The way through is the way out?

This is a basic precept that works for some, yet doesn't work for

A long time, 36 years ago, I borrowed $2 to do my first official course.
The Personal Efficiency Course.

On that course the teacher Micheal Blagg, discussed "the way through was
the way out!" 

I, in my literalness asked: "Through what?"

His answer was less than specific: "That which you want to shy away

But it was enough to give me a start.

It took a while but I finally isolated the keys to the trap I was in.

It all boiled down to one thing I was terrified.

Terror was the unconfrontable, the MUST not be experienced, for behind
the terror lay the pain. Which was even more unconfrontable.

I knew that to rise back to my full potential, it could not be done in a
half hearted manner, I needed to isolate the terrors. Then attack them
without any reservation.

The first step was simple.

Find out what was it I WANTED. For all my WANTS must have terror
connected to them in some way or would have them.

As I listed out my wants, one common denominator came to view, they all
cost money.

I realized that ALL bad conditions were a form of withhold.

Poverty was a withold of self and others from action and responsibility. 

Stupidity and Ignorance were withholds of knowledge from self and

Hatred was a withhold of love from self and others.

Losing was a withhold of winning from self and others.

Immobility was a withhold of action from self and others.

Etc., etc.

The one that seemed to be the greatest withhold from self was POVERTY.
For that would give me ALL the excuses and justifications to not act,
and not place myself in a position of responsibility.

The simple process to do was: "If I was wealthy what would I have to be
responsible for?" "What actions would I have to take?"

People was the item, The action was having to handle people. Now that
turned on the full raging, mind numbing terror.

I now knew my target. 36 years later the terror has abated quite

Possibly the most amazing moment was when I recovered the ability to
make and have money, it was at that point the true case of mine came to
view. Prior to this all my processing and training had to do with was
how to survive.

Any time I lose the ability to make case gain, the first thing I look
for is: "What is it I am flinching from handling." Most often it is
taking my next step upward.

If you really want terror, be wealthy, be knowledgeable, be truly
capable, the can't haver's will seek to tear you to pieces. Not only
that but the charge, forces, pain and masses that turn on will be

Life is the major process. Training is a set up to handle parts of life.
Processing sets you up to train.

Being a client of a processor all the time is just a pretence of life,
being a forever student is just another form of pretence, each in its
own way a justification for not running the major processes. Life

Find your terrors and fears, take them one at a time and confront and
permeate them and all that is connected to them.

Suddenly you may go for years without running into a terror, that is a
stable Ascension Experience, it will get to the stage where you will
have great excitement and joy and finding an area of terror or fear.

That is how to make major case gain.

The way out is travelled through one's terrors and fears for these are
the bars and cages that imprison you.