This is possibly the biggest cause of BPC there is.

Nicolas wrote:

> But now that we have all those sources, how can they work together?

> Do they everyone have to do all the job on their own? I'm not
> expecting
> a full answer, as we leave tech here and go straight into
> organisation,
> with political and economical issues.

I do know this, I helped build the Mission Network.

This was group of independent practitioners. Yet as a group individually
they were tough and fierce competitors, yet the top Mission Holders also
worked together, and were willing to help ANY other Mission Holder. It
was in fact two separate Hats.

We had the best of all worlds, an individual game to play, and a team
game to play.

Any Universe is composed of multiple anchor points. (Terminals)  Each
anchor point MUST be equal to the other in power and ability to hold a
position. The smallest a Universe can become is to be down to two
terminals. One Positive - One Negative. Each must be similar in size,
power, strength, cleverness and abilities.

A single pole cell (terminal) is known as a free radical, this has been
found to cause cancer. (?)

As the Mission Network grew so too did the Org Network. The bigger the
Mission Network the bigger the Orgs.

They were opposing Terminals.

The Orgs would discharge against the Mission Network and the Mission
Network would discharge against the Orgs, Each processing the other

(You have a similar scene in session. The Processor plus the Client
opposes the Clients case.)

There were other independent Organizations. The GO was one of them.

When the CMO began their take over of Scio, they systematically
collapsed each Independent Anchor Point (Group or Org.) into "only one."

By smashing and taking over the Mission Network they were triumphant.
They were the only ones standing. They won the battle, but completely
lost the GAME.

Can you imagine if in the National Football League, if the only team
allowed to play are The Dallas Sea Orgs (formerly the Dallas Cowboys,
but they all signed Billion year contracts, hence the name change.) The
NFL and the rest would just walk away. Who's going to play or watch if
there is only one team on the playing field.

The FreeZone is Scio's only true opponent. Therefore Scio WILL match
terminals with the FreeZone. Even if it has to destroy itself in the

The law is simple: "So desperate is a being to have a game, he will take
on ALL manner of liabilities in order to be on a parity with his
opponents. If he is too powerful, able, clever, rich, etc., he will
limit his power, ability, cleverness, riches to that of his opponents in
order to have parity. Or he will end up with his greatest loss. The LOSS

LOSS OF GAMES and LOSS OF OPPONENTS are possibly the biggest cause of
BPC there is.

So you have in most GAMES. The game owners and the game players. The
Game Owners also own teams. The Game Owners wear two hats, Team Owner.
Game Owner. These are quite separate. But you cannot become a Game Owner
unless you are a Team Owner.

The Game Owners do what's best for the overall game. Omni determined.
Team Owners do what is best for their team. Self determined.

The FreeZone has few if any Team Owners, until that takes place the few
Team Owners will keep in communication and help each other as best they
can, while still being fierce competitors.

Without teams there are no games. Consequently no Game Owners.

To have Team Owners you must have people who want to own a team. So we
are at the beginning, looking for those who want to have a Team.

Those with the heaviest by-passed charge are stuck in loss of games.
By-passed charge by its very nature causes separation, individuation,
distance and unreality. Until that by-passed charge is fully handled
there will be no real connections. Plus initially when a connection is
made and a contact is initiated it will turn on more by-passed charge
that needs to be handled. This cycle may take quite sometime to handle
before the connectees are comfortable with each other and are free of
by-passed charge.