ACW wrote:

>> To me the most basic, basic fundamental is being able to put and keep
>> the "itsa maker line" in.
Homer wrote:

>     This is too broad.  First
>     1.) Why does the itsa maker line go out?

     An out itsa maker line stops the being to go from being able to
know in the fullest sense, to not being able to know.  The itsa maker
line allows additional knowledge to be found which raises the cause
level of the being.  The lack of knowledge lowers the cause level.

     When a being can say with certainty IT IS!  This denotes recovery
of sovereignty.  The data from the target area of where the "itsa
maker line" is aimed flows back and forth.  The charge travels along
those pathways.

     When a being says WHAT IS IT?  And connot get a correct answer,
the beings "itsa maker line" freezes at this point.  The charge backs
up and gets by-passed by lifes demands.

     Such things as a wrong items, abuse, shock, stuck picture, m/w/h,
ptp's, overts, unhandled demons, overwhelming charge, force and mass,
confusions, unwilling to experience for fear of finding out, etc., can
all cut an "itsa maker line."

>     2.) How does the pc make it go out?

     The most common: Wrong answer.  2nd.  Avoidance.  (i.e.  too much
force.) 3.  To dangerous to tell anyone.

>     3.) From what fundamental do we compute how to put it back in?

     1.  Observe that it is out.

     Easiest way to do this is to observe tone level.

     If at Anger or below on Tone scale, definite sign of out "itsa
maker line." Especially if in a chronic fixed low tone level.

     The emotions are the language of the Spirit.

     Before a being can change a condition, they have to disagree with
it first.  To truly have power of choice over a condition, a being
must be able to mock it up or unmock it at will.

     Usually a simple question like: Describe your mood or tone level?
Will be plenty.

     Quite often just the spotting and origination blows the fixed
mood or tone level.

     BTW that is the first question we use in our model session.

     If the pc says something like this.  "I feel like death!" and it
doesn't blow.

     You can run:

     What part of "I feel like death!"are you willing to confront or

     What part of "I feel like death!" are you unwilling to confront
or permeate?

     Run repetitively to F/N.

     Or you can run: Itsa earlier similar itsa to F/N.

     Or as we mostly do, run Experience/Create on "I feel like death!"

     This works on almost all cases.