Number 8. 



Hi John,

I even went so far as to explain to Andrea who you are and that you are
the leader of Knowledgism in Australia.  I told her that as far as I know
that you and Eric are the only two persons in the world delivering the
Codes.  And even explained to her briefly about what I know of the Codes,
that they help you find your reason for living. 

She said " I have always wanted to help other people, and here I am the
one needing help"  We'll just file that one away for when she finds her
codes and compare notes. 

Brought in her indicators at this level. 

We have felt your presence, as we were sitting in the room speaking of

Thank you for being here. 

I have explained to her that as far as I know, this is the first time that
the Knowledgism tech has been used in handling a Crack Cocaine addiction. 
And, as we sat here together we both realized the enormity of taking on
this processing and putting it out to view to the eyes of the world. 

And it is really OK with both of us.  We are willing to be responsible the
effects that our work may have on other beings.  Andrea even saw that she
had a responsibiliy to others to share her experience, in hopes of helping

As she has said.  She does not know if she is free from "Wanting crack" 
forever, but she has had twelve days completely free of that want.  That
is twelve days more than she has had since she started using it some 8 or
so years ago. 

Even though she had a period of three years that she did not use it. The
Wanting it was there 24-7. 

The identity handling is the processing that addressed that issue. 

The "Crackhead" identity was bigger than she was, and it wanted crack. 

We have now gone on to processing the being for what she wants handled,
just like any other client. 

We are addressing heavy areas of abuse that occurred when she was a small

One particular type of abuse, so destroyed her that she created a "nobody" 
identity just to get through childhood. 

And we have handled other identites. 

It was though there were a series of identities that culminated in the
creation of the "crackhead" identity. Each designed to protect her from
the pain of remembering the abuse. 

She has realized that she has been absent since she was about three years
old, when the terrible abuse first started. 

She is now willing to be present and to face the terrible truth head on. 

She is beginning to understand why she did not tell anyone what was

The consequences were too great.  (The consequences being that her family
would be killed if she ever told anyone.) 

She always felt guilty for allowing it to happen again after the first
episode.  She realized that by being the Victim, she has every day of her
troubled life pointed the finger at him. 

Look what he did to me. He destroyed my life.  But, in essence what she
was doing was protecting her family from harm. 

She realized that she really was strong to have been able to protect her
family from danger. 

As a child, the danger was real and ever present. 

Then she realized that he did not destroy her!!! 

What I am seeing in this processing is the role that identities play in

>From where I see it.  The being is absent, and the identity(s) and the
accompaning unpleasant sensations take over the life of of the person. 

The substance used keeps the being away as to not experience the
unpleasant sensations. Thus the cycle of addiction occurs. 

I see handling addiction as nothing more complicated than sorting out
those identities, making them smaller and the being bigger. 

The being is not addicted. 

The identities sure are.  But, that is not the end of the processing. 
Once the identity(s) are small and the being is larger, then you handle
the difficuly the being had prior to the addictive cycle. 

Then most importantly educate, educate, educate the being so he/she can
handle life's problems as they arise.  And the bottom line is presence. 

I may be naive, but that is as difficult as I see it (addiction) to be. 

You get the addictive identity(s) out of the way and you process and train
the being. 

By the way if you continue looking at him/her as an addict, and continue
processing the addict, (not the spiritual being) you will have a rehabbed
addict. (still an addict) 

If you process the spiritual being, you will have a rehabbed spiritual
being (still a being) 

I no longer see Andrea as a Crack Addict.  I see her as a spiritual being. 
And the great part is so does she!! 

It would be easy to create that identity again, so we are going to use
every process known to God and Alan Walter, to keep it from replicating. 
Me thinks the cult series processes might be a good tool for that one. 

The beauty of this all is that every bit of the processing we have done is
from the processes on the Website, available to everyone.  The tapes we
have listened to are available through the website. 

The most difficult obstacle to overcome was the idea that nothing could be
done about it.  How do we know if we do not try? 

We will either succeed or fail at this.  Success may not be guaranteed, (
at this point), but, failure certainly can be guaranteed if you do not
even try. 

I am betting on success. 


>  Hello Marlene.
>  I feel you have acknowledged in print the wrong person, confusing me, John
>  Mace with Richard Johnson, probably because of his e.mail address.
>  It is an interesting occurrence though because although I have not said so
>  in print I have only the greatest admiration and respect for what you have
>  done and are doing for Andrea and have been intending to comm with you to
>  validate and acknowledge you.  
>  Anyhow, although my great love is finding peoples' codes and most of my
>  energies go into that, what you have done for Andrea has caused me to have
>  a look at whether I should offer my expertise to some drug handling agency
>  here in Perth....... I do not particularly want to personally handle
 > addicts because as I have just said my interests lie in delivering
the codes, but
>  what has crossed my mind is training some drug counsellors on Knowledgism
>  tech. They would have ample back-up. With this in mind I am filing your
>  postings and will continue to do so. At the end of the line I will
>  approach the so called 'authorities'.
>  Your postings are great, they come from the heart instead of being some
>  cold clinical treatise and the one from Andrea is of similar vein.          
>  You made the comment that what you are doing could hardly be called a
>  clinical test, well I differ wih that view; every clinical test has to
>  start somewhere and you have started and in the public gaze at that. 

>  Another thing is that by your postings you are creating a 'clinical' 
>  history so keep them going.
>  Give each other a hug for me. Love to you both.
>  John