C. B. Willis wrote:

> >     I have never heard word one bad about Alan from a Codee, and I
> doubt I
> > ever will.  If his auditors ever start forcing or suggesting codes
> off on
> > pcs, you can be sure they will eventually start bitching about it.
> >
> >     Homer
> I hope you're right, and I expect that you're right.
> - CBW

Homers correct.

Listing and nulling is perhaps the greatest adventure in processing.

A well crafted listing question can unlock the most stubborn cases.

The actions of a masterful L&N processor and action is to enter into the
deep unknowns on a case.

It takes you step by step deeper and deeper into the realms of causes
and sources of conditions.

It demands the highest level of processor integrity and honor.

As a client lists there items, each item when it appears goes through a
sequence in the clients universe. Which is basically: Could this be IT?

The item is inspected, thoroughly, then discarded as to the YES or NO

Often an item is so highly charged it will be put on the list several
times but will not read.

As the other wrong items or nearly right items are brought to view and
inspected, usually one item stands out as the item.

Depending on the amount of charge, mass and contained and connected to
the item will cause the meter to react.

Sometimes a really heavily charged item, will hardly read at all. Then
you may have to put suppress and invalidate buttons in on the item.

Sometimes that item is blocking the true item.

A correct item when found has several definite indicators. VGI's is just
one of them. Often a client can be unprocessable for several hours and
even days as the charge, forces, masses and chains unravel. Often in PT
there is a very significant change in importance's and life alignments.
There is always a very marked upsurge in tone level. Usually the client
begins to operate in a very Green Zone manner.

To suggest an item to a client is possibly the most dangerous and
destructive processing action a processor can do. As it not only enters
in more unknowns on a case, but it also by-passes any hope of finding
the right item. You end up with reverse indicators, the clients life
goes Red Zone. An even worse phenomena is the client begins to dramatize
giving everyone else wrong items. They feel they have to tell the world
there opinions. Especially their wrong opinions. Consequently everything
around them begins to diminish in size and effectiveness. The basic
reasons for this are simple: The lies and the falseness of the wrong
item causes further wrong items and misperceptions on others and
themselves this adds charge, forces and masses to the being, the game,
the activity, the others and this causes separation.

When I see an area n a clients universe that will not mock-up, I am very
alert to out lists and wrong items.

L&N is possibly the most skilled, most disciplined, most delicate
action, and most important tool in a processors repertoire of skills and