Homer W. Smith wrote:

>    My own ARC break with all of existence is beyond repair.

>      Homer

As per LRH: From HCOB & Sept. 1964.


(Page 468-469-470, Tech Vol. V, 1962-64.)

"You can't audit an ARC break. In fact you must NEVER audit in the
presence of one."

"You do ARC Break Assessments"

"That isn't auditing because it doesn't use the auditing comm. cycle.
You DON'T ack what the pc says. You DON'T ask the pc what it is. You
don't comm. You assess the list between you and the meter, same as there
is no pc. You find what reads and you tell the pc. And that's all."

(Much omitted)

"Auditing an ARC broken pc and never realizing it can lead to very
serious trouble for the auditor and will worsen the pc's case-the only
thing that will."--LRH.

Please get a copy of this and apply it.

This is not an area to know best about, or Q&A with, it must be honored.