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        Boredom is one of the most annoying emotions, because it is the
indicator of deep, deep agony.

        A - - GON - - EEY: Agony appears to be a word that defines itself.=

        There is so much pain and anguish that the Being WANTS to be GONE,
but duty or entrapment will not allow the Being to leave.


	The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary defines boredom as:  The state or
quality of being wearied or irritated by dullness; the condition of having
one's interest extinguished.

	The truth of the matter is that boredom is a masking emotion. =20

It is the sensation one experiences after one has masked something unwanted=
by using mental techniques such as: forgetting, suppression, stupefying,
oppression, avoidance, making nothing of, making less of, pretending,
denial, lying, obscuring, and not wanting to know.

	A physical form of masking is the use of drugs or alcohol.  This=20
causes masking by the introduction of suppressants, stimulants, or other
types of physical distractions.

	When one experiences boredom what one is really experiencing is=20
the pressures contained in the self-suppression of past pain, anguish,
heartbreak, failure, abuse, deep agony and a whole litany of Red Zone
        The pressure of the suppressed anguish and pain is threatening to=20
come to view and overwhelm him.

	Any area of boredom on a case is a red flag that denotes huge area=20
of past anguish and turmoil.  Processors and supervisors should be very,=20
very alert to boredom, and students or clients saying the training or=20
processing is boring.

        What the client or student is really saying is: "Danger, danger;
turmoil, anguish; let me out of here; you are approaching one of my=20
life-time's painful areas of existence and I have decided I don't want to=20
know anything about this ever again."

	When a person is bored with life, what he's really saying is:  "I'm=20
in deep, deep pain and anguish, but I can't confront it and I must run=

	Boredom is a form and indicator of psychic dishonesty. =20

        You could become one of the most brilliant processors just by asking=
the questions:

	"What area in your life do you find boring?" =20

        Clean it up with Clean Slate and appropriate processes. =20
        The end product of this would be a person with a dynamic=

	"What subject have you studied that you found boring?" =20

        Clean it up with Clean Slate and the appropriate processes. =20

        The end product of this would be a brilliant student.

	"What people have you found boring?" =20

        Clean this up with Causative Processing and Clean Slate. =20

        The end product of this would be a person who is better able to=20
handle people.

	So, instructors and processors, make sure all students and clients=20
are role educated on this bulletin.  If you miss areas of boredom on the
case you are missing huge areas of tied up life-force particles and
destructive precepts, and sticking your students and clients in areas of
by-passed pain, anguish and heartbreak.

	So, let's eradicate boredom and do what the gods didn't do, HANDLE BOREDOM.

27 May 1993						ALAN C. WALTER
Revised 28 May 1993

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