Is is the spiritual being able to be here, right now?

Or is it much more than that?

The here and nowness of a spiritual being I call PRESENCE.

Different spiritual beings have different size PRESENCE.

A spiritual being when they have PRESENCE appear to occupy both space
and time.

Somewhat like a bubble. The inside of the bubble could be called the
amount of PRESENCE.

The bigger the bubble, the greater the PRESENCE.

This poses a quandary, if the beings presence is inside the bubble, how
did the bubble get created?

Is the bubble a three dimensional holographic creation, that the being
then gets inside of the three dimensional holographic creation and
forgets or denies they created it?

This would mean the being would have to get bigger than the three
dimensional holographic creation before they could cease to create it,

Is the present time reality of mankind composed of the composite of each
beings three dimensional holographically created bubbles?

It does appear so.

Yet when you truly observe human behavior, each being appears to be an
island unto itself.

Each being has their own awareness of reality. Their own rightness,
their own truth, their own viewpoints, etc., all contained within their
translucent bubble.

Take the being outside of their bubble and their reality and awareness
shifts dramatically.

Inside of the bubble the being apparently can create whatever reality
they want.

I first became aware of this bubble phenomena during world war 2, in
London. I was playing cricket one day when a badly, shot up, B29 came
hurtling out of the sky and crash landed less than 100 yards away from
where I had been standing.

It passed directly over my head, I could see the forward turret gunner's
look of horror as the plane approached towards me. It was at that point
the translucent bubble became more solid, time appeared to slow down,
space appeared to extend, a great calmness came over me, somehow I knew
I would survive.

The second time was in Lisbon, Portugal, I was staying at a hotel in the
center of Lisbon, when in the middle of the night a loud explosion woke
me up, I went to the window wondering what had happened, just as I
looked out, the building across the road suddenly had a stitching of
pock-marks appearing by one across its face, windows exploded in showers
of glass, a building further away suddenly dissolved in a thunderous
crash. I dived for shelter. Again the bubble effect appeared, again I
experienced the same phenomena as the earlier time.

Apparently I had put myself right into the middle of a revolution.
Definitely a hostile present time!

There is a strange sense of "invincibility" when this bubble effect

Often Ascension Experiences produce "invincible thoughts." Very
destructive, as they distort present time. The "invincible thinker"
believes they can do no wrong, life has a strange ability to invalidate
that form of operation.

Later when doing the research into the Ascension Experience phenomena, I
began to run into this translucent bubble effect more often. It was
constant enough that I put it into all the rundowns. It is even included
in the shock handling.

All the Presence Processes include this.

To comprehend the size and scope of the bubble all you have to do is

Where are you?

How big are you?

We start all our sessions with these steps in our model sessions. We do
not proceed with the mainline processes until the being is larger than
their body, usually at least as large as the processing room. This puts
the being immediately into the Green or Gold Zone operating space, from
that size spacation they can run their case much faster and much more

As spacation tends to define beingness, then any trivial or trap type
identities are easily spotted and handled. Most often all the harmful
acts, upsets, secrets and oppression will blow to view and dissipate.

The being after the session usually experiences the Green Zone Truth
Phenomena in life. It all starts going right, they begin to manifest
being in the right place, at the right time. Present time begins to fit
the clients wants.

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