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> Theta One (thetaone@icehouse.net) wrote:
> >Does this mean that you are attempting to restore Hate?
>      Sure,  "Lord teach us how to love, and teach us how to hate."
>      Many believe both have their place in life.
>      Homer

     If we really are going to restore each being back to full
sovereignty, we will also restore the abilities to be good, bad,
right, wrong, love, hate, beauty and ugly etc.

     Hopefully sanity and correct usage is also restored.

     There are no halfway houses on the road back to full restoration.

     Though Scientology has sought to castrate the restoration of the

     If you run what is only wrong with a being you by-pass the truly
powerful abilities of a being.

     Running: Do You have an ARC break?  is an out of ARC process.

     The correct process is: Do you have ARC?  That process takes you
to the top of the scales and will quickly restore ARC and vanish the
later ARC breaks.

     Running: Do you have a present time problem?  Is an out of ARC

     Run: Do you have something that is working for you?  And all the
problems will vanish.

     Running: Do you have a missed withhold?  Is an out of ARC

     Run: Do you have something you are projecting outward?  That will
shoot the pc to the top of the scales and run off all the withholds.

     Running: Are you committing harmful acts?  Is an out of ARC

     Run: Are you committing good acts?  That will take the being to
the top of the scales and the harmful acts will run out with a rush.

     Treat the being you are processing as a God and all their demonic
behavior will vanish.......unless you piss them off again : - )

     Ron numerous times has defined a squirrel process as any process
that is out of ARC.

     The thread Restoration of Friendliness activated a lot of
Unfriendliness.  That is as it should be.  As before the
Unfriendliness was Friendliness.

     If KP hadn't told me that GPM's do not exist I would have said a
lot of Opterms got activated.

     Let the game continue!

     We have the Tech in The Independents to restore full sovereignty
for all beings.

     A little madness and HE&R along the way is to be expected and is
quite beneficial.


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