At 04:09 PM 1/31/98 -0500, Homer W. Smith wrote:

>> Before a being can change a condition, they have to disagree with it first.
>    I thought acceptance was the point of embarcation?
>    Homer

Hope this isn't a set up question. :-)

Disagreement brings about separation.

Separation allows lookingness.

Just accepting without looking and permeation can lead to collapsed universes.

For example: You are declared Suppressive.

If you just accept the condition without inspection, you will cave in.
Worse you will begin to dramatize the item.

But if you inspect honestly, you will find there are areas you are
suppressive in, (especially to the declarer.) but there are areas you are
not SP in. If you blanket accept the condition, the areas you are not
suppressive in will collapse. As you will begin to act suppressive in those

Most of us are truth motivated, thus when we disagree it gives us space to

Acceptance is one of those subjects that have many permutations. At its
highest it means knowing in the fullest sense. (Permeation by self of
area.) At its lowest it means total subjugation to anothers idea or thought
or complete other determinism. (Denial of self and area.) That is a pretty
broad spectrum.

Being able to disagree or agree tends to put order in.

When you indicate to someone there is BPC in an area, the being usually
separates slightly from the BPC, a good processor helps keep the separation
in place, until the pc can work out whats what.