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There is great confusion surrounding these terms.

A certain order and common sense that needs to be put in place in regards
to these terms.

It is important to know what you are dealing with when you are engaged in
processing and training.

A Static can create life. 

A Static can create energy.

That energy spans the spectrums from almost absolute purity to becoming a
solid mass.


MENTAL MASS is solidified MENTALLY created ENERGY.


When handling a client in session, you are addressing the spiritual and
mentally created energies. Mishandled energy becomes charge.

When you are handling life, you are addressing and coordinating the
spiritually, the mentally and physically created energies.
The key word and subject is ENERGY.
ENERGY is a created phenomena.
Simply put Spiritual ENERGY is postulated life force particles.
To create ENERGY, a Being needs to create a POSITIVE POLARITY.
The BEING also requires a NEGATIVE POLARITY to receive the life force
The Negative POLE  reverses and sends back the postulated life force
particles to the now
reversed Positive POLE.
The BEING has now created LIFE in that area.
The speed of the postulated life force particles traveling backwards and
forward are what are known as E-MOTIONS.
E-MOTIONS are just speeds of life force particles flowing from point A's to
point B's.
The MASS that appears in or around the client is solidified E-MOTIONS.
To bring about a full vanishment of a Spiritual MASS or a Mental MASS
require finding
what moods or E-Motions are stopped.
Most Spiritual and Mental MASSES are held in place by unwilling to be
Depression is caused by the absence of point B's. It is an end of game
The "great depression" of the '30's was caused by a cessation of motion.
Life went out of millions of businesses and endeavors which were located in
time and places.

When a Being is buried in MASSES the Being experiences an inability to
reach point B's.

To bring a Being back to life, you only need to play a bigger game. This
creates new point B's.
A Being stuck in MASS tends to dramatize what is not in the MASS.
A Spiritual or Mental MASS has an absence or compression of time, space and
energy, further the being withdraws as many life force particles as
possible out of the MASS, consequently this leaves the MASS to contain
practically no life force particles and it feels lifeless. A strong feeling
of deathfulness will emanate from someone who is buried in unhandled MASSES.
The Being in a physical universe life tends to dramatize the Noes:
No time.
No interest.
No space.
No reach.
No energy. (Money.)
What makes this more deadly is the Being is obsessively attracted to others
who are stuck in similar MASSES.

Thus you get a Tacit Sabotage situation of mutually agreed-upon the above

Poverty is a mutually agreed upon dramatization of: The above Noes.
When you handle and vanish Spiritual MASS and Mental MASS you handle the
solidified areas of charge, the Being naturally comes back to life, begins
to move up the scales and Zones.

The more powerful the Being becomes the larger the MASSES are that the
being is willing to handle.
These monster MASSES can contain the full spectrum of the mood scale from
the top of the Gold Zone to the bottom of the Red Zone.

To vanish a Spiritual MASS or Mental MASS requires handling the "unwilling
to experience moods and e-motions."
The simple questions:
Is there a mood you are unwilling to experience? (This question brings up
both emotions and attitudes.)

Tell me about it? 

Will unlock most MASSES.

Too much MASS in present time will cause a being to be unwilling to
holographically permeate lifes actualities. Consequently the being will
tend to create unreal futures. Or worse avoid present time.

Failure to deliver what you promised will build up huge quantities of MASS,
making the NOW TIME and PLACE unlivable. This causes the being to want to
escape into the past time and place or into a future time and place.

OT is simply an Operating Spiritual Being. 

That is a Spiritual Being knowingly being, doing and having spiritually
what they are being, doing and having spiritually.

At  times they are at cause - at times they are effect.

Clearing has to do with the mind and is very similar to debugging a computer.

The you have Spiritual Clearing. This has to do with creations of harmony
or disharmony of the beings mock-ups.

A Spiritual Being who has unknowns in an area will create their mock-ups
with those unknowns in them.

Spiritual Being processing is very different from mind processing. The
major difference being Spiritual Being processing  is outside of time and
space. And is of a vertical nature.

Where-as mind processing is very linear and is contained within time and
space. It is similar to handling a computer.

Mental Image Pictures are the minds icons. Have the Being click on a MIP
and you will get the whole program if you keep clicking. By clicking I mean

As Spiritual Beings tend to operate outside time and space most of their
creations span many physical body lifetimes.

That there are OT's is self evident, to those who can duplicate and have
their holographic mock-ups and span their time lines.

Though most OT's usually concentrate on specific areas of knowledge and

Clearings also has to do with specific areas. You can be clear in many
areas and unclear in many other areas.

There are agreed-upon outside mechanisms that keep civilizations on track.

What is also self evident is there is a vast area to be studied, mastered
and coordinated with.


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