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Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 09:26:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Walter 
To: Multiple recipients of list 
Subject: 3DH: E-Motions, the language of the Spirit

The previous posting Re: 3DH Power Flow, I 
mentioned E-Motions, the language of the Spirit.

Most of us are aware of the tone scale, but few are 
aware of its importance.

Spiritual language developed long before words.

How did Spiritual Being's relay communication?

By three dimensional holograms.

The E-Motional originations of a Being is really the 
true communication vehicle of each Being.

Each E-Motional tone level is a specific quantity and
quality carrier wave.

The higher the E-Motion level, the larger and more 
complete are the message particles.

The simple fact is all you are dealing with in handling 
any case is Point A's to Point B's.

A can be high toned but B may not, this constricts 
what can be sent, this slows and condenses the message 
particle. This drops the E-Motion tone level.

A may be low toned and B is high toned the same occurs.

As a Being takes more and more charge off, the message 
line and message particles are more complete and 3DH.

Each E-Motional tone level could be said to be an input 
or outflow carrier line.

Content does not really matter, what is important is the
tone level of the A's or B's. For they alone monitor the 
quality flow of the message particles.

At a 3DH level, it requires 3DH point A's and 3DH point B's.

For what is travelling along these 3DH lines? Force, Charge, 
Mass that is holographically formulated to represent the message.

Key in's destroy the size and quality of the A's or B's. The 
more highly charged the point A or point B, the less Force, 
Charge or Mass can be confronted or handled. This brings about 
an inadvertant witholding of self or lessening of powers.

In the case of LRH's 3DH comm line from him to me, something 
keyed him in, I have a pretty good idea what it was, it was in 
the area of his relationship with MSH. 

He withdrew off the line and put a non 3DH substitute in his place,
so began my descent.

When the CMO and Miscavage took over the CofS, an immediate drop 
of 3DH occured. Those who were telepathic could read their pictures,
the schism occured.

Forget all the blame, shame, regret, it was the absence of the 
acceptable 3DH telepathically projected imagery.

The CMO and Miscavage, Starkey, et al, are very poorly trained, 
hatted or audited Beings, they are incapable of projecting the 
dreams, goals or wants of LRH, or duplicate our dreams, goals 
or wants.

They became enforcers of their wants. (Abusers.) The 3DH agreements 
were violated, tens of thousands walked away in disgust.

For us and much of society they became and are a destructive, unwanted
point B.

All unwanted bad conditions on a case can be traced to these 
3DH lines and terminal collapses.

All failed goals, loss of dreams, yes even heartbreak 
has at its center the loss of 3DH mock-ups. It is no so 
much the loss of the terminal that sticks a Being in a loss,
as it is the loss of the 3DH mock-ups. Restore the 3DH 
mock-ups and the Being will again be happy.

When a Being has an AE, the Being becomes huge, the power, 
force, charge and solidity of his mock-ups are immense. How 
long the Being can maintain that AE state depends solely on 
who can receive those giant mock-ups. Lack of receipt point 
B's will cause the AEed Being to crash and burn.

Often losing the ability to 3DH at that time. His postulates 
or mock-ups will not stick as he is now the self unmocker.

Good, consistent processing, training and hatting are required 
to maintain the 3DH state in this universe. Being connected to 
other 3DH level Beings is mandatory.

There is a lot more to this.