C. B. Willis wrote:

> > Most goals are "escape froms." Or an attempt to move away from
> > by-passed
> > charge, force and masses.
> > To be good, is an attempt to move away from Evil.
> > To know, is an attempt to move away from Ignorance, etc.
>I disagree that most goals are "escapes from."  Some of them are, like I
>want to get out of this job, I want to get out of jail, I want to get out
>of this concentration camp, etc. But most goals are a reach toward an
>affirmative, with no regard for a negative. 

I beg to differ:

In the golden olden days, most cases were properly and fully run on
Problem Intensives.

This would take anywhere from 75 to 150 hours.

You started by listing out every self-determined change.


To lose weight.

To get married.

To get a degree.

To play tennis.

To learn to dance.

To get out of jail.

To get a better job.

To write.

To get better.

Etc., etc.

You would take the largest reading item.

Check for an area of confusion prior to the decision.

Get When?

Go 14 to 30 days before and 18 button prepcheck forward. The reason
being was to find and handle the overts that preceded the prior
confusion, and handle the prior confusion.

Then take the next reading self-determined change, and repeat.

You continued this sequence until EVERY self determined change, having
found and handled EVERY one of the overts that preceded the prior
confusions, and handled EVERY prior confusion in this lifetime.

The combination of this processing, Book One style handling of
secondaries and engrams, Sec Checks, Multiple Serv Facs, 100-200 hours
CCH's and Objectives would produce a this lifetime clear. That is a
being without any this lifetime occlusion on their this lifetime time

This is a very important piece of technology as it picked up the areas
of by-passed charge, force and mass on the this lifetimes timetrack.
This vital piece of technology has almost disappeared.