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Roland wrote:

>When I was in session at St Hill UK on ARC Straightwire I went
>exterior with full perception. It was a very frightening thing and I
>did not know what was going on when it happened.

The first time I went exterior I too was utterly terrified of and by
the experience.

At the time I did not know I was a spiritual Being.

I had bought this book "How to unlock your hidden powers", in it there
was a process, where you sit in a pitch black room and ask yourself
over and over "Where did I come from?" So I started running the
process; I saw my body momentarily below me then the next thing I knew
I was flying through space, stars were flashing by like streaks of
light, I began to feel terrified of dying, that I couldn't get back to
my body, then it reversed and I crashed back into my body. It shook me
up terribly.

The next day I working out in a gymnasium, getting ready for the coming
football season, I was on weight machine that strengthens your biceps,
when to the left of me a bunch of weight lifters were ridiculing
Scientology, they were talking about some guy who had gone into Scio
and had done very well in business and the guy believed in past lives
and that he was a spitual being. Suddenly I started having pictures of
past lives flashing by, I also was looking down on my body, yet I could
still command it to continue to do the set of exercises I had intended.

I was a ludicrous situation; here I was cogniting about past lives,
spirit, being extrerior and continuing on with my actions at the same
time, I even realized the body was just a temporary vehicle and when it
wore out I would get a new one, that night I went to the Melbourne Org.


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