Number 4. 



Dear Lyn,

Thank you for your acknowledgement. (+: 

I will keep posting as we continue.  At nearly a week into this, I have
real reason to be optimistic for my client's recovery. 

I think the most vital thing that occurred at the onset of this was that
she asked for the help.  I had told her previously that I might know of
something that might help, did not even know for sure.  I told her this
technology was not particularly designed for rehabilitating the addict,
that it was designed to rehabilitate the spiritual being. 

Every bit of processing I have done with her is directed at the spiritual
being, and I have been very consistant in relaying that to her, even
though she had no idea prior to this processing that she was a spiritual

The very first thing I did was to acknowledge her as a spiritual being by
announcing to her that I knew that she was one. 

This may have been the first time she has ever been acknowledged for her
existance as a spiritual being. 

I know this is early on in her processing, but, I must say to her credit
that she has shown remarkable determinism and courage.  Her withdrawal
symptoms have been minimal compared to what she went through in past
"rehab facilities." 

I believe that is because we addressed the unpleasant sensations connected
to the "crackhead" identity.  (Handled it with Presence 4 for troublesome

She handled huge amounts of force during the processing. 

I have seen no sign of her creating that identity since that session.  She
now is more interested in doing processing to get bigger and bigger as a
being, as she puts it. 

If she shows interest in pursuing drug related subjects, we will, of
course, but right now her interest lies in what she can do to better
herself and become a more valuable person to her family and to the world. 
So that is the direction we are heading in. 

I'll keep you posted. 



>  Dear Marlene:
>       This really is well done.  I admire this because eventually I'm
>  thinking of getting in touch with some people I know who are doing the
>  12 step programs (AA, ACA there are several of them) and introducing
>  them to Knowledgism techniques.  So, of course I was quite interested
>  with what you had succeeded in doing.  I'd be interested in what happens
>  in the future also, as a result of the sessions.  
>  Love,

>  Lyn Keller