Connection Series 9

Rough Draft:


( How most beings lose their power and position in life and living.)

A great amount of vital information is being discovered from the SET
UP/UPSET handling material.

As most of you who have studied the Zones, realize that the Zones span the
spectrum from infinity of spirit to the infinity of materialism.

As one approaches the top of the Gold Zone you come close to infinity of
spirit. As one approaches the bottom of the Red Zone you come close to the
infinity of materialism.

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Mid way in the Yellow Zone is the point of split for a beingness or identity. 

>From the levels of existence Development to Presence spans the positive
beingness or identity. 

>From the levels of existence Stability to Absence spans the negative
beingness or identity.

Between Development and Stability  or more exactly between Antagonism
(positive emotion) and Anger (negative emotion) is usually where the SET UP
becomes an UPSET.

When a being has become UPSET they have in actuality switched by splitting
into negative identities or beingness. Splitting from a positive identity
or beingness to becoming a negative identity or beingness.

To get any power the negative identity or beingness must have a positive
identity or beingness to oppose.

The bigger the SET UP the bigger the UPSET. The more destructive are the
negative identities or beingnesses.

For example if you belonged to a Game and Organization that promised you
everything you desired then you found out after spending several years of
study and practice that the Organization did not deliver what it will get very you are in opposition to
your own positive identity that was trained and developed as a positive
identity or beingness while you were part of the Organization and that
Game. You now begin to develop a negative identity or beingness towards
that Organization and Game and your previous positive identity you created
to play that Game. 

The negative identity or beingness will be used to attempt to get rid of
the earlier identity or beingness or Organization and Game. It is at this
point that trouble starts as the negative identity or beingness you are now
using does not process out the earlier Game, Organization or identity or
beingness but instead tries to force, deny, obliterate, implode, explode,
lie, vanish by obfuscation, forget, etc., in the attempt to make it go away.

What this causes is added mass and charge to people, places, subjects and
things connected to the Game, Organization and players, plus a loss of
power, loss of awareness, loss of cleverness, loss of abilities, (you must
not use the knowledge or abilities you acquired in the previous identity or
beingness, Organization or Game.) loss of strength, loss of intelligence
and loss of size of game, loss of size of identity, loss of reach, etc.

Any Game, Organization, identity or beingness can become unwanted if that
Game, Organization, identity or beingness becomes enforced or takes away
the sovereignty of the players.

The added mass and charge to people, places, subjects and things connected
to the Game, Organization and players can destroy your ability to be - do -
and have in these areas.

The charge lays in the SET UP or positive areas, the UPSET or negative
areas are just points of misdirection or veering disease. The UPSET gets
its power from the SET UP area. Take all the charge out of the SET UP areas
and the UPSETS just unravel.

More importantly, if the charge is taken off the SET UPS you now have the
ability to inspect and have power of choice over the area.

If you focus on the UPSET you will by-pass the charge in the SET UP area.
Now you have two areas of by-passed charged. The by-passed charge contained
in the SET UPS and the falsely handled and misplaced by-passed charge of

The SET UPS preceded the UPSET. That is the SET UP is more basic than the

Very few people can grasp this....they all tend to fixate on the UPSET or

The usual operating basis of most people is to seek and find wrongnesses or
UPSETS on others.

The precept is “eliminate the wrongness and it will be right.” Nothing is
farther from the truth, the correct or winning precept would be; “seek and
find the correctness or truth, honor this and life will go right.”  Using
this method most cases and conditions will disolve effortlessly, plus you
are the processing the client from the top down.

The top being the point of most truth or basic origination point of the
sequence of events.


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