3rd Dimensional Holographic creation and communication
is a fairly vast subject, I cover a fair bit of it in 
my book's "God's in Disguise and "The Paradigm Matrix."

To operate knowingly requires comprehension of 3 areas.

1. The Being.

2. The Mind.

3. The Physical Universe.

E. Doc Smith's Lensman series gave me the clues on this.

To make a 3D hologram requires 3 lenses with images on or 
near them, to project light or life through.

The basic image or vision is created by the Being. 

That is a 3D mock-up of a WANT.

This is held still in the Spiritual Universe and a copy 
is sent to the mind mirror image, a copy is sent to the 
Body, which reverse it again and impinges it into the PU.

The size of 3DH mock-up depends on the size of the Being.

What mind or body is imaterial, very able Being's can project
3DH into many minds and bodies at once. Especially if there 
are willing participants.

The carrier wave of this 3DH telapathically projected imagery 
are our E-Motions.

E-Motions are the language of the Spirit. The speed or 
velocity of the 3DH particles traveling along create our 
high level moods.

Counter force, charge and mass slow or stop the motion, it also
condenses the imagery.

The more charge, force and masses on a case the smaller the 
particles that can be impelled or received.

This shows up in life or processing as resistance or low 

I believe this is a key to case gain and case entry.

For example:

A new client is asked: 

Proc: Is there something that would embarass you to tell me?

Client: Yes.

Proc: Tell me.

Client: It about sex.

The processor spends several hours getting all, until the who,
what, where, when etc.

If done correctly the particle cycle went something like this.

A. Word.

B. A few words.

C. A picture.

D. A few more pictures.

E. An incident.

F. The feelings and sensations, the smells and the tastes.

G. The full 3DH whole incident, including the size, depth, 
heat, cold, etc. itsa-ed at a Spirit of Play level.

That pc is now a 3DH level running case.

Next embarassment. Pc happily 3DH describes all.

This cycle tends to appear on all charged areas.

In life this pc will breath life into all those around
them. For he/she now has a 3DH comm cycle.

The more processing of this type the more 3DH power.

The more charge off - the bigger the 3DH mock-ups.

The Pyramids, a 747, the Empire State building, etc were 
all once just a Beings 3DH mock-up.

98% of the pc and students in Dallas are 3DH able.

More and more of the public that walk in our Center are 
3DH naturals. 

Much of the reason this is occuring is the staff are 3DH.

Every AE client recovered their 3DH abilities, but lost 
them because too much unhandled case and subject illiteracy 
came back in on top of them.

3DH is an important area to validate, definitely do Celebration 
of Wins on this ability.


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> >I would say the above is more vital than what travels on these lines
> >such as tech. This is what the comm. cycle and TR's are managing.
> Yes, I would say so.
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