At 11:23 PM 12/1/97 -0500, Homer W. Smith wrote:
>   I understand what you are saying.
>   I would claim that tech that has existed on your and my own whole track
>is many times superior to anything Scientology has ever dreamed about, so
>making scientology a 'first' doesn't make any sense to me. 

You have to start the separation F/Ning, VGI's point somewhere.  That is
the beginning of the reversal of the dwindling spiral.

By being able to hold that virgin position you are in actuality creating a
new basic. A basic that is an ever expanding F/Ning, VGI's PT.

This gives a being a new PT point A from which they can hold a position
against the lies, unknowns, chaos and confusions of the past, present or
future. It is the ability to hold the PT position that causes the being to
be able to match terminals against the past. When a being can mock-up and
unmock at will in PT any area that replicates a past similar, that past
similar will as-is.

As the being expands in PT, the whole track comparable identities, masses,
forces and charge will appear. This creates an ever expanding extended PT,
overlapping both the past and the future. So long as a being spots and
as-isses them, the being grows bigger and more powerful, the being is in
actuality regaining their sovereignty over the past, present and future.

The undoing of a beings cumulative case starts as a small, tiny spiritual
hole in the compressed tacitly agreed-upon blackness of substitute
identities, charge, force and mass. The F/N, VGI's, lasting only a few
moments, then a few seconds, then minutes, then days, then years,

As you expand, you consume and assimilate the past identities, charge,
force and mass. The knowingnesses and philosophies re-emerge, it is a
constant reclaiming and restoring of your old powers, abilities and
integrity, until you are fully you.