The original work on BY-PASSED CHARGE was done in 1963, it was to handle
veteran processors and clients who had receive somewhere in the vicinity of
1,000 to 5,000 hours of processing, who were well educated on the basics of

The subject of BY-PASSED CHARGE handling has had very little inspection
since that time.

The BY-PASSED CHARGE Correction Lists were not particularly designed to
handle the public introductory client, or the uneducated in this subject.
Yet that is often where the most difficult to handle BY-PASSED CHARGE abounds.

To fund my writing and research I would often engage in Leadership,
Executive, Corporate Coaching and Consulting. Many were multi-billion
dollar international Fortune 500 Companies.

These international Fortune 500 Companies were very much result orientated.
As I charged between $1000 to $1500 for 10 hours of training per student,
minimum 20 students - maximum 30 students in a class room format, the
pressure to produce was intense, as I also had a money back if not
satisfied guarantee.

It truly hurts to refund, especially if it is about $30,000 to $40,000. 

Almost always the area I would be training would be the worst performing
part of the Corporation, containing huge quantities of BY-PASSED CHARGE and
abusive "trying to make it work solutions," these students and clients were
not instructor or leadership friendly. Too say the least their evil
intentions towards management was very close to the surface. I of course,
was in their eyes part of management = THE ENEMY!

To establish myself as a terminal they could trust required that I Search,
Find, Signify, and Verify the correct BY-PASSED CHARGE. I had roughly 5 to
6 minutes to do this from the time I began communicating about my subject
to the workshop.

The first thing I would do is give each participant a 100 questions to
write yes - no - maybe - alongside of. These questionnaires would then be
gathered up and immediately tallied and graphed on a Life Analysis Profile. 

The life Analysis Profile is broken up into three areas, RED - YELLOW -
GREEN ZONES and seven columns.

The marked graphs would be given back to each participant. This set the
stage for me to be listened too by them.

I would then educate them on what each Zone would mean and how being in
that Zone would affect their future. At work, home, sports, relationships,
etc. This was done using them to give examples of GREEN ZONE behavior, etc.

As a participant would originate a particular Zone incident, it would
indicate on others and they in turn would relate their similars. As their
confidence in me grew, their willingness to bring up Red Zone areas would
begin to show up. Before long we would be sharing our biggest lifetime
disasters and upsets.

What had occurred was the Zones data acted as a correction list, and
separated the being or identity from the condition they were in, and
allowed further observation of the good from the bad, the up from the down,
the right from the wrong, the truth from the lies.

>From my point of view I now had a group who KNEW where UP was, and could
now be indicated too and directed towards that area of UP. More importantly
I had rehabilitated their itsa-maker lines.

When a being is submerged in By-Passed Charge they have NO UP, NO DOWN, NO
TIME SENSE, NO WHEN, NO WHERE, NO HOW, NO WHAT, no or very little ability
to distinguish what is them and what is not. Itsa-maker lines cannot go in
under those circumstances. No itsa-maker line means there are no effective
eductive communication cycles.

Without an effective eductive communication cycle, no being, let alone a
group of beings can process themselves upscale.

The effective eductive communication cycle is in actuality the basic energy
re-cycling machine of a being.

Further when the effective eductive communication cycle can be directed at
specific areas or subjects it will unlock trapped energy and return or
restore life back to the area or subject.

By using a languaging that almost everyone is familiar with, such as; the
who, what, where, when, how, why, intention and mood level, you do not need
to spend hours clearing words, which is almost impossible to do over
BY-PASSED CHARGE anyway. Add to it, a color combination they are totally
familiar with and you have a powerful Search, Find, Signify, and Verify the
correct BY-PASSED CHARGE, locate and indicate tool.

Beings when they are submerged in BY-PASSED CHARGE tend to throw the baby
out with the bath water. That is they invalidate all their strengths,
skills and abilities as well as they tend to fixate on their weaknesses.

To submerge a Spiritual Being requires vast quantities of abusive
wrongnesses, wrong answers, wrong items, wrong who’s, what’s, where’s,
when’s, how’s, why’s, intention’s and mood levels, plus the Spiritual Being
must be convinced that they are BAD. The easiest and best way to unsubmerge
a being is to educate them on how to handle BY-PASSED CHARGE.

The Zones Technology does just that. By being able to distinguish exactly
what Zone each area or activity of your life or the people you are
connected with are in, can lead to a much easier life, better more
realistic people handling and correct estimation of predictable outcomes on
most endeavors.

The act of indicating what area or subject is Red or Yellow Zone
immediately separates the being or identity from the condition they were
in, and allows further observation, which in turn opens up the willingness
to do something that will change the area or subject for the better.

You will be amazed at how your environment will change for the better if
all those in it are hatted on the Green - Yellow - and Red Zone. Just the

Should you also make sure that everyone you are connected to has a workable
effective eductive communication cycle then the area, subject or people
will naturally process the area, subject or people upscale. Providing they
are aware of what UP is.

The truth about the life most of us lead is; for every Green Zone area or
subject we have, there are 1,000’s of Yellow Zone areas or subjects and
10,000’s of Red Zone areas or subjects. There are no perfect people.

All education, learning, experiencing, mastering, acts of self improvement,
etc. require the presence of a workable effective eductive communication

To knowingly be able to train and/or rehabilitate a workable effective
eductive communication cycle in others is possibly the singlemost valuable
skill any being can have.


The Green Zone is an operating level in which the individual is
demonstrating a high level of skill, competence, and success. He is in the
right place at the right time, doing the right things with the right
people, A person in the Green Zone is continuously connecting to the
correct who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, how’s, and why’s of life and living.

This person is living his dream. He is knowledgeable about subjects and
things, has high communication, life, and people-handling skills, and
optimally operates on knowledge and truth.

He has an abundance of positive life-force potential, and is happy,
prosperous and successful.

Future Potential: Excellent long-term future. High potentiality for
success, prosperity, and happiness.

The being who operates at the Green Zone level has a superb command over
their workable effective eductive communication cycle.


This is the "daily grind" or "rut" in which the individual doesn't take
risks but works only for security.

The Yellow Zoner has good subject skills, but poor people-handling and
communication skills. He operates on pre-conceived beliefs in a comfort
zone, and is often bored.

His daily life is directed mostly by preconceived ideas and habits.

The Yellow Zoner is not sure of what is important and what is not.

Some of the Yellow Zoner's life urges, such as handling things, places, and
subjects are in the Green Zone. Some -- relationships, career, family, sex,
and handling people -- are in the Red Zone.

Future Potential -- Mediocre. He is playing mediocre games. He has some
small successes, but will have trouble handling the massive changes of the

The Yellow Zone being has a poor, hesitant somewhat ineffective eductive
communication cycle.


A person in the Red Zone is in the wrong place at the wrong time, connected
to the wrong whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, and whys.

He is engaged in the wrong actions, using the wrong intentions at an
incorrect mood level.

He has poor or destructive people and communication skills, and distrusts

Using wrong data, fixed ideas, prejudice, and the use of knowledge as a
weapon abound in the Red Zone.

A Red Zoner fights positive flows of force, causing turmoil and negative
diversions. This creates opposition and attacks, thus there is no
happiness, no money, no space, no time, but lots of failures.

A major portion of this person's life urges, such as relationships,
careers, associations, family, sex, people, places, things, and subjects --
and his ability to handle time and space -- are in the Red Zone.

All of this person's life potential is quite negative. He is trapped in
past, unwanted experiences.

The Red Zoner is makes the important - unimportant and the unimportant -

Future Potential: Disastrous. There is failure, poverty, and unhappiness
because of the continuous playing the wrong games in the wrong place at the
wrong time with the wrong people.

The Red Zoner does not have a workable effective eductive communication
cycle. Quite the reverse, they destroy eductive communication cycles.


Possibly the most important aspect of the Zones technology is its ability
to continuously 
re-direct a person or groups attention into areas of strength and

Almost ALL untrained, unhatted people run negative processes on each other.
A negative process is any process that directs attention to negativity.
i.e. Areas of dislike, unreality, harm, badness, evil, wrongness,
inability, stupidity, etc. This runs the being into an ever dwindling
spiral of not wanting to be here.

The introduction of the Green Zone concepts directs the being attention
into areas and subjects of strength and cleverness. This allows the being
to take ownership of their abilities, skills and power.

As a being begins to observe their correct actions, the correct who, what,
where, when, etc., the being begins to expand their spacation and ability
to handle time as they are more willing to be present.

But what really makes everything work is having a powerful effective
eductive communication cycle.

It is the continued restoration of the clients effective eductive
communication cycle that lets you know your By-Passed Charge handling has
been a success.

As soon as the client begins to be able to itsa on the area or subject, the
processor should relax and let the client sort out what is there that has
blocked or ruined their workable effective eductive communication cycle.

Nothing restores a being self respect and certainty faster than knowing
they can have a workable effective eductive communication cycle in an area
or subject.

For when the being has restored their itsa-maker line in an area or
subject, they have regained or are well on the way to regaining their
sovereignty over that subject or area.