Number 5. 



Dear Richard,

Thank you for your comments on the prison program you ran. 

Quite the contrary to your experience, my experience with my client has
been much different.  Albiet, today is only the ninth day since she last
took crack, but since the second day of processing she says she has no
desire for the crack, unlike before. 

She had a diminished appetite for those first two days, but since has been
eating normal meals.  Since I am not a nutritionist, I did not suggest any
dietary or vitamin changes or even suggestions. 

Quite probably she was not in nearly as bad a condition physically as was
the person of which you speak. 

>From what I have observed and from what she has told me, she has no
desire for the crack at this time. 

I did not even consider body comm or touch assists for her unpleasant

It was handled at a spiritual level rather than a body level.  Unpleasant
sensations came up on the Identity handling that we did. 

When I first decided to take her as a client.  I did not have a clue as
what to do. 

So I observed what was going on with her and handled what was there at
that very minute.  She was disoriented, I had her go outside and
practically hug a tree. 

It was there, standing still, big enough to hang on to, and she did.  It
just seemed like the right thing to do.  I held her and told her I loved
her.  I let her cry, I heard what she said, and the moment SHE asked for
my help I made myself available. 

She was at her mother's home at the time.  She was still coming down from
the drug. 

I told her that I wanted her to go take a bath, clean up, eat or drink
something if she could and go to bed.  I assured her that she would be
safe at her mother's house for the night.  I then turned responsibility
for herself over to her.  I said if in the morning you still want help you
be at my house at 10:00.  She came, exactly 10:00. 

As an aside, I am familiar with the Body Comm, touch assist, etc.  In my
judgement that was not the proper handling.  To me it would have driven
her further inward to go looking around in that poisoned body.  She
certainly did not need further introversion, in my opinion. 

I have heard a hundred times (or more) in Knowledgism, to handle the
person in front of you.  So, I set aside any idea of a set program to do
for her. 

Sometimes I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants, but, so far, I
have been spot on. 

Now keep in mind this is a person who has had zero training or processing
in the past.  So, sometimes she gets a crash course, even if it is verbal,
to get her enough understanding to run the process. 

We have been averaging 3-3 1/2 hours a day working together on this.  Some
days we process.  Some days we listen to tapes. 

(Miracles and Magic) (Chronic Addiction to Abuse) And (Ascension
Experience Phenomenon)  You may say that last tape was a bit steep a
gradient, but there were things on that tape that answered questions she
had.  Some of it is not quite real to her yet, but she is quite happy to
come back and listen to it again as she knows more. 

In processing, at the moment that she realized that she no longer wanted
the crack. (Apparently this drug is one that makes a person want it 24-7) 

This phenomenon has ceased. 

We have run processes like Attaining Presence, Presence 3, Presence 4. 
Confusion and Mass handling, Restoration of Wants process. etc. 

Rick, I haven't gotten around to SPIEPIR yet, but I won't be surprised if
that is not soon on the agenda.  Good suggestion. 

(Charlie, if you are reading this, would you send me a copy of the first
Abuse tape, I don't have a copy at the present.) 

Who knows what we will run tomorrow.  We will figure that out tomorrow by
finding out what she wants to handle. 

There has not been a lengthy "drug handling" program.  I figured when she
said she did not want the drug it was handled.  (Setting aside my ideas
from the past that it would be a lengthy program)  We are doing a
Spiritual Being handling. 

Let me tell you of some of the changes in her life. I have already in a
previous post mentioned her reconciliation with her 5 year old daughter. 
(A crack baby, by the way). 

Her daughter's belligerant attitude has subsided. 

Her 3 year old son (She did not do crack during that pregnancy) had a
blank dull look to his eyes and big dark circles under his eyes. 

Magically, he is bright eyed the dark circles have disappeared. 

She has a major new word in her vocabulary.  Consequences!! 

She is starting to look at possible consequences of her actions both
positive and negative, and is now making decisions based on consequences
and willingness to be responsible for consequences before she acts. 

She has cleaned her house from head to toe, gotten her yard presentable,
has gotten back into communication with some of the people she has hurt by
her actions, and is in the process of repairing those relationships. 

There are many more improvements going on, but I will let her tell you of
them soon. 

I am sure she will post here soon. 

By the way, she has read the posts here and really appreciates the love
and support that the Greenzoners are giving her. 

I do not know what tomorrow brings for her.  I know that this surely can
not pass as any kind of "clinical test" as a drug treatment.  I do know
that today she is not in as much spiritual pain as she was 10 days ago.  I
do know that she has been clean and sober for nine days.  I do know that
she has taken taken steps forward. 

I do know that the results that I have observed so far are so fast and
furious that even I am amazed.  I know I have never seen anything like it
in my past experience in dealing with persons who have a drug history. 

I am so thankful that Alan has developed this technology so I could help
this neighborhood girl I have known and loved since she was three years

She has had nine days of peace that she has not known since she was a
small child by starting to handle the Abuse that occured prior to her ever
taking that first drug. 

More than ever I understand when Alan says, process the person in front of

Alan, you have my utmost love and respect. 


>  To: Elizabeth & Dan Barber
>  I was a Narconon ED for about 2 years back in the late 70's. I ran a
>  prison program most of this time but did do a couple of heroin withdrawals. These
>  can be very serious to a persons health. I had one almost die on me. They
>  take 24 hour care with lots of body comms (almost continuosly). Medical
>  assistance was also required and I had to use it once for intravenous
>  feeding. This guy was pretty addicted and could not keep in even liquids.

>  Also use lots of vitamins.
>  He made it through but I don't think he stayed off. They require in
>  patient treatment after the withdrawal with comm drills, touch assists, (things to
>  get back in comm with the body) so someone can watch them and he couldn't
>  stay for that. The urges for drugs are still there and can turn on pretty
>  strong.
>  I don't know if I can help very much but I sure respect anyone who tries
>  getting people off. I do think Alans presence drills are better than the
>  old TR's. Maybe even SPIEPER would work.
>  Love,

>  Rick Johnson