Homer W. Smith wrote:

>     What makes you think the HCOB is complete
> in its indication list? -  Homer

Locate and Indicate is a very skilled action. Mainly because it is test
of what is. The processor cannot afford any fixed ideas or pc labels,
nor can there be any attitudes towards the pc.

The real key to handling ARCX's is to identify the correct BPC target.
Then do the Locate and Indicate on that target.

Thus you have to Locate and Indicate TARGETS first, then L&I the key

The L&I of TARGETS is done in 3 steps.

Step 1. The potential areas of ARCX.

Step 2. The processors areas of BPC connected to the areas of ARCX. (the
processor needs to be willing to span the enormity of the quantity of
potential ARCX's that need to be handled.

Step 3. Writing out an ARCX Assessement that will find the key TARGET

Someone who has many years of ARC breaky processing will have multiple
areas of ARCX and BPC.

Usually lots of bad review sessions. With lots of BPC!

Bad processor Q&A's. With lot's of BPC.

Bad Correction list indications, with lots of false reads and protest
reads. With lots of BPC!

Wrong items. With lots of BPC!

Wrong processes to solve the problems caused by the processing over an
ARCX. With lots of BPC!

The most important session is the FIRST SESSION. As it is basic on the
chain of "Audited over an ARCX." With lots of BPC! Also it is where the
pc was most vulnerable.

Then there are multiple life and livingness ARCX's. With lots of BPC!

This then maybe the first Assessment list. It would also include
assessing how many ARCX's in each area.

IE, Was there more than 5 ARCX's - Less than 5 ARCX's.

Was there more than 10 ARCX's - Less than 10 ARCX's.

Was there more than 20 ARCX's - Less than 20 ARCX's. Etc. Then get the
exact amount of ARCX's and indicate to the pc.

The usual first questions I asked my pc's was.

Is this a session ARCX - - or - - A life ARCX. Take what read and
indicate it to the pc.

Many times that would be enough indication.