Handling By-Passed Charge has developed from the early days into a very
rigid structure. But it has a long history of development.

As long as there has been processing, there has been By-Passed Charge
stirred up or caused by the processing.

Prior to May 1963 there was very little published data about by-passed
charge. Yet most of the great old time processors knew how to handle it.

Processors such as Jack Horner, Ray and Pam Kemp, Peter Green, Louis
Jordan, Wing and Smokey Angel, Elizabeth and Peter Williams, Bob Thomas,
Leon Steinberg, Stanley Richards, Dennis Stephens, Dick and Jan Halpern,
David and Merril Mayo, Yvonne Gilham, Jane Kember, Ava and Charles
Berner, Irene and Tony Dunleavy.

Each of these processors were masters of processing the client in front
of them. They knew their Axioms down cold.

The simple fact is each of these master processors knew and owned these
two datums:

    "In the presence of truth, charge and mass dissipates."

    "In the presence of lies charge builds up, slowly compacting until
it becomes a mass."

To process a client 200 or 300 hours on a process required that the
truth be constantly found, otherwise the process would build up charge
and mass that would overwhelm the client, burying them in by-passed
charge and mass. This is what happens when you run a false life program.
The charge and mass builds up and forces you out of position.

You must realize this style of processing was long before Ethics,
Correction lists, Good and Bad Indicators, and F/N's.

The indicator that ALL these old timers used was the Tone Scale. The
basic target for their clients was to raise their tone level. This
spanned the years from 1950 to 1965.

The introduction of the Ethics as a way to handle cases with heavy
By-Passed Charge, was a gross violation of the use of indicators and
truth. The tone scale as an indicator was abandoned. Only the squirrels
and SP's use this Tech. now!

Information in those days was mainly word of mouth. We shared what
worked, we collaborated amongst each other to pass any tech
breakthroughs or successful actions. (It was a pre-labelling era.) Ron
was usually informed of any successful actions. He would almost always
acknowledge the source of the contributions. These acknowledgments have
been omitted from the bulletins over the years.

The development of the By-Passed Charge Handling was a huge
breakthrough, it had its heydays in 1965-66. Ethics hits gradually made
it very dangerous to practice. A few bold people would use it anyway,
but they were too noticeable and became Ethics bait.

The masters of By-Passed Charge Handling became the leaders of Scio.
Each, in time became targets and were removed , destroyed or nullified.

Masterful By-Passed Charge handling requires that the masterful By-Passed
Charge handler violate the processors Code.

The sequence of By-Passed Charge Handling is:

Observe - - Notice the non-optimum condition or indicators - - Name it -
- Search - - Find the area of charge - - Signify it to the client - -
Verify that it is the correct signified indication by observing the
upscaling of indicators.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler must be willing to evaluate to
the client what they observed.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler must be willing to invalidate
what the client believes to be true.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler must be willing to admit
immediately to the client what they observed is incorrect if the clients
indicators decline.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler must have no hidden agendas
towards the client.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler must not engage in enforcing
their realities on the client.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler and the client must realize that
it is a search and seek action, and that only finding the correct item
or indication will alleviate the By-Passed Charge and mass. This may be
1 or 2 indications or it maybe 1000's before the correct item or
indication is found.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler must be willing to process
through the noise, misdirectors and make guilties of the client, for
when the correct item or indication is found, these angry, enraged
client distractions magically disappear.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler must be able to maintain a much
greater position outside of the clients psychic box. In other words
maintain the bigger concept.

The masterful By-Passed Charge handler must be able to switch back to
being a processor when the client begins to cognite on the By-Passed
Charge, it is usually best to just let the client undo the By-Passed
Charge themselves. Then check if anything else is left unflat. A few
successful actions and allowing the client to finish of spotting the
rest of the By-Passed Charge can give the client an enormous boost over
being at cause of their case.

You must understand this, By-Passed Charge Handling Tech has been made
to be very dangerous for processors. There is a lot of By-Passed Charge
and invalidation on the subject. For this Tech does not do well in a
dangerous environment. It takes a safe environment to gain the
confidence of processors to originate correct items and indications of

Yet this is the Tech that will recover your dreams, goals, visions and
plans for the future. Too much By-Passed Charge and the charge begins to
compact and become mass, which collapses your universe, the collapsed
universe crushes you operating space, thus you are forced out of
position, this inhibits your ability to flow power to your 3 dimensional
holographic dreams, goals and visions and they get starved of space,
time, energy and resources.