Homer wrote:

     For example I have a strong affinity for R2-12 et al, but I was never
able to solo it and now its pretty clear why.  Someday perhaps I will be
able to.  But in any case, if there was ever a need for a globally
auditable undercut, those processes are *IT*.

ACW wrote:

The purpose for R2-12 was to locate and erase the present time GPM the pc
was involuntarily creating.

The problem was; each being occupied a different part of the GPM creation.

For some the GPM was just in formation, on others they were into one or two
identity packages and others were near the end of the package. This was
known as a truncated GPM. It was still being formed.

Depending whether the being was high up in the GPM package or near the end
had an enormous effect on how their lives would play out. The lower down
the GPM the more charge, mass and degradation would be present.

What must be understood is a GPM was a package of Reliable Items. Both
positive and negative or terminals and opterms.

A Reliable Item was composed of millions of identities locked onto a core

To find and erase the PT truncated GPM is vital as it is what causes the
being to be -do and have in PT. Beingness precedes Doingness, Doingness
precedes Havingness.

Continuous running of Doingness will cause an enormous amount of force,
charge and mass to be by-passed as the basic on the be-do-have chain is
constantly being missed.

The easiest way to find and erase the PT truncated GPM is by finding and
handling the PT identities and opposing identities, by the use of these
simple processes.

As the client peels away the identities, the PT truncated core identities
will come to view and can be easily handled and erased with these processes.

These can be run on any level client. We routinely run these on our intro

These processes and other Presence Processes can be found on:



                     Please check the Glossary if you encounter an
unfamiliar word.

     DOT is the state and size of a spiritual being that doesn't know, or
one that is
     denying its spiritual sourceness and spiritual power. 

     A DOT is always surrounded by heavy pain and unpleasant sensations. The
     reason a DOT is a DOT is that they are living (if you could call it
living) in a
     collapsed universe. 

     Their mind is more powerful and bigger than they are; 

     Their body is more powerful and bigger than they are; 

     Their identity is more powerful and bigger than they are. 

     They are in a compulsive/obsessive state of games playing. 

     When a DOT comes into contact with a spiritual being in its natural,
     huge condition, the DOT is overwhelmed by immense pain, as it
struggles to
     become on a parity with the natural, powerful spiritual being. 

     The DOT has to get bigger than its mind, bigger than its body, and
much bigger
     than its identity. 

     Or, failing that, the DOT must cause the naturally powerful, huge
being to
     collapse its own universe. 

     The DOT convinces the naturally powerful, huge being that the DOT's
     is better than the naturally powerful, huge being. 

     DOTs can be masterful manipulators. 

     Most beings are DOTS in the area of relationships, and it is usually a
     over who can create the other into a DOT and control the other;
dominate and
     subjugate them. 

     Anyone who has a history of disastrous relationships knows the desperate
     fights to maintain their natural, powerful bigness and selfness, only
to end up in
     a collapsed universe with everything and every dream destroyed. 

     The basic cause of pain is "A collapsed universe" = a being has become a
     DOT. Its mind, its body, and its identity have become more powerful and
     bigger than they are. 

     Their honesty and integrity have been violated. 

     The destructive dance of the DOTS is a deadly, vicious game. 

     Just recently I watched two beings, who had both had long histories of
     disastrous relationships, engage in a destructive dance of the DOTS. 

     The roller coaster effect on one of them was massive, and when they were
     totally caved in and minuscule, the other cemented them into their
dotdom (the
     opposite of a kingdom) with sexual misconduct. 

     The sheer degradation and evilness of the act was appalling to permeate. 

     The girl completely caved in and lost completely all her dreams,
     wins, and gains. She knew she was "a worthless, useless slut." 

     Her DOT partner had run the ultimate negative process. He had
convinced her
     to violate all her Codes, virtues, and principles. 

     The man (ha!) pretends to be a helper and a powerful being. It was
truly a
     demonstration of the false and degrading activity of a vicious,
deadly, negative
     processor. He, too, has betrayed and violated all his Codes, virtues, and

     DOTS are deadly; they are silent; they operate by altering, silently and
     covertly, their spiritual, powerful beingness into the unimportance of an
     identity, collapsing the other being's universe, plunging the other
being into
     chaos and pain. 

     What they sell are big pictures of pretended spirituality; what they
deliver is a
     false identity that makes the identity more important than the being. 

     Anyone who makes the mind, the body, the identity more important than the
     huge, powerful, able, brilliant, intelligent, massively multi-talented
spiritual or
     god-like being that every being is, is a destructive DOT. 

     Sick parents, especially those who are practitioners of the
professions such as
     doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists; New Agers, cultists, and
     who pretend to be spiritual helpers but who are, in fact, DOTS. 

     But the most deadly saboteur is the manipulative super-salesman, for
they are
     experts at convincing you that you are nothing and that you must be
like them
     to succeed, but to be like them, you must be a DOT and give all your
     away to an identity or body. 

     Identities are valuable, but nowhere near as valuable as the god-like,
     natural, huge, giant being that is innate in every spiritual being on
planet Earth.

     Let us destroy DOTISM. Let us be our fully whole, spiritual, god-like
     and help others to be their full, god-like, spiritual selves. 

     Let's quit dancing the destructive dances of the DOTS. 


     1-- Define: PRESENCE. 

     2 -- Clear the client on PRESENCE. (Do this quickly. The procedure
will give
     the client a holographic concept of PRESENCE). 

     3 -- Set a time target (i.e. ten minutes). 



     Be here. 

     Gently ask:

     5. -- Where are you? 


     Long pause. 

     6 -- How big are you? 


     7. Say: 

     Continue to be here. 

     Repeat the sequence every couple of minutes until the time target is up. 

     Then ask:

     8 -- During the procedure, did any unpleasant sensations manifest? 

     8a -- Write down all unpleasant sensations. 


     9 -- From where could a spiritual being experience (unpleasant
sensation) ? 

     Repeat over and over to Cause Indicators.

     Then run:

     10 -- From where could a spiritual being create (unpleasant sensation)? 

     Repeat over and over to Cause Indicators. 

     (Sometimes on a new client, you will run into an unpleasant sensation
that is
     too overwhelming.) 


     11a -- What part of (unpleasant sensation) are you willing to

     11b -- What part of (unpleasant sensation) would you rather not

     Repeat a. and b. over and over to Cause Indicators. 

     Then run:

     12 -- From where could a spiritual being create (unpleasant sensation)? 


     Tell client: 

     I want you now to use me to do presence. 

     1 -- Where am I? 


     2 -- How big am I? 


     Repeat 1-2 over and over to a major win, then check: 

     3 -- As you were doing the procedure, did any unpleasant sensations

     Write down unpleasant sensations. 


     From where could a spiritual being experience (unpleasant sensation)? 

     Repeat over and over to Cause Indicators. 

     Then run:

     From where could a spiritual being create (unpleasant sensation)? 


     Tell client you are going to include spotting identities and size of
identities, plus
     spotting the spiritual being that created the identity. 

     1 -- Where are you? 

     2 -- How big are you? 

     3 -- Name the identity you wear. 

     Get name. 

     4 -- Where is ( named identity)? 

     5 -- Describe that (named identity)? 

     6 -- How big is that (named identity)? 

     7 -- How big are you? 

     If identity is bigger than the client, run: 

     8a -- Where is the (named identity) 

     8b -- Where are you? 

     8c -- How big is (named identity)? 

     8d -- How big are you? 

     Repeat a-b-c-d over and over until client de-dots itself and becomes much
     bigger than the identity and has Cause Indicators. 

     9 -- Check for unpleasant sensations and do Unpleasant Sensation
Handling as

     10 -- What has spontaneously created between your (named identity) and

     11 -- What have been the consequences of that? 

     12 -- Handle any unpleasant sensations connected to the (named

     13 -- As a (named identity): 

     What have you done? 

     What haven't you said? 

     Repeat steps 1 - 13 over and over until client is at cause over their
this lifetime

     (Make sure the client names their own name and runs it as an identity). 


     Tell the client: 

     We are going to de-dot any past troublesome identities you have been
     entangled with. 

     Have client read The Destructive Dance of the DOTS bulletin. 

     The intention of this procedure is to separate others who have managed to
     dominate the client by deceit or trickery. 

     1 -- Where are you? 

     2 -- How big are you? 

     3 -- Name someone you know. 

     4 -- Where are they? 

     5 -- Name their identity. 

     6 -- Describe their identity. 

     7 -- Where is their identity? 

     8 -- How big is their identity? 

     9 -- Where is the (identity's) spiritual being? 

     10 -- How big is it? 

     11 -- What has spontaneously created between you? 

     12 -- What have been the consequences of that? 

     13 -- Handle any unpleasant sensations. 

     Repeat 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13 over and over until client is at cause
over and
     no longer in mortal combat with the identity or the being. 

     14 -- Repeat steps 1 - 14 over and over until client has handled all
     this lifetime connections. 


     Pain Series 30 / Responsibility Series 36
     June 25, 199 / Copyright  1994