The history of LOCATE and INDICATE technology
(Part 2)

The March 1963 period was drawing to a close, many of the long time
Briefing Course student/researchers were graduating. New students were
taking their place. I had finished all the theory and practical parts so
I was free to help out after my co-processing.

The new students were not old grizzled veterans like the initial
Briefing Course students, consequently they ended up in terrible case
conditions sometime.

I volunteered to “fix” them.

Every afternoon there would be 3 or 4 unconscious or semiconscious pcs
waiting to be fixed. Most were incapable of talking. Many would be lain
prone on the floor. I would stick the cans in their hands, force there
fingers around the cans and proceed to handle them.

To be in that state of immense pain and by-passed charge meant that the
body was so full of case charge that the Spirit was pushed out.
Somewhere up on the ceiling or buried inside the charge.

In other words there was no available being to communicate to!

What I had to do was impinge with enough force on the mental mass that
was burying the pc hard enough to lift it off or move it away from him,
so that he could assist and regain control over his mental masses, force
and charge.

If you can imagine someone trapped inside a collapsed building with all
sorts of debris piled on top of him or preventing him from reaching
safety, that is what happens when a being has massive by-passed charge.

Law 1. You do not process the being.

Law 2.  You directly process the charged area, by impingement aimed
directly at the bank/case/mass/lies/wrongness/whatever.

It is done by directly impinging on the exact area or item. This will
move the bank/case/mass/lies/ wrongness/whatever away from the being,
which allows the being the space and ability to take a causative
position from where they can differentiate what is or what isn't.

At which point the pcs itsa-maker line goes in. Now you can relay by
questions to the being and they can then send a line to the area to find
the rest of the story. This restores YOU plus the PC handling their
bank/case/mass/lies/ wrongness/whatever.

But, you must begin in this manner.

You DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS. You just fire statements. The shorter the
The statements would cover what could go wrong on the level the pc was
processing on, this was done rapid fire with a slight pause between each
statement. Alertly watching the meter as you called of the items..


Wrong goal.

Wrong item.

Missed goal.

Missed item.

Jumped into another GPM.

A mass.

A missed mass.

An incident.

A by-passed incident.

Wrong listing question.

As you called the item, you indicated what read and indicated “charge
has been by-passed on that!”

This is possibly the most exciting processing there is, as the correct
indication would bring the pc right back to life. One second they are
lying comatose on the ground, the next second their eyes shoot open,
they stir, they sit up, they get onto the chair, their itsa-maker line
goes in and they begin to uncollapse their universe.

The above is roughly the original duplicate of the first by-passed
charge correction list.

Anyway I did this for a few weeks before Ron found out what I was doing.
He immediately grasped the importance of this method of handling
by-passed charge.

But I am sorry to say few have really grasped the mechanics of this
style of processing.

The biggest mistake most poorly trained processors make is to believe
the By-Passed Charge is from some session mistake. This is far from the
truth. The By-Passed Charge that is causing the pc to be
Affinity-Reality-Communication Broken with the processor could be
stemming from the UNKNOWNS from a Goals-Problems-Mass or upper universe.

The pc being uneducated plus in to much pain or hurt is unable to look
in the correct area, therefore turns on the nearest live terminal in its
vicinity usually the processor and blames and attacks that and the
processing as the cause of the upset. So it is vital the processor and
the pc get hatted on the area of handling By-Passed Charge in as many
levels as possible.

But the basic in handling By-Passed Charge and ARC X's is:

Law 1. You do not process the being.

Law 2.  You directly process the charged area, by impingement aimed
directly at the bank/case/mass/lies/ wrongness/whatever.

The basic fact is, underlying ALL by-passed charge or ARCX’s is an area
that is UNKNOWN to the pc.

The longer the pc is ARC broken the more UNKNOWN is the by-passed
charged causing area or bank/case/mass/lies/ wrongness/whatever that is
creating the state of ARC breakingness.

The secret to handling By-Passed Charge and ARCX’s is to find the
correct area of By-Passed Charge.

A session Affinity-Reality-Communication Break is very different from a
Goals-Problems-Mass caused Affinity-Reality-Communication Break. So to
is an upper universe By-Passed Charge and Affinity-Reality-Communication
Break. These cannot be handled by the wrong By-Passed Charge Assessments
and wrong correction lists.

You must also realize By-Passed Charge and
Affinity-Reality-Communication Break handling was developed long before
there was a problem with mind altering drugs and psychedelics. These
throw the being up into other more powerfully charged universes, that
have not been fully identified as yet, thus the level of UNKNOWN and
FORCE is tremendous.

When you enter into the unmapped, uncharted areas you need to really
have superb processing skills and know how to create an on the spot
By-Passed Charge or Affinity-Reality-Communication Break correction
list, because it will be unique only to you.

I have been processing and handling cases for 34 years since this
beginning period of By-Passed Charge and Affinity-Reality-Communication
Breaks handling and have isolated some 82 separate forms of By-Passed
Charge and Affinity-Reality-Communication Break causing objects or
creations. None of these are known to Scio. They are what have
contributed to causing the demise of Scio Technology. (Most of these 82
objects or creations if identified can be run by the Shock, Mass
handling techniques.)

It does not take much of an observation to realize that almost ALL of
the class XII's, X's VIII's, VII's and VI's have left Scio or are no
longer processing. They almost all left Affinity-Reality-Communication
broken with Scio.  They are ARC broken. Charge has been by-passed on

Many are in sad effect, most are opposed to their own dreams and are no
longer playing the game they want to play. That's what By-Passed Charge
does to a being.

Many of these UNKNOWN causes of By-Passed Charge cannot be handled by
one processor, it takes a team of processors working with the pc to hold
the object or creation still enough so that the processor and the pc can
permeate the mass, force and charge. There are third dynamic “gang”
areas of By-Passed Charge and ARC break causing objects or creations
that have to be run simultaneously by many, before the By-Passed Charge
and ARCX’s can be fully handled.
It is this area of By-Passed Charge and ARCX’s that many of the drug
cases have collided with. Failure to recognize exactly what has been
by-passed will cause the being to mis-own these third dynamic areas of
By-Passed Charge.

Many of these By-Passed Charge causing objects or creations were
discovered from the need to handle the By-Passed Charge and massive
ARCX’s caused or triggered by Ascension Experiences.

No one will make it out until they have handled EVERY piece of By-Passed
Charge on their case.

To be OT or Godlike require a playing field with fellow players who are
willing to let the OT or God powers be part of the game. To be OT or
Godlike is very difficult to do if your restoration of powers and
abilities causes every one around you to get over-restimulated, and
throws them into their areas of By-Passed Charge and ARC breaks them.
Why it would be like being on staff in some Org.