Back in Nov. 1967 we were on the Royal Scotsman at the time after having
just taken delivery.

I was appointed by LRH as Chairman of a Committee of Evidence, on the
Executives of Saint Hill and the GO's Office. Also on the board was Nate
Jessup, Lori Wood, and James Byrne.

The SH stats had been on a long time decline.

The people on the list were:

Jane Kember.

Herbie Parkhouse.

David Gaiman.

Fred Hare.

Ann Tampion.

Allen Fergusen.

Anton James.

John McMasters.

It came as quite a shock to me as I was a close friend to many of the
people on the list.

I was wandering around, long faced, when Ron called me to his office. He
took one look at me and said "you don't look too happy?"

"I'm not," I replied "these people are my friends and they are good

He thought about this for awhile, then wrote out some instructions.

The instruction were for the comm. ev. board to ask each participant:

What good had they done for Scientology?

This I could do.

This was the first time I had been on the otherside of the table. But I
was not prepared for the sheer terror these people were sitting in.

To make a long story short, we asked each the question.

As each person answered their question it was amazing to watch the
realizations that took place.

They were able to sort out the good, then admit to the harm.

They almost all gave themselves too low a condition. Each had decided
they were SP's. Except Anton James who decided we were SP's. He would
not look.

We assigned each doubt, except Fred Hare, Anton James and Allen Fergusen
who had blown, these were assigned enemy.

They all quickly went through their conditions except Anton and Allen
Fergusen who was never seen again.

My own realizations of this form of justice was it was far too powerful,
too restimulative and dangerous to put in the hands of untrained people.
And God forbid should the EO hate people.