At 12:05 PM 1/29/98 -0500, System Administrator wrote:
>> When I see an area n a clients universe that will not mock-up, I am very
>> alert to out lists and wrong items.
>> Alan
>   What does 'will not mock-up' mean?
>   Homer

'Will not mock-up' means, it will not come into being and stay created as
you want it to.

For example you want to build a sales force to market your fractals. Yet no
matter what you do no one seems to be able to make it go right.

Somehow you cannot seem to attract the right sales people.

Then I would inspect:










Costing and estimating.


Comm. lines.



Just assess the list, pick up what reads the best. Fly the ruds on it.

Check for any out lists or wrong items.

Or I might even ask: "Connected to building the sales division what
question are you constantly asking yourself?"

Get the question. Complete the list to a correct item or false list.
Indicate if false. And repeat the sequence over and over until no more.

If you had ever had a previous sales team that had gotten unmocked. I might
do an S&D type action.

Most often it is you do not know how to do it. Then I would get as much
data from others or books that could hat me.

The End Phenomena should be the area mocks up as a 3DH vision or you can
clay demo it, then mocks up as an actuality in the physical universe and
stays mocked up the way you want it to.

This EP is a nice light OT drill.