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Another piece of missing technology.

Agreement and thus the resultant Reality has a source. That source creates
REALITY by getting or creating AGREEMENT.

The question is: What creates or produces AGREEMENT?


AGREEMENT is caused or created by the "fusing of telepathically projected
holographic imagery."

The "fusing of one or more holographic images begins the cycle of AGREEMENT.=


From: Ascension Series 21.


	With the discovery of involuntary replications we have discovered also how
outside forces control your self image, your actions, and what you can own.

	Just as there are jails, asylums, hospitals, doctors, therapists, the FBI,
CIA, and police forces to handle the physically sick and severely
dysfunctional individuals, there are psychic lock-ups and restraints.

	Planet Earth is a combination prison planet and asylum.  It is where the
psychotics, the religious maniacs, the galactic criminals, the galactic
malcontents, the habitual alcohol and drug users, the severely
dysfunctionals, the politically incorrects, and the uncontrollable geniuses
were dumped.=20

	If there was ever a hell planet, this is it.  You have only to read the
newspaper or watch the evening news to recognize the lunacy and savagery of
several areas of the population on this planet.

	At the same time, there are wide, powerful groups of geniuses who are
tremendously brave and persistent that have guided and helped put order and
civilization into this chaos pit.

	Nothing is as it seems on planet Earth because almost all its inhabitants
are locked in psychic jails or asylums that are modifying their behaviour
patterns.  That is why it is so hard to find trustworthy people.

	The most amazing and incredible part of this psychic conditioning is that
it transcends all time, space, objects, and energy barriers.

	The behaviour modification conditioning may have been put in place
trillions of years ago.

	The technique is the use of telepathically projected imagery combined with
quantities of life-force particles that have the power to override you and
your quantities of life-force particles.

	For example:  You were once a great leader and you hated incompetence.  You
realized that the people you led were incompetent and you felt you were
surrounded by enemies.  To handle these problems you issued an edict that
incompetence was illegal and that it was punishable by death or
incarceration, plus massive tax increases.  You backed this projected image
with 1,000,000 life-force particles.

	This enraged the millions of people you led.  They rioted and broke into
your palace. Grabbing you, they tore your body to shreds.

	While they were destroying your body they were also telepathically
projecting:  "You must never lead again."  "You're less than even the lowest
of the population."  "You are the king of incompetence," and  "You are
sentenced to an eternity of being incompetent."  These images were
reinforced by a million life-force particles from each member of the
population.  A total of one hundred billion life-force particles to your one
million.  You are under complete domination by these beings.   YOU WILL BE

	Whenever you demonstrate competence, you suddenly feel you're being torn to
pieces. You manifest tremendous anxiety attacks. You feel tired all the
time. You make stupid mistakes. You crash and burn.  You decide,  "That must
never happen again."
	In your next life, you find you cannot learn anything.  Reading and writing
is impossible.  Any attempt to learn something throws you into terrible
anxiety attacks followed by deep depression.

	You know that your future contains only minuscule games, or worse, no
games, unless you handle this psychic jail.

	Another example:  You were a great and well-respected writer and
playwright.  You wrote a series of plays over a period of time.  The problem
was, these plays violated the religious belief systems of the day.

	You were ordered to the Temple to meet the Council of Elders.  You were
informed that you must remove certain portions of your text or face
excommunication and exile.

	You became enraged and you projected destructive images at the council,
backed by ten million life-force particles.  They in turn projected
destructive images back at you:  "You can never write again."  "You must
never be in a powerful position."  "You will die."  These are backed with a
cumulative total of one hundred million life-force particles, or ten to your

	You had a massive heart attack and died as you left the Temple.

	From that time on, you experienced a complete mental block and powerful and
painful psychosomatic sensations throughout your body whenever you picked up
a pen.  You put down the pen and the pain and mental blocks disappeared.

	You always dream of being a writer but you never write.  You have a
constant feeling of failure and a sense of loss of integrity and self=

	Your life, your dreams, and your paradigms are out of your control.  You
are not at cause over your position, your location, your career, your
relationships, or what you really want.

	The simple fact is that telepathically projected images backed by large
quantities of other's life-force particles are monitoring your behaviour.

	It is this telepathically projected image and life-force particle package
that traps families and opponents into a never-ending repetition of
involuntarily replicated, destructive games and roles.

	To end these destructive games and roles it is necessary to undo and take
responsibility for what you and your opponents created, take back your
projected images and life-force particles, and send back your opponents'
images and return their life-force particles.  When this is done the
situation will vanish miraculously.

	It is this telepathic ability backed by quantities of life-force particles
that lies behind all unwanted life-problems, situations, and non-optimum

	The reason people are trapped in places, games, bad jobs, and destructive
careers all can be traced to telepathically projected images backed with
others' life-force particles.

	We experience this in clients who cannot reach out and arrive in Nocona.
The reason I chose this location was the predominance of freedom and the
absence of telepathically projected images.

	Many students and clients experience heavy withdrawal symptoms when they
first arrive.  This is great for us because it enables us to get at and
handle the real case condition that is causing the client or student to
behave in a losing, non-prospering way.=20
	But, most people experience withdrawal symptoms when they stray too far
away from their chronic life traps.  Of course, they can take two aspirins
or drink a bottle of whisky and gain temporary relief from the pain and hurt
of the withdrawal.  But unless you run out the telepathically projected
images and return the life-force particles, all your unusual solutions to
handle the psychosomatic pains and anguish of near withdrawal will only add
to the problem.

	Homesickness is a typical withdrawal symptom, as are heartbreak, anxiety
attacks, chronic tiredness, and fits of depression.=20

	This telepathically projected life-force particle package is the reason the
gods went into disguise.  This way they could not be found and repackaged
and tagged.

	Therefore, if you want your full god-state back, you must persist and
fulfill you mission to recreate the steps necessary for all to regain the
love and abilities, skills, awareness, knowledge, purity, and truth of self
so they can reunite with all other god-like beings so that one day the
Supreme Being will be whole again.
										ALAN C. WALTER

10 November 1993

Copyright =D3 1993
Alan C. Walter