At 01:59 AM 6/13/98 -0400, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:

>    I remember when LRH came out with R2-12 on the tapes, he said "You
>know I have said this over and over again, but all those other times I was
>wrong, this time I am right, THIS IS IT.  This is the process that will
>free us all.  We were always somewhat right before, but that was a
>relative rightness and it always changed and progressed to what we have
>now.  But This, this is it, this will never change, this is what we have
>been looking for all these years, and we have finally found it, and this
>will take us all the way out." 
>    Then two tapes later, he is saying, "Well you know I thought
>that was it, but it only goes so far..."
>    Then the whole subject got dropped completely.
>    NO WHERE in present time Scientology is there any mention
>of goals, goals finding, basic purpose handling, opposing items,
>or identities.  The whole bridge avoids this completely.  What
>the hell are they auditing may I ask?
>    He said Search and Discovery on Basic Purposes would raise the
>dead, but it is never done.  Why?  Is there such a thing
>as a basic purpose?  Or is it all false purposes or nutty rungs
>on a GPM ladder?
>    In the meanwhile does all of R2-12 et all fall out in the wash during
>the grades or dianetics?  Or CC or OT? 
>    I think not.
>    Something is wrong here.

The exact moment in time that the subject of the pcs own actual GPM's was
dropped was 14th June 1964.

It occured in mid sentence during a lecture on "Bring abouts."

"Bring abouts" was an advance method to handle GPM's.

The idea being to track map the complete sequences of GPM's from PT to the
beginning of the whole track.

To be able to do this required students who had full whole track visio.

There were 10 of us who were engaged in this research. They were all
veterans of 1000's of hours of auditing and years of training.

To establish the track map it was best to get the earliest GPM and work

By finding the basic GPM you could then find what that GPM "brought about"
as the next GPMand the next GPM and the next until you arrived in PT with
the PT truncated. (Which wasn't there for me as I had already found and
handled it on R2-12.)

 It was very exhilarating processing as enormous amounts of charge and out
of sequenced GPM's were put back in alignment.

While this was going on LRH was being interviewed by Life magazine. To say
the least LRH was in an immense Ascension Experience, for his dreams of
worldwide acceptance for his ideas and Scientology were about to be realized.

But it wasn't to be. Life Magazine put out a totally ridiculing article on
LRH and Scio. The title of the article was "You can be a BooHoo."

The article totally enraged and upset LRH he had a complete AE crash. Fom
that time on I never saw LRH really happy. It also must be understood LRH's
support staff was less than 10 people at Saint Hill. Not only was he being
attacked by Life mag., but several Govermental enquiries were also
underway. One of which led to the banning of Scio in Victoria, Australia.
LRH's ruds were definitely out.

But I believe the repercussions are much deeper than that, it was from then
on that LRH began to operate from a Dominators viewpoint, slowly the
freedoms and safety began to disappear. Worse most of the early Tech was
eliminated dwidling down to a point where there were only a handful of
single flow grade processes.

In 1968 on the original Class VIII course on flag I watched 3 people taken
from grade zero to OT 6 in less than 5 hours of auditing. The 3 people spun
in as soon as they returned home. LRH at that time was completely out of
valence. He was in constant rage and fury for the whole 3 weeks of the
Class VIII course. Tech had sunk to its lowest point. It was also on the
Class VIII course that auditing the pc in front of you was abandoned. The
robotic auditors were beginning to be made.

Too state the obvious LRH was in a huge upset with life and livingness from
mid July 1964 onward.

To me it is very obvious, but I have the luck of being there when the game
and LRH was fun, exciting, safe and adventurous.