Homer wrote:

>> >     Besides, secretly a lot of OSA is on our side.  They consider their
>> > hands are tied though.  They don't hate the Free Zone anywhere near as
>> > much as they hate the Meatball Carrion Dwellers.  Their only fear is they
>> > might not have a job if the Free Zone takes over.  They would prefer not
>> > to be committing continuous present time overt acts but can't quite see
>> > their way out of it.
>> Oh, really? You believe that, or know it? That's good news!
>    It's true because I say so.
>    Homer
ACW wrote:

I too believe that not only OSA but the majority of Scio's are secretly on
our side.

The reason for this is simple, they KNOW THEY ARE ENSLAVED AND BEING DOMINATED. 
Further when they attain *CLEAR* it aint what they were led to believe it to be.

OT levels 1-2-3-4 etc. do not remotely produce OT's.

NOT's is a minor low-low-low level procedure. Thus by the time they have
gone on hoping for years and $100,000's, they begin to realize they have
been betrayed.

They didn't get what was promised.

The majority of NOT's pcs and high level auditors have left the Church.

They lay dormant unable to confront the BETRAYAL and the obvious out-points
they saw and rationalized along the way. 

This is TOO MUCH TRUTH for them to confront. 


They cannot co-audit because of the PAIN and FURY that will turn on. Well
tough shit if they want out of the PAIN and FURY and wish to ascend again to
the heavens they had better start to co-audit NOW. Or else they will be
stuck in this "spiritually dead" condition for eternity.

You can go to my web-page. Download the SHOCK handling procedure.

Ask the following question: What TRUTH about Scientology, LRH, OT levels,
Staff, Ethics, Registrars is too hurtful to confront?

Take each item, run the Shock procedure on it to VGI's.

Repeat over and overt until ALL Shocks handled.

Don't worry about Tr's, meter reading, form, etc. JUST DO IT.



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