At 01:56 PM 6/21/98 -0400, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>> At 05:25 PM 6/20/98 -0400, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>> >     Well I was born by two people who should have had their
>> >sexual organs removed at birth, so I have some charge on the
>> >subject of people breeding for fun and escape.
>> > 
>> >     Lighten up indeed.
>> How very psychoanalytic of you.
>> Have you had psychoanalytic counselling?
>    Not officially.  But after my parents died, I was dumped
>on my mother's sister and husband, and he was a psych.  But he
>was also a zombie, we never talked about anything at all.
>> If so when and how many hours?
>> By the way you were not born.....your body was.
>     This is not clear to me.
>> You either chose that family and that body or you could have been forced
>> into that family or that body.
>     I have no reality on choice of any kind in this matter.
>     Nor of being forced by external circumstances.
>     Only that I found myself born.
>     Homer

Okay thanks for the data.

The reason I asked is that usually any long term case handling difficulties
usually got layed in in the first session the client had.

Often other practices approximate sessions and can be the source of pulling
from these earlier other practices sessions the PT by-passed charge in the
existing processing.

Thus the unhandled BPC from the other practice interferes with the present

This then tranfers onto the PT practioner, etc.

It is these earlier sessions that the use of BPC lists are
invaluable.......for no other reason than they run a then and now kind of

An enormous amount of pc's get ruined in their first session.........the pc
goes in with massive hopes......the processor is on some rote
handling.....does not process the pc in front of him now all the BPC from
the earlier practice tranfers onto the new practice and practioner.

This can happen from reading a book. I don't know how many people I've
rescued from being blown by asking 
"What was the first contact with this subject that made you want to get

I can name over a 120 people who's cases I have cracked by this simple
question alone.

The most common is "I was reading Dianetics and this loss I had over my
mariage came to view." Or some such similar answer.......the auditor the
proceeded to run word clearing or some such and never picked up what the pc
wanted handled.

My most notable cases of this was in Cincinatti in the mid 70's.

I heard two people running down the hallway laughing and jearing. I could
tell they were blowing.

I jumped up and ran to the halway and yelled "Hey you!" They stopped...I
then asked whats going on. The reply was "this is crazy."

Okay "come in here" indicating my office.

They came in and sat down.

They had driven from Youngstown to Cincinatti after reading DMSH. The reg
had signed them up for the comm. course. Youngstown was approximately 220
miles from Cincinatti. Quite a reach.

I simply asked them what had come up while reading DMSH.

Each told me.

I called my office in Columbus, Ohio and arranged for each of them to get
immediate Dianetic sessions. Columbus was approximately a 110 miles from

They drove off to Columbus and got their activated incidents handled by
using the book one DMSMH process.

Those two people became two of my best ED's.