At 08:21 PM 7/20/98 -0400, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:

>> The exact moment in time that the subject of the pcs own actual GPM's was
>> dropped was 14th June 1964.
>> It occured in mid sentence during a lecture on "Bring abouts."
>    What was the sentence and why did he cut it mid way?
>    Homer

Well it was 34 years ago and I'm sorry to say I am no longer sure what the
sentence was.

He just switched from talking about GPM's......paused.....then began the
study tech lectures. 

To go from the power, force and mass of GPM's to something as tiny as a
mis-understood word, was to say the least a sudden shift of attention, if
not a major shock moment.

I can speculate that at that moment something massive moved in and blew him
out of the GPM Tech area. But this is just guessing. But he never really
approached the area with the same intensity as he had done up to that time.
Or he may have blown his GPM's at that time, and thus lost interest.

And as you probably know the GPM Tech faded from view.