Homer W. Smith wrote:

>     OK, so I read the HCOB.
>     Now what?

You and Jane learn how to do ARCX Assessments and Handling, plus BPC
Assessments and Handling.

I have my own tech on this, but it was written several years ago. It
needs to be updated and re-inspected.

The BPC handling Tech is very vital and from a leadership and case
cracking position, possibly the most vital skill to master. It has
seriously suffered in effectiveness by the robotic training methods and
application in Scio.

If you have ever studied and flown, it is similar to being an instrument
rated pilot in flying. That is you only use and honor your indicators to
ascertain where you are and how you are doing.

(Now I'm going to have to re-subscribe to clear-l, as I cannot
consistently find out what is arriving and what is not on alt.clearing.)

The material will be in my own words, under the subject of Search, Find,
Signify and Verify.

33 years have passed since this area was originated, we have gained a
tremendous amount of knowledge about cases and case conditions since
that time. This is Freezone Tech.

I have written 15 or so bulletins on this subject.

Jana Morellian, Dean Stokes, Enid and Lamont are masters at locate and
indicate tech. I am sure there are many others, but this Technology has
been heavily invalidated and needs to be brought back to life and full