The key ingredient to living life at its highest=20
potentiality in the Gold or high Green Zone is=20
the beings ability to be able to create PERFECT=20

By being able to create a PERFECT=20
anything or anyone you can then attain oneness with anyone or anything.

Life itself is a composite of continuous Three-dimensional Holographic=

Champions or masters in any field whether they=20
are Nobel Prize winners, scientists, athletes,=20
musicians, writers, or artists are experts and=20
disciplined practitioners of perfect duplication.

DUPLICATION of anything or anyone requires a=20
continuous perfect level of honesty.

Main Entry: three-dimensional
Function: adjective

1 : of or relating to three dimensions having or=20
appearing to have length, breadth, and depth.

2 : giving the illusion of depth or varying=20
distances -- used of an image or a pictorial=20
representation especially when this illusion is enhanced by stereoscopic=

3 : describing or being described in well-rounded=20

4 : true to life : <LIFELIKE>http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/lifelike>LIFELIKE

DUPLICATION: Is the ability to observe in a three=20
dimensional holographic manner someone or something exactly as it is.

DUPLICATION:  n.  The ability to approximate as=20
closely as possible the Knowledge, truth,=20
know-how, action, skill, object, datum, or word=20
in its same time and space, with its same mass or energy

DUPLICATION: noun,  1. The act or procedure of=20
duplicating. 2. The ability to approximate as=20
closely as possible the skill, object, datum,=20
word in its same time and space, with its same mass or energy.

DUPLICATING: verb,  The action of making an identical copy.

DUPLICATION, MENTAL:  This is an exact mental=20
representation in mental image picture form.  It=20
is recorded and stored in the mental machine=20
known as the mind and contains all the=20
perceptics, creations, shapes, events, forms,=20
precepts, opinions, and conclusions.  This mental=20
imagery is data and is a valuable tool as such,=20
but it contains no intelligence or worthwhile=20
judgment, which can come only from the spiritual Being.

DUPLICATION, IDENTITY:  n.  An identity is what=20
the spiritual being creates to take and hold a=20
position in order to play a game, consequently=20
the identity has very selective perceptions and=20
selective duplications. The identity is usually=20
only willing to duplicate what is inside the game=20
box and gets very agitated if forced to duplicate what is outside the box.

artificial identity is what others have created=20
the spiritual being into to take and hold a=20
humanoid position in order to play a humanoid=20
game, consequently the artificial identity has=20
almost no perceptions and duplications other than=20
what another or others approves of. The identity=20
is usually only willing to duplicate what they=20
have been programmed for and is okayed or=20
approved of by others. The artificial identity is=20
usually well inside the humanoid game box and=20
gets very agitated and often goes into a trance=20
state if forced to duplicate the higher levels of the humanoid box.

procedure of making an identical copy of an=20
original using exactly the same formula, same=20
material, similar time, with similar who, similar=20
what, similar where, similar when, similar why,=20
similar how, similar mood, similar space, similar=20
form, similar energy, similar particles, similar=20
feelings, similar motions, similar heat, similar=20
cold, their interactions and interdependences and=20
consequences.  It is the physical replication, or=20
physical copying of the original over and over.

DUPLICATION, SPIRITUAL:  n.  This is an exact=20
three dimensional recreation of someone or=20
something that is an additional creation of that=20
someone or something with its own who, what,=20
where, when why, how, mood, space, time, form,=20
energy, particles, feelings, motions, heat, cold,=20
their interactions and interdependences and consequences.

This additional exact three dimensional creation=20
is what allows for vanishment because it releases=20
the being from the scarcity of only one and=20
allows the Being the recognition that they can=20
create, own, and be responsible for what has been=20
created, thus bring about the power of choice=20
whether to keep it created or cease to create it=20
or create an unlimited amount of what they want.

PERMEATE:  v.  1. To spread or flow throughout,=20
pervade.  2. To spread; penetrate; diffuse.  3.=20
To flow through and penetrate every particle of=20
the who, what, where, when, how and mood levels=20
of an area of life with knowledge, truth, love,=20
awareness and all spiritual virtues.

PERMEATION:   The spiritual ability to experience=20
and totally duplicate, recreate, own, be=20
responsible for, and control, as well as be at=20
one with the exact who, what, where, when, why,=20
how, mood, and their interactions and interdependences and consequences.

By being able to permeate fully, one achieves the=20
highest level of perfect holographic duplication,=20
thus one simultaneously experiences the 10=20
attributes of greatness: Presence, Creation,=20
Love, Truth, Harmony, Knowledge, Value, Responsibility, Control and=


May 29 1986
Revised August 27, 2006

Copyright =A9 1986, 2006
Alan C. Walter