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CHARGE is defined as stored energy or force emanating from a spiritual
being. It is outside time and space thus it is always here now.

Charge is used to impel the beings intention.

An Omni-Sovereign being takes a position that is capable of creating or
co-creating the emanation point A and the receipt point B. the impelled
particles that make up the intention or goals flow freely back and
forth between the point A's and B's.

If the impelled intention accumulates friction causing resistance the
beginnings of unwanted negative charge appears, if too much friction
the being will stop creating or being responsible for the point B.

The being drops from Omni- Sovereignty into the lower state of

At Sovereignty the being will encounter even more friction and counter
effort to its intentions, often to the degree that the being drops
below Sovereignty to an even lower state of becoming created as or
becoming an 'artificial me' that needs other determination to impel
them and their intentions.

This last state of having to rely on another to impel them is a
dreadful degraded state as that being is now so overwhelmed by negative
charge and feels so utterly degraded that they cannot hold a position
unless they sacrifice their Sovereignty and Omni-Sovereignty to the
being they have elected to have power over them.

BY-PASSED CHARGE is defined as the unwanted present time spiritual or
mental energy or mass that has been accessed by a present time
'slow' or 'stop' that by-passed or missed the real time charge
stemming from a more basic area of stored spiritual energy emanating
directly from the spiritual being or GAMES MATRIX.

All you are doing when handling BY-PASSED CHARGE is locating and
indicating the present time 'slow' or 'stop' that is
interfering with the spiritual beings ability to get their intention
and holographic vision (mock-up) to arrive and manifest as they want.

A 'slow' or 'stop' can be anything that impedes the beings
intention; it can be a counter intention, a mis-understood word, an
area of subject illiteracy, a wrong item, a wrong game, a fear, a games
package, a past incident matching present time, a lie, etc., etc.

An environmental 'slow' or 'stop' can be someone in front of
you is driving to slow, lateness, can't find car keys, not returning
a call, failure to show up on time for an appointment, not delivering
what was promised, or even a cataclysmic event like a plane crash or
being hit by an earth quake, hurricane or tsunami.

Masterful by-passed charge handling causes the being to un-become that
what they became. At that point of separation you get a sudden rise in
mood, the being is now bigger than what they became. As the separation
becomes more stable the being recognizes that they are not the
becomingness, thus become more themselves.

You are NOT fully handling charge. You are just moving it out of the
way so the client can get more present and here, now so that they and
their intentions, goals, and holographic visions (mock-ups) can arrive
as wanted

You are de-accessing or keying out the charge, that is occupying the
space that the being should be present in.

Full charge handling to erasure is a completely different subject, one
that Scientology has no workable technology to handle, it does not even
address the subject.

Yes, you get inadvertent bits of charge handled when you run a process,
but not the main area of charge.


POSITIVE CHARGE is defined as stored spiritual power, energy or force
that contains positive thoughts, creativity, love, truth, harmony,
knowledge, responsibility, control, value and integrity.

Positive charge emanates from the spiritual being itself or from one of
the high Sovereign or Omni-Sovereign energy packages.

NEGATIVE UNWANTED CHARGE is defined as unwanted charge that has
accumulated from abrasive friction plus stored anti-spiritual power,
energy or force that contains negative thoughts, destructivity, hate,
lies, disharmony, ignorance, irresponsibility, no control,
worthlessness and incompleteness.

Negative unwanted charge emanates from a low sovereign or substitute
me's or artificial me's. It gets its destructive power from one of
the higher high Sovereign or Omni-Sovereign energy packages.


They are very similar to a battery in that they have a Positive and a
Negative Polarity.

The definition of ENERGY leaves much to be known.  At a spiritual level
the particles are life force particles.  Further it would get very
tiresome if the static being had to continuously create life force
particles and postulate the impulses to direct the life force particles
to the receipt point.

Thus the being creates storage containers of life force particles,
these storage containers also contain imprinted patterns and packages
for the energy to move around.  These are known mainly as a GAMES
MATRIX which contains all aspects of a game, its goals, visions,
identities, opponents, good or bad problems, solutions, good or bad
conditions and outcomes; but any creation can have the capabilities of
energy storage.  A healthy, whole storage container can store, send or
receive huge quantities of life force particles.

The GAMES MATRIX energy containers are created by an Omni- Sovereign
spiritual being outside time and space and thus they are always here

When a static being creates a three-dimensional, holographic creation
or mock-up these always contain the energy containers.

When two spiritually healthy beings make contact the flows of energy
exchanges effortlessly, a high mood level movement` back and forth.

Charge is vital to impel the particles of your intentions and their
subsequent holographic creations into any universe you so choose; but
especially the physical universe.

What is easily observable in life is the velocity of the life force
particles in motion, the faster the motion the higher the mood.

When you observe a high mood level being that enhances all they come in
contact with in operation you are observing the positive use of charge.

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