With the advent of locating the basic building blocks of the spiritual,
mental, physical and metaphysical universes the approximate sequence of
descension and ascendancy can now be plotted.

 The ability to be aware and to be at cause over the many levels is
directly proportional to the willingness to be responsible for and the
willingness to take ownership of the various universes and their
component parts.

 You are dealing with life and objects with empowered purposes and
operating programs.  It should be noted all life forms are self
empowered.  This takes an enormous ability and level of responsibility
just to be willing to attempt to comprehend, let alone master and
direct.  Worse, during the long, long period that has marked the
beginning and continuation of this vast cycle of life and the physical
universe, nearly all spiritual beings have failed to master enough of
the complexity and craftsmanship that has gone into the making of this
composite known as the physical universe.

 By knowing all the series of different universe cycles that have
progressed to this point, it is possible to reverse the downward spiral
and regain the power, love, intelligence, strength and happiness that
are natural to all pure spiritual beings.

 The four universes of Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Metaphysical are
all composites and act or react to solve the problems that are put forth
by the interaction of trillions of independent life forms, each seeking
to survive.  Just like throwing a stone into a pond which causes ripples
and disturbs the status quo of the water, so does each intention-action
create ripples with the four universes.  Some are so slight that it
doesnít really affect you, and some are so violent that you are never
the same.

 It is to handle the problems and chaos created by those ripples and the
game of life that the use of identities became so vital. It should also
be noted that Beingness precedes Doingness and Doingness precedes
Havingness. Action such as writing up harmful acts can cause the
Beingness or Identity to be by-passed.

 Due to the effects of the ripples (wavelengths and particles) it was
necessary to create a position (identity) to withstand and handle those
forces and chaos so that the identity could produce and have what the
spiritual being or Super-Being wanted to produce and have.

 I have written elsewhere on the subject of identities.  This is scale
of identities.


 This scale is graded on amount of responsibility and ownership.  As the
being lessens its responsibility and ownership the size of identity will
diminish.  An identity exists in the metaphysical arena.

 To process a being upscale requires a gradient handling of these myriad
levels of identities. How you are progressing in your growth can be
measured by who you are magnetically attracted to. As you make case gain
you find yourself rising to higher more capable identities.

 It further should be noted that these identities usually come with an
opposition item, this causes the identity packages to suspend in time.
Or become timeless. Floating forward to be recontacted as you rise up
the scale. It is this floating aspect of identity packages that demands
that once you have started on your road upward, that you process daily
or until you can be so at cause over your case that you can blow the
identity packages as they appear.


  All of the other universesí identities
  All of this galaxyís identities
  Mankindís identities
  Cultural identities
  Group identities
  Family identities
  You (as an identity)
  Your own prime identity (created by you)
  Master identities
  Empowering identities
  Competent identities
  Effective identities
  Powerful identities
  Your own sub-prime identities
  Your own compromised identities
  Your own malicious identities
  Your own victimized identities
  Your own functional identities
  Karmic identities  (Those identities that are set up to be punished
for earlier harmful acts or to be used as justification to commit future
harmful acts.)
  Other determinedly caused identities
  Culturally determined identities
  Enforced identities
  Malicious identities
  (And many, many more)


  Politician identities
  Business owner identities
  Executive identities
  Manager identities
  Stockbroker identities
  Salesman identities
  Banker identities
  Lawyer identities
  Doctor identities
  Nurse identities
  Teacher identities
  Artist identities
  Musician identities
  Architect identities
  Realtor identities
  Forester identities
  Police identities
  Fireman identities
  Printer identities
  Secretary identities
  Truck driver identities
  Cowboy identities
  Farmer identities
  Clerk identities
  Beautician identities
  Worker identities
  Housewife (husband) identities
  (And many, many more)


  Intellectual identities
  Scholarly identities
  Academic identities
  Scientist identities
  Mathematician identities
  Historian identities
  Biologist identities
  Chemist identities
  Librarian identities
  Technological identities
  Electronics identities
  Computer identities
  (And many, many more)


  Athletic identities
  Body builder identities
  Model identities
  Prostitute identities
  Crippled identities
  Lamed identities
  Maimed identities
  Hypochondriac identities
  Operated on identities
  Diseased identities
  Ill identities
  (And many, many more)

(things you would never want to be)

  Poverty identities
  Bankrupt identities
  Destitute identities
  Homeless identities
  Goalless identities
  Soulless identities
  Weak identities
  Obese identities
  Skinny identities
  Ugly identities
  Repulsive identities
  Disgusting identities
  Separating identities
  Leprous identities
  Evil identities
  Demonic identities
  Insane identities
  Raving identities
  Out of control identities
  Abusive identities
  Promiscuous identities
  Frigid identities
  Perverted identities
  Prudish identities
  Dependent identities
  Shameful identities
  Blameful identities
  Overwhelmed identities
  Delusive identities
  Fake identities
  Unconscious identities
  (And many, many more)


  Lincolnís identity
  Napoleonís identity
  Christís identity
  Julius Caesarís identity
  Cleopatraís identity
  Hitlerís identity
  Attila the Hunís identity
  Alexander the Greatís identity
  Czar Nicholasí identity
  King Arthurís identity
  Merlinís identity
  (And many, many more)


  Incomplete identities
  Partial copies of othersí identities
  Assumed to be complete identities
  Miseducated identities
  Falsely educated identities
  Illiterate identities
  Status symbol identities
  Abused partial copies of identities
  Molested partial copies of identities
  Dependency identities
  Robotized identities
  Chaotic identities
  Dispersed identities
  Oppressed identities
  ďLook what youíve done to meĒ identities
  Massed identities
  Shattered identities
  Shocked identities
  Annihilated identities
  Overwhelmed identities
  (And many, many more)


  Psychological identities
  Psychiatric identities
  Catholic identities
  Mormon identities
  Baptist identities
  Jewish identities
  Protestant identities
  Methodist identities
  Buddhist identities
  Hinduist identities
  estie identities
  Scientologist identities
  Moonie identities
  LifeSpringer identities
  TMer identities
  Vegetarian identities
  Amwayer identities
  Herbal Lifer identities
  (And many, many more)


  Alcohol identities
  Drug identities
  Dietary identities (bulimic, anorexic, overweight, underweight, food
addicted and allergic, etc.)
  Medicated identities
  Anesthetized identities
  Barman identities
  Alcohol pusher identities
  Drug pusher identities
  (And many, many more)


  Gangs of entities
  Massed entities
  Destroyed civilization entities
  Gangs of enemy entities
  ďOut to get youĒ gangs of entities
  Disembodied entities
  Depressed entities
  Oppressed entities
  Suppressed entities
  Identified entities
  Dormant entities
  Robotic entities
  Chaotic entities
  Asleep entities
  Unconscious entities
  Absent entities
  Elsewhere entities
  Blackness entities
  Invisible entities
  Dispersed entities
  Destructive entities
  Violent entities
  (And many, many more)

 It should be noted that mass murderers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles
Manson, Henry Lucas and numerous other violent individuals all tried to
explain their actions as having to do with having heard voices in their
head.  It should also be noted that these people, including others such
as Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, have all come out of
incredibly abusive environments and in their formative years suffered
great ridicule, pain and abandonment, and therefore sit at the bottom of
the scale of identities and entities.  These individuals all had massive
deep seated hatred toward their fellow man.

 One could take a visit to any maximum security prison that contains
rapists, murderers and violent criminals, which I have done, and one
will find the common denominator of all these people was an environment
and family that contained unspeakable abuses and pain.  So much so that
they had no attention available to study and therefore, there is a great
deal of illiteracy amongst these people.

 There can be no doubt that violent, painful abuse, such as beatings,
whippings, being locked in closets, starvation and sexual molestation
and assaults, when constantly applied to a person at an early age
generates unbelievable rage, hatred and self-hatred.  This stays
contained until the person reaches adulthood, at which time these people
act out this rage.

 What has happened is that their basic identities have been shattered,
and even their bits of identities have been shattered.  They perceive
their only hope is to adopt the identity of the abuser, and they take on
the hatred of the abuser which is multiplied with their own hatred.
This is how the very destructive identities are created.

 Cults often produce this kind of behavior on their followers, wherein
they begin a cycle of isolationism, abuse, bad food (non-nutritious),
and degradation of the followerís own goals, own dreams, own visions,
and own identities.

 Usually in a cult the only identity that is considered worthwhile is
the cult leaderís and that cult leaderís identity is the only one
allowed.  This, of course, is impossible to attain, thus the follower is
dependent on the cult for his identity, having been abused and made
wrong, and  having had his own identity made worthless by the
considerations of the cult.

 That is why when a follower leaves the cult he has such trouble as he
has no personality, beingness or identity of this own, and any past
personality, beingness, or identity that he did have was thoroughly
degraded and made wrong.  This is a thoroughly disempowered state.

 Cults do not necessarily have to be large organizations.  Families can
be cults wherein only the fatherís identity is OK, or only the motherís
identity is OK.  Football teams can be cults when only the coachís
identity is OK.  Even corporations can be cults.  Cultism is a deadly
activity as it drops its followers way down this scale of identities and

 The clients that you are handling are somewhere on this list, the
majority being between your (their) own prime identity and culturally
determined identities.  One must handle correctly the correct level or
you can cause a serious degradation of the case.

 We all have billions and billions of identities covering every facet of
existence from deities to the lowest forms of slime.  Some identities
are good, some are bad, some aid survival, some hinder.  What we want is
for the client to have power of choice over the creating and uncreating
of their own prime identities.

 This is very specialized processing.  Done right, a 40 minute session
can run out 10,000 lifetimes of bad existences and recover enormous
amounts of spirita.

 This is the target of processing and only very superbly trained
processors can run this.  There are vast amounts of case on all beings.
To bring you back to complete wholeness, full operating potential and
blissful happiness could take upwards of several thousand hours.  But it
is very do-able.  It all depends on:  can you walk the road, be honest,
cure your veering disease, push against the forces above your awareness,
make the time and take the actions necessary to unlock and uncreate your
own and otherís creations.

          ALAN C. WALTER

18 February 1992
Revised 18 October 1994

Copyright ” 1992, 1994
Alan C. Walter