Homer Wilson Smith wrote:

>     I can accept that there are multiple beings here being I, but
> the real I am in the forefront and they are trying to control
> from the back seat just as yours was.
>     Its more like I am a layered being, The Homer you know is
> the CEO but has a whole mess of other beings layered on the
> back of him trying to operate through at the same time.  I reach
> for something and they can change the angle by 1 degree causing
> a completely different effect.  Sometimes when I am lax, they
> can act through me completely.  But I am always here.

This would be an excellent point to do clay table healing.

It would be very beneficial if you laid out the sequence of the above in

I do not have the clay table healing commands, but someone can post

I have had tremendous wins on straightening out masses entities and
lines to me while doing this.

Just spotting the masses entities and lines blows a lot of charge.

BTW masses are usually held together by an unwilling to experience
picture, feeling, sensation or incident.

It also puts space and time between the masses and entities.

It definitely puts the CEO in charge.