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During the 50's and early 60's the mood scale was the basic
indicator of Charge and By-Passed Charge for most processors and

The mood scale is how a being BE's - DO's - and OWN's or HAVE's
at different emotional levels.

EMOTIONS are the velocity of energy traveling from point A to point B
and returning.

E-MOTIONS and and their acompanied 3 dimensional holograms are the
language of the Spiritual Being.

E-MOTION is the combination of the velocity, wavelength and resistance
encountered of the postulated life force particles being in motion from
the emanation point to the receipt point, and returning back from the
receipt point to the emanating point.

E = Energy used to move something.  MOTION is the movement of the

Effort is a form of concentrated Energy.

The Mood Scale is in actuality the perception of a series of sensations
that occur between a point A to point B energy in motion phenomena.

The higher the mood - the greater velocity and quantity of life force
particles in motion.

As a being descends lower on the mood scale, the effort to impulse the
life force particles become harder and the resistance is greater.

At Anger there is the use of energy to stop energy.

Below Anger the being is now engaged in attempting to get back his
energy or assigning his energy away.

By accurately observing the mood level of the being, identity, game, or
environment you are a part of, it is easy to observe the amounts of
By-Passed Charge that need to be handled.

The size of game a being is playing and the level of success is
directly proportional to the amount of free energy, or life force
particles available to play the game, etc.  The ability to handle
By-Passed Charge on self or others as you are playing a game is a very
useful tool.

Example:  If you notice that every one around you is fearful, then the
By-Passed Charge is connected to anger and above.  The charge and

The stupidity of always seeking a suppressive person to handle or
explain By-Passed Charge or lower conditions is in actuality a form of

There is far more By-Passed Charge on mishandled beauty, or glorious
love, lost abilities, or a fall from a power position, than on being
ugly, poor or inept. The single biggest cause of By-Passed Charge
appears to be violations of one's own Codes, Virtues, Integrities,
Truths and Principles, for they are the boundaries that the GAMES
MATRICES who/identity is created from.

When one's own Codes, Virtues, Integrities and Principles are
violated the being pulls in its space, thus solidifying the amount of
life force particles it can control, send or receive.

Just switching from being at one with God mode to humanoid mode can
cause immense By-Passed Charge.  Not just in your universe, but all
those connected to you.

In the presence of too much By-Passed Charge the being tends to go out
of communication, put distance between their terminals or containers,
to seek a more solid reality.  This causes the being's spiritual
mock-ups to collapse.  The being crashes down the levels of life.

Lost dreams are caused by too much By-Passed Charge.

Lost power identities and beingnesses are caused by too much By-Passed

Lost positions are caused by too much By-Passed Charge.

A masterful By-Passed Charge processor would get the previous ideal,
goal or dream re-stated and process the By-Passed Charge from the
higher expected state.

The reason for this is to re-establish the client's Positive
Polarity.  This then allows the Negative Charge to dissipate

To process By-Passed Charge successfully you must process against the
client's optimum scenarios and most optimum operating conditions, no
matter what present time state the composite being is dramatizing.

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