Homer Wilson Smith wrote:

> Ted Crammer (ted@magicnet.net) wrote:
> >Overt acts of omission are probably more serious than overt acts of
> >commission. An omission is a time a being remained static and
> shouldn't
> >have. There's an LRH ref. on this but E/O's and auditor's don't like
> to
> >use it because they are instructed to get a disclosure of a "done" or
> >they end up in cramming.
>      LRH said that omissions always come after comissions, which makes
> sense, the thetan has to commit a universe before he can stand idly by
> and watch it all go to hell.
>      They are worse in that they are more down town, and are held in
> place by the earlier "if I act I will do wrong again".
>      Homer

"if I act I will do wrong again" is the prison every being has entrapped
themselves in. It is the set of massive walls, ceilings and floors that
contains each being in their box.

It takes a lot of guts to break through those walls, ceilings and
floors, all of ones belief systems, comfort zones and stable operating
data are designed from inside the box on how to handle life and people.
Once you step outside you are at the bottom of the scales or Zones.

If you stay too long in the box especially if you get processing and
training your whole game will un-mock.

Life demands you take your next upward step. If you Q&A with this you
will find yourself falling down the Org Boards of life.

Taking your next upward step is usually full of unknowns, but the
strange thing is if you go into action and take that next step life
somehow starts to work with you, the impossible becomes possible.

If there is a common denominator to the Free Zone case it is failure to
take your next step.

Taking your next step upwards is running life in reverse, for you will
collide with your past going downward. You will hit the end of the
previous failed game. The end of game decisions are very solid. "I'll
never do that again", "I quit," Its over," etc., etc.

Yet taking your next step is almost always about creating Positive
Futures, guess what, the Negative Past will start to run out, if you
stay in present time and be alert. As the past Negatives run out the
Futures Positives can begin to take form.

Staying focused on the big 3DH vision keeps you above the dichotomies.
It keeps you out of the physical universe time track, it keeps you out
of your case. Allowing you to reach and withdraw as you please. Be
located in time or space or be unlocated and outside time or space.

To get out of the immobility condition you should make a list of
incomplete cycles. Number them by orders of importance....you will find
that you will have your correct next step on that list in most cases.

You will find there is one thing that if you do it, it will resolve all
other incompletes.


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