Christine Norstrand wrote:

> Alan, Knowledgism need a goddam rundown on Gurus.

It is part of the Cultural DeOppression and DeProgramming Procedures.

The cycle goes approximately something like this:

1.    Presence.

2.    Being sovereign. Own Universe.

3.    Violation of God thoughts or Codes, Virtues, etc.

4.    Being furious about having violations.

5.    Plunging into confusion, guilt and remorse, etc.

6.    Electing someone else to be responsible for your life. Giving up
more of your sovereignty.

7.    Being created by whom you have elected. Beginning of

8.    Creating others as cultists, creating the guru as the only one who

9.    Running a right, wrong on anything or anyone who doesn't agree
with you.

10.  Developing a siege mentality as you piss more and more people off.

11.  Pulling in your space and cutting your connections until you will
only associate with your own select people.

12.  Very selective perceptions.. Very fixed ideas. Tending to decline
down the tone scale into the deep minus tone levels.

13.  Subject illiterate on almost all other aspects of life and

14.  Emotional abuses and running can't haves to cause compliance.

15.  Resorting to physical abuses to get viewpoints applied or agreed

16.  Implantation and continuous program techniques to force agreement.

17.  Covert drugs and alcohol abuse by adherents.

18.  Robotic.

19.  Constantly under attack by others, which proves you were right in
the first place.(Self fulfilled prophecy. Paranoid in the extreme.

20.  Believing everyone is out to get you - and they are.

This Cult DeOpp. R/D is very long. The material it pulls up is very
insidious. The suppression is very subtle.

It appears the Cult is more created by the adherents than the leader. A
Cult is after all a massive solution to a problem: The violations of
ones basic Codes, Virtues, etc.

As the R/D unfolds you find you are both a Cult creator as well as being
created by the Cult. It appears the Cult leader loses control of the
creation at some point. (Probably when they put out too many wrong
why's.) Or they themselves commit a gross violation.

We have been running the R/D on the staff for 9 months now and the
changes have been very good.

The biggest change I have observed is the recovery for them to think and
act for themselves.

You can follow the changes by going to the discussion page located on
our web-pages:

For me it has uncovered some very important areas. Enough has come to
view that I now have to go through all my materials and eradicate any
"cult mentality programs" I might have laid in.

You know the motivator for any implanter is to get implanted by his own
implant. For the Guru it would be to be trapped studying his own
creation. Can you just imagine LRH doing the student hat. Or being sent
to Ethics.

Hopefully this erases the destructive cult aspect out of all of our