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Charge becomes a problem and begins to turn negative when the following
circumstances manifest:

1)	ABRASIVE FRICTION.  This is the action of someone or something
causing slows or stops to your prime intention.

The abrasive friction can get more intense by someone or something
using counter-force, disruptive imagery, or rubbing or being in
conflict against someone or something.

Where you have abrasive friction you have a slow buildup of an
accumulation of unwanted charge and pain.  It can take years for the
accumulation of unwanted charge to build up to a level of pain that
produces a wanting or need to avoid the area.

Abrasive friction-caused unwanted charge and the subsequent pain is
caused by a subtle, gradual accumulation of unwanted charge until it
becomes pain and becomes unbearable, at which point you are forced to
be absent or leave the area.

2)  IMPACT.  This is the sudden forceful collision with someone or
something that is stronger or more powerful than you.  Such impacts
cause immense unwanted charge, pain, shocks and collapse universes.

When you are impacted suddenly, an area of unwanted charge and pain is
created.  That unwanted charge and pain can be so severe that it can
ruin your life.

Death of someone you love, the loss of a game, the loss of a partner, a
car crash, being fired, failing an exam, an explosion, constant abuse,
etc., etc., all cause overwhelming unwanted negative charge and pain.

That unwanted negative charge and pain can be impacted in the body, the
identity, the mind, or you, the spirit.  The most savage unwanted
negative charge and pain are impacted instantly in all four areas

To fully erase this charge and pain requires several different
techniques.  All are easy to do, but require bravery, time, money, and
the commitment and intention to handle fully the source of the unwanted
charge and pain.

These are some of the subsequent consequences caused by friction:

3)  Heat caused by contact, abrasive friction, or impact.  Too much
heat causes unpleasant sensations.

	4)  Cold, which is caused by a vacuum, distance, enforced separation
or low temperature.  Too much cold causes unpleasant sensations.

	5)  Polarity conflict that is generated by the rapid changing of
particles backward and forward from positive to negative polarity in a
repeated, violent manner, causing unpleasant sensations.

	6)  Electricity that is generated by the differing wavelengths of
life-force particles impacting or dispersing from an area.  Too much
electrical randomness can be extremely uncomfortable.

	7)  Magnetism.  The constant compulsive or obsessive attraction or
repelling of life-force particles and holographic spiritual and mental
imagery into or away from a specific area of abrasive friction or
impact.  Too much inward pulling causes sensations of entrapment; too
much dispersal causes unpleasant sensations of scatteredness or
dispersal; the desperation of attempting to get in and connect but
cannot.  Either way, your ability to concentrate or focus your
attention and have your intentions and vision manifest themselves in
the exact place and time you want is greatly diminished.

	8)  Trapped life-force particles.  Areas of unwanted charge and pain
are, in actuality, compressions of space, time, energy, and life-force
particles that are impacted inward in a specific place and time.


BY-PASSED CHARGE is defined as the unwanted present time spiritual or
mental energy or mass that has been accessed by a present time slow or
stop that by-passed or missed the real time charge stemming from a more
basic area of stored spiritual energy emanating directly from the being

MASS is solidified energy.

The accessing stems usually from the abrasive friction that a slow or
stop causes to the beings intention to complete what they are intending
to do now.

What the being is intending to do now is always connected (no matter
how far removed) to the being latest GAMES MATRIX creation.

Thus you when you get a slow or a stop to your present time intention
you get massive hits of unwanted energy and charge impacting your
present time existence.

Unwanted negative charge is purely spiritual in nature: It is not truly
case related; your case is an accumulation of solutions to handling
your unwanted negative charge.

Even a GAMES MATRIX is a mechanical solution created to handle the
problems caused by attempts to handle unwanted negative charge

The source of the by-passed charge that the individual is sitting in is
partially or wholly unknown to that individual and so is capable of
affecting him adversely.

In the presence of by-passed charge caused by a slow or stop, you get
an overwhelming jolt of energy far greater than the slow or stop
deserves, possibly the most common demonstration of the accessing that
a slow or stop can manifest is when you are driving and you have the
intention you must be at a certain place at a certain time, you get cut
of and slowed by another driver, instantly you get enraged. Some even
go so far as to kill the other driver. (It is commonly known as road

The 'slow' accessed earlier times you had been slowed or stopped
- which in turn accessed and brought into the physical universe the
full force of the charged energy and power contained in a GAMES MATRIX.

The target of handling by-passed charge is to get exactly what is
triggering the GAMES MATRIX by locating and indicating what accessed
the GAMES MATRIX charge. That action alone will cause the GAMES MATRIX
to go back to its natural position.

When By-Passed Charge is present then the flow of energy changes
wavelength.  (Change of mood or emotional level.)

The content or significance of what the energy flow relays is not

By-Passed Charge present means there is something wrong with the
mechanical aspects of the energy container, pack or the carrier path or

There are numerous effects apparent when damage has occurred in this

SHORT CIRCUIT = Client unable to communicate, unconscious, comatose,
usually in great psychosomatic pain and unpleasant sensations.  Client
not available.  Absent.

No path or lines to other terminals, no (itsa-maker or eductive line)
data access path reply.

INTERMITTENT SHORT CIRCUITING = Client very snarly, bad tempered,
attacking the processor, the tech, the subject, etc.  Negative identity
in control.  Client not there.

No path or lines to actual terminal in front of him, no (itsa-maker or
eductive line) data access path.

Constant wondering about case.

OCCASIONAL SHORT CIRCUITING = Sudden mood or emotion drops, roller
coaster. Client moving in and out, but uses mainly substitute identity.
 Weak presence.

Low emotion or mood level.

Basically, anything at hate, anger or below is a sign that there is
by-passed charge.

This means the client is in a chronic negative identity.  A single pole

The processor is needed to cause the CHARGE to transfer from the

The processor acts as a POSITIVE receipt point.  This causes the charge
to go into motion.  The motion causes the client to rise in emotion or
mood level.

A well trained processor who has command over his tools sees these
conditions immediately, and will not go into the main body of the
session until they are remedied.

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