From: ACW

>Whoa!!!!!   Hold on a minute!  I almost missed this entirely!
>What kind of an auditor would I be if I didn't insist on an 
>answer to my question?

I gave you an answer! Sort of, well a little bit.
>>From a previous post:
>>>>My question is this.  If it's not GPMs I'm addressing, then what would you
>>>>call it?

It is the residue that comes from a core GPM.

It is highly charged, something akin to the waste surrounding a nuclear dump.

These are harmonics of An Actual GPM, look like them, taste like them, etc.

A GPM contains no usable or get at-able lead ins, like time track processing

It is a balled up mess, basically containing millions of life times in each
ball. The reason they hang together is they are bound by a common goal and
counter goal.

The sequence goes something like this UNWANTED CONDITION - - Solution to
handle unwanted condition is the GOAL - - - A HOLOGRAPHIC VISION OF THE GOAL
IN ALL STAGES - - - (this begins to create the identity) - - - IDENTITY.
(Be) - - DO HAVE.

This is repeated over and over until, the being runs into an OPPOSITION TERMINAL

Commits horrendous overts on OPTERM. Collapses into OPTERMS universe BECOMES
OPTERM, this sequence is repeated over and over till a full line plot of
items is created. Finally the whole mess collapses in on itself. It is a BALL.

The core BALL.

The above cycle is repeated involuntarily, over and over again, making
thousand of BALLS, of whole lives and livingnesses, EACH LIFE AS THIS LIFE

The Being packages all the BALLS around the core BALL.It is a a HUGE BALL.
The BALL contains ALL parts of this series of events. All engrams all levels
of the grades. It float free outside the physical Universes, Time and space.

So you have a HUGE BALL composed of 1000's of smaller BALLS.

Floating free. Outside time and space. (The Gold Zone.)

Now something activates one of the locked balls of mass, it comes alive, it
begins to go on an automatic or involuntary creation of its own Be - - Do -
- Have. Now you have a time line into that item.

This is what your tech is handling. You are using a time line to track back
to the lock item.

You have a missing piece in your tech. It missing through-out all Scio. Tech.

When you Handle the postulates or goal, Always get the Holographic Vision
that it created. Thats your pcs mock up. Being consider them very valuable,
very scarce.

If you do that step you will quickly recover the Beings Ability to mock up,
you are probably getting that product anyway, but by getting the pc to take
ownership of the mock-up, you increase their control of mock-ups a hundredfold.

Every WANT the BEING has ever WANTED, creates an independent time line. So
it is possible to have thousands of independant time lines. That is the
biggest liability of Dianetic processing. No biggie. Unless they have too
much Dianetic processing.

My rule of thumb, is simple: Are you at cause over mental image pictures.
End of dianetics. Most pcs get this state, when they get off their biggest
withholds, but not always. At cause over MIP's does not mean there are no
Engrams to run, it just means the pc is willing to confront any MIP.

I tend to switch to Scio style at that time, only handling the occassional
heavy incident if needed dianetically, If you let them, most being will turn
on engrams for the fun of it, so they have some content to talk about.

Another vital missing piece of tech. lots of people today can create
holographically, if you run Dn on them, it acts as a degraded process, it'll
cave them in.

At the basic of All chains is an identity. Blow the identity and you blow
the chain, Blow the Holo Vision And you blow the identity, etc, back to the
WANT I have the exact sequencing on my web-page, Its part of the WANTS
processing, sorry can't remember bulletins name.

GPM's only come apart from the top down, I dont use the old LRH way as it
has too many missing steps. It takes roughly 20 to 40 minutes to handle the
full Games Matrix, the pc often cant be audited much for a while other than
Celebration of Wins types of processing because, as the Games Matrix
unravels the whole matrix the pc has been creating for that time, begins to
unravel, the pc spends weeks expanding back into its own space.

What you have discovered is a wonderful way to bring the Being out of the
tar on a gentle but powerful gradient. Up to the running and successful
handling of more and more fixed conditions, The only liability to any of
these tech's is, if the Being is locked in mortal combat in present time
with a very active opponent. This stops the unfolding.

The more active crap the pc is engaged in, in PT, the slower and more easily
the unraveling stops, the gains stop at that moment.

Hope this helps but it is a vast subject and I have written 100's of
bulletins and I believe 28 tapes on the subject, but most of them are now
obsolete. So I have to make a new set of materials.

>>>A fantastic breakthrough piece of technology!!! Obviously a vital new piece
>>of the over all puzzle. NEEDS ITS OWN PROPRIETARY NAME.

Had LRH had your rundown, then GPM tech could have been mastered, the
problem was there were too many student who were still stuck in the tar.

Super Beings( OT's) are made from the top down, that is later similar. Many
pcs are quite capable of this, some with as little as 25 hours can run
easily, but like everything else there are those that cant.
>As flattered as I am by Alan's answer, especially considering his 
>extensive technical knowledge and experience,  on looking 
>back I noticed my original question had not been answered.
>In the past I've dealt with engrams, ser facs, secondaries, 
>locks, and BTs (I can't think of any other fundamental 
>aspects of case at the moment)
>My question still remains:  What have I been dealing with?

realize the only way I can truly answer your question is by knowing exactly
what was run and how did it run out.

There is a very specific life unravelling phenomena connected to the running
of GPM's. Once you've experienced it, you will know it. Again you will get
hamonics of this
>Maybe Alan can enlighten me on something I was not heretofore 
>aware of. 
Hope this helps.

Why give its own proprietary name?

Ron always gave any changed r/d, its own name. R2-12 is GPM tech done
differently, so he gave it its own name.

Games Matrix incorporates GPM tech. But I gave it, its own name.

I know that by calling it GPM tech it positions you against a very famous
and somewhat alluring technology. Then you run into a bunch of opposition by
some loony "old timer's," who start yelling Flunk, Squirrel, Fraud.

Now you have a new PT truncated GPM in the making. Not fair is it?

Tech rundowns have lives of their own, if it is great, it becomes its own
entity, much better giving its own name for it has the possibilities of
becoming a huge, must not be without pieces of tech. that everyone boasts
about getting.

The greatness of R2-12 was you survived it. When some old timer says I did
R2-12 all the other old timers respect soars for that person. They know, he
is a part of the history of the GRAND ADVENTURE.

Alan W.