular lifetime. The TA can become stopped by the two
top reliable items of the last GPM formed This is rare that it will come up
in session, if it does you could list : -What goal would oppose ______+,
which ever idea they seem fixated on, this will pop the other side and
that ridge will move off the preclear.
You can check the goal on the E-meter, their present time goal, whether
it is -to be big+ or -to be god+ or whatever. Have them spot it and they
will then move up the time track to the present.
The pc+s goals do not have to rocket read, but it+s alot better if they do
They can also rock slam (RS), that is another type of meter phenomena.
If that occurs, it+s better to go ahead and get the engramic or incidental
track off by listing for the evil purpose on each of the four flows, then
after you have run all the engrams off, if you still have a rocket read,
then you know you are home free.
Once a pc starts giving you GPM material towards the end of the
Expanded Dianetics work (you don+t have anymore evil pictures to deal
with or evil goals stuck in pictures to deal with) they will start running
their actual GPMs out.
If they are running GPMs out you might as well use processes which run
out GPMs, reliable items and service facsimilies instead of R3R

commands because if the charge is timeless, it should be addressed as
timeless. If the charge is incidental, in other words, it occurred on a
time track, you should be using those processes. If the charge is both, use
In searching for these particular Ser Facs, normally a pc will give them to
you if you will just keep your mouth shut and stay out of his way. You will
find a subject which produces excellent tone arm action and you can
assess on the subject and if the pc comes down tone alot, then you have
found a Ser Fac. If the TA blows up, you have found a Ser Fac If you are
getting pretty good TA action just by talking about it, it+s probably half
GPM charge, half Ser Fac charge.
You will run across a whole number of prominent, available goals such as -to
be sexual+, -to have sex+, -to have a universe of my own+, -to create my own
universe+, -to be wonderful+, -to be an evil being+, or -to understand+.
It+s not a part of the Grade IV run, but after everything else is done on a
bridge, you can use a question such as -Have you started to oppose this
goal?+ or -Are you still trying to execute this goal?+. There is no way in
hell that they are not going to talk and give it all to you and you can
watch it erase. It is really amazing to see a person make a real actual
Clear state; it is a pretty beautiful thing to observe.
The reason people have problems listing or finding goals in session is
because they are walled in between a top oppterm and a top item, in
other words, present time builds upon it.
When you ask them about it, they just look at present time which serves
to hide the pc+s actual goals. The pc+s life is a substitute for the pc+s
beingness. So, you will get life locks instead of what that being
actually wants to do, It+s inconceivable that someone would come in and
pick up the cans and actually tell you what they really want to do. It+s
not only inconceivable, it+s unheard of. Not only do they not know, those
that do wouldn+t dare to talk about it. The charge is just too
overwhelming. It+s incredibly emotional for them.
If you start getting some obscure goals which are reading properly like -
to be unlocated+, you can use a represent list and say, -What might that
be like?+ and then they will translate it for you and then it will come
to something like -to escape inspection+.
In working on a pc+s case, you need to keep control of the tone arm, in
other words, keep it in range, keep it down, you don+t want the preclear
over-restimulated. There are alot of tapes on this material, but there
certainly aren+t any bulletins on it.
In Russia they use non-sequitur unprediction to drive people up the wall
so that they will join the Communist movement. That is the use of mental
technology in a detrimental fashion. It really doesn+t deserve to be
called mental technology. The more proper purpose for mental technology
should consist of resolving survival with its consequent domination and
necessity and rightness-wrongness considerations.
Probably, the fastest way you could de-aberrate someone, if they were
capable of it (in other words, the highest degree of case gain you could
get on someone rapidly) would be to address this Grade IV Ser Fac area.

Unbeknownst to your pc, you will be going in after his actual goals; you
will be going in after the implanted GPMs he is on; you will be going in
after his present creations of reactive mass; you will be going after his
prime postulates and disintegrate the grouping of these things, of
apples, peaches and oranges which don+t belong together by finding and
running out this Ser Fac computation that -you need apples and peaches to
oranges+. Then those three GPMs will lift off the pc and he will be able to
see a wall around him and other people around him, and he will be quite
interested in living and probably quite successful because he won+t go
around making other people wrong.
Thetans are people and they do try to be right even over small things. You
will find this very prominent on alcoholics or drug addicts regardless of
what the drug is. It could be television, propriety, marriage, love, or
respectability; there are alot of addictive drugs in society. There are
many things which act like a drug is what I+m saying.
If they are addictive, if they collapse the three tracks of the past,
present and the imaginary, if they serve as a solution to escape
unconfrontable things, then they are acting like a drug and should be
treated as a drug and should be handled on the Drug Rundown.
The real reason a person is trying to be right is that it serves as a lock
on survival itself and there is an effort to be right in there. The truth of
the matter is that a person can+t do anything else but survive, but in order
to survive a person has to be right more than wrong due to the nature of the
universe (and the most recent set of games that people are subscribing
to). People are not volitionally subscribing to these games. It+s against
their will. But they are involved, so they feel like hell. Since a person
has to be right more than wrong in order to survive, people get obsessed
with being right. If you make a practice of being wrong, then you can have
some difficulties surviving So, right and wrong are tools of survival and
People do have the computation that in order to survive you have to
right. To get another person to succumb, they would have to be wrong, A
military win is based on the wrongs of others. So, the entry point of
succumb is the recognition that you are wrong and that is the beginning
point of a succumb cycle or curve. If a person is surviving at all, there
is residual rightness in their thinking. Thetans, or people, worry about
their own survival. The first way they do this is to worry about something
else, and they identify themselves with whatever they are worried about.
do this and it is very illogical. There is really no reason to worry about
The second way they do this is that they just declare that they are now
worried about their survival. The first way is probably the most ridiculous.
People don+t need to become sandcastles, logs, automobiles or relationships.
They start worrying about these external things and then identify with them,
then they start being those things. The irony of it is if you feel that it
is necessary to dominate anyone else, then you are threatening your
own sandcastle.

Domination, in the Ser Fac, equals being right and making others wrong.
This goes on with the U,S. and Russias it+s very silly. There are Ser
Facs on the Capitalistic side and on the Communist side, so consequently
there is no communication. If there was any communication between the
two, of any substance, these Ser Facs would evaporate. Both sides
threaten each other, both put a high degree of production capacity and
technology into destroying each other, and in destroying the other
political form, then both fail. This very obvious sideshow (which is
expensive for both sides) makes complete sense only as a third dynamic (a
group) Ser Fac of right-wrong, survive, domination and solution. Both are
doing it on a right supposition and both of them end up wrong by doing
People will defend fantastic wrongnesses on the basis that they are
right. The skidrow bum is being incredibly right. In fact, the rightest a
person can be is dead right. That is probably the ultimate in rightness.
The implanted GPMs enforce and destroy a person+s freedom of choice
and determinism They make a person one-sided. The way entrapment
works is that there has to be an insistence on survival, as a postulate,
then domination, as a postulate, then right-wrong, as a postulate, then a
person has to protest what he was or is in.
The Catholics killing the Buddhists in Viet Nam via various national
armies hasn+t worked out well. The Salvation Army religious folks, by
talking death, have it turned on pretty fully.
If a person is working extremely hard in a field and in an area of death,
then there is an extreme degree of aberrated rightness and wrongness at
this level, for one is dealing with the cessation of survival. People
operating in those ranges become so threatened that they actually
dramatize death before it would naturally occur.
The U.S., because of Viet Nam, had to debase and eliminate having a real
actual currency in suppressing Communism and Buddhism. In destroying that
particular country and group, it destroyed itself and has just been
buying time ever since. This is not to say that the U.S. won+t come out
of its difficulties, it certainly will, but it will be paying an
extremely fundamental high cost for living on paper credit for 20 - 30
years. For decades Catholicism and that government were dying there. That
is why
it is a perfect example. That is the cost of a Service Facsimile, when you
get into that range of existence where someone is trying to be right about
death, then you have a heavy degree of Ser Fac in play. Of course, a
person with out Ser Facs would remain tolerant of others peoples religion.
Once a Ser Fac is erased, a person has difficulty remocking the
aberration, it+s just too crazy. One of the strongest mental items there
is is the intention to be right.
The mechanics of making a person wrong is whatever he insists upon,
just make that wrong, Someone insists that Volkswagons are wonderful,
just explain that Volkswagons are wrong. It will drive a guy up the wall.
It is probably the most unkind, evil thing you can do. You should be aware
that if people are into right-wrong issues on subjects other than
themselves, then they have a Ser Fac going, and they have identified
something with themselves, with whatever they are discussing,

You can observe a Ser Fac on another by observing behaviour. It+s what a
person dredges up to make others wrong. Governments have a full time
business of making people wrong by turning people into criminals or
acting in a criminal fashion. They even have a difficult time of this
because ultimately aberration is very hard to maintain.
You can also look at what a person is having, for whatever he is busily
having does serve as a label of what he considers safe times. They will also
label it, whatever they have, in different ways and it is another key to
sorting out what their service facsimiles are.
A Ser Fac is neurotic, anti-survival action that is compulsively undertaken
by the person. Implanting itself is not even a sensible solution towards
lowering peoples capabilities. It+s workable, but it is not a solution. It+s
a dramatization. The appropriations made by other governments for
implanting is excessive within the governments, whether we are talking
about the Markabians, the Galactic Confederation or the U.S., which uses
a very subtle form. When a guy acts to be right and make others wrong,
you will find a worsening condition on the guy and you get a dwindling
spiral of a person coming down tone. He will feel he is in his last effort
to dominate and he will feel covert.
We have a worsening of condition in this -local vicinity+ (sector of the
galaxy) because essentially what is going on is a dramatization. We have a
growth of an insane population, possibly 12%, which is not in any way
related to socio-economic category. The statistical rise of insanity
historically reaches a certain point, and then the solution to this is to
encourage more dramatization. Governments operate on a set of considerations
on how to make others wrong convincingly. Alot of overt withhold phenomena
hinges on these right-wrong considerations.
You can blow a hell of alot off an individual by getting the Ser Fac off
the case. So, whether it is a stimulus-response mechanism or not, the
consequence of the Ser Fac is what really matters.
Science is a complete understanding. If you only dramatize its parts, you
aren+t scientific. If one lives within laws and rises senior to those laws,
then you have accomplished quite a trick. That is what you will be doing
for your pc, if you are doing any auditing. One should try not to dramatize
parts of life while one is in it. One has to teach the same thing to the pc
by letting him discover that. The challenge of properly applying
Scientology is the challenge of knowing how to live life and knowing life
at the same time. A person doesn+t need to crawl off to a cave to avoid
restimulation. The final challenge of the science of life is does it produce
life or does it produce death. That should be the final measurement of the
science of life. I personally apply that particular standard to the Church
of Scientology. I wouldn+t say that it is producing life in excess of
producing death, I would possibly call it a draw because that card game is
not over yet. In my particular instance, and my application of it, I have
found that it does produce life and that life produces more life. I have
been fortunate enough and prudent enough and sceptical enough to do clean
work and
produce permanent, lasting and eternal results on individuals. So, they
have produced likewise permanent, lasting and eternal results on others
about 2% of the time. That 98% failure rate traces primarily to the
material I am going over here.

It may seem unusual that I am going over alot of Grade IV, V and VI
material immediately, but this is what you will be running up against in
auditing anyone. Start to finish, you are going to hear about it all the
way through the folder. So, you better know exactly what you are going to
be dealing with all the way through. There will come a time, possibly and
probably not expected, when this thing will break loose and the pc will run
it. It can happen early, mid-way or late in the folder. It is called
someone going completely Clear.
The auditor and the pc are in a situation where Ser Facs have to be sorted
A person does not necessarily have to work to experience, that is a Ser Fac
that people have going. People can just plain experience. People that can+t
experience without working actually go out and work so they they
can have experience because of that Service Facsimile.
Teenagers for their many thrills are trying to convince themselves that
they are alive because they have already run across a suspected truth
that they are 9/10ths dead.
So, the right-wrong level of computation is below the analytical level
and is an obsessive behaviour to be right.
I couldn+t stress enough that your pc has already been overwhelmed on
this particular subject. If you are having trouble reading or if it seems
too powerful, that would perhaps be proof of what I am saying here.
So, inability, weakness and stupidity, as a way to be right, is the
beginning of a person+s decline, dwindling spiral and neurosis.
Civilizations do this on their way out.
A dramatization which is wrong, regardless of how right a person thinks
it is, harms whoever has it. People cling to them because they are
madness and perversion of upscale ability. Sexual behaviour is unfortunately
many times a lower harmonic of the ability to create. Below
that you can find methods of survival, below that are methods of
domination, below that are methods of making others wrong, below that
are overts and withholds as a way to be right, and below that you will
find extremely nutty behaviour (behaviour patterns which harmonic upscale
activity, in other words, people sit around and worship pyramids when they
are symbols for the four fundamental triangles of life, instead of people
operating on understanding, experience, creation and as-isness, is-ness
and alter isness). Instead of them using these four fundamental
triangles, they will sit around and worship a pyramid. That is what I
mean by a harmonic of an upscale ability and activity. People worship
symbols for something that they once knew and used, as bowing down to a
cross when that is nothing more than a remembrance of a man recognizing
his natural relationship to God and godhood and his fellow man, and
taking some significant degree of responsibility in creating a new
civilization and breaking the dramatization of history away from raw
force, criminality and barbarism towards literacy, some degree of
compassion, tenderness, humility and recognition.
But people don+t look at it this way, they bow down and kiss a cross. That
is what I mean by compulsive behaviour patterns Actually, if you were to

take that off an individual, you will see how far North you are going to
have to go, then you have to get off their overts, them making others
wrong, get off their dominations, get off their methods of survival, get
off their aberrated sexual behaviour, get off their computations on their
abilities to create, then they might remember what the cross really
means or what a pyramid really means and start living again instead of
faking it or acting it out.
So, with this data, perhaps you can understand much of what you have
been protesting, and what the pc will be protesting. I would hope that
you would understand the rationality of the U.S. government obscures
basically what the U.S. is doing on a right-wrong basis with people,
with itself, with international bankers and with other countries.
A science of life or self-improvement based on behaviour is just going
to stir up the locks on the survive, dominate and right-wrong brackets.
Perhaps you can understand the mechanics of the Church of Scientology
going from wisdom to fanatic barbaric rightness.
So, in auditing, if you see a guy picking imaginary bugs and that is what
is technically going on when he is explaining that -you have to have money
to make money+, in other words, a crazy computation, you don+t jump back
and you don+t tell him that there are no bugs. You don+t cut another+s
dramatization of rightness and wrongness with your own. An understanding
of this will keep you free enough to where you can audit these bugs or
crazy computations off. If you do cut his dramatizations of rightness
and wrongness, he will start trying to make you wrong.
If you can+t make a keyed-out Clear by PrepChecking the individual, then
he has one or more Ser Facs that he is operating on. Your 18 button
PrepCheck will produce the hottest Itsa in any folder. The trouble with
the Itsa line is that it is an uncontrolled line which can over-restimulate
in using a PrepCheck. The TA will go high and lock up with over
restimulation. You can control an Itsa line by restricting the question to
a specific subject or period of time. You can also control it by using what
is known as a short or a long comm cycle. It is how soon you come in with
an acknowledgement. A short cycle will cause over-restimulation. The Churches
never conceived of a long comm cycle.
So, your underlying factors in dealing with this problem of over
restimulation is to control the Itsa line but not cut the pc+s attention. You
do clear him of restimulation, but in your initial auditing, not his original
goals. Uncontrolled Itsa can lead to trouble. Your initial auditing is to key
out restimulation, in other words, to cause destimulation You don+t want
to stir up -inert+ incidents that are not restimulated. You shouldn+t get
too touchy or worry too much about the degree of restimulation going on
with the pc.
If the TA is dropping below 2.0 and just staying there, you have sort of
a dead thetan phenomena. In auditing, you are restimulating something,
then destimulating and discharging it.
That phenomena means he is over-restimulated. Your biggest danger signal
in auditing is no tone arm action. There are two things that can
cause no tone arm action: either over- restimulation (and if that is what it
is then just discharge it mildly) or the Ser Fac itself. If it is the Ser
Fac, 135

then you find out what it is and either key it out or run it. Any case that
cannot be restored or put into a keyed-out Clear range in 25 hours does
have a Ser Fac going. The preclear will worsen until that service
facsimile is handled.
In running the Ser Fac the PrepCheck will turn the mass on. If the
preclear has alot of worries or present time problems (PTPs), then it is a
Ser Fac case. One should remember that high TA does mean over
restimulation. So, the main point I want to make here is that the Ser Fac
does prevent destimulation and the person getting better and lowers the
overall condition of the person as a spirit.
A Ser Fac is what a person uses to get his way in the world, It is sort of
a brother that locks in tightly with the overt- withhold sequence. It is
how the pc makes others guilty. It could be described as the condition the
person uses to make himself right and others wrong. You can run into all
kinds of weird material in cleaning these off. There are goals on
persisting, on being alive and living that were used in the Darwinian
implants five galaxies over to the Southeast.
Medicine believes structure monitors function whereas the inverse idea that
function monitors structure is probably more true. No matter what
you do medically to someone, if he doesn+t want to walk, he isn+t going
to walk. Psychology has had the idea that if you help a guy out of
something, then he is going to go on to something else next, in other
words, there is no overall change that is going to occur. You are going
to find that both these areas, medicine and psychology, when applied to a
Ser Fac type case, can+t really do much. There are 25 diseases in
California that are legally enforced as incurable, where you give the
person some medicine and they don+t get cured.
There is also a percentage of people in society which don+t have Ser Facs
going very strongly. 22% of people walking around get better no matter
what one does. One can simply suggest that they get well and they will.
One can just put them into a hypnotic trance and they will get well. Just
tell them that they will be well all the time and they will. One can give
them a placebo, some sugar, some salt, and they will get better. So, if
you just give them something, you see, they are operating off something
equals improvement and taking away something equals harm, they will
get better.
So, Ser Facs can get in the way on the road to healing someone, mentally,
bodily or spiritually. The experiential pattern of a being can be an
aberration in itself. Each person is liable to the Ser Fac phenomena to
some degree. In other societies up to 60 - 70% of the distraction and
insanity of people can be cured through Ser Fac processing or has been.
Any mass for a thetan is somewhat of an assertion.
You should recognize that you and your pc are in a diversion reality
situation regarding the Ser Fac. A pc can+t put an Itsa line in on it or
confront it. And in that -cause equals sanity which equals survival+ you
will find that a person has been very right all the way down the scale
and has made others wrong. His perception and conception of this, which
thinks puts him at cause subjectively but, objectively it is actually
limiting his cause. Without any workable method of causing a cessation of

sensation, the thetan continues a supposed-past-time-type-of-game of non-
existence of claiming himself to be right.
If you cannot perceive that the pc is already into that game, but is
unaware of it, then you have gone into agreement with him, and by
assuming that this game is long gone, you are not going to be able to do
anything about it. You are thusly agreeing with the Ser Fac against him.
There is probably nothing lower than a Ser Fac is the main point I am
making. Like the last thing you can be about a government is to be right
about it. A Ser Fac is totally irrational. And if you know much about
you will find them insidious.
There are a number of ways to get it. You can ask the pc what they have
been trying to resolve in their processing, you could ask them what they
have been medically treated for, you could ask for what method they have
of making others wrong, ask them how it makes them right, whatever weird
survival mechanisms they have going will point to the Ser Fac.
Ser Fac technology is used to rectify the difficult case and remedy the
unusual case, in other words, a case which has a high TA or low TA
action. Ser Fac auditing is a weapon for this. A Ser Fac is generally
the reason that people can+t get well. You can remedy a case 30 - 40% as
as handling the whole case simply by getting this off. So, one of the main
reasons a person doesn+t recover under auditing, if you encounter such a
person and circumstance (and you will probably encounter -right+ people
about one-third of the time) is service facsimiles.
The reason I am covering this Grade IV on Ser Facs initially is that you
will be on a bleak collision with this data to some degree the moment you
start auditing a case, on about one-third of the cases you deal with in
life and in auditing, The main reasons that people don+t recover under
auditing is the service facsimile.
If you have three sessions in a row where there is little or no tone arm
action, this is a horrible condition. If you have one where there is no
tone arm action, it is a very bad condition and the preclear will feel
As far as your professionalism or doing a good job as an auditor,
although you should be aware of and facile in handling the complexity of
information regarding auditing, it is far more important as far as your
auditing skill, the degree to which you control a pc+s attention. That
really classifies how good an auditor you are, what degree you control
the pc+s attention.
If a person is queasy on the time track, is over-restimulated, is walking
around overwhelmed all the time, their attention is hard to control, even
all these phenomena together, he will still make it up the bridge, but it
is not a particularly comfortable journey for them. They will spend most of
the time in the fog between the sessions with the TA running good.
Restimulation can become so great that the restimulation itself can prevent
discharge of the key-ins.
A Ser Fac in thorough restimulation will surface as -content+ of what is
valuable, what is survival and what is magnificent These are huge flags
indicating that an overcharged solution has been restimulated.

You have to bear in mind and be aware that it is the pc that has
restimulated it, there is volition in it, the being, the pc himself, is
doing something. Although a Ser Fac appears to make sense to the pc, to an
outsider it does not, because it is a fixed, single solution to handle
everything in life. Because of the Ser Facs engrams will fail to erase and
Prep Checks won+t work So, the secret channel in TA difficulties is the
Ser Fac, the ultimate difficulty, I suppose, you are approaching on this
is that it is quite difficult to be human and to be right.
If you get a dead thetan phenomena, in other words, the person doesn+t
appear that there is any spirit there, that is another guarantee that this
is a service facsimile.
They won+t blow charge in life, in other words, the person will not be
walking around as-ising things and getting cognitions, They won+t
accidentally discharge things. The TA will remain relatively stuck and the
needle will be sluggish and the person will be unhappy. Low TA or high
TA, any difficulty with tone arm motion and position means that there is a
Ser Fac, one or more, in restimulation.
So, you see, the normal discharge that would occur in an individual is
blocked by a fixed stable datum. The pc is convinced that he needs it and
the pc will question the wisdom of getting rid of it. It is, from the pc+s
point of view, a survival computation.
There are alot of third dynamics, in other words, group service facsimiles
around such as the jail system, which is probably the worst system for
committing crimes by study. It+s not at all workable as far as fixing up
any criminals. It is workable, you see, in removing them from society, I
suppose, if they were to stay there the rest of their lives then that would
work, but they don+t, they let them out again. So, the present jail
system is a dramatizing Ser Fac of making criminals wrong. Although the
Ser Fac
is insisted upon by the pc, it will not Itsa well, they will have difficulty
discussing it, but if you approach it as a solution, then a preclear can
Itsa it.
Anger itself is sometimes a potential Ser Fac because of the weird affinity
that anger has. Anger seems to draw evil to it. Aside from Ser Facs, you can
run practically anything with R3SC which is basically the process for
running Ser Facs. It is where you take the computation and put it in these
brackets. Say the Ser Fac was -being good and powerful makes one
wealthy+. The bracket commands would be:
-How would being good and powerful makes one wealthy
make you right?+
You would run that to a cognition and a release, then you would work the
other side of it.
-How would being good and powerful makes one wealthy
make others wrong?+
After that is flat, you would go to -dominate others+, -escape
domination+, -increase your survival+, and -hinder the survival of
others+. If it still did not erase, you would PrepCheck it.

So, you can run other types of computations or items with these: R3SC. It
will take care of anything on a previous process known as R2-12 and body
mass on a preclear.
Although a pc may have difficulty discussing their Ser Fac, if you direct
their attention to it they will go right to it, they don+t object much to
it being found.
Never prevent a pc from giving you a Ser Fac and you should know what
one is, that it is a tremendous solution which if disturbed, the pc
believes will end his survival. It is always an aberrated solution and
always in present time for the pc and in the environment of the pc. It is
something in the environment that is insistently saying, this is from the
viewpoint of the pc, that something else is wrong and yet the pc is saying
it is right. Labeling a Ser Fac is harder than finding it, the exact thing
you want to do with a Ser Fac. I might add that the body itself is probably
a Ser Fac. The exact thing we want to do with it is to clear this lifetime.
The bank itself is a Ser Fac, in other words, having a reactive mind is
attached to Ser Fac phenomena. A Ser Fac is born out of the
fundamentals of confusion and stable datum and this stable datum holds
the confusion in place. Confusion in itself is not aberrative, nor is life
very abberative. A Ser Fac is a computation, not an action. It is always below
2.0 on the Tone Scale as a solution, where survive appears falsely to be
made up of succumb. A Ser Fac is a substitute for an Itsa line. People
can have Ser Facs on eating, not eating, sex, no sex, suicide and
gradients of suicide such as being ugly, being thin, being overweight, or
being antisocial.
You will not find service facsimiles on people above 2.0 on the Tone
You can list on it on -might be+ basis, do a represent list on a might
be, in other words, what might be your Ser Fac, or what do you think your
Ser Fac is. It is a subawareness solution on automatic action and once
eradicated, it+s gone. If he says it isn+t there anymore, then it isn+t,
You should bear in mind that confusion equals charge; If it won+t run off,
then he has a solution there, so find the solution to the problems. You
aren+t really interested in social conduct but it may look that way to the
pc because your auditing what is controlling his conduct.
To evaluate what is sane or insane on a pc is quite dangerous, particularly
by conduct. Whatever the Ser Fac is, it is. It is peculiar to data on and
survival, but not mores. So, you have to be careful not to evaluate these
for the pc, unless you want to restimulate it on a pc for the purpose of
running it. That+s dangerous. I+ll give an example: A contra-survival
action against a government is considered criminal, but yet if a better
government is formed out of it then that gets labelled as a revolt and
posed as survival.
So, this computation of data on actual survival holds a pc+s interest and
releases TA action because it is a fixed solution. It is generally
uninspected by the person and causes fragile TAs as I have mentioned
and, after a person has inspected it enough, he realizes it is contra

The Ser Fac is always protruded into present time (PT). Any constant
present time problem (PTP), if you were to address that, can produce the
Ser Fac underneath it. A way of getting at that is to say, -What did you
come into Scientology to resolve?+. Although listing problems isn+t too
good, they probably won+t list problems, they will probably go ahead and
give you the Ser Fac, or -What is your chronic PTP?+. So, you can list
solutions to problems as much as you would like. Your job is to find
their fixed solutions to these problems that keep coming up. You could
also ask, -During your past auditing what have your found very
you could do a parts of existence list, you could ask, -What don+t you
have affinity for?+, you could ask a number of questions bearing in mind
that the Ser Fac is between 30 - 40% of a case. You shouldn+t disregard a
pc+s attention in an assessment as he will be giving it off and seem
disassociated from it.
A case won+t decline if you take the Ser Fac off. Once the Ser Fac is off
the case will be about 100 times as easy to audit.
In dealing in the area of psychotherapy, you should be aware that
psychiatry means something to the public and that the medical doctor is
trained in repairing broken bones and surgery and so forth. Neither of
these has been trained in the mind. They are trained in the brain. It is a
very prominent lie that either of these is qualified to operate in the
field of doing something with a healthy mind. So far as working in the
mind, it is almost a totally unoccupied field.
The Ser Fac could be listed for and defined as the final solution that is
all pervading, that makes it unnecessary for a person to look or Itsa. In
auditing, introversion does occur, but only to produce further extroversion.
The actual progress of a case depends upon the raising of a person+s ARC
step by step. Running at too high a level of restimulation will cause
introversion and over-restimulation. The worse off a case is, the more
careful you have to be of over-restimulation. So, you would use less reach
and less ARC. Although the Ser Fac goes into the mind, it goes alot further,
Environmental restimulation can often be a source for auditing difficulties.
A Ser Fac can cause environmental restimulation and thus PTPs,
A present time problem (PTP) is a problem that the pc has in the
physical universe, in other words, he has an intention to get better and
someone else has an intention that he stay the same and it probably
exists out in the physical universe and you don+t audit over them. You
have them go fix that. A problem is something where the two sides which
oppose each other both exist in his universe or in the existence of
another+s universe. Where it exists in the physical universe it is called
a PTP. You have the pc fix that, you don+t ever audit over it. So, when
you get in a situation where it is the auditor versus environmental
restimulation, not the auditor versus the bank, you need to get the PTP
in the physical universe solved. If you audit a person over a PTP, their
personality graph will remain the same, there won+t be any case change or
gain. Ironically, you can come along later and pull the problem off and
they will get a sudden resurgence of gain.
If you audit a pc over an ARC break, you will get a worse personality
graph, the person will actually get worse. You clear up the ARC break and
then you will find out whether the any of the auditing was any good.

Psychosis appears to be somewhat of a one lifetime experience due to a
person+s ability to withstand things. As that breaks down, a person
becomes psychotic and that appears to vary quite a bit from lifetime to
lifetime. Environmental restimulation monitors and effects ones ability
to withstand stress. If a person is a do-gooder seeking a non-
restimulative environment, he+ll get pretty protesty pretty easy. You can
chase that down and get the Ser Facs underneath it. By determining what a
hobbies are, you will find that their acceptable randomity level, in
other words, the amount of restimulation or the amount of randomity that
they like, it+s another way to chase down Ser Facs. Just determine how
much restimulation a person can+t stand. It is good to remember that all
cases do depend upon a single, safe solution.
A safe solution, to be truthful about it, is the most dangerous thing in
the world. I+d say that a closed mind is the most expensive thing in the
world. The safe solution inhibits observation and therefore destroys
observation. One can PrepCheck a safe solution until the TA is still. A
person who has a Ser Fac going, will put confusion into the lives and
lines of other people, particularly people who bring order.
People resort to a safe solution because they simply can+t stand the
confusion that it is supposedly checking. The safe solution is always
adopted as a retreat from environmental restimulation. On a Ser Fac
assessment, you ask for safe solutions. You could get them to talk about
the various dynamics, a process known as R1C, and then for what their
worries are and you can pry a Ser Fac out that way.
If the environmental restimulation is very excessive, the TA just won+t
move, you will have what is known as a locked tone arm or a locked TA
case. This you will find only 1% of the time,
The way you raise a person+s ability to handle environmental restimulation
is to pull off the Ser Fac which is what is reducing his ability to simply
see the environment, This dwindling spiral of confront
and perception that results from a Ser Fac occurs at very great speed.
So, the Ser Fac reduces his ability to handle the environment, yet it is
the thing that he has adopted to handle his environment for him. If you
remove it, then you will at once increase his ability to handle the
You need this Ser Fac out of the way to run the earlier material on his
time track so that he can recover and start operating as a being again, in
other words, as an operating thetan. There is a point to climb off the
road to clearing and move onto the road to OT. Clearing is going to
produce better humans; OTs are a much better kettle of fish than humans.
Listing and nulling (L & N) is where you set up a question and the pc
gives you a whole bunch of answers to it and then you have to null it,
in other words, call all the answers off on the meter and see which one
is the correct answer. This L & N is where you are looking for something
to process. A list can be as long as it needs to be to keep the pc from
ARC breaking because it+s incomplete. The longest practical lists really
work out to be 30 pages at 20 items per page. I+m not aware of lists
being too much longer and lists can be as short as one item. So, you can
do a parts of existence list, in other words, on the thetan, the mind,
the body and
the physical universe, you can null that, in other words, call them off
and 141

see what reads. You can select the item (with the pc agreeing on it) and
proceed from there to look for a Ser Fac. Once you start working in the
area, you will find the pc+s interest is extremely strong, in fact, I
doubt that he can remove his interest from the area. That is why you are
processing him on it.
It is just that his confront on the area is extremely poor. The pc will hit
a safe dramatization while running it, in other words, he will start to sell
it to you, he will believe it completely and he may even try to pick an
argument over it. When you are listing these safe solutions or
assumptions, you list them down to one item. You list them down to the one
item, even if you have to null it. If you want to graduate it up into a
higher or more fundamental Ser Fac other than what they+ have given you or
make a subtle adjustment to it, you ask how this type of assumption
applies to the other dynamics.
If in your search for the Ser Fac, you actually haven+t found one (which I
have never found to be the case, they are very easy to find), but if you
don+t get one, go ahead and run what you get, handle what you have
found. Then do a new parts of existence list, null it, get the safe
solution, put it through the R3SC and PrepCheck procedure, then you can do
another safe assumptions list and keep doing this until you have the
Service Facsimile erased.
There is quite a talent in getting these out on the table and getting
them resolved. So, you have to know this stuff cold, and that is why I am
bringing this up initially, because it is what you are dealing with the
moment the guy comes in and picks up the cans to get auditing, a good
third of the time.
In handling a Ser Fac you can really mess up a case and ruin someone if
you don+t handle it correctly. It blocks their perception, so it is
really killing them. In handling it you can by-pass more charge than on
any other thing, In working with it, you are addressing the biggest part
of a person+s case. If you by-pass it, you have really screwed the case
up royally.
A Ser Fac makes aberration permanent. The reason for this is that they
are actually creating it senior to the reactive mind. Many pcs have a
second dynamic Ser Fac, in other words own, sex and family. It has
nothing to do with life, it is the result of being on this particular planet
at this particular time.
The illness rate in this particular country and on this planet is unusually
high for planets in this part of this galaxy because of Service Facsimiles
There are some very extreme Ser Facs going on in society. The way for everyone
to be wrong is obviously to produce nothing, that makes
governments wrong, it makes implanters wrong. People that implanted one
in the past suggested one go out and work hard, be good, save the world,
love Jesus and so forth. So, governments, implanters, educators are
supposedly made wrong when they see civilization going down the tubes.
The modern industrialized socio-economic society is in very deep trouble
due to Ser Facs on people. The thetans, the spirits, are in trouble
because 142

of MEST. Creative ability is often doomed on an individual because some
guy has a Ser Fac on marrying the wrong girl, or society has a Ser Fac
back towards creative people. Creative people are, in most instances,
stopped in society because of society+s Ser Facs.
This type of situation requires that an individual protect creativeness in
oneself and ones fellows, else other peoples+ attacks on you will wipe you
out of existence. So, when people have Ser Facs on creation,that results
in trouble for civilization as a whole. This particular type of thinking is
what leads the Ser Fac on the second dynamic, sex and family, because it is
a creative activity. It is pretty important to run the Ser Fac off a case
from, a this lifetime viewpoint, in other words, listing it in this
lifetime and at least getting the wording out of this particular lifetime,
In running the Ser Fac, L. Ron Hubbard feels that you are engaged upon a
key-out and not a bank erasure. I have found just the opposite to be true,
you are erasing an incredible quantity of bank, probably more than any
other process or any other part of the Grade Chart. It is just a fast
erasure (10 - 20 seconds).
Your activities, as an auditor, are guided by the awareness that you are
leading a pc into and out of a bank. So, auditing is sort of a walking-on
thin-ice activity. In working with this lifetime Ser Facs, you have a very
thin-ice activity, because a pc can very easily slip into the whole (past)
track. If he is already on the whole track, in other words, he is walking
around acting like a pirate in this 20th century civilization, then you
don+t have much thin ice to fall through because they are already stuck back
there. You should word your questions so that you don+t get a goal
and you should avoid rocket reading (RR) items. Only a GPM will produce a
rocket read.
If you get a rocket reading Ser Fac, in other words, it+s got three
commodities, -being rich and famous makes one happy+, in other words,
rich, famous and happy are three items and that is rocket reading, run
If you audit that as a Ser Fac, you will produce case gain and change in an
individual far beyond anything words could describe from your point of
view and from the preclear+s point of view
The object of auditing is to get away with as much as you can without getting
into any more trouble than you have to. It is quite difficult to run a pc
without some degree of bypassed charge going on. Keeping that as
small as possible is actually pretty easy if you know what you are doing.
The normal ratio of bypassed charge would be between 1% and 5%. If
you are taking 200 divisions of charge off (if you are giving 2 hours a
day), they will be walking around with 10 divisions of bypassed charge that
they will as-is during that day. That is the normal range in running a case.
Please try to keep Grade IV, which is running Ser Facs, out of Grade VI,
where you run goals. Grade IV is an activity in itself.
It is possible to exceed the Aristotelian absolute of being more wrong
than wrong.
If you run more than one session without tone arm action, you are in a
critical situation and it is the result of over-restimulation or of auditing
absolutely nothing on the pc which is rare (unless you have been audited
within the church). If a room is already full and you try to fill it up
more, 143

you are really committing a grave sin. If someone is over-restimulated,
you should sit there quietly with them and let them unwind.
As a person first comes into Scientology, there is an illumination and
education of the person when you are clearing up unknown, false data as a
prelude to addressing their personal stable datum. Every case is to some
degree over-restimulated. You can handle this a number of ways by
running the Ser Fac, giving them good auditing, or doing a Case Cracker
Rundown. There are a number of ways to restimulate a person such as not
allowing them to sit on a rock and think things over, kicking them
around with economic pressures, family complications, problems,
troubles, banks or to convince them that they should worry about things.
The basic mechanism of entrapment doesn+t come from being stuck in a
body or on a pole, it is more broad and complex than that. If you tell
someone that they can+t know something, then you can really get them
trapped pretty good (like in a college economic class, they say that
economics is too complex for normal understanding).
If you keep everyone on a high desire level, then you will have
economics. If you will just increase demand, continuing to increase
wanting, then the economy can continue to grow. If you case a society on
this idea that everyone has to be over-restimulated or over stimulated
and extremely busy worrying about and putting attention on ideas of
survival, then you are promoting strife and confusion as a way of life
for people, which happens to be a principle in this supposed science of -
economics+. Governments kind of enjoy controlling people, they enjoy
artistic harassment, so they harass individuals enough to where the
feel that they can t look and so, by not looking, the individual ends up
in trouble.
Money itself is a bit of a bum Itsa and idea because there is no metal
behind it. There is an idea afloat that if something moves from point to
point, money is going to effect that. Why money buys things has never been
really addressed so this becomes confusing to the people and they start
believing weird ideas: -if he gets enough he will be free+, but he doesn+t
examine what he is getting for it, for his money, or what he is exchanging
for his money.
Socialism is even more complex than capitalism. Debts are resolved (paid
or liquidated by bankruptcy) in capitalism, however, in socialism no one
can save money. There is no end to ones involvement in socialism or
communism. It seems to be a perfect system of attention fixing, attention
dispersal, and attention shifting. Communism is there to keep someone
and attention shifting Communism is there to keep someone tied down.
These are not just cynical comments on modern society, they are
principles, They are bars on a trap that people are supposed to protest
. The traps of society are not there because someone is stupid, they are
there because someone has been very clever and they have provided a
piece of sufficient randomity to keep someone sufficiently enturbulated,
thus the majority of people in society are continuously over-
restimulated as the result of well-thought-out planning on human nature.

So, you have environmental restimulation sources in the present time
(PT) environment and this restimulates the Ser Fac. You could draw out a
picture of the bank and out of that draw an arrow, in other words, you
just draw a big cloud and write the word -bank+ and then you could draw
an arrow up and a little cloud to the left, present auditing
restimulation, then connect to that two more little clouds mid-way in the
page and one of them could be -past auditing restimulation+ and the other
could be -session restimulation from being audited - out comm cycle+. Over
to the right you could put -Ser Fac restimulation+ and draw an arrow up to
restimulation+ . Now these two sets of clouds are interactive . Either
the core Ser Fac can be touched upon or one could foolhardedly attempt to
knock out the bank. So, what you are going to touch on, on this, is the
Ser Fac restimulation. The Ser Fac is what keeps the environmental
restimulation going. It also has great bearing on the amount of session
restimulation and it will block current destimulation in the session. The
clouds can be erased off in the numbered sequence indicated .
Please note there is no connection between the left 4 and the right 2
sets of clouds.
If you take the Ser Fac out, the PT restimulation, all the other little
clouds are going to decrease incredibly. The Ser Fac on the pc is being

mocked up right now by the pc. He keeps that particular GPM in
restimulation. Ser Facs precede GPMs, in other words, there are two
sources of lightning on a case. The auditor restimulates something by
putting or letting the pc put attention on an inert incident that will
restimulate charge. If something comes up on the order of the best way
to handle a situation is to get sick, practically everyone alive has a Ser
Fac like this, and it will go back track very easily and very fast.
If you want a pc+s attention on a cow, let him say it, don+t you say it. In
controlling a pc+s attention, get him to say it. The whole of restimulation
can be resolved by getting someone to name it, for instance, on an ARC break,
have them name who, what, when, where, why the upset occurred.
If you name it, you can prevent Itsas; if you get them to name it, it will
encourage Itsa. So, session roughness can be caused by an auditor naming
things or preventing Itsas. If you are not going to pick up an Itsa line
on something, then don+t name it.
In smooth auditing, you don+t name things and you let the Itsa out. The
source of restimulation can often come from social machinery like asking
someone how they have been before the session. The auditor is in control
of what is restimulated to a marked degree, probably to a degree beyond
your imagination. It is to the auditor+s and pc+s benefit to get rid of
the Ser Fac. About 2 1/2 hours of auditing a week is about enough to hold
down environmental restimulation. Most trouble regarding day to day
restimulation is from the pc+s Ser Fac. As demeaning as it may be to ones
self-esteem, you should recognize that your pc apparently, consciously
does not know what he is doing.
Your pc will try to make you wrong as you approach his Ser Fac You
should judge your pcs by their restimulation. Be aware of the solution that
reduces that restimulation. Any pc that is running badly is over restimulated
and the resolution of this is to run the Ser Fac off. If you will destimulate
another+s life, they will recover.
A restimulative environment for the pc can be named and what ever that
name is will lead you right into a Ser Fac.
In reducing over restimulation, you can reduce session restimulation by doing
clean auditing. You can reduce past auditing restimulation by
auditing it. You can reduce current auditing restimulation by auditing
it, you can reduce environmental restimulation by auditing it. After you
have those four clouds out of the way, you run the Ser Fac. You can
resolve a case by reducing restimulation. After reducing restimulation,
you will then run out the bank.
A case is as hard to run as it:
1) comes to you restimulated
2) you restimulate it
If you know these things thoroughly, you should approach and proceed to
erase your preclear+s Service Facsimile.
A hidden standard is a standard a person has by which he judges things.
It is what he measures his progress by. All insanity is an exaggeration
of normal to the exclusion of not dramatizing others dramatizations.

Aberration is the exaggeration of the positive or negative of the usual, in
other words, anything a person does is in the extreme.
Once a person has exteriorized, in other words, left the body, people are
generally turned against aberration, but before exteriorization, people are
against the whole subject of exteriorization The idea of leaving the body
happens to be a departure from the norm and so people think it is
aberrated to leave the body.
You can take a hidden standard into a process and audit it. You can get a
hidden standard by asking what a person mainly complains about in
auditing or what is their chronic psychosomatic illness, you can then date
it and get an Itsa line going, and get them to talk about it. It will
usually physiologically express itself on the person, and you simply date a
persons pains, date it down to the second. If it is part of an engram, you
can then use R3R and erase the engram out. You should watch for
The tone arm (TA) that runs off a case is normally the result of confusion
as-ising, not the stable datum running off. Stable data as-ises in a few
seconds or less.
In R3Ring or erasing pictures out, if you start stumbling against GPMs or
Ser Facs, it+s like shooting a rifle at a battleship. You can get magical,
sporadic wins with R3R, but over using it can be a liability. In R3N,
where you handle implants, the difference from each pc+s actual track can
vary quite a bit. You will run across goals like -to be alone+.
Ironically, implants have no aberrative value to speak of except the fact
that they get all their charge from a person+s actual GPMs, which happens
to be a huge amount of charge. So, people end up acting out their
implants. R3N is a process developed to run out actual GPMs. The bulk of
the wordings used in actual GPMs are then reimplanted into a person with a
synthetic line
plot. It is confusing to the being because it is a mockery of a person+s
own creation. The Ser Fac will normally fit on the top terminal. You can
draw a Ser Fac and a line over and there is a terminal. The opp-terminal,
on the other side which you can draw, is very similar to your last terminal
at the bottom. You can draw arrows to those two and say these are very
similar. In finding a Ser Fac that will lead you right to the pc+s RI top
GPM which could as simple as a goal -to be+. These are a long time ago. If
you would write trillion on the blackboard a hundred you would have a view
of the medieval period of history thirteen trillions would be modern life.
(See Illustration on next page )
The Synthetic was laid on in top of either of the 2 possible arrangements
of Actual GPMs. Any of these found in session will Rocket Read on the
meter. That is how you know you are on the area in your work. Locks prevent
rocket reads (RRs) and locks accumulate heavy on the top
present time RIs which could be -to hide+. There have been few very
high tone goals in the last few trillion years for an individual. -To
have nothing+ would be high. -To commit suicide+ would not be high, -To
endure+ would be mid-scale. One can become the effect of ones own goal in
dramatizing it heavily. Actual GPMs become laid in as they were lived and
then they were implanted either in the same directions or
backwards on the individual or both. Running a GPM from the bottom
restimulates the top violently. You don+t go further South than the
bottom 147

because you will just turn on the next GPM. You should be careful of this
and not run the RIs for the goal that doesn+t exist,
So, in R3SC you are looking for a Ser Fac. You are looking for RIs but
you are looking for RIs without a goal. The RIs probably extend beyond
all time. If you do more than 50 hours of R3SC Ser Fac type processing,
you will restimulate the goal without question. I have never done more
than 2
- 3 hours of it. I normally get the top, largest, single GPM, in fact, I
have never gotten anything but that. The reason for my success is that I
don+t run Ser Facs until a person reaches Grade IV, and I do the rest of the
lower bridge extremely well to where the thing is so obvious when I ask
for it that they give it off immediately. Occasionally, it will pop off early
in XDN (Expanded Dianetics) where evil purposes are run after the Drug
Rundown. On that type of case, which is between 20% - 50% of the cases
which walk in the door, they are into evil.

The Pcs Top RI, on Top GPM, on which a synthetic plot was installed:
Service Fac
Terminal Terminal
Actual Goal
                                                                                  Last OppTerm
Service Fac
                                                                                   Top RI OppTerm
Actual Goal

Top RI
                                                                                   Top RI Oppterm

                                                                                   Service Fac
If you list for a goal and take a RR on one, you can say -What goal would
oppose that goal?+ and list that out. That will normally clean it up on a
key-out basis. It is pretty dangerous work. The running of actual GPMs
should be at the end of a bridge after OT VII, after the bridge is done
perfectly. You could extend down possible five more times pulling
identities as you went. This type of technique shortens the road to OT-
in fact, it is the road to OT.
There is a fast way to destimulate PT on a pc and that is simply to get
him out of over restimulation on his reliable items (RIs). There is more
than just that top GPM that he has as his RI. You get all of his RIs off
and you can release more charge on an individual in an hour than if you did
600 hours of perfect Scientology work at 100 divisions an hour, Actual GPMs
are the ultimate in what is wrong with an individual because they
are what is wrong with him above time and outside this universe, and
that is what and where he is, in his highest sense,
You+re not addressing his apparency, you+re not addressing his
personality, you+re not addressing him being located in space.

You are addressing the godhead of the individual or the alter-ego or
whatever label you want to put on a life static, independent of
matter, energy, space and time that is busy somewhat in a mechanical
time stream, identified with a viewpoint in a physical universe,
The route for over restimulation of a pc is to check for running RIs
without a goal and using alot of R3SC to destimulate the pc. A pc
advances as a pc in and within present time (PT). Top RIs may not fit the
present norm of what people consider they are. You can encounter goals
such as
to fly, to own things, to have things, to be wide, to escape, to find out,
or to have ideals.
Some people have Ser Facs such as they are unwilling to have a stop, or that
truth ruins existence. It is a normal part of a case that is walking around
being a person that has come to you, and wants to be an operating thetan.
Ser Facs on most people are: society helps no one, living is nothing but
suffering, there is no freedom in this world, love results in misery,
disagreements with this universe are best, it is best to hate this universe,
truth ruins existence, there is no such thing as a physical universe, matter
is not real, and actuality and me is all there is.
If you were to have a group of Ser Facs like this and were to draw them
all out and see how they tail together, you would have an exciting time
discharging the particular goals off. So, a guy going OT has to handle the
aberrative factors in what he considers to be his PT environment to
If you are auditing a pc and all of a sudden they say that they want to
get away from everything and everyone and it starts to RR (rocket read)
RS (rock slam), check for incidental track or evil purposes and if it is
dry, you better get a hold of a blue coloured pen and draw a big circle
around it and put RR on the worksheets because you have a top RI on the
case. You need to discharge the aberration that a pc has mocked up
against present time (PT).
Your pc+s power is consistently restricted by PT restimulation of one
fixed data solving it all, if not a dozen or two dozen. No pc ever
progresses beyond his present problem or problems.
A person not being able to hold a position in space is in pretty bad
condition, it is an indication of low level of ability. All pc ability is
an index of pc awareness of his PTP (present time problem). It isn+t how
far he can reach, it is reaction to PT, creating PTPs which holds him back.
You see beyond this there is no problem. The stark truth of this is that
the pc is busy being a reliable item.
There are probably between 20 - 30 GPMs on the whole track what are actual.
Prior to getting up to that you must know as an auditor, and it nice to
know as a pc, that you are on the sunny side of a thousand GPMs
between where he is and full OT. There probably isn+t anything else other
that this to run as far as him as an individual.
You would only run enough implants off to where these would become
available and the track would be free to see. Ultimately, after all the
Scientology bridge is done, this is what you process, it is very
elementary, 150

it is very simple, and the bottom line is anything that is wrong with the
pc is his top RI and until the GPM is gone he will worry about that idea.
I+m covering some very high-level, top-end-of-the-bridge material here
deliberately first because if it is in anyway digestible or recognizable
than everything else I+ll be covering in this book will be down-hill and
easier. If you can+t comprehend this, then go over the words, reread it,
draw out diagrams. If you do comprehend it, everything else will make sense.
It is wrong to start explaining leaves on the tree unless that is the only
way you can go. I think it is far more appropriate to explain that there is
a whole tree here and the person can see the trunk and the roots and after
they understand that there is a tree here, then we can get into examining
the leaves.
The actual GPMs and implanted GPMs exist, and are the core of a case,
and the PT Ser Facs that a pc uses are ultimately what is wrong with him,
and that all else that is wrong with a case is proceeding out of these. If
you don+t have that background, you are not going to be really understanding
what is going on with the pc as an auditor and you need to know that, what
is going on.
If you don+t understand it as a pc, you ,are in for an extremely long, long
road. The faster you get up to that particular level, the better off you will
be. You can only get up to it truthfully, then it will take as long as it
takes to get your picture track run off on dianetics, your mental machinery
off on your grades, and your other material run off on your OT levels.
As far as a eternal resolution of a rather eternal problem, or a number of
those, you are going to end up at what I have been discussing here, and
the job has to be done (on either a solo auditing basis, where one
audits oneself or a dual auditing basis) to where the real internal core
of the reactive mind on one timelessly, above time, comes off, because
from that non-location all things that happen in the physical universe
This essentially concludes my review of what you need to know about
Grade IV.
In education, one tries to reduce things down to fundamentals. If one
changes these fundamentals too thoroughly, then the fundamentals get
lost. Because of too much change over a period of time, all the
fundamentals get lost. Too much data can overload a comm line. Too
little data being on a comm line can overload a comm line. Scientology
is published. It is not a textbook science. At its very best, it has
been a research line where a very small quantity of the actual research
became published and much less distributed. The student of Scientology
should pick out the fundamentals from the time span during which the
research was done.
The more arbitraries that one introduces into a subject, then the
one is from knowing the fundamentals of the arbitraries. As opinions
become present, then one would know that unknowns are present.
Scientology as a developmental line of research has been over active and
over ambitious. It has probably been for Mr. Hubbard a self-critical
search wherein he waded through more and more fundamentals and took many

tangents into irrelevant information; however, in trying to reach or boil
things down to a minimum number of fundamentals, important progress
was made. The re-evaluation of information in the direction of arriving
at more fundamental conclusions has usefulness and is the basic premise
on which Hubbard made progress. To discover and use fundamentals one has
to rise above opinions. He was able to do this somewhat for 30 years (1938
- 68).
There are various stable data in Scientology that don+t change. Those
aren+t the axioms, logics, prelogics, Philadelphia lectures, the factors,
fundamentals rules on the behaviour of a thetan, basic data on confusions
and stable data, the dynamics, the Tone Scale, ARC, control, Be-Do-Have,
and there is also very little change in the technology and theory of what
a thetan is.
The constant change of technology from 1950 to present is unfortunate
in that out of it there seemed to be no single, living person that
understands it all to the degree that they can apply it, other than myself
and a small handful, perhaps, of others. So, I felt that I was left with
the unique responsibility of writing it up in an understandable, digestible
form. All of the people which have studied Scientology have trouble
applying it in the application step. The over- all subject of truth has had
the best thinkers and philosophers throughout history.
In studying Scientology you are dealing with everyday activity and the
fundamentals of philosophy which drove Socrates around the bend. Truth
is a touchy subject because the attention usually gets paid to things
which persist, like lies, and lies many times contain truth, and the mind
tends to fix on those things which contain truth. An alter-is and the
truth of a situation is the most resistant thing on the road to truth. The
stable data in a GPM(such as the GPM to survive which is the whole source
of aberration: the fact that a person has a GPM like that) is used . An
aberrated stable data will batter the truth, even a slight alteration will
cause more alteration which eventually will cause terrible results.
Life lived on the truth is a quite wonderful thing. So, the proper flow of
theta and of an individual thetan become stopped by aberration. Ones altered
data ruins the inflow of slightly altered truth. It is like driving a truck
through a truck.
So, Ser Facs do not easily resolve on a case because a person has a vested
interest to understand an aberrated datum through another aberrated
datum. Where a person has aberrated data versus aberrated data, these
two things versus each other, you will then see opinions and
complications proceeding out of that false opposition. These masses of
data can become centred around the subject of applying technology. If
you alter-is, you can+t assimilate.
So, alter-ising things, like technology, brings about non-resolution.
The only solvent there is is truth. Truth, in refined form, is the only
thing which will resolve cases because it is the only thing that an
case cannot disagree with. You get a resolution within a zone of
tolerance, and only if and when a person realizes that a recognition of
the fundamentals of truth and existence are necessary to overcome all this

Overcoming all this alter-isness there is on a subject of truth is
probably a thousand times harder than resolving a case on a pc, according
to Mr. Hubbard and I agree with him whole-heartedly, It is probably a
that he didn+t complete that job and get the credit for completing
that job.
Through accident or otherwise, I suspect that I have done so. So, the
truth about the mind, people and Scientology has to be presented in a
fundamentally, accurate fashion. The amount of difficulty you have in
auditing a case is the direct result of the amount of alter-isness you
have applied to the data of how audit a case.
Since the fixed solutions are what is holding the confusions in place, on
an individual, we have know how to cure a cure. Scientology is essentially
a collection of- undisclosed and unrecognized data. If you run the
solution off a problem, many times the problem will just blow and erase.
There is alot of pure information in Scientology on cause. Where Hubbard
has put in alteration, people that study him, have trouble.
The GPM, level of a case should be perfectly duplicated. There can be a
thing as an actual goal without a GPM attached to it.
A GPM may have as many as 100 goals in it, but a GPM overall only has
one essential goal. An example is that there is a RI on a goal found in a
session, turns out to be just a lock on a RI. There are items off others
GPMs that are then pulled in and thus you end up with a wrong line plot.
So, you can check on the E-meter -Is it an actual GPM?+ -Is this an
implant GPM?+, or -is this no GPM?+. You should always remember that a
pc+s actual goals will RR, all the way across the dial. The pc ends up
opposing his actual goals and this comes up to the pc when he states the
actual goal in PT. The locks or the RIs will fire just like the RIs, thus
the result is an incorrect line plot. The line plot is simply drawing out
which goals oppose each other in what order. It is sort of a gruesome
discovery. You can draw a chart with the auditor on the left and the pc on
the right and put C on the left and E on the right, an arrow going over to
the pc, Whatsit, arrow back, Itsa, with the bank away from the pc and put an
Itsa Whatsit line two arrows that way. The Whatsit-Itsa line between the
bank and the pc is a line not generally perceived by the auditor and that is
the line that the TA action results from. This is the line that auditing is
all about, getting the pc to confront his bank. So, that is your first order
of importance. Your second order of importance is the Itsa line back to the
auditor. Your third order of importance is the Whatsit line over to the pc.
Auditor Whatsit PC Whatsit            Bank
C        E
TA motion and case gain are reduced proportionally to the degree that
alter-isness, filtration, re-interpretation and reflection are introduced
into each of the 4 lines.

What I have been covering here was essentially cancelled and denied in
1968 by L. Ron Hubbard, but be that as it may, what I+m saying here is
all quite valid.
An auditor is simply there to get the pc to confront his bank. On the
Itsa line is what is reported to have been blown or erased. So, in order
to produce technical results in Scientology, there are educational steps
in Scientology. You have to run off aberrated data on the pc. You have to
not alter-is or add to the pure truth stated herein on Scientology and
auditing. Education is successful towards a practical, technical end if it
is conceived purely, relayed well and applied. So, the performance of
Scientology is determined by the technical gain of people who have been
audited. In that my auditing produces about 20 times the result, if not
100 times, of L. Ron Hubbard+s, then I probably have 100 times clearer
subjective understanding and objective understanding of the truth of it.
So, an auditor will get technical gain on a pc depending on the purity
his understanding of the data and his receipt and application of true data.
To the degree that he relays and uses this data to reach the pc and knock
out aberration, it is actually this simple. Complication, if you look up
the word in the dictionary,*means an addition to. Clarification of an Itsa
line is important because it is a totally hidden line unless your
perception is very high as an auditor.
Education carries with it de-education of previously held bad ideas,
particularly in a research line. Probably, the greatest error anyone
studying truth could make is to make an all of any one datum. No single
datum is substitute for you. A datum is not going to audit a pc or live a
life. A live person audits another live person. Other data or data itself
in a chair is bad. There is no substitute for a live person, no text will
replace a live person. This is a purity of truth.
You will audit worse when you are trying a theory out because a theory
is sitting there instead of you.
A successful session is defined as one in which the TA moves throughout
the session and is moving the case in the direction of more TA. This is
the acid test of a successful session.
I would like to talk about clearing. The word clear comes from the
clearing of an adding machine button. On a single adding machine, if you
don+t push the clear button after you have run up some figures, then you
have an unseen total in the machine, so you have uncleared answers. The
mind adds data of old experiences in with current experiences and
comes up with wrong answers. So, an aberrated person is someone that is
nuts, it+s not just little worries,
A person that has been cleared does not add in yesterday+s totals for a
completely wrong answer today. An aberrated person can+t remember in the
area in which person can+t remember in the area in which he is
aberrated. They have lousy memories connected to areas where they have
very false stable data, Memory is not a broad condition. It is not even
good or bad. It is not even a uniform condition. It is too broad a
generality, If you say someone has a bad memory, you should qualify on
what. If you
want to improve your memory, you should clarify on what. An out-

memory area is the button that should be cleared. Aberration is non
observation or equals non-observation, either way you want to look at it.
What man is faced with in being uncleared is not an unconscious mind,
but an occluded mind. He is saying that the material is not there, that it
is gone, and that in itself is a big nuttiness, that people can+t
remember. In painful areas, people have bad memories, and that results in
nuttiness. Locks could be described as appended associated experiences. It
is incomprehensible that people have one total answer for things, but they
do. Psychiatry tries to make sense out of the incomprehensible or
It is probably more prudent to simply find the cause of nuttiness. All you
need to know about nuttiness is that it is nutty. What you have to
understand in working with a pc is what the pc doesn+t understand, and you
also need to know what the cause of his not understanding is.
No one is totally crazy. It is not a general state. People are crazy on
different subject areas, Peoples thirsts for totality or allness is simply
a desire for all things being equal. It even enters into legality where
they declare a person insane or sane. They don+t remark on what, This is a
missing scientific fact. So, in defining sanity or clearing, one should get
an adequate definition of terms. On what opens the door to cure. So, one
should deal with subjects, not particularly conditions, in understanding
clearing, There are no similarities in insanity, it is practically
unclassifiable. A drunkard is not drinking except to keep drinking. What
you need to know about a drunkard is that it is a total -how-to-get through-
life for him+.
A person gets a regained awareness (cognition), then memories return in the
area. People get cognitions in areas of aberration. When going down
an uncleared area, in other words, proceeding on a rundown on an
uncleared area, where there are occlusions, people have cognitions. You
don+t have to prospect for what is normal in the individual, what you
are prospecting for is nuttiness, and you need it worded right.
You can clear a person on a subject. So, what does clear mean? It means
on any given subject, he is not nuts anymore A cleared person has a
cleared ability to think. The impermanence of clear is nonsense. Once it
is cleared up, it is cleared up educating in an area that is unclear leads
to pre-understanding, but not actual understanding, so, clearing doesn+t
happen. Once cleared a person doesn+t have a prayer of getting irrational on
that subject again. How clear can a person get is not just Dianetic Clear,
or the grades, or the OT levels. A person can be cleared up to the state of
operating thetan where one is total causation. Clearing is very
closely related to finite existence and also the ability to survive. Erasing
a reactive mind is a prerequisite to clearing. The assumption of existence
going forward is a part of clearing. One talks about living, thinking, the
mind, day to day.
Becoming an operating thetan does not necessarily fix up a person.
Becoming an operating thetan is a total resumption of beingness and
total causation and does not necessarily take place in a physical
universe in finite time.

So, clearing is an assist within limits to finite existence. Man does
leap from total aberration to total divinity with a prayer book. It must
be walked and it is a long road.
GPMs are the reason a person has a time track and the question must arise,
what is man doing on a time track? It appears that an individual out of
causation and knowingness has caused a past to exist for himself and not
erased it. In that the GPMs are timeless, they didn+t happen to an
individual. All implants have happened in the universe, Time comes from
whatever you are dating your clearing in. The core of the reactive mind is
a recreation of the individual, and there is a long and arduous road in
getting a person up to taking that down.
He will have to come up to some degree of the awareness that he had
when he adopted it. A cleared person is less worried about what the
universe is doing to him and he is more cause over what he is doing to
the universe. One must rise above the self-progress idea from the road
to Clear in a finite sense to the road to OT in an infinite sense.
The road to Clear and clearing aids in finite goals and operating thetan
is something one processes towards and attains. It is not as observable.
There are two roads: processing within limited time and experience looking
for deletions and clearing up the individual, and then there is another
road above time of operating thetan. Locks on GPMs are not traumatic
experiences. In clearing, you are taking off corny, MESTy and
materialistic things. You find something you can clear and clear it. You
can+t clear something which is already cleared. You can+t clear something
which can+t be cleared on time or in time. Aberration may simply be the
advertising of another aberration and auditors shouldn+t try to make sense
out of nuttiness.
You see a misunderstood word leads to a confusion, which can lead to a
problem, which can lead to an overt, and after that a person will pull in
overts and have withholds in the future. They could start out on the
subject of husbands, but end up aberrated on the subject of homes. The
closer the association is between two subject areas, the more difficult
your job is in clearing. This is not necessarily dramatic or interesting
but you can find the cause of it. Suffice it to say, clearing is permanent.
There is a very rare quantity of people in society that have anti-social
personalities, they are called suppressive people. They won+t make any case
gain in auditing. Their tone arms won+t move. They speak only in
generalities. These people are simply extremely PTS, in other words,
they are roller-coasting off being connected to another suppressive
person. If your pc or someone is connected to a suppressive person, they
will have a tendency to lose case gain and go up and down and also to
cause trouble. So, a person who causes trouble and roller-coasters is
called a Potential Trouble Source (PTS). A PTS person is very active and
a suppressive person is very covert, has a Mona Lisa smile. This probably
embroils and ties up alot of people in society. A suppressive person sees
everyone as an enemy attacking them and they don+t see the physical
universe as it is. They are dealing with their dub-in of the physical
universe A suppressive person is surrounded by entities and identities
other than what you or I see. A suppressive person is stuck on the time
track and is totally back there in another time and space.

The attributes of one are that they speak in generalities; they deal in bad
news; they don+t relay communications accurately; they alter-is
communications; they are not responsive to treatment of any type; they
refuse auditing; they cannot confront their own minds (they go into fits
over it); they are terrified at the idea of looking at a mind; their
friends will have low productivity (be somewhat crippled and have bad
luck); they will claim to have high ethics and use an ethics point of
views; they may
or may not be intelligent (that has nothing to do with it); they will
habitually select the wrong targets; they will not complete cycles of
action (because they have time and space collapsed up); there is no
sense of responsibility although they willingly confess to all kinds of
crazy crimes; they will uniformly support destructive groups; they destroy
decent groups; they will approve of bad actions and inhibit constructive
actions; they will consider help to be bad and harm to be good; they
will have a bad sense of property; they will consider ownership to be a
pretension and that no one really owns anything; most of them will
generally give long speeches on rights; they have a tremendous feeling
of importance and dominance quite often; they will assert their own self
importances and they will discuss overts and withholds, but they won+t
get off any tone arm action.
The idea of actually helping ones fellow man, you see, being a
fundamental, driving idea behind Scientology as a subject, has probably
caused the majority of, if not the entirety of, these anti-social
personalities to flock to the religion and basically shut it down.
They have changed the church around to where anyone that tries to help
any people is destroyed by the church and any person that assists in the
enslavement of other individuals is welcomed and is generally employed
by the church. So, the possibility of the Scientology church or religion
ever working out became somewhat non-existent about 10 years ago, and
completely non-existent 4 to 5 years ago. By then the executive ranks of
the church became completely filled with suppressive people. Hubbard
disassociated himself from the church then. He knows it is a runaway bad
This isn+t my opinion in the matter, this is a matter of public record and
fact. Because of this, anyone who is interested in Scientology, helping
their fellow man, or truth had better stay well clear of any church
bearing the name of Scientology because they will generally use any amount
of wealth or legal action necessary and break any laws necessary to shut
down your operation or what you are doing including breathing.
So, I wanted to cover this Grade IV area of Ser Facs initially very
thoroughly because if you understand it, you can understand the technology
of Scientology. Within it are the answers to why people are doing what
they are doing, why the country is going the way it is, why L. Ron Hubbard
himself was never able to complete his research, and why
the church of Scientology is unable to successfully produce good
products on a uniform basis.
The Ser Fac technology is little to rarely understood within or without
Scientology and it is the primary aberration that is going on with
people at a core level.

In dealing with people in life or in dealing with ones own case, if you
want to grow and get it handled or in auditing another person, you
have this data down cold. There is alot of auditing that goes on in a
folder prior to running off someone+s Ser Facs and we are going to taking
that up, but it is nice to know where you are going, what you are
eventually going to be handling, and what is driving the person up the
wall, The
main reason that people can+t see, perceive or go into communication with
the environment, or act in a realistic fashion and win and do well in
life amidst a relatively simple, social situation and a relatively
simple, economic situation is that they are working off ridiculous
computations and have engaged upon the fruitless activity of using a
stable datum as a substitute for themselves in living or working or
Followers of the Scientology movement, people within the church, are
obviously extreme examples because they use the technology of
Scientology as a substitute for inspecting what is actually there to look
at. When asked before 150 people how come I could get an ashtray to stand
up and no one else could at St Hill Manor, I simply explained that I
could confront and get in communication with something other than myself,
whereas everyone else at St. Hill Manor (and everyone else I had met in
the Scientology movement) chose to confront with the technology. In other
words, they were using a datum and data as a substitute for themselves.
They were unwilling to directly look at anything. So, not only
within the church, but within the founder of the church, and within any
person that is aberrated (producing non-optimum, bad results or not
producing many results at all),- you have a Ser Fac at the core of what
is driving the individual up the wall, and it is what he is substituting
himself, and it will eventually kill and bury everyone involved if it
remains unhandled. Life continues around these people, although they are
completely unaware of it, and eventually life, the world, events and
changes absorb these people as fodder.
So, your Ser Fac case is long gone, as far as undigging himself out of
his mess alone, and that is a third of mankind The only way it can be
undug and straightened out to where they can get back on a positive
course is to get their Ser Facs run off by someone who understands them.
I have outlined here the rough essentials of what you would need to know
in understanding what Ser Facs are, what the core of a bank actually is,
and what you are dealing with, with other people.
What I would like to do now is to take up the overall Bridge itself and
go over the types of processes which are run at each level on a rather
simple basis. Ironically, this whole thing is quite simple; no one ever
suspected it. Things are not as complicated as they may seem. Yet, there
are some things that have some degree of complexity. Living in this
universe with other people is essentially, a swiss-watch type of activity
One has to be precise and exact and knowing in what one is doing.
Likewise, in working with a human mind, you have to know what is going on
with the human
mind and that is also a swiss-watch activity, but when you are repairing
a Swiss watch, although there are a number of factors which you have to
be exact and precise with, it is still simple.
Complexity itself implies an inability to know it all, a vast sea of
quantities of data, the possibility of non-comprehension, (additions to) and a
tremendous number of decision alternatives. The decisional options

which one has in applying judgment, in dealing with life, or dealing
with auditing are fortunately nested. That is an IBM term for a number
of decisions being very close together. Because of the fact that they
are nested, you are fortunate.
There are fundamentally two types of cases: 1) those that are going to
require XDN early, and 2) those which don+t have a whole lot of evil
mocked up, aren+t emanating alot of evil, and aren+t really involved in
the subject of evil. Those two types of cases allow one to make a decision
relatively early in a bridge of which way you are going to progress, in
other words, which sequence you will be running the various Scientology
On someone who is extremely crazy, you would run XDN (Expanded
Dianetics) immediately. On someone who gives off alot of evil early in
their Life Repair and their Dianetics, then you would do XDN after that
before you proceed onto their Expanded Grades. So, that is one type of
case. The other type of case you would be dealing with, you can save the
XDN towards the end of the Bridge and do it after OT VII.
Since Scientology has been sort of a research line development of a
number of technologies, the only theoretical basis you could conclude
that would answer alot of things is that L. Ron Hubbard has developed a
whole lot of technologies which are relatively distinct and different
and applied in different types of cases, societies and people. He has
lumped all these together under a general category of Scientology.
People come into Scientology for one of five reasons, and that is their
level of case depth and you should establish this with your pc prior to
doing any work because it is going to determine how deep the processes
are going to run. It is nice to know where you are both going to go in
the auditing, The
lightest level of address is people want their ruins handled. This type
of person that comes in for processing will always pay the light bills in
the churches, they have one thing that they want solved and you can run
that off very quickly in 12 - 25 hours. Normally, it is nothing more than
a symptom and doing that kind of work is probably unethical because if
they are taking a particular drug or something to get away from the
marriage, working on the drug is going to be a waste of time and money
and is a relatively worthless activity. You would be better off to run off
marriage, problems on the marriage, then they will have no need to take
the drug. So, you have this first level of address and there is plenty of
that that goes to the churches. Any person that is that superficial, I think
it would be wise to avoid them, and not even be connected to someone that
The second level of address is someone wants to be a better person, in
other words, they are up to demand for improvement. They want a
number of things handled. I really wouldn+t advise even connecting up
with these people and working with them to any great degree.
The third level, and I+ve only done one person that was actually this -
light+, is someone who wants to be a better human being, a completely
well, happy, human being. It is a very thin level of address. Churches
are flooded with this particular depth level of individual. These people
can get in Dianetics and the rest of the Bridge and they will go off to
play human (body) games. I don+t recommend connecting up or being in
communication with anyone of this level of depravity.

The most common type of self-motivated-achiever individual that you will
encounter will be your fourth level of address. That is where someone comes
in the door and they want to make some progress towards the
state of operating thetan this life time, in other words, they want to
make some significant progress towards being a free being. That is the
majority of the people alive that have any understanding of the words that
they are reading, what this society is about, or the nature of man. Anyone
who has a minimal comprehension level beyond the 4th or 5th grade would be
inclined in this particular direction because all society is on that
particular gradient. They climb into bed with each other, they take drugs,
they buy new cars, they speculate in real estate, they travel. Probably
95% of most human activity is some mild effort form of trying to
exteriorize and get some freedom from the body and freedom from ones
and experience some real joy. So, these are phenomena, whether it is
walking on a beach, listening to beautiful music, being involved with
art or aesthetics, where a person is trying to get some taste of a
spiritual existence. So, the majority of people who will come your way,
that you should accept, work with and can produce magnificent gain on
comes in this fourth level of category.
What is extremely rare, and you may encounter between l, 2, or 3
individuals in a lifetime, that comes in at the fifth level of address on
this particular subject of truth, and that would be to attain full OT in one
lifetime. There are between 6 and 8 people which have attained this
particular state. I was involved with three of them and this type of folder
runs extremely different. Since it is a minority of what has occurred, is
occurring and will occur I won+t be addressing it much here.
So, in summary, there are five levels of depth and address of the reality
level of the application of Scientology technology and truth. These five
levels of address you should be completely aware of and clear up with a
person prior to doing any work with them. If you get this fourth category
or the fifth category, you should take the work in. If you get anyone of
the lower three categories, you+re dealing with an extremely rough,
aberrated individual and you will have to be a very good auditor to do much
with them. It is actually a waste of your time to work with such people.
They are probably at your door to slow you down.
L. Ron Hubbard developed a whole lot of technologies, probably for export
to other societies at a future date at other extra-terrestrial locations,
under the rationalization that this is a prison planet and therefore he has
a right to experiment with the prisoners. There is no evidence that he ever
had much legitimate intention to actually help people here because a
person+s true thoughts are always reflected in their actions. His actions
are not reflective of help; they are reflective of putting data in the
environment and doing research and publishing about 15% of the
research. The majority of highly-trained people understand this (there are
dozens and dozens of them) as what he has, is and will be doing and that
it is a pretty high stakes game. Although they can understand it, they
certainly don+t appreciate it.
Being alone in my interest of applying this data towards this particular
level of society, I have found that you can use the majority of each of
his separate technologies in a blend, gradient, stair-step fashion, use
the rundowns and parts that correspond with what is going on with the pc;
and actually help people here on planet Earth which is an idea that I

don+t think has ever crossed his particular mind, although he writes alot of
flowery, emotional material on it.
The various products of the six different technologies, I+d like to go over
There is Life Repair. You do this on people, if I can be quite frank, who
are victims actually, and do this so that a person is no longer the effect
of this lifetime, and they can be themselves, actually be a thetan and a
person and are no longer a composite of this lifetime+s experiences. It is
done by PrepChecking the rough times they have had this lifetime. So, if
someone walks in looking victimy and that they are the result of alot of
stress this lifetime, you give them a Life Repair.
There is another completely distinct technology and that is where
someone walks in and they are robotic and mechanical, in other words,
they are over restimulated. What you would do in this instance is give
them a Case Cracker Rundown. This is a person who wants personal ruins
and their continuous and perpetual upsets handled to where they can
actually get better and stay better for all time . On this you do an
Expanded 53 Form, XGF (Expanded Green Form), Dianetics Track Repair
Form, 3 S & Ds and a PTS Rundown. This eradicates over-restimulation to
where you actually have a thetan there to audit.
If someone walks in and they are a bit freaky, in other words, they are
a drug case, you give them a Drug Rundown. There is no evidence of any
being done correctly in the churches. A Drug Rundown is a separate
activity. It handles and frees one from a collapse of imaginary, past
and present track whereby a person doesn+t feel there and flowing in
present time (PT). By doing a Drug Rundown, you eliminate a person+s
chronic emotions, fixed points of view and their having the same
feelings over and over.
So, for instance, if a victim walks in, you give him a Life Repair. If a
mechanical, wound-up robot walks in, can+t make gains in life, you give
them a Case Cracker Rundown. If a freak walks in and he+s got fixed,
same feelings that occur over and over and he doesn+t really feel there
and he is not flowing, and he has a chronic emotional state, you give him
a Drug Rundown. After these actions are done, you can do Dianetics and
produce a well, happy, human being.
So, for touchy people, give them Dianetics. For freaks, give them a Drug
Rundown; mechanical people, a Case Cracker Rundown, and victims, a
Life Repair.
The fifth type of technology and appropriate case that walks in, is
people who are nuts, in other words, someone who is just plain crazy. You
give them XDN (Expanded Dianetics). This is where you find and run off
their evil purposes (Ev Purps). By delivering XDN, you produce a person
who is well, sane, has no evil, whole, at last free from restraining
themselves, and can operate comfortably at their own capability level.
The sixth type of case that comes in is someone who is stupid. If someone
is unaware, unable and dumb, what they need is Scientology grades, the
Clearing Course (CC), and the OT levels. On these actions a person
regains ability, can have ability, regains ability and can have 161

awareness to where they can be cause over the 800 fixed aspects of
existence and relationships.
If someone wants most of the gains or abilities in all six of these areas,
you simply run them in the proper order. If a person wants all of it, it
must be run in a particular order and tailored to the preclear.
There are essentially six different technologies here. They are sloppily
considered to be one large thing called Scientology technology. If you mix
these or mix the rules of doing any of them together, you are in for a
hell of a hard time in working with people. Some them do take priority
over others and it is nice to know when to shift out of one particular
area into
The way to do a Life Repair is if someone comes in complaining about
their wife, husband, brother, sister, boss or whatever, and that is
basically all you are hearing about, you can use that as the subject and
PrepCheck it off. A PrepCheck is a list of questions that you ask over and
over until it goes clean and the pc figured something out. For instance, if
the subject is brother, you ask -On the subject of your brother has anything
been suppressed?+. You ask this over and over until the question goes clean.
clean it means that there is no read left on the needle and you run it
until you get an end phenomena (EP).
An EP is a floating needle (F/N) which is a free needle just moving bsck
and forth smoothly, very good indicators (VGIs), in other words, a pc is
smiling, and at least one or more cognitions, regained awarenesses.
If you have all these three things happen, then you know the question is
clean. You can then proceed to the next question. If a pc gets quite upset,
in other words, an ARC break starts to surface while you are doing this
questioning, you can go ahead and clear up the ARC break. Of course, the
way you would do this is you would assess on the E-meter:
-Is it a break in Affinity, Reality, Communication,
Which ever one reads, you would give them the indication, -I+d like to
indicate it was a break in Understanding+. Let them look at that and say
two or three words (at the most a sentence), then find out what type of
Understanding broke off, Find out if -Spiritual+ or -Human+. Then ask:
-Was it a break in (spiritual or human) Understanding?+
Spiritual Human
Known False
Unknown Denied
Curious Absurd
Desired Rationalised
Enforced Offensive
Inhibited Horrible
No Compressed
Refused Conjured

Say -Curious+ was the one which read, then you would say to your pc :
-I+d like to indicate curious understanding was going on and
that broke off.+
Your pc will then add it up and hopefully the ARC break will resolve. In the
unlikely event that it doesn+t resolve, you would take it earlier similar
(E/S), in other words, find an E/S ARC break and do the assessment and
find out what it was as I have just described and clean the ARC break up.
In the highly unlikely event that you hit a major life secondary or
engram, such as being born or losing a loved one and the ARC indication
won+t clean it up and the person wants to run it and has visio, then you
can go ahead and run it at this time,
So, either by them answering it over and over or by encountering an ARC
break, you get an EP and get the question clean.
The third thing that can happen is that they will say that they don+t have
any more answers and then you should say, -I+ll help you with it.+, then
ask the question again noticing the read at the end of the question. Say
it is a fall that moves an inch or so, then every time the fall would
reappear on the E-meter, you would say -That+, -That+, -That+ and they
will say -Oh, yeah+, in other words, they would respond. You have steered
to the exact thought. After they have given you the exact thing, you would
return to asking them the same question, not consulting the meter. Then
you would either go back to the meter as many times as possible until the
whole thing went to a normal EP with a F/N, VGIs and cognitions, or an ARC
Break repair EP. So, after your first line is clean, you go to the next
line. The next line is -On the subject of your brother, is there anything
that you have been careful of ?+
So, that is the pattern on doing a PrepCheck. There are a total of 18
different buttons. You need to run as many buttons as necessary to where
the whole subject is all cleaned up for the pc. You don+t basically ask
that, you let them tell you that.
The 18 buttons used on a PrepCheck are:
1. Suppressed 2. Careful of 3. Didn+t reveal 4. Not-ised 5. Suggested
6. Mistake been made 7. Protested 8. Anxious about 9. Decided
10. Withdrawn from 11 . Reached 12. Ignored 13 . Stated 14. Helped
15. Altered 16. Revealed 17. Asserted 18. Agreed with
Normally you won+t have to go beyond the ninth button. They normally get
it all figured out before the ninth button or on the ninth button which
is -decided+.
If your pc is not ranting and raving about one particular thing, or
terminal as they come in, then you would proceed with a normal Life Repair.
they do come in ranting and raving about a terminal, then you should
PrepCheck that first. After that is PrepChecked off, then you would
proceed with a normal Life Repair. In a normal Life Repair, you
straighten out the wording, but what you need to do is ask the pc:
-In this lifetime, when have you had a rough time?+

Get them to list them off. They can either start at the beginning of the
lifetime or start in PT working backwards So, they need to list off when
they had rough times, don+t ask for dates, just let them list them all
off. When they are through with the list, the needle will float and what
you do is take the largest read, marking the reads as they are listing
each one off, and find out when it was and set up your PrepCheck question,
For instance, if the largest read was -going to high school+, you would
ask -When was that?+. They say -1955 through 1958+. Then, your question
would be -On the 1955 through 1958 period, has anything been suppressed?+.
In other words, you are going to PrepCheck this largest reading area. You
PrepCheck it until the whole area is cleaned off, then
you take the next largest read to where you finish all the reads off and all
the rough times of the lifetime have been PrepChecked off. This normally
repairs a life to where they don+t have attention on it and it clears all
the huge ARC breaks off also. So, that is what a Life Repair is.
Coming in raw off the street, prior to giving a person a Life Repair, you
should word clear Scientology, Dianetics, auditing, preclear, auditing
comm cycle, the Dianetic axioms and the Scientology axioms that are
normally covered under a CS-1, then get right on the Life Repair.
If they have had alot of auditing before, you need to do what is known as
a -CS-60: You are basically going to give them a -D of P+ interview. Ask
them how they feel about interiorization, if they have any chronic
somatics, if they have any unflat engrams, if they have any out lists, and
if they have roller coastered. The order in which you will be handling that
type of pc is fixing their interiorization first, their out lists second,
their out ruds third, their chronic somatics fourth, their unflat engrams
fifth (you may invert the fourth and fifth, check for which reads the
and their PTS-ness last. You do this prior to calling a 53 Form on a
person who has been audited before. Always get known aberration out of
the way before you assess for unknown aberration.
Calling a list and asking a person are two entirely different things. I
couldn+t stress that enough. This is a tremendous error made in L. Ron
Hubbard+s research. By calling a list, you many times miss what you
could simply get by asking the pc. There are really two types of things
which can be wrong with someone and that+s something that they are
completely unaware of which will be picked up by call a list and, then
there are things which a pc is already aware of. By not asking and just
calling a list, you are only going to get things that he is unaware of and
all the things which he is aware of, he is not going to mention. It makes no
logical sense, it is completely unscientific and wrong to exclude the pc from
his own auditing and his own road to truth. That mistake is
prevalent and is the suggested way of doing things by L. Ron Hubbard
and the churches.
So, these are the two different ways to start out a Bridge. You can
take them straight to a Life Repair using PrepChecks or you can give
them a D of P interview to correct outnesses that they know of, are
aware of and then follow that by using an Expanded 53 Form. If drugs
were to read very heavy on the 53 Form, you would have to go
immediately to the Drug
Rundown. If they weren+t to read heavy, you would simply get your drug
list there and do your rehabs and continue with your Case Cracker if the
person is more over restimulated than they are a druggy.

So, this covers the absolute bottom of a Bridge of what you will be
handling as someone comes in. If in starting a Life Repair, D of P
interview, or the 53 Form, it becomes self evident to you that the pc is
going to run Introspection Rundown type material, in other words,
psychotic breaks, you should shift them over and give them an
Introspection Rundown. If it is evident that that is what is driving
them mad, psychotic breaks, they are up to running those, and both of
you are aware that they are crazy, then you might as well go right to
the Introspection Rundown.
So, you have four possible starts:
1) normal person, normal condition, hasn+t had auditing -
give them a Life Repair,
a normal person, has had auditing, has no complaints, doing
fine - do a Life Repair (This is your most standard type of
pc.) 2) someone who has had auditing, has some case troubles,
is aware of some things wrong - do a D of P interview, fix
those things, and follow with a Expanded 53 Form,
3) where you do a 53 Form or Life Repair and it becomes
terribly evident that the person is a druggy - proceed right
onto the Drug Rundown,
4) regardless of how you started out, it becomes obvious to
both of you that they are being overwhelmed with psychotic
breaks and heavily introspecting - do an Introspection
These four ways to start out is simply corresponding with what is going
on with the pc. You should deliver the rundowns which are appropriate,
or approximate whatever the overwhelming charges are that are surfacing
on the individual. In other words, a ball of string only comes apart one
way and that is the way it is rolled up. Hubbard was never aware of this,
it never even occurred to him. In fact, he has held that the human mind
can resolve the problems of the human mind and he differs very greatly
with my definition of the human mind as being a million locks which can
be undone only in the right order and if you undo any of the locks in
the wrong order, the mind will condense further down and tighten on the
So, that is how a PrepCheck gets done, that is how a Bridge gets
started, those are the things you should clear up in starting a Bridge
on someone fresh.
What I would like to proceed to next is how you handle a Case Cracker
Rundown. You call the Expanded 53 Form and follow the directions on
the form. You are going to have to depart from this rundown, as I have
said, if they are a heavy druggy, if not, you get the form finished.
Then, you do an XGF (Expanded Green Form). Then, call the LX lists,
assuming -out- of valence reads+ they are called three times. Anything
which reads three times won+t key out, it+s overwhelming charge. You run
that and follow the instructions on the form. Then, you do a Dianetic
Track Repair. 165

Then you do the PTS Rundown on the three terminals which you got off
the S & Ds which you did on the XGF.
Your 53 Form takes the past and present out tech off the case. The LX+s
bring the case into valence. The Dianetic Track Repair Rundown cleans
up the unflat engrams on the track to where they can see their track and
track blows clean. The three S & Ds lift the PTSness off the case and the
PTS Rundown resolves the subject of PTSness for the preclear for
These five things handled on a being prevent them from ever being over
restimulated. So, after that is done, a person, if they ever come in over
restimulated, the next thing you would do is, since it is a major portion
the Bridge, is make sure every thing on it is flat at that point. If they
been previously audited, you might have to flatten their Power, OT III
or whatever previous auditing they have had at this point. After the
over restimulation is out of the way, you have a clear view of actually
what happened. They will have a clear view for the first time also.
Then, you proceed with your Life Repair. So, that is what a Case Cracker
Rundown is. If is done on people who are over restimulated. It is
actually the civilized way to start anyone on a Bridge for auditing.
After your Case Cracker is done, you put in your Life Repair, then you
can move onto the Drug Rundown.
The Drug Rundown is probably the most commercial, viable and practical
thing within an auditor+s whole bag of tricks. It is needed intensely by
society. It is one of the few things that are demonstrably provable and
will pay for itself in 3 - 4 years. This is really not complicated at all. Say
a guy does a Drug Rundown and it cost him $5,000 - $10,000 and he
drinks $3,000 in booze a year. You get him off his booze and he has
recovered his money within three years plus he is not going to drink
himself to death. In fact, it is so financially viable, I have been
approached by the people at all levels of government who feel that since this
is so financially viable and provable (there have been over a dozen people
that have been permanently cured of alcoholism and drug addiction) let+s get
these things done on people. I have not responded in any cooperative
manner being the suspicious and perceptive fellow I am.
To do a Drug Rundown correctly, you have to understand technically what
you are dealing with and what you are doing. So, we are going to take a
real thorough look at this thing because it is probably the most
unbelievable experience around for anyone that receives one or gives one
to another. There is no way to describe what it is to audit out these things
that have driven a person to drink, take aspirins or whatever their
particular drug may be.
The first thing you need to do in doing a Drug Rundown is to get a full list
of the drugs that they have taken. It is nice to separate these out into
categories. Get a full list on each of the following four categories to
where they F/N. You will get a F/N showing it is a complete list on each of
them and if it doesn+t F/N simply say, -I+d like to extend the list+ and
keep them listing until you get it all.
1) all the street drugs they have taken,
2) all the medicines
3) all the alcohols

4) combinations of drugs they have taken, like when they had
    a cigarette and an aspirin and a drink.
After you have a complete list of each category, then double back and
get the dates they they took these, what period of time they took them,
in other words, 1953 through 1956 on the vodka, and get them all dated
Then, you come back through the lists a third time and what you are
going to do is rehabilitate what happened when they took these things.
This gets a little technical at this point. You clear the word release out
of the dictionary with them, and the Scientology word -release+. What you
want to do is rehabilitate how many times they went -release+, both
definitions, on the drug. For instance, they take aspirin, you ask -On
aspirin, how many times did you go release?+, in other words, get some
relief from something. They tell you, give an instant answer, of 355
times. If the needle floats, you say -I+d like to indicate that it was 355
times.+ So, you get the right number from them, even if you have to search
around for it. The reason you are doing this is to cure them from overrun
phenomena. They accomplished something and whether good or bad, it
should be acknowledged, otherwise, they may just continue doing it
because they are stuck in it. You do this on each of the street drugs,
the medicines, the alcohols and the combinations. If they occasionally
that there was no relief or release, don+t fight them on the subject, let
it be that way. So, now you have these drugs -rehabbed+.
The next thing you do is the TRs with the individual to where they
understand them, TR 0 - 4 and TR 6 - 9. Then, you do the CCHs 1 - 7, in
other words, you are auditing them on these. Then, you audit them on
Opening Procedure by Duplication. Then, you run them on Self-Analysis
recall processes (see Appendix). Then, you do a Dianetic CS-1. Then,
you do a PC Assessment Form.
Next you run 4-way recalls on giving drugs as follows:
-Recall another giving you drugs.+ to EP
-Recall giving drugs to another.+ to EP -Recall another giving drugs to
others.+ to EP -Recall giving drugs to yourself.+ to EP
Then, you run 4-way secondaries, making sure each of these things read
(you don+t run things which don+t read). If they don+t read, word clear
them, they are probably going to then.
1st Flow: -Locate an incident containing loss or emotion of another
giving you drugs.+ R3R to EP (R3R will be defined later.)
2nd Flow: -Locate an incident containing loss or emotion of you giving
drugs to another.+ R3R to EP
3rd Flow: -Locate an incident containing loss or emotion of another
giving drugs to others.+ R3R to EP
4th Flow: -Locate an incident containing loss or emotion of you giving
drugs to yourself.+ R3R to EP
Then, you run four flows of engrams on giving drugs:

1st Flow: -Locate an incident containing pain and unconsciousness of
another giving you drugs+ R3R to EP
2nd Flow: -Locate an incident containing pain and unconsciousness of you
giving drugs to another+ R3R to EP
3rd Flow: -Locate an incident containing pain and unconsciousness of
another giving drugs to another or others.+ R3R to EP
4th Flow: -Locate an incident containing pain and unconsciousness of you
giving drugs to yourself.+ R3R to EP
Next you run off the somatic chains that are connected with taking
drugs. The way you do that is you take your biggest reading drug or
off the drug list and check it for a read, and I+m sure it will read.
Then, you assess for types of chains which are connected with taking the
drug. You must clear the word - are + because you are going to asking the
- Are there any pains connected with taking cigarettes?+, not were , but
are . You don+t want this thing to go on forever.
So, let+s say the first drug you are working on is cigarettes. The
questions you ask, marking the reads as you go, while you are just checking
on the meter are:
-Are there any pains connected with taking cigarettes ?+
You check for these types of somatic chains on any drug or Dianetic item.
This action of calling these questions off is called a preassessment.
You then take those which read and get the pc to list out what he has got.
Let+s say you had four reads, attitudes was your largest read, emotions was
the next largest, pains was the next and your fourth largest was dislikes,
The way you do this with attitudes as your largest read is, you ask, -What
attitudes are connected with taking cigarettes?+ The pc says -Lousy
attitudes, and that+s all+ and there is no F/N; what you do here is extend
the list by saying -I+d like to extend the list, there seems to be
something else here+. Get him to list them out until the list F/Ns and they
are all gone. They actually key-out by listing them.

Attitudes are grossly misunderstood not only within Scientology, but also
the dictionary and throughout society. An attitude is a substitute for an
emotion, in other words, after a person is tired of feeling an emotion,
they don+t want to feel the emotion anymore, they will adopt a fixed point
of view, a frame of reference, and that is what an attitude is. In fact,
running a case off, there may be only fifty things wrong with an
individual, but you are dealing with a different level of address because
you are PrepChecking it off, keying it out with a Life Repair. On a Drug
Rundown, you run off a -lousy attitude+ and somewhere along the line you
are going to have to run off a -lousy emotion+. So, then at a deeper level
of case (running a case off is just like peeling an onion), you will be
running off the intention -to feel lousy+ under XDN, and then you will take
off their mental machinery which keeps them lousy and their subscription to
lousy existence on Grade 0, I, II, III and IV. It will be a lock on the Ser
Fac. So, you have five levels of address of the same commodity called -
So, you get them to list all their attitudes connected with cigarettes and
the needle floats. (Hubbard says you run them out at this time; I disagree
because it doesn+t work well at all.) What you should do as your next step
is to take the next largest read and have them list all the emotions
connected with cigarettes. Don+t do any running, you want to get them all
listed out to where the drug will key-out. So, you ask them -What
emotions are connected with taking cigarettes?+ They list those out
down to a F/N. Then, you ask, -What pains are connected with taking
cigarettes?+ and you list those out. When you get down to dislike, you
should clear it before you ask the question. Dislikes or any somatic can
be printed two ways: 1) there is either an adjective before the dislike,
in other words, an example would be -a horrendous dislike+, or 2) it can
be followed with a prepositional phrase and that is probably the most
exciting way it lists, for instance, -a dislike of people+. So, you would
ask them -What dislikes do you have connected with taking cigarettes?+ and
they might say -Oh, a dislike of people, dislike of fresh air, dislike or
living a long lifetime, dislike of health.+ and then their needle floats.
Now you have all four types of reading somatics completely listed out
(and as they listed each one of them out you are marking the reads). You
now have a complete list of every thing that is connected with taking
this drug.
You run now off the largest reads first and smaller reads in descending
order of reads. That is the order to run these things off. Example: on
the four lists of somatics, if you had a large read, an LFBD, on a -lousy
attitude+ and you had an LFBD on a -dislike of people+, you would run
those two in that order before you would take up any smaller reads, such
as a long fall (LF) on an emotion,
You run all of them off. Those that didn+t read, any emotions or
that are listed, any of these somatics that are listed that don+t read,
you simply check on them You can go ahead and call them after you have run
off all the reading items. If they don+t read, you can check, for
instance, there is an unreading emotion, -a silly emotion+, You can check
-On a silly emotion has anything been suppressed?+ -Has anything been
invalidated?+. If there is no read on either, then you leave it. If there is
a read on either of the buttons, then you go ahead and run off that somatic.

Now that you have run off all the somatics that are connected with the first,
large drug, you then check the drug, it shouldn+t have a read on it and to
make doubly sure that you have gotten it all, you just take the drug, which
was cigarettes as an example, and say, -On cigarettes has anything been
suppressed?+ If there is no read, you mark X. -On cigarettes has anything
been invalidated?+ If there is no read, you mark X.
You then take up the second largest reading drug on your list and keep
up this sort of activity and this technique and erasing them off until
either you have run all the somatics, or the person reaches an incident
where it is obvious to them and you that their imaginery track, their
past track and their present track collapsed. In other words, he will be
running a past track engram where he decided it was best to live in a
delusionary world because he just killed his wife or something. If
something like this happens, go ahead and let them have their win, and
let the session end off. If they proclaim that they have never felt like this
before and they have slid forward to PT and so forth, you can wait a day
and then check it.
If it looks like the Drug Rundown is complete without you having to run
off all the drugs, what you need to do is D of P interview and
check for the five EPs of the Drug Rundown which are:
1) the person has come to present time,
2) their imaginery, past and present tracks have split apart,
3) they have cognited on what, other than present, past time and
space they have been located in (you are not just running off
pictures of the past, you are actually recovering them from
another time and space),
4) they have found their own personal why for why they have been
taking drugs,
5) all their chronic somatics and hidden things which have caused
them to reach for the drugs as a solution have been discovered
and eradicated.
In other words, they no longer have chronic somatics that the drugs are
a solution to. This fifth EP would also include no more desire to take
the drugs. If they say yes to all this on the meter, then it+s a done
deal. You should, before letting them attest that the rundown is
complete, call the whole set of drugs on the drug list (putting in
suppress and inval on
the list, so you get to call the list three times). If there is no read,
then have them locate the area on the time track prior to taking drugs,
spotting that, and then, do a preassessment on that. If that is still
dry, then you get an attestation, you have a completed Drug Rundown. So,
you get them to sign that it is complete and write up their wins.
Now, if this doesn+t happen somewhere along the line in the Drug
Rundown and you get to run all the chronic somatics connected with each
one of the drugs and each one of the combos, what you would then do is a
Prior Assessment. A Prior Assessment is simply having them spot
the time prior to taking drugs or alcohol and then do a preassessment on
that. In other words, as of that period of time you do a preassessment
and would treat that period of time as just one more drug That should
produce the EP of the Drug Rundown.

After the Drug Rundown is over, if you have a whole lot of Ev Purps (evil
purposes) that came off during it, you can then put in your XDN, This is
done about a third of the time and I+ll be covering it later.
What your normal next step is is to do an Expanded ARC Straightwire Quad.
Before we proceed with the Straightwire, there are a couple of things I+d
like to double back on and clear up. Before auditing anyone that is brand
new, coming in the door, you should clear the words Scientology,
Dianetics, auditing, case, process E-meter, auditor, Grade Chart, you
should demonstrate the E-meter, you should define charge and
demonstrate charge. What they should know basically is what truth is,
that the axioms exist, explain the awareness scale, demonstrate an
auditing comm cycle, explain what a PrepCheck is, and you should clear
Scientology axioms 1, 2, 3, 11, 30, 32, 38, and 51 and Dianetic Axioms
90 - 98, 123, and 180 - 187, I just wanted to get that cleared up as far
as specifically what you do on a pc before them having their first
session, The next thing I want to double back on is to explain why a Drug
Rundown is done. When a person is under drugs they are under threat
because the body is threatened by the drugs. So, when threatened with
the body unmocking, in other words, harm coming to the body, a thetan
will mock up obsessively. If a person takes a drug, the body feels
threatened and the pc reacts by mocking up some bank hard below his
awareness level. Drugs, whether it is LSD, marijuana, alcohol, or
whatever, produces a threat to the body, like any other poison. The
threat is to the body and the thetan reacts by mocking up. He can either
mock up an engram, secondary or some combination of fantasy and fact. In
some cases, he will mock it up so hard that it w;ll become more real and
safer than PT. Thus, under threat, he goes out of PT. A person who needs
a Drug Rundown, a person that has taken drugs in other words, have a
time track that is not make up of wholly present time events. It is a
composite of past track, imagination and present events. Thus, right
before your eyes, the person is apparently in the same room as you are,
doing the same things you are, but from his point of view, he is really
only partially there and he is partially back in some past events, He seems
to be there, but he isn+t really fully tracking with PT. What is constant
in this is that he is not running the same series of events as other
people. One other thing I might add is that there are other things which
act like a drug and you can add them to the list and while your pc is doing
the Drug Rundown, he may originate more drugs he wants to add to the list,
so you just add them to the list. Any activity which is obsessive,
addictive, drives the person out of PT, turns on imagination, and a person
feels is a drug for them should be listed. If it acts like a drug, it should
be listed and run under the Drug Rundown, whether that item be sex, romance,
love, driving automobiles fast, money, working, or whatever, There are
alot of workaholics in society and they can+t live without it. In fact,
within the first three years after a person retires, if they are age 60 or
over, half of them die. They just can+t live without work.
The other thing I wanted to clear up is I used a process name very
quickly, R3R, in running out the chronic somatics and emotions and also
under the giving and taking drug chains.

R3R is a process whereby an engram chain is run out. There have been
many versions of it, many repair lists on it, and many styles of it
published, cancelled, and then republished. It has been a point of
discussion probably for over 30 years within Hubbard+s writings. However,
the proper way to erase an engram is as follows.
You simply use the R3R technique on all four flows and, of course, you
check the flow for a read and if the flow reads then you run it. Your
exact command, say we are using the -lousy attitude+ as an example, on 1st
flow, your first step of R3R is -Locate an incident of another causing you
to have a lousy attitude.+ If it was 2nd flow, the command would be -
Locate an incident of you causing another to have a lousy attitude.+ If it
was 3rd flow, the exact command would be -Locate an incident of
another causing others to have lousy attitudes.+ If it was 4th flow, also
known as flow zero, in other words, self to self, the command would be -
Locate an incident of you causing yourself to have a lousy attitude.+
The phrase -to have+ should always be in there because a case is nothing
but a havingness and you are looking for a permanent havingness. Within
the churches and within the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the command would
be -Locate an incident of you causing yourself a lousy attitude.+ From
that, of course, you would get display bank instead of permanent bank.
The majority of the reactive mind is display bank and is only temporarily
restimulated and it is not worth auditing. The minority of the reactive
mind is in permanent restimulation and completely overwhelms
an individual and that is what you are interested in auditing. That is
why you give the proper command.
So, that is the first step of R3R: -Locate an incident...+
After they have nodded or said that they have or there is evidence that
they have done so, you would ask them, -When was it?+ They would give you
some time, when it was. Say they give you -1942+. You acknowledge
and you tell them to -Move to that incident+, that is your third command. You
don+t say the , you say that . -Move to that incident.+ When they have
indicated that they have, you say, -What is the duration of that incident?+
They tell you -Well, 8 minutes,+ The date and the duration are filed
under the file clerk (a mechanism in the mind) and the purposes of these
steps are to assist in turning on visio. That was your fourth step,
getting the duration. So, your fifth step is, you tell them -Move to the
beginning of that incident.+ As you do that your needle will fall on the E-
meter. Then, if their eyes are not already closed, you would say -Close
your eyes, please+ and after they have, you ask -What do you see?+ They
say, -A tank.+ You acknowledge it. So, then you give the seventh command
R3R, and you write them down on the worksheets this way as you are moving
along , 1 , 2 , 3 , etc ., -Move through that incident to a point 8
minutes later+. - In other words, at step seven you always put in
whatever duration they gave you on step four. If they talk or originate
anything while they are moving through you say, -Okay, continue+, which
be your eighth step. If they are completely silent, wait until they look
up and they have gone through to the end of it. Then, your ninth step is
to ask -What happened?+ On this ninth step they will run the lock of re
experiencing it in this session, of course, but they will tell you what
happened in the incident. For instance, they will say -A tank came to me,
or towards me, and ran me down and I had a lousy attitude in it at the
time and it stuck me, stuck the attitude on me and I died there.+ You

would acknowledge that, then you would give the next step of R3R which
is, we+ll abbreviate it as, A/B, which is two commands at once, you
would say -Move to the beginning of that incident, tell me when you are
there.+ They would nod and indicate that they have. Then, you would
write step C down, which would be -Move through to the end of that
incident.+ They would, then you would give the step D which is -Tell me
happened.+ Then they would tell you what happened on that pass through the
If the TA has gone severely up quite a bit, you can then ask -Is it
erasing or going more solid?+ You can write E/S on your worksheets and
just circle the one which it is. If they say that it is erasing, you put
them through the incident again using the steps A, B, C, and D and have
keep going through the incident as long as it is erasing until it is
erased, When it has erased you will have a F/N, floating needle, VGIs (very
good indicators), they will be grinning and smiling, cognition, then the
chain itself will erase and you can verify that it is erased.
If the incident at any point starts to go more solid, you can ask -Is there
an earlier incident of another causing you to have a lousy attitude?+ If
they say no, you can check -Does the one we are running have an earlier
beginning?+ These are the only commands you use in R3R, Steps 1 - 9, A,
B, C and D. If you have some question as to whether it is erasing or
going more solid, then you can ask. If there is no earlier incident, and
it is going more solid, then you can ask for an earlier beginning. You go
through the incident as many times as necessary to where the engram is
erased, the incident is erased. The reason you are doing this is to get
this stuck, chronic, fixed lousy attitude off the individual.
After the first flow is erased, you check the 2nd flow by asking -Is there
an incident of you causing another to have a lousy attitude?+ If it reads,
you would run it. If it doesn+t read, you ask -On that question has
anything been suppressed?+, -Has anything been invalidated?+ If both
those are clean, you don+t run it. If there is a read on either, you would
run the 2nd flow. Likewise, 3rd and 4th flows.
After all the flows are either run or verified, you then check the
attitude itself, -A lousy attitude+, -On that has anything been
suppressed?+ -Has anything been invalidated?+ That being clean and the
needle floating, you then ask the pc -Is that handled and erased for you?+
That being verified it is a done deal.
That is R3R procedure, whether you are running attitudes, emotions,
intentions or whatever.
There are a couple of things I want to say about Dianetics. There are
volumes and volumes written by Hubbard on this, and it is more
controversial and more confusing and more difficult than I+d care to
discuss. Such remarks are made as -If the TA goes up automatically send
the pc earlier+, this is absolutely wrong. Your pc should be hatted, in
other words, he should understand that you are looking for the basic
incident on a chain. That is what should come up on the first incident
that comes up. If a chain is heavily charged, you may have to go earlier a
few times, but this is at the most, 30% of the time. The rest of the time
they will be going directly to the basic incident. In most cases, (70% of
the time) - they will be going directly to the basic incident. In fact, a

third of the pcs never have to be sent earlier, They go right to the
basic incident. With a very rough case, you will have to go earlier about
30% of the time, many times the TA is going up simply because they have
gotten all of the incident that they are going through, so, it is
absolutely ludicrous to send someone earlier because their TA has gone up
on a
couple passes through an engram. Different parts of the engram will
come off on each pass.
I wanted to clear that up. If you would simply keep it simple and if you
have any doubts of whether it is erasing or going solid, ask. If it is
solid, ask for an earlier, If they say that there is no earlier, then ask for
an earlier beginning. It is actually that simple.
You may have to take alot of passes on a heavy engram, like dozens of
times, and you may have to ask for earlier beginnings dozens of times,
and different somatic strips may come off on each pass. It is basically
that the overall engram is developing and you are getting all of the charge
off. R3R procedure is used in Dianetics, XDN, New Era Dianetics, and Drug
Rundowns to erase incidents. Your pc should be hatted that locks are
preceded by secondaries which are preceded by engrams. There is more
case gain that is had by running secondaries than engrams. If your pc
runs a big, heavy secondary, go ahead and let him have his win, but the
next day go and get the underlying engram off.
In doing Dianetics, you are doing R3R; and in doing Scientology you are
doing repetitive processes: you ask a question, get an answer,
acknowledge it, and keep asking the question until all the change is run
out of that particular process, and the person has come up to realizing
the truth on that particular subject matter, and that subject is handled
for him forever.
Quad, meaning four flows, ARC Straightwire is done right after the Drug
Rundown. So, we will go over how it is done and what is done in it.
Straightwire is a part of the 0-4 Expanded Grade processes which are
about 800 processes which are repetitive processes. Within the church,
people who do these are generally ridiculed -as grades being a terribly
easy thing to do+. I don+t particularly agree with that opinion. I think
that they require the most talent. But if you were to add all the processes
together on ARC Straightwire and all your grades, you would have the 800
fixed rules and laws of life.
A person in very good shape has about 600 of these down cold and about
200 of them they aren+t even aware that they exist anymore and a good
half dozen they have completely backwards Most people are not in that
good shape.
I+m just going to go over the processes explaining how you run them
and what normally comes off, There is no point in my saying -to EP+
800 times, I+ll just list the processes:
1. Remember something.
2. Recall a time.
3. Recall a communication.
4. This is a four flow process:

1st flow: -What would you like to confront?
2nd flow: -What would another like to confront? 3rd flow: -What would
others like to confront?
4th flow: -What would you like to confront in yourself?
You run each of those separately and individually, repetitively to EP.
This now brings up the subject of whether you want to do these things the
way they are published and printed by the churches or if you want to do
them correctly.
The word -what+ starts a listing question and about half of the processes
in Scientology are listing type questions. So, what happens in running a
process is you either get a list end phenomena or you get a process end
phenomena. Either way you are leaving someone with something unflat.
They will either have an unflat list or they will have an unflat process.
You will get an F/N, VGIs, cog, but they will be left with immense
quantities of by-passed charge. It can actually be very cruel to run these
things they way they are published. It is very difficult on a person. There
are two
alternatives. You can either run the process to both EPs, for instance,
first one, -What would you like to confront?+. You could run that to the
list EP. For example, say you are auditing some girl and she gets a big
cog and it blows down and the needle floats, in other words, she gets her
list item saying she would like to confront her bank and get her case
handled. You could continue to run the process until you get the EP of the
process. The EP of this particular process is that a person would normally
get a cog on affinity itself.
They would realize that what they like to confront is what they end up
confronting, and what they don+t like to confront, they don+t end up
confronting, thus it is the sentimental whims that are determining what
they face in life, so they are being run by emotions. That would be a
normal, acceptable level EP. This process should be run to that type EP.
You could go through the folders of people who have been processed
under this -What would you like to confront?+ and the majority of them
are just going to come up with their list item and these people continue
to walk around having their emotions controlling what they face.
Continuing the process beyond the list item is one solution. You could
take every -what+ process in Scientology to the two EPs since you are
doing two things at once with them.
If any outsider were to come along and say that this is really not what is
happening, people don+t actually list off these, that person is crazy.
that person belongs in a mental ward because the pcs do list off of them.
You can take any folder that has had these 800 processes run and correct
the 300 - 400 lists there or correct the 300 - 400 processes. They either
have 300 - 400 underrun processes or they have 300 - 400 incomplete lists.
It is because of technical errors like this that 99% of the people
involved with the Scientology movement want to be auditors, but they don+t
to be pcs. The auditing has been such a traumatic incident for them that
they are just going into a winning valence on it.

The second way you could resolve this particular issue is to ask a
rational question and not use the word -what+, and I find that a much more
logical alternative instead of double processing areas and getting
involved with listing and nulling phenomena.
So, the proper way to run the fourth process is:
Tell me something you would like to confront. Tell me something another
would like to confront. Tell me something others would like to confront.
Tell me something you would like to confront in yourself.
Doubling back, this first process, -Remember something+, if they come
off with a nonsequitur EP, they don+t get any cog on memory itself, it is
up to your adjudication whether you want to leave it at that. I would
take the process to where they get a cog on memory.
On -Recall a time+, the normal EP for that is they would pop right out of
an incident.
On -Recall a communication+, they would pop out of another incident.
You should get sequitur cogs on these four -Like to confront+ processes,
4A. Recall exhaustion.
5. Tell me a part of your life you would be willing to re experience.
(This is run alternately with)
Tell me a part of the future you would be willing to experience.
You run the first command, get an answer, acknowledge it, then run the
second command, get an answer, and acknowledge, back and forth. So, it
is run alternately to the EP which is F/N, VGIs and cog, and the subject
is handled for all time. They have it down cold. They are analytical on
it. If you just use F/N, VGIs, cog, as an EP, you are going to a shallow
run and you are not really clearing anyone. That is another thing which is
wrong with what is going on with the churches and what is published in
Scientology technology. In running engrams or Dianetics, you should always
get a fourth EP (which is an erasure) and your fifth EP (that one word you
are erasing does resolve the chain subject matter). If you are running a
spinning feeling off someone and after you have verified that the spinning
feeling chain is erased, you should get your fifth EP and
make sure that the spinning feeling is erased, they don+t have the
anymore. The reason you do that is to make sure that you have the right
chain, they might have two chains that cause them to have a spinning
feeling or even five. If the pc starts listing items like fear, I doubt if
every fear they have in existence is caused by one engram chain, there is going
to be more than one. In running grades, you don+t just take F/N,
VGIs, cog, you make sure that the process is flat, that they
understand they subject matter and that they are at cause on it.
6. (You don+t use the words -think of+, that will turn on analytical
machinery, you want to run recall.)
Recall something you wouldn+t mind forgetting yourself.
Recall something you wouldn+t mind forgetting yourself.
(This is a six-way bracket. They give you an answer, you
acknowledge it, then you run the second command, they give
you 176

an answer, you acknowledge it, the third, etc. It is 1 - 6, 1
- 6, etc,) Recall something you wouldn+t mind another person
Recall something you wouldn+t mind forgetting about another.
Recall something you wouldn+t mind another forgetting about
you. Recall something you wouldn+t mind other people
forgetting. Recall something you wouldn+t mind another person
forgetting about another person.
7. Tell me something that would be all right for another to make
forgotten. Repetitive to EP.
Tell me something that would be all right for you to make forgotten.
Tell me something that would be all right for others to make
forgotten. Tell me something that would be all right for you to make
forgotten about yourself.
8. Tell me something that another would permit to have happen again.
Repetitive to EP.
Tell me something that you would permit to have happen again.
Tell me something that others would permit to have happen
again. Tell me something that you would permit to have happen
to yourself again.
9. Recall an unconsciousness. Repetitive to EP.
Recall waiting.
Recall a mystery.
Recall sex.
Recall eating.
Recall a symbol.
Recall thinking.
Recall an effort.
Recall an emotion.
Recall looking.
Recall knowing about.
Recall not knowing.
Recall knowing.
10. Then you would rehab how many times they went release on doing
the Self-Analysis on the Drug Rundown.
11. Then you run the final processes for the level.
Recall a time that was really real to you, (They give an answer,
you acknowledge, and go to the next command.)
Recall a time someone was in good communication with you.
(They give an answer, you acknowledge, and go to the next
Recall a time someone really felt affinity for you. (They give
an answer, you acknowledge, and go to the next command.)
Recall a time another knew he/she understood you. (You run those
four in that order repetitively to EP.)
2nd flow: (Run alternately as above.)
Recall a time that was really real to another.
Recall a time you were in good communication with
someone. Recall a time you really felt affinity for
someone. Recall a time you knew you understood someone.
3rd flow: (Run alternately as above.)
Recall a time that was really real for

Recall a time another was in good communication with
others. Recall a time another really felt affinity for
others. Recall a time another knew he/she understood
4th flow: (Run alternately as above.)
Recall a time you were really real to yourself.
Recall a time you were in good communication with
yourself. Recall a time you really felt affinity for
yourself. Recall a time you knew you understood yourself.
12. The final four processes for the level are four flows of adjustment in
havingness. Run repetitive to EP.
1st flow: Look around here and find something that is really real
to you.
2nd flow: Look around here and find something that would be
really real to another.
3rd flow: Look around here and find something that would be
really real to others.
4th flow: Look around here and find something you could make
really real to yourself.
Then, you close off the session and have them look at the Grade Chart to
see if they have attained the particular EP for the grade which is they
are aware, they have reached the awareness of hope, they are aware of
hope, they have gained the ability that they know they are not going to
get worse, and they have attained freedom from deterioration because some
of that has been handled. Then, you have them attest that they have
attained that particular state. Ask if there are any doubts or
reservations that they have on it. Then, have they write up a success
story (so they acknowledge themselves), their wins on it. After they have
done that you check on the meter with them on their success story -Would
you like for others to have gains similar to yours?+ Write down their
answer and acknowledge their F/N. That is how you complete any particular
On the Life Repair level, you would have them verify that they have
attained the awareness level of demand for improvement, they are free
from no hope for change or future and that they have attained an
awareness of truth and the way to personal freedom. So, that is how you
acknowledge that a person has completed a level.
Now that their Expanded Straightwire is done, you can now do their
Dianetics, or Standard Dianetics, or New Era Dianetics. Regardless of
the many names that have been assigned towards cleaning up what
remaining engram chains are on the case, here is where you do their
You take the original assessment sheet for the pc, which you did either
when they came in or on the Drug Rundown step because you will be
using it shortly. You ask them -Have you lost anything?+ as your first
step in Dianetics, and anything they give you run it out R3R. If it is
terribly evident that they are in a secondary or that there is a large
secondary on the case, this is where it will run best.
Next, you take the original assessment sheet, go to page 2 (which is your
most critical page), go to line 15. under upsets: -Are you particularly
upset with or cross about anything or anyone at this particular time?+. If
you have any reading item there, you treat it the same way you would treat
a drug on the Drug R/D. Say they said their upset with their Dad and it

was 1962. You take that particular upset and do a preassessment on it, in
other words, you call -Are there any pains connected with your upset
with your Dad?+ -Are there any sensations connected with your upset
with your Dad?+ and so forth. You call that list down and then you treat
it the same way you would a drug, you take those that read, get them to
list out all the chronic somatics connected, then you R3R off everything
that was reading, those that didn+t read, you check for a read putting
suppress and inval in on them.
After it is all over, check -Upset with Dad+ and put suppress and inval in
on it as questions.
Everything else that is on the form that reads, you are going to ask -Are
you interested in running it?+ If they are and it reads, you are going to
run it out simply as an incident. So, that is how you handle everything on
the original assessment sheet, or -the pc assessment sheet+, however
you want to name it. Then do the -Prepared Assessment R/D+ in
After that action is done, you can ask the pc -Do you have any
disabilities?+ by clearing that a disability is not a -wants to achieve+,
but it is something negative that is sitting there. For instance, you don+t
a pc to list the disability of -not having a million dollars+ because that is
a wants to achieve, but a pc listing a disability of -the inability to see
beyond ten feet without my glasses something like that, you would go
ahead and run.
After that you ask the pc, -Is there anything that you haven+t wanted to
be?+. Get a list, anything that reads, R3R out.
After that, -Is there anything that you haven+t wanted to do?+. After
that, of course, you would get a list and run everything out that read,
R3R. Those that didn+t read, you would check (after everything that had
read was run out) with suppress and inval.
After that, you would ask -Is there anything that you haven+t wanted to
have?+. As with any question in Dianetics, you would list it down to an
F/N. If it didn+t F/N, you would say -I+d like to extend the list+ and just
wait it out and get all the items on the sheet.
The last thing that you do is ask -Is there anything you haven+t wanted to
experience?+. Get a list and R3R those out
If your pc, prior to this particular point in Dianetics, achieves a state
of happy, well, human being and wants to attest his Dianetics is complete,
you can verify that these other rundowns don+t read on the E-meter. If they
do read, you go ahead and extend and run to where all these
rundowns are done. This is the normal point for stopping Dianetics.
If a person still hasn+t made the state of Dianetics Case Completion
(which according to the Grade Chart is defined as a person attains
freedom from physical pain and misemotion and attains the state of
well and happy human being and becomes aware of help), then the way
you can achieve the Ep for the level is to run open-wide R3R commands
of locks, secondaries and engrams. The specific commands are:

1st flow: Locate an incident of another causing you to have a
momentary restimulation of an engram chain.
2nd flow: Locate an incident of you causing another to have a
momentary restimulation of an engram chain.
3rd flow: Locate an incident of another causing others to have
momentary restimulations of an engram chain.
4th flow: Locate an incident of you causing yourself to have momentary
restimulation of an engram chain.
Those would be your commands for a wide-open question on locks.
The four secondary commands are:
1st flow: Locate an incident of another causing you to have loss or
2nd flow: Locate an incident of you causing another to have loss or
3rd flow: Locate an incident of another causing others to have losses
and misemotions.
4th flow: Locate an incident of you causing yourself to have loss or
The four engram chains are:
1st flow: Locate an incident of another causing you to have pain
and unconsciousness,
2nd flow: Locate an incident of you causing another to have pain
and unconsciousness.
3rd flow: Locate an incident of another causing others to have
pains and unconsciousnesses.
4th flow: Locate an incident of you causing yourself to have pain
and unconsciousness.
If they haven+t attained the Dianetic EP already, these wide-open
commands will clean off whatever is sitting on top of them.
It would release the entire engram bank. It is a very nice state and a
nice cherry on top of the dessert to do this last technical action. So,
that would complete the Dianetics.
There are few instances where you might want to do XDN at this point,
but I would try to counsel against it. XDN is a technology in itself of
cleaning the evil out of people using R3R. It is best run after the Drug
Rundown or at the end of the Bridge or if they walk in completely crazy,
run it right at the beginning. Those are the three points where you can
run it,
I+d like to take up Expanded Dianetics (XDN) here because sometimes it
is run after the Drug Rundown where it is very obvious that they are in
XDN material, (in other words, evil purposes (Ev Purps) are bothering
them more than being stupid). The grades handle stupidity and Ev Purps
are handled by R3R. Of course, if they come in crazy, they are crazy
because of the over restimulation of the Ev Furps which has caused them
to introspect and list and that turns on the circuits out of their
engrams and that is technically what mentally happens on someone that is
insane, 180

nutty, psychotic, or super-wound-up like a good 10 - 20% of the people in
this society.
If there were over 100 reading Ev Purps that came off on the Drug
Rundown, you do XDN after the Drug Rundown.
One could define XDN as the use of Dianetics in a personal sense, in a
tailored fashion, to eradicate a person from restraining himself. This
comes about by getting their Ev Purps off and erased. They will restrain
themselves from committing evil deeds because they are basically good. Ev
Purps get stuck on an individual because they had them at impact, the
same way an attitude gets stuck on an individual. They received an engram
at the time that they were thinking that particular thought. For
instance, if someone had an idea -I just want to kill everyone+ at the time
a bullet passes through their skull and then later he is in a classroom as
a child when he feels this urge and this intention -to kill everyone+, he
will restrain himself. He will remove himself from the other children in
the playground because he has that Ev Purp.
The R3R commands in running Ev Purps out are, if on the purpose that I
listed -to kill everyone++:
1st flow: Locate an incident of another causing you to have the
intention to kill everyone.
2nd flow: Locate an incident of you causing another to have the
intention to kill everyone,
3rd flow: Locate an incident of another causing others to have the
intentions to kill everyone,
4th flow: Locate an incident of of you causing yourself to have the
intention to kill everyone,
So, those are the R3R commands, As far as finding what Ev Purps are on
a person, there are a number of ways to do this and a specific order of
doing that. So, we will take that up now.
To make a person well, sane, where they have no evil, to make them
whole, to make them free from restraint, to where they can operate
comfortably at their own capability level, that is what an XDN Case
Completion is. You have to run all the compulsive, engramic evil purposes
off of their case. You will know that people have these things because
when you are auditing them on the Drug Rundown or PrepChecks or
whatever previous auditing you have done a person, they will start
stating evil purposes and they will start reading on the E-meter. Anytime
that happens you draw a circle around the Ev Purp and you mark the read.
If your pc is running out an engram on the Drug Rundown and he says,
-Well, gee, while the bullet came through my head, I wanted to kill
everyone+, this happens to be on an engram chain of -hostile emotion+
that you are running off the guy. You circle -to kill everyone+ and mark
LF (long fall) on that on your worksheets in your administration, your
paperwork that you are keeping.
Where they just walk in and the person is really nuts and evil, you give
them an Introspection Rundown which I will be explaining later on. In that
case, you won+t have any work- sheets to pull these things off.

Normally the XDN is done after the Drug Rundown (or OT VII). So, you go
through the folder and list out (on sheets of paper), in order every purp
that has come off in all of their sessions. You go through the worksheets
and list out all the Ev Purps.
An Ev Purp is a purpose that is stated. Your own personal defnition of
evil should not be a determining factor. If they start printing things
like -to feel wonderful+ or -to be happy+ and those purposes are reading,
you circle them and mark them down, You are only going to find out if they
are evil or not in the XDN. If they have reading purps, you mark them
down, whether it looks evil to you or not, because you can clear up with
the pc whether it is evil in doing the XDN. So, you mark dovn all the
evil purposes in your auditing and circle them at all times when you are
auditing another person.
One other phenomena that you should always mark on your work-sheets
and circle are rocket reads (RR), Ser Facs, and rock slams (RS). You
should mark a RS when it starts RSing and draw a line down through
everything that they have said and mark when the RS turns off because
later, when you come back through for the XDN, you will address that
material. Each of these things indicate that there is some evil content
there that should be erased off by R3R.
So, after you have a full list where you have all the Ev Purps that they have
listed off in session that have read, the first thing you do in XDN is start
a session and define evil with the pc as something that is either against
social mores or is harmful to another or others. Then, ask if this first purp
as listed, is evil and check it for a read. If it reads, then you run the
four flows off of it to where the evil purp is erased. Naturally, if some of
the flows don+t read, you don+t run them. After that is done, you go to the
next purp and so on completely down the list. You wouldn+t take up any of the
RS items at this time. Basically, you would run off all the reading purposes
that the case has given off in the order that they gave them off. So, you
would run off all the reading purps and any voluteered purps that have come
off in their previous auditing, but you wouldn+t address any Ser Facs or RSes
or anything other than reading purposes.
If they want to reword these purps, you can check and make sure the
wording is perfect, or if there is an underlying purp underneath it, the
one that they have listed. Make sure you get your pronouns correct, just
a change of wording, can make it a completely different purp, such as, -
to kill him+,+to kill her+, or to kill them+ are three different purps.
As they run these off, their whole idea of evil will start changing and
that is normal.
What you are dealing with here is you are trying to handle the left side of
the personality graph on a being. A personality graph at the top, (this is
right out of Indian philosophy and a number of religions), on the left side
of any personality graph, you would normally find the column -stable+ at
the top and -unstable-dispersed+ at the bottom, zero at the middle, +100 at
the top, and -100 at the bottom.
Second column, Happy at the top, Depressed at the bottom, Third
column, Composed at the top, Nervous at the bottom. Fourth column,

Personable at the top, Undependable at the bottom. Fifth column, Active
at the top, Reactively Retarded at bottom
So, these first five columns on the left are known as the left side and
this can basically be summarized as how an individual feels about himself.
They can make the left side in just running these purps out that they
have given off. If they do, there will be a remarkable change. You should
show them the personality graph and if they feel that they have made the
left side, get an attestation.
The rest of the graph is called the right side. They are (top, bottom):
Capable - Inhibited: Responsible - Irresponsible: Logical - Capacity for
Error - Hypercritical: Appreciative - Lack of Accord: Comm level Withdrawn.
If they still haven+t made the left side after running off their purps,
then you can give them a new pc assessment sheet or original assessment
sheet phrasing each question -Has there emotional stress on this?+ to
where you are looking for emotional stress and those that read, run it out.
You get some pretty profound answers on this because when you ask
questions like -Are there any losses in your life that severely affected it
or any high emotional stress moments?+, they will come up with some
pretty wild stuff that pops right up on them like with some pretty wild
stuff that pops right up on them like -They lost what they cared about+,
something like that. They will give you an item and you go ahead and run
it out.
So, after you have cleaned off the emotional stress from the pc
assessment sheet, then you can recall your three LX lists and anything
that reads three times, run it. It doesn+t matter if they have or
haven+t been done before.
The next thing you do after that (if they still haven+t made the left side)
is the Environmental Rundown. You ask them, -What terminals make up
your environment?+ If they start listing dogs, cats and jobs, take it,
whatever terminals. This is subjective. Then, you take whichever
terminals read and get a list of evil purposes, -What evil purposes are
connected with (this terminal)?+, and then run all those out.
After you have handled all the reads on the terminal list (of course, the
terminal list should F/N), then you have the evil purposes off the
environment, They would have made the left side by now.
Whenever they do make the left side, you go over to the right side and do
a Vital Information Rundown. You assess vital information, truth, and
data. On what ever read best, ask for moments where they withheld this
under duress. Phrase the question to run an engram, in other words, -
Locate a time containing pain and unconsciousness when another caused you
to withhold truth+, if truth was the one that read. If vital information
read, you would use that. You run out the withholding of whatever read on
four flows.
After you have done that, then you would list -What evil purposes are
connected with (whichever was the largest read)?+. If there were two
reads, you would have to do it twice. If truth and data both read, you
take the largest read. -What evil purposes are connected with truth?+,
then 183

R3R those out, four flows, of course. Then, -What evil purposes are
connected with data?+ and R3R those out, four flows. (Everything you touch
is four flows and you only run the flows that read.) So, that completes
the Vital Information Rundown.
After you have done that, you are going to do your rock-slams handling
which is called the Responsibility Rundown. This is where you take each
one of these statements and you handle them in the order that they
occurred in the folder off the sheets where you pulled the purps. It is
best to write them down with a colored pen. You take up the first
statement and read it back to the pc and ask, -What terminal or subject
is all this material on?+ and they will tell you. What you do then is list
for four flows of evil purposes connected with the subject or terminal. It is
best with a terminal according to L. Ron Hubbard. I have found that it is
best with a subject. Let+s say that they are RSing on -their father+. You
would set up an L&N (List & Null) question to get the purp.
On each of these they will list down to the purp which would blow down,
F/N, and cog. You give it then to the pc and he will concur and it will
blow down, F/N again and cognitions will come off, this is a normal
list phenomena. Your four questions would be:
1st flow: What evil purpose has your father had towards you?
2nd flow: What evil purpose have you had towards your father?
Then, list for your third flow and this depends on how bright your pc
is. If your pc still looks, talks, and acts like the subject, and has
suspected that all four flows of this evil are his own, then you are going
to have to check it. Your best procedure is to use the meter to just check
the third flow. See which is the best way to list this.
3rd flows: What evil purpose has your father had towards others?
What evil purpose have you had towards others
regarding your father?
Whichever one reads the best, list off of. You+re pc may not have
on yet that all four of these evil purposes are his own and he has had
them superimposed across some innocent father. He may not realize that
until it is all run out. However, you would list off the one which read the
best and get the item.
Your next action would be to list off the fourth flow. Like-wise, you
should check two questions here and list off the best reading one.
4th flow: What evil purpose has your father had towards himself?
What evil purpose have you had towards yourself
regarding your father?
Whichever one reads best, you would list from.
Now that you have all four evil purposes listed out, you then sit down and
R3R each of these evil purposes out, four flows each, running only the
flows that read, of course. So, you have a maximum of 16 engram runs and
a minimum of four. Many times these things can disintegrate on the first

flow run per purp. After that is done, you check the subject of -your
father+ on the meter and it is all cleaned up.
If you have what I call a lock RS (it+s not a trunk, it+s not the basic one),
it will only RS on one of these particular four flows. If you have the RS on
the case going, then he will RS on each of the four purps and he will be
RSing in running the basic engram on each of the purps, Each one of the
purps will RS. If you see that phenomena, then you know that you have
the one on the case.
So, then you continue through the rest of your list of Ev Purps that you
have taken out of the folder and run off all the RSes that are on the
case. That should complete the Responsibility Rundown and they certainly
will get cogs on their own responsibility once all the rock slams are off.
These rock slams have just been killing them, An unhandled rock slam on a
case will kill your pc and keep him crazy. I guarantee you that he is 50%
nuts if he rock slams in auditing, It is about the fastest change per
minute auditing you can do.
In the unlikely event, you are not auditing XDN and RSes turn on severely
in session and they just won+t run off at all, they are preventing you
from auditing, you can go ahead and list these four purps then (early), if
your pc looks up to it, and that will key a rock slam out until the R3R is
done. There is great relief just off the listing.
There will be big cogs on responsibility and big relief in getting it
done, because a rock slam is a pc convulsing in and out of the body. It is
just shaking his space and him, and it is causing him to be irresponsible.
After that is done, you then do the Wants Handled Rundown. You simply
ask the pc if there is anything that he wants to get rid of. Anything
that he comes up with you run it out using the appropriate processes. If
it doesn+t clean up with processes and he lists a terminal or subject,
you go ahead and L & N for the intention connected with the terminal or
subject. Then, R3R the intention, whether evil or not.
Then, your next action would be Multiple Flow Evil Impulse Rundown. All
you do here is list on four flows, get the item and run it out.
1st flow: What evil impulse has another had towards you?
2nd flow: What evil impulse have you had towards another? 3rd flow: What
evil impulse has another had towards others? 4th flow: What evil impulse
have you had towards yourself?
If your pc still has not made the right side or made an XDN EP, you then
list for repeating overts and the intentions connected with them and R3R
them both out. List down to the item, (the overt), then list for the
purpose connected with it. You R3R the overt, then R3R the purpose only
after you have listed both. It is a two step L & N. The order is critical.
Do your two L & Ns first on each flow and then do the two R3Rs of the two
chains. If you R3R out the overt early, it is not even going to be there to
list from, and what you really want is the underlying purp. So, the L & N
questions are:
1st flow: What repeating overt has another committed on you on

What evil purpose is connected with (that overt)?
2nd flow: What repeating overt have you committed on track?
What evil purpose is connected with (that overt)?
3rd flow: What repeating overt has another committed on others
on track?
What evil purpose is connected with (that overt)?
4th flow: What repeating overt have you committed on yourself on
What evil purpose is connected with (that overt)?
There is no one around that isn+t going to make an XDN completion by
doing all these.* They normally make it by the time the rock slams are
done or shortly thereafter. So, then you get an attestation. *One case
in 500 may need -Metalosis R/D+ covered later in this book. The only
remarks I have on XDN is that it is a little tough on the auditor+s
body. You can be an XDN completion yourself, but some of these charges
are extremely nauseating for a meat body and a GE. So, until you get
used to running this stuff, I wouldn+t suggest having anything in your
stomach prior to auditing. The charges are huge and the material is kind
of unbelievable. I also suggest you charge a premium for doing this kind
of work. It+s quite excruciating on ones body as these are perhaps the
most gory incidents on the track.
The pcs don+t have much trouble running them; they know that the
material is there, they are quite conscious of it. It is a difficult run if
they haven+t had a Drug Rundown before it, because a pc who can+t run
engrams either has misunderstoods on the commands or it is the drugs
holding them back from running engrams. Ironically, a pc is able to run
engrams connected with the drugs because that is what he is stuck in. He
will automatically run them, once he understands the meanings of the
Drug Rundown auditing is probably the easiest auditing that there is
because it is automatic. The mind, the bank, the GE, the body, and the
person, (the whole kit and kaboodle over there holding the cans) wants
those drugs and the engrams connected with them out, and so it just
runs beautifully. Occasionally, you will encounter a preclear who can+t
go back track and that is because they are druggies or in the middle of
some huge secondary on someone passing on, something of this order. So,
this is handled by either running the secondaries or the Drug Rundown
itself. I+ve read of, but never personally met, someone having trouble
back track, in other words, past lives. I have read that such people exist.
I have never met anyone who has had any difficulty running past lives, but
in case one ever did, I suppose the remedy for it would be clearing the
axioms very well and asking them what was their favorite childhood
movie or book and erasing that off. You would simply ask for attitudes
and emotions and ideas connected with the past lives and run out their
objections to remembering, however, they have that worded, just erase it
off, and then, I am sure that past lives would turn on full bloom.
So, it is best to have the Drug Rundown done for a clean run on XDN, but
the only XDN one would do as they walked in the door crazy would be the

Introspection Rundown. You wouldn+t do these actions that I have just
listed here initially.
There are a couple of exceptions to that, ironically, because you do XDN
on someone has evil coming off in the folder. You can deliver it to
resolve a number of conditions on people. If a person is a suppressive,
you can clear that up with XDN. If they are prone to roller coaster, you
can clear that up with XDN. Many times physical illness can be cleared up
XDN. So, you have to know why you are doing thing. It is the only part or
element of the technology which resolves psychosis and delivers sanity.
The rest of the Scientology processes will not produce it and Expanded
Dianetics does produce it.
It has come in and out of vogue over the last four or five years. I guess
that it is cancelled now. The whole thing started in 1966, February 3rd when
yours truly R3Red out 5 flows of evil (and wrote Mr. Hubbard about it)
and used rudiments and L & N processes and flows together with engram
runs on S & D terminals. In other words, I developed the PTS R/D down
at the same time . I received an acknowledgement for my letter and then
seven years later he came out with this subject over his signature. Both
of them, the PTS Rundown and Expanded Dianetics. I suppose he made
$100 million, and I suppose he put it in gold, and I suppose he has $1
billion out of this. I would rather understand how it works and be able to
do it, then have the billion dollars. I think justice has been served well
in this matter. That is the true origin of Expanded Dianetics and the PTS
I don+t think that they will ever get them done right in the churches
because the churches wouldn+t even exist in their present form or with their
present populations, if any clean XDN was done. Of course, that is
impossible because they don+t know how to do the other material either. They
never had a case properly set up to do XDN. There are few other innuendos
which never give them an opportunity to: there are about 500 things that
Hubbard never figured out properly that prevented him from
ever seeing this stuff work correctly. He never saw whether XDN worked
well or not because he never provided the proper set up.
Before you would ever run XDN on anyone, it requires not only a 53 Long
Form be done, the lists be corrected, and the Drug Rundown done
properly, but there is one very, very critical step that technically has
to be done prior to doing XDN and that is the PTS Rundown. It should
always be done to get the effect side of this aberration handled
completely, to where they have enough responsibility to where they can
do XDN. I don+t think that he ever tried it that way using that as a
Even more important, the Introspection Rundown should be done. On the
Introspection Rundown a person will rise above thinking and he
won+t have to be introverted anymore and won+t have to this anymore, he
will rise above that particular habit and phenomena.
Unless a person+s Introspection Rundown is done, there is no way he is
going to give off all of his evil and erase all of his evil. If a person
didn+t have any evil, there probably wouldn+t be anything to think about, and
thinking itself is an evil activity because it is low on the scale. Looking is
far higher, knowing is higher, emoting is hlgher, effort is higher. It is a

surprising idea that your blue collar worker out there, your plumber, is in
a higher state than your college professor, but perhaps that will explain
why your college professor has taken such great care in making sure that
no one ever finds out any truth. That is not a cynical, critical remark.
I haven+t met an educator that wanted any truth discussed. They will
entertain it, but they don+t want it discussed to any resolution. There
have been some good educators, but unfortunately, they don+t stay
employed at educational institutions for very long.
So, since the proper set up for XDN is an Introspection Rundown, we will
be taking that up now. Although, Mr Hubbard ended up with alot of
money off this material, he never got XDN run on himself, and never saw
XDN run on anyone else, even on a research basis; for he never used the
Introspection Rundown as a set up for XDN. He never understood that
unless the person extroverts completely and gives up introversion, listing
and thinking as a way of life, he won+t give off all of his evil, That is
why Expanded Dianetics has never been perceived or used adequately in any
other quarters than my particular surroundings.
So, let+s take up the Introspection Rundown. If someone comes in and
after you have done the Life Repair, they complain or volunteer that
they are crazy and that is what they want handled, you can and should
assess these different technologies or products on a meter or on a 2WC
(two way comm) basis, just call it an interview. You ask them, -Do you
want this mechanical, robotic aspect of your life handled?+ -Do you want
your drugs, being a freak handled?+ -Do you wznt your touchiness
handled?+ -Do you want your nuttiness handled?+ -Do you want your
stupidity handled?+. You ask them that. If they come real clean and say
-I+m crazy, I want that handled+, and that is what reads and blows down
best on the
meter, then do the Introspection Rundown. It is really pretty easy to do,
and it is somewhat complicated and highly technical auditing. It does
require more skill than anything else that I know of in auditing. It needs
guite a bit of study to wade through all the paperwork, but if you will
draw it out on a sheet of paper, it is actually quite simple. You give the
person the R-factor that you are going to give them an Introspection
Rundown. Then, you draw out three lines on a sheet of paper,going up and
and you can draw some horizontal lines. The first thing you will ask them
is that -You are looking for three points of psychotic breaks in this
lifetime.+ They say they had one last year with the wife, you say ok.
Then they will say -I had one when I was 16 as a teenager+ The third one
you want is real critical and they may volunteer four. You are looking
for one
real early in life, hopefully their first, no later than age 7 or 8. If they
give you one in the teens, you may be forced into taking it, but if the pc is
pretty wise, he will give you an early one. He will say -I was 5 and
looking at the stars and wondering about life.+ Write down ever word of
what he says on these three. Acknowledge him.
The next thing you do is make indications to him. You say, -I+d like to
indicate that it was this first one here, last year with the wife, that the
substance of it was as a point of introversion and charge has been by
passed on that+. It will blow down and F/N. Way over to the left, you can
put on this second column of handling, in other words, you put another
horizontal line down, first point indication. You can write IND and put a
circle around it for indication, as your indicating by-passed charge here.
So, then you say, -I+d like to indicate when you were 16 as a teenager the
substance of it was that charge was by-passed as a point of introversion.

He understands the meaning of that and it will blow down and F/N and
you put a check in the little box. Then, you do the same thing for the
third point.
The next thing you do is re describe these three things. You say, -On
this first one last year with the wife, what would you call such an
incident?+ He+d say, -Oh, it+s a terrible depression+ You would mark the
read on that. So, then you go to the second one, the 16 as a teenager,
and get him to re describe that and he+ll say, -Couldn+t stand it
anymore.+ You write that in the box. So, then, you go to the third one
when he was 5 and say,
-What would you call such an incident?+ After he looks at it for awhile, he
will tell you what he would call it, say -Great fear of mystery.+ Draw a
line under that. Write 2WC over to the left.
Now you are going to 2WC each one of these on four flows. You write 2WC
and under that you write F1, F2, F3, and F0. So, you do the 2WCs. You
say, -Tell me about another causing you terrible depression+ He does. You
can use other 2WC questions such as -How do you feel about that?+ -How
does it seem to you now?+ Anyway, you 2WC that to an EP. So, then you
2WC the second flow (F2), -Tell me about you causing another terrible
depression.+ You 2WC that to a key-out, F/N. So, then you go to F3, -
Tell me about another causing others terrible depressions.+ Then, F0, -
Tell me about you causing yourself terrible depression.+ and get a key-
out there.
Then, you 2WC the -can+t stand it anymore+ on four flows, put a check
mark in that box. Then you 2WC the -great fear of mystery+ on four
flows. After that is done, you go down about an inch and draw another
horizontal line.
The next thing you are going to do is run out these incidents R3R on
four flows and what you are going to run out is these re description
wordings So, you are going to run four flows R3R of -terrible
depression+, as -Locate an incident of another causing you terrible
depression.+ I hope the other flows would be obvious. After that is
done, then you R3R the four flows of -Can+t stand it anymore+, and then
-Great fear of mystery+. Then, you draw another horizontal line, we are
halfway down the page now, and write the word subject over on the left.
Ask for the subject connected with the first one, -last year with the
wife, terrible depression+ and he will give you something like -women+.
Make sure it BD F/Ns. If he can+t come up with a subject that reads like
hell, you can L & N for it, but I have never had to. If you just ask for
subject, they will give you the subject, it will just read like mad. So,
as soon as he has given you the subject, you acknowledge it and call the
F/N. Then, ask about the -16 as a teenager, couldn+t stand it anymore+. On
that one, -What was the subject matter connected with this
introversion?+ He tells you -responsibility+. On busy trying to do it to
others. Draw the last horizontal line.
Your next step is, you can write R3R over on the left under purp, to run
these purps on four flows R3R. Fl, F2, F3 and F0, you just check them off
as you run them. So, after that is done you will normally have what I
call the first EP of the Introspection Rundown.

Introspection R/D -Worksheet+
1st 2nd 3rd
3 this lifetime -Last year+ -When 16+ -When 5+
Psychotic Breaks
Indicate Point 3
3 3
of Introversion
Redescribed Terrible Couldn+t stand Great fear of
Depression it anymore mystery
2WC 4 Flows 3 3 3
the descriptions
R3R 4 Flows 3 3 3
the descriptions
Get subject 3 3 3
with each break
L&N EvPurp to make all to be to destroy
connected with women hurt irresponsible all matter
each subject
R3R 4 Flows 3 3 3
these EvPurps
Normally the rundown will EP at that time. There is a good way to find out,
and that is to word clear subjective and objective at thls point out of the
dictionary and word clear introversion, introspection and extroversion.
Then run these two commands alternately:
Put your attention on something subjective. Put your attention on
something objective.
If they can+t put it on anything subjective, that is the end of the
rundown. This is normally what happens. You take an attestation at this
point and that is a done deal.
If that isn+t what happens, if they don+t achieve the EP here, what you do
is assess ARC breaks and if it doesn+t read, then assess withholds and if
it doesn+t read, then assess overts, and if it doesn+t read, assess -not
saying+, and if it doesn+t read, assess false incidents, and if it doesn+t
read, assess, (in other words, calling on the E-meter), false invalidation,
and if it doesn+t read, hit for no reason Let+s say the last one read, Prom
the way we will be handling this, it should be logical how you would handle
any of the others.
You+d 2WC with the pc -Has anyone else hit you for no reason?+ 2WC this
to F/N. Then, you would 2WC to F/N -Have you hit anyone else for no
reason?+, -Has another hit others for no reason?+, -Have you gotten
yourself hit for no reason?+ After the 2WC handling, you R3R the item.

The commands would be: -Locate an incident of another hitting you for
no reason.+ I trust you can figure out the other three flows. After you
have R3Red the four flows of this item, then L & N for the intention behind
the hitting of others for no reason. After you have L & Ned and have the
purp out in the open, then R3R the purp on four flows.
Going back over these others, say that they had a read on ARC breaks.
You would 2WC ARC breaks to F/N and of course, if these things don+t
2WC, you take them earlier, that is the general rule of auditing. Then,
you would R3R out ARC breaks on four flows and of course, you would L &
N for the intention behind causing ARC breaks.
So, continuing our hypothetical example, if hit for no reason didn+t
read, or let+s say that you have already cleaned that up, then you check
for invalidated beingness, and if that didn+t read, then you check
validated beingness, and if that didn+t read, you check invalidated
intentions. After you have gone through these particular steps, you then
do ARC
breaks of long duration to raise the pc+s reality, That is simply doing
four flows of ARC breaks using the phrase -long duration+. The four flows
are: -Has another caused you to have an ARC break of long duration?+
-Have you caused another to have an ARC break of long duration?+ -Has
another caused others to have ARC breaks of long duration?+ -Have you
caused yourself to have an ARC break of long duration?+
Then, you 2WC recent actions, just get them to talk about their recent
things that they have done. If you get any overt that comes off, that
reads well, you take the best reading overt and simply run repetitive -
What about that (and mention the overt) could you take responsibility
for?+ to EP.
Your next step would be to go through everything you have done on this
rundown and pull off all the Ev Purps that they have listed and audit
those off. If they still haven+t made it, you would handle any RSes that
had come up during the rundown in the method described as RS or
Responsibility Rundown handling in the XDN section.
The next thing you do, as far as making this rundown complete, is run
general O/Ws (overts/withholds) on the subject of their life. The commands
-What have you done to your life?+
-What have you withheld from your life?
After that, if it reads well, you can run alternately to EP:
-What have you done to yourself?+
-What have you withheld from yourself?+
The last action you do is some succumb handling. If succumb reads, then
you 2WC four flows of it. You then R3R the four flows of succumbing, and
then L & N for the Ev Purp behind wanting to succumb, and R3R that.

Then, you 2WC if they have ever wanted to commit suicide. If so, R3R it
on four flows and then, you L & N for the intention behind the effort to
commit suicide and R3R the Purp.
Then, there is a catch all question at the end. You 2WC with the person,
watching closely for a read, -Is there some other way you are doing
yourself in that has been missed?+ If they give you an item, then R3R it
and then, list for the intention behind it and R3R that. You can work
this last one over and over a few times until you get an EP on the
Introspection Rundown.
You come up with pretty wild material, this is extremely powerful on this
catch all question. Normal type material that comes off of a preclear
when you ask them, -Is there any other way you are doing yourself in that
has been missed?+, they will come off with -I+m making sure that I and
everyone else is happy.+ Sounds confusing, you should remember that the
guy is a little nuts. You should go ahead and R3R that out because when
you L & N forthe purp, -What evil purpose is behind keeping yourself and
everyone happy?+ he+ll come up with stuff like -So the killing can go on,
that people don+t notice that they are dying+, in other words, the guy
has an intention for the killing to go on or that people not notice that
they are dying.
I might add that if they do make the EP of the Introspection Rundown,
initially after you have run off these three hot spots in the lifetime
brought it to their attention by running objective and subjective attention
on them, that you can come back a year later (or later) in their particular
folder and do the rest of these steps with considerable case gain.
In doing it as a set up for XDN, it is all right to take the first EP.
Then, later in the folder do the balance of it. So, that is the
Introspection Rundown, probably the technical paragon of all of L. Ron
Hubbard+s research.
He used it on about 30 test cases, on very crazy people, people that were
in asylums, to get them out of asylums and as a research tool, but as far
as using it in the churches, there were less than 24 of them done
successfully and it was priced out of the market in that it was $12,000
$16,000 for 12 hours of this type of auditing. It+s over $1,000 an hour
price precluded people buying the best thing available.
It should be done on anyone that gets any XDN. The irony of it is people
believe their social machinery, and the Scientology cult itself is full
of people that play little social games, and they cor.sider the
Introspection Rundown is for crazy people. I consider anyone on this
planet at this particular time to be extremely crazy.
After one has had an Introspection Rundown, they are no longer crazy. It
doesn+t mean that they are going to move from the planet. There are
certain events that have occurred in this part of the galaxy and in this
galaxy as a whole, on the back track, that make it extremely clear that
there are psychotic breaks on anyone that is holding the cans, and it is
just a question of how soon your preclear is going to come up to
recognizing it.

Using this rundown on a normal or above normal person will produce
gains beyond their wildest imaginings. I would really hate to waste it on
someone who was actually quite crazy. It reguires a certain amount of
depth and intelligence to run. Ocassionally you will find this type of
material surfacing on other rundowns and you should just let it turn on
and turn off because when you get to this rundown, it is going to come
off properly. So much for the Introspection Rundown.
I might add that it is good to set up a worksheet with little boxes on it
before you start your session. There are three heavy introspection points
in any lifetime. You just put INSP PT over on the left, and then draw a
line; under that you put IND BPC, and draw a line; under that you put
REDESCRIBED, draw a line and under that you put 2WC and under that
you put Q R3R; under that you put SUBJECT; under that you put L & N;
under that you put PURPs and under that you put R3R PURP. This just
gives you a table. Put the person+s name up in the upper left and the
date on the right and just check off what you have done and that way you
don+t get lost in what you are doing.
In doing these lists, (I might as well cover listing and nulling (L & N)
here), I don+t know of anymore simple subject that has been made more
complicated that the subject of L & N.
I would just be horrified if someone would actually take time and read
what L. Ron Hubbard has written on this subject. He just goes on and on
about one of the simplest things in the world, I would like to define,
describe, and tell you what L & N is to where you can do it and not train
you in know about basically. The real problem with L. Ron Hubbard is he
knows about Scientology, but he doesn+t know any Scientology.
Anyone that is in know about on any subject is doomed, absolutely
doomed. You can+t create or control or be responsible unless you know.
KRC is the create triangle. If you know about, you are kind of a college
professor. Hubbard certainly knows about Scientology, he knows all about
it, but he doesn+t know any of it. There is a tremendous difference
between knowingness and know about. So, unfortunately, there has been
very little knowingness transmitted, if any, to anyone by him and a
whole lot of know about has been transmitted instead.
So, I+d like to take up the subject of L & N here and put it to bed for
all times for anyone that is interested. You need to know how to do it, of
course, to audit grades and do these XDN actions, so it is a proper time
to define what it is and explain whatever nuances are necessary to where a
person can do it all day long.
The most rapid case gain that you can accomplish on a pc comes from
doing L & N actions. Conversely, if you make an error, you can mess up a
case and ruin an individual, if you do a L & N action wrong. Out lists
take priority, (in other words, are more important), than out rudiments,
and if people can+t get any better over out ruds and can+t audit or live
over out rudss if they are walking around with out lists it is even worse,
because they are dramatizing the wrong item off a list and still stuck
back with that list. So, you don+t make errors on lists, you do them
It is beyond me how such a simple subject could be made so complex, but
Mr Hubbard did so. He published over 100 hour-long tapes on this

subject and wrote hundreds, if not thousands, of pages on it. People
spent months hearing those tapes and reading those books about something
which probably takes about, hopefully, about 10 minutes to understand.
Hubbard is not a bad man, he is what he is. He is simply an egotistical
researcher and I would also like to state that no man has a right to
copyright truth. He has been dealing with alot of truth and technology
and has summarized alot of things that were already published under
other names. It would not be difficult to take every sentence that he has
ever written and wade through the library and find out where it has been
said before. So, the fact that he summarizes the collective thought of
Western and Oriental wisdom, and the Golden Scripts material (out of the
monasteries) and publishes it, and says that no one has the right to
speak on the subject but me, no one has a right to data, to help their
fellow man, except with my approval and if you do I+ll sick my dogs on
you. That is where he+s at.
There is no legal basis for monopoly on truth. Truth belongs to all men.
Within the confines of him having people runing around in ministers+
suits applying his writings to others, I+m sure he has all kinds of legal
juridiction, but as far as my right to speak on this subject, I have found
as a scientist that I can produce results 100 times better than he can with
different techniques, through a simply understanding of knowing what is
I have put these ideas in a logical order of importance in a wise,
applicable form. He himself stated that a person should know and have
the correct technology as a first step. He never attained that
particular step and no one in his organization has attained that
particular step, therefore they have skipped gradient phenomena. I
pleaded with him to withdraw that particular bulletin about Keeping
Scientology Working because it placed on the individual, whoever did
know and have the correct technology, they would have to close the doors
on incorrect
application as the final procedure that is listed in the bulletin. I
warned him and pleaded with him in 1966, that the bulletin should be
withdrawn because if someone were to accidently later figure out, know,
and have the correct Scientology technology, they would be obligated, out
of responsibility and love for their fellov man, to close the doors on
incorrect application which happens to be him and his church. He felt that
that possibility was laughable and that no one, and I+m quoting the
conversation now, -that no one could ever know more about Scientology than
I do.+ To which I said -I do already. To which he said -Good day+ and
walked out of the room. Although I respect his work and his contribution,
I don+t think that I care for the man too much.
I don+t think he cares for me too much, in fact, I+m quite aware of it.
We have had a personality conflict. Mankind perhaps would of been better
served had we never physically met, in that neither lifetime recovered,
and both ships got blown off their life course due to that encounter. Be
that as it may, in his own study tapes, he pronounces (and any person
speaking logically on this subject would realize) that the true authority
in an area would be the person who could produce results. In that I can
produce results between 20 - 100 times in excess of what his opinions
are on this subject, my technology not only will prevail it already has.

There are Moseses throughout history and they serve history+s purpose
and also mankinds+ purpose. I+m sure that someone quite wiser, brighter,
better and kinder will come along and replace me, and I will be a
and I look forward to that day, because I like progress for all of us and
I+d like to see an improvement on my work. I have been waiting for that for
15 years and I don+t see anyone moving in that direction. So, I have come
forward and made a statement because it seems an appropriate time.
These are relevant remarks as I know lists and Hubbard does not. He
dramatizes them.
Listing is simply the procedure where the auditor writes a listing
question down on a sheet of paper, a separate sheet of paper from
his worksheets, and checks the question on the E-meter. He asks the
pc if
he understands it, and then gives the question to the pc. The auditor
then writes down the answers or the items that the pc has said in
response to the question in the exact sequence that they are given. That
is all listing is.
You should note the TA, the position of the tone arm at the beginning of
the list. The pc is basically emptying the file there. So, say the listing
question is -What do you want the most for dinner?+. The pc says, -Eggs,
bacon, chicken+, looks up at you and says -That+s all+. What you do at
that particular point is say -I+d like to extend the list+ and draw a line
about two or three inches long under their last answer. So, they may
reflect on it a little more and say -I+d like enchiladas+ and they will
list more answers -Chicken Chow Mein+ roast beef, pineapples with
cantalopes cut all around the outside and ground up coconuts in a bed of
lettuce with a small serving of tapioca pudding in the middle, some Swiss
chess laid around the sides, and so forth, that would be the perfect
dinner, that is what I want the most.+ If it does not blow down and F/N at
that point acknowledge them graciously and say -I+d like to extend the
list.+ If it does blow down and F/N, then indicate -That completes the
list+ (say
that to your preclear). Draw a circle around the item.
Say -I+d like to indicate your item is the pineapple surrounded by the
slices of melon . . . -, read it all back to them, give him his item. It
should blow down and F/N a second time and he should get a cognition and
brighten up. If that doesn+t happen, then you are going to have to go back and
null the list.
Nulling a list is defined as the auditor+s action in saying items from a list
to a pc and noting the reaction of the pc+s bank by use of the E-meter.
That is rare that this will happen. Normally a pc will list down to the item
and you simply give it back to him. It will blow down and F/N and he will
cognite and that is all there is to it.
If a pc lists a number of answers, you are marking the reads as he is listing
each of these off, and all of a sudden the needle starts floating, you are
going to have to call the whole list marking the reads as you are calling
them. If you are left with three reads, you would then null further and call
those three. Say one of the reads disappeared, leaving you two,
you would the call those two and one of the reads would disappear. So,
now you are down to one read, so then you would give the pc that item.
It should blow down, F/N and cog when you give it to them. If that
doesn+t work, then you go back and extend the list. That+s about all
there is to this subject.

95% of the time all you have to do is keep extending the list. If the pc
starts getting into a lock, starts ARC breaking, no matter what happens,
just keep extending it, and you will get the blow down, F/N item.
Normally, if you allow the pc to list, don+t make a tremendous big deal
about it, they come up with the item very quickly. Conversely, some pcs
will have to list quite a bit, quite a while, it may take 45 minutes,
there may be as many as 30 pages, 20 items per page. You may have a 45
minute, 600 line list they will finally find the item. You will find this
going on in XDN. If you get a long list like that, it is just fabulous,
absolutely fabulous because you will probably get the central purpose
which has caused all the other ones, you may have an XDN completion if
that phenomena occurs.
All there is to Listing and Nulling (L & N) is checking the question for a
read, marking your TA position, clearing it to where they understand it,
giving them the question and getting them to list it. If they start
running away from the list simply draw a line on your worksheet and say -
I+d like to extend the list+, confronting them, let them just freely list
them out, keep extending until you get a blow down, F/N item. It is very
rare that
you will have to come back and do any nulling. If you do, all it is is
calling the list off, watching the reads fall off the form and if you come
with just a few reads, just call them off. If the whole list goes null,
you could come back and put suppress and inval in on the list and find the
item, but it is very dangerous to go that far, very dangerous.
It is best to just extend down to the Blow down, F/N item. If the pc has
difficulty listing, there is something grossly wrong with the case. It
should be an easy, pleasurable, fascinating, enjoyable activity for
them. You can clear up this, make sure his rudiments are in. You should
list over out ruds. If they get out ruds while you are listing, it is a
little late. Out lists take precedence over out ruds and while he is listing
you have an out list. So, if you have one of these snotty preclears, say
someone worked at Flag or something, in other words, a super-superficial
who says -Well, I+m ARC broken+, well, who gives a damn. You have an
unflat list. You just get them to extend the list. You can always clean
up the ARC break after they get their item on the list, You are not
forcing the pc, you are simply getting the list done. You simply say, -
I+d like extend the list+ to where they give it to you.
Now, the reason you mark you tone arm position at the beginning is
whatever the item that they give you at the end, the TA should be at the
same position as at the beginning of the list or at a lower range. If it
is higher and the needle is floating, extend the list, they have gone by
something. You can use that prompter, but use it sparingly. -Have you gone
by something or thought of somethat that you didn+t put on the list?+ If
that reads chase it down and get it listed.
You should tell your pc prior to listing that they should print
everything that comes through their minds and that their minds work at
words per minute and that they only talk at 200 words per minute, so it
is in their best interest that they connect their mind to their mouth
since it is costing them money to do this. Their item has to have the
same read you noted in checking the question for a read. Thus, a 4 year
old can do it .

So, that+s about all there is to listing. I can+t think of anything else.
Hubbard has got laws on L & N and even an incredibly lengthy technology
on how to fix screwed up lists, I don+t believe in, don+t tolerate, and I
don+t think anyone else should become involved with bad lists.
Those laws and rules for L & N are wrong. One shouldn+t use them
because they are just bad news. One of the most absurd laws is if a pc says
it is his item, it is his item. I have found just the opposite to be true,
Many a preclear will say, -Oh, gee, that+s my item+ and they are just
grinning with glee while they are selling you and themselves some
bullshit. (Of course, the TA is in a higher position then when they started
the list and of course, the needle is more active and it is just a sell.)
You know it is -service-facsimile time+, and that is all that is going on.
So, you need to list the list down to a BD F/N item and there is no point
in my saying it a million times, but that is all it is. You just extend if
they haven+t got it. As far as putting suppress and inval in on the list, that
is absolutely assinine. There is no way that a pc is going to be capable of
suppressing the actual item. What you are doing here is auditing, not
playing a cat and mouse game with the preclear.
So, L & N is an intention-without-reservation activity on the part of the
auditor. It is Tone 40 auditing. If you do it Tone 40, you will never
have any problems with it. If you don+t do a Tone 40, if you don+t keep
extending, and take any bullshit from a pc, -So and so is my item, but I
have it suppressed and blah blah+, you+d better fold up shop. That is
just circuitry coming out of their reactive mind.
I took someone who had worked at Flag for 5 years, actually there were 3
of them, and on all three of these preclears (which handled very high
senior tech positions at the great religious retreat in Florida), none of
them had ever come near a list because they believed the laws of listing
and nulling and believed alot of other garbage.
One of them ask me for a demonstration of doing a drug list, and I said,
-All right, pick up the cans+. He picked them up and I said -What
emotions are connected with taking cough syrup?+ and the guy started
running locks, So, I said, -Hey, we are not here to run locks, we are
here to run a file, we are listing out what emotions are connected with
taking cough syrup.+ He said -Hell, I+m ARC broken now, I+m not going to
over an ARC break.+ I said, -Well, out lists take priority over out ruds,
we can clean up your ARC break later. -What emotions are connected with
taking cough syrup?+ The guy started listing things for 45 minutes and
I+m getting 2 division blow downs on -agony+ and -suffering+. So, after
he give me 40 reading emotions, he looks up and says, -I never had a
Drug Rundown, I+ve never really been in session. I said, -Well, we will
take care of that ARC break also.+ So, it went on for another l0 - 15
minutes, so we got a complete list, and in a sense it acted like a L & N
action because it had a one division blow down at the end on -
excruciating spiritual pain+ and he realized that that was why he had
joined the Sea Org, because others had that. So, anyway, I closed off the
demonstration and he said, -So, that is how you do a list?+ I said, -
Yeah, if you are going to set out and do something, you do it and TR 4 is
TR 4, but good god, you don+t screw around with L & N and play with
locks, and talk about things, you get answers to the questions.+ So, then
I flew his ARC breaks in the order in which they occurred, of course,
where he ARC 197

broke with me for chopping his lock, then I flew the ARC break of never
having a Drug Rundown, and then I flew the ARC break of having been in
the Sea Org for 5 years off of a one division engram chain and the guy was
just appalled, walking around the house saying -Gee, someone should tell
Hubbard. I thought you were a weirdo and an egomaniac and keyed into
-only one+ implants, a lone ranger. I really thought you were nuts too, but
this is unbelievable, getting a question answered. It+s just unbelievable.+
I said, -Well, don+t you all do that somewhere in the church?+ He said,
-I+ve never heard of it.+ So, the moral in telling this particular story is
that listing is not complicated, it is the simplest thing in the world. So,
that is all there is to L & N. You shouldn+t do any on anyone that hasn+t
had their Life Repair PrepChecks which will clear off their 300 - 400 -
600 ARC breaks. It will clear off their misunderstoods on existence which
will key out their Dianetic bank. There is no way in hell anyone is going
to run anything if they have a pile of ARC breaks and you are not going to
be doing L & N action on someone until you get to XDN or Grade III or
Grade IV or until you are doing an XGF (Expanded Green Form) which you
could be doing early or doing a PTS Rundown, but it is nice to know how
to do one. If you are doing the Introspection Rundown, that is the
first thing that gets done in spite of out ruds. But hopefully, you won+t be
doing them over gross ARC breaks, and even if you are doing them over
out ruds, if you just get them to find the right file, and list the answers
to the question then there is no problem to it. So, I don+t see any point in
mocking up problems or laws or technology or ferocious over
complication over a very simple subject. That is all there is to listing. You
ask a question, they give you the answers. The one that blows down, F/Ns
and the room lights up, you give them that as their item, and it will blow
down, F/N again and they will cognite, and then the listing question
doesn+t read anymore, and they haven+t sold you a bowl of bullshit.
All these others errors in this whole technology that L. Ron Hubbard
invented on L & N were ways so that the auditor, the pc, and everyone
else concerned could live with the lie that the auditor wasn+t capable
of giving the pc enough time or repeating the listing question to get
the truth and the pc was overwhelmed by the area and so he wheezled.
Most of the areas, if not all, where you will be doing L & N, the pc will
try to wheezle, the bank will turn on. So, you might as well as an auditor
manifest more theta (or more force, if you are low-toned you will think
that it is force, if you are high-toned, you will realize that it is theta),
than the bank that you are addressing. So, why not have it as a simple subject.
low-toned people can, even low-toned groups can.
The greatest gains in auditing have been completely obscured by anyone
who has had any L & N work done in a church. It+s a broad generality, but
unfortunately, it is a quite accurate one. Some good auditing has gone on
at churches, but I would assign that to 20% of the people coming in the
door having very strong urges to get better and they just make it go
in spite of the auditors, the C/S, and the weird laws of L & N. All right,
so much for L & N.
I+d like to move up the Grade Chart. I think we have covered everything
on the lower third of the Bridge. What we have next is Expanded Grades,
So, we will take them up now.

The first grade is Expanded Grade 0. You are going to handle alot more
than communication difficulties on this level. You are going to bring a
being up to where they can recognize things. These grades are run to
produce a state of awareness and ability. People normally have at least
one of the five parts of the comm cycle in. Hopefully, they will cognite
on their+s in doing the TRs. You want to produce the awareness level of
the grade that you are running. You would run every process on Grade 0 to
the awareness level of recognition, and you would run every process on
Grade I - Problems up to perception and communication and so forth.
These grades are in this order for a number of reasons. If a person
can+t communicate, then they are going to have problems. If they have
problems, then they are going to commit harmful acts. If they commit
harmful acts, then they are going to have upsets. If they have upsets, then
they are going to have to use data as a substitute for themselves (in
living). So, you can see the flow going North up the grades. How something
on the lower grade will cause the next grade up to go awry.
The same flow goes the other direction. Someone who is right (all the
time) and making other people wrong, is going to have upsets. If one
upsets people and has upsets oneself, then they are going to be
miserable and commit harmful (overt) acts. If you do that, it is going
to cause you problems, and if you have problems, you are not going to
Where you have truth flowing two directions, producing the same thing,
you have what is known as a mobius strip and that means that are very
close to the nature of creation in respect to the physical universe.
This happens to be my own unique understanding of why these grades are
arranged in this fashion.
Hubbard on a 1966 tape said it did not matter what order that they were
run in.
This was the historical order that this data was put together about 25
billion years ago. Hubbard is -into+ owned knowingness, just publishing
stuff that is in old sacred books, and ideas coming off his own memory
track. They did get arranged in this particular, proper order after
suggestions by myself, John McCoy, John McMasters and a few other people
were submitted to Hubbard.
They should be in a logical order of communication first. The comm cycle
difficulties that an individual has (whether it is being there, speaking
naturally, acknowledging, repeating when necessary on a cycle of action)
are important. Proper listing is just using TR 3 and TR 4. Use of TR 4
is ignoring comments in life and in session, You should never address
aimed at you, or anything aimed at you, or validate it, even if it is a
bullet, because it is just going to turn on more back, thus more impact.
To the degree that you validate evil, you will get more evil. TR 4 also covers
clarifying originations where they have been made to you and
getting them understood and getting things back on their original track.
I have never met an individual who could naturally do all five of these
things consistently. It is an excellent area to process, but hopefully,
this cleans up and off when they are doing their TRs. It is not directly
addressed on Grade 0. On Grade 0 you are trying to get someone up to
recognizing things. There is alot out there to recognize but they don+t 199

know that. So, you have to bring them up to tha reality. Life is going on,
they just aren+t aware of it, no matter how much they profess they are. You
will be discovering that the moment you start running Grade 0.
There is an upper class, snotty little clique, not only that surrounds
Scientology, but is inherent throughtout the Class 8 - 12 courses, which
states that one is doing this whole load of Bridge to accomplish certain
actions that will make OT III run better. Their view of the lower Bridge
is simply something one does to where one can get to the OT levels where
all the true improvement is going to occur. That is Class 8 Course
chat. This has got to be one of the most assinine ideas that I have
ever heard because the majority of the case gain on any being is going
to come off this lower third of the Bridge that I have discussed and
off doing these Expanded Grades for you are clearing up and making
someone happy and well on the lower third and then you are making them
able and aware on your second third, the Grades. Your upper Bridge, in
other words, the OT
levels, Clearing Course, is going to take off the fundamental implants,
masses and inabilities as a thetan that they adopted. These occurred to
individuals on a group level, but as fsr as raising their individual
awareness, the grades are going to do that. So, these church snots have
this inverted and an eagle+s nest view of the lower Bridge which is
extremely destructive. OT technology should be applied on OTs. These
things stand alone. Grades stand alone to improve the individual.
In starting Grade 0, the first thing you run is R2-31 out of Creation of
Human Ability, page 74. You have the pc: Look around the room and
discover some object which he doesn+t mind being present. Then, you have
him locate something else that he wouldn+t mind being present. You keep
this up to an EP.
Whatever you get on the first process is somewhat quasi-irrelevant, they
are going to come up to recognizing that they have objections and that
they have classifications of things being present or not. You should run
it to at least that EP.
Then, you take up the next process where you pick up a room object and you
say, -See this Kleenex box?+ They say -Yeah+, and you say, -Tell me
something you wouldn+t mind this Kleenex box being.+ You run that to an
EP. The minimum EP would be them realizing that they are assigning
beingnesses to objects and you run this to where they at least get that
minimum end phenomena.
Then, you go to the next process: -Tell me something you wouldn+t mind
your body being. They say, -Oh, a pineapple+. You repeat, -Tell me
something you wouldn+t mind your body being.+ They say, -Big and
beautiful+ etc. to EP. The minimum EP would be that they are assigning a
certain beingness to the body and that the body does have a certain
beingness, and those two things may not be in agreement.
Then, -Find something you wouldn+t mind being.+ Then, -Tell me
something else you wouldn+t mind being+ to EP (where they realize what
they are assigning to themselves as beingness).
I want to make clear that these processes are block building in nature
and the pc should understand that. If they don+t completely understand
this there is no point running it. If they fully understand the EP on
the 200

previous process, they are going to be capable of doing the next one. If
they don+t use what they have learned in the last process, they are not
going to be able to run the next process, they are going to fall flat on
their face.
So, the next process is you take a list of charged terminals (that are in the
worksheets from your previous work on the pc) and you take the
hottest reading terminal (which you determine by assessing a few on
the meter). You fit that terminal into the following commands: (As an
example, assume it was -Daddy+,)
1st flow: Tell me something your Daddy wouldn+t mind you communicating
2nd flow: Tell me something you wouldn+t mind your Daddy communicating
3rd flow: Tell me something others wouldn+t mind your Daddy
communicating with.
4th flow: (You can give them the R-factor, that 4th flow is never
meant to be insulting.)
If you were a Daddy, tell me something you wouldn+t
mind yourself communicating with
Next, you have them: -Think a thought+ until they get an EP.
Then, you have them -Think a thought+ and have them place that
thought in various objects around the room, to EP.
Then, you run:
1st flow: Tell me a thought you would be willing to receive from
2nd flow: Tell me a thought another would be willing to receive
from you.
3rd flow: Tell me a thought others ould be willing to receive from
(Your pc should be getting sequitur cognitions on each
of these.)
4th flow: Tell me a thought you would be willing to receive from yourself.
Your pc getting sequitur cognitions on each of the processes is different
from what is published for 4th flow, but, of course, the majority of what
I am saying here is different from what is published by the church.
The next process is:
-Think about matter+ to EP.
-Think about energy+ to EP.
-Think about space+ to EP.
-Think about time+ to EP.
-Think about a thetan+ to EP.
The very minimum cognition they should get off each of those is what
they think about has an effect on how they are feeling. In other words,
they will be getting Dianetics +55 (the book) type cognitions that what
occurs at one end of a comm line occurs at the other end also (due to

duplication). Thus, if they think about matter, they will start getting
solid; if they think about energy, they start feeling energetic; if they
think about space, they will feel big; if they think about time, they get a
little rhythmic and if they think about a thetan, they will feel very
spiritual. So, they should get some thought, some cognition on how much they
be thinking about these things, and the effects of thoughts on
their existence.
The next process you run is:
1st flow: Recall a time another communicated to you.
2nd flow: Recall a time you communicated to another. 3rd flow: Recall
a time others communicated to others. 4th flow: Recall a time you
communicated to yourself.
The next process is run alternately between two commands to EP. One is
an in- ARC command and one is an out-of-ARC command. We are basically
interested in the out-of-ARC command running for you are using the in
ARC command as a relief, so that the pc won+t go crazy in session. -
Recall another+s communication with you.+
-Recall another+s no communication with you.+
If you just ran: -Recall another+s no communication with you+ over and
over, most pcs wouldn+t be up to doing that. So, you give them a
breather with an in-ARC command. Anyway, you run those alternately
either to a
light superficial cog (that there is communication going on all the time
all over), but it is kind of a mean thing to do. You should run it to a cog
on another+s no communication with them, where they realize that, that in
itself is a game, and a not too pleasant one.
2nd flow: Recall your communication with another.
Recall your no communication with another.
3rd flow: Recall another+s communication with others.
Recall another+s no communication with others,
4th flow: Recall a communication of you with yourself.
Recall a no communication of you with yourself.
The next 16 processes are universe processes. If the pc understands
these, the rest of their Bridge will run very well. If they don+t
understand these well, then the rest of their Bridge is just wasted time
and money, It is appalling information for a pc to discover, There are four
universes that he is involved with. They are somewhat superimposed as far
as space.
There is the physical universe, the universe of
the body, the universe of the mind, and the
universe of the thetan. You run each of these
four universes through the following four
-From where could communicate to you?+ to EP -
From where could you communicate to ?+ to EP. -
From where could communicate to others?+ to EP
-If you were a___________ , from where could
you communicate?+
So, on your first four you put -the physical universe+ in the brackets;
then, you put -a body+ in the brackets; then, you put -a mind+ in the
brackets; and then -a thetan+ in the brackets. Take these to a very deep

EP where a person realizes that what ever it is that wants to
communicate, it will pick whatever location is necessary to get the comm
through. They will discover that the physical universe can and does
communicate to them through people, that they are in a games condition
with the physical universe, that they communicate to others through the
physical universe, and so forth. Anyone of these universes can use the
universe of another to get through. In running the body, they will
realize that the body can get its comm though via minds, via thetans, and
via other individuals. They will realize that bodies communicate directly
to each other. In running minds, they will realize that minds communicate
directly to each other, they communicate through bodies, they communicate
through the physical universe. In other words, the location of where the
comm is coming from is pretty irrelevant and a person can chase down the
actual origin of the communication, they will understand what is going
on. It is a clever trick for a mind to communicate through another
person. Your own mind can communicate to you through your
neighbor+s body, and the pc discovers that this is going on, and is quite
surprized by it. And then, they will find that a thetan, of course, can
and does communicate from various locations, minds, bodies, and the
physical universe.
So, what you are doing with these processes is bringing up their awareness
that they have had the four universes collapsed and they are separate.
These are minimum cogs you should get on this: that where the comm appears
to be emanating from, is not necessarily its original source, and that if
something, someone, wants to communicate, they will place it in another
universe, if necessary, to get it through, to get the comm duplicated.
Ironically, you will find the pc completely stuck in one of these four,
and you will get them pried out of that. They are either very much a body,
very much a mind, very much a spirit, or unfortunately, very much the
physical universe. Thusly, you bring them into balance.
Whatever body part they complain about the most, in their Dianetics, you
plug into the next process, whether it is a back, head, shoulders, bowels,
a neck or whatever. Necks are something. Alot of people have either neck
problems, back problems, or head problems. Anyway, you want to clear
this whole area up and the way you do that is, say it is neck, 1st flow:
From where could a neck communicate to you?
2nd flow: From where could you communicate to a neck? 3rd flow: From
where could a neck communicate to others?
4th flow: If you were a neck, from where could you communicate? This
will dissaude them and disabuse them of the false concept that
where ever comm is coming from is the actual origin of it, and they will
realize that body parts can and do communicate to one. Hopefully, they
will come up with some sensible cogs, for instance, they will cognite
that they have been getting all this comm from hurting neck, but actually
a neck can communicate through a foot, so maybe it is the foot that is
causing all the trouble with the neck.
I+m sure any outsider reading this, by outsider I mean a person not
familiar with the possibility of fact and is quite used to the fiction of
excessive reasonability and mental machinery, would find this a little

crazy talk. However, anyone that examines these areas will come up with,
at a minimum, these particular cognitions. So, the pc will straighten out
and find out actually what is going on with meat bodies, and parts of meat
bodies. A toothache can be caused by an injury to a toe. It will iron out.
If you hold them on it an adequate period of time, whatever body part that
they have had all this trouble with, they will finally get the cog, and
that should take care of it.
The next thing you do is assess male bodies, female bodies, bodies, matter,
energy, space and time. Normally one of them will read. If you get
either of the two sexual distinctions, you are in for a hell of a surprize
on your pc because it means that they have a game going with all those
bodies out there as as group. You run that
through these four flows: 1st flow: From where
could communicate to you?
2nd flow: From where could you communicate to ?
3rd flow: From where could communicate to others?
4th flow: If you were a from where could you
If it is the opposite sex or their own sex, they will realize that they
have had this superimposed game condition with all these bodies out there
and that has been running and ruining all their relationships because that
is the game that consistently occurs. For example, the guy has gone out
with seriously 20 different girls, is 40 years old, and he can+t seem to
get married. The same game comes down no matter who he goes out with.
He is in a games condition with female bodies, and that is preventing him
from knowing any of the people or doing anything with the individuals
involved. So, that clears up, and the games condition with bodies clears
up, and with matter, energy, space, or time, if they are in a games
condition with any of these, by using this process.
The next one is a similar process except it is on victims:
1st flow: From where could a victim communicate to you? 2nd flow: From
where could you communicate to a victim? 3rd flow: From where could a
victim communicate to others?
4th flow: If you were a victim, from where could you communicate?
This process has some fascinating ramifications depending on how victim is
defined. They will either be cynical claiming that they are not victims,
and victims are people who run around in self-pity all the time. It runs
great that way because they will start cleaning off some viewpoints and
you can let it run that way. If it bogs on you you, you can clear victom
as someone who has been unjustly harmed, out of Websters dictionary. It
will run fine under either definition. If you feel adventurous, you can
run it both ways.
The next load of processes is R2-60, out of Creation of Human Ability, and
that is where you have someone spot things, and after they have spotted
them, you ask them, -Are you spotting it in the physical universe?+ If
they say -Yes+, you have them point to it and they do, then you ask them,
-How far away does it seem?+ and they will tell you. That is the best way
for it to run.
If they tell you -No+ after you have asked them -Are you spotting it in the
physical universe?+, then you can just leave it at that. You can have them

point to it, if you wish. If they are in real good shape, it is a waste of
time. On someone who is really bunged up, you should have them point.
What you want to do is get them to where they can recognize these things
out in the environment, run it on the physical universe, and not on their
own. If they run off a few of their own at the beginning, which takes 5
minutes or 5 hours, it+s ok. You want to get them to where they can
recognize stuff in the physical universe. So, each one of these, you run
to EP. Your commands are:
1st flow: Spot some communications another has hidden from
2nd flow: Spot some communications you have hidden from
3rd flow: Spot some communications another has hidden from
4th flow: Spot some communications you have hidden from
You run the same four commands next except you replace the word
-hidden+ with -protected+. You run these four commands to EP.
Then, you run:
1st flow: Spot some communications of yours another has owned.
2nd flow: Spot some communications of another that you have
3rd flow: Spot some communications of another that others have
4th flow: Spot some communications of yours that you have
Then, you run:
1st flow: Spot some communications of yours another has
2nd flow: Spot some communications of another that you have
3rd flow: Spot some communications of another that others have
4th flow: Spot some communications of yours that you have
Then, you run the same four commands except you use -enforced+, and
then, -desired+, and then, -curious+, and then, -unknown+, and
then, -known+.
Then, you run:
-Spot some hidden knowingness+
-Spot some protected knowingness.+
-Spot some owned knowingness.+
-Spot some inhibited knowingness.+
-Spot some enforced knowingness.+
-Spot some desired knowingness.+
-Spot some knowingness people could be curious
about.+ 205

-Spot some knowingness that has been unknown.+
-Spot some knowingness that is known.+
Then, you run:
-Spot some hidden mysteries.+
-Spot some hidden sex.+
-Spot some hidden eating.+
-Spot some hidden symbols.+
-Spot some hidden thinking.+
-Spot some hidden efforts.+
-Spot some hidden emotions.+
-Spot some hidden looking.+
-Spot some hidden knowing.+
Then, you do the -protected+ bracket on mystery, sex, eating, symbols,
thinking, efforts, emotions, looking and knowing, and then, -owned+,
then, -inhibited+, then, -enforced+, then, -desired+, then, -curious+.
If your preclear is bright, you can go ahead and do -unknown+ and -
known+ on these -mystery- to-know+ brackets.
The next thing you do is assess: a protected person, an owned person, a
false person, an unwanted person, a necessary person, a desirable
person, an interesting person, an unknown person, and a known person.
Any of those that read, you then run through these commands, each to EP:
1st flow: From where could a communicate to you?
2nd flow: From where could you communicate to a ________ ?
3rd flow: From where could a ________ communicate to
 4th flow: If you were a ________ , from where could you
You can do this either by assessment, or you can just run them all. If your
pc is pretty bright, you might as well run them all, without assessing it,
to where, at the least, they figure out, that protected people are so busy
protecting that they can+t get anything done. Owned people end up being
owned by whatever they are owning. A false person barely even exists
because he is busy faking it all the time, there are loads of them out
there. A no person is someone that considers a group is what he is ; an
idea is more important than himself. An unwanted person is busy
achieving the maintenance of that particular condition. A necessary
person can be communicated to and communicates from necessary
viewpoints. A desirable person won+t allow any cycles to be completed
or be reached, or mutually be in any way because he has to keep the
desire going. An interesting person keeps himself problem prone and
full of them to where they can maintain being interesting. Unknown
are guite powerful, generally, and have a vested interest in staying
unknown. A known person is someone who is visible and recognizable out
So, to put the final touches on this, you run locational communication,
if necessary. If they have got it pretty well figured out, that locations
and origins of communications don+t have any relationship with each
you skip it. If they haven+t figured that out yet, they are in very,
rough shape, and if they are, you go ahead and run:

1st flow: From where could another communicate to you?
2nd flow: From where could you communicate to another? 3rd flow: From
where could another communicate to others? 4th flow: From where could
you communicate to yourself? Next you run a process out of 8-8008 :
1st flow: What wouldn+t another mind you communicating with? 2nd flow:
What wouldn+t you mind another communicating with? 3rd flow: What
wouldn+t another mind others communicating with?
4th flow: What wouldn+t you mind yourself communicating with?
This has two possible EPs, either they become completely aware that
there is an abundant amount of things to communicate with out there or
they will be completely aware that other people don+t really give a
damn what they communicate about and every-one has unrestricted rights
to communicate on any flow.
Then, you do what is known as 0 routines, and you do them properly.
There is no record of anyone in the churches ever doing them properly.
You run:
-What are you willing for me to talk to you about?+
-What would you like me to tell you about that?+
Run this on the pc, until he realizes that all his answers are things that
you have been talking about, and therefore, he has been creating his own
inflow and restricting his own inflow by his own willingness, and
willingness is an absolute and so, he has not really allowed you to talk
to him except on things that he is willing to hear, so he has himself cut
off from the world by being unwilling to receive communication freely, and
he has not granted beingness to others to communicate. His own willingness
has held him back. So, who knows what is really out there; maybe he should
be willing to receive anything from the auditor. Basically, he will
realize there that he controls his own inflow through his own willingness,
and he has been restrictive on communication thereby.
Then, you run 2nd flow:
-What are you willing to talk to me about?+
-What would you like to tell me about that?+
He will realize that the auditor+s willingness has been effecting his
particular communication, in other words, control on a comm line sits on
the effect side, and he will see it there, or he may come up with
different cogs, but he had better be able to see that at the least.
You get to the 3rd flow and you see the same phenomena going on:
-What are you willing for me to talX to others about?+
-What would you like me to tell others about that?+

He will recognize his own involvement with 3rd flow, and will back out of
controlling or getting involved in restricting or defining other peoples+
Then, you run 4th flow:
-What are you willing to let yourself talk about?+
-What would you like to say about that?+
They will find that they are effecting their own communication with
themselves via the effect side of the comm formula, through an absolute of
So, then, you go to the second step:
-What are you willing for another to talk to you about?+
-What would you like for him/her to tell you about that?+
They will see the same phenomena going on, so you should check the
rest of these for reads. If they don+t read, don+t run them.
-What are you willing to talk to another about?+
-What would you like to tell another about
that?+ -What are you willing to let yourself
talk about?+
-What would you like to say about that?+
Then, you go to the third step. You pick up a hot item off a prepared
list, God, Jesus, their mother, wife, etc. It is nice to pick a PTS
terminal, someone that they are having hassles with and do a nice, long
run on this in accordance with the Tone Scale and just ignore the F/N
VGIs, cog because you will bring them up and off the scale permanently, if
you will pick a very real terminal to them. Let+s say it is the -father+
that is the terminal:
-If your father could talk to you, what would he talk about?
-If he was talking to you about that, what would he say exactly?+
So, they give a subject, then, they will run this versus the Tone Scale
and it will clean off. So, you go to the 2nd flow:
-If you could talk to your father, what would you talk about?+
-If you were talking to your father about that, what would you say
You get them to talk word for word as if he was there in the room. -Well,
Dad, blah, blah...+

On the 3rd flow you pick two people who have difficulty talking to each
other, hopefully that you both know, you and the pc. For instance, the guy
has been around the Hubbards. You use them as terminals in this process: -
If Mary Sue could talk to L. Ron Hubbard, what would she talk
(The answer comes up -her health+ or -buying perfume at
Bullocks+. )
-If Mary Sue was talking to L. Ron Hubbard about that, what would
she say exactly?+
(She+d say, -Oh, I+m having troubles with my middle innards+ or
-The price of Joy perfume has exceeded $100 an ounce now, my
Run this process until the pc realizes that it would be better if these
people didn+t have this difficulty, and it would be better if they were
in good communication with each other.
If your 4th flow reads here, you go ahead and take it up,
-If you could talk about yourself, what would you talk about?+
-If you were talking about that what would vou say exactly?+
On the final step here, you use a canned list of things which are banned
from social, everyday communication and they are not generally considered
acceptable for social communication. So, you could use crude, swear type
of-words material, bathroom material, sexual material, the roughest stuff
you can imagine; very profound things like wasting a lifetime, the coming
dark ages, or endless spiritual death. It+s your choice. The main thing
is that you want to grind off their social machinery. Having sex with
chickens, in very crude terms, using the
actual four letter words will produce a slightly different EP. It depends
on what is real to your preclear. Anyway, you pick it and what you run is:
1st flow: What are you willing to have someone else tell you about
(They will answer it, then, you will say)
Who else could he/she say those things to?
2nd flow: What are you willing to tell me about
Who else could you say those things to?
They will realize, -Hell, it+s all right to talk about this. It+s
society+s objections.+
3rd flow: What are you willing to have someone else tell
others about ?
Who else could they say those things to?
By now your pc is probably an expert on this subject of having sex with
chickens or the coming dark ages.

4th flow: What are you willing to let yourself say
Who else could you say those things to?
By then they will be proclaiming that their comm is totally unrestricted.
If it looks like the Communication Release is complete, you can end the
session off and take an attestation for the grade.
If it looks like they need the havingness process, although I+ve never
met one yet that did, you can run:
1st flow: What solid another have you understand?
2nd flow: What solid could you have another understand?
3rd flow: What solid could others have others understand? 4th flow: What
solid could you have yourself understand?
I think that it is too crude a havingness level and it is completely too
much a jerk to drop someone 40 tones. It is rather an insult to run
something like this after they have realized that they have had
themselves shut off from existence because they have been unaware that
the effect side of willingness is what controls flows. That is a Tone 40
type cognition.
So, you end your session off and do your regular exam step. Have them
read over the EP of Grade 0 and see if they made that; if they have
attained the state of being aware of recognition, are they recognizing
things. The majority of the pcs will start going exterior on all those
spot process, start seeing fat ladies down the street, men eating hot
dogs, people having sex, etc. They will be doing more than recognizing,
they probably will have attained alot of the abilities promised at the
upper levels. Over 1/2 the pcs go very exterior and have a ball looking at
their neighbors. But have them look over these EPs:
1st flow. Freedom from and no longer bothered by communication
difficulties. No longer withdrawn or reticent. Lost any
resistence to others communicating to him on unpleasant or unwanted
subjects. Loss of reactions to others communicating to others. Loss
of difficulty or reaction on communicating with oneself.
2nd flow: Gained the ability to communicate freely with anyone on any
subject, in other words, they will like to outflow and they will
be willing for others to communicate to them freely on any subject. They
will see the value in that and they won+t restrict it anymore.
3rd flow: They will be willing to permit others to communicate about
anything to others.
4th flow: They are willing to allow any type of communication from

This is a 4-flow state of Communications Release. I have met very few
real ones, but anyway, that is how you produce one. That is briefly what
is covered on it.
In a sense, you have created a quasi-superhuman very quickly here because
they can recognize the source of communication as not being where it is
coming from in the physical universe. So, if the wife starts bitching at
them, they will know whether it is their own body talking, or her mind
talking, or the physical universe talking, or the boss talking. They will
be able to recognize not only the source of comm, but the type of comm,
what the game is going on on the comm, what the barriers and restrictions
and freedoms are on the types of communications. They will have spotted
the 96 levels of life, to where they can instantly recognize them and the
ramifications of each of those levels. Over 1/2 the preclears
that do this will be able to leave their body at will, and look around
corners and see things.
Even the densest case in the world is going to figure out that they are
restricting their own flows, and restricting other peoples+ flows, and
realize that they have got themselves cut off. They start granting some
willingness and some beingness out to where they can flow in, and find
that it is actually enjoyable to outflow. You have pretty well brought
someone up to being alive again here with Expanded Grade 0 and you
have gotten their fears off, their gutlessness off, you have raised them
upscale on the 0-A process (where you pick the main terminal in their
life and spent hours with them where they started very low toned and
end up extremely high toned), not only on that person, but also on
people in general. So, you have accomplished quite a bit of change here.
You now have someone that you can, in a sense, process. You never had
that before
because the guy was never really willing to talk or listen or allow others
to talk or chat with him. It is a very healthy state and it is a very nice
thing to do for someone and it is eternally permanent. There is no way that
they are ever going to back down from achieving or using those truths.
They can recognize what is happening thereafter and instead of attacking
the secretary, they will know that the comm is from the boss. This may
sound a little mystical or esoteric, but it is alot better to live life on
a truthful, recognizable basis than it is to walk around with false,
mechanical ideas. Just because a ball rolls from a corner of the room
towards you, it doesn+t mean that the corner moved it towards you. It could
be the man sitting across from you, it could be someone down the street,
and one could just look, recognize, and see what is there. That is what
these processes are about, and that is what you have done for a person.
These are the minimum things that occur on Grade 0. You
accomplish those minimum of things. They will have hundreds of other
cognitions running these. They will discover that there is a world out
there, that is structured, that operates with laws and they they have
kept themselves away from it. They will go back into communication with
it, and they find that to be pleasurable.
Now that you have someone that can talk to you, it is an appropriate time
to address the next two areas of Grade I and Grade II, which address the
only two hot beds of a permanent reactive mind.
Before we start with the Grade I processes, there is some background
information you and your pc should know. Actually, it can be cleared with

the pc prior to doing any auditing at all. It is covered on pages 80 -
81 of Dianetics Today , a book which is a summary of some other
Those 2 pages are the most profound truth that Hubbard published: -
Unless the time track is made available it cannot be as-ised by the
preclear and so remains aberrative. The time track is actual in that
it is made of matter, energy, space, and time as well as thought.
Those who cannot confront matter, energy, space and time think it is
composed only of thought. A grouper can make a pc fat, and a
bouncer thin if the pc is chronically stuck in them or if the track
is grouped and made unavailable through bad auditing.+ (This is why
you run combination drugs.)
-Through a great deal of study, the following surmises can be
made about the time track, the physical universe and the pc.+
-The tendency of the physical universe is condensation and
solidification. At least this is the effect produced on the
individual. Continued dwelling in it without rehabilitation causes
the person to become less reaching (smaller) and more solid. He
may become convinced he cannot duplicate matter, energy, space or
time or certain intentions and so succumbs to the influence of
universe. This influence in itself would be negligible unless
recorded by the individual, stored and made reactive upon him as a
time track and then maliciously used to trap the person.+ -
Researches I have done in the field of aesthetics tend to indicate
that rhythm is the source of present time. The being is carried
along both by his own desire to have, do or be and by having been
overwhelmed in the distant past by a continuous minute rhythm.
This is a possible explanation of a being+s continuous presence in
present time. Present time, then, can be defined as a response to
the continuous rhythm of the physical universe, resulting in a
hereness in nowness.+ (That particular rhythm he is speaking about
changes in frequency, amplitude and velocity on a changing, yet
reoccurring harmonic,in all three.)
-In response to this rhythm, and with his convictions of the need
of recording, the individual began to respond to the physical
universe in his creations and eventually obsessively created (by
means of restimulatable involuntary intentions) the passing moments
of the physical universe. But only when he began to consider these
pictures important could they be used to aberrate him.+
-These are only partly permanently created. Other moments of the
past become re-created only when the person+s attention is directed
to them, on which these parts spontaneously appear, the being not
voluntarily creating them.+ (In other words, a display
bank, like you have a CRT, cathode ray tube, display, like a TV
set, you push a button and it will display data.)
-This forms the time track. Some parts of it, then, are permanently
in a state of creation (in other words, as a permanent reactive
mind that isn+t a display bank) and the majority of it becoming
created when the person+s attention is directed to them.+

-The permanently created portions are those times of overwhelm
and indecision which almost entirely submerged the being+s own
will and awareness.+
So, from these paragraphs we see that the minority of the reactive
mind is permanently created and that the majority is display. We are
not interested in auditing display. We are interested in auditing the
permanently created parts and the premanently created portions are
those times of overwhelm and indecision which almost entirely
submerged the being+s own will and awareness.
-Such parts are found in implants and great stresses. These parts
are in permanent restimulation.+
-The mechanism of permanent restimulation consists of opposing
forces of comparable magnitude which cause a balance which does not
respond to current time and remains timeless.+
-Such phenomena are the overt act-motivator sequence, the
problem (postulate/counter-postulate), tend to hold certain
portions of the time track in -permanent creation+ and cause them
to continue to exist in - present time as unresolved masses,
energies, spaces, times and significances.+
-The intention of the physical universe (and those who have become
degraded enough to further only its ends) is to make a being solid,
immobile and decisionless.+
-The fight of the being is to remain unsolid, mobile or immobile at
will, and capable of decision.+
-This in itself is the principal unresolved problem and in itself
creates timeless mass which accomplishes the basic purpose of a
The reason that I have gone over this at this time, and you should go over
it with your pc before you do any auditing, is know what you are auditing,
where it is audited, and how it works. So, you are working with a guy+s
track, you are working with the permanent parts of the track, and
indecision. Indecision is an ingredient of a problem, and two things
exactly opposed, which is the definition of a problem. Whether it is
emotion/counter-emotion, effort/counter-effort, intention/counter
intention, idea/counter-idea, or thought/counter-thought, -two things
exactly opposed+ is the definition of a problem. So, you are hitting a
real hot level with Grade I and Grade II because you are hitting permanent
restimulation on a being.
At the upper levels, I had mentioned under Grade IV, you are scouting
around this GPM area, that is where you have goals, problems and masses
that are opposed to each other and float timeless, too. So, the overt act
motivator sequence, your problems, your goals-problem-mass, these are
the things which really ruin and overwhelm a being, and are in permanent
restimulation. They are the real mass and trap on a case. You have to
get someone up to where they could talk about everything, and
think about anything, by doing Grade 0 before you could take on the
guy+s problems.

On Grade I, and the first third of it is objective processes, the second
third is processes on the subject of -help+ (which supposedly is not in
the bank, but a preclear has all kinds of stuff locked onto it), and your
last third of the grade is on problems and solutions. In the last third, you
are going to clean off every problem that he is aware of, and by continuing
the grade, clean up all the problems, that he has, that he is not aware of.
It is an irony that in about 500 pages, at about 200 words per page, you
end up with 120,000 words of information that is useful and applicable.
Over 1/2 that has to be modified and rewritten. As far as published and
copyrighted mouthings, wordings, and writings of L. Ron Hubbard, there
are 25 million words. Less than 1/2 of 1% is valuable to people, of what
was published by Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. 1/2 of it involves
fundamental, basic truths and 1/2 of those need to be clarified and
altered. So, about 1/4 of 1% of the writings of L. Ron Hubbard are
worthy of relay as written and the other 1/4 of 1 % is severely wrong
and needs to be adjusted. 99% of the published materials of Scientology
Dianetics are either of no value or are incorrect. They are interesting
gab, interesting reading, or interesting chat, if you are lonely or want to
study another individual. So, if you are just into reading for pleasure, or
entertainment (as a novel), the 99% is such. If you would approach the
99% as a novel, or entertainment, it is probably all right to read the stuff
and I would suggest it. It can be great fun, but it is not useful
information and it detracts significantly and completely wipes out and blurs
this 1% core of information, that is of value, 1/2 of which is incorrect.
In that this 1/2 of 1% of published data in Scientology involves universal
truths and common sense, I+m simply extracting and showing the reader
what is there.
It was no small task to test all the information, and find this of 1% of the
writings that was worth relaying, was worth application, and was worth
use, by ones fellow men, but it was certainly worth the work. The task
was actually very easy due to my education in philosophical, religious
and technical areas, and my recall of such. The irony is you will find
the 1/2 of 1% ratio of truth throughout human society, other writings
(such as
the Bible) and in contentional education. It is the truth to chat ratio
one encounters in the human range.
Hubbard makes it very clear that he produced 25 million words of talk on
philosophy. He also makes it very clear that it is imperative that the
person knows and understands it all, which is a completely impossible
task. He can+t accomplish that, and he demands that other people
accomplish that. So, his game is essentially demanding other people to
do something that he can+t do. That seems to be his particular pattern,
throughout his lifetime and it probably serves some self esteem
gratification out of his own reative mind. Be that as it may, I+d like to
continue here with Grade I.
The first thing you take up are the objective processes. The first one is
out of what is called the CCHs which are some objective processes to
increase a person+s c ontrol, c ommunication, and h avingness. They grind
off some social machinery, some mental machinery, and bring a person
up to present time and in communication with the environment again. 214

The first one is CCH 1, where you sit across from the pc, (objective
processing is Tone 40 auditing) and the command is: -Give me that
hand+. They hand you the hand and you take it. It is normally their
right hand, you are taking it with your right hand. After they have
given it to you, you acknowledge, then, you take your left hand and
remove it and
put it back in their lap. You run this until there is no communication
lag and they are no longer ridging on the subject of control anymore. The
real reason you are doing it is, if they can be coaxed into allowing
you to control them, then they will generally cognite that they can
control themselves more. Any physical origination, like if they
twitch, cough, or grin, you handle as a TR 4 origination and you ask
them -What
happened?+. They say, -Oh, I just realized that X, Y, Z+ and you
say -Okay+ and then, continue with the process.
CCH 2 is entitled Tone 40 8C. The four commands are:
-Look at that wall.+
-Walk over to that wall.+
-Touch that wall.+
-Turn around.+
Of course, each time that they execute the command, you thank them.
So, you, the auditor, are on the right side of the pc, pointing at the
wall, walking over with them, having them touch it, telling them to turn
around (and you turn around with them) and acknowledging them Make sure
your commands get executed. This will grind off all kinds of machinery
that they have, it will bring them into present time, and they will
actually run up the emotional Tone Scale on this. They will get sad
about it, griefy about it. At first, they won+t care at all, you+ll have some
of that machinery come off, then they will get covertly hostile, then they
will get angry, then antagonistic, then bored with it, then conservative
about it, and finally they will end up enthusiastic and the comm lag will
be gone. It will be very obvious to you that they are as much there (in
the room) as you, and so you end off.
The third CCH is called Hand Space Mimicry. You sit across from each other
in chairs, with nothing in between you. You tell them to -Put your hands
against mine, follow them, and contribute to their motion+. So, then you
make a hand motion. Then, you ask them, -Did you contribute to the
motion?+. You start with simple motions, then get them more
complex as you go. This increases a person+s ability to duplicate, in
other words, their havingness.
The second CCH increased their ability to communicate. The first one
increases their ability to control. So, after CCH 3 flattens, then you can
increase the space to where they hands are 3 inches apart and they are
moving their hands along with yours. You can increase it up to a foot, 60
feet, 5,000 miles, that is up to your as an auditor. I would recommend
simply doing it to a good EP with the hands touching each other, and
then a good EP one foot apart, and then 3 feet apart.
The fourth CCH is Book Space Mimicry. This is where you pick up a book
and move it through space and then, hand the pc the book and have them
do as best they can in repeating the action that you did, in other
words, moving the book through the space at the same speed, the same
of turns, and the same angles. So, you can go from simple to complex

here and you will see what their IQ is very quickly by how much they
can remember and duplicate. This will run off any confusions they have
on mirrors and viewpoints because basically you want them to come up to
realizing that they are duplicating your point of view and the physical
universe+s point of view. Which ever one that they want to take as a
particular duplicate is all right. At least they will see the
difference because those are two different things. Run this to an EP.
Then, you run CCH 5, Location by Contact. You have them touch room
objects to an EP.
CCH 6 is Body Room Contact. You have them touch a particular body part
and then, touch a room object over and over, alternately to EP.
CCH 7 is similar to CCH 6 and there is no point in doing the same
process twice.
Thus, the next one you take up is CCH 8, known as Terrible Trio. You
have them look around the room and tell you what they could have,
repetitively to an EP. Then, you have them look around the room and
tell you what they would permit to remain to an EP. Then, you have them
look around the room and tell you what they could dispense with to EP.
These work off the fundamentals of creation and existence of have,
permitting to remain, and dispense with.
Then, CCH 9 is run. You have them -Look at that object+, indicating a
room object, then, -Walk over to that object+ (acknowledging them
each time, on each communication cycle), then, you have them -Touch
that object+, then, you have them -Keep it from going away+. You
should ask after they have done the last, -Did you keep it from going
away?+, and they will confirm that they did. You do this to an EP.
Then you run the same process excepty you have them -Hold it still+.
The commands are:
-Look at that object.+
-Walk over to that object.+
-Touch that object.+
-Hold it still.+
-Did you hold it still?+
Take this to an EP.
Then, you run locational processing: -Notice that object+ and you
point them out, but don+t point in the pc+s direction, and you
acknowledge each time and run that to an EP. (You don+t run locational
body in room next because it is too much like CCH 6.)
The one you run is.+Objective Show Me+. You let the pc figure out
showing you things. The way you do this is you run -Show me that
wall+, in other words, you pick an oject and then, you thank them. So
you pick out something and say: -Show me that ________+ and have them
you it. They will realize here that they haven+t been showing people
things, that showing people things is controlling another+s attention.
They will notice that generally they can overdo it, that it is a non-
verbal activity, and if they don+t understand this they are going to have
lots of 216

problems in life. You see they want other people to understand things,
but other people aren+t going to understand things, unless they are
shown them, in other words, have their attention held on them. After
they have figured all that out then you can leave it.
The next process has a whole lot of names, it is call Opening Procedure
By Duplication, or Book and Bottle. Basically, you put a book on a table
(at one end of the room) and a bottle on a table (at the other end of the
room). The commands are:
-Look at that bottle.+
-Walk over to it.+ (You acknowledge them each
time.) -Pick it up.+
-What is its color?+
-What is its temperature ?+
-What is its weight?+
-Put it down in exactly the same place.+
Then, you say,
-Look at that book.+
-Walk over to it.+
-Pick it up. -
-What is its color?+
-What is its temperature?+
-What is its weight?+
-Put it down in exactly the same place. -
You run this until a person either exteriorizes or you have an EP (or
both) to where it is complete.
The next thing you process is Start-Change-Stop. You say, -I want you get
get your body moving down the room and when I tell you to stand still+ I
want you to make the body stand still. Do you understand?+ They will say,
-Yes+. So, you get them walking, then say, -Stand still+ and they do, so
thank them. Then, you say, -Did you make the body stand still?+ and they
will answer that they did and you thank then. You run this to an EP.
Next, you do the same type of process on starting. You say, -I+m going to
tell you to start, when I tell you to start, start the body moving in that
direction. Do you understand?+. They say, -Yes+, so you say, -Start+ and
they do and you tell them -Good+, -Did you start the body?+ and they say,
Next, you do the same thing on stopping the body. You say, -I+m going to
tell you to get the body moving in that direction and somewhere along
the line, I+m going to tell you to stop, then you stop the body, Do you
understand?+ They say, -Yes+, -Good+. So, you tell them, -Get the body
moving+, they start walking it around, then you say, -Stop+, they do,
you acknowledge it, then, you say, -Did you stop the body?+ and they
say, -Yes+, and you say, -Thank you+. This basically takes care of
start, stop and standing still.
The next thing you process is change. So, you indicate a few spots in
the room, identify them as A, B, C and D. You simply tell them to move
from one point to another point. Move from point A to point B, move from

point B to point C, move from point C to point A to where they will get a
cog on change.
The next thing that you process is goals. You ask them, -What are you
absolutely sure will happen in the next ten minutes?+ The worst case that
you will ever encounter is the one that is not sure of anything, you may
have to wait out all ten minutes to where they are sure. That is pretty
rare. So, you run that until they are certain, then you expand the time
to one hour or a week or ten months or two years, until they realize that
their certainties are caused by them making goals and they are actually
mocking up what they are certain about.
Then, you run, -Tell me something you would like to do in the next 10
minute+. They will realize that they have goals in that area and they
will have certainty. Then, you expand the time out to a week, or two
years, or ten years.
Next, you run Opening Procedure 8C. Basically, what you want to do here
is increase a person+s perception to where it is uniform So, you select
objects in the room and direct their attention to them. So, you+d say, -
Do you see that object?+, they say, -Yes+, you acknowledge, then, you
say, -Go over to it snd put your hand on it.+, you acknowledge, then you
point out another object and have them walk over to it and put their hand
on it. So, you do that until they get an EP, F/N, VGIs, cog.
Then, you start pointing out little tiny marks or points in the room. You
say, -Do you see thst black mark on the left that table?+, they say, -
Yes+, -All right, go over and put your finger on it.+. They will do it,
you acknowledge, then, you say, -Now take your finger off.+ You do this
until a pc has uniform perception of any and all objects in the room, they
don+t see big things differently from small things.
The next thing you do is actually use a spot and you turn some volition
over to the pc here. You say, -Find a spot in this room.+ They will, you
acknowledge them, then, you tell them to -Go over and put your finger
on it.+ They do and you acknowledge it, then, you tell them, -Let go of
it.+ and they do. You do this until they are freely selecting spots in
the room.
Now, you turn time over to them on the next process. You say, -Find a
spot in the room.+, acknowledge them, -Make up your mind when you
are going to touch it and then touch it.+ They do and you acknowledge
it. Then, -Make up your mind when you are going to let go of it and let
go+. So, you run that repetitively to an EP to where there is no comm
lag and the pc is certain that he is seeing, selecting and touching the
spots. Of course, you come back and verify all these on the E-meter,
make sure the pc+s needle is floating on each one after each process.
So, that completes all the objective processes of Grade I.
The next thing you do are the Help processes. The first thing you do
here is 2WC (two-way comm) the subject on four flows:
1st flow: Tell me about another helping you.
2nd flow: Tell me about you helping another. 3rd flow: Tell me
about another helping others. 218

4th flow: Tell me about you helping yourself. Each of these to
The next process you run, four flows to EP is:
1st flow: Tell me about a problem that another+s help has been to
2nd flow: Tell me a problem that your help has been to another.
3rd flow: Tell me a problem another+s help has been to others.
4th flow: Tell me a problem that helping yourself has been to you.
This is to clear that collapse; it basically pops the subject of problems
off from help to where they realize that on real help, there is never any
real problem at all, but that help has been given a bad name. They will come
with cogs like this at a minimum.
The next process you run, alternately to EP, four flows is:
1st flow: How could another prevent your help?
How could another fail to help you?
2nd flow: How could you prevent another+s help?
How could you fail to help another?
3rd flow: How could another prevent others help?
How could others fail to help another?
4th flow: How could you prevent help help for yourself?
How could you fail to help yourself?
The next process, run also alternately, four flow, to EP, is:
1st flow: Who has intended not help you?
Who has helped you?
2nd flow: Who have you intended not to help?
Who have you helped?
3rd flow: Who has intended not to help others?
Who has helped others?
4th flow: How have you intended not to help yourself?
How have you helped yourself?
Now take general terminals out of the folder that are connected with the
pc+s past, in other words, if they have women troubles throughout the
folder, you would use women, boss troubles use bosses. In other words,
get a general terminal, if you can. You can use a specific, but it is a
little less productive The commands are:
1st flow: How could a fail to help you?
2nd flow: How could you fail to help a ? 3rd flow: How could a fail to
help others? 219

4th flow: How could you fail to help yourself regarding a ?
This will normally clean the subject up for them.
You have four processes to run next which will key-out overts away from
the subject of help. They will figure alot out on them. They are very
crucial processes. You are going to run these four processes on three
types of people and on a confusion. The commands sound kind of wild,
but these cover elements of life that are out there. If the pc
understands these, their life will run much smoother, and if they don+t
understand these, then they are quite the effect of the environment. The
commands, run alternately, four flows, to EP, are:
1st flow: Think of a helping you.
Think of a not helping you.
2nd flow: Think of helping a _______ .
Think of not helping a ________.
3rd flow: Think of a ________ helping others.
Think of a ________ not helping others.
4th flow: Think of you as a ________ helping yourself.
Think of you as a ________ not helping yourself.
First, run all four flows putting the word -confusion+ into the blanks,
then, -unconcious person+, then, -responsible person+, then, -creative
At the very least, they should understand that confusions have been
given a    bad name (and they can be helpful to a Frson), that
unconscious people
are responsive to help, that responsible people have their own
peculiarities, and creative people have their own eccentricities.
The next process is also run alternately, four flows, to EP:
1st flow: Tell me some help another has given you.
Tell me some help another has not given you.
2nd flow: Tell me some help you have given another.
Tell me some help you have not given another.
3rd flow: Tell me some help another has given others.
Tell me some help another has not given others,
4th flow: Tell me some help you have given yourself.
Tell me some help you have not given yourself.
The next process you run is a 6 way bracket on help and you run these
alternately to EP, in other words, you do commands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1,
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, until it cleans up. The 6 commands are:
1. How could you help me?
2. How could I help you?

3. How could you help another?
4. How could another help you?
5. How could another help others?
6. How could you help yourself?
On the next process, you do a 2WC with the pc on each of the 10 dynamics
listed in Scientology or you can use more dynamics listed
elsewhere in this book, but the 10 normally suffice. You tell them why
you are doing the 2WC, you just basically want to find out which dynamic,
on which helping is the least real to the pc, and then run help on that.
If they give the 8th dynamic, you have some word clearing to do,
basically the axiom that -Time states the untruth of consecutive
consideration+. Go over the Factors, and a number of other Axioms like -
Life is a game where theta the solver who is so1ving problems of theta as
MEST+. So,
after they have been word cleared into the realization that there is such
a thing as an 8th dynamic, then you can run the process.
1st flow: How could a help you?
2nd flow: How could you help a ?
3rd flow: How could help others?
4th flow: If you were a , how could you help yourself?
I should add at this particular point, word clearing theta and thetan is
useful in that area and that Scientology, I suppose, is legally recorded as
a religion and technology that works with the lower 7 dynamics Since
there are 16 of these dynamic urges around, these upper 9 are very
fertile processing areas and many times your pc is not aware of them,
much less of help coming from them.
The next process, run alternately, four flows, to EP, is:
1st flow: Tell me a motion that has helped you.
Tell me a motion that has not helped you.
2nd flow: Tell me a motion that you have helped.
Tell me a motion that you have not helped.
3rd flow: Tell me a motion that has helped others.
Tell me a motion that has not helped others.
4th flow: Tell me a motion that you have helped yourself with.
Tell me a motion that you have not helped yourself with.
The next process is a -Who+ question so it can act like a list. You
had better watch out and handle the list phenomena in running it. The
commands are run each repetitively to EP.
1st flow: Who has failed to control you?
2nd flow: Who have you failed to control? 3rd flow: Who have
others failed to control?
4th flow: How have you failed to control yourself?
Watch out and handle the list phenomena on the next one,
also. 221

1st flow: What has failed to control you?
2nd flow: What have you failed to control? 3rd flow: What have others
failed to control?
4th flow: What have you failed to control in yourself?
The next process you run is -Invent Problems Processes+. You basically
pick out the pc+s main worry or problem that they have. There is no
scarcity of these, as far as what is available on people (such as
selling their product, self-pity, inactivity, having a case, making
money, performing, pasttimes, driving other people up the wall, getting
deals or becoming instead of being). So, after you run off their main
worry and concern with these four processes, you should run -becoming
instead of being+, because it is a pretty widespread problem. So, you put
the problem in the blank and the four commands, run to EP, are:
1st flow: Invent a problem you could have with another for which
is the answer.
2nd flow: Invent a problem another could have with you for which _______
is the answer.
3rd flow: Invent a problem another could have with others for
which _______ is the answer.
4th flow: Invent a problem you could have with yourself for which
_______ is the answer.
They will realize that these things are solutions, of course.
The next process you run has two commands, per flow, which are run
alternately to EP:
1st flow: Get the idea of solving a problem.
Get the idea of not solving a problem.
2nd flow: Get the idea of another solving a problem.
Get the idea of another not solving a problem.
3rd flow: Get the idea of others solving problems.
Get the idea of others not solving problems.
4th flow: Get the idea of solving a problem of your own.
Get the idea of not solving a problem of your own.
Next, you pick the key charged terminal in present time for the pc, put
that in the blank of the next four commands which are run repetitively
to EP.
1st flow: Invent something worse than ________ .
2nd flow: Invent something worse for than you.
3rd flow: Invent something worse for others than ________
. 4th flow: Invent something worse for your yourself than
________ .
Then, you run alternately to EP:
Spot where is now.

Spot where you are now.
Then, you run the process called -Comparable Magnitude+. You take a key
charged terminal of a problem and put it in the blank of the commands.
They will realize in running these what the underlying real problems
are that are going on between them and the other individual.
1st flow: Invent a problem that is of comparable magnitude to
__________ .
(Get them to explain how it could be a problem by
How could that be a problem to you?
(Of course, you wouldn+t ask that if they have already
explained it to you. Then,)
Can you conceive yourself figuring on that?
(Of course, they will grin and say -Yes+ and explain
2nd flow: Invent a problem that is of comparable magnitude to you
for __________ .
How could that be a problem to __________ ?
Can you conceive ___________ figuring on that?
3rd flow: Invent a problem that is of comparable magnitude to
___________ for others.
How could that be a problem to others?
Can you conceive others figuring on that?
4th flow: Invent a problem you could have with yourself that is of
comparable magnitude to ___________ ?
How could that be a problem to you?
Can you conceive yourself figuring on that? The next process is run
repetitively to EP:
1st flow: Tell me a problem you could confront. 2nd flow: Tell me a
problem another could confront. 3rd flow: Tell me a problem others could
4th flow: Tell me a problem about yourself you could confront.
You should really clear the words in the next command. Clear the word -
impart+ as being an element of a whole. If your pc says all of the problem
or none of the problem, it is not an answer to the question. You run each
flow to EP.
1st flow: Tell me a problem with another.
What part of that problem have you been responsible
2nd flow: Tell me a problem of another with you.
What part of that problem has another been responsible
3rd flow: Tell me a problem of another with others.
What part of that problem has another been
responsible for?
4th flow: Tell me a problem you have had with
youself. What part of that problem have you been
responsible for?

I would trust that your pc would come up to realizing, if they+re using
a cause definition of responsibility, whoever has the problem is the
person who caused it, or, if they are using responsibility defined as
care for, correction, and harmony, they will find that wherever they
have a problem, they have to have responsibility.
Then, you run the following commands repetitively to EP.
1st flow: Tell me two things you can confront.
2nd flow: Tell me two things another can confront.
3rd flow: Tell me two things others can confront
4th flow: Tell me two things about yourself you can
confront. You run this to where they are up to looking at
two things. Then, you run, each to EP:
1st flow: Tell me a problem another might have been responsible
2nd flow: Tell me a problem you may have been responsible for.
3rd flow: Tell me a problem others might have been responsible
4th flow: Tell me a problem about yourself you may have been
responsible for.
Then, you run, alternately to EP:
1st flow: Tell me a problem you could confront.
Tell me a problem you don+t have to confront
2nd flow: Tell me a problem another could confront.
Tell me a problem another doesn+t have to confront.
3rd flow: Tell me a problem that could be confronted by others.
Tell me a problem that others don+t have to confront.
4th flow: Tell me a problem about yourself that you could
Tell me a problem about yourself that you don+t have to confront.
Then, you run a process on solutions, each flow repetitively to
EP: 1st flow: Tell me a solution you could make stick.
2nd flow: Tell me a solution another could make stick,
3rd flow: Tell me a solution others could make stick.
4th flow: Tell me a solution about yourself you could make stick.
With the next process you want to dissaude the pc from coming up short
on problems. They are not going to give you their real ones or be
willing to let go of their problems unless they are completely convinced
and certain that they can make as many problems as they want at wlll.
You do this by using a room object to where they start inventing
problems and they are having a good time at it.

1st flow: Tell me some problems this object could be to you.
2nd flow: Tell me some problems this object could be to another.
3rd flow: Tell me some problems this object could be to others. 4th
flow: Tell me some problems you have caused yourself over this object.
The next thing you do is a Problems Intensive on the pc. You do a list,
it is not listing and nulling, it is just an assessment. You ask the
preclear: What self determined changes have you made this lifetime?
Clear the command and have them list them out. This sounds like it is
similar to Life Repair, but it is actually quite different, So, they will
list them out. After that is done, you take the biggest reading change and
ask when it was, get a year, month and date. You explain to the pc that prior
to making this self determined change, there is always a prior
confusion. It occurs within 14 to 30 days prior to the change. Then, you
ask what the date was of the prior confusion and get that year, month
and date. Then, you move 30 days prior to that and write that date down
on the self determined changes list.
Then, you PrepCheck the period from then to now and the way you do
that is you say:
Since ( date ) has anything been ( button ) ?
For instance, say the largest self-determlned change was -to live on
ones own+ and the date was March 10th, 1963. So, you go and ask when the
prior conrusion was and they say, February 24th, 1963. So, your
PrepCheck question would like this:
Since January 24, 1963 has anything been suppressed?
You do a normal PrepCheck and clean that area. Then, you work by
descending order of read and clean up all the changes on the self
determined change list and that is a Problems Intensive on this
After that is done, you run the final processes for the level. What you
do is:
1st flow: Tell me a problem you have had with another.
Tell me some solutions you have had for that problem.
They will list a problem. Then, you run the second command over and
over to bleed all the charge off the first answer. So, it would run like
this. You+d ask the first command. They would say, -Can+t get along with my
boss.+ You+d say, -Good. Tell me some solutions you have had for that
problem.+ They+d sav. -Smoking cigarettes.+ You+d say, -Good. Tell me
some solutions you have had for that problem.+ They+d say, -Yelling at the
wife+ You+d say, -Good. Tell me some solutions you have had for that
problem.+ They+d say, -having a beer at the end of the day+ and so forth,
until you bleed all the solutions off that answer. So, you run each flow
to EP.
2nd flow: Tell me a problem another has had with you.

Tell me some solutions another has had for that problem.
3rd flow: Tell me a problem another has had with others. and
Tell me some solutions they have had for that problem. 4th flow: Tell me
a problem you have caused yourself. and
Tell me some solutions you have had for that problem.
This should complete the Problems Grade. So, you would end off the
session. I really wouldn+t recommend running the havingness level.
Verify the EP of the grade that they have no problems, they are no
longer worried about problems that they have been to others, that they
have lost
the inability to have others having problems with others (it+s perfectly
all right), and they don+t have any problems with themselves. In addition,
they have come up to the ability to recognize the source of problems and
make them vanish, feel free abbut any problems others have with them
and can recognize the source of the problems, feel free about others
problems with or about others and can recognize the source of those, and
can recognize their own problems with themselves. Finally, that they
have come up to the awareness level of communication and perception.
That is the state of a Problems Release.
The next thing you take up is Grade II. The first set of processes have
three commands per flow, each run tn EP:
1st flow: Give me some things which would be all right for you to
look at.
Give me some emotions which would be all right for you
to look at.
Give me some efforts that would be all right for you to
look at.
2nd flow: Give me something that would be allright for another to
look at.
Give me some emotions it would be all right for another
to look at.
Give me some efforts it would be all right for another to
look at.
3rd flow: Give me something which it would be allright for others
to look at.
Give me some emotions it would be all right for others
to look at.
4th flow: Give me something about yourself it would be all right for you
to look at.
Give me some emotions of yours it would be all right for
you to look at. Give me some efforts of yours it would be
all right for you to look at.
Hopefully, on all these, the preclear will realize that they are not a
viewpoint, that they have these various viewpoints, and that they have
been busy occupying these viewpoints.
On the next set, again you have three commands per flow, each run to
EP separately:

1st flow: Tell me someone it would be all right to have like you. Tell
me someone it would be all right to have agree
with you.
Tell me someone it would be all right to have
communicate with you.
2nd flow: Tell me someone it would be all right for you to like.
Tell me someone it would be all right for you to agree
Tell me someone it would be all right for you to
communicate with.
3rd flow: Tell me someone it would be all right for others to have
like them.
Tell me someone it would be all right for others to
agree with them.
Tell me someone it would be all right for others to
communicate with them.
4th flow: Tell me something it would be all right for you to like
about yourself.
Tell me something it would be allright for you to agree
with about yourself.
Tell me something it would be allright for you to
communicate about yourself.
On the next processes, there are two alternate commands per flow,
each set run, alternately to EP:
lst flow: Get the idea of people making you friendly.
Get the idea of people making you unfriendly.
2nd flow: Get the idea of you making people friendly.
Get the idea of you making people unfriendly.
3rd flow: Get the idea of people making other people friendly.
Get the idea of people making other people unfriendly.
4th flow: Get the idea of making yourself friendly.
Get the idea of making yourself unfriendly.
On the next process, you 2WC (two-way comm) the dynamics with the pc and
coming down through them you get a terminal which would represent each
of the dynamics. You pick the dynamic where the
terminal doesn+t quite fit, like if they have Marilyn Monroe as a
terminal representing the 7th dynamic, then, you run Marilyn Monroe in
the next process. There are two commands, run alternately to EP, per
1st flow: Tell me a part of ________ that another could
Tell me a part of that another would rather not
2nd flow: Tell me a part of that you could confront.
  Tell me a part of
that you would rather not
3rd flow: Tell me a part of that others could confront.

Tell me a part of that others would rather not
4th flow: Tell me something you could confront about yourself
regarding _________ .
Tell me something you would rather not confront about
yourself regarding _________ .
The next process has ten commands that are run 1 through 10 on
a repetitive basis to one large EP:
1. Tell me something you could confront.
2. Tell me something you would permit another to reveal.
3. Tell me something another might confront.
4. Tell me something another might permit you to reveal.
5. Tell me something you would rather not confront.
6. Tell me something you would rather not have another reveal.
7. Tell me something another might hate to confront.
8. Tell me something another might object to your revealing. 9.
Tell me something that should be confronted.
10. Tell me something that no one should ever have to confront.
The next process has two alternate commands per flow:
1st flow: Tell me something another could continue to confront
about you.
Tell me something you would rather not continue to
confront about you.
2nd flow: Tell me something you could continue to confront
about another.
Tell me something you would rather not continue to
confront about another.
3rd flow: Tell me something another could continue to confront
about others.
Tell me something another would rather not continue
to confront about others.
4th flow: Tell me something you could continue to confront about
Tell me something you would rather not continue to
confront about yourself.
The next process has 9 commands, It is run 1 through 9, repetitively
to one large EP. The nine commands are:
1. Tell me something you wouldn+t mind knowing.
2. Tell me something you wouldn+t mind looking at.
3. Tell me an emotion you wouldn+t mind observing. 4. Tell me an effort
you wouldn+t mind looking at.
5. Tell me some thinking you wouldn+t mind observing. 6. Tell me some
symbols you wouldn+t mind seeing. 7. Tell me some eating you wouldn+t
mind looking at. 228

8. Tell me some sex you wouldn+t mind looking at. 9. Tell me a mystery
you wouldn+t mind perceiving.
(Before doing Grade II, the pc should go over a bulletin entitled -O/W, a
Limited Theory+. I will be going over this later.)
The next process is the worry process. There are three commands per
flow which are run alternately, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 to an EP. You have to
clear the first command pretty well for this to run correctly. They will
realize that people place worries in things and then someone else comes
and looks at the thing and the worry transfers over.
1st flow: Get the idea of another worrying something.
Get the idea of another not worrying something.
Get the idea of something being worrisome to another.
2nd flow: Get the idea of worrying something.
Get the idea of not worrying something.
Get the idea of something being worrisome to you.
3rd flow: Get the idea of others worrying something.
Get the idea of others not worrying something,
Get the idea of something being worrisome to others.
4th flow: (Pick a subject for the blanks which is appropriate for
the pc. If you can+t pick something, use -people+.)
Get the idea of worrying yourself about ________ .
Get the idea of not worrying yourself about ________ .
Get the idea of you being worrisome to yourself about
________ .
The next process has two commands per flow, run alternately to
EP, 1st flow: Get the idea of another attacking you.
Get the idea of another not attacking you.
2nd flow: Get the idea of attacking another.
Get the idea of not attacking another.
3rd flow: Get the idea of another attacking
others. and
Get the idea of another not attacking others.
4th flow: Get the idea of attacking yourself.
Get the idea of not attacking yourself.
The next process is -Criticism StraightWire+. There are two
per flow, run alternately to EP:
1st flow: Recall another being critical of you. and
Recall another withholding criticism of you.
2nd flow: Recall you being critical of another. and
Recall you withholding criticism of another.
3rd flow: Recall another being critical of others. and
Recall another withholding criticism of others. 4th flow: Recall you
being critical of yourself. 229

Recall you withholding criticism of yourself.
Your pc should realize that it is better to let criticism flow than to
withhold it. At the very least they should figure that out.
The next process has two commands per flow, run alternately to EP. This
process is so critical disregard the L & N EP.
1st flow: What wouldn+t you want another to present to you?
What has another presented to you?
2nd flow: What wouldn+t another want you to present?
What have you presented to another?
3rd flow: What wouldn+t others want another to present?
What has another presented to others?
4th flow: What wouldn+t you want to present to yourself?
What have you presented yourself with?
They should realize that what they sre not wanting is caused by what they
are stuck in from a past incident. In other words, the emotions are the
result of past material.
Next you run a single flow process repetitively to EP.
-Recall a secret.+
Next you take the valences off the pc that are stuck on them by their
overt acts and withholds on particular types of people. The first thing
you do is call off a list of the most prominent valences that are on
people on planet Earth at this time. Then, you run the largest reading
ones down to the smallest reading ones. The list is called once, all the
way through, marking the reads as you go.
Critical                  Suffering               Italian
Sophisticated             Submissive              Jew (or a
Not Caring                Defensive                person)
Desirous                  Military                Criminal
Shallow                   Lazy                    Deceitful
Losing                    Social                  Gypsy
Masturbating              Calculating             Hippie
Cheap                     Childish                Witch
Cruel                     Social-Climber
Selfish                   Dependent
Embittered                Evasive                 Posh
Queen                     Political               Disastrous
Recluse                   Dishonest               German
Intellectual              Crooked
Opinionated               Untrustworthy           Bad
Independent               Greedy                  Survivor
Fearful                   Pompous                 Haunting
Cheerful                  Aristocratic            Assistant
Perverse                  Sneering                Mechanical

Indecisive                Beggar                  Silver
Wife                      Slovenly Innocent
Truthful                  Personage Withdrawn
Active                    Iron                   Piece
Respectful                Onerous                Human
Sensational               Vengeful               Golden
Playboy                   Sleepy                 Black
Groupie                   Confused               Honest
Destroyer                 Papa                   Serene
Sage                      Queen Bee
Killer                    Professor
Straw-Boss                Leader                 Momma
Roman                     Joker
French                    Slave                  Vamp
Spaceman                  Coward                 Savior
Delicate                  Creek                  Teaser
Medieval                  Russian                Regal
Genius                    Doll
Mechanically-Conscious Soldier
Certain Lawyer             Oriental
Follower Attaboy           Ghost
An Individual Person      Dreamer
An Ethical Person         Right                  Savage
A Beautiful Person        A Not-Being Person
An All-Knowing Person     An Aware Person        Hopeful
A Humanistic Person       A Decent Person
A Self-Centered Person A Spiritual Person         Co-Existent Person
Ruler                     A Social Person        A Truthful Person
Weak A Hysterical Person A Sincere Person Victimized   An Elated
Person A Natural Person
Hierarchical              Good A Loving Person
Animal                    Strong A Jewel Person
You want to get their valences off to where you can find out what
they have actually done, so you take them off here. What the valences
have done must be removed by these processes to where what they have
it accessible.
So, the process you run with the reading valences is:
1st flow: Think of something might withhold from you.
2nd flow: Think of something you might withhold from
________ .
3rd flow: Think of something might withhold from others.
4th flow: Think of something you might withhold from yourself
because of ________ .
The next process you run four commands per flow, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3,
4, to EP. Disregard any L & N phenomena on these.
1st flow: 1. What has another made you
outflow? 2. What has another made you
3. What has another made you inflow?
4. What has another made you hold off?
2nd flows 1. What have you made another
outflow? 2. What have you made another

3. What have you made another inflow?
4. What have you made another hold off?
3rd flow: 1. What has another made others
outflow? 2. What has another made others
3. What has another made others inflow? 4. What
has another made others hold off?
4th flow: 1. What have you made yourself
outflow? 2. What have you made yourself
3. What have you made yourself inflow?
4 What have you made yourself hold off?
On the next process you do a fresh discussion of each
of the dynamics if you are not yet aware of the
dynamics that the pc is hung up on. Run the largest
reading ones first, the others by descending order of
read, through the following four processes, which have
two commands per flow that are run alternately to EP.
You can take either a terminal which represents the
dynamic or the dynamic itself. Hubbard prefers to use
terminal, I prefer to use the dynamic itself. 1st
flow: Think of something has done to you, and
Think of something has withheld from you.
2nd flow: Think of something you have done to _______
. and
Think of something you have withheld from ________ .
3rd flow: Think of something has done to others. and
Think of something has withheld from others.
4th flow: Think of something you have done to yourself because of
Think of something you have withheld from yourself
because of _______ .
On the next process you run two commands alternately to EP.
Recall a time when you thought something bad was unimportant.
Recall a time when someone else thought something bad was
Then, to top it, off you run a single flow process to EP of:
Find something unimportant about this room.
Hopefully, they will realize that everything is important and
unimportantanceness is simply not-is-ness.
On the next process, you run each command repetitively to EP:
1st flow: Tell me some things you think another should not have
done to you.
2nd flow: Tell me some things you think you should not have
done to another.
3rd flow: Tell me some things another thinks they should not
have to others.

4th flow: Tell me some things you think you should not have
done to yourself.
The next one is also run each commands repetitively to EP,
1st flow: Tell me what another has done to you that got him/her
into trouble.
2nd flow: Tell me what you+ve done to another that got you into
3rd flow: Tell me what another has done to others that got them
into trouble.
4th flow: Tell me what you have done to yourself that got you into
Then, you have some one-liner, single flow, processes which are run
each repetitively to EP:
Tell me some thing that you wouldn+t do over again.
Tell me some things that a person shouldn+t say. Tell me some things
that get a person into trouble. The next process is:
1st flow: Tell me some things that another has done to you that
he/she regrets.
2nd flow: Tell me some things that you have done to another that you
3rd flow: Tell me some things that another has done to others that
they regret.
4th flow: Tell me somethings that you have done to yourself that you
The next process is:
1st flow: Tell me something that another has advised you to do. 2nd
flow: Tell me something that you have advised another to do. 3rd
flow: Tell me something that another has advised others to do.
4th flow: Tell me something you have advised yourself to do.
On the next process, you assess: -Thetan+, -Mind+, -Body+, and the
-Physical Universe+ with a real crisp TR-1. You normally get one
read. Fit whatever reads into the blank in the command. There are
two commands per flow, run alternately to EP:
1st flow: Recall something has done to you.
Recall something has withheld from you.
2nd flow: Recall something you have done to _______ .
Recall something you have withheld from ________ .
3rd flow: Recall something has done to others.
Recall something has withheld from others.

4th flow: Recall something you have done to yourself because of
________ .
Recall something you have withheld from yourself
because of ________ .
The next 60 processes are run on the Know to Mystery Scale So, first of
all, let me list it from top to bottom.
Not Know
Know About
Plus Emotion
Minus Emotion
you start at the bottom and get a represent list for each of the
positions: -Tell me some terminals that could represent Unknowable.+ This
is not listing and nulling. Then, you run the largest reading terminal off
of each level through four flows of the following process, which has two
commands per flow that are run alternately to EP:
1st flow: Recall something has done to you.
Recall something has withheld from you.
2nd flow: Recall something you have done to ______
. and
Recall something you have withheld from ______ .
3rd flow: Recall something has done to others. and
Recall something has withheld from others.
4th flow: Recall something you have done to yourself because of ______ .
Recall something you have withheld from yourself
because of ______ .
Then, you do the same as above on each line of the scale moving upward,
in other words, your next action would be to get a list -Tell me some
terminals that could represent -unconscious+. If the question doesn+t
read, and if none of the terminals read, skip it and move to the next
level up.
On the next process, you simply make a list of terminals which could
represent the 6th dynamic, You normally get one big reading terminal
and you run it on the following process, which has two commands
per flow that are run alternately to EP:

1st flow: Tell me something has done to you.
Tell me something has withheld from you.
2nd flow: Tell me something you have done to ______
. and
Tell me something you have withheld from ______ .
3rd flow: Tell me something has done to others. and
Tell me something has withheld from others.
4th flow: Tell me something you have done to yourself because of ______
Tell me something you have withheld from yourself
because of ______ .
On the next process, you simply ask the pc -Are there any persons you
have problem about or with?+ If they say none, then you skip this set of
processes. If they give you a person, and it reads on the meter, then
you run the following four flows that have two commands per flow that
are run alternately to EP:
1st flow: Tell me something has done to you.
Tell me something has withheld from you.
2nd flow: Tell me something you have done to
Tell me something has withheld from others.
4th flow: Tell me something you have done to yourself because of
______ .
Tell me something you have withheld from yourself
because of ______ .
The next process is a single flow, one-liner that is run repetitively to
EP: -Tell me a part of your life that you have been responsible for.+
On the next process you should try to locate an area where the pc has
difficulty doing things, or has trouble. Then, find a terminal that
represents the area. Then, run the next set of processes on the terminal
or area. Each flow has two commands that are run alternately to EP:
1st flow: Tell me something has done to you. and
Tell me something has withheld from you. 2nd flow: Tell me something
you have done to and
Tell me something has withheld from others.
4th flow: Tell me something you have done to yourself because of
______ .
Tell me something you have withheld from yourself
because of ______ .
Again, Hubbard prefers to run these particular processes on a
terminal, which represents a pure significance, and I have found they
run much 235

better on the pure signficance itself. So, I would advise you against
getting a terminal. You should run it on the area.
On the next process, you are working with withholds only. These are
single line processes which are run repetitively to EP on each flow:
1st flow: Tell me something you could withhold from another.
2nd flow: Tell me something another could withhold from you.
3rd flow: Tell me something another could withhold from others
4th flow: Tell me something you could withhold from yourself.
The next process has three commands, each run repetitlvely to
EP: Look around here and find something you could be
responsible for. Look around here and find something you don+t
have to be responsible for.
Look around here and find something you would permit someone
else to be responsible for.
Now you are down to the main processes for the grade which are -open+
processes on done and withhold, also known as -General O-W+. Each flow
has two commands that are run alternately to EP:
1st flow: Tell me something another has done to you.
Tell me something another has withheld from you.
2nd flow: Tell me something you have done to another.
Tell me something you have withheld from another.
3rd flow: Tell me something another has done to others.
Tell me something another has withheld from others.
4th flow: Tell me something you have done to yourself.
Tell me something you have withheld from yourself.
That concludes the Grade II processes and you wouldn+t run havingness at
the end. Have them read the EPs for the level which are, they have
attained relief from the sufferings and hostilities of life, freedom from
things others have done to them in the past, lost the need to protect
another from actions of others for fear of doing them harm, freedom from
withholding and doing things to oneself. In addition, they have gained
ability to be at cause without fear of hurting other people, they are
willing for another to be at cause over them, they are willing for another
to be at cause over others without feeling any need to intervene, and they
are willing to be at cause over themselves Finally, they have attained the
state of Relief Release and they have risen in awareness to where they are
aware of Orientation, Understanding and Enlightenment.
Before you would do Grade II on someone, I+d trust that you+d go over overts
and withholds as a limited theory. The Church uses O-W to
manipulate people. Other religions, with misdefinitions of Karma, use it
quite a bit to manipulate people. Overts and withholds as Karma, in
other words the idea of getting back on oneself what one did to another,
is 236

auditable out as a mechanical phenomena. It erases. It does drop out as a
governing law and a necessity in peoples lives. It is not a universal law.
It is only a part of a scale.
The theory that what you do to others will then happen to you is a
punishment-control mechanism that is peculiar to this universe. It
derives from a deteriorated willingness to duplicate. It is in the laws of
physics of interaction that for every action there is an equal and contrary
Overts and withholds or overts and motivators as a theory sets in when
aberration sets in. It is not a high order of natural law. It is junior to
the laws of communication, control and help. O-W can only occur when help
has failed.
Help is a joining up of different forces in life. When two beings who
have joined forces fail to help each other, only then do overts,
motivators and withholds come into existence.
The forces of two beings cannot come come into dispute until they have
first joined. This phenomena of people joining together and things not
going well produces levels that people walk around in. The cycle of these
levels is:
Independent Beings
Pailed Help
Overts and Withholds
Overts and Withholds By Transfer
Worrying Others
Worrying about Others
Being critical
Being Critical of Self
A person can be anywhere on this scale. To assume a person is at -
Overts and Withholds+ is a hell of an evaluation, You have a 7 1/2%
chance of
being correct by doing so, and a 92% chance of being wrong. It is wrong
to just go in and try to pull overts and withholds off anyone, because they
can be anywhere on this scale, and they may not have even joined up with
Overt-Withhold is an effort to regain the status of Independent Being
without taking full responsibility or any responsibility for the
intervening steps.
The Overt and Withholds By Transfer occurs alot in people. In other
words, when they kick George in the head, they get a headache
themselves, thus they end up thinking that they are George. It is a very
humanoid and low level of existence, You are not processing this because
it is any great senior law in the universe.

When the help level of an individual comes up, the O-W mechanism drops
out. You could run most of a case off with help. That is why you do run
alot of help on Grade I. You run lots of overts and withholds on Grade II.
Lower than Overts-and-Withholds-By-Transfer you have Worrying Others ,
and Criticism under that. The only way a person is going to move up this
scale is to get them to talk about each one until they realize that it is
not getting them anywhere, and then they will move up to the next bracket.
You can turn critical people into worriers, just by talking, you can get
worriers to get off their overts and withholds, and they will start
talking about their failed help and help and mis-control. Then, they will
start controlling things, straighten up their mis-communications, then
they will start talking straight, and they will become an independent
That is what you are trying to do with Grade II. You are not just trying to
run off overts and withholds. So, just as worry is not a way of life, nor
an answer to all of life, neither is overts and withholds an end all law.
Most cases are not up to recognizing their own overts and harmful acts.
They will have trouble recognizing their failures to help, however, they
can recognize criticism and being worried and thinking unkind thoughts
and they can recognize attacking things. That is why we run those
particular processes in Grade II. Failed help exists on a harmonic
junior to overts and withholds, not just senior to it. You will find out
that alot of your preclears are in the worry part of the bracket of this
scale. Worrying people almost becomes a way of life for some people and for
juveniles. O-W becomes a way of life for criminals. People who feel
childish, or act childish, are not only stuck in the violent motion of an
engram in childhood, but they are also stuck in worrying others because
children develop the profession of worrying their parents, and they get
the engram that sticks it on them, thus as an adult they walk around
worrying about things. They may be so much into worrying others that
they will try to worry you, the auditor. Worry is probably the most easily
dramatized part of the scale.
This scale, whether it manifests itself as worry, being critical, or having
unkind thoughts is always the result of a failure to help. This scale is the
reason one ends up in anothers valence. It is one of the principal reasons
people have somatics.
It is not a high order law. You will not always have to be careful not to
bump Joe, it would be pretty limited universe, if overt-withhold was a senior
law, for then one could not actually accomplish much.
The main thing I want to emplasize here, on Grade II, is that you need to get
it all off to where the preclear has regained his status as a subjectively
and objectively independent being, I don+t care if you have to do the level
five times. I did, That is how dumb I was, and many a preclear may be
The guy has to come up to the subjective reality where he himself became
involved with O-W. So, in pulling his dones off, he will find that he got
involved in this at some particular time. If you do the level properly, and
get all the dones off, he will finally give off his first overt, his first
motivator, the first time he saw someone commit O-W on others, and the

first overt he committed on himself. That will just blow this whole thing all
If you have a very bright preclear, he is going to realize plenty and turn
in his badge on committing overts, having withholds, and getting involved in
this particular cycle. He won+t play the game anymore. He+ll come upon
this by realizing that it is possible. He will realize that there is, not
only possibly, but probably, only one overt and then, he will find that of
course, it would be something on the order of not doing what he knows to be
next responsible step, as far as the growth of himself and the dynamics,
for he has already committed himself to a certain lineup of things. To the
degree he does anything but what is perfect survival for all the dynamics
(which would be a perfect solution), then that would be an overt act. Your
preclear should come up with something of this particular order.
If your preclear is still running in the game of optimum solutions,
instead of perfect solutions (he is coming up with solutions that are good
for the 8 dynamics or 7 of them and he is not coming up with perfect
which provide perfect survival internally for all the dynamics, as far as
his actions), you still have a preclear trapped in O-W. What you are getting
is a release of the level at that point. If you have a very dull, dumb
preclear, and you are doing these grades to get him up to his OT levels,
they are going to have to be redone. This guy is not going to attain
complete relief and come to complete cause on this level until he gives up
the game of overts and withholds, He will never be able to give up that game
as long
as he actually believes in optimality, -that some sacrifices are
necessary+ and -there is a place for expediency+ and all the other hogwash
that is
passed off as a substitute for truth Once he starts living a life of truth
and doing things out of a basis of truth and all parties concerned, he turns
in his badge of self-determinism, and becomes aware of pan-determinism.
At that point, you have an O-W proof being, there is no way he could ever
commit an overt or be involved with anyone that does, to any degree, He would
just refuse to join, because he realizes the cost of such a repetitive trap.
The being in running these particular processes becomes intimately aware that
the treadmill to oblivion is made up of overts and withholds.
A person becomes blinded in the area where he has done harmful acts,
and that is the true cost of doing harmful acts. It is not that you will
pull it in (a thousand times over or for eternity) as a motivator (the same
harmful act) on yourself. In other words, if you kill someone once, then you
will be murdered millions of times, until you finally confront the fact that
you killed someone once. That is not the limiting factor of this, although
it is certainly unpleasant, and is the mechanism of misery and
suffering. The limiting factor of it is that he will then be blind in the
area of killing. He may not even be able to go out and kill an animal and
eat. He would just be blind in the area. There are no exceptions to this
A person can go in and steal a mop and then make a $25,000 error trading
gold because he forget to pay for a mop. This happened less than a year
ago to someone I know very well. $3.00 for $25,000, that is the true
cost of O-W. It is an extremely expensive way to live, which has no
positives. The results of engaging in this two-wrongs-make-a-right type
of logic that people are wired with are not pretty. In Grade II you
unwire them, and they rise above this, and see that two wrongs don+t make
a right.

So, that is what Grade II is. You should understand what I have explained
about it here. Your preclear should understand what I covered under -O W
a Limited Theory+. It is the most marvelous bulletin that Hubbard wrote
on this subject. The balance of the bulletins that the wrote on this
subject are in contradiction to that one. If you know that one bulletin
well, which I have covered here, then there is no point in contaminating
yourself with the other incorrect bulletins.
The next thing you run on your preclear is some Integrity Processing, The
reason you are doing this is that the preclear has overts on his past
track that he doesn+t know about, that may be affecting him and he has
also committed overts where he had no idea that they were actually
overts, So, that+s the purpose of running these off and you run them off
by dynamic.
All you do is check the question on the meter, and of course, if it reads,
you take it up, and get the Who, What, When and Where (get all the overt)
and it should EP, in others words, F/N, VGIs, cog. If not you can take it
earlier. I have never found that it had to be taken earlier. If there is
no instant read on the question, and the question doesn+t F/N, the needle
doesn+t float, then you can check -Suppress+ on the question Of course, if
the question was FNing, you wouldn+t check -Suppress+.
I suppose if someone was extremely dumb (and I don+t think anyone is
that dumb by the time you have done this much auditing on them), you
could groove in the question (go over what it means) You are not using
any time limiter. I see no point in grooving the question in, of course,
Hubbard does. You should just call these things off and if they read,
take them up and get all the overt off. That is all there is to it.
The complete list for Integrity Processing is in the appendix.
This produces a whole person, someone that has integrity, is not divided
against themselves. They had these little track overts (that they had no
idea were there) erased off now So, now they have integrity. You now
an attestation to that effect, after they read the definition of -integrity+
in the dictionary.
So, now we move onto Grade III. The first process has two commands
per flow that are run alternately to EP:
1st flow: Tell me something another wants changed about you.
Tell me something another wants unchanged about you.
2nd flow: Tell me something you want changed about another.
Tell me something you want unchanged about another.
3rd flow: Tell me something another wants changed about
Tell me something another wants unchanged about
4th flow: Tell me something you want changed about yourself.
Tell me something you want unchanged about yourself.

On the next process, you get the preclear up out of the chair, so you are both
standing. You have them:
-Walk over to this spot.+
-Now decide you have to appear there.+
-Now change your mind and decide you have to disappear there.+ -Now
change your mind and decide you have to appear there.+
You run these over and over to an EP. Of course, they will realize that
they can appear and disappear.
On the next process, you run each command repetitively to EP:
Find something about yourself you can accept.
Find something about yourself you can reject. Find something in
this room you can accept. Find something in this room you can
Find something about this Universe you can accept. Find
something about this Universe you can reject. With the next
process you run each flow to an EP:
1st flow: Recall a time when you failed to change some energy in
this Universe.
2nd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change some
energy in this Universe.
3rd flow: Recall a time when others failed to change some energy
in this Universe.
4th flow: Recall a time when you failed to change some energy of
your own.
With the next process you also run each flow to an EP:
1st flow: Recall a time when you failed to change some space of
2nd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change some space
of yours.
3rd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change some space
of others.
4th flow: Recall a time when you failed to change some space of
your own.
The next process:
1st flow: Recall a time when you failed to change another+s
body. 2nd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change your
body. 3rd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change
others+ bodies.
4th flow: Recall a time when you failed to change your own body.
The next process:

1st flow: Recall a time when another failed to change a memory
of yours.
2nd flow: Recall a time when you failed to change a memory of
3rd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change memories
of others.
4th flow: Recall a time when you failed to change a memory of
your own.
The next process:
1st flow: Recall a time when another successfully changed
something of yours.
2nd flow: Recall a time when you successfully changed something
of another+s.
3rd flow: Recall a time when another successfully changed some
things of others.
4th flow: Recall a time when you successfully changed something
of your own.
The next process has one command run repetitively to EP:
Spot something incomprehensible.
On the next process, you run two commands per flow alternately to
EP. 1st flow: Get the idea of another changing you.
Get the idea of another not changing you.
2nd flow: Get the idea of you changing another.
Get the idea of you not changing another.
3rd flow: Get the idea of another changing others.
Get the idea of another not changing others.
4th flow: Get the idea of changing yourself.
Get the idea of not changing yourself.
The next process has three commands which you run 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3,
etc to EP:
1. Recall a change.
2. Recall a no-change.
3. Recall a failed change.
Next, you 2W/C -change+, -failed change+, and -no-change+ to find out
which is (1) most real . (2 ) Second most real, and (3) the least
real, marking the reads. Then, you run the following three sets of
processes, four flows each, in the appropriate order (starting with
the one most real).
Change : 1st flow: Tell me a change you have avoided.
Tell me a change you have sought.
2nd flow: Tell me a change another has avoided.
Tell me a change another has sought.

3rd flow: Tell me a change others have avoided.
Tell me a change others have sought.
4th flow: Tell me a change of yourself you have avoided.
Tell me a change of yourself you have sought.
No- Change :1st flow: Tell me a no-change you have avoided.
Tell me a no-change you have sought.
2nd flow: Tell me a no-change another has avoided.
Tell me a no-change another has sought.
3rd flow: Tell me a no-change others have avoided.
Tell me a no-change others have sought.
4th flow: Tell me a no-change of yourself you have avoided. Tell
me a no-change of yourself you have sought.
Failed Change :1st flow: Tell me a failed change you have
avoided. Tell me a failed cahnge you have sought.
2nd flow: Tell me a failed change another has avoided.
Tell me a failed change another has sought.
3rd flow: Tell me a failed change others have avoided.
Tell me a failed change others have sought.
4th flow: Tell me a failure to change yourself you have avoided.
Tell me a failure to change yourself you have
The next process is an 18 Way bracket that is run 1 through 18
repetitively to EP:
1. How have you changed somebody?
2. How has somebody tried to change you?
3. How has somebody changed another?
4. How has another changed somebody?
5. How has somebody changed himself?
6. How have you changed yourself?
7. Tell me something you have not changed.
8. Tell me something that has not changed you.
9. Tell me something that has not changed somebody.
10. Tell me something that has not changed.
11. Tell me something that has not changed itself.
12. Tell me something that you have not changed about
yourself. 13. Tell me something you have failed to-change.
14. Tell me something that has failed to change you.
15. Tell me something someone has failed to change.
16. Tell me something that has failed to change somebody. 17.
Tell me something that has failed to change itself.
18. Tell me something you have failed to change about
yourself. The next thing you do is the final processes of
Grade III. For the 1st flow, the first thing you do is an L &
N on: -What change has another caused in your life?
Have the pc list this down to a blow down, F/N item, and give them their
item. You can get some the data of it, but I don+t recommend it. I
suggest 243

you immediately assess and clean up the ARC break. Of course, the way you
do that is you say,
-Is this a break in Affinity, Reality, Communication,
Let them examine it briefly and then assess, -Known, Unknown, Curious
About, Desired, Enforced, Inhibited, No, Refused.+ Normally it will clean
up. If it doesn+t clean up, you would take the ARC break earlier similar.
In the 2nd flow, the listing question is:
-What change have you caused in another+s life?+
Of course, after you have gotten the blow down, F/N item there, you
assess and made the indications and clean up that ARC break.
On the 3rd flow, the listing question is:
-What change has another caused in others+ lives?+
You clean up the ARC break there.
On the 4th flow, the listing question is:
-What change have you caused in your own life?
You list that down to a blow down, F/N item and then, assess and clean up
the ARC break Of course, if any of these ARC breaks won+t clean up, you
take them earlier similar (E/S).
So, that would complete Grade III. You close your session off, then ask
them if they have made that particular grade. The EP of this grade is:
the person has become aware of Body, Adjustment and Energy. They have
attained the state of being free from upsets of the pasts they no longer
feel that they have to change people to make them more acceptable; they
have lost the need to try to prevent change from occurring among others
and they are no longer concerned about change with themselves. In
addition, they have the ability to face the future; the ability to
experience sudden changes without getting upset; they have gained the
ability of allowing others the beingness to be the way they are and choose
own reality; they can also cause changes in another+s life without ill
effects; they are willing for change and interplay to occur between
others without involving themselves and they are willing to allow
themselves to change. It is a state called Freedom Release, Grade III
Release. So, you take their attestation and get a Success Story.
Now, on Grade IV which I was taiking about earlier in discussing Service
Facsimiles (Ser Facs), there are some processes you run before you get to
the Ser Facs.
The first thing you run is R2-44, out of Creation of Human Ability . On
each flow there are two commands that are run alternately to EP.
1st flow: Tell me some things another wouldn+t want to have
happen again to you.

Tell me some things another would like to have happen
again to you.
2nd flow: Tell me some things you wouldn+t want to have happen
again to another.
Tell me some things you would like to have happen
again to another.
3rd flow: Tell me some things another wouldn+t want to have
happen again to others.
Tell me some things another would like to have happen
again to others.
4th flow: Tell me some things you wouldn+t want to have happen
Tell me some things you would like to have happen
Next you run the Overt-Justification Process. On the 1st flow, you say:
-In this lifetime what overt has another commited on you?+
Have them answer it, then you bleed all the justifications off of it. You
would say:
-How has he justified it?+
You run this over and over until there are no more justifications; If they
say that there are no more justifications, you can check it on the meter: -
Anymore justifications on this overt?+
If it reads, go ahead and get the rest of them. If it doesn+t EP there,
then you find a new overt using the first command and then bleed all the
justifications off of it. You run this to an EP where the pc is aware that
justifications are after the fact, they are non-sequetur, they are
illogical and make no sense because a person who justs commits overts more
more and all justifications are just crazy. There are a number of
cognitions that they can get off this. You don+t have to get them all on
the 1st flow. Basically, a person needs to come up to realizing that an
overt is a done and that there is really no such thing as a justification.
To run the 2nd flow, you say:
In this lifetime what overt have you committed on another or
Then, you pull all their justifications off:
How have you justified it?
Do as many overts and as much bleeding of justifications on each one as is
necessary for an EP on each flow.
On the 3rd flow:

In this lifetime what overt has another committed on others?
How have they justified it?
On 4th flow,
In this lifetime what overt have you committed on yourself?
How have you justified it?
Next, you do Rising Scale Processing. There are 12 different brackets
and I+ll explain the commands. The first bracket is Survive-Dead. Your
first command is -Get the idea of Dead+ Make sure they have the idea,
tell them to -Change that idea as nearly as you can to Survive,+ They
will indicate they they have and you acknowledge. You then say, -How
close did you come?+ They will normally give you a percentage or fraction
and you acknowledge them. You keep doing this until they can do it 100%
and maintain the upper scale idea and they have had an EP, F/N,
VGIs and cogs.
So, that is how you do Rising Scale Processing on the 1 through 12
brackets. These come from the Chart of Attitudes.
2. Owns All 7. Truth Owns Nothing Hallucination 3.
Motion Source 8. Cause Stopped Effect 4. I Know 9.
Fully Responsible I Know Not No Responsibility
5. Right 10. Always Wrong Never
6. Everyone 11. Faith
Nobody Distrust
12. I Am
I Am Not
The next process has one command run repetitlvely to EP:
-Point out some things which are causing things.+
Now you are going to run out their Service Facsimiles. The way you get
them is you clear the word -computation+ in the dictionary as -2 + 2 =
4+. Have them do some mathematical computations to where they understand
that it is three commodities. Then, you clear the word
-service facsimile+, which I have gone into at great length earlier in
this volume, or out of a dictionary.
Your 1st flow list question is:
-In this lifetime what does another use to make you wrong?+
You have the pc list this down to a blow down, F/N item. (You may have
to do some rewording sometimes.) You are looking for three commodities.
You are not looking for a beingness, doingness or havingness. You are
looking for a computation.

Hubbard+s misunderstoods on this are so gross that I don+t want to
comment on them at this time. His -horses sleep in beds+ example is not
a service facsimile because it is a doingness, and yet that is what he
uses as an example in a number of his bulletins.
After you have the Ser Fac identified, watching for an erasure run it
through the following brackets. You run each bracket until they have
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) make another right?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) make you wrong?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) help another escape
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) help another dominate you?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) aid another+s survival?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) hinder your survival?
It is over, whenever it erases, they say the damn thing doesn+t work, that it+s
crazy, they get a pile of cogs and it disintergrates. It is very obvious to you
as far as a sudden change in them, accompanied by a beautiful dial -
wide floating needle. If it still hasn+t erased, you should go ahead
and PrepCheck it until it does erase. So, the EP is F/N, VGIs, cog,
erasure, they know it doesn+t work, and they see how it+s really messed
them up. On the 2nd flow, the listing question is:
-In this lifetime what do you use to make others wrong?+
Your six brackets you run their item through, each to a cognition
are: In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fa c) make you right?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) make others wrong?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) help you escape domination?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) help you to dominate others?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) aid your survival?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) hinder the survival of others?
On 3rd flow, your listing question is:
-In this lifetime what does another use to make others wrong?+
List this down to a blow down, F/N item. Of course, if the listing
question doesn+t read, you don+t proceed with this, but check each flow.
You don+t ever list a list question, that doesn+t read. You can put -
Suppress+ and -Inval+ in on the list question. After you have gotten their
Ser Fac on 3rd flow, the questions are:
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) make another right?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) make others wrong?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) help another escape
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) help another dominate
others? In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) aid another+s
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) hinder the survival of
others? Your 4th flow listing question is:

-In this lifetime what do you use to make yourself wrong?+
Your six questions are:
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) make you right?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) make another wrong?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) help you escape domination?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) help you dominate others?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) aid your survival?
In this lifetime how would ( Ser Fac ) hinder another+s survival?
So, now you have finished Grade IV. You may have to double back. You
may have more than one Ser Fac that needs to be run on a flow. You may
have two of them on the 1st flow or two of them on the 4th flow.
If it is obvious to you, the auditor, that you don+t have the core, the
first on the case, you can go back and get the rest of the Ser Facs off.
Normally the core one will fall out immediately. I gave you 30 pages of
detailed information on Ser Facs earlier, You can use any of those
techniques to
get the balance of the Ser Facs off the case.
You now take an attest here that they have attained the state of Ability
Releases that they are aware of Production, Activity and Prediction,
since they have now gotten rid of what was holding it back. They have
moved out of fixed conditions, they have lost their make guilty
mechanisms of self-invalidation and demand for sympathy they have
attained Freedom from other peoples+ fised ideas, justifications and make
guilty on self.
They are tolerant of the habits of others as far as they effect ones
they have lost their resistance to another making others guilty,
asserting themselves or justifying their own overts, and are no longer
making themselves wrong, justifying to themselves, or over asserting
anything to themselves. They have attained the ability to do new things,
to face life without the need to justify ones own actions or defend
oneself from others; they can be right or wrong, they can tolerate the
fixed ideas and habits of others towards self; they do not feel the need
to respond to others in like manner; they can tolerate fixed conditions
among others and do not need to get involved with others+ efforts or to
justify or to dominate or to be defensive about their actions against
others; and they
have attained the ability to no longer dominate or justify or get into
fixed conditions with themselves. That is a Grade IV Release and that
completes the Expanded Grades.
You are about 2/3 the way up the Grade Chart on a real Scientology Bridge
(that people can go over that aren+t made out of paper mache).
If you are new to this subject, it probably isn+t going to do much good to
read about the rest of the Bridge here. I+ll be covering the top 1/3 of the
Bridge, which are confidential levels within the Church and much of
them are incorrect. I+m not actually making any tremendous disclosures.
The majority, if not all of the materials, have already been publicly
disclosed, not only in men+s+ magazines, but in a book -Inside
Scientology+ by Robert Kaufmann.
The point bears repeating: if you are new to this subject, you might want
to skip the balance of this for two reasons. One, it can stir up some
charge on you and upset you, just reading it, if you haven+t had your
lower 248

Bridge done correctly Two, it requires a high reality, in other words, you
need your lower Bridge done correctly for this material to make any sense.
So, if you are new to this subject, you might want to skip these next 30
some odd pages.
The next level up is called Power Processing. The reason this is done, is
the pc has one singular engram, one singular incident, which holds him
as a being to the core of his Reactive Mind. When he received this
engram he was in a much higher awareness state and it was a very long
time ago. It is a personal, individual engram, it is different for each
person. So, the pc can+t particularly run the engram, and yet, you need
the core of their Reactive Mind off the individual. So, the solution to
this particular dilemma is to run Power Processes which are philosophical
processes. They are designed to discharge the circuits within the engram to
the degree that they engram will disintegrate, and the being will pop free
from the core of the Reactive Mind and be in a state of temporary Clear.
If the lower Bridge is done sloppily or improperly, which is, of course,
the case within the churches, they use Power Processing to resolve this,
thus it takes a long time. They sort of use it as a Roto-Rooter, to where
a person will be able to make some progress on their OT levels.
The churches, as far as the technical divisions, operate on a pass-the
buck system to where no one is absolutely responsible or in any degree
responsible. It is a bureaucracy (like a government); there is no one
person responsible for the pc+s making case gain or getting up the Bridge
correctly. So, if the person comes in through a Center, or a field
auditor, or a church and they make some errors, then by the time he goes
to a Central Organization, they say, --Well, we will do the best we can
do+ Then, they pass the buck onto whoever does the Power Processing. They
look at the previous work, which is uniformly pathetic, and so they run
the hell out of Power Processing on the individual, and then they pass the
buck to the Advanced Orgs. At the Advanced Organizations they teach the
person how to Solo audit, and then a person kind of fakes it through the
solo auditing, in most cases getting between 1% or 2% of the gain that he
should of gotten out of his upper levels. That is the churchy order-of-the
I have defined the purposes, and the unfortunate misapplications, of
Power Processes. The story behind them is a bit of a tragedy because L.
Ron Hubbard developed these privately and he ran them on himself, and
left them unflat. He+s got them backwards, and has been kind of crazy
ever since 1965. Prior to that particular period in time, he seemed to
be essentially rational. Since that period or time he has been
irrational. His error is actually on the first process, Due to the fact that
he made this error, compounded by the fact that his following in the
churches are on a monkey-see- monkey-do basis, physically, mentally,
and spiritually with this man, they uniformly run the processes to the
same unflat point that he did.
The first process you run alternately, two commands, to EP.
Tell me a source. and Tell me a not source

You could run it the other way: What is source. and what is not source.
It is preferable to use -Tell me+. You can word clear these out of a
dictionary that -source+ is an origin point on something. The pc will
rather quickly come up with himself as source and be grinning ear to ear
over that, and have little to no understanding of not source. This is the
point that L. Ron Hubbard stopped. This is the point that most church
people stop on this particular process. Although, there is a floating
needle, although there is a grin on the person+s face, they still have no
understanding of not source, so it is an unflat process. Of course, they
have had an exactly-backwards end phenomena. You keep running the
process until they get this thing straightened out, and realize that they
are not source and that there are a lot of not sources out there. They
start to understand the first and second axioms that they are a life static
and they will cognite that they have been identified with particular
viewpoints or a singular viewpoint in the physical universe, and had
actually thought they were sources, and that is a very silly and absolutely
ridiculous thing to do; to identify and be a point within a matter, energy,
space, time continuum, much less this one. At that point the process is
If you are dealing with someone who has already been run on this, and it
takes you more than two hours, and they are still not figuring it out, they
are never going to figure it out. It is time to grab some dictionaries and
clear the hell out of these words real well, demo kit -source+ to where
they understand what the hell that means Have them read the axioms. So,
this particular tragic error which seems to be uniform in folders is the
reason that most people who get Power Processing cave in after it and
actually get worse.
Your next process, also run alternately to EP, is
What is?
What isn+t?
Of course, you word clear both of those. This normally runs quite clean to
a big recognition. It will run off some crazy circuits, but it will
normally run quite clean to the recognition that is-ness is the apparency
defined as is-ness and they will cognite on what particular isn+t that they
have been stuck in (that they thought was an -is+) and come forward to
If it bogs and you get nothing but philosophical circuits and this -Is-
Isn+t Process+ won+t run, you will have to come off this particular process
(and I mean a hard bog, it+s just not running, the TA is not moving, the pc
is not getting any change out Or it and the pc is getting more solid and
you have run for 20 - 30 minutes this way). Then, you need to simply
suspend that process and flatten the following, two commands, run
alternately to EP
What philosophy have you encountered?
What solutions have you had to that?
When you run this, it+s extremely muzzled, very strict TR-0 thru 4, and
after they have EPed on that then return and flatten -Is+-

Your final process is also two alternating commands,
What condition have you encountered?
What solution have you had to that?
This can be a long run. To the degree that the lower Bridge is in
correctly, it is very short To the degree that the lower Bridge is done
improperly, it is very long. You need to run this to where the person is
senior to conditions. Without any question, they are going to end up
eventually at the first condition that they encountered which would
either be as-is-ness, truth, state of a life static, and what solution they
had to that would be alter-is-ness or lying and they have been lying ever
since. So, when you hit that particular type of EP, you get the hell out of it
because it is the first condition they encountered and that is their first
change. Then, they will understand that truth is power, etc. Now you have
completed the Power Processing on the individual.
To verify that they have made it, that it is complete, not only will they have
changes and wins beyond their wildest dreams, but they will have a change in
their peripheral perception and you should verify that. It
should be significant. If that hasn+t occurred, there is something
extremely wrong, you didn+t get it. Watch for those three particular EPs,
that they are not a source, they are a life static, they had the wrong is
ness going and they encountered truth or their own personal
knowingness and the solution that they have had to that, that they have
been stuck in ever since, which happens to be lying or involvement with
the physical universe or whatever If you will watch for those three EPs,
there is no question they will have a change in peripheral vision and
feel quite fantastic. So, that is Power Processing properly done I have
never seen it done properly in or by a church
Grade VA, Power Plus, is next. You have a selection of a number of
processes to use. It is very dangerous to run: -What terminals have you
known?+ or -What is your terminal?+ It is not a good way to go. You can
get into a lot of hot water, if you run: -What conditions have you
encountered?+ and -What event did that resolve?+ Those are for very
specialized cases (pretty screwed up ones).
99% of the time, what you should use is the following,
What agreements have you made?
If your preclear is pretty dumb, you can alter the command to:
What agreements have you made that you regretted?
If you don+t know whether the pc is dumb or not, run what reads best. In
either case, run the appropriate command to EP.
The second process that you run to EP is: What cause did you become the
effect of?
You have to word clear this properly You aren+t really shopping for Grade
II type EPs, You are looking for an external force that they became the

effect of. In other words, they are a ship moving through life, and then
a strong storm came along and blew them off course, and they have been
off course ever since. You are looking for what outside cause they became
the effect of. You flatten that to an EP, then they have attained the
state, the end phenomena of Power Plus. These things are on the Grade
On Grade V, Power Processing, they attain the awareness levels of
purposes, clearing and realization. On Grade VA, Power Plus, they gain
awareness of conditions. On Power Processing, they gain freedom from
the inability to handle power and they gain the ability to handle power.
On Power Plus, they gain freedom from the detested parts of the track
and it stabilizes their ability to handle power
The next thing you do with your preclear is train him as a solo auditor.
You do all the E-meter drills with him which are covered in this book,
and the TRs. You demonstrate the Comm Cycle out to where he understands
it and teach him the fundamentals of session admin which are covered in
-Dianetics Today+.
In solo auditing, there is much less admin. He needs to know the
worksheets, 8+ X 14+ paper on which is drawn a line across the top and a
line down the middle with the pc+s and auditor+s names at the top, the
number of the page, put the date on the right, put the time on the left,
TA on the right, and if the needle floats, put F/N If they indicate
something to themselves they write it.. If their needle is floating,
then they do indicate it to themselves and they also write down their
indicators. Abbreviations are BIs for bad indicators, GIs for good, VGIs
for very good indicators, and VVGIs for very, very good indicators. If
these things happen together, then they write down the time and TA and draw
a circle around it. They write down their starts and ends of sessions.
Anything they say as an auditor, they underline
You teach them how to do rudiments and then, how to run a lock,
secondary and engram, After they have all this down, you go ahead and do
a 8010 session out loud for them where you fly all your rudiments and
run out a lock, secondary and engram. They watch. Then, you have them go
ahead and do a solo session in front of you where they fly all their
rudiments and run out a lock, secondary and engram. When they are
confident that they can Solo audit you graduate them off the Solo
Course. The technology of flying rudiments is if the tone arm is high
(above 3.5 on two cans or 4.2 solo) the order you would fly rudiments is-
Problem, ARC Break, Withhold If the tone arm is lower, the order is ARC
Break, Problem, Withhold.
The most frequent C/S (which is the instruction for the next session) is
either -Fly all ruds+ (or -Fly 3+) or -Fly a rud+ or more commonly Fly a
rud, if no F/N and VGIs+.
In the unlikely event that a rudiment does not fly then you would go to
the next rudiment, and in the unlikely event that it didn+t fly, you go
the third rud, and if it didn+t release, then you end the session,
because the pc needs a Green Form. If a later rud does clean up and FNs,
then you go back and fly the previous ruds which hadn+t. By flying, we
mean run quickly. An example would be ARC Break, no F/N, Problem, no F/N,

Withhold, it goes to an F/N, then you go back and clean up Problem, and
then clean up ARC Break
You shouldn+t mix rudiments. An ARC Break is to clean up a break, an
upset, with, in restoring someone+s comm cycles, affinity cycles, reality
cycles, or understanding cycles. It+s cycles, you see, you are trying to
restore something. A problem is an intention/counter-intention situation,
two things in opposition. However, if your pc does flip from one rud to
another, you better go along with him. If you start on an ARC Break and
the pc brings up a problem, go ahead and clean up the problem then double
back and clean up the ARC Break.
To catch all the flows on one command, the ARC Break rudiment
question is:
Is there an ARC Break?
If the answer is no and the needle is floating with good indicators, then
you skip it. If the answer is no and the TA blows down .2 or more of a
division, your pc lied, and you need to get an answer. If there is a read
on the E-meter, or the pc says yes, then you have them locate it, spot it,
and then you assess,
Is it a break in Affinity, Reality, Communication, Understanding?
Marking down the reads on your worksheet and all you need to mark is A
R C U. You watch for the instant read. If there are two of the same size,
it+s usually the first read. You mark an X if there is no read. You mark an
F if there is a fall which is a movement of the need to the right 1+. You
mark SF if it is a short fall which is a 1/2+ movement to the right; LF if
it is a long fall, a needle movement to the right of 2+ or more. You circle
the item which reads. After find the item, you give it to the pc, and see if
he agrees, give him time to examine it. You say, (if Understanding read) -
I+d like to indicate a break in Understanding.+ If this clears it up to F/N,
VGIs and cog, then you can leave it there, that is rare If there is no F/N,
VGIs and cog, then you further assess the break and you just mark on
your worksheets next to the letters for the questions. You write down the
letters representing the questions before you call them off,
K = Is it a known understanding?
U = Is it an unknown understanding?
C = Is it a curious understanding?
D = Is it desired understanding?
E = Is it enforced understanding?
I = Is it inhibited understanding?
N = Is it no understanding?
R = Is it refused understanding?
If -curious understanding+ read, then you make the indication,
I+d like to indicate curious understanding was going on and
broke off.
The situation should pop into view on the pc and then let him talk it off.
If it doesn+t clean up, if the ARC Break doesn+t resolve, there is no F/N,
VGIs, you can ask,

Is there an earlier similar ARC Break?
Normally they will say yes and it will read. So, you get the pc to spot
the ARC Break, then you do a fresh A, R, C, U assessment and a fresh K, U,
C, D, E, I, N, R assessment. If there is still no F/N, then you go earlier
repeatedly until it does clean up If there is no earlier, then you would
go to the Problem rudiment.
Now if your pc says there is no ARC Break at the beginning when you ask
and there is no F/N, your next question is,
Is there a suppressed ARC Break?
If they say no and there is no F/N, then you check for a false ARC Break.
You say:
Has anyone said you had an ARC Break when you didn+t?
Anything that comes up on false, you indicate the F/N. If it is a
suppressed ARC Break, of course, you are going to have to assess it and
clean it up. If they say no, then you would go to problems.
Your question on problems, to cover all the flows, is:
Is there a problem?
Your pc will normally talk. If they are not giving you both sides, clear
the word problem, to where they realize that they need to print the problem
as two things that are opposing each other with indecision. If after
talking it out, there is no F/N, you go earlier similar, in other words,
you ask,
Is there an earlier similar problem?
If they say no, then check for suppressed or false problem as follows,
Is there a suppressed problem?
Has someone said there was a problem when there wasn+t?
(Page 1 of the -XGF+ in Appendix has 4 magic Questions to as-is any
problem. )
The way you clean up a withhold is to say,
Is there a withhold ?
This is trickiest because there are two kinds. There is the kind in the
dictionary where the pc may be just holding something back or there is
the Scientology kind where the pc has an undisclosed contra-survival
act. If they say yes or if there is a read, then ask,
What is the withhold?
Get it answered, then check,

Is that all?
Get the when and where on it quickly, then get,
Who missed it?
Then ask,
What did that person do to make you think they knew?
If it is still not FNing, then ask,
Did anyone else miss it?
Clean up all the people that missed it, and what each did that made the
pc thing they knew until they F/N. If it doesn+t F/N, go earlier similar
until it does
All they need to know about incident running on the Solo Course is
basically the A, B, C, D steps, in other words, they need to know the
following commands They just write the letters on their worksheets.
A = Move to the beginning of that incident.
B = Tell me when you are there.
C = Move through to the end of that
incident. D = Tell me what happened
If the TA rises, they need to ask,
Is it erasing or going more solid?
They write E/S on the worksheets and circle their answer. If it is erasing,
they go through the incident again. If it is going more solid, they ask,
Is there an earlier similar incident?
If the pc say no and it is still going more solid, then the auditor ask,
Is there an earlier beginning?
So, that is how he erases an incident. Of course, one goes earlier similar,
if it goes more solid and there is no earlier beginning and the one he is
running is not erasing.
So, that is the Solo Course. It takes anywhere from 10 - 30 hours for a
person to do the Solo Course. It averages around 20 hours. The reason
that it sometimes takes 30 hours is that some people have been in the
church as auditors, and you have to untrain their bad habits, straighten
out their misunderstoods One auditor that had audited 5,000 hours in the
church, just years and years, and had been auditing for 20 years, did
not understand TR-4 and a number of other things I won-t mention here.
it can be pretty tragic. If someone has never done any auditing, they
will find it quite new, quite exciting, and you don+t have any
contaminated ideas to clear out of the way.

Your next action on them, since they can solo audit is to do some word
clearing. You word clear what a Goals-Problems-Mass is which is already
defined in here. You clear GPM, as a Goals-Problems-Mass. A GPM is
composed of mental masses and significance+s which have an exact
pattern unvarying person to person whose significance+s dictate a
certain type of behavior and whose masses when pulled in on the
individual cause psychosomatic illnesses, pains or feelings of heaviness
and tiredness. Then, you word clear -end word as the last word in a
goal, the common denominator to the whole of the GPM, the final word of
a goal.
Then, you word clear -dramatization+ as to repeat in action what has
happened to one in experiences it is something that is being played out
of another time and period and complete dramatization is complete
identity, and that when dramatizing, the individual is like an actor
playing his dictated part and going through a whole series of irrational
actions. You clear up dramatizing as a person acting out a script.
Then, you explain to the person that approximately 15% of the Reactive Mind
is made up of pictures, 85% of it, the core, is made up of goals, huge
masses and GPMs and that the 15%, those pictures, have been run
off on their Dianetics, and a lot of material has been run off on the
other auditing that they have received; however, what you are going to do
is ungroup the GPMs that are bunched together on the individual in a
manner like the Indians taking passes around the circled covered
What you are going to do here is to just shave off the edges of the Reactive
Mind and get another 5% of it erased simply by running off the end
words. You clear up that a -lock end word+ is a lock onto the end word.
Basically explain to the pc at this point that -lousy+ is probably not an
end word, but if that comes up as an answer and the same type of idea comes
to mind, reword it. If they come up with words ending with -ness, -ity, -
ion, they are getting warm. -Lousy+ would be a lock on possibly -futility+
or -desperation+, these would be actual end words and the meter will
respond incredibly well when they get the one and the dramatization will
You then issue them the commands for Grade VI, which are run
repetitively to EP on each flow.
1st flow: What is another causing you to dramatize?
2nd flow: What are you causing another to dramatize? 3rd flow: What is
another causing others to dramatize? 4th flow: What are you causing
yourself to dramatize?
They should run enough of this to where they no longer dramatize and can
see these dramatizations on the 3rd flow and don+t cause others to
dramatize and won+t allow others to kick in dramatizations on them. You
give them that particular reality factor and send them off to Solo audit
the level.
I suppose the ultimate in the level would be for them to get down to
running dramatization as an end word. There would probably be nothing
left to run after that. But what occurs by them running this level is
they attain Grade VI Release which is Whole Track Release. Their whole
track 256

will just pop off of them. They will attain freedom from dramatization as
a state. They will get a return of power to act on their own determinism,
they won+t have to act out of bank anymore, and they will realize that
that is what they have been doing until this level. It+s quite quick,
flashy and profound.
I+d say 99% of all the previous philosophical thought in recorded history,
whether it is Buddhism, Christianity, Mormon, the majority of religious
philosophy gets up to this level, and just stumbles around. They never
come out of it, it never occurred to any of them that it was an implanted
bank. So, once your preclear is through this, he has risen above all of
his predecessors in a social sense, never to return to just acting things
out. The next level the preclear takes up is the Clearing Course (CC) What
happened on this was back on September 3, 1965, L. Ron Hubbard
picked 42 people to research these materials since he insisted that he was
Clear and didn+t have a Reactive Mind. His had just all blown apart one
day and he couldn+t find the significance of it. Of course, he had a
stuck needle, had trouble getting in and out of bed, and so forth, but
he didn+t want to talk about any of these things. Anyway, he simply
issued these materials to 42 people which was not really a broad mix of
society. They were not really scientific people. They started
researching out the content of the Reactive Mind. So, his remarks that
he rose above the bank and never agreed to have a bank, that are listed
in a number of his works and in the bulletin -Keeping Scientology
Working+, are completely fraudulent.
The bank that they discovered, were plotting out, and working off in
writing up their plots, was quite wrong. At the time I made four
suggestions to one of the key researchers and those four suggestions
were adopted. Other factors were going on at the time. I simply withdrew
from the project, because the plot they were drawing was so incorrect.
The end words were remarkably correct, but the rest of it was not. It was
close enough to produce some positive case gain. So, that was the CC that
was developed at St. Hill between September 3, 1965 and February 4, 1966.
In doing a CC, you have to educate the hell out of your pc, and go over a
lot of material with him. You would word clear a -GPM+, again; a -
Reliable Item+ which is an item out of a GPM that the pc is stuck in; a -
Crossover+ as a middle of a GPM where a person ceases to be for the
original goal and starts to be against it. You need to word clear -
implant+ and the best way to clear that is: as a painful and forceful
means of overwhelming a being with artificial purposes or false concepts
in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him. You need to clear an -
implant GPM+. Another definition of implant is as an electronic means
of overwhelming a thetan with a significance. A third definition of an
implant is an unwilling and unknowing receipt of a thought and
intentional installation of fixed ideas contra-survival to the thetan. So,
then you clear an -implant GPM+ as an implanted Goals-Problems-Mass. A
definition of that is an electronic means of overwhelming a thetan with a
significance using the mechanics of the actual pattern of living to entrap
a thetan to enforce obedience to behavior patterns. Go over that real good
so that your preclear really understands it.

Then, you go over -implant goals+, and that is an implanted goal that the
thetan himself has not decided upon, but which has been induced in him
by overwhelming force or persuasion.
Then, you clear that an incident is an experience related by same subject,
location, perception, people; it takes place in a short or finite period
of time, such as minutes, hours, or days Mental image pictures are of such
experiences. So, you define that incidents are on a time track, then you
can refer the pc to those pages 80 - 81 in Dianetics Today to where they
would understand what timeless charge is, overwhelming charge, in
other words, the primary Reactive Mind. Then, you would indicate that on
the CC they will be erasing, not only incidental charge, but the
timeless charge that resulted from that and the that GPMs float
timelessly, these implanted ones.
The next thing you need to do is clear up enough technical philosophy on
them to where they will understand what they are dealing with. You clear
up this philosophy with them, indicate that the auditor must realize
that communication is essentially directed or received energy and is
inhibited by the willingness or the unwillingness of the preclear to
take responsibility for energy or forms of energy and where
responsibility is low, perception is low and it is found on processing
that a pc is in poor condition in direct ratio to the degree that he has
accepted and agrees and complies with the MEST universe, and is in good
and active condition in direct ratio to the degree that he can break his
flow of agreement and establish his own flows and thus create his own
universe. Also, that ones appreciation of the MEST universe is almost
uniformly the energy which ones places on the MEST universe, in other
words, his illusions and when he loses his hopes and dreams (his
illusions) that is because he has lost his ability to emanate energy
back at the MEST universe, and has become dependent upon the energy that
the MEST universe thrusts at him.
You should clear up that time is summed up as had, have and will have;
that goals in the MEST universe are summed uniformly under the
heading -will have+ and that one engages in action in order -to have+,
that the entire problem of the future is the problem of goals; that the
entire problem of goals is the problem of possession and that the entire
problem of possession is the problem of time, and that time is impossible
without the possession of objects.
You should make it very clear that ones own personal universe is made up
of matter, energy and space and that the physical universe is made up of
matter, energy and space and that these two universes are entirely
distinct; and it could be said that the principal confusion and
aberration of the individual stems from him having confused these two
universes with each other and where these two universes have crossed in
the mind of the individual, we find a confusion of control and ownership
for the reason that the two universes do not behave alike.
Then, you need to go over that if a person is low on the Tone Scale and
still exhibits responsibility, then his energy, that was active initially,
must of been enormous for any segment of responsibility to still exist when he
is low on the Tone Scale.

In studying the subject of Scientology and working on the bank, one is
studying the lowest common denominators or agreement which bring
about an acceptance of the MEST universe and prohibits the creation of
ones own universe, which ability alone makes the possibility of
perception of the MEST universe which is itself agreed upon illusion. In
other words, if you can+t perceive your own universe, then you are not
going to be able to perceive the MEST universe. Originally, in a
person+s own universe, he used the mechanism of energy creation to make
objects, while in the MEST universe, this ability has been reduced to
the use of energy solely for recording data about the MEST universe, so
one can agree with that data. In so doing, lies death, not only for the
body periodically, but death for the thetan, in that a thetan can die. No
adventure in the MEST universe can exceed the adventure of making
orderly anatomy from the chaos of co-mingled matter, energy, space and
time which comprise planets, galaxies and island universes of this black
beyond which waits to devour the universe self-constructed of any thetan
or group of thetans. That the road to knowledge led through the anatomy
of space and energy masses called the MEST universe and yet data does
not lie in the MEST universe. That the track to knowledge has two
directions, it is possible to take a better path, the essence of true
knowledge is the essence of existing, so that one can create beingness
and data to know, Possibly all other data is junior to this and one
should have the knowledge of the composition of the MEST universe as a
fox might have use of the knowledge of a trap. It is cruelty to make a
theta clear without at the same time educating an individual so as to
permit him to avoid these pitfalls which has brought him to where he is
found: in a physical, animal, MEST body, on a planet named Earth, in this
solar system, galaxy 13.
Having covered this philosophy with them, you should go over the
anatomy of the R6 bank that they are going to run out. You show them
that there are 50 GPMs and 5 GPMs to a series, and demonstrate a -
repeater technique+; and go over an example GPM where there is a
terminal on the left and an opposition terminal on the right, there is a
left side and a right side, there is a crossover, and that implanted
have 9 lines or 18 items. If the first goal was -to catch catfish+, -
catch+ would be the root word and the endword would be -catfish+.
Example GPM On -Catfish+
Terminal Opposition Terminal
Left Side Right Side
1. To Catch Catfish To Not Catch
Catfish (Root (Endword)
5. To Buy Catfish To Sell Catfish
(9 lines, 18 items)
*Repeater Technique: Spotting repetitively until as-isness.

Clearing Course
Events and Line Plot of Implanted GPMS
Date(s) received are either: 2,112,987,634,415 years ago, or about 75
million years ago (74,947,612 plus or minus 312 years) or both. The date
is not crucial, as there were many implanted dates placed on the implant
in the implant.
The incident starts with a light, center and to the right, video screen
to the left. Then, -There is nothing more lowly or vile or undeserving to
exist as you+. Then, about 10 more sentences of invalidation, closing
with -Therefore we will educate you so you will never harm again...+
Fear sensation.
Rush toward central light (6-8 seconds), 3+ in diameter, 18+ tall, with
ones space occupancy about 3/4+ in a bubble down the light one goes.
Awareness of hundreds before and behind. Not wanting to go or be there.
Slamming sensation from light energy down to lower room.
The incident and Clearing Course is summarized as follows,
Opening light 1st GPM Light ahead and on one (50 ERG lights) 2nd GPM,
etc. thru 5th GPM (A) Flood of pictures (11/second) for 8-10 seconds (B)
Then, Objects (squares, cubes, triangles, circles, rectangles, U+s,
arrows) coming at high velocity for 5 seconds (C) Then, Aesthetic Waves
for 4 seconds (D) Then, a light ahead (flash), but not on one.
Then 2nd series of 6th thru 10th GPMS followed by ABCD, flood of
pictures thru aesthetic waves and so forth for 10 series of *
5th series: Spirits, Gods, Universes/Non-Physical, Departures,
Clear Analytical Minds
6th series: Reactive Minds, Goals, Problems, Mass, Matter
7th series: Energy, Space, Time(s), Pictures, Lifetimes
8th series: Games, Harm, Survival, Beauty, Sanity
9th series: Decency, Truth, Awareness, Individuality, Co-Existence 10th
series: Magic, Confusion, Stable Data/Certainties, Death, Love A person
runs as much of this as is necessary until the whole bank
unmocks for them. They generally don+t have to run all the items. I
have never seen a preclear go beyond running the 26th GPM line 1A which
is -To create prevent reactive minds+.
The majority of the Scientology churches+ activities is acting out line
5B of -clear analytical minds+ which is the 25th GPM, the destroying
counter clear analytical minds.
So, after that whole bank erases you have a real Clear on your hands.
They have attained the state of freedom from the inability to be at cause
over mental matter, energy, space and time on the 1st dynamics and they
have 260

attained the ability to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space and
time on the 1st dynamic.
They exist at this point, they have an awareness level of existence. It
has been so long since they have been living without this damn R6 bank
around. What you do next is send them out into the environment and get
them back into communication with people and the physical universe.
That is basically all that OT 1 is. So, you issue them those materials.
They can do it in 1/2 an hour or more,

The processes are simply to spot the following list of things, each
repetitively to EP:
Spot/Look at Matter
Spot/Look at Energy
Spot/Look at Space
Spot/Look at Time
Spot/Look at MEST combined
Spot/Look at an animal
Spot/Look at a person
Spot/Look at an object
Spot/Look at self
Spot/Look at another+s universe
Spot/Look at what you are doing
Spot/Look at what another is doing
By doing these, they have attained the state of freedom from the inability
to identify self in relation to others, and the physical universe. They
have gained the ability to be extroverted, and attained the awareness of
oneself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe. So,
they attest to that and you go on to OT II.

Incidents to be erased: (Run only as many as are necessary for EP of OT II)
1. Arrow shot through one in space.
2. Dancer (will either be around a campfire or in a palace).
3. Pole (will either be bounced back and forth between two poles or
stuck on one trying to get off, or a barbershop pole going up and
4. Cave incidents.
5. Triangle implants with dummy, apparently live, with you flowing Clearing
Course type goals at the dummy you think is a real person,
Dummy is to the front of you, emitter of goals is behind
you, and Implanter is to the left. It opens with -For
2/12 years I have lived with you...+ These Clearing
Course type goals you thought you implanted into
another: The BB GPM ,
The above uniformly produce an OT II EP.
If the EP is not attained, extend with running:
1. Bear Goals 8. Religious Implants
2. Cargo Implants 12,000 B.C. to E Level
3. Aircraft Door Implants 9. Bank Snatching Magic Track
4. Helatrobus Implants 10. 1st Picture Incident With 5.
Gorilla Goals Earlier Beginning For Code
6. 9-Flow Implants of Honor Violation
7. Picture Implants 11. 1st Break of Code of Honor
BB GPM Line Plot:
To create To not create
To experience To not experience
To protect To not protect
To have To not have
To resist To not resist
To invalidate To not invalidate
To challenge To not challenge
To suppress To not suppress
To abandon To not abandon
BB GPM Endwords
The first 150 GPMs:
Life, growth, needs, security, awareness, perception, ideas, awareness,
consciousness, dreams, duplication, imagination, truth, love, substance,
matter, survival, communication, , difficulties, destruction, evil,
upsets, disconnection, habits, automaticity, reactions, causes, effects,
powers, 263

sources, dramatization, clarity, orientation, confront, self-determinism,
certainty, knowingness, selfs, personages, personality, others, universes,
the physical universe, intentions, overts, motivators, flows, ridges,
dispersal, emotions, misemotions, actions, withholding, pictures,
memory, consciousness, morality, religions, Gods, Devils, beings,
hierarchies, governments, workers, juniors, pets, seniors, games,
entertainment, honor, identities, bodies, histories, symbols, players,
pieces, demons, magicians, art, laws, education, service, help, exchange,
money, sex, female bodies, male bodies, doll bodies, robot bodies, theta
bodies, sex, marriage, children, love, homes, jobs, work, effort,
conservatism, groups, insanity, purposes, sacrifice, worship,
subjugation, limitation, will, mankind, humans, animals, environment,
concurrence, definition, identification, illusion, materiality,
spirituality, energy, spaces, viewpoints, time, past, present, future,
urges, impulses, hate, popularity, integrity, things, people, ideas,
thought, intelligence, admiration, perfection, decency, honesty, sincerity,
obligations, alternatives, dichotomies, as-isness, willingness,
articulation, repetition, death.
Then, there is a series of explosions and pictures of thetan returning for a
between lives implant and taking a new body.***
Then, the rest of the GPMs (172 more):
Ownership, hospitals, babies, conquests, truth, awaking, identity,
togetherness, sociality, brotherhood, rewards, punishment, existence,
lifetime, strategy, opposition, co-existences, absence, ***, longevity,
money, agreements, optimum solution, enemies, wars, entrapments,
implantation, hypnotism, drugs, pains, sensation, significance+s, mass,
study, learning, endurance, operating thetans, thought control, hope, faith,
humanity, caring, marriage, partners, partnerships, success, disturbance,
inhibition, enforcement, desires, curiosity, stewardship, parents, children,
invalidation, suppressions, other-determinism,
sickness, disease, romance, rhythm, unconsciousness, virtue, spirals,
cycles of action, oppression, objectification, mock ups, humor,
interest, inequity, points, familiarity, substitution, waste, attack,
abhorrence, domination, slavery, desertion, escape, actuality,
apparency, microcosm, macrocosm, mock ups, rarefaction, traction,
pressing, observation, massing up, departures, loss, objections,
valences, vias, compulsions, obsessions, avoidance, ignorance,
innocence, falsity, supposition,
obedience, vanishments, alteration, responsibility, feelings, stops,
starts, consumption, beingness, havingness, doingness, decisions,
postulates, mysteries, pretenses, control, reason, logic, art, justice, co-
operation, work, death as a body, sleep, exteriorization, feeling others,
motion, serenity, self, motion, other beings, now, ability, confront,
freedom, overself, motionlessness, perceptions, blackness, randomity,
consideration, words, result, location, form, stupidity, friends,
opponents, copy, my universe, others universes, our universe, destiny,
fate, forgetfulness, rememberance, creations, charges, matrix,
machinery, declination, blankness, never was, eternity, farewells,
obscurity, oblivion.
Running out the first 5 uniformly produces the OT II state: of the
ability to confront the whole track. I have never had to extend (nor know
of anyone who has had to extend running the other items), but as a matter

of record, I thought I would include them as other things that could be
The person R3Rs out the first 4 incidents. They use the repeater
technique on the 5th (as they did on the CC), just spotting the goal and
getting all the charge off of this implanted bank. It is what society
Probably 98% of what is going on in society is simply an act out of this
particular bank. This whole bank will normally erase on the pc between
the 16th and the 50th GPMs. If they have to go ahead and 372 of them,
well fine, I have never seen a pc run beyond -concurrence+.
Thus, they attain the state of OT II. So, then you take an attestation on
that they have gained the ability to confront the whole track and they
have gotten freedom from their inability to confront the whole track.
Usually, they can see the whole thing. Your key way of knowing if this is
properly done is that they will exteriorize with very excellent
perception, never again play these games in society, and they will see
that that is what society is totally into.
Now, they go on to OT III.

1. Check for any BTs (E-meter, theta perceptics, intention, pressure
areas, telepathy is HOW) on and in:
a. Body surface (WHERE)
b. Body inside
c. In thetan+s space (Approx. 40+ X 60+) d. On thetan
2. Run Incident 2, then Incident 1, until BT(s) have gone and are
released. Then, check for additional Incidents 1+s and 2+s until
dry (on the meter).
3. Return to Step 2, to find new ones to run. Use ruds while running if
necessary. There is an effort to stop and hurry on Incident 1.
4. When complete, exact date and run both of the incidents on self.
5. If a bog, do Millazo Pack. Write down some -mutual associations+. Re
each one on this list, FIND THE INCIDENT THAT MADE THEM
ONE, and run that. Then, run OT III, Incident 2 and 1 after that
cluster is broken up. Occasionally, BTs will have an incident that made
them one other then Incident 2, thus this action.
INCIDENT 2: Dates approx. 75 million years ago, earth years,
location, Earth, named TEEGEEACK at that time
(meaning planet of sorrow), involved 33 planets of this
sector, each with populations of 80 - 200 BILLION PER
PLANET. XENU, the ruler, and -Renegades+ decided to
solve overpopulation as follows, but was halted and XENU
placed in a mountain trap after over 5 years of war.
two, start at their being picked up and shot and if from
another planet, frozen in an ice cube, transported
(flying saucer), taken to mountain, a volcano always, H
-HE+S MOCKING IT UP+. There are 26 - 29 days of
implanting (the CC and OT II, God and Devil material,
reasons for this being done, helicopters, etc.) that need
in the HAWAII and LOS PALMAS ISLANDS (8 to a
cluster). If a loyal officer, the sequence is SURPRISE at
being shot, placed at the volcano. Use meter to
determine* and determine volcano. Watch for earlier
beginning (pulled in for a tax audit), run only up to the
-HE+S MOCKING IT UP+ as BTs can go into -free fall+, spin
and get sick from the 29 days implanting, with pneumonia
and death the implanted phenomena of free
fall in addition to insomnia. Coltus, the Reigning
planet, Hubbard a part of the -rescuing force that put an
end to it+. Don+t force or push them off, and answer the
BTs questions. There were probably not any good or bad

guys in this incident, although Hubbard insists the
sector to have been a cultural desert since. Very SP BTs
can usually be brought around with adept 2WC, Charm,
Ruds, but if not use Power Processing on the rare hard
Incident 1: Dates 4 QUADRILLION YEARS AGO (which is 15 zeros
or 4,000 trillion years ago).
Volcano List
HAWAII Pacific Ocean
MT HOOD Pacific NW
MT RAINIER Washington
MT ETNA Mediterranean
MT ST. HELENS Washington
MT EREBUS Antarctica
MT EVEREST Himalayas - Nepal & Tibet
MT KILIMANJARO Northeastern Africa
LAS PALMAS Canary Islands off NE
Africa MT SHASTA California
MT PELEE Martinique
Volcanoes existed New Zealand
at these locations Philippines
then, but no Mexico
longer South America
North Dakota
Note: These were the most common locations. 600 other volcanoes did and
do exist, which I did not list.
You clear up that a BT is a body thetan, The instructions are self
explanatory, Basically, the reason they are doing this is to where they
won+t be confused with hundreds of different thoughts so that they can
have some peace and quiet, and so they won+t be other-determined. After
they have run all these remnants of folks out by telepathic auditing on

them, they attain the state of freedom from overwhelm and a return of
full self determinism. One cleans off those 4 areas in the order listed.
It is generally underrun, it is rarely overrun, What you have been doing
all the way up the Bridge is breaking these clusters apart. With Expanded
Dianetics, Grades and all the previous auditing, you have been taking these
off. About 1/2 of the BTs come off and leave and go live their own lives by
doing the lower Bridge right, and the other 1/2 come off here by doing OT
III correctly. So, if you don+t do the lower Bridge correctly on someone
and they do a real good job on OT III, they will get about 1/2 of it done.
It is pretty wild material to run and the gains of it are beyond
description. It is not a crazy idea at all. The irony of it is that it
happened alot more than once. It is listed as an event that happened 75
million years ago. It probably happened to the preclear dozens of times. So,
watch out for your dates.
After that you do not do OT VII, and then put them on OT III again, like the
churches do. You do OT IV which is included here. After they have
done that they have attained the state of certainty of self as a being
and freedom from uncertainty of self.
On OT V they attain the state of freedom from fixated introversion into
MEST and gain the ability to refamiliarize as a thetan exterior with the
physical universe.

1. Reissue CC and OT II materials as necessary and remock it up and
unmock it until it is fun and cogs or until it is too ridiculous to ever
mock up again under any circumstances.
2, Move the body and notice who is doing it.
3. Mock up a non-atomic light.
4. ARC Breaks, Problems and +withholds of Long Duration on Matter,
Energy, Space and Time (each separately).
5. ARC Breaks, Problems and Withholds of Long Duration on Self.
6. General O/W (What have you done? What have you withheld?) on

1. Locational and Not-Know Processes
(Run in populated places ambulant.)
a. Energy Sources: have pc spot acceptable energy sources, and
run until pc can empower terminals. Command: Spot an acceptable
energy source.
b. Spot an object.
c. Spot a person.
d. Locate an object from which you are separate,
(alternately with)
Locate an object which is separate from you.
e. Locate a person from which you are separate,
(alternately with)
Locate a person which is separate from you.
f. Tell me something you wouldn+t mind knowing about that
(alternately with)
Tell me something you wouldn+t mind that person not -
knowing about you.
2. Decisional Processing (Run in quiet auditing room,)
a. Do you see that object? Think a thought in (on) it. Did the
thought appear where it is?
b. From (indicated) point make a choice between (2 indicated
c. Putting the decision on (object) make a decision about it.
d. (Pc exterior of head and any type of bank)
        Decide Something.
3. a. Have pc be 3+ behind head. Visit pleasant places, then slightly
dangerous places, until can be in the sun,
b. Have pc mock up his own body, until exterior,
c. Close eyes had hold upper two corners of room, refusing to
think of anything.
4. Have pc create an illusion (condition, energy, or object), then,
conserve it, protect it, control it, hide it, change it, age it, make it
go backwards on a cycle of action, perceive it with all perceptions,
shift it in time at will, rearrange it, duplicate it, turn it upside
down or on its side at will, make it disobey MEST laws, be it, not be
it, destroy it.
5. Walk and notice the change in viewpoints,
Each process is run to its own EP.
The EP of this level is that it refamiliarizes a thetan Exterior with
the physical universe. It also frees them from fixated introversion into
MEST. 270

OT 6
You run each of these processes to EP:
(First make sure OT 3 is flat, and if not, flatten it.)
Exteriorize and send the pc to exact places in the room.
Have the pc move around the room.
Have the pc practice holding onto and letting go of
objects. Have him exteriorize, then run each of these to
Ask him for things that are not giving him directions. Ask
him for people that are not giving him directions. Ask him
for things he is not giving directions to. Ask him for
people he is not giving directions to.
Ask him for things that are not giving orders to other
things. Ask him for people that are not giving orders to
other people. Ask him for directions he is not giving
Ask him for goals he does not have.
Ask him for goals he does not have for another.
Ask him for goals he does not have for others.
Ask him for goals another does not have for him.
Ask him for goals others do not have for him.
Ask him for goals another does not have for
others. Ask him for goals others do not have for
others. Ask him for persons he is not.
Ask him for places he is not.
Ask him for bacteria he is not.
Ask him for objects he is not.
Have him find a place where there are no objects. Ask him to find a
place where he is not thinking.
Have him go to extremely dangerous places until he can be anywhere
easily. (High voltage lines, under the wheels of a bus, generators,
politician+s heads, CIA rooms, whatever) Have him mock up and unmock
bodies. Get the somethingness and nothingness of the body to EP.
Have him find his own gold-ball -anchor points+ and adjust any that are
out of line. (Normally 14 feet out front and 14+ back, about 9-15 feet
across and 6-12 high rectangle)
Have him re-interiorize and then notice the difference between 2
objects until he exteriorizes. This complete, whether working well or
not, have him do the same drill of noticing 2 objects differences and
making choices, which does uniformly exteriorize one. Then run -What do
you expect from (object) ?+ until he realizes his expectations are how
he creates his own future. Then run -Leapfrog Exteriorization+ to
where he can do it easily and forever, and will not forget it:
Have him mock up 3 points in his body, then 3 points in the room, then
unmock the 3 in the body, and do this till he moves. That flat get him
comfortable (by mocking up 3 points one place and unmocking them in
another) in moving himself around the room. Then the house, the
neighborhood, the city, state, nation, continent, planet.
Have him travel around to Rio, London, Paris, Moscow, and so on until he
is no longer traveling, or relying on the 3-point method, but is just
appearing and disappearing. Run this to extraordinary certainty and
ability, for it is this beings ability to be free from being trapped in
any space for the rest of this eternity.

Have him exteriorize, make decisions and then change his mind. Teach
him this havingness remedy of making two sets of 8 anchor points and
collapsing them to make mass.
Have him point out some things that are causing things. Have him tell you
some things that are important/unimportant, alternately to EP. Have him
decide to appear and disappear at auditor-indicated points. Have him list
out, off the meter, the things he likes and the GE likes to a big
complete EP of him having excellent reality on the two. He will also
cognite where there things that both like, and what element of him likes
what. Have him go to populated places and make bodies, and people, do
things, to
his satisfaction, and to the EP that he discovers them noticing it and an
awareness of his own natural sense of ethics, thus discovering -pan
This completes OT 6, which I will be discussing momentarily. Let us look
at OT 7. You have only 4 actions: (1) Verify that -Think a placed thought+
is already flat, and if not, flatten it, (2) Tell me what an intention is to
EP, (3) Place an intention in that object/person to EP, and (4) the Dual OT 7
R/D, which I will describe in the next few pages.
Now on OT 6 the pc gains the freedom from the inability to operate
exterior, gains the ability to operate fully as a thetan exterior in a pan
determined fashion, and it also extends the influence of the thetan to the
universe of others.
If the pc has any trouble doing these things, it is wise to check for more -
fleas+, that is do more OT 3. I am using the historical terminology,
-fleas+, on this historical technology of OT3. Will Durant referenced
Buddha getting all of the fleas off his body. Jesus went off to the desert
for 40 days and nights to get all of the spirits out of the body in question.
There have been other times and locations where the technology of
getting rid of fleas has existed, The whole subject of exorcism is 50%
clarified here, and the remaining 50% is clarified in a later chapter, -
The Final Ditch+.
Perhaps a profound reason that the churches have been held back so
severely in their putting people up through OT 3 processing is that the
releasing of these particular spirits, which have not been cleared by a
properly-done lower bridge being put in on them, is just the action of
putting more crazy people into the environment. That is an unethical thing
to do, and an overt of magnitude if one believes in such things.
The only ethical way to audit people is to do all of it, or none of it, for once
a case is started it is going to run off. If they do not run it all off with
you, they are going to run it off on their neighbors and everyone else in
the environment until it is complete. So, alot of these people that got
started on their cases, should not have, for they are going to complete
it on the environment. The point I am making here is that to prematurely
wake up crazy beings and release them into the environment in that state
serves very little service to mankind. It may be freeing the individual,
but it can ruin a group. Such activity is one of the many ways that society
has gone crazy in the past, and thus you will note public reluctance on
this line of activity. They instinctively abhor rotten technology in
exorcism, as their engrams on it are not pretty. As an auditor you should
note the composite phenomena, aspects, and character of individuals.

This OT 3 Incident was discovered by Hubbard in 1967, and by another
individual in 1956. Neither recorded it under any copyright; both just ran
it. Hubbard was informed of it in 1956, but dismissed it as -impossible+,
as most of the fools of planet earth do to this day. It is taking all the
other determinism+s out of one+s space, and thus one gets a restoration of
self determinism.
I will now describe the Dual OT7 Rundown: You assess the complete
Section of the Pre-Have Scale (in Appendix) on the individual. Mark the
read and circle it. Assess the dynamics. From those 2 reads form up a
listing question for the L&N. For instance, let+s say -foiled+ and -3rd
Dynamic+ read, then your listing question would be: -+What has caused
you to be foiled on the 3rd dynamic?+ List that down to the BD F/N item,
give it to the pc, and that will produce the OT7 EP: it will free them
from the inability to project intention, and rehabilitate their intention.
This action gets off the life ruin of the thetan.
Now that these 7 OT levels are complete, you should stabilize the pc+s
gains with OT Stabilization Drills, which are listed on page 720 in the
The next action is to take up the inability side of OT 8, which is freedom
from the inability to be totally free and at total cause, which you can
achieve with these 14 2-way comm processes:
1. What determines when you are in a good or bad mood?
2. What causes you to win/lose?
3. What leads to winning and losing?
4. What happens right before winning/losing?
In each of these you are looking for the personal common denominator a
person has on each, so it is really 8 processes instead of 4. You are also
looking for personal mechanisms that are wired to successful and
unsuccessful cause.
You will notice that I am using -what+ now which can produce L&N
phenomena, but by now your preclear is not going to be bothered by this at
all, for he is about a million times the size he was back when he was on
the grades, and since then has discovered -truth as a way of life+, for
sure. The rest of the processes are:
5. Do you have a character flaw? (If so, get it and clean it up). If 2wc
won+t clear it, use L&N.
6. What do you do best? The rest are -instantaneous answer+
processes, except for the last 2:
7. How do you act when things or the going gets rough?
8. Who do you act like when pressured into it?
9. What makes a person win?
10. What type of person survives all things? 1
11. What is your favorite archetype character on track?
12. What future are you preparing yourself against?
13. What is the origin of evil?

(This will be a very long 2wc. There will be a subjective answer for
them. They need to know it, or they will not be prepared to live the
rest of their lives, which happens to be a very long time.)
14. What is your greatest enemy?
This completes the inability side of OT8 and you take an attest.
Nest you are going after the ability side of OT8, and the rest of this book
covers what most will have to do to achieve it. It+s a tall order: -The
ability to be at cause knowingly and at will over thought, life, form,
matter, energy, space and time, subjective and objective+. It is rare, but
it has been achieved.
The next technical action is to run off the pc+s Actual GPMs.
You go through the folder and find the most prominent dozen or so
significance+s. Then you ask them to give you their actual goal on it. They
Rocket read. Then get the identity for the goal. Then ask who or what
would oppose this goal and identity. That being determined, you have the
top two items. There are 3 more, and you get them the same way, and
you write this down in plot form with arrows. The 5th one will smell
like the first, and lead them back into the first item. They have spent
their entire time track doing nothing but these, thousands of lifetimes
per item, and recently have been trying to do all 5 at once and are thus
confused. you hand the plot to the pc and have them spot each one of
these and get the charge off. There is a lot of line charging, very rapid
TA action (over 200 div/hour), and it is unbelievable for both of you until
the thing erases. Then you take up the next one, and so forth until they
are all done. There can be as few as 3, and as many as 12. At a higher
level, perhaps there are a thousand, but you will find 99.999% of your pcs
attesting -No more Actual GPMs after the 3-12 are discharged. It is
always a 5 line and then circular layout. Hubbard thought they were 18
lines, but that is only true for implants. As an example I will print one
of his: -FREEDOM+
These overwhelming idiocies come apart with tremendous laughter. I
hope he gets his 200 divs off on this disclosure.
  When you don+t have any of these, they are more visible on the person
than their body. It+s all you heard about in doing the pc+s bridge, his
private little jail of 15 (3 x 5 x15) or 60 (12 X 5 x 60) significance+s,
with valences attached. When this is done you have the person out of these 15
or 60 traps that they have been doing and seeing through, instead of
living, in the physical universe. The GPMS are what they have been doing
it all through. This is the end of what most people think a case is, and
you have a done deal now that is terrific. These Actual GPMs went on
automatic trillenia of universes ago, and were his first -case+ and thus

have been his last. What a clutch to his viewpoints it has been. If the pc
does not get more out of this than all the previous work, you did not get
them all. He has more. The average run will produce this average EP:
-The Hubbard-Bridge done correctly we did made me comfortable with
my actual GPMs at last, and removing them is not a comparison, it is
personal Clear forever, for God+s sake tell the man and the world that at
last the +Way+ is found...+ In other words, the pc did not know they
were, there, and in having him review them, he discovers that he and a
different world are here now. This action is more important than all the
prior work. Do not do it on an enemy, or anyone you do not totally trust,
if you like breathing. It produces ability beyond description. You do not
it to anyone. It is not for sale. Do not deliver it to a case/person that
has anything out lower on the chart. It will not run or fire on the
individual if they have incidental track, are out of valence, have an
incomplete bridge, or are involved in out-ethics. If you attempt it under
any such condition, you will restimulate it and it will not destimulate for
a longer time than either of you want (months).
With the Actual GPMs out of the way, if you wish, you can verify that they
made all of the EPs of the +L+s+, which they should have made in your
doing the bridge correctly.
On L-10, you simply verify that they found their greatest overt on each
of the 4 flows. On L-11, you make sure nothing has gone on too long on 9
flows (37R), and if it has, then do 37-R (you assess 9-flows in the
Epilogue, take what blows up, rises, or sticks the needle, set up an L&N
question on a -continue to do+ basis, do the L&N, give them the item,
reassess the 9 flows, and keep it up until the 9 flows are clean). This
is called the new life rundown. You follow it with a 2wc on the nature of
man. As far as dating and locating the intention to harm, you should not
do that. It should have been R3R+d in the expanded dianetics. On L-12,
you should not use -Who put the beams in your space+, if the being has
beams in his space. If he does, you do an expanded dianetics R/D, that I
promised I would talk about earlier in this book: The Metalosis R/D. I
mentioned that very few people would need it, and you would resort to it
if you did not get an XDN EP after running the 4-flows of repeating
overts and intentions underlying them. On verifying L-12 just ask if the
pc has beams in their space and if they do, do this R/D. So you use this
R/D in verifying the L-12 EP, and in completing the occasional XDN case.
This R/D clears up the -Logical to Hypercritical+ column on the right-
side of the Personality graph on anyone. The L-12 approach of dating and
locating, complete with who put them their is not a permanent handling.
The Metalosis is. On the R/D, you ask if they have any beams or field
distortions in their space. If yes, have them select one and identify its
location. Then do an L&N for the purpose connected with it. Then R3R
the purpose out. You keep this up until the pc+s space is clean, thus he is
no longer touchy, irritable, and hypercritical, thus he is comfortable
enough to be logical. Although the world is full of people with this column
out on them, it is rare that they can swallow enough pride to admit to
needing the help that auditing is, and thus it is rare you will find them
as pcs. This completes the verification of the -L+s+, and the normal line
of processing that is published or implied in the publications of
Scientology technology, as far as doing it correctly. The clearing course
and OT2 plots are different in more than just the adjectives for the goals,
as he and I have different memories of these. I have tested his and mine on
and found mine to be the more accurate of the two recollections, as have

dozens of other people. There is not too much one can say about -NED for
OTs+, except that the positive gains that hare come out of it are
evidence of three areas of address (1) successful running of a secondary,
(2) successful running of an overt, and (3) successful running of
entities out of one+s space. The latter area I prefer to run as described
in the chapter -The Last Ditch+. I do not care for the NED for OTs
approach to
the running of entities for it is an incomplete address to a complex issue.
Ned for OTs is deficient in raising the reality level of the pc so high
that no entity could stand being around you, which The Final Ditch does. I
developed much of The Final Ditch from memory, but the majority of it
was from work that Hubbard entertained and did over 30 years ago, for in
reviewing that work, my memory of it opened up. Ned for OTs seems
appropriate for the people getting it, but I have been noted for having
an acidic sense of humor.
The determining factor on how well a pc will do is, more often than not,
the case state of the auditor, for as-isness can occur from either side
the table. It is preferable that the preclear do his own as-isness.
However, the better off you are, the better he will run. If the auditor is
in suppressed agony he will get 5 divs of TA per hour; if he is a
remarkable person he will get 30/hour; if he has+ his own case run off he
will get over 100/hour; if he is a god in disguise he can take 550-700 an
hour off of any pc. These are not big fat claims, they are facts.
If you have your own case run off, oddly enough, the pc will run between so
and 120 divisions an hour on anything you run on him with 2
exceptions: the case cracker and the Introspection R/Ds, both of which
address over-restimulation, and then the pc will run between 180-240
divs/hour. I would counsel you against playing the +god-in-disguise+
game of pulling 550-700 divs/hour off of other people, as it is
work on your part, and usually out-exchange with the beneficiary of that
-miracle+. One+s own state, that of the auditor, having such a
tremendous effect on the pc+s process, leads one to the conclusion that
it is best to get your own case run off before you audit others. How that
is done is in this book. Whether any of this is worth doing is an absurd
question. The greatest men in history would give their eye teeth for one
percent of it. They gave more than their eye teeth and got less than 1%
of it. I abandoned considerable personal fortune (over a million a year
in salary alone was offered to me in 1975) for this quest of kings, -the
pleasures of philosophy+, and I pleasure to this day in that decision. I
suppose the MEST Universe and Theta -bid high+ that their enslavement
of all men may continue. Not high enough, though.
I would like to quickly go over some odds and ends you should know. On
the case that needs the Metalosis R/D he will get greater gain than on
the Responsibility R/D. Dating and Locating something, finding the exact
second and space the pc received something, is not to key out an
engram. It is to recover the being from that space where he is stuck. If
you need to do it you date it on the meter down to the second, and get
the location from galaxy down to the exact inch. You do it when it is
obvious to you the pc is not in the room with you, and he is talking out
of another time, and the thing sitting in the room with you holding the
cans is being run on remote. It could be a room in Austria in 1816, where
they still are as a thetan, only they put out new dimension and view
points, which are running the present body. Use this technique sparingly,
use judgment in taking such a drastic action on a pc.

Technically, this is going on naturally, when you run R3R. The pc is
buttered all over the universe, and as the engram erases he comes out of
the old Matter, Energy, Space, and Time Location. You are not just
running engrams off a case in R3R. There is more of him there after each
engram chain is erased, for you are picking up parts of him out of
condominiums, spaceships, caves, and teepees all over this universe. R3R
is not just running pictures, it is the pc collecting himself up from
other locations.
I had stated earlier that some of the axioms and factors were in error and
I would correct the later in the book, so let us take that up:
Axiom 10 states that the highest purpose in this universe is the creation
of an effect. That is not true. The highest purpose in this universe is
the highest purpose of a thetan in this universe. Even if Axiom 10 implied
the highest purpose of this universe was that it is wrong. The highest
purpose of this universe is to entrap a thetan into contributing his own
energy and self to it.
Axiom 15 is incorrect. It states creation is accomplished by the
postulation of an as-isness. It can be, but this is extremely rare. It is
usually accomplished by knowingness, control, and responsibility.
Axiom 7 is incorrect. It states that time is basically a postulate that
space and particles will persist. It should be that time is a consistency of
viewpoint of the interaction and responsibility of and for dimension points.
Axiom 28 would have the word -mechanical+ qualifying its definition of
communication, in defining the component parts and in its formula.
It should be understood that all of these axioms only apply to the lower 6
dynamics, and their apparency. They are how things look within the
game of the physical universe. They do not apply to the upper dynamics,
or Life there.
Logic 6 is in error that absolutes are unobtainable, for willingness (to
name just one) is an obtainable absolute that people use in the physical
universe constantly.
The Axioms of Dianetics are adequate for the psychotherapy of Dianetics, and
are profoundly more accurate than those of Scientology in describing the
automation of theta. You will be hearing more about that in -The
Human Loop+ chapter and the closing chapters of this book.
The Factors have been published many times throughout history. They are
fine, except for #29 and #30, which are Hubbards additions to this Lao
Tze information, or Hubbard information, or whoever your favorite wise
man was, thus is, thus will be.
I would like to relay page 192 of -Creation of Human Ability+: where the
relationship between ones own, the physical, and others universes are
illustrated and commented on. It states that when one of these is
suppressed, hidden, or denied, the individual will then be unable to
move beyond a certain point on the interlock of triangles. This is
but not absolutely, true. These three universes are interactive, in that by 277

raising a point in one, you raise all three, but only so far as it is
restrained by an uncertainty in another triangle or point. The increase of one
point increases the other points; the decrease of one point decreases the other
points. The same data is as true of the 5 interlocking triangles of life in the
Epilogue, except there an increase in one point increase 14 other
triangle points. In auditing you are addressing and changing one+s own
universe, and thereby bringing about change in the physical and others
If a person is further interested in the Technology of Dianetics and
Scientology they can read the following books: Technical Dictionary,
Dianetics, Dianetics Today, 8-8008, 8-80, Creation of Human Ability, The
Book of Scales 0-8, Fundamentals of Thought, Dianetics 55, The Evolution
of a Science, Problems of Work, A History of Man, The Phoenix Lectures,
Self-Analysis, Science of Survival, Handbook for Preclears, Advanced
Procedures and Axioms, and the 12-volume -Technical
Bulletins+. This should satisfy the curiosity and thirst that one may
have. If it is still unquenched, which is so rare that it is unheard of,
you may order about 400 reels of taped lectures, which is all of Hubbards
that are for sale to the public, but that is expensive, as they cost about
the same as a small home in America+s Breadbasket, or that of 2. new
Mercedes at the top of their line, if you are of urban persuasion.
As far as further background data, there are a few more odds and ends:
One should understand the anatomy of the human mind. There was a course
named this, that I taught year-after-year in the +60s, that named the 25
different things one should know about the mind. One can read up
on each of the 25 parts, and then you would have the data. It is an
overall, instead of technical view of these 25 phenomenon of the mind:
image pictures, GPMs, Service Facsimiles, the reactive mind, the
analytical mind, the somatic mind, secondaries, circuits, machinery, the
body, the brain, the nervous system, havingness, the emotional tone
scale, locks, engrams, secondaries, mockups, fields, valences, the time
track, problems, confusion+s and stable data, and restimulation and
aberration. It is nice to know that there are about 20-25 different
things you are dealing with when confronted with another individual, and
what these things are.
I have not covered word clearing or study data in any great depth at all.
The rudimentary data of study I did outline, and if you want to produce
the state of -Word Clear+ on a pc, you do a -Method One+, which is
included in the Appendix.
You should run your E-Meter at sensitivity 16 at all times except when
you are doing OT levels, when you can turn it down to 6. Except for the
auditing of OT levels, OT processes, The final Ditch, and The Human Loop,
anything smaller than a fall is not a read.
In the Appendix you will find all the forms, repair lists, scales, and so
forth, that one would need to do this work correctly.
If someone were to come your way that had been royally messed up by the
church and had a lot of problems, a Model program would be 4 flows of
rudiments, Interview Int-Lists-Ruds-Unflat Engrams-PTSness and fix,
Interview on whether New Life Repair or Case Cracker and do in the
order in accordance with their wish and reads, clear the Master List of

Words or have them do it (in Appendix), Do an open Word Clearing
Correction List, then the rest of the bridge in standard order (Drug
R/D, Exp Straightwire, Dianetics, Grades, OT Levels, Insp R/D, XDN, OT
stabilization drills, Inability+s of OT8, Actual GPMs, Final Ditch,
Human Loop). Of course the Insp R/D and XDN would be done after the Drug
if over 100 reading purps came off in Dianetics.
I think that concludes my presentation of the technology of Scientology,
however there are some salient points that bear reviewing:
Due to the practical limitations of covering what is most important and
universally applicable, I have not been able to cover technology that has
limited usefulness, that is, it is only applicable on some people in some
instances. Some of it is quite interesting, but I have omitted it in that
it was not universally applicable to all folks in all times and climes.
These deletions include the administrative technology, ethics technology,
executive technology, management technology, and the technology of
special events that happened to some of us a long time ago (Train GPMs,
Markab Implants, Helatrobus Implants, Heaven and Hell Implants, Be-Do
Goals, Confusion GPMs, GPMs at 43 trillion years ago, and the processes
that take these apart of R3N, R3N2, Actual Goals, the Nature and
Formation of Goals-Problems-Masses). I have also omitted any in-depth
discussion of the pre-havingness scale as only 96% of humanity is on it.
Now that this material of the technology of Scientology is in
digestible, workable, and correct form, about the worst error one could
make is
non-application. You should not be forcing it down anyone+s throat, but
on those that come to your doorstep begging, you should not turn too many
away, which is a sin I commit regularly. It is probably a good idea to go
ahead and deliver to those that want it.
There are certainly enough people out there begging for it in one form or
another. It is probably one of the grossest ironies around that this
technology is not being properly applied, and in a widespread fashion.
Perhaps that is due to it being published and practiced wrongly on a
widespread basis. If that is so, now that it is in proper form, perhaps
that excuse of out of the way, for people. If this area of this, galaxy is
to deaberrate itself, at least they have been given a short handbook, which
I would hope is succinct enough for digestion,
What I have done is taken a research line of another individual and done my
own research on it. The result of my own research was that a fraction of a
percentage of Hubbard+s research was of value, and I found this
applicable in assisting individuals in their present spiritual, mental,
and physical states on this planet, so I have made it apart of public
record. I did this, not solely because of overwhelming requests, but more
so because it was overdue. I simply wanted to write up -the job+ or -hat+,
which is something one does when one moves along and wants others to
be able to do the job, and carry that baton, also. Much of my wading
through the maze of another was so that others could sit down and do
this job. I only ended up doing the job out of default, in that nobody
else would do it. I wanted the job done, but could find no one to do it.
It was not a natural inclination. So I did that, and it is now history.
I have not promoted a great degree of understanding in this chapter,
because auditing is experience; and experience is being, doing, and

having. It is not understanding. Auditing is also a creation, which is
knowing, controlling and being responsible for. Your own understanding
of this material and these processes is not ever going to make you
audit, much less audit well. Your own understanding of what a case is
and what
it is all about will come in having your own case run off. Van Cliburn
only plays well the music of younger composers, whereas Rubenstein at 90
can duplicate and play well 100 times the music for he has been through
the autumn and winter seasons of life. There have been tens of thousands,
if not hundreds of thousands of people that understood this technology,
and yet they do not audit. That is a contradiction, and I would suspect
they did not understand at all. As far as experiencing it, if they had
experienced any auditing at all, they would be auditing. As far as
creating auditing, if they had any knowingness, control, and
responsibility going, they would be creating it. Since they are lacking in
experience and creation, they have followed their leader in substituting
understanding for these two lacks.
Hubbard and the organized religion of Scientology have made a career out
of understanding and therefore they have done very little. In putting this
material down in clean form I have not transmitted alot of background
data on understanding information. I have no apologies to offer for this
because I do not think that understanding serves one well as a substitute
for experience. I will not cooperate with that form of nonperformance,
self-destruction, and irresponsibility. You will get all the understanding
you would ever want on this material simply by auditing a dozen people all
the way up the bridge, even if you are thick-headed. If you have any
brains at all, you have more understanding than you could ever use, more
experience than you could ever use, and more creativity than you could
ever use, but you will only discover this by being audited on it. Thus,
listening to another talk of his understanding of this technology has
extremely limited workability.
This book is not to promote peoples+ understanding. It is to bring to
their attention that they know and others can know. People have been doing
otherwise, due to misfortune and long forgotten ages of mischief, and life
is no longer looked upon as the adventure it is, instead as something to
be endured.
People learn by knowing, doing, and looking, not by thinking. All the
understanding in the world cannot compete with and never will exceed
one single experience, or one single creation.
But if you increase understanding, you increase experience and creation,
as these three triangles interlock of ARC, Be, Do, Have, and Knowing,
Controlling, and Responsibility. Thus understanding is addressed, and
only for that reason, for the pursuit of it in itself is an endless path
to nowhere.
So, the technology of Scientology is arranged whereby increases are made
in one+s understanding which increases experience and creation
proportionately. Thus after you have done a bridge you can look around
corners, travel all you wish spiritually, knowingly pick your next meat
body, and (if you wish) no longer be a part of the human condition in any
negative sense. It does work to produce that, and that is what you get out
of all of the work. I consider such change to be a bare minimal amount of
freedom and insurance for personal survival in a world toying with

incineration of all concerned. The assurance that one will do just fine in
all times and climes, with or without a fly to ride around on, is an
undisturbable peace of mind, and that is why this technology is not a
parlor game for the rich, but is an invention of the soul of all men.

The Philosophy of Scientology and Dianetics
The philosophy of Scientology and Dianetics could be simply stated that
if a person knew more, that is, he was more aware, then he would do
better, and feel better. This idea is about 10,000 years old as far as
its recent recording.
That philosophy evolved into techniques, technology, and education to
expand a person+s understanding and awareness to where people would
be more capable, and thus better off.
The philosophy embraces the lower seven dynamics, and operates within
the realm of the lower seven dynamics. It confines itself to certainty and
doesn+t interfere with or address a person+s beliefs, which are things
that they can keep for themselves because beliefs are highly subjective.
This particular philosophy goes back a long time, and appears to have
dominated Scientology and Dianetic activity up to the mid-60s, at which
point administrative aspects overshadowed technical aspects, and a para
military organization was formed up based on savage management
techniques and philosophies. It is known as -the Sea Org++, and it has
dominated over the churches since. It also crushed the above-stated,
original philosophy out of existence. So, that was the philosophy of
Scientology and Dianetics. It disappeared out of existence 16 years ago,
and has existed only in the individual universes of a few since then. It
does not exist in isness, excepting 10 instances of -field auditors+,
whose names are on file with the US Government.

The Church of Scientology and Dianetics
There are a number, between 50 and 100, of legally recorded churches.
Historically, what happened was after the publication of Dianetics in
1950, a number of Foundations were set up as Hubbard tried to bring some
semblance of order to the droves of people at his doorstep in his
travels and lectures. There was the New Jersey Foundation, then Wichita,
and so forth. Doing anything with these people was not his hearts desire,
for the next five years of his life included more scientific discovery
than even he wanted. After the five years of inspiration subsided, we find
him establishing The Church of American Science in Phoenix (1954), and
then The Founding Church of Scientology (1955) in Washington D.C. (I
was the Sunday Services minister at the latter for a few years in the
late 1960+s). Very quickly over the next five years about 20 other
churches opened up all over the globe. Now there are between 50 and too
of them, and the exact count remains vague as there are -Missions+ which
are branches of Churches. These churches are legally autonomous, so that
in the event of loss or suit or whatever, they eat it alone. If anything
good happens, the senior churches either take it or the credit for it.
These churches have a pecking order. California seems to be the loosest
charter, and thus is utilized for the most expansion, with offices in
Florida, yet it reports to -Worldwide+ in East Grinstead, Sussex,
England, at Hubbards old English Estate -Saint Hill Manor.
All of these have had a church creed which I quoted much of at the
beginning of the book. I suppose if they were drawn into court they would
allege that they still do in a file somewhere.
So these things grew from 1955 up to about 1966, when the para military -
Sea Org+ administrative Arm took control of the thing away
from the technical and religious types. In less than a year the character
went from that of peaceable savages to predatory barbarians. I was at
Saint Hill in the 1965-66 period as a witness to this change in character.
It was the most appalling event I have seen this lifetime, and I did not
sleep for 6 weeks, got real gray hair at age 21, crashed 150 tones down
the tone scale, outperformed all my peers out of rage, was most vocal in
my displeasure on the change in character, and was expelled from the
church for 9 months, after which they insisted I return, and that it had
all been a gross mistake. The predatory barbarians thought the
controversy of -the dumb farmer in love with helping people+ would not
be an embarrassment to them if they would sanction his activities. That
is the problem they had and that is how they have solved it, from then to
now. And they did have a problem, there was no mistaking that. I could do
a mailing, and give a lecture at a Hotel and draw more people than their
leader. After they expelled me, I continued doing my counseling, and
claimed they had no authority, I had mine not from them, but from
Hubbard, and I suppose their counsel explained he would have to sign the
cancellations of the authority he granted me, and he would not, nor would
his wife. These two have confidentially said -leave him alone+. So
sanction has made it alright to this day, supposedly. And in 1969 when
there was no church left in Washington D. C., only 8 sleepless people,
they asked me to put a church there, as a personal favor to the two
Hubbards who have insured I be left alone all these years. And six months
later, when there was one there, the military boys arrived, and took it
all away and I received no statement of acknowledgment even. I took on
that 283

task only if I would be indemnified by them against the military group,
only if all church policy could be waived, and only if all administrative
control was in my hands. By age 25, I had proved the old real Scientology
religion was what people wanted (was merchantable and marketable), the -
Sea Org+ was a sham, all the administrative paperwork was unnecessary.
This was not enough to make them see the light, but we both saw one thing,
a creation and executive talent. That place went from 8 staff members and
483 dollars a week, no students, one auditor, one preclear
to 30 staff members, 6,000 dollars a week, 5 auditors, 15 preclears. I
was told -you have done what the Hubbards wanted, that is over, now get
out.+ On three different occasions I have been telephoned about
somebody being beaten up in a basement, and my only comment has been
if you are stupid enough to go into one of those places you deserve it.
did not matter whether I was on TV interview shows, talking to heads of
states (that is Presidents of the United States, Queen of England, Royal
Family of Japan, Defense minister of Israel etc.), people in the U.S;
U.S. Senators, Scientists, radio talk shows, Investment counsel for 634
Billion dollars in trusts, heirs, the IRS, Bankers, Corporation
Presidents, they each and everyone brought it up...+What+s this I hear
about you being involved in some weird church?...+ and like a worn out
record I told them all, -the religion was the greatest thing ever
discovered, but the group had gone astray with bad management and I felt
the same remorse that I am sure Hubbard feels that the madness of bad
management can+t seem
to be stopped in that church or the American Business community+. All that
occurred between 1970-75. Then things got rougher.
Things got a lot rougher. I left all arenas, and ran away to a private
practice. It looked like murders would be next, and I wanted no part of
it. I could smell that coming. Oil company presidents were paying lawyers
$750,000 -to figure that goddamn religion out+. Top executives in Steel
Firms calling me in the middle of the night alluding that someone is going
to have to die to make it known the church takes care of its own, long
distance phone calls from Greece where some guy says -They want a million
dollars before I can leave, are these people nutty enough to blow me away,
its heavy but do not emotionally observe what is happening to people, for
that alone will break the greatest of men in half, and people
just might need you later....I am going to die in a few months, so it will
be a few decades before we talk again, Yes?+ And he did, and I reflected
upon the fatalism of the 4 wisemen and found I had been talking with myself,
but rightfully so. And four years later one of them calls me and says -I
have disturbing news, there is a big move coming down on
Hubbard and his church, what is your pleasure in this matter, if you
have one?+ And I said -Why do you offer this service?+ He says -Relief
from boredom, I love a good game+. So I said, -Those setting up the burn
on the man and the church, burn them.+ -Sounds good, but why, Geoff?+ I
replied, -Personal courtesy, honor, and amusement on my part, it is my
preference that he live and die in peace.+ The next year, another phone
call, and by then, at last my guts were acid with all this, and I said I
have no pleasure, I will not longer interfere, the government+s agents can
have him, and do not call me ever again on these matters. The old man did
not, he just congratulated me on finally growing up, giving up that ghost,
and died. So, at last it was over, the involvement with a thing that you
could only contribute to. But it may not be over for your preclear so let us
detail the monster, so you will not be thrown off guard in running out the
charge on someone who knew churches of Scientology.

Before we do that I want to clear up a personal area once and for all. I am
not boasting, bragging, promoting or making more of myself, or my
accomplishments in any sentence in this book, or in any aspect of my life.
My only areas of excellence have been as an auditor, and as an author
(putting together financial packages for large transactions). My executive,
banking, clerical, managerial, supervisory, sales activities have only been
80% of what they should have been. My activities with minerals, energy
patents, international trade, automation, and business consulting have
only been 50% of what they should have been. Fortunately, my activities
with real estate have been satisfactory, and in accordance with my
expectations. Real estate is probably what people who are too dumb to do
anything else turn to, and it is not their personal fault if others make
them wealthy from it. Aside from these areas, I am essentially a
failure. I was shoved out of the last two jobs I held due to office
politics, and my personal -dignity+ which I was told I had no right to,
since I was -corporate property+. When you hold position, you are not fired,
you are interviewed on how big your severance check should be for eternal
silence and the wording of your regretful resignation for personal
reasons you will be submitting at 10AM tomorrow. I had 3 good years in
that level
of social life, invested all that money wisely, and have been walking to
the drum of my own economics since. How one invests one+s funds is far
more important than one+s earnings. But aside from any personal or
economic success, I have remained by choice a political and social
I have just not devoted the time to doing those games up right, as they
seemed minor ambitions I could always return to, and buy if need be. The
game that this book is about seemed of higher order, and practically
consumed me, but I won it and it is over, thus, the book. I am not a
wealthy man, but I have served as counsel and advisor to scores of them
for decades. The majority of them have never paid me with anything but
protection., and that has been pleasure enough. That has mostly
evaporated over the years, and I have disappeared into that great
wasteland of invisibility, the middle class and its lifestyle. I do not exist
as a public person of consequence. As the Executive Director of the
Washington D.C. Church put it -We have checked you out, and you are a
nobody now, you are nothing but history.+ I like that kind of talk, for
privacy is the cost of freedom these days. I hope I have not bored you
with this self evaluation, but you do me a courtesy in reading my book,
and it would be unfair if you did not know my style and heart. Now that
you know it, you can judge for yourself if I have colored truth in any way. I
suppose everyone has a song to sing, and now you have heard mine. Let us
resume with this Church:
The church as become a giant administratively. 95% of the people are
involved in administrative activities, and less than 5% re involved in
religious-experience-type of work, such as counseling. It has all the
faults of General Motors, and you might enjoy -On a clear day you can see
General Motors+ if you do not know their faults or why American Industry
and Corporate America are doomed to extinction in the next 12 years. It
is an excellent book about De Lorean+s career with the firm, and what
the Corporation is really like.
Instead of the church numbering millions of adherents, its faithful
followers could in no way ever have exceeded 200,000. I will tell you
why. In 1978, it was published by worldwide that he had made about $2
million on book sales-in the previous year, and the new books that were
out totaled about a thousand a set, so simple mathematics would give you

about 200,000 true believers, willing to buy his new books. Only about
half of the book buyers are church believers, so the religion at its peaks
has had a market penetration of 100,000 people.
It lost a very significant amount of money (millions) in the 1959-63
period, and made a whole pile of money in the 72-76 period (millions).
Then, in the mid +70s, a religious retreat, which I believe is quite a
retreat, was set up down in Florida. It was called -The Flag Land Base+,
and installed in the old Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, and Hubbard
spent some time there. I believe it was late +76 he got so furious over
the poor quality of technical application that in a rage he stomped out,
and segregated himself from the church. He remains to this day segregated
LEGALLY from that Church. To even be a member of the church you have
to sign a statement acknowledging that he is in no way affiliated or
legally connected to the church. There is a sanction agreement between him
and the church. This is a lawyers dream and bonanza, and in some years
counsel has charged them over $31 million. The copyrights for the tapes are
separate from the bulletins, which are separate from the Scientology,
Dianetic copyrights, which are separate from the trademarks of the two,
which are separate from the personal copyrights, which are separate
from the Churches individual Copyrights, and each church is set up
autonomously legally. Yet, with all of that division, the essential bulk of
the copyrights are held in trust by him in Europe in a one-party trust,
where he is trustor and trustee. Thus, legally, he is not the owner of the
copyrights, nor are any of the churches. All this can be very frustrating
to the tax people.
his remark in the opening page of the -Tech Volumes+ that -the work
was free and tell your children to tell their children to keep it so+ I
would like to accept as a valid statement, and in stating it I honor the
best in the man, and not the worst.
So this fellow is legally and personally segregated from the church. He
doesn+t want the legal liability, the personal liability, or the factual
liability. It appears he does not like it either, but does not have the
guts or wherewithal to shut them down.
The quantity of members and the actual activities of the church severely
declined from the mid 70s to present.
They bought alot of real estate, and have a fair amount of money. They
have been deferring three Internal Revenue Cases (59-61 which they
cannot win, 62-65 which they can easily win, and 65-67 which their
counsel and government counsel think the church would win on) all
these years, and had use of the funds all this time. They have maintained
high liquidity, went heavily into gold at the bottom of the trough in the
early 70s and got a good ten times increase in their investments. So,
they have 500 or 700 million dollars lying around some place, it is
rather a
moot issue. That is only alot of money to those that steal it. It is not alot
of money to those that earn it. Their money is an irrelevant issue except to
them. To them it is terribly important, and they base most of their
decisions on money. The reason it is irrelevant, the money, is that the
church itself is irrelevant, because that is what it cares about. It does
not care about helping people. If anyone in the church was interested in
helping people, which is a subject the church holds to be -a moot question+,
they could start by taking people off drugs. Drugs are the

largest industry in America, with traffic exceeding $60 Billion/year
which far exceeds the largest Corporate Sales/year (Exxon). Then the
church would have billions. But they, the people of the church, cannot
comprehend helping another, providing a service, or doing a job. They can
comprehend deception, bait and switch, coercion, slander,
blackmail, abuse, and theft. This money matter of the church is truly an
irrelevancy, over amplified by the press in society and the church. The
church could very easily refund every dime ever paid into it, and clear
all bitterness against it and still have 75% of it still sitting there in
banks that are going to fold. People are as wealthy as their assets are
unrestricted, and they are willing to spend. People that cannot afford real
auditing, the propriety of giving a questionable-but-all-we+ve-got
government its due, their phone bills, the claims of those they have
abused, or even a plane flight to their own son+s funeral, are, without
question or discussion, the poorest people on planet earth.
So that is the darling church, and its darling creators.

The owners of Scientology and Dianetics
Truth belongs to all people. Address of truth as a free religious
experience is a fundamental principle this country was founded upon. The
U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to religious experience,
religious assembly, and makes it unlawful to refuse or deny religious
experience. Pursuing the question of who actually owns and runs the
above seems to be an inconclusive and impossible task for two reasons:
(1) truth is apparently owned by everyone, and (2) whoever controls the
above organizations has done such a fine job at secrecy that my
research, the research of the CIA, and the research of the Massacre of
Tel Aviv has proved most inconclusive. I am convinced that no one really
knows, and
that the control of the churches traces to no single one outside
influence, but instead to many outside influence groups who do not look
upon it kindly.
In trying to sort out the affairs of power in the outside
world one finds that the upper class, and various power groups use
treachery, savagery, deception in such quantity as to insulate themselves
from investigation, disturbance, and intrusion! This seems to be
relatively, if not completely, workable for them. This places any outsider
at tremendous disadvantage, for you do not know when you are being -set-
up+, being -shown a dog and horsey show+, being -sent on a wild goose
chase+, being -Sent down a blind alley+, being -set up for a fall+,
being -set with bait to make yourself a fool of+, or whatever. You have no
choice but to suspect all incoming communications as -frames for self
destruction+, if you are going to be scientific at all. You cannot shoot
from the hip, for with one error you are out. Without question this state of
affairs contributed heavily to my abandonment of resolving the condition
of man with ARC and my zeal in the development of technology to where
men and affairs could be directed from another universe above all of
their corrupt heads. I am going over this because it bears deeply on who
is actually running that church. The obvious legal owners of the Church
are the Hubbards, who by their performance and actions have left me
alone, which was my wish, and when pressured with millions of dollars to
cooperate with criticism of me on their Flagship in October of 1974, told
the millions of dollars to go to hell. I was surprised to hear that
Hubbard said of me -He and I do not like each other as people, but he has
always respected my work, and I have always respected his work and
judgment without question...You have just attacked the finest
Scientologist and man that you will ever meet, and probably the only
friend I ever had. Because of this you have a very very long road and I
wish you much luck on it, for you and I will not be talking again.+ So,
Hubbard laid this $100 million dollar dude out on the carpet in defense of
me. They, the Hubbards, may legally own that church, but they do not
control it, for there is too much evidence to the contrary. The difficulty
with the wealthy fellow was engineered within his church by its senior
officers who got along fine with this Machiavellian Industrialist. The
Wealthy fellow exerted all the influence he could to prevent my future
business successes for over a year, and dared me to execute on my threat
that he call off his dogs or I would break him in half. I delivered on the
dare, and broke his empire one year later. So two financial empires
destroyed each other, at the design of manipulative people in a church.
Marvelous. Hubbard watched, but would not lift a finger. Disgrace was
multiplying daily. The 6 months I had given to Hubbard to clear up an
issue had elapsed. I sought counsel in 288

an old-time Scientologist of much wisdom. He said, call AOLA, and get
permission to drop the body (kill) the leader by postulate of this
conspiracy. I did, and got permission. I informed the leader, and target,
and he wanted to see his family. He died visiting with them. I was
congratulated throughout the East coast Financial Establishment that -my
church did take care of its own and got the sonofabitches out of power and
into the graves they deserved+ and my friends said let it be over, your
name and dignity and power are restored. And I told Hubbard that he and
his filth in his church had made me a murderer, and that would be with
me for all eternity+s, and that I would find who had arranged this -set
up+ and they would know suffering beyond measure. The only way you could
get communication to Hubbard was in pc folders sent to him. About ten
years ago, he stopped reading and receiving any and all mail. There are a
bunch of secretaries that answer all of his mail. This was explained to
by a fellow who ran the typing pool. So, at this point I said good-bye to
all earthly powers, and Hubbard knew -the only bastard that could read an E-
Meter+, -the only one ever to audit any process he wants on any
preclear including those above his certificate level, this right never
again to be granted to anyone but Geoffrey+, was not only no longer in
love, but that I knew he did not have the wherewithal and could not
discharge officers in his own church. I have not heard from him since, nor
have I said anything to him since. People have arrived offering gifts of Ls
and things, and I have told them to go away, for I do not know who sent
them. So by the mid seventies I am into hiding, on top of the hottest
scandal of the century, that Hubbard can+t, not won+t, do anything about
his church,
refusing any and all help, out of suspicion. I was being offered jobs at
51.4 million a year salary. Something had to be up. I took a job at less
than $20,000 with people I could trust. I called in every personal and
corporate -IOU+ I had and demanded information at massive cost. I was
obsessed with madness at the horror of it, for it was too unbelievable:
offered certified funds of $500,000 for my participation in a
transaction involving uranium shipments to India from Canada, and I said
no, I need information on the control of this church. I need to know
what drugs, for how long are in Hubbards body, who is calling the shots
on that church and who set me up in 1974. And I got the information I
bought, and my heart was at peace for at last I knew who, and the answer
was internal
conspiracy, funded by a number of exterior displeased vested interests.
Finally direct contact emerged, and I announced -You bastards have done
such a good job ruining this gig, I fold, it is yours, you can have it
all.+ They were -so glad I understood+, and the gun was removed from my
temple. And I said in my heart, thank you so much L. Ron Hubbard, for now
if I ever talk I and my family are dead in minutes. Since these events in
the middle 70s, any contact with propriety has been a joke, and most
information I have jeeringly rejected. When the IRS showed me private
memoranda of 1000 affidavits drawn from people who had received
Scientology Services, I did not know whether to believe them or not. 17
said they had received wonderful religious service, and 983 felt they had
been ripped off by a con-game. The memoranda continues that the
writings of L. Ron Hubbard are not only religious in nature, BUT
EXAMINED. The memo continues that the church is a con-game, but that
exact and ethical application of Scientology is presently going on by
ten individuals, dossiers on the ten people are attached, with yours
truly 289

included. Then my entire personal life, including every woman I ever
slept with, love letters, is read to me aloud. Then all the closely held
secrets that only people at the top of that church (less than 1/2 a
dozen) are read aloud. Then they just look at me and smile. I said what
is the point, and you are not the IRS. This is not normal IRS audit
procedure. I thought at that moment what hypocrisy America has in
criticizing the Nazis, and Will Durant was right that there would be no
recognizable difference between America and Russia by the turn of this
Century. We proceeded to have a real nice chat. They suggested I retain
counsel, as they had counsel, sitting right next to them, I insisted they
remove their
counsel, talk openly and put it on tape. they agreed. It is always a bad
sign when there is counsel on the other side. I recalled seeing the director
of Mental Health in Virginia and he had the Asst. Attorney General sitting
right there as I walked in, and I said -Oh God, get him out of here, lets
just put it on tape, both of us talk real slow and choose our words and we
will both come out of this just fine+, and of course the man left the room,
and I got the apology due. In that little instance of public service I was
instrumental in improving conditions in the field of geriatrics in Virginia,
and this got pick-up by the wire services and papers, and I brought
peace, and the Church would not allow such progress for the sake of
Humanity, so they went against the deal that was struck, and the highest
officials in State Government said what good is your word now, and I
gave them the guarantee I had made, and delivered to the Governor+s
1975, and my word was good once again, and a hundred years progress
somehow just happened to pass the legislature that year, and it cost me
the halls and podium I had loved too well.
As I was relating, the IRS folks and I had a lovely chat. As we talked
my mind went from 500 words to 3000 a minute, and then 10,000. I was
somewhat surprised that the most closely held secrets of the church
happened to be public knowledge within the upper levels of US
Government. I recalled how people working in the Guardian+s Office and
Hubbard+s personal confidant (in Southern California) who advised him on
the handling of government affairs were on government payrolls. I
recalled the people that knew getting different passports and getting
of the country. And when that instant of recollection was over, it began.
It was explained to me that the government and the church were not
getting along too well, and neither the church nor the government liked
me at all, but it was mostly the church which was irate at my existence,
for what reason they did not know. They then showed me the false
information put in my file, the address on the informant, and showed me
how the church was setting me up for alot of hell. I said so what, and
they said you should know that they are after you, we have a file on it,
here it is. I almost could see the flag and hear the star-spangled banner
at that point, but I knew better. They said we need for you to take a
stand. I said
I cannot and will not for I have no legs. I have no legs as a gun was held
to my head once. -Oh, I see+ was the response. Then live communication
started: -That was not us, that was not the US, you know that...+ Well,
yes I know that, I said. -We know about it, it was an error, there will be
no executions, those people are out of power, you can do what you want
all the heat is off you, they all fell to misfortune you know...; I said
well, thanks for all the news, but they wanted a statement. I gave them one:
I made it clear to the government that if I was put on the stand by them I
would uncontrollably talk about the government; and if I was put on the

stand by the church I would talk uncontrollably about the church. I had
no interest in becoming virtually involved in this war between 2 groups. I
preferred that the government get back to that business, and the church
get back to its business, whatever that was. That was accepted, we
audited 2 years of my returns, I said send me a bill, they did, and I
have paid my taxes dutifully and quite religiously ever since.
Subsequent to those meetings I was told an article was run on the front
page of the Washington Post regarding the audit of field Scientologists,
and field auditors. I had made a call to the person who had enough
control over the paper to keep my name off the front page. He was in
Europe at the time and agreed. I never went back to read the article. I
have had no trouble with the US Government since. I packed my bags,
sold my house took one last look at Washington D.C. which had been my
home for 12 years, and murmured as I drove away, F--- this town, this
largest small town in America, and I never went back.
Whatever minor bitterness the US Government had toward me did not
matter, I did not know what endeavor had upset them. Was it the fiscal
crises in the early seventies where the Swiss backed the Yen Vs the
dollar from the man I recommended to Treasury who got $1600/hour
from the Japanese instead of the $1000/hour offered from the treasury?
Was it the sell signal in May of 69 on the Big Board to pull 55 Billion
in European Funds off the NYSE in a week? Was it the portfolio models for
634 Billion from South America, with America being essentially omitted as
a -good investment+? Was it the application for 30 years of Pertimana+s
sweet light crude at $11/barrel? Was it the reduction in the bribe to the
fed for these 660,004 barrels? Were the Warburgs pissed that the
Indonesian Government didn+t want to play? Was it EPA not wanting
those 400 Coal mines coming on line and all the brick factories East of
Chicago switching from Oil? Was it Congress being miffed that India got
its Uranium anyway from Canada? was it the sale of all the good
Geothermal sites in California to the Japanese? Was it the control of
the exotic energy patents? Was it the CED Energy Studies? I did not
know. I did not know. It might be something trivial like recommending to
Illinois bank a multimillion dollar loan, which went belly-up, or my
refusal to build 500 homes in Greensboro with city council getting 50% of
the profit. Somebody out there in the establishment did not like me at all.
I quit it all. People would call and say what is the market going to do,
I+ve got to get rid of 400 million this week, and I would say, ---- You, I
don+t exist anymore+, and they would beg that I do know the markets and
please get a 200% return investment into their hands and I would just
hang up the phone, and word got around. I am not bothered anymore, by
the business world, ever. I knew I was dead in the water in the business
world when I could no longer get any loans. I could not borrow a million
dollars on 9 million in equity, and I could not borrow $10,000 with
300,000 in collateral, anywhere in America, and I tried at over 2 dozen
banks. All this was behind me as I drove out of Washington D.C. life was
simple, I did not have a whole lot of enemies any more, for they had all
won. I only had one, whoever controlled that nutty Church, and I knew I
could win over that. No one else had, but a dog could. To win over that
did not require intelligence. It only required guts and endurance. I
became a full time consultant, full of guts and endurance, no longer a
seer to the fortunes of the world, no longer an executive, no longer an
advisor to power, no longer a deal man, no longer a SOCIAL INFLUENCE. I

headed for the Alaska of the mind, and started working on the West
coast; I was very much 35 years old.
I was lucky to be alive. I thought of my graduating class, over half of which
died in Vietnam, and my fathers Graduating Class over half of which died
in Europe. I had my life still, and six digits of dough left. I would win
over improper technology and a rotten church by perfecting the technology. I
got the Rocky Mountains agreeing to that as I drove. Proper technology would
drive out improper technology, and that singleness of purpose was
refreshing. The world had not wanted my help, so if it went to hell in the
meantime it could just do that. I was tired of taking care of it. Let it
die. Develop the perfect bridge. So, I went into seclusion to do so, and did
the best I could. I remembered the eyes of the ex-CIA agent at the Kennedy
assassination in the chapel at fort Polk, Louisiana as he told me -There are
only 2 of us left, they are sending me to Nam to do it to me there, you are
a minister, what can you say to all this+ as he cried, and there was nothing
I could say, he had enough insurance, and I was glad I never did
go see his wife and children as I had promised. I was glad no one in my
family and less than 10,000 people in America knew what was going on in
America. I was glad my mother went to her grave without ever
knowing. It is best that people not find out -that anyone is expendable
if more than -250 million are involved+. I thought of my close friend who
had a 24 hour contract out on his life from the second man down on the
NYSE, and how the President of the NYSE canceled it and scolded his
second in-command. I thought of him agonizing in bodily pain, after 30
trips to the hospital, saying help me, help me, and my having to give it
to him straight that we are all dead already, it was just a matter of
time. I was every bit 35 years old, and the only answer was an unstoppable
technology, that would produce real OTs that would burn every drop of
this evil off of this planet in instants. Thus the prior confusion leading
to the move toward perfect technology. And those with vested interests in
the continuance of fraudulent technology heard of it sooner than I expected.
I felt scientifically German, and thought perhaps it is all genetic, the
mixing of the blood of William and Lee, and dismissed the idea. The church
itself brought every possible degree of pressure on me
and everyone I was connected with for a 3-4 year period to stop me from
auditing. Which, of course, I survived with flying colors. It would be a
discourtesy to detail what extent these -people+ went to in order to
dissuade me from my natural inclination, which is assisting my fellow
man. Suffice it to say those folks will stop at nothing to achieve their
particular ends. Those ends are not constructive, have nothing to do
with the religion, philosophy, or technology of Scientology. Turning
something nice into a mockery seems to be their pursuit, and profession.
Back in the 76-77 period Hubbard became aware that his church was taken
away from him. He called for volunteers to get it back into his hands,
and he had none. They all feared bodily demise, which shocked him. He
had on his desk evidence of internal mutiny containing 75 signatures,
whereupon senior executives of the church had concluded that he was
crazy, and that it was in the best interest of mankind that they control
his church. To my knowledge nothing was ever done about this conspiracy.
There was a group of old-time Scientologists who mistakenly spent $2
million making arrangements with the Supreme Court, a top Evening
news Anchorman and shot color video tape, to where the church could be

shut down in 24 hours if they saw fit. This contained affidavits and film
of heroin shipments. They wanted to exercise this option in 1976, and
asked for my blessing. I was outraged, and threatened them if they made
that move. I made it very clear that the present -check+ situation (a
chess term) between the government and the church had taken years of
careful planning and development, and I did not want to live in a 1984
totalitarian state or a world dominated by a crazy church...That these
2 groups deserved each other, and served the ends of mankind in having
their horns locked. I never heard from them again, and so they didn+t
make the move, and it is amazing that something like that can happen,
and that the courts and press are available at such economical rates,
these days.
Normally when there is trouble in a group, there is an outside
causing the difficulty. The philosophy of divide and conquer is used
quite a bit in this world, especially where great power exists.
Scientology has been (wrongly) conceived as a great threat towards
certain nation-states. Not too many other groups consider it a threat.
Essentially one country, not the US, is using a lot of intelligence and
spending a lot of money to make sure that the religion, technology, and
philosophy do not work. Further, that the group appears to be a bunch of
bumbling fools in a
cultist, childish worship of a senile individual. This characterization
could only come from one nation on earth, and if you would check the former
religion of over 90% of the executives, you have got it. The church of
Scientology is not all that they have under wraps. Most progress in
humanistic thought they buy up and aberrate.
It is unfortunate that the slaughter of this particular theta-line of
beings, the Scientologists continues under the guise of a -research line+
and that the enforced ego worship designed by outsiders is used to drive
anyone of any talent, substance, depth, capability, or education from the
doors of that group. I would like to make it crystal clear that alot of good
people (in excess of 50,000),casting aside personal fortune, dedicated the
entirety of their lives, hearts, and intelligence towards making that church
exist so that there would be service there to their fellow man. It is a well-
hidden secret and tragedy that all of their work has come to naught in that
the church has been overrun with outside interests. Such interests maintain
the administrative beauracracy of personality-based elation, instead of the
legitimate exercise wherein people become clear
and OT. I have watched the spirit of that group wither and disappear over
the last 5 years, as this fraud is perpetuated.
It is not my preference here to resurrect or revive any memory or hope
of a real church. It is my purpose here to remind you that this is the
same planet where less than 2000 years ago someone that was very nice, the
pick of the litter, had nails driven through his flesh.
That is the normal animalistic response towards spirituality. In modern
times the 38 Caliber is rarely used. In modern times instead of nails or
the 38, they use modern psychology, appeals to vanity, transferring
frustration, the denial of adult rights, encouragement of childhood
behavior, and cleverly-marketed roles that are structured so that
inspection, creativity, responsibility and live interchange are impossible.
In a sense, Hubbard invited all this in. His Achilles heel for 40 years has
been psychology. He complains of it and psychiatry throughout his works, 293

and in having a closed mind on these subjects he never bothered to study the
techniques of them. Thus Freshman college psychology was used
against he and his following and they have all fallen for it, hook, line,
and sinker. I do not think any of them are CAPABLE of getting up off of the
floor of this con. This is a. dramatic proof of a very great truth: THE MOST
So you should not advertise to your fellow man that you want to get
crucified, and keeping a low profile is wisdom in these matters. Spiritual
progress is strongly opposed on this ball of dust. There is no point in
being paranoid about this, and if you are, you can put that area to rest
relatively easily. You just get damaging information on your enemies and set
it up in safety deposit boxes in other countries under other names, with a
trustee who will release the information if harm were to befall you, and
then explain this to your enemies. If you still cannot sleep nights, there
is no law against you having loaded semi-automatic weapons in your home. If
these matters bother you further, then you probably have some
case in these matters, to get audited off.
You should not get the subject of individual improvement and religious
experience confused with the social activity of large groups grinding up
against each other. It is not worth your time. The groups come and go.
The individuals don+t. There have been many groups and civilizations,
and there will be many more of them, but a decent individual is a
relatively permanent thing. Look at me. I keep popping up. Decent
individuals are
the fixtures of culture. A decent individual will be here in 400 years,
this country may not. If you stick to the subject of helping people and
and avoid these dramatic traps of crazy people affecting crazy people (and
that is what those groups are there for, as fly-paper for nuts), then you
yourself will become free. If you are a strong believer in taking
multitudes with you (which is ludicrous), perhaps you should read Eric
Hoffer+s book -The True Believer+. It was no accident of history that
Hoffer and I lunched before I went to Saint Hill Manor, and if that does
not bring you to your senses, then Larry Browne+s -How I found Freedom in
an Unfree World+ might. If neither do, good luck, big dreamer.
I trust my personal experiences will shed some light on the -Owners+,
and I have done well in being alive to discuss it. Dozens of other senior
staff members that have left the group have come up with the identical
conclusion. I said at the opening of the chapter that I was convinced
that there was more than one group, and I remain so to this day, even
though one group is obvious. That peasantry gets obliterated by the whims
of nobility is as old as history itself, and as I have picked cotton and
run large companies in one lifetime I have seen it from both sides. There
is little answer I know to this phenomenon other than my own answer:
EXTRACTION. I got out of both.
little did I know at the time, that the church had accomplished its
mission, for I know longer believed in myself, did not realize that what
was wrong with me was I was being -35 years old+, did not suspect that I
had made a +self determined change+ from the +prior confusion+. I did not
suspect that it was my inability to handle treachery that I could not
confront, and I mistakenly assumed it was the treachery that bothered me.
Years later this unscrambled and I acknowledged I was a failure at
handling treachery and viciousness at the two extremes of the social

ladder, and the hiding in the middle class evaporated. Years later, I
realized perfect technology will only help those that want it, and no one
else. Years later, I laughed at my misadventures in playing with only
billions in a world worth $100 Trillion.

Other Technologies
There are other technologies that are useful. Specifically, let us first
take up -Transactional Analysis+. It has enjoyed a rather wide usage in
American Business. In that it is 100% correct, I recommend a reading of
- Scripts People Live +, by claude M. Steiner, Bantam Book, October 1975,
#B6403 in paperback, originally published by Grove Press, Inc., 53 East
11th Street, New York, N.Y. 10003. This is critical information on the
handling of people, and the understanding of their behavior. I had
summarized this book in my first draft, but I think you would be better
off reading the whole thing.
Fred Hertzberg+s - The Nature of Man + is an excellent example of the
technology of motivation, and a good introduction to rational Industrial
Theory X and Theory Y Management texts are excellent reading in the
technologies of treating peole like slaves or like people, and illustrate
the increase in performance from the latter.
Health food books are informative, such as - Rapid Healing Foods + by Ben
Davis, and -T he Science and Practice of Iridology + by Bernhard Jensen.
The Tibetan book of the Dead is a technology of its own, as is A Week on
the Concord and Merrimack Rivers by Thoreau.
Aldous Huxley+s The Perennial Philosophy is a summary of a very
fundamental technology; for I trust you will recall that all technology is
the result of science and all science is the result of philosophy.

Wisdom+s Usual Final Hour
Wisdom+s usual final hour has been going on for a long time, and will
be going on for a long time. One can proceed with becoming more wise,
or one can withdraw from it. The problem is always great enough, and is
not going to be going anyplace, nor is your relation to wisdom be going
anyplace. Progress can only be covered up, it cannot be fully erased.
Wisdom has had to go on, regardless of what was going on at the time in
society. Since we are dealing with a functionally illiterate society,
wisdom has essentially operated as an activity in secret, hidden, and
slandered quarters, and will probably remain so for a long time. Carl Sagan
was correct in observing -People are quite willing to accept the products
of science, but not its method.+
Respectability and propriety generally have little to do with wisdom.
Peoples+ acceptance of it has nothing to do with wisdom; but their
rejection of it may, for if you are really onto something good they will
object like mad. People are equality and companionship addicts. The
whole question of climbing out of suffering humanity towards a better
existence is generally considered impossible, and is ridiculed. If you
are in the business of helping others do it, you will be ridiculed and
persecuted, by those that do not have wisdom going. They have
something else going, and I will take that up in the next chapter.

The Death Business
At various points in history, the business of living becomes more
important than the death business. At other points, the death
business becomes more important than the business of living. For
example, the middle and dark ages were extreme instances of death
businesses -outperforming+ life businesses.
Drugs, which are a socially-acceptable method of killing oneself slowly,
is the largest cash flow business in the U.S. There are so many types of
death being sold, that I couldn+t even begin to list them here. Death, as
a sugar-coated, high demand commodity, is being bought and sold in
gradient quantities, at a very predictable rate.
If a person no longer wants to subscribe to the social, subtle, or obvious
death businesses, then one just does that. There is no special how or why
in doing it. You simply stop subscribing to it. In doing so, you will
probably have to replace it with the business of living.
The whole money-trap of economic slavery generally lines up along the side
of the death business. Money itself is very rarely a problem, only the
lack of it is. This is, obviously, not very well known, for people are
constantly chasing after money instead of resolving the lack of it. They
can spend a whole lifetime in this futile pastime. It is not really a game.
A pastime is a substitute for a game.

Drugs: Cause, Effect, and Cure
At the time that a person receives a devastating impact, shock, or
engram, when they are having negative thoughts and emotions, these
negative thoughts and emotions get stuck on the individual. Thus people
get evil purposes stuck on them. Until the evil purposes are erased in
auditing, they will manifest themselves. To get relief from the purposes
being there, the person will execute the purposes on themselves and
their associates.
Drugs are a socially-acceptable method of killing oneself and a socially
accepted method of turning off sensation. Society has scripted people
with this method of handling things within one that are undesirable. The
frustration level in society is high, and when people are taught that the
solution to this is to take drugs, then you have a drug society, which we
already have in the U.S., Europe, and the communist countries.
If someone is walking around drugged all the time, they can+t get much
done. living, finding truths (as-isness), cognition+s, growth, and life
purposes are peculiarly absent on such an individual. I have read that
80% of the American population is in such a state, so I am not surprised
to read that 80% of that population is addicted to one form of drug or
The cure for this is to get all those chemicals out of the body, on a
body level. There are dozens of -Health+ books that give cleansing diets.
This should be followed with a mild education on drugs, and then do a
Drug Rundown. There is no other permanent cure.

Iconoclasm and Illiteracy+s Final Reward
There are people who delve into a whole number of things, and have rooms
and rooms full of books. They do so due to their fundamental
illiteracy. Such people are drowning in data but starved for
information. They take in vast quantities of information, and do not
understand any of it. They have actually accomplished nothing more than
a pastime called thinking. This is the worst form of iconoclasm.
The best form of iconoclasm is evidenced by the person taking the best
from everything that has been read, learned, or experienced and using
that combination to grow further in life.
Every individual that you meet, in any situation, has some degree of
truth to exchange with you. If you would recognize that, then everything
that you would do would be progress. This is not a rationalization, or -
logic+. Even sorrow itself serves the function of never leaving us where
it found us, to paraphrase Mary Baker Eddy.
Two close friends 5 years ago would go into fits of laughter over the
possibility of -someone ever figuring this technology out+, and it doth
appear their humor has affected us quite a bit. They wagered whether the
Senior Technology individual had a thetan ( was a spirit) or was just a
robotic mind. So they confessed this wager to the individual in question,
who without emotion stated -That does not compute+. He who had
walked the soil for 10 years handed $5 to the younger and wiser friend.
Love of truth can blind one to the facts. This happened at Flag amongst
the 3 highest technical people there.

Spiritual Obligations
Some people feel compelled to assist other people spiritually. This type
of person is rather rare in society, because that urge is usually the
result of the individual having a very high state of awareness. Such people
have risen above the awareness of self-determinism (where one takes
responsibility for one side of a game) to the higher awareness of pan
determinism (where one takes responsibility for both sides of a game). Thus
in their desire to assist themselves, they include assisting others for, to
them, others are an element of self.
Normally, a person who is quite a -winner+ (they win at any game that is
presented to them) will evolve up to pan determinism where they are
determining all sides of the game.
In doing so, all feelings of obligation discharge, and convert eventually
into spiritual freedom, as long as the games are played by the rules of
the next universe out in lieu of the rules of this physical universe. In
this universe you have winners and losers in games. In the next universe
out, one has a spiritual obligation to play games only where/when everyone
wins. One can play games in this physical universe by either set of rules.
If you play games where there are losers, you will stay a citizen of this
physical universe, on this time track, and remain in this universe to that
degree. If you play games where everyone wins and no one is harmed, you will
be a citizen of the next universe out, and will be a master of this
universe, because you will no longer live in this apparency of reality.
This is by degree also. Thus one can live in reality on the upper dynamics,
in filth it is a volitional matter of how much or little that one thinks of
his fellows in deed, that determines where and what you and your life are.

Christian Science, Above their Heads
About 120 years ago, a body of data that is called -Christian Science+ was
popularized by Mary Baker Eddy. A number of years earlier an obscure
man in New England, Phineas P. Quimby, had written the fundamentals of
this data up. She popularized and published it. I am quite sure that -
Scientology+ was written up a long time ago by a number of obscure
individuals. Much of the popularized and published version of -
Scientology+ by Hubbard, in respect to science, epistemology, the nature
of knowledge, etc., is from a fellow named Korzybski. There was a German
book entitled -Scientology+ which is philosophical in nature, and of
course was popularized and published by Hubbard. The German book
was published in 1923. I know of two people that after reading it, left
-Church of Scientology -out of disgust and bitterness, -that I. Ron
Hubbard would do such a thing+.
Regardless of the origins of information (which is a senseless pursuit
100% of the time), the body of knowledge known as Christian Science is
over 90% correct, but it is of such a high reality level that most people
are not up to using it. Most people are not well-founded enough in truth
to digest or apply this technology. However, it is good for resolving
problems of the spirit. Scientology and Dianetics are good for resolving
problems of the body, mind, and spirit. Christian Science details alot of
information on the 8th Dynamic, and the Reality beyond the apparency of
reality that most people believe. Its workability is limited by and to
the degree that the person is involved with the apparency of reality. So,
Christian Science is a technology that is above everyone+s head. Yet it
is something that a person can grow toward and up to.
It is an irony that the writing of Mrs. Eddy is somewhat impure. This
traditional transcendental philosophy, which is very Eastern and Tibetan
in nature, is somewhat stylized by Mrs. Eddy with the slant that only New
England could give to metaphysics. However, she does cover the
fundamentals of spiritual existence rather thoroughly, and the
fundamentals of physical existence scantily. Her use of the language is
so extensive, that only Shakespeare exceeded her range.
If you want to do something about the mind, or the apparency, you should
know your Scientology. Its a straighter shot to the heart of the matter.
Going to a -higher plane+, to the soul of the matter, can often be a
longer route. Going around the world to go next door does work, but it is
most time consuming. Even with this obvious constraint, it should be noted
that Christian Science has some workability, through the statement and
recreation of absolute truth the lies, which gather their life from that
truth, unmock. This is evidenced by the Christian Scientists being one
of, if not the, highest per-capita income group on this planet.
It is interesting to note that the KGB of the USSR said in a report 25
years ago that there were two groups in the US that posed a threat to
Communism and Psychiatric techniques: Scientologists and Christian
Scientists. It said that people in either sect were a free people, that
could not be hypnotized, drugged, and implanted into acting as cruel
but that everyone outside of those groups could be and was. It forecast
that 99% of the population of the US, outside of these two groups, would
be surrendering to the Madison-Avenue techniques of modern medicine

and -new structure+, and would submit to the new universal animalism
invented for them in good old Russia.
This was truly fun reading at age 12, for me. I contrasted the two groups
at that time with the observation that the Christian Scientists had
dignity and common sense; the Scientologists had technology and
philosophy. Neither had a synthesis embracing those four critical areas of
human endeavor, so I went back to the sixth grade as any child would.
Children lack tenacity. Tenacity is one of the few things that comes with
In the past two decades, the number of Christian Scientists has dropped
in half. This is most probably due to a number of factors, but the
essential one I hold to be that the material is way above most people+s
heads. When you give people information that is above their heads, it
shoots their havingness and it spins them. They then have difficulty with
it. This is because they can see, but cannot have it. Thus, the huge Sunday
feasts after church, throughout the midwest. That food is to repair the
shot havingness of hearing about -A Static, nothingness, A God+ which they
falsely assume they cannot have and hug.
If a person is having problems with an apparency, it is very cruel to try
to use a Christian Science solution for it. One should use an apparency
solution within the manifestation of the apparency, and I have certainly
described what that is in the majority of the pages of this book.
In conclusion, if there is a problem with an apparency use the clean form
of Scientology in this book; if there is a problem with reality,
Christian Science is one of many workable ways of fixing that. If you do
not know the difference between the apparency of reality and reality, you
should read this book, and some other books, very, very well.

Tibet, the Dali Lama, and Tantric Buddhism
In this high-altitude realm, where over half of the people are physically
ill (thus out of their body), there is a cloistered religious tradition of
valid sacred lore. These people insist that the same being keeps taking
different meat bodies over and over, but it is the same fellow, and he
has understood the entirety of divine wisdom. He is known as the Dali
Lama, and is supposed to have a handle on truth so good, that nobody else
even comes close. That sort of talk makes one think that -who knows the
most+ was once, if not is, something competitive. Such myth of -the
best+ is a part of any rural scene, whether it be the best tractor, buick,
religion, or religious leader. I doubt if Christ, the Dali, Hubbard, or
anyone civilized would ever stoop to being competitive, due to the cost of
sacrificing self involved. Hubbard might, the pit into which he is digging
himself is probably more endless than his writings.
In Tibet, the wisdom of the western world, much more wisdom than the
west knows, the true history of this planet, -the history of higher
cultures, the science of higher awarenesses, and the secrets of
immortality have been stored for centuries. Mostly these are stored in
written volumes, such as the -Golden Scripts+, some in coded form, and
some in personal memory. The head of this caretaker, gatekeeper, and
librarian activity is the Dali Lama. He is alive and well. I can assure you
of that. The man has no problems. He is a -problems release+, the likes of
which you have not seen.
Tantric and Northern Buddhism have remained in Tibet in their original
form and concept, uncontaminated by Southern Buddhist and Christian
fanaticism. Southern Buddhist fanaticism started with Meteya and his
farmers who felt everybody deserved all the truth right away, and in
attempting that propagation lost all the truth by debasing it for
digestion. Meteya, whom Hubbard claims to be the reincarnation of, is
certainly repeating that performance. If Hubbard was not Meteya, he is
doing a real good job of imitating him, in selling the impossible dream of
-freedom from without the freedom to+. Christian fanaticism started with
the Council of Nicea about 323 AD, when a strong church was devised on tom-
foolery logic to centralize power, and enslave a population of free
thinking people on the verge of all becoming Christ+s themselves. So, a
-Heaven forbid+ fanatical religion was invented to prevent the biblical -
so are we all the sons of God+ from coming true. Tibet, being so
geologically and philosophically remote and of a higher atmosphere,
remained uncontaminated by the scarecrow of Eden (Meteya+s crowd) or the
scarecrow of Big Cheese (Nicean Council+s demanding self-denial).
I simply want to state that these things about Tibet, the Dali Lama,
and Tantric Buddhism, are not only true, they are grossly understated.
There is a lesson in their recent experience. The wisest people in the
world were driven out of their monasteries by communists with machine
guns. Wisdom without power can provoke an unbalanced situation. What a
person needs is both wisdom and power, in proper balance. In the West,
we have power without wisdom: a world with 100,000 nuclear weapons
all set to go off not only provokes an unpleasant situation; it is a
situation unto itself. If a person were to have wisdom and power in balance,
they would be immune to provocation+s and situations. This just might be the

one thing that nobody figured out. I can guarantee you that factor alone,
at the least, separates the men from the boys.
The game is not yet over between the Tibetans and the communists. It is
probably just beginning this decade. The Dali and his followers will break
that group and the countries operating under that philosophy in half. If
the free world doesn+t survive either in this little project, what+s to
matter. The library was disturbed, you see. That must never happen again.
The human race, which always reappears after nuclear holocaust, must be
safeguarded as much as possible, but the preservation of the library is the
foremost mission. It says so in the library. That is quite a mentality. One
could assume that these high-altitude boys play for keeps.
After the communist invasion, the majority of those wise men transferred
into other meat bodies. People of that order don+t have to be reborn
into a child+s body. They can take an adult body at will. They do adult
body changes knowingly. Lobsang Rampa has written a number of books on
My point in bringing all this up, is to let you know it exists, and that
the majority of information available on this subject area is accurate.
It is relevant and logical that the fathers of previous high cultures would
store the seeds for the right time to give them to their sons for planting,
so that spring might come again for all surface dwellers.

Shakespeare, The Man As Tragedy
Shakespeare was recent-history+s most dramatic -outsider+. Colin Wilson
defined an -outsider+ as one who saw, felt, and knew much more deeply
than his fellows, and determined that 4% of the population was plagued
with being alive. Shakespeare said that only one in ten-thousand were in
such a state. +Wilson counts better, but doesn+t tell a story like
Shakespeare. Shakespeare did not end up living with the people that he
loved. A pregnancy forced him into a marriage that he did not care for.
The marriage forced him into farm management, which he did not care for.
He calculated a moderate escape from both by republicising (with
bitter British wit interjected along the way) Turkish, Eurasian, and
Arabic fireside stories as drama. The man became famous because he
understood tragedy so well, that he could convey it on a stage with ease.
He understood tragedy so well because that is what his life was to him. To
put it very simply, he did not do what he wanted to do; he did what others
wanted him to do. There is no more common tragedy in all of
men+s streets, so he wrote most well about what he knew best. In -King
Lear+ he wrote of the traps and urges that man is caught in: himself,
family, groups, species, the animals, the natural elements, spirits, and
divinity. These are the -dynamics+. Lear is bitter and outraged that this
is a trap he is sick of, and that man deserves better, and he yells it to a
storm and no one hears him. Shakespeare approached the fundamental
philosophical questionings in +Macbeth+ and +Hamlet+, surmised fact to be
stranger than fiction, and so forth. He said quite a number of things. It
is all good reading, and is broad enough in scope to defy summarizing or
He used the technique of comic relief to get a person to discharge on an
outflow enough to where an inflow of tragedy would not only be
acceptable, it would be desirable. Over the past 400 years, much of the
recognition of the humor has been lost. At the time of their writing, it
was 50% humor, 50% tragedy. The reason that much of the humor in the
plays is lost, is that people are so terribly serious these days. I
seriously doubt that if you were to stab someone with a sword that their
normal response would be to say -At last I am slain+, and yet this most
humorous of all of his lines, is acted out as a serious statement on stage
these days. Thus the plays are, at the least, ruined, in modern theater.
Christianity suffered the same misinterpretation. The Sermon on the Mount,
anyone were to ever dare to read it, is the most sarcastic and funny set of
remarks in the English language. Its five whole pages of someone telling
people to keep doing what they are already doing (You can+t stop keeping
your own counsel, loving thy neighbors as thyself, etc.). So there is this
guy on a hill telling everybody to consciously do what all their mental
machinery has them compulsively doing so hard that they can+t shut it
off, and years later nobody gets the joke, or the help, he was
suggesting. He was saying wake up folks, and they didn+t, so he said to
hell with it. Nobody got the point then, and nobody gets the point now.
He choose martyrdom out of disgust that everyone was so god-damn dumb.
Others choose to perceive him as a serious sadly and sickly type. That
fellow was a very happy, and very amused and amusing individual. Kahlil
Gibran (the most published author in the world) correctly said the world
could not have him as he was, a man of laughter, so they invented a man
of sorrow instead. It would be a nice fairy tale if the second coming of
Christ came and went, and nobody noticed he was getting more bitter each
time he

showed up. Like the only thing that was getting better on the guy were
his jokes. Please accept my apology for suggesting something that is
-unscientific+, and makes sense. I will not pursue this fairy tale
further, as it would cause so many black robbed types to feel cheated. Can
you imagine the upset there will be when somebody figures out this fellow
just keeps living, never announcing he is the old Big Sad Cheese? Let us
burn this fairy tale at the stake, so -the poor, which will be with you
always+, the griefy, sadly, and sickly types of folks will have their
bloody, sacrificial, supernatural savage back in place.
Shakespeare had alot more sources to draw from, than we do presently.
He stands as a hallmark in modern history, a paragon if you will, of waste.
In wasting his existence, and himself so thoroughly, he gets top prize for
the ultimate in waste. In communicating effectively about this waste, he
contributed to this culture. He communicated very effectively about how
other people are wasting themselves and their lives. This has no 5-page
Sermon on the Mount of ways to waste. This was thousands of pages of
every conceivable way to do it up right.
Ironically, we do not have all his plays. But we only have 7 of the 400
Greek plays, by their most famous playwright. A lot of great literature
lost in Western Civilizations. In Eastern Civilizations, none of it gets
lost, it gets hidden and buried. The West writes better but loses it. The
East requires divinity for access to its library. Perhaps wise men do not
care for being misinterpreted so diabolically.
And for those of you who would condemned me for speaking lightly about
men of light, as you thrust your condemnation at me, I cannot hold
myself back from saying -At last I am slain+.

Werner Erhard: What The World Is Coming To
Werner Erhard is what the world is coming to, or has been coming to. He
was once a book salesman. He is quite impressive and dynamic with other
people. Personally, he is quite overwhelmed and secretive. He was a low
TA case throughout his auditing, with loads of manic-depressive cycles
left unhandled. This fellow felt personally quite guilty about running
up enormous debts and deserting families. He felt and decided that it
was best that he discharge his personal responsibilities to his family
and creditors by promoting fundamental, low level, and crude philosophy
into middle and upper class America. So he saved his own tail, if other
do not exist. Other people do exist, so he is worse off than before. He
is personally completely certain that he has not helped anyone, and that
he just took their money. The idea that people could be helped, or
harmed, is beyond his perception. This occurs on any person that harms
others a lot. It happened to Hubbard 17 years ago.
This Erhard fellow received 100s of hours of Scientology processing, in
the late 60s, which culminated with a severe run-in with the Church of
Scientology. The dykes that ran the San Francisco Church were very
uncivilized with the man. He developed much of his philosophy as a sub
gradient to where people could go from the world they were living in onto
the world of Scientology, after they had gone through his program.
He had no idea that years later he would be selling this alone by itself as
a product. He established a center in San Francisco down the street from
the dyke-run Church for this purpose. The Church saw that he was a
productive individual (that is a -no-no+ in the Church of Scientology),
and took the appropriate actions to shut him down. This upset him greatly;
so much that he broke off with the church. But not before buying, at
considerable cost, a complete set of everything Hubbard wrote, taped,
imagined, etc. The individuals that transferred this hoard of data just
disappeared into thin air, complete with new identities, passports, and
new countries to live in. His subsequent -auditing+ in the past 10 years
has been a very private, superficial, and secretive pastime. Its been real
-church quality+ work, like improving one+s feelings about driving race
cars, instead of +How come this medical doctor quit his practice, sells
heroin on the street and feels fine about it after taking your seminar?+.
He contemplated getting some valid work done a few years ago, but couldn+t
quite close the loop. He and I have had a few mutual associations along
the way. He is closely watched by the same intelligence people that
control the Church of Scientology. Being a captive of his own personal
staff, he is essentially held in check; and prevented from coming out in
the open as an honest or legitimate individual. He would probably get a
bullet very quickly if he ever told anyone anything truthful. He is not
aware of it, because he is so dumb, childish, and creative. His staff
keeps him protected from anything that might disturb the suckling of the
pig, and the dollars for the harem.
He is personally quite aware that he -has never helped anyone in any
permanent way+. Further, -that individuals are absorbed, eaten and
ruined by groups.+ And, -as far as any solution to the problems mankind
faces, I have inadequate data and data sets to perceive any possible
solution.+ I am quoting the man. It is unfortunate that outside influences
have maintained him as he is, and prevented him from becoming a
helpful individual for society.

He is a good example of a productive individual who received -church
quality+, Hubbard+s-brand Scientology auditing (one obtains 2-4% of the
gain available in contrast to all of them as defined in this book), and
ran headlong up against the forces that rule the existing Church of
Scientology. TWO to four percent of truth usually makes embittered,
political criminals of people, uniformly.
The philosophy Werner communicates happens to be North of where
most people are in society, but it is still one that is below death on the
tone scale. He promotes accountability, that -everyone is responsible for
the condition they are in+. Most people are below that, and are into
approval from bodies, controlling bodies, owning bodies, or needing
bodies. (One spots where people are on the tone scale not by what they
feel, but by what they do.) So accountability is a step up for most
people. A mutual friend of Werner, Hubbard, and yours truly, has pleaded
with me
at length, to not go warring against these two other creative people. I
like the truth, better than a deadly peace. So truth is a double edged
sword, excalibur, if you will. She had the audacity to compare me with
these fellows. That sort of ended that friendship.! I have not built any
group, started any movement. I had more ambition than that. The
accomplishment of the stated goals of every religion, Scientology
included, deserved the double-edged sword, and that success has been
history for decades. Neither Werner nor Hubbard can yet envisage that
level of ability. It+s too light for them. They understand solid things
better. They both have known what I do for fun, and perhaps a living,
and have no interest in it, except as to how it threatens their paper-
mache megalomania. That the world has been coming to Werner, shows the
starvation for spiritual truth in the streets. His seminars are about 1%
of what people need to know. Cheap has at last become fashionable. These
people would be better off getting 1% open-heart surgery, 1% fillings in
their teeth. The world comes to cheap on the pitch that it is -the one and
Werner has given us a world in which we must all drive Hondas, as no other
cars are allowed. Hubbard has given us the intellectual world in which
there is only one Rolls Royce, but only he can drive it right. Others are
allowed to look at, and if they lie enough, polish it. Both worlds are
confining, unrealistic, and personal gratification+s. One requires cheap,
the other requires absurd expense. They are similar in that they both make
a mockery of the truth business, are myopic in vision, and require
severe denial of oneself, for a ticket into each of the tent-styled brand
of Hinduism+s mentioned.
If one were inclined to fix one of these types of people or cases (I have
met 4 out of 110, and let all 4 go to hell, but you may be more
compassionate than me) one would do it by using a different set of somatics
in the dianetic preassessment, before using the regular pre assessment
buttons. They are: ambitions, computations, knowingnesses, futilities,
philosophies, goals, identities, convictions, urges, decisions,
aspirations, hopes, and designs. These will saw off the circuitry of the
one engram of being an old bad OT that they are stuck in so bad that they
cannot run it. The Hubbards, Erhards, and other +hopelessly black beings+
can be cleared up thereby, but I have preferred abandoning them as a
personal pleasure. That is the technology for those who will murder for
superficial greatness.

The Press, Poverty of the Ages
Selling newspapers is a tough business. It is a business. There is no
point in being overly-kind or unkind about it. The business of selling
ideas on paper is that and that only. To assume that anything you read in
the press
has any substance to it, or any relation to fact, is a devastatingly
dangerous assumption. The degree with which the press has investigated
Scientology, Est, the Bible, the Presidency, the Economy, the Energy
situation, the Federal Reserve Board, what money is, or truth is
extremely superficial. Investigative reporting and press journalism
ranges from between 2% to 3% penetration of the information available.
This 2-3% of the information is then stylized, made digestible, and then
published. They don+t dare publish any substantial truth of what is going
on in the real world, because of their fear that doing so would tear the
fabric of society apart. Such fear is unfounded. It is natural that the
press would take something like Watergate, where somebody lied about
doing something, and orchestrate it as some monumental sin, because it is
estimated that that would sell papers, as everyone has felt guilty about
lying. They wouldn+t dare go into a Kentucky town and publish a story
about how a Judge is getting $10,000/week by letting the trucks drive
over roads that aren+t approved for that. Suffice it to say that press
investigations are uniformly on a very light, and superficial level, and
thus are not the truth. Thus reading what is written on a subject (whether
that be Scientology, the Energy situation, the economy, etc.) is a
substitute for knowing what is going on there. If you think I am being too
hard on the press, then you just wait another 300 to 500 years for the press
to run a story that Roosevelt brought about World War II, or Nixon prevented
World War III. You just won+t see it then, either. Walter Cronkite
opposed any news that might disturb the dinner hour.
In 1972 I did a lengthy and detailed study and report about the Energy
Situation of America and the World. This, with my permission, was
submitted under another name to the Council for Economic Development
(CED), which reports and recommends to the US Senate and President
only. It is irrelevant, that my models and forecast were accurate as far
as the 72-2010 period projected. What was relevant, was that I discovered
that 3% of what was published on the subject of energy was accurate.
97% of it was noise, lies, and conjecture. I am most grateful that the
decision makers of this ball of dust have surrendered to common sense in
establishing price structures which will allow us the chance of coming
within 1% range of avoiding the irreversible -greenhouse effect+, which
will or will not occur in the 1987-88 time frame. Whether our
grandchildren have air to breathe, or can survive only in caves, was not
front page news in 1972, Watergate was. Above 500 degrees surface
temperatures on this place called earth, does not pass the -Cronkite
test+, as it would disturb the dinner meal atmosphere. But it does
control how much each of you will pay for gasoline the rest of your
lives. So, the press can+t really get involved with anything truthful or
relevant, as it exceeds the etiquette of the dining room, and also
because it requires some intelligence.
It is no wonder that the Reader+s Digest in describing L. Ron Hubbard and
Scientology would relate how many times he wants his clothes
rinsed, his personal life excesses, and make no mention that the

discovery of the E-Meter dwarfs the discoveries of fire, the wheel, and of
You should not look for friends or information in the press. I wouldn+t
suggest subscribing to it, much less believing in the material in it, for
the press is a substitute for what is actually going on. It maintains the
myopia of the inability to see things, because they are looking so you don+t
have to. Unfortunately that does not work out well, for they look very
superficially. They wear big thick glasses, that are very dark. It is
appropriate for people that sell ground up trees, only.

Functionally Illiterate Societies and Performance
A functionally illiterate society will perform anywhere between 1 - 5% of the
capability of its individuals. This is what we are living in. Over half of
the people on planet earth cannot read or write; and those that can are
functionally illiterates. The functional illiterates do not understand what
they are reading and writing, to the degree that they can go out and do
anything. So, what these people do is just apathetically take the available
jobs offered by corporations, companies, and governments (in that order,
If you are going to shape your own future, which is your own
responsibility, if you so decide it to be, then you will have to work within
the framework of the stupidity level of people in society. You will have to
find out what that is. The media, and press are good in detailing it.
People do not understand the simplest of things, although they parrot
complexities with ease. The former is them, the latter is their minds.
People understanding and a mind understanding is vastly different. The
former is gauged by performance, the latter by speech. You will do much
better as peaceable savage that is polite, easy, a bumbling simpleton;
than as a brilliant, letter-perfect, bombastic predatory barbarian.
Xerox+s top salesman, who stuttered (so the prospect would have to repeat
back to
him everything said) explained this to me. When he resigned, he did not
stutter at all, to the dismay of those who knew the predator way-of-life
The stupidity of others should not effect your love (affinity) for them.
Don+t ever confuse your affinity and reality lines with people. The most
disastrous thing one could do is to try to fully understand, when it is
not necessary. Some people and situations call for affinity. Some call for
communication. Some call for reality (agreements). A few call for
understanding. Personally, I have found it workable to have good affinity
lines at home, good communication lines in business, good reality lines
with counsel (attorneys), and good understanding lines with truth.

The Magic Man, Kings In All Times
A number of identical games occur simultaneously in various peoples lives.
One of these is the appearance of an individual, which I call a -Magic
Man+, who is readily recognizable. He is relatively divine, and is
noticeable different from ordinary people in that there is nothing wrong
with him. He has great spiritual power, is very much an operating thetan,
has no case, and knows what has been going on, is going on, and will be
going on. Such an individual is an interjection into the human experience
to alter the dramatization of what is going on in order to further the
progress and growth of all concerned.
These magical men generally quickly appear in society, do their work,
and disappear. They see no purpose in getting crucified or persecuted.
They direct slightly lower-scale beings than themselves into doing great
things. If you have met any individuals such as this, don+t be surprised
that society starves them out and kills them. They don+t really object
to that too much because they are not fully into feeling pain. They have
ability to bring their heartbeat to a total standstill, to as-is their body
from where it is standing, to cause it to reform/reappear in another room and
so forth. Mr. Hubbard doesn+t care for them at all, and was confronted
with 3 of them. It has been his pleasure to see them die, for he feels
their existence is some type of challenge to his own personal grief.
Hubbard doesn+t have a life, he just has grief. He never suspected that
the magic man arranged his act, or his particular demise, but he did. The
man uses many bodies, but is one individual. The really dumb think it
is different people.

Spiritual Control of The Foolish
This is basically quite easy. A person that has risen above the
physical universe and off of the time track and human wavelength can
make a change in reality which will cause a direct change in the
The apparency is encoded with nested decision triangles. For example,
-if a person doesn+t go to the movies, they will stay home+. So, if you
are operating as a being, and you want a person to stay home, all you have
to do is as-is off the existence of the idea of going to the movies, and
the person will stay home.
So, the events of the entire planet are controllable by any one individual
who wants to waste their time with such triviality (playing God). Of
course the people who are in the apparency don+t consider it trivial at
all. They are really hamming it up, and getting alot of sensation out of
suffering. Being a society is so easy that it is quite boring.
Society doesn+t take kindly to people that have these abilities. There
were over a million witches burned at the stake by the Catholic Church
because these witches were undoing the Catholic Church. They did a
good job of undoing it, and that was the end of the dark ages.
It was not the end of spiritual control of the foolish. One can do as
little or as much as you want, and the expense is that you are seemingly
responsible forever with that you interfered with. So allege the foolish. I
doubt if that is at all true, in any sense. It is amazing how little of
this goes on in steering the country, and how much of it goes on in-
bedrooms. 314

Self Control In Its Highest Degrees
The individual controlling himself at the highest levels will also control
all the dynamics around him. There were over six people who saw what
was happening with Hubbard and his Church and instead of doing
something in the physical universe about it (alterisness of an apparency),
they simply arranged for the man and church to go in the directions they
Self control in its highest degrees would embrace control of all things
beyond self. Self control disintegrates into the realm of pan-determined
control. Civilization is being controlled on a pandetermined level by
people who adjudicate who is deserving of civilization. It has already been
defined and alleged that all of the people out there dying and suffering
haven+t really subscribed to any degree of civilization. I am not saying
that this is right or just, for I find it not to be. However it is
interesting to note -theta+s+ ruling that what you subscribe to you get,
because postulates control existence. In the context of existing
pandetermined control by -theta+, any sovereign individual can then exert
self control in its highest degrees, and will then be controlling theta,
which is controlling all of us on automatic.
Rare as it may seem, occasionally out of the mire, there doth rise
someone who doesn+t like the agony and yoke that people bear, who traces
all that down to the -God+ that made such, and then must run
control on -God+, to attain his heart+s desire, free men as fellows. That
is self control in its highest degree.

Reincarnation And Why Nobody Cares
The reason nobody cares about reincarnation very much is that it is broadly
considered that the past is over, and people are not up to remembering,
much less confronting it. Most people are not up to confronting the
present. Most people live day to day, some live week to week, some live
month to month, and the rare live year to year. It is the very rare
individual that is taking responsibility for their lifetime. The idea of
taking responsibility for the next 400 or 400,000 years is above most
people+s reality level.
People don+t want to recall what has happened in their previous
lifetimes, so they don+t, and they insist they have never lived before.
They like playing innocent. Innocence is one of the most prominent
dramatizations on the planet. This innocence is their third worst enemy.
Drugs are their second, and self-pity is the first. If mankind is to be
whisked out of existence, it will be by self-pity. Self-pity is a
devastating manifestation of vanity, which is the supreme sin, if there are
any, and that would depend on your reality level of sin. Your reality level
of sin would depend on what you subscribe to, and what you subscribe to
would depend on your postulates. Your postulates depend upon those you have
stuck on you during impacts in the prior lives you are pretending you did
not live. Such is the circle of self-deterioration that goes: self-pity,
vanity, sin, subscription, postulates, impacts sticking postulates. These 6 in
a circle, mankind has responded to with apathy- - who cares+. The
Tibetans by swinging prayer wheels about it hourly will not cause it to
erase. Hubbard figured out the last 2 of the 6, and proclaimed that to
be all one needed to know. All six exist, like mad, on just about anyone
breathing. Period.
Hubbard boasts that he is free of the last 3, so perhaps he has
up to sin, if what he says is true, and it isn+t. He has all 6 as active and
live on him as a cat on fire. I hope I have made it crystal clear why people
don+t care about reincarnation. They cannot stand the heat of today, they
claim. Actually today is effortless beauty, and all the heat they feel on
today is from their past. Don+t waste your time trying to explain this to
anyone. Let them explain it to you as their very own discovery and truth
in session. It will be worth something to them then. It is their own
stark discovery.
In working with past lives, people get confused about how much of a
being they are or were. This is called -theta endowment+. It is not a
fixed determination unless you consider it to be so by yourself.
People don+t care about reincarnation because they have dropped below
caring, below any degree of time, and below responsibility. They are not
up to realizing their past, and certainly don+t want to hear about their
future, because it is not that pleasant. The past and future are quite
related, and especially for someone in this not-caring condition.
There have been over 100 million people in this century that have died
by non-natural means. In other words, they were killed. Such impacts
stick the thoughts, ideas, and feelings of that moment on them,
effecting all subsequent postulates and thusly, lives. These stuck
viewpoints erase
in auditing. Until then nobody cares, and a hell goes on, but nobody
cares 316

about that either, until you take their drugs away. Then people care
alot. This is the condition, which is not to be confused with the nature,
of man. The nature of man is generally admirable.

The Soul: Whether You Want One Or Not
A person is the soul. If they feel they have a soul, that is probably the
body talking. If they want to argue about it, it is definitely the mind that
is talking. Until a person is processed above the cycle, they will continue
this silly treadmill of growing up a little body, rattling their little rattle
in their little cage, going to school, learning to read, and so forth. With
processing, a person can rise above the cycle, to where they can occupy
any body they want at will. If they want to occupy President Johnson and
decide not to run again, or President Nixon and take us off the Gold
Standard, or a Russian technician and blow up a Siberian Nuclear
Complex, then they can do that. Then they can come back and be -
themselves+ in their -normal+ body.
Until a person is processed up to that particular state, they are either
going to play-see-the-movies (between-lives implants) or go straight to
the hospital, get a new meat body, go through the whole experience of
being raised, and pick up more engrams. They do this over, al and over.
is a very wild order of experience. Its bizarre, in fact, but the folks
don+t know any other way to live. Personally, it remains personally
unbelievable that people do that, but they do. They do, do that, everyone of
them. The evidence is beyond refutation.
The Soul has come a long way.

The Universes
There is the universe of the body. It has a somatic mind. It is ruled
somewhat by the genetic entity that grows bodies. The genetic entity
is competitive and has needs. It competes with other genetic entities
and other bodies.
There is the universe of the mind.
There is the universe of the thetan. There is the physical universe.
There are other peoples+ universes.
There is all other peoples universes interconnected that act as one
versus your own universe.
There are a few more. There is the universe outside of this one which is
rather non-physical. Instead of having -time+, it has -a while+. People
often go to it when they go asleep, by passing through what is called the
+theta window+. **
There are four more universes outside the one outside this one that we
know about. There are probably more outside of that. Effects in one
universe cause effects in other universes. As you get these uncollapsed
and separated out, you become more aware and powerful.

The Upper Dynamics
The dynamics are set up in concentric circles, so that it is logical that
senior dynamics rule junior dynamics. Bearing this in mind, it is
workable in living to not consider any one dynamic as more important than
another. Dynamics exist in different universes. You have a set of
dynamics. Other people have dynamics. Also, there is the set of dynamics
in the physical universe. Scientology has often been defined by itself as
a philosophy that embraces the lower 7 dynamics, with little comment on
the eighth, except that it is infinity or God. The upper dynamics are as
follows: 9th dynamic - Aesthetics 1Oth dynamic - Ethics (rationality)
(These were copyrighted by L. Ron Hubbard. He did not look any further
apparently.) The rest of them are:
11th dynamic - decency
12th dynamic - truth
13th dynamic - awareness
14th dynamic - individuality
15th dynamic - coexistence
16th dynamic - theta that is not-being
It should be obvious that the senior dynamics rule and produce the junior
dynamics. Inside the physical universe is the lower 6 dynamics.
Scientology, its axioms, and its rules of auditing apply on the lower 6
dynamics. Hubbard+s dilemma is that in embracing only the lower 7, and
promoting the lower 7, he has been in conflict with the upper 9. Thus he
has become the fodder himself, for having violated the senior upper urges
of many alive individuals. Alive could be defined as living knowingly
beyond the rules of theta.
You may include these in grade processes as necessary and appropriate.
Given the absence of this information, the highest action would be to
a dying dog instead of an entire country, if those two were in conflict,
for decency is senior to ethics. A God would save the dog, a great man
would save the country. Great men die, Gods do not.

The Akashic Record
The Akashic Record is a recording that supposedly exists out in another
space which contains every event that has happened to every individual
past, present, and future. It is a library of all events and all thoughts.
By making adjustments in the Akashic Record a person can change other
people. To gain access to the Akashic Record, which is a person called
an -Adept+, one would have to be an 11th or 12th order being. These
orders of beings roughly correspond to the dynamics one has mastered,
and the universes of those dynamics. This old standard of order of
beings one finds in the rituals of the masons. One would have to be of
the 11th or 12th order to even perceive the Akashic Record. An
individual in this state of development has absolutely no problem with
knowledge. Anything they want to know, they just look up in the record,
and there it is.
If you have attained this level of spiritual evolvement, you will have no
problem in auditing people, because you can look up anything that is
troubling them or you, on the subject of their case. Overall; access to the
Record is a useful tool in proceeding through life. Living life as an 11th
or 12th degree master compares very favorably to living it as a mortal.
two are not mutually exclusive. Living it both ways at the same time is
an art of joy.
One can make the transition from mortal to master through auditing,
then education. It is an unfortunate fact that one must come up through
the Scientology first, before one can understand the education.

The Akashic Responsibility
The akashic responsibility might be defined as the responsibility that
goes with the ability to read the record. In reading through it, one
finds some horrible stuff, so one changes it, in the interest that life
will be more livable for all concerned. For example, in 1965, if someone
was reading the record and discovered the world was to be blown apart at
3:14AM on February 3rd, 1966 and did not like that event, then the
individual would just erase that recording off, using auditing
techniques. Or, they could through auditing techniques and erase the
event off the 3rd through 6th dynamics directly. So, by having the
responsibility of access to the record, one is mildly obligated to
prevent some of the bad events and cataclysms that do not contribute to
the evolution of the culture. One can even get an improvement in the
ethics level, by putting ethics in directly. For example, if there was an
overly affluent drug culture extant, then you could cut the whole economy
way back and give them a depression, and sure enough, they will stop
taking drugs. If things get too stifling (no growth), as in the
Eisenhower years, you could bring in a real freak like Kennedy, and that
failing bring in a madman like Johnson. That failing, and establishment
still bulldozing itself over individual rights, you could use what worked
historically to overthrow establishments: serfs. So, you pull these serfs
from 600 years ago off the time track, and sure enough, they work. The
hippies break up the power structure. Less than 1000 of them in one
neighborhood, and it breaks, bad war and all. Something from 600 years
ago being stuffed into the environment terrifies the existing power-
machine. These examples I
have given were a few of many dozens of arrangements made in the world
of thought by a few individuals. In summary, the culture is adjustable
by 11th and 12th degree masters, and is regularly done so, by a periodic
examination of the Akashic Record, and one taking some responsibility
for how the game is going. One might observe that God and his Gang are
not dead, at all, but are alive and well, but have chosen the security
and joy of private and family life over the receipt of Japanese nails on
the cross of the Federal Reserve.
I have heard it said, and not just by bleeding-hearted liberals, that the
game is not going too well out there. I agree with the observation. There
are some 11th and 12th degree masters which have reactive minds.
Because of that condition (God-s and Gang with Bank) life on this
particular planet is sort of a living hell. It will remain so until either
these people are audited, or other people are audited up to the mastery state
and toss the older fellows out of their jobs. At the time of either
occurrence, the whole world will straighten out very quickly. To the
degree that the world has been straightening out and awareness coming
up, it has been going on.
The straightening out of the whole world, the Akashic Responsibility, is
a slow but steady process. no accident that mankind has come this far,
and will go farther in both directions. There are individual elements
(groups) of mankind from a ridiculous good/evil dichotomy that was
heavily installed in people a long time ago. I am most pleased that it is
being audited off of people with corrected scientology processing.

Entropy means after energy, and it also means turning. It is from the
Greek, meaning to turn. In physics, it is a theoretical measure of energy
which cannot be transformed into mechanical work. Its symbol is the
circle with a capital I though it: + . Entropy is life energy that is hard
to measure by physical means. There is alot of it out there. It is different
in people in different states. This varies widely on people, as there are
all different classes of people. There are people that do not mind being
wrong or right (Grade 4); there are people who can naturally L&N (Grade
3), which means they can chase down the answer when given a question.
They screw it up often but at least they have that ability. Both of
these types are usually highly successful. There are people who are up
to thinking about responsibility, and are aware of themselves as cause
(Grade 2); there are people who can solve problems (Grade I); and there
are people that can communicate (Grade 0). In other words, orders of
beings directly correspond to entropy energy levels, which directly
correspond to all positions of the Grade chart levels.

Applications Of The Aforesaid
From all the information that I have provided so far in this book, I
would suggest that you apply it to better yourself and your fellow man;
however, you could apply it to accomplish anything you chose or wanted to
do, and probably would achieve on that specific.
Why you would do what you would do, you should find out. Before you think
a thought, find out whose it is. To use knowledge and wisdom in a
selfish, non pan-determined fashion can restrict your growth. Growth is a
natural order of anything which is living.
The reason I suggest that you apply it, is, the most worthless thing one
can do is know and not apply, for you are then cheating the reflection of
the knowing. Knowingness without responsibility and control is not a
The worst problem on application is simply not doing it. The second
worst is mis-application. The third is application of knowledge for
selfish ends, which is a subtle form on non-application. The third, which
the world is buried in and under, is a pastime for the gutless who dare
not play a game, for fear of losing.
Please do not mistake fools for fellow man.*

 An Accurate Record of Man+s True Origin
Past, Present, and Future
Rumor has it, that the problem at any point in time is always great
enough, and the problem that is always great enough always has a solution
toward more awareness and a solution toward less awareness. Some
individuals made them selves, some were created by another. Apparently,
quite long ago, the problem that was great enough was whether to
become apart of this physical universe or not. That was one+s (peoples)
next step. Some knowingly, some willingly, and some neither, ended up
with the side of the decision triangle that was to be a part of the
universe. They ran around as spiritual beings playing games with each other
for the first third of their agreed-upon-time-track. The second third of -
was spent as a spiritual being in contest with meat body societies. The
last third of -time+ has been spent being trapped in a meat body. This
over-simplification omits much detail. So that is where he came from,
what he has been doing since, and his present is detailed throughout
this text.
The problem always being great enough, and having the two traditional
solutions, remains. Thus man has two possible futures: either evolve
back up through the fallen angel sequence to sovereignty, or descend on
down to a molecular level of consciousness. People have that opportunity
to take either of these two roads in a one lifetime period through
perfect auditing, and sane conduct.

Prison Planets
There are planets throughout the galaxy where people have been sent
because they didn+t fit into the social order. Those in conflict with
very tight social orders, such as were mentioned in -Brave New World+ and
-1984+, can be classified as follows: (1) criminals, (2) tax cheaters,
sexual deviates, (4) political revolutionaries, (5) creative people, such as
artists and inventors, and (6) prisoners of war from intra or inter galactic
warfare. These folks that +don+t fit in+ were sent off to prison planets,
and before they are sent they were heavily implanted so that they couldn+t
remember anything. This activity is still going on. There are small
between-lives implanting stations on and close by the prison planets, to
make sure that everyone stays there and to make sure no one figures out
it is a prison. Nobody is allowed to leave, through many supposedly
workable methods. People were told all about religion under very heavy
pain and duress, and thus the +born again+ class of fanaticism is
unshakable, and is not handleable technically except as a heavy engram.
They were also told under duress that if they exteriorize and leave
planet earth, they will be picked up and beamed back here by a frequency
that has been installed on them. Actually, none of that is true, anymore
fanatical religion is. These people are prisoners-unto-themselves, by
their own beliefs only. A prison without guards is very cheap to run. You
just implant these people with split personalities, to guard themselves,
and it works very well. This technique was perfected 212,494,621 years
and has been used since, -to ship the trash out of the Galactic
Earth is one of the prison planets. Therefore we have a sort of unusual
society here of about 170 different cultures.
Thus earth is a fishbowl representation of the different societies,
cultures, civilizations, activities, and ideas that exist throughout the
galaxy. Prison planets evolve up through the normal social cycle of
caveman to nuclear age very rapidly, because their population contains a
higher than normal percentage of creative rebels. It is very easy to see
these 6 types of people out in society. It is quite difficult to find
anything else below the surface on earthlings. You also hear alot of
hostility and/or hoopla about how the -higher forces+ that put us here is
really a good
deal. I fail to find that funny, or rational.
It is not a good deal to be living in a prison, only. You could still live
here, and it not be a prison for you, and then it is alot of fun. All that is
necessary is to get the area processed. The hottest material on this dates
at only 14,020 years ago. Hubbard threw me out of his church for 9
months in 1966, as a disciplinary measure, for talking to people about it.
I guess he made it clear where he stands on this issue. I enjoy auditing
it off people. Christianity was a great religion before 14,020 years ago,
as was Hinduism. They both have been kiss-anothers-feet since. It is no
accident that in the study of -military science+ it is undeniably stressed
that more people have been killed, and more wars fought because of
religion, than property rights, trade routes, greed, power, and insanity
and hunger combined. Religion is the grossest area of psychosis
addressable on anything that breathes. The reason for such feelings and
irrational conduct is religion was used in the breaking of the people+s
wills under torture. You would be wise to not challenge a person+s

strongly held beliefs, for such things were welded into the people when
they were murdered. When there are +very hard times+ with starvation,
blood, and disease in the streets people instinctively look for the
leaders of any and all odd and normal religions, and when they find them,
they kill them all, to release this very old and very fundamentally held
I should warn you that religion is not restricted to talk about Big Dad,
and being kind to the neighbors. It is any closely held, strong emotional
belief, that a person is willing to diminish another to defend. There are
people with religious feelings about autos, dollars, body practices,
marriage, others responsibilities to them. You are begging for a knife in
your throat if you attack one of these outside of session. If you are
connected to a strongly religious type, you may wish to get that cleaned up
on them, keeping the issue out of the space or closing off the connection.
Implanted electrical energy directed at one is hard on one+s
body. Death flows get old, and can take the music out of the sunlight,
life should be. Auditing is the only decent solution for the crap promoted
as religion. Being willing to diminish one+s neighbors is the anti-thesis
of legitimate religion, which has had a long time coming. I am trying to
put it on the map again, possibly by recall.

This Solar System
At this time, it appears that earth is the only planet that is inhabited.
In auditing you may come up with incidents involving life on Mars and
Venus. Venus polluted itself to death, and Mars blew itself to death in
war. This is not hard to deduce scientifically. It is possible that the
preclear has lived on other planets at other times. Whatever your
preclear comes up with in session you are supposed to duplicate and
acknowledge. There used to be another planet in this system that is now
an asteroid belt. The conversion was the result of war. This system has
been invaded a number of times. The most recent warfare between
exterestial groups was about 2000 BC between the 5th and 4th Invaders.
The 4th Invaders
successfully prevented the 5th from taking over the place. Fourth
Invader uniforms looked very much like police uniforms, while the 5th
Invader+s looked like army uniforms. One shouldn+t be overly concerned
with what your preclear comes up with regarding this solar system. Just
listen and acknowledge. A lot has happened here. Yet it is a rather
remote and
insignificant solar system, from a galactic point of view. It is actually
older than 5 billion years, but only slightly. It has been around a while and
will be here a while longer. It is not unlike other solar systems throughout
this -Milky Way+ Galaxy. Once adequate exploration is made of Mars and Venus,
the evidence of prior civilizations will be bountiful, as it will be on
Jupitor, and the moons of Jupitor, and even on Uranus, as there is in
Egypt. The press being what it is, I doubt if this will be known.
Three or four years ago they were finding conduit cable in the pyramid
areas in Egypt, and it just didn+t make the front page or the evening
This solar system is entering a highly radioactive area in its
revolution around the center of the galaxy. Many types of background
radiation have doubled in the last 25 years. There is no reason for
alarm or concern about this or about other life being here.
Hubbard and one of his sons were quite concerned about the solar system
and this planet being invaded. This is one of the false fears that
caused the formation of the paramilitary organization known as the -Sea
Org+. So Hubbard and his Gang were preparing for the arrival of an
exterestial group known as the Markabians, which Hubbard doesn+t care
for. His affinities lie in the direction of their arch-rival -The
Galactic Confederation+. Both of these groups have dwindled and
disintegrated in power into little regional groups, such as the Espinol
Confederacy, and The Interplanetary League. A number of fractionalized
groups have risen up and usurped quite a bit of power from these two old
rival empire systems, which have dominated this galaxy for over 81
Billion years.
The star system we are involved in (called a -local group+ in astronomy)
operates loosely as a mild confederation. It has been held together this
way for a couple hundred thousand years. The older confederation it
replaced went back 100 million years on this star group, which contains
about 30 planets with highly-evolved societies which have operated in
relative harmony with each other. Earth has borne the distinction of
being one of the prettiest of the 30, but also the most savage. Things
just never seem to be peaceful on this planet.

At this particular time, of the 29 remaining civilized planets, 11 of them
have similar projects to -Scientology+ under way, complete with little L.
Ron Hubbard-leaders. The technology up through OT I exists on 7, where
the evolution is occurring. This data is being released on a -trial basis+
at a number of localities. In these 7 other instances there has been no
friction with the governments, public, and no paramilitary organization
has been formed. They are very much like the Church was here in the 1955-
64 period. On the other 4 (earth being one of the 4), 2 are faltering (one
other than earth), and 2 have been defeated and closed up shop. In
studying the differences between success and failure, one cannot help but
notice that on the 7 that are doing well the alteration of fundamental
data is about half of that on the 4 failures. There are about 500 QTPs
(Questionable Technical Points) which I call -contradictions+ in the
Hubbard rendition on earth, and about 250 on the 7 planets that are
doing well with it. It is pathetic and tragic to observe these folks
nursing along a barely workable system, with 250 contradictions. They are
working around their particular difficulties in auditing, by using terribly
fundamental stable datum+s such as what turns it on, turns it off; use very
few processes; use a long comm cycle; and stay on it until you accomplish
alot of good. -It+s real cave-man technology, and it will survive beyond
this planets+ version of what they actually have honestly described: -the
Mecca for those who seek technical perfection+ is in every sense of the word
what they call it: -A RELIGIOUS RETREAT+.
The people that have made these particular arrangements for a duplicity
of the games on a number of planets have invested more heavily in the
other 7. As far as spiritual evolution, this planet has been somewhat
written off by that group. I consider that to be, overall, a favorable
occurrence, for I never have cared too much for group designs upon
people with inadequate information, education and space that would be
necessary for them to make an intelligent judgment.
Apparently it has not occurred to many people that their very thoughts
were installed by their former enslavers.
Different trial balloons have been released on these 29 planets. Rumor
has it that life has been destroyed on 4 of them recently, so we are
down to 25, and have lots of new arrivals here.
This particular local group has kind of a bad name at galactic
headquarters and libraries, whether those be the Markabian group close
by the North Star, the group outside the Orion Complex, The Pleadies, or
the Galactic Confederation. Each of these four -control centers+ consider
this sector to be full of a bunch of nuts, and they would like to -
contain+ it that way, for people have reactive minds here to a much
greater extent than they do anywhere else in the galaxy. The removal and
of misfits is a galactic game. I had mentioned in the -Prison Planets+
chapter the 6 types of folks that get sent to earth. These comprise about
90% of the population. 10% of the population are not terribly long
residents of this galaxy, or star group. They are from other galaxies, and
are either here as prisoners of war, as fools that got lost, as an advance
party for invasion study, or for personal reasons (which would be
combative in nature).
The longer a person lives in this galaxy, the more they adopt its
particular and peculiar understandings, beliefs, and role models.

This Galaxy
The highest thing in this galaxy is aesthetics and the lowest is
savagery. You could probably conquer anything in this galaxy with either
of the two. If you were to use them both, you would probably be most
effective. I personally don+t care much for the extremes of this galaxy.
The long-term residents of this galaxy are very matter of fact about sex.
It is just a normal routine, something they do in life. Another trait of
a person who
is a long-time resident of this galaxy is that they believe in exchange,
to the degree that they cannot comprehend non-exchange transactions.
They, actually and naturally, feel that if they receive something that
they need to give something back. These are some of the traits of the long
time residents of this galaxy, which I define as in excess of 80 Billion
Normally in auditing out the past-track, this-galaxy engrams you will find
alot of time in the Galactic Federation, then conflict with the
Markabians, wars, and engrams on being on both sides. Sometimes the
sequence will reverse, and the fellow spent most of his time as a
Markabian. The Markabian Federation ended up taking about 2/3 of the
galaxy and are a very savage and high-flying style of folk. That whole
empire crumbled, emperor and all, about 223,632 years ago. A new
government was
formed, calling itself the Markabian Confederation. They have had control
of this planet from them to now, and have it leased out to the Espinol
Confederacy, under a very loose lease.
The majority of the galaxy is highly populated. Containing and defending
its+ borders from invasions has been an extremely expensive chore, and a
very difficult one.
We have a neighboring spider galaxy, where vegetable-style beings keep
making intrusions, and we have quite a few of them that get shipped into
this planet (at least 35% of the population). I call these the -plant
people+ , because they consider everything to be free, as a plant does.
The idea of exchange never crosses their natural minds. Sunlight is free,
sex is free, money is free; they just take what they need to survive, and
they don+t owe anything back. They feel quite relieved if you have a
plant in your office.
About 4% of the population of this planet is from other galaxies, whether
that be the 4th one out N by NW, the 16th E by SE, or whatever. These
have identifiable traits, and are an entirely different -kettle of fish+
than the plant people or the long-term residents.

Other Galaxies
About 4% of the people in society do not understand exchange. It is a
similarity they have with -plant people+. All they care about is art and
intelligence. Indian philosophy, religious culture, spiritual culture music,
painting, and art, as we know them, proceed from these creative tapes. These
people come from other galaxies.
Those galaxies are quite different from this one, which is essentially a
merchant galaxy. These intellectuals, which probably comprise about
150% of the American population, are very concerned with significance+s,
and do not care much about mass. These people are spiritually oriented.
One should be aware of these three types of people: (1) the warrior
merchants that are long term residents that do not understand anything
except exchange, (2) the plant people who have no compunction but to
take for it is all free, and (3) the artistic, intellectual, spiritual type
that likes culture and fine living, and doesn+t see exchange as necessary. The
latter group considers exchange a crude, symbolic, mechanical, literal
form of ignorant misinterpretation of ethics. In other words, they refuse
to descend down to such a mechanical idea.
In auditing people, you will find Scientology runs quite well on all
three, except the plant people, who have a hell of a time with it. They
can only comprehend it as a further freedom and nourishment. Obviously,
you will get your greatest spiritual gain on someone who doesn+t have a-
long term, this-galaxy background, that is spiritually or aesthetically
inclined. That one has spent a long time in this galaxy, is nothing to be
ashamed of. There should not be any social standard or stint that
interferes with the finding of truth.
There are other galaxies that have different types of games. There is even
one galaxy out there which is so art-oriented, that art is the whole game
there. Whoever produces the best art wins, and owns the place if he wants.
There are alot of galaxies where there aren+t even bodies, or
reactive minds, at all, that are still going on. This particular galaxy has
been on a gradual decline into degradation. It took 80 Billion years for
the Galactic Confederation to go from caveman to nuclear society. It had
propeller airplanes for 110,000 years. It was a slow development. When
you see people here on earth repeating this sequence in less than 4000
years, instead of 80 Billion years, you realize these people are just
The Galactic Confederation was actually a very hypocritical empire. L.
Ron Hubbard worked on a research project for thousands of years in one of
their largest libraries. He has been working on the same research
project, off and on, since. The research project was how to turn people
around, and how to restore the state of Operating Thetan. The Galactic
Confederation has need for operating thetans for management and messenger
positions. Hubbard makes no claim to have disconnected from that group,
and I seriously doubt if he has. He has promoted the misconception that
they never did any implanting. He is highly critical of the Markabians
because of their frankness, and occasional instances of 331

cannibalism. The Galactic Confederation always maintained its
sophistication, and whatever it did, it did it subtlely.
There has been a dash of friction between the Hubbard fellow and yours
truly on how truth should be presented that relates to our differing
affections for these two rival grouped cultures. He has communicated his
views in a manner of the culture that he cares for: that very little has
been done, it will take a long time for anything to get done, it is all very
complicated, and if there are complaints let us gloss over that with
peprally talk. He has institutionalized these molasses beliefs by declaring
it will take a billion years to clear up this sector. When people join the
Sea Org, they sign a -billion year contract+ to clear up this sector. How it
could take more than 200 years escapes me. No one would have to go or
do anything. Any one being could accomplish it. This idea has not crossed
his literal mind. In summary, these two particular life-styles and
philosophies (surreptitious, long and clever vs. quick, open, honest,
occasionally savage) have not only interfered with Hubbard and I getting
along, but they have severely impaired the needed transmission of
relevant truth. Neither group is right, or worth a second thought. I
disconnected and turned in my badges in 1967, and liked that. It was at
his insistence. It is too bad that he will not do what he requires of
others. 332

Recommendations And Advice
I don+t think a person should actively promote what they are doing, if they
are helping people as a profession. I think if someone comes to you and
asks for help, then you should provide them with service. If you are on a
northward path, it would make no sense for you to enter an impure
atmosphere, except to purify it. If you do not want to get further
entrenched and trapped in this universe, it would make no sense to solve
a problem unless you solved it for eternity. If your adventure in life is
northward bound, positive, based on the decision that things will go
right, work out that you will have good luck, then you would be wise to
realize that you will be evolving up though all sorts of levels of
people. Your friends will change, as your understandings increase. While
you are going through this evolution, it might be imprudent to make an
excessive amount of long-term commitments.
It would be very silly and imprudent for you to work on alot of symptoms
instead of causes. For example, if someone comes in with being
embroiled with body games ( 2nd dynamic activity of love, romance, soap
opera, or the scarcity of same, known as heartbreak hotel), then to
process alot of that off of them is a very unethical thing to do. Those
are all symptoms. What is wrong, the cause, is they can+t make it as a
thetan anymore. Their postulates don+t work, which means they don+t have
any pride left. The definition of pride is your postulates work. Thus they
feel degraded. Since they cannot live spiritually successfully, they have
dropped into identifying with their body, and they play body games of
chasing other bodies around. I would advise any spirit dedicated to growth
and improvement to avoid getting embroiled with body games.
Bodies are certainly alot of fun, but getting trapped into the 2nd
dynamic seems to be people+s common method of avoiding living. If the 2nd
dynamic stirs up too much charge on you or your preclear, then one can
always just simply take a vacation from it. It will be there later. Most of
the people that are sexual fanatics, are so because they honestly believe
that they have never lived before, or will again, and so are going to get
all the sex they can in this brief one lifetime. If they would realize that
they have been around for trillions of years, and will be around for
trillions of years, then the scarcity on sex would evaporate. That is a lot
of it, and normally will remove the urgency out of the situation. I have
heard no reports that a brief vacation from the 2nd dynamic arena (whether
be 1 month, 5 years, or 500 years) has caused anyone any harm, much
less harm of a severe, permanent nature. vet participation in that arena
does not have this distinction. The list of names is too long where a
refusal to break away from this subscription of using a solution to
obscure another problem, spins the person into being very dumb and stupid,
and then, dead. In other words, if one is frustrated by their life being
inadequate or they are having a hard time coping with this toothy world,
continued sexual release is not going to solve that problem. Yet, that
phenomenon is widespread. I would advise a person to not let any one
dynamic overshadow the other dynamics. The dynamics are urges.
Within this physical universe and galaxy, it looks like it is an 8
dynamic game. It is not. It is a 16 dynamic game. If one were to take
those 16
dynamics (urges) and divide them into 16 waking hours in a day, and try

living that way, one would be very surprised. Its very nice. It is extremely
hard to be discontent with that.
What I am saying here is that aberration is a full-time job. It has a
specific sequence. You can walk away from, or break the sequence on it, by
decision, in some instances. Keeping aberration going requires 4 things in
this order: (1) ignorance, (2) maintenance of ignorance, (3) substitution
to a heavy degree, and (4) cooperation with other aberrated people to keep
it that way. If you want to grow and become rational, then you have to
attack these 4 things. If you would fix these 4 things by subject on a
person, they recover very rapidly. In fact they get quite a restoration of
self and power.
You will not find this data written in Scientology or anywhere else in
religion. It takes all four of those things for someone to stay in the
condition they are in. You can actually be so sloppy as to change any one
of the four, and they will get better. Hubbard+s technology is usually
addressed to changing only one of the four. If you change all four, and
confine the work to addressing subjects one at a time, life can become a
piece of cake, after a while.
As far as coming out of a trap, there are many different ways to do it.
You can dig yourself out, with effort, which I have done on more than one
occasion this lifetime. By working and compromising for 12 years and
saving my money, I bought myself out of what I considered economic
slavery. Those savings provided the -stake+ (venture capital) for
leveraged investments which of course worked out well due to the diversity
of them. So I have come from having essentially nothing (except fleas) to
a mild degree of middle-class propriety. Middle class propriety
means you are totally invisible. I did that more than once. It was effort.
In retrospect, it was foolish, except for the learning experiences it
provided me. The money was irrelevant. I could have made that stake on one
transaction in 1966. The effort solution out of a trap is time-consuming and
educational. The other solution, which is not educational and is very fast,
is to get out of the trap by postulate. I have done this also, and more than
once. It is the preferable of the two ways, but if it does not work, you
should abort it as a solution, and employ the effort one. One can wait for
that magic sleigh to arrive with piles of money that comes in the mail. It
can and does happen. It is rare. I have seen people waste their whole
lives waiting for some little magic dream to come true, and it doesn+t. If
you can do it, then do it. I you can+t, admit the failure, and get on with
living. If your postulates are not working, there is nothing shameful about
having to work for a living. Often one can find greater riches there than
any amount of money will ever buy.
It is quite unfashionable to work for a living these days. Work has been
given a bad name. That is one of the most absurd notions I have ever
heard. I don+t know of anything more fun than work, and the reason is
that work is activity with a purpose, and unless you are faking, it
requires action, which is 22.0 on the tone scale. This subject has a funny
twist to it, because people have difficulty loafing. They have to have some
form of leisure activity. Hubbard said in -Problems of Work+ that work
should be
a stable datum for people, and that those who didn+t want to work were
in bad condition. I differ with this belief of his. I hold, along with
every other religious figure in history, that a person who can actually sit
in a room and do nothing for days and enjoy it is in good shape. Buddha and

Jesus found this necessary. This is supported in the Dianetic .Axioms,
that a person who has a free range of randomity(can be content whether
there is very little or very much going on) is essentially engram free.
My satisfaction level is about the same whether I am working with 500
employees, 17 hours a day; or if the most exciting thing in the day is
taking a shower as I spend the rest of that day just sitting, enjoying
that. Either day is OK, and I do not require either. I am not an unusual
person in this regard, unless you consider all creative people to be
unusual. I knew a man who after 8 years of doing nothing each day but play
decided -+Well, I guess I go work for a couple of years.+ He did, as the
prime mover in an American Stock Exchange Corporation, and he was
happy at both pace levels.
My advice is that you design your own existence knowingly. Further to
notice that you have a nose, and so there is nothing wrong with using it.
Having 2 ears and one mouth is some kind of hint. I would advise each
person to listen to themselves, and notice that to some degree you are a
god-unto-yourself, to where at least you have some degree of pride,
dignity, and self esteem.
On Maslow+s famed hierarchy of needs, he placed self-esteem at the top,
then responsibility, then peer group recognition, then emotional needs,
then survival needs, in that order coming down it. It is nice to get these
lower two areas (survival needs and emotional needs) handled, so that you
can proceed with the top three. Money will only buy the lower two. I trust
I have quoted him correctly.
Life is kind of a dual affair of (1) avoiding a lack of things as an
animal regarding the facts of life and survival, and (2) creating growth
for self and others.
A person should rise above the level of society. In this society, everyone
is in a mild degree of economic slavery over some worthless money that is
being printed too fast.
Society is the basement or foundation of a culture+s existence. Beyond that,
there are the growth needs of man. He aspires to become closer to himself,
to his fellows, and to higher awarenesses.
Christianity, as a religion, as far as the way it is written, is similar to
Scientology, and it is surprising that not many people are applying it, much
less living it. Most people have not yet come up to figuring it out. Most
people that study Scientology cannot grasp it, because they never understood
Christianity, which it is an outgrowth of, and improvement
upon. I have already identified the sarcasm level in the Sermon on the
Mount in the -Shakespeare+ chapter, and remarked that people can only
remember Jesus as a man of sorrow, their sense of humor being so low.
People aren+t up to laughing. A person+s humor level is an indication of
how healthy that person is. When a person is so serious, that they do not
laugh, that means the person has lost the game. Please do not confuse
seriousness with sincerity, the latter being fabulous stuff.
If a person has 99% of his postulates on losing and 1% of his postulates
on winning, he will be deadly serious. That is what serious is. If a
person is into the spirit of play of things, in other words, amusement,
they have 335

about half of their postulates on winning and half on losing. That is a
pretty healthy game. If they are up in the true range of postulates, above
30 on the tone scale, then they have more postulates on winning than
Postulates exist between 30 and 40 on the Tone Scale; considerations
from 22 to 30 on the scale; opinions from 16 to 22 on the scale; and
Aesthetics occurs at 16.
It is my advice to walk away from too much seriousness. Not only is it
non-productive, it is a tunnel to nowhere.
Jesus humorously suggested that -you keep your own counsel+. There is
no way that you can stop doing so, so you had might as well recognize
that it is going on at above and below consciousness levels.
Consciousness itself is a game, and it is not addressed by Hubbard. He
mentioned sleep in 3 sentences. It is interesting to address the areas he
does not take up.
Consciousness is created by not-know. If you effort at putting a not-know
on something you will become conscious of it. I processed myself 2100
hours on consciousness in 1970-71, and that was the discovery at the
end of the journey. I am sure you have better things to do with 2100
hours, so you are welcome to this useful information. I was pretty dumb
back then, running the -epilogue+ processes in this book. The ability I
got out of that was essentially to be able to control consciousness as
the scam it is as a substitute for know.
If you would follow Jesus+ advice enough, you would find that self
counseling is going on on a continuous basis between you-the-deity and
you-the-performer, and having discovered this dialogue, perhaps get the
two of you into a harmonious basis instead of a games condition.
So, my recommendations and advice don+t go much beyond this. If you
choose to follow the Lemurian code, that is your option. That was a code
that said you shouldn+t interfere with the affairs of others except when
asked to, shouldn+t violate other+s property rights or property, shouldn+t
accept anything you haven+t earned or deserve, shouldn+t profit at the
expense of another, shouldn+t take from others by force, shouldn+t
intentionally kill or injure another except in the defense of Life or
State, shouldn+t advance positions except on performance alone, shouldn+t
violate the sanctity of the home or women, etc. It is a pretty good code,
as far as codes go. It served Lemuria well for 42,000 years. I must
refrain from Moses memory on that code. I prefer the natural integrity of
instinct to any code. However, whatever code you subscribe to is your
business. The danger of codes is if you live you life behind them, and
there is a tragedy, and you say -the code did it+ that will not be true.
You did it and hid behind a code. Codes are a good reminder, but they are
no substitute for instinct and a nose, and an alive person doing what is
perfectly correct.
The -Code of Honor+ in Scientology is the last piece of another+s advice
that I wish to bring up. It is full of a lot of nevers. I am not publishing
it here. To the degree you want to use it is your business, as Hubbard and I
wish to make overly clear. The 12th line is the most controversial:

-Never fear to hurt another in a just cause+. It is a wild line. It is hard
to clarify, because it is nuts. There are 3 alternates to the line: (1) Never
fear, (2) Never fear anything, and (3) If you are going to get involved with
just causes and abandon your own cause, don+t fear to harm another for
that will cause it to happen. If you are interested in the Code of Honor
it is listed in Hubbard+s -Creation of Human Ability+, which is very
interesting reading, and was Hubbard at his zenith.

Life, Living, and Experience
Beyond the Physical Universe
One remains trapped in the physical universe to the degree one operates
in it on a monkey-see-monkey-do basis, within and by the laws of that
universe. The physical universe contains win/lose types of games,
apparently. For example, if a hunter kills a deer the hunter supposedly
wins and the deer supposedly loses. If you were to view this from
outside this universe, you would see that both actually lose.
Life outside the universe, which includes perception of what is going on
in this universe, is essentially sets of situations that one gets involved
in or not. These sets boil down to either everyone winning or everyone
losing. Outside this universe there are no situations where one wins and
another loses. The one winner-one loser point of view is a phenomenon
peculiar to this universe. Once one has risen above it, it seems so
childish and barbaric, that it is difficult to recreate. I am grateful that
this very wild idea is peculiar to this and only a few other physical
Life is not in the physical universe, nor is living. People are heavily
pretending that it is. People are engaged in activity in the physical
universe for experiences or sensations. Your preclear is usually not
aware of this, and will not discover it without a lot of work.
Hubbard approaches these and other subjects from viewpoints and opinions,
with the belief that absolutes are unobtainable. That is three
errors. One should look directly without a viewpoint as a via, stay above
22.0 on the tone scale, and notice that absolutes are attainable. Not only
are they obtainable, they are all-over, and are the only things that
people care about. If you were to go into a home where a woman is running
a vacuum cleaner, and ask her what she is doing and why, she is going to
give you a pile of absolutes, and nothing else. Here she is going pocata
pocata-pocata down this physical universe time track, shoving this machine
around with her animal body, because she is in this illusion that she is
obtaining some absolutes. And she is in her own universe. She is not in
the physical universe. Absolutes are obtainable in Life, but not too
much in the physical universe. Most people have life and the physical
universe collapsed. This lady will either have an absolute significance
-a clean house+ or -a not dirty house+ that she is in pursuit of, and that
is senior to the physical universe, as is she. But she doesn+t know that.
Down in the physical universe she is either doing a not on an unclean
house, or she is doing an un on a dirty house. All anyone can ever do in a
physical universe is do an un or a not-un on an absolute significance. Yet
those absolutes are right there for the individual, because they are the
Life. So life is overlapped onto the physical universe, and people achieve
absolutes, but they do not obtain them in the physical universe. They may
employ absolutes in the physical universe, and often do. Willingness is an
absolute, it is not a gradient commodity. Gradient commodities of it do
exist, as a degradation of the absolute. There are gradient commodities of
all absolutes. They are not Life. They are the tools and toys of games in -
apparent living+.
So, Life, living, and experience beyond the physical universe is the urges,
realities, existence+s, and unavoidable facts of the 7th through the 16th
dynamics. It is also part absolute in many of its senses. It is telepathic,

instead of mechanical. There are various stages people evolve through in
these ranges. There is an abundance of life, living and experience beyond
this physical universe. Some of it is independent of the physical universe,
and is of a higher wavelength or non-wavelength in nature. That is almost
irrelevant. What is relevant it that the life, living and experience beyond
the physical universe, is what is going on. There really isn+t any going on
in the universe. It is just played against that backdrop stage. The play and
the actors are not the stage.
People are deluded that it is all related to this super dramatization (that
is all the physical universe is). The function of the physical universe might
be defined in part as a super-dramatization of life, living and experience.
In other words, an excessive, overly literal, overly heavy, manifestation of
what is dear and matters to people. A Stage wherein only uns and not uns are
banged out heavily, for all to see. That makes sense if someone, or all, were
still looking at and admiring the banging out of the uns and not uns. Now
that people have forgotten that it is a play that is going on, and that this
is a stage, they are taking it to be the real thing of life. People nowadays
take the physical universe apparency to be the real thing. They take it
seriously and believe it. They even proclaim it to be -reality+. Whole-
hearted and unquestioned serious belief in drama, this drama, called -the
physical universe+, has caused a hell of a lot of confusion for 80 long that
this theater is beginning to have the pall of death in it. The play is even
reducing and getting worse, for the life outside the theater has been left
unattended by so many. Frankly, I+ve always enjoyed good theater, and still
do, but most of the other players
are bitching about agony and stuff like that.
In fact and -truth+, the average man on the street would consider me
crazy, and himself quite sane. The rules of the game he subscribes to
require him to make such an unkind declaration. He would explain that
he is sane with the marvelous proof of beating his animal+s hand against
a wall. At the point he is feeling the most impact, he would proclaim -
wall is real, because I can feel it.+ Isn+t that a marvelous proof. One
should restrain oneself from pity, because pity is the cruelest thing you can
flow at someone. Proof is the second most aberative thing in existence. So
let the heavy actors-gone-mad bang on their walls. It is all they have been
doing for trillions of years. Anyone that is doing that kind of thing,
banging on walls, or believing the physical universe, does not have
enough. It is that horribly simple. They do not have enough. That is the
why of the physical universe and its believers.
People get their scarcities and their excessive quantities backwards,
because they get their lives and their truth backward. If a person is
proclaiming with strong emotion, that they have too much of something,
the truth is they have too little, or they would not have that act going. The
act is a substitute for the truth and fact. Acts balance out undischarged
dichotomies. Thus the Physical Universe, which is a series of acts,
balances out the spiritual inequities of spiritual qualities and quantities
spiritual substances, absolutes. If a person is proclaiming, with strong
emotion, that they have too little of something, the truth of the matter
is that there is too much of it there for them. Most people are not up to
admitting this obvious fact of human nature.
Examples are almost endless. They go out from 9 to 5 and see the bad
guys winning over the good guys. When they get home instead of reading

about that, they want to watch TV shows where the good guys win over the
bad guys. Or you have some poor bereaved woman in the suburbs,
surrounded by wealth, getting alimony checks for $5,000 a month, and
she is going bananas that she has to have more money, for -she is on the
brink of poverty.+ She is worried about every dime. The world is full of
people like that. It is the rule, and not the exception. It is so
widespread, that I would advise you against working with wealthy people, for
they are the poorest people on planet earth. Those who do not have any
with give you 10,000 gifts. The wealthy will usually barely pay at all, for
-they are so poor+. The majority of them will treat you like a plumber. If
you bring an individual from nothing to his own wealth, he will usually -
give you anything you want for the rest of your life in gratitude+. A dozen
or so of those is more wealth than anyone would ever need. I had a
neighbor a while back worth $10 million who could not sleep nights for
fear of starvation from when he was 13 and he was starving. logically,
it would be prudent for him to enjoy the rest of his life, but he cannot
because of the pain on the incident when he was starving and -didn+t
have enough money+. This man has too much money, and cannot handle
the money he has. It is wild to hear them rant and rave about how horrible
it is that they don+t have much money. Actually the $6.00 in their wallet
is too much money for them. If you burn a $100 bill in front of them,
they+d get real upset. These people feel they have stolen the stuff. They
consider that they really didn+t earn it, did not contribute enough for
it. That is how low these people+s self-esteem is. It is really quite
amazing. The generosity of the wealthy is laughable at best. One of the
hardest case complexities I have ever worked on took four days, and I did
27 repair actions on this fellow in Beverly Hills. He is so thrilled to at
last have his -entire life straightened out+ he gives me a $50.00 check in
addition beaming with pride.
That is laughable. He has millions in banks and you fix everything on him
and he says that is worth $50. He is saying he is worth $50. It is pathetic. I
did about half the amount of work on another fellow who can barely
afford to eat, and he says -this is not right, my paying you a flat fee, I
want to get you a Mercedes+. I tell you these stories for a reason. That
someone thinks of themselves, which is life outside the physical universe,
a hell of a lot more than anything in the physical universe, including
millions of dollars in banks.
Life, living, and experience beyond the physical universe is a
continually pleasurable adventure of joy and interchange, with a much
smaller degree of suffering, agony and mishap than living in this
universe. Living above the physical universe involves pan-determinism,
ethical activity, and involvement in games where everyone wins. It
requires a relusal to play games where everyone loses.
Time does not really cloud perception of whether it is an all-win or all
lose game. It has been alleged that you could have an all-win game for 8
hours (drugs), but it is actually an all-lose if you look at it in the time
frame of a week. A life outside the physical universe includes, not only all
time, but all the whiles there are.

Universe #2, The Next One Out
The primary game at this level is a game with the range of reality on
absolutes, and what is done is the absolutes are duplicated or
misduplicated. At this level, people don+t get into activities to un or not
un an absolute. They are simply exchanging absolute significance+s,
trading them, and duplicating them at a pretty rapid rate. This involves
and yields alot of pleasure and enjoyment, and thus there are alot of
manifestations and perceptions in that universe. Perception,
consciousness, growth, and activity are options. Force and power,
although they are challenged by opponents, are not generally manifested.
So it is a game of duplication and mis-or-not duplication, and those
that fail or fall behind in it are called laggards. They end up falling
into something known as -the false world+, which is this physical
universe. There has been alot of promotion of the idea that you leave
this universe
and arrive at the next universe out. Actually, you can co-exist in both
of them. Once a person has been adequately audited, they will realize
that they are doing this already, and the necessity to leave this
physical universe evaporates. Further they realize that all they have in
this universe is viewpoints, and that they can make as many of those as
they wish, and wherever they wish. occasionally they decide to leave
for the fun of it. After a person has left, other people will keep what
they consider the person to be around. The person can then drop in and
visit that thing other people keep there as you. This is a very humorous
situation, where a person has already left the physical universe, is no
longer here at all, but all of the friends keep mocking him up as here, so
one does drop in occasionally to see how their mock up is doing. May I
suggest that that is all that has been going on for quite a while?
There are messengers that come down from the next universe out in
response to appeals. For example after a decade of praying from a fellow
in this universe -for someone in the next universe out to appear+, the
fellow usually gets his wish, and the magic man appears. The magic man
will display just as much truth and magic as the observer wants, no more
or less. When the observer has no more use for the magic man, the
-outsider+ will vanish. These types of intrusions from higher realities
into lower realities are pleasurable on both sides. It reaffirms one+s
suspicion that there is good will amongst all life at all levels. Sometimes
such intrusions are necessary to move a growth (like a civilization) along.
For instance, Nicholas Tesla, about 70 years ago, as a prodigal genius,
just suddenly invented alternating current, the turbine jet engine, the
radio, and about 40 other things that comprise what we know in this century
as -modern civilization+. So, much of what we know as modern civilization
was just laid on us by one man. All he cared about was that this would be
gotten out to be used by all men as fast as possible. He was not
interested in money or ladies. He insisted in assigning these royalties,
patents, and fortunes to Mr. Edison and Mr. Westinghouse, that these be
applied and used by all mankind. That is what he cared about. I suspect
someone before that time cried into the night about there being too much
darkness in the world. It would be redundant to mention how much people
wanted to see the barbarism that was Rome come to an end, and so the
famed carpenter-of-all-time did arrive and do so. These are the
facts of life, pleasant or otherwise, about the next universe out, and
the effects of appeals to their population.

Harmony is a musical term meaning that something else has been
produced from chords and sounds. This is also called synergy, or
synergism. It is when you add two things and get three instead of two.
When you add two live things, like people in a marriage, you either get
synergism or the opposite. Linear thinking and linear mathematics are of
the physical universe and thusly highly degraded. It is a bad way to
arrange or compute if you are dealing with anything alive. things that
are alive should be treated, computed, and arranged exponentially. If you
combine two things that are alive, like in a marriage, you are going to
either get each contributing 75% and taking back 50% (disharmony) or each
contributing 50% and taking back 75% (harmony). This works out perfectly
with exponential math, but makes no sense with linear math. So, there is
either harmony/synergy or disharmony/antipathy when you
mix two live elements, whether those are notes or people.
It takes a bit if space, dignity, presence, and perspicacity to rise senior
to the mechanics of existence, and declare, as a prime postulate: -I am
going to have good luck, and live in harmony with myself, my fellows,
the universes, the dynamics, and stay out of theta+s way.+ A person
would do something like that, only after they have come through the
logic triangles, and realized that there is no point in being aberrated.
This discovery is usually followed by the decision to no longer be
Most people are actually aberrated because they figure that it is the
only was to get sensation (which is the pay of this universe). The moment
they realize that they can create their own sensations far in excess of
what anybody could ever deliver to them on a via, then they rise above
this particularly bad social habit of maintaining aberration on any
dynamic for themselves.
Living a life based on harmony is more fruitful than one of disharmony
and dissonance. Dissonance has its occasional uses, but those are rare.
Linear mathematics is a manifestation of this-physical universe type of
thinking. Anything that is alive would follow compound interest tables,
or exponential mathematics. In other words, anything alive is self
multiplying. You would know you are dealing with a physical universe and
its components, if it follows linear laws, like 2 apples and 2 equals 4
apples. You would know you are dealing with something alive, like a
kernel of wheat, if it follows exponential laws. A kernel of wheat will
multiply itself a 100 times in not too long a time. It is amusing to note
that there are people that are concerned about eating the rest of their
lives, and even relate this to money. If they were to get 100 lbs of
nitrogen-packed red winter wheat, a sprouter, a driveway sized piece of
land with access to water, they would not be able to eat what they were
producing, it would be so much. Maybe I am repeating myself. A while
back this was attempted as an explanation about loaves and fishes feeding
a multitude and that analogy failed. Suffice it to say, people don+t do this, as
they are having more fun chasing all this artificial money around, so
they think. A little life multiplies out to a hell of alot if it is given what
it needs.

It is best to live a life of harmony when you are dealing with anything alive or
the next universe out; it is best to appear to be linear in the universe which
is linear.
The next universe out is exponential, so you might deal with it as such.
This universe is linear, and you should deal with it as such. So, you might
as well let the : illusion roll on, by being linear in the linear world. I
recall Jesus: -Give those things to Caesar which belong to Caesar, and those
things to God which belong to him.+ It is an impartial quote. He went on
to say -Give those things to John that belong to John, and to Timothy
that which belongs to Timothy+. The guy went on with a whole list of
names. Now that is a fun way to live. I gave this big diamond back to
fellow it really belonged to. It was a 5 digit financial matter. I had
bought the stone and then searched around for whose it really was. I found
the person six states away. It was a hippie, and I gave this guy the stone,
because it belonged to him. It is a great way to live, to give things that
belong to people and universes, to them. I suppose some outside observer
might have said -you should have kept the stone and sold it for $12,000
and given the money to the poor.+ That tells alot about the person who
would say that. That was Judas Iscariot+s complaint and pitch. Such
advice would come only from a person unwilling to make a mistake, or to
go up to waste or above on money. On such a person, material existence
has been so strenuous on them, so agonizing for them that they are
unwilling to do what is spiritually appropriate and materially foolish.
Living in harmony with other people and within various universes is
basically the activity of allowing others the right to their own illusions
and deceptions.
If they want to consider that you are a nut, freak, con-artist, unflat-drug
addict, or megalomaniac, or whatever, it is not only another person+
right, it is essentially a remark about what they think of themselves.
You should always recognize other+s comments about you as such. It is in
poor taste to get into a game with another over their supposed opinion of
you. You should let everyone continue to consider as they wish about
their own heaven or hell, as the case may be, and live in harmony with
them and their considerations. Many times if you go in to straighten
someone else out, and they are most eager to be -the winner+, that the
work you
are doing is a set-up, and the game was -getting you+. This is
clinically known as an -ulterior transaction+. Ulterior transactions are
common. You get to live in harmony with them too. If someone asks you
out to
dinner, and the food is going to be you, and you don+t like that idea,
just say no.
Meat body societies are quite famous for conquering and destroying
operating thetans. In fact, there is little to no evidence of an operating
thetan ever winning over a meat body society. They just trap thetans like
mad. That is one of the things they were designed to do. So, if you are
going to operate as a Static and thetan, both outside and inside this
universe, you would be wise not to take the bait presented by the meat
body-societies. It is usually presented repeatedly on each dynamic until
you are listed as -unwritable business+ by this group mind.
If someone comes along and wants to introvert you or to comment on
you, notice that they are not talking about you. It is an illegitimate lie
that 343

there is really something going on here, other than a whole lot of solitaires.
When you are talking to someone else there are four things going on
actually. There is your side of it where (1) you perceive the person
flowing to you and (2) you flowing back. There is his side of it where he
(3) perceives you flowing to him and (4) he flowing to you. These two
sets of perceptions, his and yours, are two different universes, his and
yours. The two universes produce an appearance. The two people get
into thinking that there is some big, agreed-upon physical universe in
which this is happening. It is not. But some think it is, and create it
so. If you subscribe to this particular idea of things going on in a
physical universe, you will then actually engage in flowing particles in
universe, and you are going to end up solid as a result. If energy flows at a
receipt point for a long time, then the energy builds up on that point, or
person. This is the order of the day for people. You see this nice couple at
thirty, and thirty years later they look like each other. It is because of
all of that solid communication they have been flowing at each other in the
physical universe. This is an appearance universe only, and actually
playing in the physical universe on a real basis has a very high cost.
You don+t have to flow in the physical universe. You can, on the 7th
dynamic switchboard, let other people think that you are flowing, and
they will think you are flowing and mock it up that way on their two
lines they see between you and them. They are going to think you are
flowing, whether
you do or not. So there is no point in doing it, for all it does is make
you solid, motionless, and incapable of decision. In fact you can
completely disappear, and other people will mock you up as there. You can
be gone, and yet other people will still think you are there. Ironically,
everyone could have left this universe, and what remains could be nothing
left but machines clanking back and forth at each other. But that has not
quite fully happened yet. I suggest you study the event-horizon theory of
black holes, if the idea of how far gone this universe is intrigues you.
We are 99% to that point, to where nothing escapes the event-horizon of
this universe, and most of the intelligent people got out long ago. Yet it
threatens to collapse into it over two thirds of the other universes and
over half of theta.
This physical universe was played start to finish, the whole game. It is
about 4.6 quadrillion years long. Year is a doubled measure of time. It
means 2 things. On earth it is the time it takes the earth to go around
the sun. The other meaning is a galactic year. That is the time it takes
the earth to go around the galaxy. I believe that is 100 million earth-
The duration I list on the physical universe is galactic years. That is a
hell of a long time. After the game played out, it repeated. This is the
626th repeat,
This is about 95% done, this repeat of the cycle. We have 5% of the time left
for this particular physical universe dramatization. That still gives us many
trillions of years to go. On each repeat of the cycle, it gets sloppier,
there is less free will.
Of course, Hubbard never figured this out, and he never took an engram
chain earlier than this repeat, and ran them in the original run of this
universe. Further, he never took the chain earlier back to the basic on
the chain, which is the magic track, or earlier, before individuation.
Since he 344

has never done or heard of a clean engram chain run back to the basic
incident, it is understandable that he cannot comprehend how anyone
can sit down and get 500-700 divisions of TA and charge off a being (10
divisions he considers superb) in an hour, or that there is about 40,000
divisions of charge on a normal Scientology case from life repair to OT7,
or that there are 400,000 divisions of charge on a case from walking in
the door to being a 12th degree master.
A 12th Degree Master can lay a body down, shut its heart off for 5 hours,
and come back and turn it on, or raise the dead, or blow up a Siberian
Nuclear Complex, by decision. What is funny about this is a 12th degree
master may not be able to get a job, raise corn, and be a good marriage
partner. In processing a 12th degree master, this is what they want
fixed. They do not care about being God, they already are. They want to
be able to fix a car. And the people that fix cars want to be gods.
Apparently the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. It
is also funny, that Hubbard, the man with the pitch of -broader
horizons+, has incredibly narrow vision. Apparently when he challenged
many a Master and they drove a spiritual stake through his groin, he has
noticed no
change. I recall him aging about 20 years overnight, and his response to
it was for me to -shut up+ and he muttered about make-up. So much for the
humor of mastery, and the cost of never running an engram to basic. (Basic
is the first time the idea was there).
Hubbard+s appearance and what he is doing is somewhat a part of the
recordings of the physical universe repeating itself. If you are to live
in harmony with this phenomenon of the repeating physical universe, you
should recognize that there is free will, where people can violate the 6th
dynamic repeating itself. My writing this book is somewhat an option.
Sometimes the physical universe recording will write it. Sometimes at this
point, I don+t write it. Sometimes it doesn+t get written. Sometimes it is
written by another. One can recall how the future worked out with each of
these alternatives. Either way, in any decision, the responsibility for
any action can be traced out. As in dropping a pebble into a pond, the
ripples and consequences of any action can be extrapolated out through all
time. When you can do that then you can talk about the responsibility for
an action. Prior to that it is best-efforts chat.
One of the biggest jokes around is that everybody is already, to some
degree, an OT, if not full OT. Getting someone to admit that is a real
clever trick, because you have then trapped him into a lot of
responsibility at that point, if he is dumb enough to take it. It is not
hard to do. It is how you assign the hat of managing a planet to someone.
What you do is go ahead and make sure that they get their auditing and
graduate up above what Scientology was, is, or will be. After that is done,
just make up an OT project. Like causing an earthquake in California, or run
a schoolbus off a mountain, or get a U.S. Ambassador shot in Africa. Assign
this guy this project, whatever it is.
Some people would object to these projects, and of course that is what he
will be erasing to get the events to occur. It is really amazing to see the
emotionalism these meatbodies put out. It is only exceeded by their double-
standards. The meat bodies run like a pack of wolves on emotionalism. Anyone
that is a strong subscriber to the meat-body cult (It is no accident they
call Scientology a -cult+) would think that those three example projects are
horrible. They think it is horrible to harm meat

bodies out there. Of course, they do not blink an eye about killing every
religious man that ever tried to help this planet. Hubbard didn+t have to be
killed physically. The meat-body cult and its subscribers got other spirits
to kill him spiritually. They don+t bat an eye over it, they just say -oh,
gee, that is real sad+, and drop $10 in a box on Sunday, and that makes it
all OK. But for some spirit to go harm meat bodies, Oh God
forbid! Of course, this mentality is from folks who load there shotguns up
to go kill God+s creatures on weekends, or their mates who are just there
for the cash. That is the double standard of the meat-body cult
subscribers. They strongly object to killing for fun, because that is
what they do, and, unfortunately that is about all they can do. They
would be very shocked to see what their great idol, Jesus, did later to
the man who took the whip across his eyes in the flogging, or how much
hate a man like that can feel, having felt that much love.
Anyway, you give the guy a project to go crunch up some of these semi
precious meat bodies. He+ll run off all of his objections to this thing
happening, and then every one else+s objections. It will take him about
900-950 hours on his first one, 50 hours on his second, and ten seconds
on his third. After he has caused the event, and proved to himself he can
operate as a thetan, you say to him: -Is this whole game pre-recorded?+
and he will agree, and mention he ran across it in taking the objections
down and getting everyone+s agreement that it would be optimum to
occur. Then say -If this is all prerecorded, and any time you drop a pebble
in a pond it effects all of history, in other words one event effects all
other events, then for you to change that one event, and in taking
responsibility for it, then you probably know the whole track of all things
that have occurred, do occur, and will occur throughout the physical
universe?+ He will examine with a sheepishly nod, and very softly say -
yes+. So then you say, -Well look, since you know the totality of it, can
take responsibility for any event by extrapolation, and cause any event,
then aren+t you a full OT now? The fact that you could change one thing,
proves you had to know all the other things because they are all hooked
together.+ The man will then hee-haw, grind, and get nervous. What you have
just done is you have turned a miserable, questioning, curious, flippant
student into a God at that point. He is far beyond what others consider God
to be at that point. I mean what is this guy going to do, go
drink a bottle of Vodka? He has just realized that he knows it all, and
can do anything he wants with it. So there is one more OT -in this
universe+ at that point.
-In this universe+ is sort of a humorous remark, because he is not in this
universe anymore. To cause events to occur one has to rise above this
dramatization. The guy certainly doesn+t do these actions in it. He+ll
just adjust something in reality which will cause a change in the
appearance. He will cause changes by as-ising the precoded alternate to
what he
wants to occur. For a fellow in this range, or for anyone, to engage in
alterisness, except to achieve more as-isness, is a severe violation of
ethics, It is irrational conduct. It is just stupid to engage in
alterisness. With this pass-the-buck transfer of planetary management going
on, one should still try to live in harmony. Sometimes the deadness of
things gets to be too much, and you can go out and play warrior for a few
years and get it out of your system. It is interesting to observe the
similarities between Alexander-the great, King Arthur, and Lawrence of
Arabia. Here
is a guy that just loves to go out and raise hell and conquer the world

periodically. Yet in each instance there is intelligence, poetry,
sensitivity, introversion, and a huge ego. Yet in all three instances, this
apparent savagery was progress for mankind. The King of Persia (could that
been Mr. Hubbard?) didn+t care for what happened, but a uniform language
had to be established or the well-planned -Christianity+ could not
proceed. Maybe that is why he burned those books that were so dear to
the King. Hubbard complains enormously about this fellow, Alexander,
calling him a raving maniac. I suppose it is because he lost alot of
gold, libraries, and an old religious con-game that he had going at the
time. He
did not like that civilization being wiped out flippantly. It is quite a
sight to see 20,000 horsemen with shields reflecting sunlight come through
over 1 million men in about 3 hours. It is quite a sight. Speed so easily
conquers size, and always will.
As I was saying, if the harmony gets too much for you after your bridge is
done, you can go out and get involved in warfare+s for personal
amusement. All games are for amusement only. But I really would not
recommend any long adventure or intrusion into dissonance or
disharmony, as one can get trapped into it. So, my fundamental advice is
don+t play games you can+t win. I could not stress or underline what I
said enough. I don+t see any value in losing. Alot of our culture suggests
there is some value in losing, and so people are out there, chasing some
ethereal absolute, trying to prove there is something neat about
suffering, agonizing, struggling, having a hard time, and being poor.
Those are things that a person has to work through and rise above. After
they have risen above them, it is a hell of a shock to find out the world
is full of flippant people, who throw around massive sums of money, that
they do
not care about at all. If one were to work most of their life, and then
encounter someone giving millions to a guy who gives it all to prostitutes,
it could be alarming to the work-all-your-life mentality, and it is. So,
you should not get too entrenched into any one viewpoint on existence as
the right way to live. It is better to live in harmony. These intrusions
into disharmony are often unnecessary. It is best to handle most things by
as isness as an operating thetan. Of course, if warfare does break out, the
quicker the war is conducted, the less net suffering will result, so you
should conclude all wars quickly. Don+t ever fight a war you cannot win.
Alot of social and other arrangements had to be made for this book to be
published. The climate had to be arranged so that pure, straight, honest
truth could be communicated without elaboration.
Scientology is similar to Christianity in that the truth is hidden in
there, to where -those who have eyes to see, can see; and those who have
to hear can hear+. It is sort of insulting to give people a pile of
mysteries and suggest that they sort through all the cow-dung, to find the
pearls. It is probably a comment by those two writers of their opinion of
fellow man. I don+t see anything wrong in giving pearls to people. Jesus
said not to cast pearls before swine. I disagree with that philosophy. I
think there are enough pearls to choke down the throat of all the swine
that are out there, because there are more pearls than there are swine. I
would suspect Jesus advice was appropriate for the time, as the folks he
was talking to were short on pearls, and long on swine. Times have
changed. The people I am talking to are long on pearls, and will not even
acknowledge swine. The Romans, their soldiers, their -order+, and their
rightness are not with any of us anymore. Let us live in a successful and
fruitful peace of harmonious kindness. To the degree that you can create

your environment thus, to that degree, you are the land, and the kingdom,
and You.

The Final Deceit: Persistences
Persistences are the final deceit: It is and was considered that one
can+t hold and idea forever, and if one were to try, one would get tired.
A mechanical system was developed so that an idea would stick and stay in
place. We have this system in the physical and our own universe. Thus we
have persistences, of ideas. There are two ways to live: (1) is to create
knowing and activity, and (2) to rely on existing persistences of ideas.
The former is a conscious and active creation, the latter is mechanical
and automatic.
Let us take the example of a love affair.
If it persists that you love someone, it will just stay there, and you do
not have to knowingly create that love. If you have to create it, then you
would have what is known as eternal, truthful love (which is above time).
This latter type will be there forever if it is created as such. The latter
type eliminates the idea of loss, in most instances. Normally, the only
things that d person will or can lose are persistences- things that persist.
Thus, the win/lose subject is tied up with persistences. It is a deceit.
(Normally most grief evaporates upon finding the loss of motion or mass;
only occasionally will you have to find the lost quality or abandoned goal
to get a secondary to erase).
It is very doubtful that you are going to lose anything that is true. There
seems to be little sense in owning or having truth, which is a curious
additive that people often engage in. To the degree that a person gets
embroiled and involved with persistences, those persistences will flow
back at him, due to the inherent confusion of the communication formula
(duplication and beingness occur at both ends of the communication
line). Thus if you if you are having and owning a persistent idea, it will
have and own you, and this is by degrees. If you start having solid things,
they will start hating you, proportionally. This is one of the reasons
vacations are so desirable, for it is a relief to get away from all the
stuff one is busy owning (house, car, job, money and so forth).
Owning is kind of a gyp because no one can really own anything
completely in the physical universe. The physical universe already owns
all of its contents. This factor alone, makes living in it the majority of
the time less than paradise. The physical universe is just here for you so
you can try owning it.
Persistent data is data that just sticks there for you. It is there for you
to look at. It does not vanish when you look at it. You do not have to
recreate it, after having looked at it once. It stays there when you look at
it. Such data, for this phenomenon to occur, must contain at least one lie
(or you are not looking, a valence is looking instead of you). If things do
not unmock, or stay there as an obvious contrast to you, then you have a via
(machinery, valence, circuitry) on your looking. This contrast should be
clear as day and twice as bright. For example, look at man being self
determined. That is there to look at a second time, so it is persistent
data and it is a lie. Book at man being pan-determined, and look a second
time at that. you have to create it, do you not? If this distinction is no
obvious to you, after 15 minutes to 2 hours of drilling on it, you have
additives on your looking. Look at whether Hubbard discovered

Scientology or whether we all created it long ago. Suffice it to say if
the idea vanishes, and you have to keep recreating it to look at, then
there is truth there. There is objective and subjective truth. Do not
confuse the
two. It might vanish for you subjectively that I wrote this book, but it
will not objectively. Objectively, what vanishes is either we all did or I
just remembered it. Both vanishing proves there is more than one truth, an
often occurring fact. 99% of your philosophers went to hell in a
breadbasket on the false assumption that there is one truth. There is
usually alot more than one. With this ability to make and find the
distinction between truth and lies, by this mechanical test (known as
the -acid test+ by men of truth), I would trust you are hereby
from entrapment for eternity on any and all seas of data that you find. It
is more important than auditing. Because, without this ability, auditing
cannot and does not occur. Hubbard, and everyone in his church, never
came near using or applying this, and thus did miss many, if not all the
boats. It is appalling beyond the wildest stretch of the imagination that
nobody else alive has figured this out, that Hubbard recalled it and
built technical processes around it but never understood it, that Jesus
proclaimed that we -should know the truth, and the truth will make you
free+ and did not tell his brethren HOW. It is shocking that I have only
taught 2 dozen people this -acid test+, and freed them to infinity
thereby, and it has never taken more than 2 hours to where they can find
the truth in 5-15 seconds, on any area they are not aberrated on. I do it
on every preclear before we do any auditing, and it is interesting to
note each one finds it more valuable than the decades and $30,000 or more
they invested in the lie-wading contest known as the Church of
Scientology, which even has -persisting wins+ that they have the audacity
and gall to be proud of. By definition, any persisting win is a lie, and
a gross technical error and should be repaired that day. That is the -
secret+ of church auditing -case gain+: restimulate and move someone back
on the track to where he was more alive, make technical errors to stick
him there, and he feels fixedly different and better. Unfortunately, he
can+t do much after that, but he feels better. The preclears want just
the opposite to happen and prevail over this technique often, and get
real gain in spite of mice, men, and screwball technology.
We have a world built on persistences, and you would be prudent to live
in some kind of harmony with them, giving Caesar his due, and that
makes for good clean communication cycles with the outside world.
When things start going haywire and people start having difficulties
with their lives, they simply have too many persistences and not enough
truth going on. They need to get some relief from the persistences
bypassed charge) and discover the truths that underlie each of these lies.
You see, the lies get all their force from the power and life inherent in
the underlying truths. So in the undoing of the lies, the truths are found.
This is my definition of -auditing+. People come back alive, and start
living and creating well when they have truth instead of lies under their
belt. Auditing is not just clearing up someone+s difficulties. It is
raising the ability and condition of another from lying to being truthful.
My favorite definition of wealth is the truth you are, and are aware of.
That is a very workable definition. In the book of Thomas, Jesus
mentioned with mild cruelty that those that are in poverty are poverty.
I suppose it is only cruel to poverty. I recalled the line when I was in
poverty and was poverty, washing dishes for $8.00 a day, and quit. I
made 350

over a $1000 in the stock market with borrowed money the next two
weeks. It is a high level truth of his that is a key to persistences. What
you are in, if you protest it, you begin being as a consequence, so to
untangle this ball of string, you must first undo being that you protest
before you can change the condition. Taking things apart going-back-through-
time is more workable than taking things apart going-forward-in-time.
Sometimes you have to do both. There is nothing wrong with juggling the
two, and working with it, as long as you get it resolved. The only thing
sacred about techniques is that you do them properly, in the right
order, and finish what you start. There is nothing wrong with -vignette
bridges+, going from life repair to OT7 on spinach in an hour. +The idea
that one process will handle something is a wrong, stupendous error.
Nothing is handled until the preclear says it is handled. Some things,
like my personal rudiments, took over a 1000 processes. Obviously, Mr.
Hubbard and I disagree on this point, and rather violently, on both sides.
I walked out of his church forever in 1974, after I had given a session in
which I used incident running (R3R) on rudiments, which the preclear
proclaimed to be the finest session he had ever had, glad to get it fixed
after 11 years of the same thing coming up for 11 years, and so forth.
This matter went by telex to him for decision. What I had done he said was
wrong. If someone else was signing his Telexes, that is even more hideous,
and of course they were, as he was on his back in bed. +The point in the
anecdote is that using more than one process to handle
something is not unusual, it is necessary if the preclear does not
declare -all-is well+, and the desertion of preclears by confining them
to one process in handling something is a far greater sin than abandoning
a friend in his struggle to symbolize mankind+s oldest dream, even if it
is his life+s work, even if there was love. For Hubbard, the definition
of greatness is -loving in spite of...+; for me, it is -honoring the best
and finest of what you have seen, by creating, defending and establishing
those manifestations of perfection+. So, to each his own egomaniac
greatness. With such different definitions, it was growth for both that
we kissed off.
Jesus was only cruel to the idea of poverty, not the people.
True wealth is how much truth you access, and manifest.
You do get paid for it in this world, not the next, but it takes a little
while to happen. It took me 12 years, from the manifestation to the silly
dollars. Persistence in action is completely different from persistence of
The former is admirable, the latter involves lies. If a person is persistent
on a given course, and stays with something on through to its completion,
regardless of what comes up, then you would know that the fellow is very
determined and alive. There are some very tenacious people out there,
and this factor alone carries mankind through all of his tribulations. It is
a very admirable trait. There is nothing wrong with using it to get the job
of auditing done.
I suppose a very comfortable existence in life could be created on the
basis of 25% not-is-ness, 25% is-ness, 25% alter-isness, and 25% as
isness. Normally a preclear, when they walk in the door, is into an
excess of 99% not-isness.

If they have been through the Church of Scientology, or had their L+s
done, trained auditors, then they probably have taken this all too
seriously, and you will find that what is wrong with them is they have
very heavy persistences. You may have to coach these off, as truth is a
foreign commodity to them. They have certificates, you see. Status means
you don+t have to look in society, too.
Getting certificates from a church is like getting diplomas from a
university, in that it reflects a degree of asking permission to survive
from others. In auditing a preclear with this lifetime church track, they
are going to have the time of their life just coming out of not-isness,
for they will have loads of persistences coming off. Once they are out of
that condition of existence, you will find that they will have a very
difficult time having truth, because this type of, case uniformly is at
substitute on the havingness scale. Thus they have substituted
persistences for truth, and are used to that.
Really tough cases, whether from the church or not, will take lies over
truth at every turn. In about 20% of the population, if you were to ask in
a session or over a beer, -Why don+t you straighten all this out?+, the
reply will be the lie: -I don+t want to, I+d rather screw it up?+ You might
think that they don+t mean it, but they do. You have just been a witness to
-the divine-right-of-emotion+, in action. That right is the person+s right
to go to hell. You can let them, or you can clear it out of the way by
offering to assist them in that endeavor. I used to do the latter, now I do
the former. In clearing it you could also indicate it is a lie and repeat
the question, with a -You don+t really mean that as the absolute truth in
this matter, do
you...I can see that is how you feel, but is this the absolute truth you
want, to +screw it up?+. If you get high off saving victims, or have large
cash needs, you can work with this 20% of the population. I pass on working
with them. A half a dozen of them is enough to turn anyone of good heart
sour on auditing, and into a Hemmingway or Hubbard fatalism about one+s
The only permanent solution in dealing with persistences is (1) to put
truth on the line, (2) then get truth discovered, and then (2) get truth
out in the open as a way of life. By doing enough recreation of the
original truths, a person attains the state to where they find that they
have created the truth in itself. They can then create all the truth they
want. I would counsel one against using persistent solutions to solve
persistent problems as much as possible. It is better to use some truth.
I beg you not to confuse a condition (roaches in an apartment) with a
problem (two things opposite each other that do not belong that way).

The Death Of The Gods
There have been some powerful operating thetans which, in the past,
which designed -theta traps+. Some of these were successful forms of
entrapment, in that they are evident in people and their conduct today.
The 3 most prominent ones are these dichotomies: (1) good/evil, (2)
survive/succumb, and (3) love/hate. Most, if not all, people have spent
their entire existence and time in the physical universe looking through
one of these only. It is sort of your own -dark glass+ you look through.
I have been terribly prone to (3) love/hate, as is evidenced by my
thoughts on Hubbard, my performance, and my contempt for the ignorance
that involvement in the other dichotomies is. This personal -dark glass+,
or Achilles heel, that each person has is erasable through auditing.
Unfortunately, until it is, it is the only meaningful context on which
the individual can be addressed or appealed to. The purpose of these 3
theta traps was to eliminate the competition and to render the recipient
and ineffective as an operating thetan. One of these three, at the least,
got laid into them prior to any involvement in this physical universe, and
it gets reinforced once they are in it, and it accumulates engrams locks and
secondaries (not to mention GPMs, Reliable items and Service facsimiles)
very rapidly. If you would talk to people about these three, you will find
that although each of the three can be restimulated up to being
important, only one do they care about and perform upon. Thus society is
composed of (1) ethical moralists, (2 calculating opportunists, and (3)
romantics, as the result of this implanting. Different dichotomies
prevail over the entire culture of earth at different decades in history.
good/evil one has dominated the majority of history, where every 100,
and every thousand, years people pair up Żn sides on this one and fight it
out. The 1980s appear to be created on the survive/succumb.
What I want to talk about here is that things like those 3, in other
words, games can and have been set up like this, and the being (s) that
created them can depart or die, and the game goes on forever, since he is
not around to close it off, and no one else closes the game off either.
Perhaps the human condition was made this way. Odds on that would be very
strong. Such is a really wild situation. Eight Billion years ago, off the
Clarion Star Group, the Clarion Conspiracy successfully stopped time for a
day, and it shot the hell out of everyone+s havingness, and in that state,
alot of people were implanted. The beings that did that cannot take it
apart, as they do not exist at any real level as beings anymore. One can
harm others until you do not exist at any level anymore.
These beings flickering out of existence is not due to overts, withholds,
or karma. It is due to theta playing a game as theta against theta as
mest. The being just turns into mest. That is what mest is. It is either
old or committed theta. Whether any of that mest is convertible back into
theta, whether any of that theta is convertible from mest back into theta
beings, I would like to leave as conjecture (but it is not conjecture
really, for nuclear physics and the other -mad sciences+ are understandable
this light), to a major extent. I have audited people that have fully
been mest before and have cycled back to theta. They did not like it too
much; they got tired of being a rock.
The actual beings involved in that particular spiritual quandary and
conflict, that we are faced with on this planet, have gone into hiding,

using an encoded communications system to maintain their present control.
Most of the powerful beings that have ruled this galaxy have gone into
hiding, and cannot be located except by a very clever OT. They use a code
system that they alone designed and no one else has broken yet, and that
is how they maintain control. It is a very clever trick for these fellows
to leave their posts unoccupied, and unoccupiable. For instance, let us
say there was an emperor of a galaxy who, when he saw he was about to be
overthrown, encoded his entire job, existence, and control
lines. He then just disappears as an operating thetan. ;He still runs
the place, but on a 1-way communication line. He observes what is going
on, causes changes to occur in societies, but there is no way you can
ever locate the guy to straighten him out. If the two top rulers of the
Markabian and Galactic Confederation both did this, and were both
walking the streets chuckling, the Aquinas era idea that the earth was
the center of a very large system would have validity, if those bastards
are here, on this planet. The Markabian emperor disappeared in his being
overthrown 212626 years ago, and has not been seen since.
That is one aspect of gods dying that has some unpleasant ramifications.
As an operating thetan if you do not like the game you would naturally
try to change it. In these attempts at changing games you will uncover
games that were installed by beings that are either no longer with us, or
are in hiding and essentially inaccessible. Thus is unsatisfactory, so
you would set out to find out where they are, and would have to be very
clever with the subject of truth and not get caught in any persistences,
for they have
a vested interest in your not finding out or finding them. This can and
has been done.
The human race has good reason to feel hostility for gods.
The human meat bodies, with the genetic entities that build them, have had
enough of being interfered with and hassled by gods and operating thetans.
They do not like their houses being blown apart, the oxygen
cover being pulled off the planet, the axis changing on the planet,
sudden ice ages, sudden supernova, or any of the four horseman of the
Apocalypse. Meat bodies, understandably, don+t like these events, so they
(due to these engrams) feel that anyone manifesting spiritually powers
should either be heavily entrapped or religiously sacrificed -for the
good of all+. As a group meat bodies have been very clever. This
particular galaxy has gone from having 100,000s to less than 10,000 fully
capable Operating Thetans. Fully capable means that one can appear and
disappear without question from one end of the galaxy to the other in
less than a second, thus these are messengers. I trust you recall there
was a fellow named Mercury (Hermes, if you prefer), who had this ability
of instantaneous appearance and disappearance. As all of these messengers
started disappearing (got trapped into meat bodies themselves,
somewhat due to sexual sensation addictions), the fact that the gods were
dying due to entrapment by meat, meant that the communications
systems that ran the galaxy started breaking down. As that broke down,
central control went by the boards. As central control went by the boards,
the defense of its borders against infiltration diminished. With
infiltration came contamination, diversity, and degradation. Survival
regional government so at least there would be some kind. And that is
how a great two galactic societies no longer are. A lot of the
extraterrestrial flying saucers are completely unoccupied. They just
contain mechanical computer machinery. No one is alive in them

anymore. The wars cost too much in personnel. As a prison planet, earth
is being very sloppily maintained, due to the high cost of Government
Travel. It is about a 4 year trip from Markab to here. They are just barely
maintaining territorial sovereignty, and there is an enormous tax load on
its citizenry. It should be noted that all flying saucers are not from
outer space, and most are from the powers that be on this planet, which is
outlined in the -novel+ entitled -Genesis+ by W. A. Harbinson, Corgi
books in Great Britain and Dell in the U.S. The book defines the
manifestation of ecological and eclectic men gone mad with the idea of
the super race, and defines low grade saucers as being from the US and
USSR, with the sophisticated ones being from under Antarctica as the
remnant of Third Reich super science restrains the rest of the world
from progressing up to the military and scientific hardware and software
it holds.
As the gods disappear out of social area, the culture decreases, and the
people just keep around symbols that they were once here. The way that
gods get trapped into mest and human games is detailed adequately in the
writings of the Greeks, where you will find an essentially accurate
account of the continual intermixing of operating thetans and humans. It
was an interesting occurrence that between 8 and 20 gods got heavily
involved with humans to produce 30,000 semi-god, semi-human people
before that hierarchy collapsed. The magical power started disappearing
from the gods due to excessive dilution. There was a most procreative
dissipation of spiritual power in The Golden Age. We have not seen
anything like it since. That is how such things are done, through slow
If you turn up one of these 30,000 or 8-20 in auditing, it is wild to
uncontaminated them, because they will go right back to being a semi
deity or deity right away, as the case may be. They are never going to
disclose or announce this to anybody because they have no great desire to
be gunned down or diluted again. This is part of the -pay+ of bad
experiences, for one realizes that there is no point in doing that again.
Specifically one realizes the degree of restraint that would be wisdom in
dealing with crazy people. Discretion can most often be the better part
of valor, when the other side is rabid.
There have been a lot of powerful beings on the time track. Most of the
mythologies are accurate about them. They fell down to being human and
are most reluctant to talk about it or do anything about. If you are
fortunate enough to be graced with auditing one of these, you will be
getting an education that you could get no where else. These gods
continue to die into the human race and arena, and even drop into
consciousness as an alternative to aware-ing. It is quite an experience
to observe someone who fixes refrigerators now clear up why he is no
longer making stars. It is even wilder to restore his willingness to create
again, and watch him stop fixing refrigerators.
There has been tremendous interest at top galactic levels to -recycle+ some
of these fallen guys back up to a state to where they will be -useful+ as
deities again. But it hasn+t worked out that way, for all efforts in this
direction have been failures. Hubbard was given this assignment, and has
done alot of research in that area, but people are too bright to fall for
it, for despite its efficiency, that type of society is not at all pretty.

When the mining is done by robots, animal bodies are used for clerical,
administrative, and light manufacturing, little stick or -doll+ bodies are
used to ride herd on these lower two, and the doll body class reports to the
-pure operating thetans+, you have a very organized, 4-tier, demandingly -
religious+ and -scientific+ society, which is in truth the anti-thesis of
true religion- (all life has equal rights) and science
(observation and analysis yielding logical solutions), It is at its worst
made manifest recently by the Nazis. A political and military structure based
on this makes the OTs generals, Colonels dolls, lieutenants animal-bodied,
and soldiers robotic. Politically this works out to Presidents,
Senators, Representatives, and Administrators. Socio-economically it
works out to the -independently wealthy+, executive, worker, and poor
classes. Population distribution rarely exceeds 1/2%, 3 1/2%, 52%, and
44% respectively. America, as we know it, is all too-well a rememberance
of that type of society.
If you work with someone in auditing and get them up to where they can
drop a plane out of the sky or defuse an atomic weapon by thought alone,
they will have a natural reluctance (due to the wisdom they have
attained in auditing) to go work for somebody else. They have a tendency
to be their own boss. This is good news, that not only is mankind waking
growing up rapidly, but his old gods are also. It is a good idea to -
recycle+ people right on out of the universe to where they can be here only
much as they want to be. It is a lousy idea to -recycle+ them up to being
military generals where they will be conquering planets and raising

Mobius Strip Flows/Winners & Losers
A mobius strip, if you look it up in a dictionary, is where you draw a line
on a sheet of paper with arrows on the line. Holding the strip of paper
up, you see a line with the arrow marks in one direction. If you twist the
strip (180 degrees), and do a figure 8 with it, you will find in the
middle you will have arrows going in 2 different directions, against each
other. So the single line flowing in one direction, appears to be flowing
in opposite directions. I am sure there is some farmer out there who
he is a scientist who will try to use this for energy creation, but he is
in for a big disappointment. anytime you introduce an invention ahead of
the dramatization people reject it.
I knew this guy that invented an airplane from his recall in auditing. It
would take off at 5 miles per hour from a 100 foot field. He took it around
the US and the world. No one would buy it. Since it was not in the
dramatization, it was not real to folks. There are over 100 good long term.
solutions to the energy crisis in this country. There are dozens of
solutions to the fresh water, food, and whatever other problem countries
face. There are almost endless solutions to any of the problems that
mankind faces, but nobody wants any of them, because it is not in the
dramatization. That is how thick this repeating physical universe game is.
I am not really concerned that someone is going to go out and build an anti-
gravity machine because if they do, there isn+t going to be anyone there to
buy it. This has already happened 4 times in the last 20 years. Some
solutions are in the dramatization, or could be put into it easily. These
are interesting. A fellow invented batteries that last a lifetime.
Delco felt this was a threat, bought it up, for a million dollars, and the
guy went to Florida and talks to no one. Then there is the guy in New Mexico,
who cannot afford to feed his children, with the cost of gas and his long
commute to work, so he goes to a Hardware store, gets some plumbing
gear, gets 60 miles per gallon out of a full sized sedan. The press after
months of ridicule sent someone down to check it out. It is true. He+s
gone, family and all. Just disappeared. Detroit automotive people flew
into that town before he disappeared. If these people weren+t bought off
or eliminated, their products could be put into the dramatization. It
takes two to make commerce, and if the invention or solution is close to
reality, it will fly. If it is too far ahead, it becomes unreal. I built 70
miles per hour vehicles that got 300 miles per gallon when I was 12 years old.
They cost me $40 a piece. They were horribly low and light, and my
parents insisted I keep them off the road. No one was interested, it was
too much progress, too far ahead in time.
There are mobius strip flows; and that is how awareness gets created. A
person gets something going in one direction and then believes it is
going in 2 directions at once. You can actually get awareness and
consciousness going full blast, if you start running flows this way. It is a
fascinating area to audit and clean up, and it is part of operating as an
OT, seeing how these are created and work. Even theta versus itself as mest
is just one thrust we mistakenly perceive as against. What we have going
on in the physical universe is the apparency of winners and losers, and
we have the apparency of energy flowing in two directions. However, in
truth, both are single flows in one direction. Senior to the physical

universe there are no winners or losers, but in the apparency of the
physical universe, there are.

Continued Living in Someone Else+s Was
A New Definition of Hell
The physical universe could be defined as someone else+s was. If we were
to continue to live in someone else+s memory, that would be a hell,
because it could go on endlessly for he may not get that memory cleared
up. Not only is this a distinct possibility, but there is supportive
evidence for it as a probability. If this assumption is true, we would need
appropriate technology to handle it. That technology would be the use of
nine time-flows, and I call it -tragic+.
Hubbard plays with three time states: past, present, and future. In
Dianetics the person looks from present to past and from past to present. It
accomplishes a lot of change in someone because it is 2/9 ths of what
is known as -magic+, thus it works out well. If the preclear is running
well, you will have 3/9 ths, for the present to present flow will be
there in the preclear to auditor communication line. Unfortunately,
perhaps, 2/3 of the boat was missed by Hubbard. There are 6 other time
flows that effect creation and existence.
If you were to exteriorize senior to time, and look at the flows you
would find:
1. present to past
2. present to future
3. present to present
4. past to future
5. past to present
6. past to past
7. future to present
8. future to past
9. future to future.
If you get all 9 of these arranged in perfect triangles, (time triangles)
you can do magic, like nobody would ever believe. You can as-is any
creation. The real complaint the Catholic Church had against the witches was
that they were reciting the Lord+s Prayer backwards and that was unmocking
the Church.
If someone has created a nine-flow time trap of the physical universe,
and has forgotten about it, and a whole bunch of people have fallen into
the thing, you would have a semi-eternal hell here. Further, if you could
all of those people to believe in it, and to believe that they are
volitionally involved, and that someone else made them, and that it was
actually a
game wherein they could evolve to the top of the well as a good spirit or
go to the bottom of the well as a bad one, you would have these 4 added
persistent lies to seal the trap, I would like to suggest that this is
one element of what has occurred.

Mechanical Consciousness
Mechanical consciousness is just that. If you can get -unknow+ set up on
an automaticity, an unknowning machine, then you can get mechanical
consciousness going. Breathing is an unknowing machine of the somatic
mind. If a person is not deliberately making consciousness, then they
are mechanically conscious, and thereby are limited to human senses,
which are less than 1% of what is available to be perceived, by other
senses, such as is available in deliberate consciousness. Modern
scientists are quite disturbed with the fact that the sense range of
human meat bodies is about 1% of what is out there to be perceived. The
scientists concern
comes from their logic that if one can only see 1% of what is out there
it is improbable that anyone will discover what we are surrounded with.
Mechanical consciousness does restrict thinking, perception, and
awareness to about a 1% range, and precludes the possibility of figuring
out the world around one.
That is inherent in this particular game, supposedly in the physical
universe, because everyone here is trying to find out what is here. It is
a game of finding things out. This is based on the wrong assumption that
if you find out all the parts you will then understand the whole. This is
an idea that came from scientists, the same fellows that have given us new
diseases, atom bombs, and gas warfare. Science has long been a religion
unto itself, and should be recognized as such. With 200 new chemical
substances a week being dumped into our water, and the EPA catalogue
showing only 20 a week being investigated for side effects on life forms,
we see pure science at its zenith. When there is no more air left to
breathe, no more food left to eat, and no more bodies left to occupy,
Science will have done its trick once more.
The last nuclear annihilation of the bulk of the life forms on this
planet, on the surface, was 14,026 years ago.
I don+t really care for going through these experiences and watching this
senseless continuance of marvelous science doing what marvelous
science does. But marvelous science is nothing more than a dramatization
of the original salesmen that got the whole physical universe game going
in the first place. That is, if you accept the premise that the sum of the
parts equals the whole, then you could believe in science. By being
mechanically conscious and spending one+s entire time track dutifully
recording each of the physical universes parts (time is a segmentation of
the whole into parts), and having lived out each of it+s parts, then you
would understand the whole, the physical universe. That is just marvelous,
isn+t it? That is the crazy idea that being involved in the physical
universe operates off of. It is a crazy idea to do this with mechanical
consciousness too. This is what people operate off of as a -way of
awareing+, and it a fundamental logic error. They accept it as a
natural fact, when it is as aberrated as hell. It is what hell is,
mechanical consciousness, for it makes one robot-city to a record player.
If you put a man in front of a penny and said -Here is a penny+, he would
say -yeah, I see what it is+. If you took another man and said -we are going
to put this penny under a microscope to where you can see the molecules, and
I am going to slowly move it, and we are going to spend
your whole time track, trillions of years, as you observe every molecule
in 360

it, and at the end you can add up all that you have seen.+ And lets say
you did that. Then you asked him, -What does a penny look like now that
you have seen and added up the molecules?+ This fellow would reply, -Hell
if I know.+
That is the game of the physical universe. People are going through the
matter, energy, space, time sequences in order to figure out what it is.
If they would get senior to the physical universe, and rise above it+s
ethics level, and just look at it, then they would see what it is.
Mechanical consciousness is so common and abundant, that you don+t
directly address it until after the Scientology Auditing is essentially
complete, that is OT 7. You are taking it off in all of your work prior
to that.
Hubbard said in 1966 that nobody outside himself, and a few high-level
people in Scientology had anything but mechanical consciousness. This is
absurd that he considers the entire world to be nothing but a bunch of
robots. It is a very inaccurate observation. Everyone out there has some
degree of free consciousness and free will. I you appeal to it, it will
manifest itself.
I know a cat that has absolutely loads of free awareness. You can put a
washcloth on an E-meter and say -Clorox Bleach+ and you are going to see
some reads there. Those reads may or may not be determined by
mechanical consciousness. I advise you against demonstrating that plants,
steaks, and matter is alive to people. It is too high a truth for them, and
it upsets them greatly. It takes an IQ of about 5 to prove it for all it
requires is a meter and a question.
It is nice to know what mechanical consciousness is, so you can rise
above it and be 100 times more alive.

What If Everyone That Was Worthwhile
Has Already Left This Universe
I wanted to raise the question, and define worthwhile as something that
is subjective. This idea has been promoted that all of us which are still in
here are not worth anything. If you could persuade another that his
postulates did not work, that he has no self-esteem, that he feels abandoned,
that he has alot of heartbreak-hotel emotions, then you would
be able to make the guy feel lonely. In that condition he would start
clutching onto other beings, feel that reaching for other gods was a
step up, and hold onto thoughts as though they are something scarce. He
would eventually consider truth as scarce, and start holding onto truths
and try to make them persist.
There have been some bad folks out there that have promoted these ideas,
and the idea that everyone that was worthwhile had already left, and the
idea that we are all great fools and sinners. I have called this
education the -Garden of Eden Implant+. This whole idea that we are bad
and have to be educated into being good is a becomingness idea. The
good and bad guys really get mixed up on this. I cannot think of anything
more boring or disgraceful than being stuck at the other end of a one-way
comm line with a senior being that has nothing to do but father me.
Anyway, let us get on with this logic: this supposedly nice big guy made
us and then his arch rival (Satan or Beelzebub) comes along and says -you
can+t let em rot, they won+t improve, so I+ll help you out by making them
effort. I+ll arrange some challenges so they will realize convincingly
that good is a better deal than evil.+ So, God and Satan had some
disagreement over this, and Michael (later Christ) is the third party.
Touching story, isn+t it. This data is highly inaccurate as far as what
really happened, but it is accurate as to what people were told in the
implant. This is how people remember it, publish it, and theorize about it,
just to get some sensation going.
When they originally heard these ideas they were getting a hell of a lot more
current put through them than any electric chair we have on this
planet now.
This notion that we have to work ourselves out of sin is an exercise in
futility. For it is a lie, and thus we do not. We don+t have to do
anything except wake up.
The old proverb of the Persian king is appropriate. e wanted all of the
wisdom of the world boiled to one book, then one page, then one word.
Hubbard was fond of this proverb and was convinced he had found it in -
Survive+. The one word was not that, it was -aware+.
If man is to rise above something, it sure s hell is not sin. It is
ignorance. Ignorance has got to be the ultimate evil.

Remaining Sluggards Stuck In A Memory
If one is exterior to this universe and an operating thetan, one could view
the folks involved in this treadmill of the physical universe as the -
remaining sluggards stuck in a memory+. That is an implanted idea that
was promoted on people in here about how people north of us think of us.
It is not true. It is third-partyism. People do not uniformly treat their
juniors, children, or pets with disgust and contempt. Beings that are
senior to oneself generally do not sneer at lower beings. Nor is there
pleasure in slaughtering any animal.
Managing one+s particular existence in the evolutionary, hierarchical,
and ecological schemes of existence and beyond, requires that one
recognize one+s position, handle one+s communication lines north of one
with senior beings, and south of one with junior beings. You can get into
all kinds of friction by mishandling your junior lines. Your life will be
completely blown off its course by what you consider a slight infraction
with a senior line. From a senior+s point of view, he didn+t even know he
stepped on a fly.
The sizes of games determine different value systems, importance+s,
ethical alternatives, and free creations. It is nice to recognize one+s
slot, thus one avoids being stepped on and avoids stepping on others. The
difference in sizes of beings in comparison to each other exceeds my
analogy. People are millions of times bigger or smaller than each other.
There are people millions of times bigger than you, and there a people
out there millions of times smaller than you.
This overly-promoted, false idea that there is intentional ill will
within the natural ecology of life was invented by a small minority of
nuts that find supposed pleasure in the misery of others. The majority of
life is very, very good, and has been contaminated by this 1% minority,
This contamination is a prevalent absurdity the people need to recognize
as such, and stop subscribing to it.

The Second Absence
I simply want to state here that the people who are planning for a Second
Coming fail to realize than more can be accomplished with a second
absence. The scheduled reappearance of Jesus Christ, Melchizedek, Michael
or whoever this loving fellow is, is probably not going to happen. A
second absence probably is.
There is a time slot for him to reappear and play a particular game
coming up. By not appearing he can cause greater effects. And he loves
great effects. They missed him showing up every lifetime since,
Shakespeare and all. So, it is really a question of his announcing his
arrival and playing the agreed-upon game. The non-arrival should rattle a
few cages because he was scheduled to rule a new civilization.
Another flaw in the theory of the return is that he already accomplished
what he wanted back then. Besides, he would get a 44 magnum slug in
the temple instead of nails. We will not be seeing much of this fellow
until he wants to exchange some information. People do not want this guy
to hear new information. They want him back so they can further drive
him up the wall, because he is the last full-scale operating thetan that
we have in recorded history, and every piece of meat on this planet knows
he is out there and they failed to trap him into a body.
The game is set up so that people wake up by themselves. There is no
evidence of any millions of people understanding what he said nearly
2000 years ago. There was thousands of instances of healing and the
truth fared well until 323 AD, when the council of Nicene burned all the
good books and enforced all the bad ones. Healing, and truth went by the
boards, and the dark ages started. The fundamental things he said have
not been received by the people yet. It is a tough game going on between
him and these folks. I hope he wins it, because I like the guy, his
courage level and state. And I am amused that he continues to be right
before their eyes each lifetime and they don+t recognize its the same guy
playing all these games.
In that he can accomplish alot more by as-ising things instead of walking
meat body around, its a good bet he is not going to proclaim his identity,
e was actually going a good job of as-ising things in the famed lifetime,
but his case got tripped on seeing the good-looking lady being stoned to
death, which was a convenient point in starting his now-historical
career, e was drawn into human existence at that point. She helped him
get the body going again later, so even romance was joy to Mr. Wise and
Mr. Guts. 364

The Irrevocable Persecution of
Games Makers, Destroyers, and Umpires
What we have on this planet is a bunch of broken pieces. There are a few
pieces around and eight, or more, players. Of course, there are more
assistant players. There are very few games makers, destroyers, and
umpires. Let us define this hierarchy.
There is a caste system in games. At the top level there are Games
Makers, Games Destroyers, and slightly above those two, the umpires. All
three have no rules. There are little to no Umpires on this planet. The
next echelon down is the Players, who know and obey the rules. The rules
are made by the above stated three, who do not have to follow the rules
they make. Assistant players obey the players. Assistant players
redefine the rules into projects. Pieces execute the projects, but do
not know the rules. Lastly, there are broken pieces that don+t think
they are apart of the game anymore, although they are being dragged
around by the game. They are in a terrible maybe of whether or not they
are in the game. Perhaps this book is written from the position of an
Umpire, not a Destroyer, and is an appeal to pieces and above in this
hierarchy. The planet is composed mostly of broken pieces. I would guess
the pieces at 2.2 million, assistant players at 580,000, players at
100,000, games makers at 118, games destroyers at 56, and umpires at 22.
Everyone else is a broken piece, acting at effect of the changes in
societies+ drama.
One sees this hierarchy in society. I am not saying this is good or bad, I
am saying it is there. You can make a person a piece by hiding the rules
from him, give them a lot of penalties, give them very few wins, insure
they do not find out it is just a game, remove their former goals, and
enforce the idea he has to play (these 6 in that order). These 6 actions
to make pieces out of people could be summarized as enforcing their
playing and not allowing them any joy. In a subtle instance, the piece is
given the apparency of being a player, but is not allowed to act as one.
Hubbard+s religion and Sea Org employ the above data to ensure that
everyone is a piece, and are probably the -ultimate+ in making people into
pieces. If you want to keep someone a piece you (1) let the piece only
associate with other pieces, (2) deny the existence of players, and (3)
keep the above 6 actions going on them.
There are some phenomenon and rules of this caste system. If a piece turns
into a player, that is the end of that particular game. Hubbard has had
the game of Scientology going where he is the player and everyone else is
a piece. A number of pieces have taken the game over, a number of times.
Ownership of pieces is important amongst players. Hubbard thinks that when
a piece becomes a player that there is a big upset, and then the player
just blows off -from overts.. This is not true, as the sudden change from
piece to player, blows the whole game wide-open for everyone concerned.
Such occurrences are not that unusual, and generally, the player holding
all the pieces will reinstate the old game with more force, and attack the
piece-turned-player, whether that game be named Scientology, Corporate
board-room, Internal Revenue, Federal Reserve,
or whatever. In the unlikely event that a piece turns umpire, and is
detected as such, the rule of the caste system is to destroy him. Any
piece converting to the top caste of Games maker, destroyer, or umpire

suddenly is attacking the caste system itself, and such an individual+s
persecution and destruction is more important than any player. In a free
society, the hiding of the rules from the pieces is a difficult task,
but television, drugs, education systems, religions, moralities, and
fashion have made it much less difficult.
It is an erroneous idea that you have to have a new game encoded before
you can end an old game, for that idea is an invalidation of free choice.
In winning a game, one wins the right to a new game. When you get into the
higher ranges (Makers, Destroyers, and Umpires) you will find these
folks are den persecuted by the players, assistant players, pieces, and
most often by broken pieces. People are not happy in the condition they
are in as they are not achieving their goals. Non-achievement on goals
cause frustration. Expressed accumulated frustration converts to
hostility. Hostility being -improper+ to express toward who is causing it
becomes displaced. Displaced Hostility is usually directed north, at one+s
Bosses. The further down the ladder you go, the more -non-achieved goals -
frustration-hostility-displacement+ you will find. Broken pieces are
horribly frustrated people.
Modern suppressive managers, and our whole society unfortunately,
operate knowingly with the creation and displacement of hostility. If
you are upset with the boss, you are not supposed to tell him to go to
Instead, you can take it out on your wife, car, dog, or yourself. You can
eat your heart out or join some kooky group. As communications lines and
freedoms are opening up in society, people are telling the boss to go to
hell instead of killing themselves over it. Sounds fine? hey have 5000 years
of catching up to do. It happened with the blacks, and women are
just starting to tell men what they think of them. It is preferable to
displacement, but there is backed up communication and emotion on the
line. Hubbard displaces the hostility of his group wards the
professional classes, psychiatrists, IRS, etc. If he did not, he would not
be bodily alive today. I like the guy like mad in comparison to what the
average group member feels toward him.. I am just ome dumb Texan
stupid enough to keep on resolving things with understanding in a dirty
tough and evil world where only the quickest draw survives+. That is a
quote from the intelligence files the church maintains on me. The
average church member does not go out and audit his fellow man and
labor over 25 million words of chat, write 400 letters to the man without
an answer, evolve technology and so forth for over 20 years. No, for that
is love in deed . The average church member is so frustrated by the man,
that if the hostility was not displaced they would use automatic weapons o
him. But he has them hating governments, educators, parents, etc., all of
whom are undeserving of hate as all they are is ignorant. This is
deliberate on his part so he will not be hated. It is -scapegoat+
technology. Hitler could not have worked the Germans to the bone, had
he not invented conjecture about the Jews.
People have some much deeper frustrations than telling the boss to got to
hell. They are also used to displacing them. So when some high-powered
swami-type is rumored to be causing widespread events to occur in
everyone+s life whether he be named Jesus, Hubbard, Filbert, or whoever,
the frustration of -outside interference+ surfaces, and they want to
chase this guy down and put a spear through the heart. Its as simple as
ABC. That is why I maintain the dumb-Texan image, have no class or
manners, 366

insist I inherited the money, and say that -God made me do it+ if
anything spiritual happens around me. I don+t like spears.
As long as the frustration level is high in society, then the persecution
of games Makers, Destroyers and Umpires will continue. So, if you are going
to engage in one of these three positions, INVISIBILITY might lead to the
longest life, and it is always prudence to have spears around. There is
going to be high frustration around on people because not only is self
interest on the rise, but American marketing and management use high
frustration instead of legitimate desire to regulate behavior. People are
being asked to change daily and buy new blenders.
Business is based on this weird economic idea that people should go
work, and then go buy things. When denied the right to buy the blender,
they get frustrated. What is weird about this is its artificiality.. It is
even more weird that it operates off of -wants+, instead of needs. The
weirdness is complete in that it is accomplished with Federal Reserve
Notes, which is not Constitutional money. I think it was Adam+s who said
only government can take a valuable commodity like paper and make it
worthless by adding ink. The point is, that to the degree that people
are encouraged and manipulated by the media to set goals that are
unreal, their frustration will increase proportionally, and in that
context, any games maker, destroyer, or umpire that comes along will
take the brunt of it for not saving them from Madison Avenue all these

Love Of Fellow Man
I highly recommend it. It is quite natural. It would be very silly to deny
yourself this. It is not a luxury, and is probably the greatest thing going.
I am not talking about sex or sexual love. When it is a substitute for other
thing, it has limitations. One of the richest things in experience is love
for one+s fellows. It is preferable to go ahead and love someone or thing
instead of withholding that emotion. If you hold back from loving, you
will be stuck with that incomplete cycle, and end up a sentimental,
emotional slob which can blur your perception and ability. So, if there is
some love there, go ahead and let it be and experience it. This does not
mean you have to do anything about it. You should allow it too exist, for
more often than not, it is fabulous stuff.

The Transportation of Earthlings: A Feasible Projection
If at some point in the future it became necessary to move a load of this
planets+ globe-trotters to another planet, to re-colonize it, it is a
feasible projection. The swarm would have to be defended on at least 8 sides,
you would need probably 12 capable (fully audited up) OTs aware of this
contingency plan before any catastrophe occurred. This has already been
worked out. The greatest difficulty is getting this hoard of folks to a
place were life is what they are accustomed to. -Accustomed+ is a kinder
word than -addicted+. Getting life arranged in a fashion that this group
would find pleasure in, is a hell of a job. Making 12 OTs was easy. It took
some very brilliant work for nearly a million years on a fellow I have
spoken with, to get this all arranged right here on this ball of dust. This
guy is distraught now seeing all that work being undone. He says there were
5000,000 species and now they are killing off 200 a day, and they set off an
explosive harpoon in another whale every 20 minutes. He cried alot,
got alot of auditing, and now the fellow says -Fuck em+, and he+s the
fellow that worked out all the life form here. That is how he feels about
the human race. I said -What are you going to do about the forms on the
next planet?+ He says, -Let them rot in outer space screaming for bodies,
and when I feel like it I+ll start the amoebae again, depends on my mood,
could be a day of screaming could be millions of years...+ He+ll be
getting around to where he can set it up i an afternoon, and then it won+t
be so valuable a creation to him. So the contingency is set for that.
Why these people are worth transporting I would like to address.
Although I write in an abrasive, self-serving, acrid, sarcastic and
condescending manner at times, that is to serve a purpose. People with
their head in marshmallows or other places need that kind of chat. hat
is not my view of my fellow man. My view of my fellows is one of
admiration. I am amazed that people are willing to undergo so much
suffering (50,
200, 90 trillion years?) for so little joy (20 minutes). That might tell
you how much man loves the good things in life and his fellows. What I have
just said is probably the most evident thing about the human race, but it
is rarely communicated about. It is also true of the animal kingdom. You
can go out to what is left of the few remaining jungles, and if you are
lucky, you will find 2 old gorillas gracefully holding hands, watching
their children play. I think there is something richer in that sight than
in seeing a New York Stockbroker stuffing his pockets and sticking needles
in his arm.
If people are willing to endure thousands of times as much pain in order
to attain an infinitesimal amount of joy and decency, then the
underlying good in people is an enormous quantity far beyond anything
suspected by
any philosopher to date. The good in people is so infinitely great, that one
must conclude that all the evil men (in the world, universe, and other
universes) are fools. They are fools, for if there ever was, is, or will be
a game of good and evil, good has already won a thousand times over, by the
above stated or any casual scientific inspection of an average life of a
human on this planet. Individually people as needs be. All the hell, evil,
and ignorance proceed from putting them together too closely in groups.
Not only do men survive, they prevail, and prevail yet again in their
willingness and desire to go through more agony so that another can
experience a few moments pleasure. All men are land, where they meet,
and separate where they part.

Elitism vs. Popularism: The Battle and the War
A severe degree of religious implanting occurred about 14,000 years
It was -successful+ in that the areas of social and spiritual ecology have
been robotic since. It locked onto an old struggle of elitism Vs.
populism. Elitism in its extremity suggests that only a portion of mankind
has -divine- rights+ to truth, religion, and spiritual freedom. Populism
in its extremity suggests that everyone has guaranteed rights to the same
things everybody else has, including truth, religion, and spiritual
freedom. In their extremities, they both smell. As philosophies, and
governmental policy, both are over-simplistic, sloppy, and vague.
Elitism is probably a natural fact. Although people have equal rights,
they are not equal. Given equal opportunity, treatment, environment,
education, compassion, dignity, respect, housing, credit, culture,
nutrition, and everything else, they will still not be equal. Some will
be, do, and have more than others. Some people create more than others,
and that alone creates tremendous differences in people. Creativity, not
cleverness, produces these wide variances in people. It also puts bread
on the table. Creativity should not be associated with art museums and
held different or separate from persistence on a given course, for
persistence on a given course has to be created. I have a casual comment
about -rights+. You do not hear about them from people who win. You hear
about them from people who lose, or have had them violated.
Truth does belong to mankind as a whole. That is copyright law, since
1978. It is a rotten and over-worked idea that only a few should have
To shove truth down someone+s throat when they do not want it, and
overwhelm people with probably the end result that populism historically
degrades to, and thus it has not fared well in many times and climes.
Ethical elitism is probably a rational way to look at things: that anyone
can have anything they have earned or exchanged for.
Recently and presently, populism has been winning the battles it has
waged against elitism. They will not win the war, for elitism normally
prevails as the natural order for it includes the idea that some things
are greater than others, and thus is not monotone identification.
There are scales. The natural ecology of existence does exist, and should
be recognized and confronted instead of groaned about and legislated
against. Working up and down these scales is a healthy thing to do. One
should have equal rights of motion and transportation up and down these
scales. Other than that, there should be no -divine rights+.
Keeping the classes out of communication with each other is the cause of a
lot of turmoil, but it does serve to justify the existence and need of
government. Actually, the upper and lower classes mix quite well,
because neither of them has any need for religion, morality, symbols,
status, or proprieties. (If you challenge+ that last remark with the
assertion that millionaires have their aspects of these 5, please note
that a rich person 18 not a member of the upper class. Those 5 aspects
exist only on middle class people). Both upper and lower classes are both
concerned with survival and are both faced with the raw facts of

existence. It is interesting to notice that the kinship+s go much deeper
than that anytime you step out of the -twilight zone+ of the middle class.
Just being outside of the middle class is cause for affinity and respect.
Both of these, the upper and the lower, live and act off of instinct
first, and the mind follows instead of preceding action. On the middle
class, the mind thinks, then they act, and instinct is rationalized out of
perceivable existence. It is the middle class that gets neurotic because
they are paying the bill for both the upper and lower classes. They have
great need for symbols, religion, morality instead of ethics, and ethics
instead of truth. And even if the middle class were to rise up and
confiscate the upper classes wealth, it would not run the country more
than 6 months.
Either the present wave of populism that is prevalent over 95% of the
people on this planet will gradually yield to a natural recognition of
natural elitism, or we will have social cataclysms and catastrophes. I
can comprehend, and suggest you do likewise, the frustration on both
sides of this very old fence. Most wealth being a combination of work,
talent, and accident, makes the 95% who do not have it envious, and the
5% feeling
undeserving of what they fell into. The greed and need gang will be
looming soon to confiscate the sweat and sacrifices of your parents and
their parents, who probably died of malnutrition so that you might have
better life than they. It is just history making these things personally
will tear anyone to pieces. So I bet on social catastrophe, for there is no
bandwagon going to get us through the next decade, and the
confiscation+s will start severely in 1987.
The reasons we do not have a growing economy is the result of a number
of factors outlined in The Third Wave, about 170 errors in fiscal
assumptions and policies, second wave government and banking
practices, national contempt for economic realities, national disdain for
science and progress, national resistance to change (97% of the
population does not want change per survey), extremely powerful outside
lobby and blackmail groups, machiavellian world and economic procedure
with the rest of the world, non-application of cost-benefit-analysis, non
application of financial analysis, non-application of workable industrial
psychology, non-application of workable management technology, non
application of workable marketing technology, non-application of
workable administrative technology, non-application of scientific
technology, and non-application of workable governmental policies. None
of the above has anything to do with Scientology or anything in this book.
It would take a separate book to outline how to put this country back on
its feet. These things will work themselves without me or anyone else
saving it. They will work themselves out in the priority and order I
listed them. During the period they are working themselves out, we will
have a
standard of living above that of Russia, and so we will survive, but it
will not be much above that of Russia, which is about of what we know now.

Northern Bhuddism Vs. Southern Buddhism
This was manifested in a religious conflict about 3000 years ago between
the Dali Lama and Buddha. The Dali insisted that there was a natural
order in the ecology of existence, and that the disclosure and
dissemination of truth should be restricted accordingly to that order.
Buddha insisted that right conduct, disciplines, denials, forsaking
materiality, leaving one+s body, and exercises under a tree were things
that everyone should do, whether they wanted to do them or not. Anyone
that did not subscribe to this, and do it, was just filth, you see. If
anyone really owned anything, or subscribed to Northern Buddhism, then that
person was just bad news. Wealth must be abandoned, denial would achieve
for one a nirvana of freedom, by lowering your needs you would become
rich. This, Southern Buddhism conquered not only Northern
Buddhism, but half of the world. It is fascinating, thorough, fun,
thrilling, workable as a sociology, workable as a religion; however, it is
crazy metaphysically, erroneous philosophically, and overly-optimistic in
new of the state of mankind.
Both of these individuals, and religions, had a bad background to work
from, for the caste system of India was a remnant of the old Catholic,
Eden cult that was expelled from Lemuria 21,000 years ago. At the same
time all the scientific and mechanically inclined people were colonizing
Atlantis, which left the Lemurians alone in their land without
contamination from either of these fanaticism+s. he Atlanteans succeeded
in blowing themselves right into the bottom of the ocean, not long after
Lemuria sunk. Regardless of the origin of religious fanaticism, the urge
for an Edenic, garden of Eden simple life without work as the result of
religious practice is the bad background at the heart of India+s
obsession with spiritual knowledge. It is not India+s soul, and this
tradition and
story of history is a very old legend. I suspect we have milder
repetitions of the sequence in Scientology being a carbon-cop of Southern
Buddhism, simple-life cults leaving our borders for Ghana and the open
sea, and in the Third Reich starting over in Antarctica.
Northern Buddhism has been pushed into hiding by machine guns, and
Southern Buddhism is reappearing in the West. The exact dates, astrology
were perfect for a Mr. Hubbard to be born and announce that he is Maiteya,
as was prophesied. Maiteya and the Dali, both of whom are sterling
individuals, have had their friction+s for each symbolizes two
extreme religious points of view and groups. Northern Buddhism is
restricted by the facts of natural ecology in excess, its wisdom beyond
measure has made it too cautious and gutless. Southern Buddhism is less
structured, more debased, conduct-oriented, brash, dreamy, romantic, and
avoids the facts-of-life to excess. Thus we did and do have a very
widespread conquest: Elitist Metaphysics was sent running to hiding and
hills by The Hopes of Man. That anyone got fat or the suffering has been
countless is less than the fact that it has happened. It is a planet of
hopers. So, Gautama, Thomas Siddhartha, I salute you, and have learned
not to be wise and cautious to such extreme, and I hope you are happy
now with your planet of hopers. Someone should be, for they are not, and
I am not. That is Victory. Perhaps we shall meet another day, but I
reckon not. I leave you with Victory and hopers for eternity, and if you
wish to change it, do. South+s do rise again in vengeance, I have

The Dali Weeps so Mateya Hears
Beyond His own Weeping
That is a terribly long title, and it is just a statement of fact. Mr.
Hubbard+s own personal grief is not unheard. Maiteya was correct 3100
years ago and the Dali was wrong, for the fundamental truths should be
available to mankind, so there should be no more warring. But, each might
want to confront what each did, and let history take a more proper
place in memory than in the 20th Century. I would like Maiteya+s grief
to be concluded. Too much crying might give the truth business a darker
name than it is bearing.

The Assination of the Next Four Messiahs
It is encoded in the pyramid carvings and Akashic Record that we will
have these. I would suspect the appearance of some high-powered
religious personalities in the 1988 - 2008 time frame, as people get
hungrier. After they have fallen, instead of Christ arriving, we will have
an active and bleak period for most people.

The Unnoticed Comforters
These were prophesied in the Bible to appear historically. They have, and
there have been alot of them. There have been alot of contributions to
this culture by saintly-types of people, whether you are talking about
Maxwell, Tesla, Eddy or whoever. It is still going on in the present. I
thought these saints should be acknowledged. They exist and will exist
so that we might live to see a better day.

The Unrecognized Christ+s, Gods,
And That Which Is Beyond God
The religious implants of 4,000 year ago one should understand. The word
-religion+ comes from -legio+ meaning and -re+ meaning
reaffirmation, so religion is reaffirmation of the law. In ancient times,
about 14,000 years ago, the law was re-established, and a whole lot of
law was installed as religion into people. The purpose of the implant was
partially to keep people from deviating from these new laws.
The more fundamental purpose of the implant was to keep -E-level
beings+ at that level and prevent -E-level+ beings from becoming more
aware and moving up to the -D-level+. The implant contains and attempted
to restrict the following ecological levels, which I will be taking up.
The implant was done so that those at each level would not rise above
that level, and would go rather bananas if they attempted to
rise above their -normal+ or -assigned level. E-level is an awareness
level of being aware being a member of a group and pack of animals. The D
evel is aware of being aware, aware of self, but is an -only-one+. In
other words, bright, independent but prone to lone-rangerism. I have been
wrongly accused of this often. The main purpose of this was to keep the Ds
and Es in their slots. The implanting was done by C-level beings, which
are aware of being aware of a future. B-level beings are aware of
being aware as all elements of an entire group. A-level beings are aware of
all aspects of being racially aware. AA beings are aware of awareness of
galactic awareness. AAA level beings are aware of awareness of
Universality, all universes. Each alphabetical level was about 20 +grades+
which are notated numerically. A-4 beings are aware of the awareness of 4
universes. The A level goes up to 16.
This religion, and religion itself was implanted, but its main purpose, as
I have stated twice before was to keep all the Es and Ds from moving up to
the levels of awareness and action of C, B, A, AA, and AAA. This was of
benefit to those holding the upper ranges in holding their jobs, territory,
and prizes. I would suppose an ecology system such as that can function
well, but I don+t care for it. The Nazi+s Master and slave society
functioned well, and is and was a restimulation of one part of this
implant, but it tortured millions of sentient beings without anesthetics,
which was unnecessary pain. The system implanted is up and running
and pretty stable. If you bring an E up to a D range, they will turn on -
only one+ phenomenon. If alot of that were to happen rapidly you would have
a lot of -only ones+ walking around in society, and they would start
destroying the ecology and system. This was what was happening 14,000
years ago, thus the implanting was done. A few hundred years ago, with
Thomas Paine, Jefferson, and some French authors, it happened again, and
we had the French and American revolutions. Anarchy broke out, and the
systems were destroyed. The holders of the old systems did not succeed
in -re-establishing the law+, and new countries were born. What was
going on 14,000 years ago was more extreme, for the Genetic Entities,
not the Beings, were evolving up into the D-level. That being that just
builds bodies had become that aware, thus the implanting was done to
make them -dumb animals+ again.
On earth, Homo Sapiens is composed of two type: (1) degraded thetans
fallen from the AA-level down to the D-level, fallen angels,, if you will,
and 376

(2) operational Genetic Entities that are now stopped at the D-level in their
ascent upwards.
The humans are a wild thing to confront for there are these two types of
them: down trending fallen sadly gods, that are bright as hell but moody,
opinionated and reserved; and eager, enthusiastic, lively, dumb, energetic
and very irrational creatures that enjoy being creatures.
The only real difficulty with these GEs (Genetic Entities) is that they are
ancestraly tied to the body line of E-level beings, and the life-death cycles
of animal existence. In order to be aware of being aware one must be able
to be or assume an objective viewpoint away from the body.
Unfortunately, people adhere to the past fixation of a group-species
awareness level and are not aware of themselves.
The highest being that is on earth is an A-7, and it is shocking
information, that there is someone of that caliber on this planet at
this time. So, there are unrecognized Christ+s, Gods, and That which is
beyond Go, right here in the land of the free, and home of the brave.
They act in what thy consider to be the best interest of all concerned.
You should be aware of this implant of religion on people so that you can
understand the aforesaid paragraphs, people+s behavior and contrasts, and
so you will understand that the promotion of only-one, maverick
philosophies is only the result of an implanted psychosis,
None of this information is any secret to L. Ron Hubbard who wrote the
majority of it down in his own handwriting in the mid 1950s. Dozens of
photocopies of that document have been circulated over the years in
dozens of locations.
To some degree, he knows what he has been doing. He has an
exceptional memory, and has done a job in researching the mind. He
does not appear to be a good manager. Mishandling junior lines can cause
irritations, but the mishandling of senior lines blows one off course, if
you recall my mentioning that fact in an earlier chapter. What happened with
him was he encountered some A-4, A-5, A-6, and A-7 beings, which he
did not recognize as such. He is an A-5. They rearranged his existence
so much that there is probably little hope of him doing anything other
than living out what they have arranged for him. He estimated these to
be in
the B-17 to A-1 range, and he makes such mis-judgments because he is
down in the persistent range. He is in the persistent range because he
only applied -asisness+ to subjective mass, instead of to objective data
and people, and life. He, or any of his churchlings, in doing an L&N
will consistently take the BD F/N Cog item, whether it is a persisting
lie or not. If the purpose of the L&N is to find which lie is causing
all the ruckus, that is OK. That is rarely the purpose of an L&N, as
most L&Ns are to find the truth, and the item will vanish. Thus, Hubbard
and his churchlings, fail to proceed beyond the BD F/N lie to find the
BD F/N Vanish truth, in auditing and their living. When he was working
on OT 3 and got down to the last two beings, asking which one is him, he
took the persisting (reading) item as him. That is below being dumb, and
that is the technology of a body thetan. So, the body thetan took over
the act, and he was exteriorized off to elsewhere. He paid the personal
price for incorrect technology, by being conquered by a flea and his own
ignorant worship of engineering and mechanics, in 1966.

It is nice to know that there is not just empty space above one+s plateau.
There are lots of big fellows doing lots of big things. Each person enters
this particular lifetime at a different level of spiritual awareness. It is
not good to make comparisons. As long as a person makes progress, they
should be applauded for that.
Comparison is a part of competition, which is scripted into people. I
doubt if anything positive comes out of it. I know of alot of counter
productive things that come out of it.
I would trust the reader would now understand the true origin of people
either being excessively independent, or strongly and blindly
subscribing to the following of groups. Both types of people were
trained to act that way, under pain.

Potpourri, Useful Tips
One should bear in mind that politics, nationalism, pride, opinion,
sensation, diplomacy, and pettiness are the final refuges of scoundrels.
They are also about all that those involved with them can have. It would
be wise to avoid as much as possible those traps.
Groups absorb and consume people. The entire subject of eatingness in
society is an area that should be confronted. Cannibalism is going on at
all levels of society. The middle class is living off of the poor, and the
upper class is living off of the middle class. All you need to understand
about insanity is that it is nutty. You need to understand much more if you
are going to take it apart, and that is what this book is about.
The introduction of creative intelligence into this -ha-ha hotel+ of modern
thought does involve some degree of failure and disappointment; however the
cost of not continuing to try is too great to abandon these people, because
they are going to end up in much worse condition if you
do not assist them in their travails.
One+s concern over the suffering of one+s neighbors is sometimes in error.
It is one+s own suffering that makes one bite the dust. Even at one+
loneliest moments, there are always plenty of people out there that do
care. hey may not be with you at this point in space and time, and being
bitter about that is natural, but not helpful.
The intermediate future locally probably contains some cataclysmic changes
socially, economically, ethically, and in population distribution; instead
of continued, gradual stagnation.
If a low-toned person is starting processing, the Chart of Human
Evaluation, that was published and detailed in -Science of Survival+ by
Hubbard is a good road map out of that. On low-toned cases you have to run
locks for 20-30 hours, or run groupers, to where the person comes
up to running the secondaries. After running the secondaries, they are
able to run engrams, and then combination secondary-engrams. The
groupers and combos are my idea. There appears to be no other way out
and up, from low toned land.
In the majority of folders, you will find that the preclear will run
earlier and earlier incidents as the sessions continue. They will run out
physical universe experiences, repeat and basic. Then they will run out
they experiences in earlier universes, then earlier time streams, then
magic track, then their first picture and incident and you are done. Some
of these preclears are pretty old, trillions of time streams old. Getting
back to the first recording can be a bit of a long haul. But the case
gain they get from it is great and they will shed many adopted banks of
others that they have been trying to resole since along the way. The
further back you run the more case gain they get. If they balk at going
before Individuation, just send them through the group+s engram that they
copied and have been effect of since. They will cognite they were the
whole group at the time. Gains can be proportional to length of run, but
are not always. Getting the right chain is what is critical and you find
that not only by smell but by language. Uncivilized, direct spacey language.
Example -To Fester their lights Out+. If that were not to erase in the first

15 minutes of running, and you have gone earlier a few times, go earlier a
few more times, and a few dozen if necessary, for it is the basic chain that
holds the whole bank together that you want to find, and then go early as
hell on, to at last get the whole bank to as-is. By such fishing and using
this technique you can get a 400-Evil-Purposes list to unmock the
moment the basic incident to that career is erased.
You should be aware of the quartet phenomenon on people, where they
have an absolute-item, absolute Not item, and an un and nix un on the
items in the apparency of is-ness. It is interesting to observe on
others, and I don+t recommend you talking to people about it, a the
information is powerful, hot, heavy, and high for people and Hubbard.
I trust I have covered in this one text, the whole truth, in
comprehensible form of how an individual can make the transition from -
normal+ in society to operating thetan, and godhood after that. Only 1%
of the people want godhood, 99 are happy with operating thetan, which
is achievable with the application of this text. After the preclears
auditing is done, he may have trouble applying the gains due to left-over
social machinery.
My personal opinion is that Mr. Hubbard joys not in writing books, nor do I.
Groups extract from individuals what they require. Such is one of the
liabilities of being connected with these folks. I find this amusing, as
the English language has served well as the fundamental coding capsule for
all wisdom. Scientology was one man+s Reader+s Digest of available
wisdom, 1% of which I have summarized, and of which I have corrected.
99% of it was irrelevant. My judgments were the result of 12,000 hours
of auditing and observing what worked, what did not work, and how it
really did work best. This has been my this-lifetime adventure which I
trust will not be turned into an arena.
There are group-hungry, emotionally-unstable, vested interest idiots out
there that may attempt to turn my labor-of-love into something that is
personally threatening to themselves. I would trust that for a change
that they would know better, and notice that I am honoring the better
part of them in what I do. I consider even they to be friends. I do not
consider anyone to be a stranger, although I have met many who are
strangers unto themselves. I would also trust that this succinct
detailing of mankind+s oldest dream provides the means whereby it may
come true for the dreamers of that dream.
The majority of this was not extracted from the writings of L. Ron
Hubbard, although I have told you that many times for your comfort. It
was extracted from the Golden Scripts, the books burned at the Council of
Nicea, and from the notebooks of a magician named Merlin, and from much
study in many monasteries. I can assure you that proper truth will
find its proper place in the personal histories and futures of those
that need it. All of this is in the Akashic Record to stay.
So, with respect for the continuing decency in all men and all life,
whether large or small, whether singular or grouped, whether being or
not, I must thank you for your cooperation in this creation, and must
once again bid you a temporal thus inevitable good-bye. May all thing
and all of that which creates things be as you wish, and I would trust
the 380

appearance of the building of a better bridge will be a satisfactory
conclusion in all these matters.

If you have done all of the previously mentioned processes to completion, and
your preclear wants more or does not naturally grow, you have a
whole separate line of technology you can deliver. I call this the last ditch
because as a preclear it is the last one to dig oneself out of, and as an
auditor it should be the last action in resolving the case of the preclear.
It is extremely fast, can occasionally become complex to deliver, is simple
to run as a preclear. It can be run solo or dual, and was partially
outlined by Hubbard in 1952. There is ample evidence to support the
speculation that it was used by the highest religious figures in history.
It is a complete and whole technology that will run well after the other
previous processes are put in correctly. Doing these early is too much
truth for the being, and results in overwhelming him. The subject areas
covered are considered so weird and wild that most people in society
would think you are crazy if you brought them up in conversation. People
are very wired on these subjects, and act and think irrationally at
their very mention. Thus it is logical that what is being addressed is
the essence of what a real case and life itself, not actual or imagined
case addressed from falsely educated viewpoints. So here you are
handling what is wrong with the individual, and that is not necessarily
what he
thinks is wrong. There is no way in hell any being is going to take that set
of fantastic files apart unless the earlier processes are run correctly
first. The person will not be able to take the heat or the stress, because
what you'll be erasing here is why he is involved with bodies, why he+s
addicted to being captured by them, why he is contaminated in occupying them,
why he is spiritually blind. In addition he will have to confront and handle
what he himself is destined to be come if he continued on in blind ignorance:
a Life-unit that has nothing left to hang onto but 1 picture, 3 or 4
thoughts, personality copying machinery which was not too long ago
a person.
If he runs it off, he changes his destiny, perhaps. anyone with a correct
bridge done on him, handles the material well, but with considerable
astonishment at the revelations that unfold. Regained awarenesses
(cognition+s) occur at 200 to 2000 per hour. It is between five to thirty
hours of work. There are less than 200 areas addressed and in going over
these with your preclear if they -fire+ (read on an E-meter) you take
them up and run them. If they do not fire you do not run them as in
conventional processing. The reads you will consider reads are rocket
read, rockslam, theta-bop, stick, a hunting needle, and fall in that
order (all reads are instant upon preclears receipt of the major thought.
Do not
use a Mark VI Meter as it will not show any of the above reads except
falls which are the last important. The Church of Scientology enforces the
use of only a Mark VI on this level (NED for OTs, also known as -NOTS+
contains some of the Final Ditch), and designed the Meter VI to where
the level couldn+t read, thereby preventing the level from being run, and
thereby insuring excellent cash flow for said church. The important reads
on a case, in other words, reactive thought, do not read on a Mark VI. I
doubt if the Mark VI was mistakenly designed to avoid showing any real
case, in the view of the millions of dollars per month, the continued use
of such a deception continues to generate misapplication of data is rarely
an ignorance. It is usually willful. People that willfully misapply data
to assist supposedly themselves at the expense of others are crazy. They

have a club where they have banded together for collective personal
extinction, and they want to take a lot of people with them. The name of
this club is the Church of Scientology.
Although their errors were bred from ignorance, their present actions
are not the result of ignorance. If they claim it was a mistake and recall
the Mark VI, they must admit that they did not even take two minutes
time to compare it to a V in doing the E-meter drill on the production of
reads. That degree of carelessness in the design and testing of the VI
is more horrifying than the reality that it was an intentional
occurrence, The use of the VI on NOTS is the Church+s way of clearing
money into its banks and incurring no progress on its practitioners,
There is a cruel irony in this in that the Hubbard families personal
meters are even worse than the VI, thus their unusual personal
conditions. Who knows how
much Maalox Hubbard will have to take because his personal meters
won+t show reactive thought. One cannot help but wonder what good is a
million dollars a month if you cannot even eat and digest a hamburger,
mankind returns cruelty in so many subtle ways.
If you want to lose your sons, wife, and health, then use this VI meter.
But that is only the beginning of your new future. Big Daddy and his black
sheet brownshirts have many bad surprises lined up for them to discover
from now to beyond eternity. Hells do have their purpose: containment
facilities, for the fleecehood class of beings. (F4 through F14 classes),
These, however unpleasant, facts sit around the perimeter of the Last
Ditch, so having gone through them, let us take up the area.
The 14th Dynamic (individuality) if far senior to the 12th Dynamic (Truth),
Thus an individual is capable of all kinds quantities and types of Truth.
As an example I have stated all kinds of truth in this book about Hubbard
and his Church. I just described an absolute truth above 28 on
the tone scale that he and they are willful evil nuts contained for
amusement by outsiders, This is not in contradiction with the other two
truths mentioned in the book, that at tone 16 (aesthetics) truth was
that he and they never logically figured out the correct technology, or
the .9 tone truth (sympathy) that the poor (sniff, sniff) fellow never
got TR-4 from anyone, So truth exists all over the tone scales (-160 to
+160) and beyond, on each dynamic in each Or the 3 universes (self,
Phys, and others universes). Thus there are 320 X 16 X 3 = 15,360 kinds
of truth on any subject, and Man is senior to all that.
Man is on the 14th dynamic, men is on the 4th. For practical purposes we
will consider the tone scale in rather abbreviated form, from about -80
to +80. -60 is should hide and -80 is surrender, +45 is amusement
(nothing matters), +50 agony, +60 inspiration, +80 is ideas. The -40 to
+40 chart is in this book. At 100 is truth absolute, 120 individuality,
160 coexistence (Lucifer and his fallen angels tone), and at 320 to 400 is
Life that is not being. From 320 to 400 is single deity, one God. The 160
to 320 -range is the multiple deity range where not actions are taken or
not to effect actions and dones, So much for Godhoods, the upper and lower
tone scale we are all in, and the upper dynamics that unfortunately by
harmonic rule men as dust. We could limit our discussion to a -40 to -40
range to get the Last Ditch done. The only reason I mentioned the ranges
outside of that is the work is easier is you know what you preclear is
saying, and from whence some of these life units are talking from.

Every area mentioned hereafter can be processed as the Last Ditch.
Auditing them out should be obvious, where I have not specified a
technique. The areas are numbered for reference and order, and are
presented in telegraphic style.
1. Before the physical universe 2 beings were joined together, One is
Senior, it is you. The other is almost as capable, has slightly lower
goals, is a good manager, and often faces the opposite direction as
you. audit the junior out. This 1s known as Joiner #1.
2. Between then and prior to entering the physical universe, Joiner #2
occurred. Five additional beings, 2 at the top and three in a row at
the bottom were attached. R3R each till departure.
3. Joiner #3. Epicenter entities; one in head area, one off each
shoulder, one in stomach area, one on either side of the body
horizontal with stomach, a total of 6. They should be run off where
each of them is stuck on their time track by R3R. They were once
people as you will discover in asking for the earlier beginning, of
their incidents,
4. The Genetic Entity (GE) was probably a thetan, so R3R his/her
incident out. It leaves. In the stomach area. The body and you both
run better without him there .
5. Entities. The bulk of them are either psychotic or neurotic or
asleep. They should be run out. Any one may take over your whole act
or cause psychosomatic illness, Some have been called demons, It
would be more accurate to say