Homer W. Smith wrote:

> > The most vulnerable time this can occur is when the client first
> makes
> > contact with the subject. Such as reading a book, or attending an
> intro.
> > course lecture.
>      Why do you assume that a person never looked before he
> came into contact with Scientology?
>      This is insulting and beneath contempt.

No, dear Homer, your inability to note that each subject has a separate
time track, that once you group the time tracks you will have trouble
and BPC.

For instance lets say the poor bastard was the son of a psychiatrist.
That there were books on the subject. This is very similar to other
therapies. If in a Scio. session the earlier BPC is triggered and not
handled now the Scio tech is a=a=a with the earlier BPC. Too many
sessions without separating the difference and ALL the BPC has now
transferred into the Scio sessions. The hatred for the earlier
practitioner is now hatred for the later practitioners.

Now the pc cannot get case gain.

You will find the psychiatrist son has had his itsa-maker line chopped
by the father, this gets accidentally chopped by the practitioner. The
BPC transfers.

End of f/n's, end of VGI's, end of high tone comm. because there is no
upper level terminal to discharge against.

To get case gain you must have differences. Positives and Negatives. If
it is all the same then there is nothing or no position from which to
separate from. Consequently no elimination of BPC.

The fact that looking and case gain occurred in other practices enhances
the chances that this present time practice will be up-graded.

The more charge on a subject, the lower down the tone scale goes the
being. As you discharge what is creating the charge and by-passed
charge, you cycle up the tone scale.

On a correctly run item or area, you activate and run out every emotion
from top to bottom on your way to complete erasure of the charge. That's
what VGI's, Cognition, Regained Abilities are all about, you have cycled
through the full spectrum of the scales, removing the charge as you
progress upward. You cannot be re-activated on a well run full erasure

Subjects are separate from subjects. Scio is a late on the chain
subject, thus it is easy to run to full erasure. You may have been a
Budhist, a Gnostic, a Seeker of Truth, or whatever, but these each have
their own WANTS, and thus their own time tracks. They also have
out-lists, out-tech., out-Organisations, out-Ethics, etc. And they
respond perfectly if kept on their own specific time tracks, but if you
collapse them into whatever practice you are doing now you will screw up
the case big time.

This is also the reason why a practitioner needs to take each area of
their present time practice areas to full F/N, VGI's, and MASTERY. Any
degrade from that will destroy the ability of that practice to act as a
point of order to discharge against. As the practice degrades so does
the ability to attain the higher states. As the practice can only bring
the client up to its level. Its the law of matching terminals or
comparable magnitudes.

Done correctly each session can run out earlier sessions by being more
exact and truthful than the previous sessions. That's just plain common

I'm sure if I came to work for you as a computer "expert" you would very
quickly begin to correct me upscale or get rid of me if I did not meet
your criteria for the work that needs to be done. You would take very
little notice of my previous training and hatting if you found out I did
not know how to do what was needed, especially if it was the everyday
simple things. Because if you did not hat me and train me I would
process your computers and business to my level of knowingness,
(stupidity) and probably drive your customers away. And how would you
like it if I told you I have been "looking at computers for 45 years."
So what! Now - "This is insulting and beneath contempt."

Well if you cannot produce F/N's, VGI's, Major regained Abilities, which
are the everyday simple things, then maybe you had better look some
more. I mean let's face it, if you cannot do this. "This is insulting
and beneath contempt."