Beth wrote:

End of case?

>Is there such a thing?

>I was listening to one of Captain Bill's tapes and he seemed to think
>there was.
>If anyone has any ideas on this I'd appreciate them being shared.

The Tech dictionary defines case as:

CASE, the whole sum of by-passed charge. (HCOB 19 Aug 63)

The end of case could then be defined as: 

END OF CASE, all by-passed charge erased or eliminated.

It then is possible to have end of case phenomena occur quite often.

The way the Universes seem to have been constructed is in specific
containers or boxes.

The way a being descended is to so fill their container or boxes with BPC
that they split or disconnected from the original container or box and made
another. The splits would be the end of that game and the boxes would be
the container of the next game, these splits to boxes would span the full
spectrum of the Zones (Top of the Gold Zone to the bottom of the Red Zone)
or all scales from the top to the bottom.

A box could be defined as the full games package container ALL the parts
needed to play the games of life. From game-makers, game, playing field,
players, umpires, spectators, etc.

Each split to box was a complete unit unto itself.

As the box became filled with more and more BPC, the beings and games would
degenerate into unsolvable problems and solidified BPC (Mass). Bringing
about an enforced end of game phenomena. 

The being or beings solved this by splitting and creating a new lesser box.
The dwindling cycle.

The activity of effective processing and training is the reversal of this
dwindling cycle.

Thus it is possible to experience "End of case" phenomena as you achieve
the erasure of the box you are operating in. In other words no BPC in your
present box.

The first time this happened to me was in 1962.

I had taken every area of my life into mastery. (A pretty low grade level
of mastery) but for the box I was in, top of the Gold Zone. My football
career was at its peak, my business was doing tremendous, my finances were
beyond all expectations. (I was earning the equivalent of todays income
about $20,000 a week.)

My relationships and communication lines were the top of the Australian Org
Board. My business partners were Olympic Gold Medalists and Wimbeldon

I was caseless.

Then one day I was playing football on the MCG in the first ever nationally
televised game to an audience of approx 5 million people. It was the best
game I ever played........Suddenly I was outside the whole game (exterior
with full perceptics) an unthinkable thought flashed through "what the hell
was I doing running around in my underwear chasing a bag of wind, and what
were all these people doing watching people running around in there
underwear chasing bags of wind."

It was the end of my humanoid game.

At that moment everything began to unravel....I went from the top of the
Gold Zone as a humanoid to the bottom of the Red Zone as spirit.

Within a few days all my games had ceased to be worthwhile.

It was then I decided to go to England and take on Scio full time.

This I did.

The next time I experienced caselessness was in 1969.

Again I was in a state of exterior with full perceptics.

At that time I had 10 Missions, numerous other business interests, lived in
Beverly Hills having a house that was on the highest point of BH with
spectacular 380 degree views.

My Missions had 46 Class VIII's, about 60 Class VI's and 760 fully paid
SHSBC students in training. The Missions spanned the US. I was also a SO

Again the unthinkable thought. "the way Scio is designed won't work."
Another End Of game phenomena.

Again I moved (crashed) from the Gold Zone into a Red Zone.

Only this time it took me till 1982 to find the new direction or box. I sat
in massive BPC until 1986.

There have been many sub periods of caselessness....but they were fairly
short term 3 or 4 years.