There are many different RV disciplines, I know a little about some of
them. Our form would probably come under the heading of Extended
Presence Remote Viewing.

Here is an answer I gave to someone else. Hope it clarifies the area for


The Viewer is the being itself. Thus it is vital that the Viewer is

The viewer has two basic abilities.

The ability to perceive, and the ability to intend.

That covers:

Viewer====>Target line===>Target
(Presence)- - (Intention) - - (Perception)

These are the basic three abilities of each of us no matter what
activity we are engaged in.

Perfect Site Integration (a RV term) is by definition in its fullest
sense, is the ability to fully duplicate holographically with all
perceptics exactly what is there. (For us we include VGI's, F/N,
Regained Abilities.)

Yet why is this vital ability minimized?

The more people who can EPRV consistently, the better it is for all of
us, but that takes taking the
blinders off and connecting the dots.

Our whole technology is EPRV and Remote Influenced based.

We Extended Presence Remote View past incidents and their Remote
Influenced effects on present time.

We Extended Presence Remote View and Remote Influence present time and
how it creates the future.

We Extended Presence Remote View and Remote Influence future

The Zones Tech is our life and living protocols. From this we can
ascertain the accuracy of our work
in session. If operating in the Green Zone, it means we accurately
EPRVed or RIed the past and
present, which empowers the viewer to EPRV and RI it into existence in
the future. If in the Red Zone we goofed, back to session, and find what

was missed, or incorrectly Perfect Site Integrated.

Our basic entrance point into a case is: Find what the client WANTS and
help them manifest it.

A WANT is a present time unmanifested, Im-Perfect Site Integrateded
intention. All that is needed to manifest the WANT is to find what
cannot be Perfect Site Integrated, and get it fully Perfect Site
Integrated. That could be in the past, present or future.

EPRV has very much to do with truth and honesty, truth and honesty are
the highest level of ethics.

Without truth and honesty, you cannot produce a full Perfect Site
Integrated event.

So if we can produce a VGI, F/Ning, regaining ability client, then we
have successfully produced EPRV Perfect Site Integrated, capable of
remote influencing clients and students.

So to answer your RV question: The answer is: Yes.