Hi Alan,

     I just received the win below from one of C.  T's clients, whom
I've been giving him several case advises a week on.  I had met her
last year when I was in xxxx and knew instantly she was a heavy abuse
case.  Well, a couple weeks ago the abuse started to surface (her
childhood had been all black up until then) and when it did she
started having screaming nightmares, terror during the day, and her
life and business fell apart.

     After several long sessions of Observe/Rather not observe on her
childhood it all came to view (lots of abuse) and then all the evil
intended, abusive voices in her head came to the fore.  I advised C.T.
to run Virulent Teammate handling, which he did, and the following win
was the result.

     (A point of interest: Her business name is xxxxx xxxxx and she
sells occult, black magic, and ritualists stuff, and she also has done
the gory special effects for a number of movies.  )

     Now that she's out of the charge I've advised C.T.  to just work
on her setups and positives and continue her training.  She's been
hanging in there getting her basics in and Clean Slating other clients
for C.  in spite of all this sitting there, so I thinks with it
discharged and out of the way she should be able to really make some

     Anyway, I thought you'd like to read a win from one of our field
group's clients for a change.


>Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 12:27:18 -0700
>From: G
>To: Eric Woolery 
>CC: C. T.
>Subject: Skipping stones...

>I wish to thank you.

>Yesterday was one of the most significant days in my life.  

>After thirty-eight years I can look up, chin high and breathe. 
>My life has felt like skipping stones in a lake laden with boulders.  
>My life has changed. My thoughts are stemming from a whole new
>perspective, one of cool, peaceful calm. One in which control and
>hesitation aren't the ground rules. 
>The suffocating panic and fear I have fought against forever has moved
>aside. It's as if from a child's open eyes and delight I am observing a
>new world. I never suspected that the rose-colored glasses I worked so
>hard to keep in place, were simply another form of blinders.   
>What you do is incredible. I can only imagine what it must be like for
>you to watch what the touch of your gift produces in others.  Your
>ability to discern what to do, where to go, for each different
>person...thank you for advising on my case.  Thank you for taking the
>time with C, thank you for giving him directions for getting us out
>of the quicksand I continuously got us mired in.
>I really want you to know my appreciation and love for you, Mr. Walters
>and those in Dallas, most of whom I never met.  Your caring, support and
>knowledge have seeped all the way out here, touched me in a way I could
>have never before imagined.
>You have an incredible boulder moving, life creating person out here in
>C. He rolls up his sleeves, wades right in there with you, and
>somehow, when you think you have taken your last breath, he helps you
>see the rope that has been right there all along. The rope on which to 
>pull yourself up and out with. His gentle, caring intention and
>dedication to his purpose is breathtaking. I wish you could see it.    
>I am looking forward to the time when I come out to take courses there,
>in Dallas.  Thank you for the Knowledgism Photo Gallery, I enjoy putting
>the faces with those I have spoken to, like Charlie.
>Thank you Eric.  

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